Big Heet OAW

Big Heet

On A Wire

Exploding In Sound Records

Rating: 3/5




Big Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by the former ex Breathers guitarist and vocalist David Settle, released their full-length debut, On A Wire, on October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club. On A Wire is an album that shifts between agitated post punk and tangled post-hardcore whilst maintaining a social conscience, throughout the album Big Heet rally against anxiety, environmental concerns, politics, anti-semitism, dead end jobs, assault, abuse and false activism, and do their part in creating some much needed change. 

The opening title track on Big Heet‘s full length gives the impression that On A Wire will resemble the aftermath of a collision between The Foo Fighters and The Beatles, the melody and energy are all there but it’s all delivered a breakneck pace with a ragged lo-fi approach. But it’s as you get deeper and deeper into the album it becomes increasingly discordant and frantic, and it just keeps heading off into a primal hardcore swamp of noise, one that simultaneously recalls the more experimental sides of punk, post punk, hardcore and noise rock

On A Wire is a unique noisy chaotic hybrid of an album, and it’s one that reflects the chaotic and dark times we live in, but the energy and enthusiasm that is carried across the entire album is evidence of hope in the face of the insanity that is the modern world. On A Wire is an album that won’t be for everyone, but for those of you who like your punk rock ragged, experimental and raw then Big Heet have produced an album that is well worth investigating, and it’s one that has found it’s natural home on the eclectic, and well named, Exploding In Sound Records.

You can order On A Wire here and subscribe to the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club here

On A Wire is also available digitally via Bandcamp here

(The) Medicine Theory Release Stream Of ‘Choke’

Medicine Theory Rain Follows ThePlough(The) Medicine Theory will release the Rain Follows The Plow EP on the 16th June 2017. The EP is the band’s fifth studio recording and it continues the raw stripped down heavy post-punk approach to songwriting that they are known for, with a visceral focus on storytelling. (The) Medicine Theory formed in 2007 with the writing duo of Jeff Irvine and Tyson Schroeder, whilst the band has had many incarnations they have always stayed true to their initial mission, to create music that they enjoy, now in a Punk Site exclusive they have unveiled the hard hitting track Choke that is taken from the forthcoming EP.

You can stream the track Choke here

(The) Medicine Theory’s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

(The) Medicine Theory To Release ‘Rain Follows The Plow’ EP

Medicine Theory Rain Follows ThePlough(The) Medicine Theory will release the Rain Follows the Plow EP on the 16th June 2017. The EP is the band’s fifth studio recording and it continues the raw stripped down heavy post-punk approach to songwriting that they are known for, with a visceral focus on storytelling. (The) Medicine Theory formed in 2007 with the writing duo of Jeff Irvine and Tyson Schroeder, whilst the band has had many incarnations they have always stayed true to their initial mission, to create music that they enjoy.  

(The) Medicine Theory‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Gnarwhal Release Stream of ‘Being Kidding’

Gnarwhal CrucialGnarwhal have shared their new single, Being Kidding, the track is a wild and explosive ride through noisy math punk and agitated post-hardcore, the song is taken from the duo’s upcoming full length release, Crucial, that is due out on May 12th 2017 via Exploding In Sound Records. The band are currently out in support of the record on a full US tour together with Pile.

You can stream Being Kidding here and Crucial can be pre-ordered here

You can view Gnarwhal‘s tour dates below Read More…

Caddywhompus Share ‘Splinter’ From Forthcoming LP ‘Odd Hours’

Caddywhompus Odd hoursCaddywhompus are set to release Odd Hours, their highly anticipated new record on April 14th via Inflated Records, the band have now released a stream of Splinter, the latest single from their forthcoming album. The New Orleans duo have created their most focused and mature album yet, and Splinter is a good example of their growth as songwriters. On an album of jagged art pop, jazzy structures and unbelievably kinetic energy filtered through an array of hooks and cultivated madness, Splinter is Caddywhompus at their most somber.

