The Scandals To Release ‘Lucky Seven’ EP

Scandals Lucky 7New Jersey punks The Scandals will be releasing their new EP, Lucky Seven, on April 28 via Panic State and Say-10 Records and the band have also released a stream of the track, Hostage. The Lucky Seven EP was produced by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem, The Scandals frontman Jared Hart also plays in Brian Fallon‘s other project The Crowes.

You can stream the track Hostage via Brooklyn Vegan here

Lucky 7 can be preordered via Say 10 Records here and Panic State Records here

Tours: Rebuilder / Ramona

RebuilderBoston punks Rebuilder will be heading on tour with Seattle, Washington’s Ramona. The band continues to support their latest album, Rock and Roll in America, which dropped back in June 2015 via Panic State Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Hounds Stream New EP

HoundsNew Jersey hardcore act Hounds is streaming the new EP, II, which dropped last Friday via Panic State Records.  

Listen to the full disc here courtest New Noise Magazine.

Stay Wild Streams New Album

Stay WildCalifornia hardcore punk band Stay Wild is streaming their new full length, livelearnlove, which is available now via Panic State Records

Listen to and order the album here.

Video: Rebuilder – La Grande Fromage

RebuilderBoston punks Rebuilder have premiered a new video. It features their track Look What You’ve Done, taken from their debut LP, Rock and Roll in America,  which dropped back in June 2015 via Panic State Records.  Vocalist Sal Medrano comments on the video:

On one of our first tours as a band, we played Atlantic City, New Jersey at a venue called Le Grand Fromage. It was a pretty awful show for a number of reasons. The promoter went to another show in town rather than this one; they tried polling the door, and the local opener was a jam funk band from Virginia that left right after they played. No one was there to even witness it other than The Record Collection who was on tour with us. Our set was also a disaster and Daniel almost quit the band. He wrote this song because at that moment he wanted to be anywhere but New Jersey.

In actuality, all of our Jersey shows after that have been great and we signed to Panic State Records based out of Jersey. “

Check out the video, and the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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Hounds Announce New EP

HoundsNew Jersey’s Hounds have announced details for their second EP.  The EP will be titled II and is set for release in July through Panic State Records.  The EP will be available in cd/digital/vinyl formats with Blasphemour Records releasing cassette versions.

Upcoming tour dates are below.

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Tours: Stay Wild

Stay WildCalifornia hardcore punk band Stay Wild will be heading on tour.  The band, which recently signed on with Panic State Records, will be supporting their recent full length, livelearnlove.   

Tour dates are below.

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Video: We Were Sharks – Say It Like You Mean It

We Were SharksOttawa, Ontario Canada pop-punk mainstays, We Were Sharks have released another video from their Panic State Records debut.  The song is titled “Say It Like You Mean It” and appears on their 7 song EP, Not A Chance, released back in December 2015 through the label.  

Watch the video below courtesy DyingScene.

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Stay Wild Sign To Panic State Records

Stay WildCalifornia hardcore punk band Stay Wild has signed on with Panic State Records.  Guitarist/vocalist Nick Riggs band comments:

“Rather than bankrupting the three of us (as many other modern record labels tend to do to smaller bands), Bean at Panic State Records was first and foremost concerned with putting out our music because he took a personal interest in us after hearing our songs. That was a HUGE deal to us, as well as the deciding factor, especially given the current state of the music industry.

To the Panic State team, the music is what matters. That may sound cliché, but it’s unfortunately rare nowadays. With that being said, we are insanely humbled to join a phenomenal roster and family of passionate, caring people.”

The band is supporting their latest full length, livelearnlove.

Petrol Girls Stream EP, Announce Tour Dates

Petrol GirlsLondon feminist post-hardcore quartet Petrol Girls are streaming their new EP Some Things in its entirety ahead of the official release date, February 19, 2016 through Panic State Records and Bomber Music

Check out the full EP stream here and the band’s recently announce European shows below.

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Panic State Records Celebrating 7th Anniversary

Panic StatePanic State Records has announced that they will be celebrating their 7th Anniversary with a big show.  The event will feature headliners CATCH 22 on January 23rd at the Starland Ballroom in Jersey. CATCH 22 will be performing Alone in a Crowd with their original vocalist Jeff Davidson.

Sammy Kay, The Youth Ahead, Rebuilder, We Were Sharks, The World/Inferno Friendship Society and Dead Ahead will also be performing.  

Video: We Were Sharks – Bridge Burner

We Were SharksOttawa, Ontario Canada pop-punk mainstays, We Were Sharks have released another video from their upcoming Panic State Records debut.  The band plans to release their new 7 song EP, Not A Chance, on December 11, 2015 through the label.  

Watch the video below.

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We Were Sharks Join Panic State Records, Announce New EP and Premiere New Video

We Were SharksOttawa, Ontario Canada pop-punk mainstays, We Were Sharks have joined the ever-growing roster of Panic State Records.  The band plans to release their new 7 song EP, Not A Chance, on December 11, 2015 through the label.  

