Blue Heaven Sign With No Sleep Records; Premiere Christmas Track

No HeavenMaryland indie-pop four-piece Blue Heaven has signed on with No Sleep Records.   The band comments on the signing:

We’re very excited to be signing with No Sleep. The label has been instrumental for years in developing and growing artists and we cannot wait to show the world what we’ve been working on. Chris (Hansen) sees the vision for our band and we couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of the No Sleep family.

Coinciding with the announcement and the holiday season, the band has premiered a cover of the holiday classic “Blue Christmas.”  Listen to the song below.

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Muskets Release ‘Chew’ LP Via No Sleep Records

Muskets ChewBrighton-based four piece Muskets have released their debut LP, Chew, via punk mainstay No Sleep Records. Their unique blend of grunge-tinged hardcore borrows the gritty-ness of Fugazi and mixes it with the energy of early At The Drive In while maintaining a certain sensitivity that’s all its own.

You can read The Punk Site review of Chew here

You can order Chew via No Sleep Records here

Muskets Chew



No Sleep Records

Rating: 4/5




Muskets found their birth in Brighton, UK where they quickly engaged in the city’s always growing music scene and connected with like minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, Muskets will release their debut LP Chew via No Sleep Records on October 20th 2017. Their unique blend of grunge tinged hardcore made a distinct impression on me when I caught them live supporting Culture Abuse and Tiger’s Jaw earlier this year, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing whether Muskets can harness the spirit of their impressive ‘slacker punk’ in the studio.

Pond Drop eases you gently into the album before the drums and overdrive kick in, and from this point there’s no looking back. There’s a hefty debt to grunge in the band’s sound, but this is no pale shadow of that scene, Muskets are a band that have developed their own fuzzy and intense hybrid of punk rock and grunge. Whilst there isn’t any filler on Chew, the tracks Chewing Gum and You’re So Cool, both of which were released as singles, stand out as a intense blasts of punk rock amongst the album’s hazier grunge heavy tracks. The end result is that Chew is an impressive debut album by a band who are very much doing things on their own terms.

Chew is an album that blends punk, grunge and alternative to impressive effect, bands such as Fugazi and early recordings by the likes of Pixies, Nirvana and At The Drive In can clearly be heard in the album’s DNA. Chew proves that Muskets are a band that deliver both live and in the studio and their debut full length is a serious statement of intent from this Brighton quartet. Chew is an album that will appeal to those with a love of the bands that informed their sound, and for those of us who just like a good blast of adrenaline fuelled fucked up noise.

Chew can be pre-ordered here via No Sleep Records on physical formats here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Muskets Facebook page can be found here

Muskets To Release Debut Album ‘Chew’

Muskets ChewFresh off a stint with Tigers Jaw and Culture Abuse, Brighton-based four piece Muskets have announced the release of their debut LP Chew on punk mainstay No Sleep Records. Their unique blend of grunge-tinged hardcore borrows the gritty-ness of Fugazi and mixes it with the energy of early At The Drive In while maintaining a certain sensitivity that’s all its own.

You can stream the lead single from Chew, You’re So Cool, via Spotify here

You can pre-order Chew via No Sleep Records here

Daisyhead – Cute Little Finger

DaisyheadNashville, TN alt-rock outfit Daisyhead have premiered a new song from their upcoming album.  The song is titled “Cute Little Finger” and appears on their forthcoming album, Purple & Blue, which is set to drop on September 15, 2017 via No Sleep Records.  The band released their debut full length, The Smallest Light, originally in March 2015 via No Sleep Records.

Listen to the song below.

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Julia Louise Releases ‘Brat’ From Forthcoming ‘Love Jail’ LP

Julia Louise LJPeople are unpredictable creatures, which is why they’ve got a habit of letting you down, Julia Louise manages take those terrible feelings of disappointment, twist them up and let them out to haunt the world. While Julia Louise perfectly captures the bittersweet moment of finally being free of fake friends, it’s that pain in having to realize that people you love can totally screw you over that shines on Brat, the lead single from her forthcoming debut release, Love Jail, that will be released via No Sleep Records.

