No Use For A Name Stream New Rarities Album In Full

No Use For A NameFat Wreck Chords is streaming No Use For A Name‘s covers compilation album.  The disc features non-album tracks and holds the title Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers, and dropped last week.

Listen to the full disc below.

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No Use For A Name Cover Compilation Announced

No Use For A NameFat Wreck Chords has announced the release of a No Use For A Name covers compilation album.  The disc features non-album tracks and holds the title Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers, and is due out on August 11, 2017.

Track listing is below.

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Mild In The Streets

Fat Wreck Chords

Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 4.5/5




Who doesn’t love a Fat Wreck Chords compilation, they were a great way to hear new bands, and tracks from upcoming releases, for next to no money, as a bonus there were always a few exclusive tracks thrown into the mix. Along with Epitaph Records Punk-O-Rama series they were responsible for introducing a new generation of fans to some amazing bands. This time round things have changed as this compilation has been done with a different approach, Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged is, in case you hadn’t guessed, a collection of songs from bands and singers from the Fat Wreck Chords stable who have traded in their amplifiers and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars.

This sixteen track compilation is a lengthy affair and content is so varied that you can’t summarise the album, so i’m going to a whistle stop tour of Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged. Tony Sly, of No Use For A Name, opens the album with a soulful piano led version of Under The Garden and The Swingin’ Utters deliver an excellent foottapping country version of Fruitless Fortunes featuring slap bass and violin. Stacey Dee delivers a melancholy number, Everything Is Beautiful, this is one of the songs that is exclusive to this album and to anyone familiar with Bad Cop/Bad Cop this number will come as something of a surprise, this is juxtaposed against Sam Sadowski, of Closet Friends, who delivers some sore throated acoustic blues.

Going acoustic won’t come as a surprise from everyone on this compilation, for Old Man Markley it’s practically second nature, they deliver a mellower version of Guts ‘N Teeth. For others the acoustic approach doesn’t change anything apart from the volume, it clearly doesn’t matter if you take Anti-Flag’s electric guitars away as they remain as angry and political as ever, Israeli punks Useless ID retain their own sound, they keep the character of their hard edged pop punk intact and Matt Skiba delivers a sinister version of Alkaline Trio‘s Continental. Karine Denike bring a touch of fifties glamour to proceedings, this couldn’t be further away from the Dance Hall Crashers upbeat ska if it tried and Get Dead deliver some stripped down punk rock

We’re on the final leg of the tour now, Lagwagon‘s Joey Cape delivers a mellow acoustic number, American Steel bring some upbeat acoustica that features a mournful accordion break and Laura Jane Grace brings a great number that carries a restrained version of the fury that inhabits Against Me‘s output. The closing trilogy of songs continue to deliver, Russ Rankin brings us a heartrending tale of the loneliness of the road and the toll it takes on relationships, Uke-Hunt do a cover of Olivia Newton John‘s Xanadu, this is rather excellent, like an unplugged Me First And the Gimme Gimmes, and for it’s grand finale the album ends with an epic symphonic version of one of my favourite NOFX tunes, The Decline, personally I wish Fat Mike had done vocals over this rather than just an instrumental but it’s a faithful and bombastic end to an excellent compilation.

Compilations are usually a mixed bag but there is little to dislike on here, the versions are all original and unique takes on songs we have come to know and love, the original tracks don’t feel like they were ideas that were rescued from the wastepaper bin. This, as with every other Fat Wreck Chords compilation, is an essential purchase, if you’re a fan of any of the bands that appear on here I doubt that you’ll be disappointed with new versions or the original material. Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged brings something new to the table on almost every track, the album spans so many genres and styles that it never gets dull, buy this and mellow out for an hour or so.

Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged is available for download and on CD, Vinyl and Coloured vinyl here

Video: Yotam – ‘Tony Sly’

Yotam-California-SoundsYotam Ben Horin, lead singer for Israeli punk band Useless ID has released a video for his track Tony Sly. The song is a tribute to the former No Use for a Name frontman who sadly passed away back in 2012. Yotam has said this about the track:

“I learned alot from Tony Sly over the years when my band Useless ID toured with No Use For A Name and when I worked with Tony on songs so this song is my thank you to Tony who shaped me musically from the first time I heard No Use so many years ago.”

Yotam is on tour with Joey Cape, check out the full list of dates and the video for Tony Sly below

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Implants Announce EP

ImplantsLA based punk rock collective Implantsa band featuring members of iconic punk groups like Strung Out, No Use For A Name and Face to Face have announced a new EP titled The Golden Age. The 5 track EP is due for release in ‘late spring’ via Cyber Tracks, the record label founded y NOFX guitarist El Hefe and his wife Jen Abeyta.

