Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Other People's Greatest Hits

Rude Records

Rating: 1.5/5




Teenage Bottlerocket’s Stealing The Covers is one of the most unique and purposeful cover albums I’ve ever heard.  Placing a focus on unappreciated and lesser known pop-punk bands was a stroke of genius for exposing listeners to a new spread of lesser known but influential bands.  It’s a cover album with heart that doesn’t feel like a cheap cop out or lazy excuse to release something new with minimal effort.  So many other bands stumble when releasing cover albums, and New York pop-pop outfit Patent Pending is among them.

Patent Pending’s latest offering comes in the form of a ten song (or eleven song, depending on how you look at it), cover album entitled Other People’s Greatest Hits.  The source material lifts chart topping radio hits over the past few decades and coats them in the the quintet’s unmistakable brand of pop-punk gone electro-pop.  The only problem?  The band has stripped what makes each of these songs unique (from hallmark genre sounds to general atmosphere), and made them all feel like a low level collection from Fearless Records’ Pop Goes Punk series.  

Despite a range of source material, every song gives off an overdone Head Automatica meets Good Charlotte vibe, diluting any unique tempos or time signatures to a combination of gang-vocal defined choruses and predictable melodies.  Covers include songs taken from The Spice Girls (“Spice Up Your LIfe”) and The Killers (“Mr. Brightside”), to Ricky Martin (“livin’ la vida loca”) and John Bellion (“All Time Low”).  And in an effort to be relevant they even managed to secure a cover of Ed Sheeran’s hit single “Shape Of You,” which predictably strips the track of the intimacy that Sheeran is known for, and replaces any inkling  with a blanket of forgettable, crunchy riffs.

The only two marginally interesting moments occur with the mashup of party anthems in “Wasted / Wake Me Up” and a classic instance of Rick-rolling in “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  The former combines the intro to Tiësto’s club romper “Wasted” and the iconic chorus call and instrumental toe tapper of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.”  Both tracks work surprisingly well together, and actually fit Patent Pending’s overarching poppy feel.  As for their treatment of Rick Astley’s 80’s classic, the song maintains the essential synth elements, respecting the quintessential cheese that has extended the tune’s lifespan well into the present.  Unfortunately, listening to the track typically results in me rushing to YouTube for a quick reminder of the original version, so it never quite leaves the shadow of that which it emulates.

Sadly, two marginal songs is not enough to carry Patent Pending in this covers effort.  The album’s treatment of the source material is unremarkably uniform, and consolidates a breadth of genres under the Patent Pending flag, all the while leaving behind the uniqueness of the originals.  The album is titled Other People’s Greatest Hits, and it’s best that they remain that way.

Patent Pending – Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin Cover)

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending is streaming another song from their upcoming cover album.  The album will be titled Other People’s Greatest Hits, and is set to drop on may 26, 2017 via Rude Records.  The record follows their 2015 LP, Riot Hearts Rebellion.

Listen to the band’s take on Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” below.

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Patent Pending Announce Covers Album

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending has announced details about their upcoming cover album.  The album will be titled Other People’s Greatest Hits, and is set to drop on may 26, 2017 via Rude Records.  The record follows their 2015 LP, Riot Hearts Rebellion.  Vocalist Joe Pending comments:

The first time I heard this song I knew immediately that it needed to be covered by a rock band. The chorus is so catchy. It honestly reminds me of classic Warped Tour singalong songs. We wanted to beef it up with heavier guitars and push it further out from the pop genre. People we’ve shown it to so far are really excited that they don’t have to feel guilty about loving this tune anymore!”

Full track listing is below.

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Tours: Patent Pending (UK)

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending will be heading on tour.  The band continues to support their 2015 LP, Riot Hearts Rebellion, available now via Rude Records.Singer Joe Pending had to say about the band’s upcoming tour:

“It’s been a full year since our last proper headlining tour in the UK and we are losing our minds with excitement to get back out there and party with our European Second Family. We started brainstorming while preparing for this tour for new ways to turn the Patent Pending party atmosphere from a 10 to an 11, because we want this year to be absolutely bonkers! We’ve always pulled influence from all over the musical spectrum, so we decided that this year we want to take all of the things that we love about music and mash it all together in beautiful symphony of chaos and energy. The result is something that we are very proud of. We can’t wait to finally share it with the world!!! Between the surprises that we’re going to unleash starting April 17th and the things we have planned for the next 6 months, this is going to be the best and most insane year in Patent Pending history.”

Tour dates are below.

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Sweet Little Machine Added To Spring Break UK Tour

Patent Pending Spring 17 UK TourRecently crowned Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017, Sheffield quartet Sweet Little Machine have announced that they will join Boy Jumps Ship and Eternal Boy as tour support for New York pop punks Patent Pending on their April 2017 UK tour dates next week. Sweet Little Machine have also released a video for their latest single, Hurricane. The band have just returned from supporting Me First & The Gimme Gimmes on their recent UK stint and will also be taking the opening slot on the 2017 leg of the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire Tour.