You can stream Splinter here and pre-order Odd Hours here

Cope Announce Debut EP And Canadian Tour

Cope Promo Mar 17COPE are a duo that are inspired by Local H, Shellac, Brand New, Refused and Death From Above 1979. The band have announced they will release their self titled debut EP on the 21st April, it will be available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats via Norwegian Blue Records, Cope have also released a stream of the track, Mother Russia.

You can pre-order Cope‘s self titled debut EP here

You can stream Mother Russia here and view their Canadian tour dates below Read More…

Cope Release Stream Of ‘Mother Russia’ From Forthcoming EP

Cope EPInspired by Local H, Shellac, Brand New, Refused, and Death From Above 1979, COPE consists of Mickey Hayward on drums and Tyson Wiebe on guitars and vocals. Cope will release their self titled debut EP on vinyl, cassette and digital download on April 21 via Norwegian Blue Records, the EP will be available from that date via the label’s website.

You can stream the first track from the EP, Mother Russia here

Norwegian Blue Records Bandcamp can be found here


Escape Is Not Freedom


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Chicago’s Escape Is Not Freedom are set to release their debut full length, Goldsmith, on February 24th, they are a band that combine sludge, metal and noise rock to make an intense, discordant and fuzzy soundtrack. The Illinois trio’s debut album follows on from their 2015 EP, The Truants, and it feels like a logical follow up, however, on their previous release the sound was more refined and precise, for Escape Is Not Freedom the rough edges are firmly in place, for me this gives the album a darker and rawer feel than it’s predecessor, and it’s an approach that better suits their dark hybrid of styles.

Goldsmith opens with the intense fuzz driven riff of Coriander, this is a dark primal number that recalls the heavier end of punk, grunge and alt rock, Annul switches the pace, but not the intensity, this is accompanied by a haunting female vocal that contrasts with the gruff delivery of the opening track. Night Light‘s remorseless bass grind signals that a downbeat heavier element is being bought into the mix, an element that continues through the short but sweet dose of Morphine that follows it. The track Sodium signals another shift, this time into a discordant post punk delivery before we hit the anguished Dispossessed, this is a number that signals a return to a melodic vocal delivery that is juxtaposed against an intense riff. The album continues to vary it’s intensity, delivery and melody across the ten tracks, until you get to album’s finale, the dark, disturbing, extended, and appropriately named, Migraine.

Goldsmith is an album that resembles a collision between The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Killing Joke, this results in an album of extended hazy riffs that are relentlessly delivered in a discordant and fuzz drenched style. In case you hadn’t guessed this is by no means an easy listen, it is a remorseless dark and heavy album that is born of the suspiciously hazy origins of sludge and stoner rock, but the fact that this is coupled with elements of metal and noise rock, that inject a dose of adrenalin into the album, prevent it from being an album that gets mired in it’s own heady sludge. Goldsmith is an impressive self released album that will be available via Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Bandcamp, and it’s one that is worth investigating if you’re tastes lie towards the heavier end of the alternative spectrum.

Goldsmith will be released tomorrow, February 24th, and can be ordered here

Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Facebook presence can be found here



The Town Dies Screaming

Puddlejumper Distro

Rating: 3/5




Foresterr are described as a noise rock band that hail from Long Island, New York, they are composed of the classic trio of bass, guitar and drums, but that’s where convention ends as their music is characterized by unconventional song structures and dark jagged compositions. In the four years that Foresterr have been in existence they have developed a reputation for frenzied stage performances from live shows in support of their initial trio of EP’s, now The Town Dies Screaming signals their first full length release. 

The ominous bassline of Smut kicks off The Town Dies Screaming, it carries a veiled menace in it’s dark hybrid of post punk and noise rock which crashes headlong into the album’s discordant title track. This is an album that is by no means an easy listen, the constant time changes and spiky riffs make this an unpredictable beast of an album, it’s not until 999 Barrel that you get anything approaching a ceasefire from the relentless angular assault. The Town Dies Screaming constantly veers between styles and delivery all the while maintaining a unique approach and building towards a cacophonous finale, the epic jarring Moonwalker.