Jen herself had this to say about the release:

“Hefe and I are so ecstatic to release another Implants album! This EP is beyond fulfilling …their debut album blew me away so much that I never thought it could be surpassed, but they definitely outdid themselves on this EP. I wish it was a full length …after listening to 5 tracks of pure shredding melodic punk, I’m left wanting more.”

Check out the track list and cover art for The Golden Age below.

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The Red Owls – The Answer Is Still Now (NUFAN Cover)

The Red OwlsThe Red Owls have released a cover of the No Use For A Name classic “The Answer Is Still No.”  The band band is currently gearing up for the release of their upcoming new EP, Do You Feel Any Better.  The EP will be available sometime in October through Paper + Plastick Records with pre-orders now available.  Listen to the full disc here courtesy Substream Magazine.

Check out the NUFAN cover below.

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Lagwagon – Exit (No Use For A Name Cover)

LagwagonLagwagon is streaming a bonus track from their highly anticipated new album.  The track is a cover of the No Use For A Name classic, “Exit,” taken from the 1995 album Leche Con Carne, and was recorded during Lagwagon‘s latest recording sessions.  The band will release Hang on October 28, 2014 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Listen to both songs below.

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Live Concert Review

No Use For A Name

Live (May 21st, 2009)

Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta




“Can you guys even get drunk this early? I’ve tried but it just doesn’t seem to work. You guys are either stone sober or completed wasted – like that girl.”

No Use For A Name‘s Tony Sly joked around with the passive crowd last Thursday during the annual Fat Canada Tour – this time featuring NUFAN, Only Crime and recent Fat signees Pour Habit; and for the second year in a row, the show’s timing in Edmonton hurt its turnout. Last year’s showing with Mad Caddies, Real McKenzies and Saint Catherines didn’t start till close to midnight – with Mad Caddies hitting the stage at close to 2 AM I was told (I, myself, had left at 1230 after the McKenzies). This year was the complete opposite, with the show starting at 6PM and ending at 8:30, most people didn’t actually get to the venue until No Use had already started their set.

The somewhat empty floor looked awkward and it took a few songs before the crowd started to build and get into it. Sly and his band mates never faltered but you could tell they weren’t fully into it – just like the crowd. In fact guitarist Dave Nassie, while rather entertaining to watch, was clearly playing mostly for Chuck of Pour Habit who was standing beside the stage.

The whole evening seemed slightly detached, but as the hour passed by and the band got deeper into their extensive set list, you stopped noticing and began singing along with Sly as they ripped through their classic songs like Justified Black Eye, International You Day, For Fiona, Dumb Reminders, Soulmate and many more. Diverting of their set list a bit, they went into their two shortest songs: Sarah Fisher followed quickly by Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat. After a quick tune up and some random banter, Sly said “here’s a song we haven’t played yet” and immediately launched back into Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat to laughter from everyone.

The show really picked up in the final few songs of the evening. During Let Me Down, a couple brought up a toddler up to the stage which caught the attention of the band, launched Sly into a rant of curse words and had bassist Matt Riddle let the toddler slap a few lines on the bass for him. After a short demand for an encore, they came back onto the stage with The Biggest Lie and a fantastic cover of The Pogues‘ Fairytale of New York with Russ Ranking singing Shane MacGowan’s parts and Riddle singing Kirsty MacColl’s parts. They once more played Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat, said thanks and left the stage for the evening as the crowd walked outside into the blinding light of the early evening sun.

Set list:

On The Outside
I Want To Be Wrong
Justified Black Eye
Growing Down
Chasing Rainbows
For Fiona
The Answer Is Still No
International You Day
The Trumpet Player
Coming Too Close
Dumb Reminders
Life Size Mirror
Let Me Down
Not Your Savior
The Biggest Lie
Fairytale of New York
Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat

With Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat and Sarah Fisher somewhere else in the mix as well.

Fat Wreck Details Tony Sly Tribute Album

Tony SlyA year after announcing the passing of Tony Sly, Fat Wreck Chords have revealed plans for their previously announced tribute album to the No Use For A Name front man.

The album, due out October 29th, features twenty six bands covering songs written by Sly over his twenty year career – both under the No Use For A Name moniker and his solo career. All proceeds will go to The Tony Sly Memorial Fund

The compilation will feature the likes of Mad Caddies, Strung Out, Bad Religion, NOFX, Alkaline trio, The Gaslight Anthem, Simple Plan, Flatliners, American Steel and more on it – the full list of bands is below.