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Able Baker Fox Release ‘Visions’ LP Today Via No Sleep Records

Able Baker Fox VisionsSince 2008, Able Baker Fox have been almost completely silent, barring a reunion performance at 2014’s Fest, now nearly ten years after the release of their debut album, post hardcore punk super group Able Baker Fox have finally gotten back on the horse. Visions is the outfit’s long awaited follow up to their 2008 debut Voices, and the album is out today via No Sleep Records

Visions can be streamed via Spotify here and downloaded via iTunes here 

You can order Visions on vinyl via No Sleep Records here

Able Baker Fox Visions

Able Baker Fox


No Sleep Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Able Baker Fox is an offshoot from a collective of various members from Small Brown Bike, The Casket Lottery and Coalesce. The band originally reunited for The Fest in 2014, and in that same year, Small Brown Bike and The Casket Lottery released a collaborative single on Run For Cover Records, and now Able Baker Fox have announced their long-awaited sophomore album that follows on from their critically acclaimed 2008 debut, Voices. Their new album, Visions, is due for release via No Sleep Records tomorrow, the 25th August 2017.

Purple Mountains kicks things off with a raw discordant feel, the whole of Visions has a feel that is reminiscent of early pioneers such as Fugazi, but the raw feel of the album is mixed with emo and post hardcore influences that brings things bang up to date. Amongst the obvious elements that are present on the album there are moments that do bring something new to Able Baker Fox‘s sound, tracks such as Pennies On The Dollar bring a more driving punkier feel into the fold and the closing track, The Clearing, is an anthemic number that if given enough rotation should generate interest in the band as it’s the stand out moment on the album.

If you had to criticise Visions you could say that the album has a somewhat one dimensional approach, the majority of the tracks have a similar feel, although the style is varied enough to stop any sense of deja vu creeping in. Able Baker Fox have delivered an album that will appeal to fans of Small Brown Bike, The Casket Lottery and Coalesce, and this shouldn’t come as any surprise given these are the three bands that make up Able Baker Fox. Whilst Able Baker Fox are not a recreation of their members primary outfits none of the compositions on Visions would sound out of the place on those band’s releases, and that’s quite a balancing act to pull off.

Visions can pre-ordered via No Sleep Records here

Muskets Release New Single ‘Chewing Gum’

Muskets Tour Aug 17Muskets found their birth in Brighton, UK where they quickly engaged in the city’s always growing music scene, they connected with like minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, now the Brighton based outfit have premiered a new song, Chewing Gum, with a full album due to follow in the Autumn on No Sleep Records.

Chewing Gum can be streamed on all digital platforms here and via YouTube here

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Aviator Releasing ‘Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me’ LP

Aviator LLTLOFMBoston based hardcore outfit Aviator are releasing their sophomore LP, Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me, tomorrow, June 23rd, via No Sleep Records. Aviator will play a series of US shows in June with Druse, including a hometown record release show on June 23 at Hardcore Stadium in Cambridge, MA, the band will also be joining Lume on a US tour in July.

Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

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Pine Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk

No Sleep Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Canada’s Pine are the newest signing to No Sleep Records, and it seems the band have wasted no time in brining out their first release for the label, the Pillow Talk EP. The EP is now available on vinyl, on a limited edition pink with green swirl variant, as well as being available digitally. Pine offer a unique mix of post punk intensity that is blended with influences ranging from emo to shoegaze that brings a unique combination that’s as refreshing and cathartic as it is nostalgic.

Dolya opens with a mellow emotive slice of post punk influenced shoegaze, ethereal vocals combine with a gorgeous dream like melody to create a blissed out introduction to Pine that just washes over you. Viable ups the ante, but despite the more strident beat it maintains the dream like quality of the opening number with it’s delicate multi layered vocals, whereas (Un)rest delivers the kind of song you get the feeling the Pillow Talk EP has been building up to, a perfect dreamscape that has a subtle intensity that blends perfectly into the penultimate track, Jilt. Blue Jacket closes the EP with a truly epic and mellow finale that brings the Pillow Talk EP to a subtle crescendo.

If your tastes are towards snarling punk rock then the Pillow Talk EP won’t be for you, but for me this is an EP for those mellow moments after a late night that has unexpectedly become a very early morning, it’s subtle intensity is strangely beguiling and the vocal delivery from Darlene Deschamps is one that is hypnotic and entrancing, and it is backed up by a lush soundscape. There are post punk influences aplenty on the intriguing EP, but it avoids recreating the past and instead they mark out their own territory with an original and blissed out EP, and this is a release that come the right moment will be one that you’ll be glad that you own.

