Deus Vult

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Rating: 3/5




You never know what you’re going to get when a long running band returns from periods of dormancy.  It could be a totally new take on an old formula, a modest update to a familiar sound, or in the case of Long Island, New York Oi! band Templars, a return to business as usual.  Twelve years is a long time regardless of how you slice it – heck, a baby born when the last album was released would now be on puberty’s doorstep.  It may have been a while, but with the release of their sixth full length, Deus Vult, the Templars are clearly committed to keeping their style of old.

Deus Vult is a old school Oi! rocker for sure.  The recording quality screams of early 90’s or even late 80’s DIY production.  Vocalist Carl Fritscher belts at a forceful, washed out tone, and each shrilling riff feels punchy without sounding artificial.  Think of how records used to sound before it was trendy to “remaster” them and up the volume on every square inch.  Admittedly, it takes an adjustment period, because you’re probably just not accustomed to hearing music recorded this way, but a few tracks in and you should become acclimated.  The band commits to their occultish themes of sacrifice and ritual that come from their medieval inspired namesake (the album opens with an extended scene from what must be an old movie’s take on the Knights Templar myth).

The bulk of the album takes on a tough as nails street punk-ish vibe often typical of classic Oi! troupes.  For instance, “Kicking Down Your Door” drives the motto that “you’ve gotta fight for the right to live how you choose,” while “Propaganda” is the definition of a fast paced, rough and tumble Oi! anthem.  Other highlights include examples of soaring but simple guitar solos residing in “Losing the Game” and “Middle Road.”  They’re not over the top by any means, but definitely help define Deus Vult as a whole.

In the end, Templars’ return from dormancy is a return to familiarity.  Deus Vult is born of decades past, and Templars revisit a now classic sound seldom heard outside of the past century.  In that sense, Deus Vult is very much an album geared towards the old guard rather than today’s young guns.  But either way, Templars are true to themselves, and have produced a natural addition to their ongoing legacy.  The Oi! faithful will eat this up.

The Templars Announce New LP

TemplarsLong running band The Templars has announced plans for their first new album in 10 years.  The disc will be titled Deus Vult and is set to drop on October 6, 2017 via Pirates Press Records.  

Orders are available here.

Video: This Means War! – Sailing Anarchy

Pirates PressPunk group This Means War! have released a new music video.  The video features the song “Sailing Anarchy” and appears on their self titled EP, which is available now via Pirates Press Records.  

Watch the video below.

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Cock Sparrer – Contender

Cokck SparrerUK punk/oi! band Cock Sparrer has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Contender” and will appear on the upcoming album, Forever, which is due out on April 21, 2017 via Pirates Press Records.

Listen to the song below.  The band has been together a cumulative 45 years, with the album marking their sixth LP.

Cock Sparrer Announce New LP; Stream First Track

Cokck SparrerUK punk/oi! band Cock Sparrer has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “One By One” and will appear on the upcoming album, Forever, which is due out on April 21, 2017 via Pirates Press Records.

Listen to the song below.  The band has been together a cumulative 45 years, with the album marking their sixth LP.

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NOiSE Streams New LP In Full

noiseNOiSE is streaming their new full-length in its entirety.  The album is titled The Real Enemy and is due out on October 21, 2016 vis Pirates Press Records.   

Pre-orders are live.  Listen to the full disc here courtesy PunkNews.

Kicker Announces New Album; Premieres New Song

KickerPunk band Kicker has announced details for their sophomore full length.  The disc will be titled Rendered Obsolete and is set to drop on September 9, 2016 via Tankcrimes Records/Pirates Press records.

The first track fro the record, “Full English,” can be heard here courtesy PunkNews.


Louise Distras Announces EU Tour

Louise Distras EU TourLike the great storytellers and social observers before her, from Bob Dylan through to the Sex Pistols, it is little surprise that Louise Distras is already garnering comparisons to charged songstresses Brody Dalle and Courtney Love, but this British indie songstress is already a woman in a league of her own. Taking inspiration from Nirvana, Queen and The Beatles, Louise Distras channels her anger, hopes and fears into anthems of love and fury for yet another let down generation. Ticking both the post-punk and pop boxes with explosive lyrics and riotous sonic disposition, her live shows are charged and furious affairs, regardless of whether she is playing solo or with a full band. Since 2013 she has toured all over the world, sharing stages with punk luminaries Billy Bragg, Mick Jones, Glen Matlock, Buzzcocks, New Model Army, Stiff Little Fingers, Television and The Damned to name a few.

Following last months USA tour, one of the most exciting and original singer songwriters from the UK returns to Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland later on this month in support of her debut LP, Dreams from the Factory Floor, that was released in May 2015 via Pirates Press Records. The tour dates announced so far can be found below.

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Louise Distras Announces Spring US Tour

Louise DistrasNorthern UK acoustic punk singer songwriter Louise Distras has announced a series of spring shows in the US. She is still out supporting the official US release of her debut LP, Dreams From The Factory Floor, which dropped last year via Pirates Press Records.

Support on all dates will come from Ryan DavidsonCheck out the tour details below.