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Alkaline Trio Recording New Material with Chris Shiflett

My Shame is True, the latest album from Alkaline Trio was only released on April 2nd of this year, but it appears they are already back in the studio laying down at least one track. According to a post on singer/guitarist Matt Skiba’s Instagram:

“Face melters with Chris Shiflett from NUFAN and some band called Foo Fighters @ 606 guest ripping on a new@Alkaline_Trio track”

Chris Shiflett is of course the lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters and No Use For A Name and we are sure he will add a different (and awesome) element to any new Alkaline Trio material.




No Use For A Name - The Feel Good Record of The Year

No Use For A Name

The Feel Good Record Of The Year

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 4/5




I was excited for this record the day it was announced. It’s No Use For A Name, any fan of skate punk should be excited. Like everyone does these days, the band slowly trickled out a few songs online to get some viral marketing going for it. It worked, the songs Biggest Lie and I Want To Be Wrong got people excited for the album and re-ignited their faith in the band’s ability – particularly after the slightly disappointing Keep Them Confused. Even though those two songs sparked my interest it wasn’t until the whole album appeared on MySpace that I was really blown away. As the record played through I was left in awe and thought that it could live up to it’s title. No Use For A Name had delivered a cohesive, energetic, and incredibly strong album and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the actual thing.

Now I’ve had the disc for a few days and have had the chance to sit through it more than once and while my initial reaction has worn of a little bit, I can’t help but still feel excited as The Feel Good Record Of The Year plays through. Afterall, this record encapsulates what skate punk and pop-punk should sound like and proves that NUFAN still has it in them to stay current and relevant – even after nine releases. The production by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore from The Blasting Room brings the sound to new heights creating one of the cleanest NUFAN records to date without alienating any of its raw energy.

The record kicks off with the two songs they had previously released online and they work wonders to grab you attention and pull you in. Right from the start you hear Tony Sly’s signature vocals that are not only delivered in his trademark fashion but also seem to be much stronger than before. The lyrics follow the same pattern that the band has always used with self-reflective, introspective and slightly depressing lyrics but with a sparkle of hope. The music is fast and energetic, with a fast drum beat pulsating through the bass drum kick, lightning guitar riffs and overlapping vocal harmonies. It then goes into Yours To Destroywhich starts off quite a lot slower than the first two. It throws you off a little and sounds like a Keep Them Confused b-side; but as it progresses the song starts to pick up the pace before ending with one of the best group vocal deliveries on the album.

The weirdest thing about this album is the diversified sound hidden amongst the skate punk songs like Under The Garden and The Night of The Living Living. The folk-inspired acoustic number Sleeping Between Trucks or piano led ballad Ontario stand out like a sore thumb but don’t really hinder the flow of the album. Other tracks sound like the intro to Rise Against song and on the bass line that leads intoThe Dregs of Sobriety is one of the strongest on the record.The Trumpet Player sees the most diversity in Rory Koff’s drum beat and the song shines because of it.

By now, you should know who No Use For A Name is and The Feel Good Record Of The Year sees them delivering an album worthy of their legacy without becoming stale or repetitive. It’s a very strong album and add in the Blasting Room touch and you’re set.

No Use For A Name - Keep Them Confused

No Use For A Name

Keep Them Confused

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3/5




Every where you look, No Use For A Name is labeled as something else. Their bio calls them a “punk rock band”, Real Player reads them as “skate punk” and say they have perfected the model of “melodic hardcore”, but really, the most appropriate label to place NUFAN under is none other than the “pop-punk” label. Because that is what they are, and no one can deny that.

They’ve been around since 1987 and have paid their dues only to find out what works best for them as a band, and it shows on their seventh full length album Keep Them Confused. Easily, the one thing that makes No Use For A Name stand out amongst the crowd is their lead singer, Tony Sly. His vocals are so unique, there is no one else out there that sounds like him, which is kind of a good thing because I’ve never been a huge fan of his vocals on record. Although his vocals were amazing and sounded great live when I saw them a few years ago, on record they tend to be a bit too high pitch for my liking. At times, they even become annoying. But oddly enough, after a few listens to the album, his vocals become less obtrusive to the listener and start to sound a bit better in my ears anyway. You become use to them, and soon start to forget the tone of the vocals. But this takes one or two listens before the transformation begins.

Once you get past the vocals, No Use for A Name supplies the same sturdy pop-punk tunes they’ve made in the past. Quick, melodic, fast paced, three chord punk with intelligent lyrics about relationships, fears, death, memories and many more. The first single for the album, For Fiona, is a love song to Sly’s wide, Fiona, that starts off with soft, almost robotic vocals before jumping into the song full force. Its an interesting sound that makes the song stand out in the album while Black Box‘s infectious chorus gets stuck in your head immediately.