This is an odd crossbreed of noise rock and post punk, however Foresterr are a band who have also taken a smash and grab approach to their sound, The Town Dies Screaming contains elements of punk, hardcore, grunge and math rock alongside the prominent influences, which makes this a unique and challenging hybrid that is impossible to pin down. At it’s core it’s born of that unpredictable offshoot of hardcore, noise rock, but there is more to Foresterr than that just being another distorted and discordant outfit, this a challenging album that spans the noisier and experimental side of music that was spawned from punk.

The Town Dies Screaming can be ordered via Puddlejumper Distro here


Into The Storm

Where The Merfalo Roam

Alive And Breathing Records

Rating: 2/5




Seattle noise makers Into The Storm have released their sophomore album, Where The Merfalo Roam, via Alive and Breathing Records. The band have sated that this is the closest representation to their live sound and if you wanted a metaphor to let you know what you’re in store for on Where The Merfalo Roam, the band have described the album cover as depicting “the mouth of a giant mythical creature that devours chunks of societies with bits of them still stuck against it’s teeth and the creatures that are still feasting upon them.”

Where The Merfalo Roam opens with Truck Van Trailer, it tries to lull you into a false sense of security before the band live up to their name and throw you Into The Storm, this is dark, stormy and discordant number. The album stays in this theme throughout it’s ten tracks,  but they vary between downbeat tracks, such as Seduced and Disappointed and Maths, up to full on aural assaults, such as Ghostmaker and Fell Off A Horse, and there’s pretty much everything in between before you hit the albums grand finale. Where The Merfalo Roam culminates in the title track that is an epic journey across whichever dark and disturbing universe Into The Storm inhabit.

Where The Merfalo Roam contains elements of sludgey stoner rock, metal and hardcore, which I suspect is all combined in a suspicious fog. For me an album that is as remorselessly heavy as this needs something to break it up, which is an element this album lacks, it is a relentless discordant cacophony. What you get on Where The Merfalo Roam is just over forty minutes of doom laden stoner sludge, whilst there is variation in the tempo of the delivery, the entire album is a remorseless and incredibly heavy onslaught that becomes a bit wearing after a while, but if you’re tastes are towards the heavier and darker end of hardcore then you should acquaint yourself with Into The Storm.

Where The Merfalo Roam can be streamed and downloaded here

Foresterr To Release Debut Album ‘The Town Dies Screaming’

foresterr-tdsForesterr is a noise rock band from Long Island, New York that formed in 2013, Foresterr‘s music is characterized by its unconventional song structure, changes in style, angular guitar riffs & frenzied stage performance that allow them to stand on their own amongst their contemporaries.

They have released three EPs to date and a soon to be released full-length, The Town Dies Screaming, that will be released on January 27, 2017 via Puddlejumper Distro

You can view Foresterr‘s upcoming US tour dates below Read More…



Title Track

Standard Brickhouse Records / Really Rad Records

Rating: 3/5




The members of Portland’s Dowager were previously involved in pop punk projects, such as Our First Brains and Sioux Falls, prior to forming their current band, and experiencing a distinct shift in style and tone. Last month they unleashed their new EP, Title Track, it was recorded at the acclaimed Atomic Garden Studio with Jack Shirley in East Palo Alto, California. The Title Track EP is five cuts of shifting and brooding post hardcore, it combines a hefty number of influences and styles that combine to make Title Track an unpredictable beast of an EP.

Title Track opens with some serious intent, the furious Gutterflower kicks things off with a potent combination of Hardcore, Post Hardcore and Screamo, this alternates between a full on aural assault and comparatively delicate post punk technical passages. The approach bleeds through into Fingerguns, although this track hits critical mass in it’s intensity as it approaches it’s finale. The other three tracks  Sleep Paralysis, Model Home and the closing track, Coastal, on the Title Track EP maintain the ferocious post hardcore approach, until it closes on a mellower math rock influenced approach at the finale of the final track.

This is a relentless and unique five tracks that combines the fury of hardcore, the creativity of post punk and the complexity of math rock, this might sound like an unlikely ménage à trois, but that is exactly what you get on the Title Track EP. This is an release that possesses a discordant, yet melodic fury, in essence the Title Track EP is a mass of contradictions, and it’s this that makes it an intriguing listen. Whilst this won’t be to everyone’s taste this is an original and unique EP, and if you tastes are towards the noisier end of post punk, or the punkier end of noise rock, then you should investigate Dowager‘s latest EP.