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No Revolution

Pirates Press Records

Rating: 4/5




Boston streetpunk act Darkbuster is one of those bands that live by the age old saying, “you can’t keep a good band down.”  Having formed and disbanded on many occasions over their nearly twenty years of on-again-off-again antics, their latest full length, No Revolution, comes over seven years after their prior release.  While such an extended gap may have dulled the senses of lesser band, Darkbuster has aged soundly and confidently.

Opening from a place of unbridled confidence, Darkbuster celebrates their return with the roaring punk-rock anthem, “Many Moons.”  With no frills or gimmicks to speak of save for a few of their trademark horns, Darkbuster launches headlong into the type of simple sweeping melodic chorus that embodies the aged confidence of a weathered punk troop looking to move a crowd to their feet.  Quickly moving into “No Fear,” the band gets quick and dirty with a rattling streetpunk pace and run-and-gun Oi! fueled resolve in a way that likens them to other Boston staples like Street Dogs.  As reinforced later in the same gritty style as per “Prevost” and the organ humming swanky rumbler “Punk’s Not Dead,” Darkbuster has this style down pat.

But they’re not just tattooed tough guys taking the stage by force, it’s a quick wit and light hearted approach that makes for an entertaining show.  Darkbuster flexes their comedic muscles in the humourous account of a friend living outside of the midlife norm in “Jimmy Needs.”  “Jimmy needs a woman, that’s what Jimmy needs” sings frontman Lenny Lashley jovially in jest of the middle age woes of a lonely straggler drinking alone at the bar.

While the bulk of No Revolution fits the basic punk-rock mold, Darkbuster plays with other equally as entertaining elements along the way.  Take the title track, which fully gives in to laid back, lazy day reggae upstrokes, and the celtic tin whistle flare of “Swillies Lament (Liquor)” which positions the band in the same realm as Dropkick Murphys.  Such unique moments enliven and pace the album’s quick ten song run.

Darkbuster’s latest reunited effort comes chock full of catchy, punked up anthems that combine all facets of the band’s career sounds, including the punchy street punk batterings, reggae/ska infused rhythms and plenty of boastful punk-rock tunes that fans have come to expect.  Despite a lengthy hiatus and extended stretch between albums, No Revolution exemplifies yet another top notch Darkbuster comeback.

Harrington Saints – Side by Side

Pirates PressHarrington Saints has premiered a new song from their upcoming album.  The track is titled “Side By Side” and will appear on their 10″ vinyl release, Fish & Chips, which is due out September 11, 2015 via Pirates Press Records.  The album was produced by Grammy winner Michael Rosen.

Listen to the song below.

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Harrington Saints Ready New 10″

Pirates PressHarrington Saints has announced plans to release a new album.  The album will take a 10″ vinyl format and be titled Fish & Chips and is due out September 11, 2015 via Pirates Press Records.  The album was produced by Grammy winner Michael Rosen.

Track listing and pressing info can be found below.

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Darkbuster Ready To Release New LP

DarkbusterDarkbuster has announced plans for a brand new album.  The disc will be titled No Revolution and is due out on September 4, 2015 on Pirates Press Records

The band last released Illuminator in 2012.

Track listing is below.

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Bishops Green Readies For New LP

Bishops GreenPunk act Bishops Green has announced plans for their second full length.  The Sophomore effort is titled A Chance For Change and is due out May 26, 2015 via Pirates Press Records.  

The album follows 2014’s Pressure.

Louise Distras Announces US Tour Dates

Louise DistrasNorthern UK acoustic punk singer songwriter Louise Distras has announced a series of summer shows across the US. She is out supporting the official US release of her debut LP, Dreams From The Factory Floor, due to drop on May 5th via Pirates Press Records.

Support on all dates will come from Bryan McPherson. Check out the tour details below.

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Louise Distras Joins Forces with Pirates Press Records for US Album Release

Louise DistrasYorkshire, UK acoustic punk rock singer songwriter Louise Distras has announced she is working with Pirates Press Records for the US release of her debut LP, Dreams From The Factory Floor. The record is due out on May 5th and this summer will see her embark on her largest scale US tour alongside folk punk troubadour Bryan McPherson, with full dates to be announced soon.


Tours: The Barstool Preachers

Barstool PreachersUK ska-punk band The Barstool Preachers have released their debut 7″, One Fool Down on Pirates Press Records.  They have also announced that they will be heading on tour this spring and summer with more dates being added soon.

Order the 7″ here and check out full tour listings below.

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Downtown Struts – Abused

Downtown StrutsDowntown Struts has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Abused” and will appear on the band’s upcoming EP, Hope You’re Dope out November 18, 2014 on Pirates Press Records.

The EP is currently available for pre-order

Bombshell Rocks Announces New Full Length

Bombshell RocksSwedish streetpunk act Bombshell Rocks has announced details for their next full length.  The album will be titled Generation Tranquilized and will be released on November 25, 2014 via Pirates Press Records and the newly reborn Burning Heart Records.  

The release will feature 11 tracks.