Overall, Keep Them Confused isn’t a phenomenal release, it is just a solid pop-punk album with a few good tunes spread throughout it. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before and NUFAN haven’t changed much throughout the years; so if you were happy with what they did in the pass, you’ll still be happy now.


No Use For A Name -All The Best Songs

No Use For A Name

All The Best Songs

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.5/5




When No Use for A Name were last in town, I had a chance to sit and talk to Matt Riddle for a few minutes. After the interview he asked me what I thought the turnout for the show would be. I ensured him that it would be a great turnout and really packed, but he was still nervous. After all, it was a cold, rainy and very wet Wednesday in the middle of March – would people still bare the elements to come out to see them?

They did, and it was a packed house. It was No Use For A Name, one of the most prominent names in punk rock from the past twenty years – and it didn’t matter that it was in the middle of the week and that the weather was crap, people still came out in full force. While the band has never received as much critical acclaim as some of their label mates and touring comrades, No Use For A Name have been able to maintain a continuous flow of momentum. They’ve never stopped touring, released countless albums, and worked hard for every bit of it. All The Best Songs is a commemorative look at those past two decades. With twenty six songs – including two previously unreleased tracks from the Keep Them Confused sessions – the album successfully captures the band’s prolific career.

Yes, while the compilation has tracks from albums such as the aforementioned Keep Them Confused alongside Leche Con Carne!, Making Friends, The Daily Grind, More Betterness and Hard Rock Bottom – the best element of the album is the track order. Rather than going from oldest to newest cuts, the songs are mixed and matched and thrown all over the place; and surprisingly, it works incredibly well. The songs flow nicely and you can barely tell that that one track comes from 1993 and the following from 2005. This only helps to cement the idea of how consistent the band has been through their career. Going from For Fiona to The Daily Grind and Let It Slide just somehow works.

With fan favorites like Justified Black Eye, Dumb reminders, Not Your Savior, Black Box, Chasing Rainbows, Soulmate, International You Day and On The OutsideAll The Best Songs is just as the title implies. It is a mix tape of songs selected by the band showing what the band has done so far. On top of that, the album also comes with an in depth booklet with stories from the members and insights into the songs on here – along with a massive amount of pictures like any good retrospective.

For hardcore No Use fans, the record won’t give you that much excitement, other than in the booklet of stories and photos, as they’ve most likely heard all twenty-four previously released tracks on it. However, for the casual fan who’s heard only a few of their many albums, then this is a must have. It will introduce you to one of the hardest working bands around, who have stayed consistent over the past twenty years as they’ve watched trends come and go – and throughout it all, they’re still humble and aren’t sure if enough people will put in the extra effort to come see them live. The thing is, people always will – All The Best Songs proves why.

Tim McIlrath/Jon Snodgrass – For Fiona (No Use For A Name)

Rise AgainstA studio version of Rise Against‘s Tim McIlrath and Jon Snodgrass covering No Use For A Name‘s For Fiona has surfaced online. It can be heard below.

The song originally appeared on No Use For A Name‘s 2005 album, Keep Them Confused.

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Joey Cape / Tony Sly - Acoustic

Joey Cape / Tony Sly


Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.5/5




This split CD, appropriately named Acoustic, features two of Fat Wreck Chords‘ top frontmen. Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and Bad Astronaut along with No Use For A Name‘s Tony Sly. If you don’t know these names already, then you are missing some of the best punk rock music around. Both men took 5 of their band’s top songs and striped them down to the basics: acoustic. Then they each wrote one brand new song specifically for the split making the album of the best acoustic albums around.

Each song on the split is great. There really isn’t one song that pulls it down in anyway. Tony Sly‘s Stunt Double (the new track) and Justified Black Eye (from the 1994 release, Leche Con Carne!)are majestic, they are perfect acoustic songs. The melodies are slow and moving while the vocals are soothing and captivating, making for one hell of a song. Joey Cape‘s rendition of Wind In Your Sail (from the 2002 release, Let’s Talk About Leftovers) takes the title of top song mainly because of the lyrics. The guitar riffs are some of the best on the album and work great with the vocals and backup vocals too. Lyrics like “Cause I’m right here / to witness every step / and when you trip / I will cherish it/ … I live to watch you fail” just do something for me when they are sung so softly and melodically.

With the surge of screamo and hard-core bands lately, its great to finally be able to sit down and listen to a slow, melodic, album. And when its with two of punk’s top musicians, its even better.