Title Track can be pre-ordered from Standard Brickhouse Records here



Warmer Shadow

Carpark Records / Buzz Records

Rating: 2.5/5




What can you say about an album whose choice of cover art is the same as your great aunts choice of wallpaper? Warm Shadow is a strange beast of an album and is a companion piece to Greys’ acclaimed sophomore album, Outer Heaven, that was released back in April. Warm Shadow is comprised of original material by the band, as well as elements from the Outer Heaven recording sessions. The album was released via Bandcamp on October 5th, via Carpark Records and Buzz Records.

Warm Shadow is a sprawling experimental album that combines elements of garage, psychedelia, punk, and pretty much everything else that’s from the dark underbelly of the music world, to create an experimental soundscape. The album opens with Minus Team, this is a dark Sonic Youth inspired noisefest that opens proceedings nicely, UberEats starts as a piece of minimalist power pop, before exploding into fully fledged storm of grungy distortion that in turn abruptly turns into a surreal ending of tape loops and effects. I’d Hate To Be An Actress is a dark lo-fi slice of melancholy discord, and that’s only over the first three tracks. The album continues to change constantly, veering madly between styles and retaining a level of unpredictability that makes this a truly original and challenging album.

An album this varied and unusual is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s doubtful that even their die hard fans would admit to liking everything on this album, every single track is unique and unusual, and a lot more experimental than it’s sister album. Warm Shadow is the perfect companion to Outer Heaven, whilst that album could never be described as mainstream or in any way, shape or form pop, that is what it sounds like compared to Warm Shadow, this is the sound of a band exploring their dark and experimental side, and they do it well. For anyone who likes their albums to be unpredictable and mind expanding then this this is something you need to explore, for me it’s best enjoyed alongside Outer Heaven but it works equally well as a separate and dark entity. Warm Shadow will be available as a Pay What You Can download on Bandcamp through October 12th, and all proceeds during this time will be donated to Toronto non-profit SisteringSistering is a trans-inclusive agency supporting women from across Toronto who experience first hand the impact of marginalization and poverty. 

Warm Shadow can be downloaded here

Greys Release ‘Warm Shadow’ Companion LP To ‘Outer Heaven’

greys-warmer-shadowsAcclaimed Toronto noise rock band Greys surprised fans today with the release of Warm Shadow, a ten track companion album to their celebrated sophomore LP Outer Heaven, released earlier this year on Carpark Records and Buzz Records. Warm Shadow features the track Fresh Hell which Greys released earlier this month via Bandcamp. Warm Shadow will be available as a Pay What You Can download on Bandcamp through October 12th, and all proceeds during this time will be donated to Toronto non-profit SisteringSistering is a trans-inclusive agency supporting women from across Toronto who experience first hand the impact of marginalization and poverty. Greys will also embark on a slew of tour dates this fall, doing both headline shows and also supporting Bully, Japandroids and White Lung among others. A review of Warm Shadow will be published shortly on The Punk Site.

The tour dates can be seen below and the album can be downloaded here Read More…

Cortez Initial


Initial (10th Anniversary Reissue)

Wooaargh / Get A Life Records

Rating: 2/5




Today only the two of the original trio that created Intial remain, however Cortez remain active as a musical trio, with Samuel Vaney acting a silent fourth member who contributes as a composer and studio engineer. To commemorate the release of Cortez‘s first album, Initial, a decade ago Wooaargh and Get A Life Records have co-released the tenth anniversary reissue of the debut album by the Swiss hardcore legends. This isn’t just a shameless anniversary cash in, the reissue of this landmark album has been completely remixed and remastered at the Autoclave Studio in Singapore.

Cortez were formed in Switzerland in 2001 as a trio that was uniquely comprised of drums, guitar and vocals. This is about as extreme an album as I’ve heard, it is a brutal and relentless album that encompasses the worlds of hardcore, post hardcore and there’s even a bit of extreme metal in it’s DNA. This is not an easy listen of an album, everything about this album is intense, from the opening seventeen second salvo of Prompt to the closing epic track, Patriarche. This is not just an album of the short sharp shocks that are frequently associated with hardcore, this is an experimental beast of an album that enbraces numerous genre’s and influences, this stops Initial becoming another repetitive assault on the your senses.