The Pillow Talk EP can be ordered on vinyl from No Sleep Records here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Muskets Announce UK Tour With Weatherstate

Muskets Tour Aug 17Muskets found their birth in Brighton, UK where they quickly engaged in the city’s always growing music scene. Here, they connected with like-minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds. Now the band have announced a series of UK dates with Weatherstate that commence on August 11th at Southampton, The Joiners.

Muskets will be releasing a new single shortly, and a full album will follow later this year.

You can view the video for their last single, 17 Years, and Muskets tour dates, below Read More…

No Sleep Records Release Free Sampler

No Sleep RecordsNo Sleep Records has released a new free sampler.  The sampler is titled Every Drop Counts, and serves as an incentive for fans to subscribe to the $9 per month label subscription series.

Download the album here.

Aviator To Release ‘Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me’ LP

Aviator LLTLOFMAviator formed in 2009 in Boston, founded over a shared passion for that region’s legendary hardcore scene. These days, however, they garner more comparisons to artists like Small Brown Bike and even Fugazi than early influences like Defeater and The Carrier, now Aviator have announced that they will release their sophomore LP, Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me, on June 23rd through No Sleep Records.

The track Nasonov Pheromone can be streamed here

You can pre-order Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me here

Wiretap Records Release Compilation In Aid Of ACLU

Dont forget to py attentionOver the next four years Wiretap Records will continue to release an Attention! compilation four times per year and will be donating 100% of all proceeds from the compilations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The latest release (Don’t Forget To) Pay Attention is now available as a pay what you want download of at least $1 or more. The compilation features 35 bands from the rosters of No Sleep Records, Big Scary Monsters Records, Lame-O-Records, Near Mint Records, Red Scare Industries, The Black Numbers, Cardigan Records, Save Your Generation Records, Take This To Heart Records and more

You download and stream (Don’t Forget To) Pay Attention here

WSTR Stream New Single, Announce UK Shows

wstrLiverpool, UK based pop punks WSTR are streaming their latest single Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing). The track is the 4th to be featured ahead of the release of their debut full length, Red, Green or In-between, on January 20th via No Sleep Records. 

The band are hitting the road later this month on the back of the LP’s release supporting Canadian punks Seaway on their UK tour.

Check out the stream of Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing) and the full list of tour dates below.

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Spill Joins No Sleep Records, Announces Debut Album

SpillHailing from Lancaster, Pa., Spill (formerly members of Placeholder and We Were Skeletons), joined the roster of Huntington Beach, Calif., label No Sleep Records. The band also announced the release of their debut album Top Ten expected on Dec. 16, 2016.

Check out the track listing below.

The first track off the album titled Can’t Keep Cool is now streaming at BrooklynVegan. Listen to it here.

In regards to the upcoming album release, the band shared:

“We started this band, practically the same exact members as our last band that toured all over the US and Canada. It feels good to evolve as writers and come at this music thing with more than just hopes and prayers. We took our time and wrote a record that we all believe in, and it’s nice to have a team behind us, for the first time, that also believes in ‘Top Ten’. This is the best thing we could come up with. It’s my top ten songs I could write.”

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Spill Detail No Sleep Records Debut; Premieres New Song

spillLancaster band Spill has announced details for their No Sleep Records debut.  The album will be titled, Top Ten, and is scheduled for release on December 16, 2016.

Coinciding with the announcement is the release of the new single, “Can’t Keep Cool,” which can be heard below.

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Moose Blood – Sulk

Moose BloodCanterbury, UK emo band Moose Blood is streaming a new song from their next full length.  The song is titled “Sulk” and the album, Blush, is set to drop on August 5, 2016 via Hopeless Records.   The album will follow their previous full length, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, which is available now via No Sleep Records.

Listen to the song below.  Pre-orders for various formats can be made here.

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Departures – Broken

DeparturesUK post-hardcore band Departures is streaming a brand new song from their upcoming full length.  The track is titled “Broken” and is set to appear on the album, Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin to Love, which is due out July 29, 2016 on No Sleep Records.  The album follows 2012’s 21.

Listen to the tune below.

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Video: Rocky Votolato – Sawdust And Shavings

Rocky VotolatoRocky Votolato has premiered a new music video for the song “Sawdust And Shavings.”  The track appaears on his latest full length Hospital Handshakes, available now on No Sleep Records

Watch the video below.