They have also released a video for their new single called “Without You,” with the video being directed by Ray Lavers and Chady Awad and shot around the city of Montreal.  The band comments on the video:

“The song, lyrically, is about the aftermath of a break up. When you’re down and out, but, finally you open your eyes to the bigger picture and begin to work on yourself. And although most people find it hard at first to believe it, but there’s a good chance that you’re better off without the other person. The video concept is a pretty simple one. It’s just shows the day we spent filming the video. We drove into Montreal really early, crashed for a bit and then went and shot the video. Hung around, drank beers, crashed a bachelor party and then drank on the directors rooftop til the sun came up the next morning.”

Watch the video below.  The release will follow their self-released debut LP, Highways.

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Dead Ahead Join Panic State Records, Announce EP

Dead AheadNewburgh, NY punks Dead Ahead have joined the Panic State Records family. The band features Jesse Vadala formerly of With the Punches and former Autopilot Off bassist Rob Kucharek and they have announced their first release for the new label is a self titled EP, due to drop on October 9th.

Ahead of the official street date, the band are streaming Cold Truth, one of the EP’s tracks via Substream Magazine. Check it out here.

Video: Rebuilder – ‘Look What You’ve Done’

RebuilderBoston punks Rebuilder have premiered a new video. It features their track Look What You’ve Done, taken from their debut LP, Rock and Roll in America,  which dropped back in June via Panic State Records

Check out the video, and the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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Sammy Kay

Sammy Kay

Fourth Street Singers

Panic State Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey singer/songwriter Sammy Kay stands poised to take the scene by storm with with his debut full length, Fourth Street Singers.  Trying to pigeonhole him into any conventional category would prove most challenging, but with talents ranging from punk to soul, his gritty and unwavering confidence serving listeners well regardless of which camp he represents.  Highly captivating and engrossing, Kay can spin a tale with wizard-like magic, spinning an easy appeal born of acoustic-laced, organ-humming raspy flow akin to a leaner Jaya The Cat.

Sammy Kay kicks things off with the catchy and refreshing sunny day vibe of opener “You Ought To Know.”  Born of heavily strummed acoustic chords and a beachside organ glow, Kay’s hoarse tone exudes the welcoming warmth of homely nostalgia.  If sound had a colour, Fourth Street Singers would be that of a pastel sunset.  That isn’t to say that harmonica-touting, upbeat scenarios like “Saints And Sinners” aren’t pulsing to a lively beat, but they come to pass with worldly knowhow that typically channel into the soulful sounds of chilled out head bobbers like “Your Way.”  

Tuning into Sammy Kay is like swaying on a hammock in a beachside cabana.  A genuine carefree vibe flows forth from his soulful, grassroots constitution.  Uplifting, cheerful “ooo-oo” vocals back the ear-grabbing choruses rounding out “Friday (Searching For The Truth),” while the bluesy organ-heavy number “Shipwreck” dims the light for an intimate performance.  Kay’s in-the-moment essence makes every note feel like it may be his last – the sincerity of each word landing with the utmost of intent.  Nowhere is Kay’s execution more prominent than on the bonus cover track of the Pitch Perfect hit-single, “Cups.”  Laugh if you must, but Kay turns this overplayed commercial mess into a pulsing, soulful expression of grief and individuality otherwise laying dormant in the original.

Sammy Kay makes an old sound feel fresh, new and carefree.  Fourth Street Singers is just right for a casual listen on a sweltering summer day, every bit as it would light up the stage in a dingy smoke-filled club.  It’s a great accompaniment to bigger, back-in-time looking bands like Gaslight Anthem or The Hold Steady.  There are few surprises within the forty minute runtime, but that’s hardly a concern when the result so finely fits all expectations.

Rebuilder cover art


Rock & Roll In America

Panic State Records

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s been awhile since a new band has drawn inspiration from MxPx, but that’s exactly the lineage that recent Boston upstart Rebuilder brings to mind.  Front man Sal Ellington sings but a stone throw away from the now classic Mike Herrera camp, and the melodic pull of fast flowing riffs fall right in line with the best of the mid-90’s skate-punk scene.  The most flattering divergence comes in Rebuilder’s inclusion of organist Rick Smith, whose contributions further each melody’s intent with a soft humming glow.  After a series of EP’s, the band has released their debut full length, Rock & Roll In America, and the result should be quick to turn heads.

All it should take is a quick listen to “Heart Attack’s” opening moments to sell Rebuilder’s merits.  The slow burning intro taps its way cautiously along a bed of long-drawn organ notes, Ellington’s low impact vocals building to a point of full-band eruption.  Chorus and verse build off one another as swelling harmonies recede into brief, lead-vocal intermissions.  It’s the type of performance that separates the boys (Neck Deep, Real Friends, All Time Low) from the men (Good Riddance, The Penske File, Junior Battles).  

A similar dichotomy culminates in the early melancholy-meets-angst of “Le Grand Fromage,” with the opening line being spoken as if from The Weakerthans before quickly morphing into a fully expressive, snapping drum beat confidently fitting the always welcome EpiFat mould.  “Skip amongst the telephone lines, skip a frequency to pass the time… anything’s better than New Jersey,” belts the band in one of their most vivid and relatable scenarios of breaking from the confines of one’s hometown.  The internal struggle of emerging adulthood – unwillingness to give up nostalgia and accept responsibilities – takes a foothold as a lasting theme most explicitly explored a track later in “Adults.”  In essence Rebuilder is a mature band feigning their youth and refusing to give up their spark.