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Patent Pending Streams New Full Length

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending is streaming their new full length. The album is titled Riot Hearts Rebellion and drops on November 27, 2015 via Rude Records.

Listen to the disc below.

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Patent Pending

Armageddon EP

Rude Records

Rating: 2/5




Patent Pending has been around since 2001; and it shows.  The fun loving Mount Sinai, New York pop-punk band channels the same energetic pop spasticity of those at the peak of the genre’s radio popularity like Bowling For Soup and Sum 41 back in 2003 (keep that year in mind for later).  Either there was something in the water back then or I was just young and naïve, because we all lapped it up without question.  While material from Bowling For Soup and Sum 41 has aged reasonably well in large part due to nostalgia, digging up some of the lesser known bands that flew under the radar but emulated that trendy sound of the moment reveals a somewhat different picture.

For instance, time has been less kind to those like Head Automatica whose peak albums like Propaganda now feel more like a caricature of the genre.  The same can be said of Patent Pending’s latest Armageddon EP, but instead of having the cover of time to hide behind, the disc just comes off obnoxious and oozing with excess in the present.

One of the biggest turn offs has to be how much of a big shot Joe Ragosta comes across.  It’s obviously all part of an act and said in jest – but that doesn’t stop his overbearing attitude from souring the whole experience.  The snarky attitude feels reminiscent of Good Charlotte when they started developing a ‘mightier-than-thou’ attitude circa The Chronicles of Life and Death.  Ragosta sings lyric after lyric of airhead choruses with statements that feel like they’re actively lowing your intelligence just listening to them.  “Mommy’s little maniac is causing daddy’s heart attack, Sally paints the ceiling black she’s learned to curl her toes,” rattles Ragosta against an equally excessive chorus born of hand claps and overdone backing vocals.  The band pulls out pretty much every production trick in the book.  In fact, the band lathers on the gloss on so heavily that such a blindingly shiny coat completely distracts from any element that may have been manageable on its own in songs like “Tick Tick Boom.”

But all of that pales in comparison with the outright indigestible audio garbage that is “We’re Getting Weird.”  The hip-hop infused, auto tuned embarrassment plays out like a failed attempt at satire that feels so random and off the wall that it works against its central message of fully embracing one’s wacky individualism.  “New Jurassic Park? Oh sure, what could go wrong, we could tame velociraptors they could sing in the song, *snarl*… J-E-F-F Goldbloom,” rambles the crew, following up with a statement that “we’re getting weird.”  The humour is so inaccessibly basic and bottom of the barrel that it makes MC Lars’ pop culture references look like modern poetry.

Only “Brighter” offers a ray of hope in Armageddon’s musical mess of a rat’s nest.  The track still suffers from the sonic challenges of its brethren, but with a more relaxed mood and inspirational intent that can be summed up in the line, “there’s a thin line between hoping and believing.”  This is the type of song that could make a strong single for Patent Pending.  It’s nothing you haven’t heard before on the radio, but feels infinitely more genuine and sustainable.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Patent Pending are living in some sort of time warp in which myspace is still fresh and Good Charlotte still dominate the airwaves.  If that sounds like a reality for you, then by all means, pop your collar, dawn a trucker hat and crank Armageddon in your first generation Toyota Matrix because you’re among friends.  For the rest of us, learn from hindsight and move along.

Patent Pending Sign With Rude Records, Detail New EP

Patent PendingLong Island based alternatiev pop-punk outfit have signed on with Rude Records. Vocalist Joe Ragosta has said this about joining the Rude Records family:

“We’re so excited to join forces with Rude Records! After years of searching we’ve finally found a home for our band with people that truly understand our vision, our goals and our craziness. It’s going to be an amazing partnership and we can’t wait to get (A TON OF) new music in everybody’s hands this year!”

Their first release for the new label will be their Armageddon EP, due for release on July 31st, and ahead of the official drop date, the band have posted a video for Brighter

The band are touring the UK in the autumn alongside Zebrahead, check out the full list of dates, and the video for Brighter, below.

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Video: Patent Pending – Brighter

Patent PendingLong Island pop-punk act Patent Pending has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Brighter,” which will appear on their upcoming EP, Armageddon, which is set to drop on July 31, 2015 via their new home on Rude Records.  Joe Pending comments:

“The ‘Brighter’ music video was made by us with help from our amazing team here on Long Island. Led by our long time director, John Komar, most of this video was shot at Patent Pending headquarters (Anthony’s House) while the rest was shot at incredible locations graciously offered up by friends of the band. The video is a metaphor for the crazy journey that our band has taken to this point and leaves us with a sense of hope at the end that with hard work and dedication, accomplishing the impossible may be possible one day. We’re so proud of this music video and we hope people are as excited as we are about it!”

The disc was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with long time producer and collaborator, Jordan M. Schmidt.  You can pre order the EP here.  Watch the video below.

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Video: Patent Pending – Spin Me Around

New York pop-punkers Patent Pending have release a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Spin Me Around” from their recent 2011 full length, Second Family.  

Watch the video below.

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