The Working Stiffs Announce New 7″

Pirates PressPirates Press Records has released new details for the release of a brand new shaped 7″ from The Working Stiffs.  

The EP will be titled We Are The Truth and is set to drop on October 28, 2014.  


Pirates Press Records Announces Ten Year Anniversary Event

Pirates PressInternational vinyl junkies Pirates Press Records has announced that they are celebrating their tenth year with a Ten Year Anniversary Party this Fall.    Bands in attendance include Bouncing Souls and Street Dogs to name a few.

The pre-party show will be taking place on October 24th with the full “Rock The Ship” outdoor full day festival to follow on October 25th in San Francisco.

Ticket and show time information is available below.

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Oi! This Is Street Punk Vol. 4 Released For Record Store Day

Oi!Pirates Press Records has released the fourth incarnation of their Oi! This Is Street Punk compilation series on vinyl.  The album was made available on Record Store Day and features fourteen songs across two sides from bands like The Last ResortGestaltsEvil ConductLion’s Law to name a few.

Ordering details can be found here.

Tim Timebomb & Friends Release Triple Vinyl Mixtape

Tim ArmstrongThis past Record Store Day, Tim Timebomb & Friends announced and released three brand new mixtape compilation featuring songs from the Tim Armstrong project’s massive library of songs.  Hellcat Records and Pirates Press Records have jointly released a triple album on vinyl featuring six songs per side across 3 vinyl records.

Each vinyl record holds its own mixtape name.  They are Honor Is All We KnowWinding Far Down, and Special Lunacy.

Street Dogs & Noi!se Release Split EP

Pirates PressStreet Dogs and Noi!se have teamed up for a new split EP.  Both songs recorded three songs a piece and the full release was made available on Records Store Day via Pirates Press Records.

Both bands are expected to release new material via the label later this year.

Bombshell Rocks - Pirates Press Records

Bombshell Rocks

Scars and Tattoos

Pirates Press Records

Rating: 4/5




Almost a full decade after the release of their last full length, The Conclusion, Bombshell Rocks return with a 2 song 7″ release. It is a great reintroduction to the group that served as a worthy Swedish street punk counterpart to America’s Rancid.

For those who are too young to have experienced the group in the heyday of Swedish punk rock label Burning Heart Records, this is a good starting point. Right from the sexy tattoo art of the album sleeve, Bombshell Rocks proudly wears their heritage with pride. 

The title track on Side A is a fast dose of street punk that will sound familiar to Hellcat Records fans. It is vaguely reminiscent of Journey to the End of the East Bay, but the quality is strong enough that it shouldn’t be dismissed as a rip off. Bombshell Rocks are back with a vengeance, reminding listeners why Sweden is one of the most hallowed places in punk rock history and that Refused have worthy company. At a time when punk bands from the 90s are enjoying a strong resurgence in Europe, partially thanks to passionate fans and massive festivals that are almost  nonexistent in North America, Scars and Tattoos is a fun sing along throwback to a time when the scene was exploding, Warped Tour actually featured punk bands, and Fat Wreck Chords, Epitaph and Burning Heart were the labels of choice for a legion of teenage punks. The flip side is Looking For a Hero, which slows things down a little bit with an almost ska swagger, complete with a catchy sing along chorus full of angst and an exciting guitar solo. 

This isn’t a groundbreaking sound coming out of left field. Bombshell Rocks play the same great music that they always played, complete with whoa ohs, familiar lyrics (suburbia is burning) and all of the things that made so many fall in love with punk music in the first place. The recording is a little less gritty than some of their earlier work, but this only serves to add to the quality of the music. This isn’t a band who have went mainstream with their sound, instead they exhibit maturation from the scrappy street punk that they sang in the days of The Will, The Message. Recording improvements and years of honing their craft have done nothing but improve the familiar Bombshell Rocks sound. They’ve reunited the original lineup to play a few live shows and record this 7″, which is hopefully a tease at a full length and full world tour to come. 

Street Dogs Release Limited Edition 9″ Vinyl

Street DogsFollowing on the success of Boston punk band Street Dogs last 2 EP’s, Crooked Drunken Sons and Rustbelt Nation, the band have announced that they are releasing all six tracks in one limited edition 9″ vinyl release with a printed sleeve. It is due to be released on Feb 4th 2014 via Pirates Press Records. 

Pressing details are as follows: 600 x Gold Vinyl, 350 x Tricolour Vinyl, 50 x Black Vinyl (promo).

Full track list below. Read More…

Street Dogs Announce New 7″

Street DogsStreet Dogs have announced a follow-up to their new 7″, Crooked Drunken Songs.  The EP will be titled Rust Belt Nation and is set to be released on Pirates Press Records.

Fans can look forward to a third offering from the band in 2013 with the Boston street punk act aiming to release a new full length by the end of the year.

Street Dogs Stream New 7″

Street DogsBoston’s Street Dogs have launched a stream of their upcoming new 7-inch, due out April 20, 2013 via Pirates Press Records   The EP is titled Crooked Drunken Sons and follows their 2010 self titled full length.

Listen to all three track below.

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