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Daisyhead Stream Demo Version of ‘Never Know’

DaisyheadNashville, TN alt-rock outfit Daisyhead are streaming a demo version of Never Know, a track that first appeared on their debut full length The Smallest Light which was originally released last March via No Sleep Records.

The band are embarking on a tour alongside Free Throw and Young & Heartless this month. Check out the full list of dates and the stream of Never Know (demo) below.

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Run Forever Full Album Stream

Run ForeverPittsburgh indie-rock band Run Forever has launched a full stream of their upcoming self-titled effort which is set to drop on October 9, 2015 via No Sleep Records.  Pre-orders are live.

Listen to the full disc below.

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Run Forever

Run, Forever

Big Vacation 7"

No Sleep Records

Rating: 3/5




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Run, Forever has made a big splash in their short five years together.  Their commendable brand of garage-based indie-rock has slowly emerged from an origin of twangy country meets heartbreak emo.  Along the way, the band continues to infuse a variety of other influences, from garage pop to even-keel indie.  Their latest 7”, Big Vacation, surveys Run, Forever’s career variety across a trio of tunes.  With a subdued demeanor, the band steadies their hand with a subtle overarching, relaxed groove that ties their sound together.  

The band kicks things off with a quaint little indie-rock number with a breezy tempo.  Blanketed by the warm glow of soft riffs, “Big Vacation” denotes Run, Forever’s simplest elements.  It’s remarkable how unremarkable yet inviting the track ends up.  A few good chords plucked between chorus and verse shimmer gracefully, countered by the slight buzz of late-song companion riffs (think Kevin Devine).  On the other hand, “Lake Pleasant” places its stock in a steady garage-pop beat, complete with fuzzy vocals and a dank yet compelling rhythm.  The track serves as a solid example of Run, Forever’s tendency for dirty yet attractive sounds.  The third and final track, “Crystal Court,” tightens up vocalist Anthony Huebel’s notes and dusts off that early grit in favour of a batch of crisper, higher reaching notes and instrumental flourishes (closer to Manchester Orchestra).  It’s probably the the best of the bunch, and almost makes for some slight disappointment considering that it stands as the sole representative of this style on Big Vacation.

Big Vacation actually serves as a precursor to Run, Forever’s self titled full length, due out later this year.  As far as setting the hype for the band’s next chapter, Run, Forever choose their tracks well.  Big Vacation isn’t a game changer on its own, but shows a band that’s definitely well-invested and versed in the post-punk game.  




No Sleep Records

Rating: 3.5/5




There’s an undeniable charm to Springfield, IL indie pop outfit Looming.  For their debut full length, Nailbiter, front woman Jessica Knight commands a fierce pulsating vibrato that hums like a buzzing bee.  Her style is comparable to that of a more intentional, tighter Screaming Females, which serves as a point of departure from the more loose flowing vibe of the quartet’s prior self titled EP that perhaps aligned closer with Chumped.  The tonality remains remarkably steady in a way that begs vague comparison to The American Scene, although the instrumentation falls far closer to Pet Symmetry’s fluttery chords.  Such subtle evolution makes for a resolute first impression that should land Looming in a likeable light by a wide audience.

After building tension through the steady drum thumping and pedal drawn instrumental combo of “Intro,” Looming authoritatively launches into the deep dark world of “Cotton Tongue.”  Under the mid-tempo roll of rock-centric riffs, the band leads up to the repetitious marching chords accompanying Knight’s forcefully vocal buzz.  Looming’s way with words makes for ear perking, unconventionally attractive passages like, “you can see the red before it starts to run, you can sop it up with your cotton tongue.”  Throw in any numbers of song-to-song variations like a chorus of backing “ahhs” in “Onward” and “New Eyes,” harmonizing layered accompaniment in “Linear Lies” and Jordan Fein’s periodic male companion vocals in “Strive” and “Impermanence,” and Nailbiter holds attention through the thick of it all.

Other points of interest, in particular the noodly riffs making headway in “Eat” and “Brother,” should appeal to those in with the Tiny Engines Records and Count Your Lucky Stars Records twinkly indie scene (something in line with Anabel, Look Mexico, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Future Perfect and such).  While not a revelation by any means, this artful inclusion flourishes sections of Nailbiter without succumbing to the typical meandering tangents of said bands.

Looming is bound to make quite the preliminary splash with Nailbiter.  The four-piece sounds incredibly tight for a project still in its early years, meaning that as far as first impressions go, Nailbiter shines bright.  There remains room for growth and greater depth of various subtleties, but the strength of the core alone should be enough to draw an appreciative audience.