Members of Strung Out and The Swellers Pay Tribute to Tony Sly with Live Cover

Strung OutMembers from punk bands Strung Out and The Swellers recently paid a tribute to Tony Sly when they covered No Use For A Name‘s Justified Black Eye live. The acknowledgement took place at Vinyl in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas.

See the performance here.

Past and Current Members of No Use For A Name To Put On Tribute Show

No Use For A NameNo Use For A Name past and present band members Matt Riddle ,Chris Rest ,Boz Rivera, Dave Nassie and Rory Koff as well as some guest singers will join together to perform once more as No Use For A Name to honor the career of their lead singer Tony Sly who passed away on July 31st, 2012.

The special performance will take place during the Macadam Festival on Saturday, September 8 at Ilot Fleurie Park, downtown Quebec City.

After careful consideration, the members of No Use For A Name ,Tony Sly’s wife and Tony’s two brothers accepted the offer  to present a concert for his fans, friends and family to share their appreciation, respect and love for Tony Sly and to show support for the Tony Sly Memorial Fund that will 100% benefit his two beautiful daughters.

The concert will be a testimony to Tony Sly and will occur under the 17th edition of the Envol et Macadam Festival with Lagwagon, The Vandals, August Burns Red, Obey the Brave and many alternative bands from 15 countries.

No Use For A Name Planning New Album

No Use For A NameIn a recent interviewNo Use for a Name front man Tony Sly confirmed that the band plans to record their next studio album.  Sly comments:

“I really want to make a record with the new line-up because I’m excited about the sound, and we need a record to go on tour. If you keep touring the same places and playing the same music over and over again, it gets monotonous and you’re milking the fans.”

The album will follow 2008’s The Feel Good Record of the Year.

Video: No Use For A Name – Full Set At Area 4 Fest

No Use For A NameA German website is hosting a full stream of No Use For A Name‘s set from their appearance at Area 4 Fest 2011 this past August. 

The ten song set features tracks like Dumb Reminders, Chasing Rainbows, Any Number Can Play, I Want to Be Wrong and International You Day.

You can watch it here.

Tours: NOFX

NOFXNOFX has announced that the pop punk veterans will be hitting the road as the clock strikes midnight and 2011 comes to close.  The 2012 tour that starts on New Years Eve in Las Vegas and will feature  support from Old Man Markley for the duration of the tour.  Rotating guest acts will including Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Ellwood, and Pulley.

Full tour listings can be found below.



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New Interview: Tony Sly

Tony SlyAlongside their peers in NOFX, Pennywise, Rancid and Bouncing Souls, No Use For A Name helped bring skatepunk into the mainstream during the 90’s. 21 years after releasing their debut album, the band is still going strong, even while frontman Tony Sly pursues his successful solo project. The 41 year old father shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he unveils yet another new musical project that he is working on with a couple of high profile friends below.

Check out the full interview here.

No Use For A Name Bassist In Hospital

No Use For A NameNo Use For A Name front man Tony Sly recently sent a message to their fans informing them that bassist Matt Riddle was in the hospital awaiting surgery. In a message on Fat Wreck‘s website he said:

No Use fans: Matt Riddle, our bass player, is in the hospital with severe pancreatitis. They need to operate. Please go here and leave a message for encouragement. Thanks, Tony”

Our thoughts are with Riddle as he awaits the surgery.

Fat Tour 2009

Fat Tour 2009 - No Use For A Name / Pour Habit

Tony Sly - NUFAN and Steve Williams - Pour Habit

Fat Wreck Chords
By on May 21st, 2009 at Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta



As the yearly Fat Tour rolled through Edmonton, I once again caught up with the bands to have a combined interview. Due to some miscommunication and a malfunctioning cell phone, Only Crime weren’t able to be a part of the interview (we later did a separate interview with them after the show) but that didn’t stop Tony Sly from No Use For A Name and Steve Williams from Pour Habit from talking about the tour, being on Fat, new recordings in the work and, of course, the freezing temperatures of Edmonton. Read More…


No Use For A Name

Matt Riddle

Fat Wreck Chords
By on March 15th, 2006 at Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta



This was a memorably night for me, not only was it my fiftieth concert I’d ever been to, but I also had to chance to talk to both No Use For A Name and I Am The Avalanche before the show. The interview here, with Matt, went really well, and I learnt a lot about the band and got some surprising answers. I’d like to thanks Rob for setting it up, and thank Matt for taking the time out of his hectic schedule to sit and talk with me for a bit. Read More…


No Use For A Name

Tony Sly

Fat Wreck Chords
By on September 17th, 2003 at Red's - Edmonton, Alberta



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