Rock & Roll In America feels warm and nostalgic while retaining a strong sense present day relevance.  Songs like “The White Flag” and “American Dread” are original takes on old sounds that feel every bit as fleshed out and sincere as their inspirations when such tunage was brave new territory twenty years back.  That isn’t to say Rebuilder will leave as much impact on today’s listeners, but rather that there’s still room to return to basics in a scene that seems quick to forget its roots.

Rebuilder Streams New Full Length

Rebuilder cover artBoston punks Rebuilder have premiered a full stream of their debut LP, Rock and Roll in America, is due to drop on June 2, 2015 via Panic State Records

Listen to the new disc here courtesy Substream Magazine.

Rebuilder Announce Debut LP

RebuilderBoston punks Rebuilder have announced that their debut LP, Rock and Roll in America, is due to drop on June 2nd via Panic State Records. Ahead of the official release the quintet have premiered the first track from the record, Look What You’ve Done via absolutepunk.

Check out the stream of Look What You’ve Done here, and the band’s upcoming tour dates and cover art for Rock and Roll in America below.

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Sammy Kay Full Album Stream, Touring with Gaslight Anthem, Northcote

Sammy KayAsbury, NJ singer songwriter Sammy Kay is streaming his new album, Fourth Street Singers in its entirety ahead of the official release on March 10th via Panic State Records. The album was recorded with Pete Steinkopft of the Bouncing Souls and features appearances from a number of  musicians across the local punk rock community (Leftover Crack, Plow United, The Slackers and members of Rancid’s touring band). The album can be streamed here.

Sammy Kay is also hitting the road with Gaslight Anthem and Northcote, check out the full list of dates, and the cover art and track list of Fourth Street Singers, below.

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The Great Explainer Full Album Stream

great explainerTrenton, New Jersey punk outfit The Great Explainer has premiered a full album stream of their upcoming self-titled debut, due out October 27, 2014 from Panic State Records

Listen to the full disc here.

The Great Explainer – Defeated

Trenton, New Jersey punk outfit The Great Explainer has prmiered a new song.  The track is titled “Defeated” and is set to appear on their upcoming self-titled debut, due out October 27, 2014 from Panic State Records

Listen to the song here coutesy PunkNews.

The Moms Limited Edition Re-Pressing; New Album In November

The MomsNew Jersey-based punk rockers The Moms‘ have announced that they will be reissuing a limited edition re-pressing of their debut 7″ Viva! in partnership with Panic State Records and Paper + Plastick Records.  The record is in stock and now available for order in the Paper + Plastick webstore.
The band has also debuted a music video, directed by Daniel Priore (Third Revelation Productions), for the song “Bedtime” and it can be viewed below. A new LP is also planned and with a tentative release window of November.

With The Punches Going On Hiatus

New York pop punkers With The Punches have announced that following their August tour that they will be going on hiatus. The good news for fans of the band is that they have sealed a deal with Panic State Records to reissue their first to EP’s on vinyl (preorders available soon). An excerpt from a statement on the band’s facebook page reads:

“After 5 years, 2 EP’s, 1 LP, 3 Continents, 4 Vehicles, and a few hundred shows, With The Punches is sad to announce that we will be going on hiatus for a while. We would like to thank everyone who ever took the time to listen to our band, everyone who supported us in any way, and those of you who went above and beyond and helped us keep it together at times where falling apart could have so easilly happened. We will be doing a run of last shows in August (the dates of which are listed below) in which we will be playing as many of our songs as time will allow. We would love to see as many friends at these shows as possible and will post the individual show information via all our social networking sites. Thank you for making this everything it became and so much more than we ever dreamed…”

Farewell tour dates are below.

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Flatliners / Astpai

The Flatliners / Astpair


Panic State Records

Rating: 3/5




Back in 2011 Toronto’s The Flatliners and Austria’s Astpai released a split 7” on Laserlife Records in support of a European tour together. The limited run, with artwork by Peter Wonsowski, featured each band covering one of the others’ songs Now, thanks to Panic State Records, its  getting a proper North American release as a limited number of copies will be available as the two bands reunite for several shows across eastern Canada and the US.

The Flatliners tackled Southwards, a track from Astpai’s 2010’s effort Heart to Grow. The intro channels late 80′ Soul Asylum (they were good once!) and the epic sing-a- long chorus could be lifted straight into a Dropkick Murphy’s album; making for a song that could easily fit into the band’s live repertoire in future.

Astpai opted for Meanwhile In Hell, off The Flatliner’s 2007’s The Great Awake. It kicks off with a similar rocking riff, only to be blown away when the pedal hits the floor following the inevitable (but awesome) guitar slide. Fans of the Lawrence Arms will love the vocals as they sit firmly in the Brendan Kelly spectrum (which is a good thing), all of which gives a cool new spin on a great track.

While short, the seven inch is well worth the wait – especially for all the completists out there.