This is from the dark end of hardcore, I imagine that this will appeal to fans of the hardcore movement of the 1980’s, and to those who like their noise rock to be unpredictable and experimental, Initial would also be worthy of investigation if you’re a fan of the darker and heavier end of the punk spectrum. The production on the album reflects the stormy intensity, yet somehow the mix also manages to be clean and perfectly balanced, whilst this isn’t something that appeals to me you can’t help but be impressed by the intensity and brutality of this album.

Initial was released earlier this month on a limited edition run on black vinyl, it can purchased via Bandcamp here 
The album can also be ordered from Wooaargh here
Buildings Volunteer Split

Buildings / Volunteer


Triple Eye Industries

Rating: 4/5




Minneapolis’ Buildings and Milwaukee’s Volunteer have both been hard at work in their respective cities, each crafting their own distinct brand of dissonance over the course of the last few years. This release brings the two geographically disparate bands together for hell raising six track EP, each band has contributed three tracks to this Split EP that was released at the tail end of last month via Triple Eye Industries.

First up on this EP are Buildings, this is their first release since last years Life Doesn’t Matter EP and their contribution to this release continues in their fine tradition of genre defying brutal noise. Opening track Something Better is a brief slice of discordant alt rock, it’s a fine warning shot that just makes this Split hit the ground running with it’s brutal pounding beat and abrasive guitar riffs, the next two tracks are almost the equal of it and the first three rounds of this EP have all hit the mark. Buildings could fall under almost banner you try to describe them with, punk, noise rock, post hardcore and alt rock would all be appropriate, but somehow fall short of capturing their essence.

The second half of this Split opens in an even more aggressive fashion, Volunteer make an intense and heavy assault on the senses, if Buildings were the opening burst of shock and awe then Volunteer are the tank that crashes into your living room. They are angry, loud and heavy, very heavy. The guitars are pulverising distorted numbers that don’t relent until the final cymbal has faded away the end of the final track. This is their first release since 2014’s Goner EP and it sounds like they’ve been building their rage over the last two years, and have unleashed it all in the twelve minutes that their three songs occupy on this Split.

Both bands compliment each other perfectly and you couldn’t ask for a more perfectly dysfunctional match up. Unlike many of the Split EP’s I’ve encountered where the bands are at odds with each other, this is one where the bands compliment each others natural aggression and noisy style perfectly. If you’re a fan of either band, or just of noisy brutal alternative music, then this is a release that belongs in your collection, whilst I have a slight preference for Buildings contribution it is exactly that, slight, and this EP showcases two bands that I look forward to hearing a lot more of.

You can order a copy of the Buildings / Volunteer Split EP here

Barren Womb Premiere ‘White Raven’ Video

Barren WombSince 2011 Barren Womb have been raising hell with their nasty swill of Punk ‘n’ Roll and Blackened Country Noise. The Norwegian noise rock duo are now premiering a music video for White Raven, the track is taken from the band’s latest album, Nique Everything, which is out now on Spartan Records. The album was recorded live, and was mixed by Håkon Gebhardt (ex-Motorpsycho) at Das Boot Studio in Trondheim.

Nique Everything can be ordered here

The video for White Raven can be viewed below Read More…

Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes To Release Self Titled Debut LP

Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes STSuper Secret Records have announced the release date for their debut self titled LP by Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes. The band formed in Austin, Texas, in 2013 as a two-piece featuring guitarist and vocalist Steve Pike and drummer Jacob Cruz. In early 2015, they added Rob Glynn to fill in on bass guitar and help record their debut album. Since then, they have found a more permanent solution with Bill Indelicato on bass. Drawing influences from Sonic Youth, Shellac, Hot Snakes and Unwound. Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes taps into the sonic fury of early 90’s noise rock and post hardcore and blend it with their own interpretation and swagger.

The album will be released on August 19th, you can listen to the track Speak here