Run Forever Announce Self Title LP; Premiere New Song

Run ForeverPittsburgh indie-rock band Run Forever has announced details for their next full length.  The album will serve as their self-titled effort and is set to drop on October 9, 2015 via No Sleep Records.  Singer/guitarist Anthony Heubel comments on the first track from the album, “Seperate Bedrooms”:  

“I tried writing this a lot of different ways to avoid saying who it’s about, but it’s about my mom… She’ll probably cry if she ever reads this. It’s a song about the ups and downs of life and holding onto memories. It’s a sobering account of how we can sometimes find ourselves left in an unfair spot for no good reason, with such little time and energy left to turn things around. I am a product of that life, and Separate Bedrooms is an observation of how random and left to chance our outcomes or existences can feel.”

Listen to the new song here courtesy The AV Club.  Pre-orders are live.

Video: Rocky Votolato – Hospital Handshake

Rocky VotolatoRocky Votolato has premiered a new music video for the song “Hospital Handshake.”  The track appaears on his latest full length of the same name, availabel now on No Sleep Records.  The video was directed by Sloane White.  Votolate describes his enthusiasm:

“I’ve always wanted to make a stop animation video and this was such a fun process of experimentation and creative collaboration… Sloane Alexandra White is an incredibly talented young director from Portland and a creative force of ideas and inspiration. I was drawn to her work with shadow puppets and think she did a great job of capturing a creepy haunted darkness to visually accompany the themes and vibe of the song.”

Rocky will be on tour this summer.  Check out his upcomign tour dates along with the video below.

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Foreign Tongues Stream New Album

ForeignTonguesNew England indie-rock band Foreign Tongues has is streaming their new album, Fragile, As Said Before, which dropped last week via No Sleep Record.

Stream the album here courtesy Apple Music.

Shai Hulud Team Up With No Sleep Records On New LP

Shai HuludInfluential Florida hardcore band Shai Hulud have announced they are working with California based No Sleep Records on their next full length (which is as yet untitled). Ahead of the release, they have released a stream of one of the LP’s tracks, Colder than the Cold World.

The band are also maintaining their relentless tour schedule, check out the full list of upcoming shows and the stream of Colder than the Cold World  below.

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No Sleep Records

Rating: 3/5




After releasing his debut full length, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native Koji is back on the EP circuit. Not shy to release his music in short and concise formats, Koji has always preferred to do his own thing rather than follow any sort of mandated release pattern. His latest comes in the form of a 4-track EP entitled Fury, which finds Koji expanding upon his intimate, acoustic-inspired sessions in the same full-band environment that first took root in Crooked In My Mind.

 This time around, Koji isn’t afraid to further expand upon his plugged in personae. In fact, the title track gets a little gritty early on with some muddy alt-rock guitar action. It’s not quite garage-grade fuzz, but there’s a certain steady buzzing flow to the riffs that certainly makes for a bold opening statement when combined with the chorus’ steady bass groove and Koji’s airy vocals. Producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure) makes use of Koji’s knack for intimate, personal connections in songs like “Breaking And Broken,” whereas those like “Everyday” build upon a foundation of rich indie-rock near-hooks that ebb and flow between a drum-drawn, jaunting tempo and catchy chorus marking the track as an approachable pop-leaning high.

 Sonically Fury is a solid step forward; it’s lyrically where Koji struggles slightly this time around. Even when you start singing along, the words linger in your head aren’t of the most striking consequence considering Koji’s social-activist intentions. For instance, the well-compose fourth and final track, “Question,” centres around the classically Koji chorus line, “I hate this question, that I might always be asking.” But the simple lyrics becomes so prominent, recurring and relied upon, that the deeper message gets overshadowed (the track requires an unnaturally close listen to mine its depth).

Increasingly plugged in and reaching for catchier highs, Koji once again aims to evolve his musicianship. Instrumentally, Fury is a lush landscape with plenty of highlights. But in tightening his scope, Koji seems to have masked some of his lyrical depth. Without ignoring his intent, Fury’s song messages aren’t quite as impactful as their earlier counterparts. While it doesn’t detract from Fury’s enjoyment, it shows that Koji needs to further adjust his style to fully realize his emergent direction.

Run Forever Debut New Single ‘Big Vacation’

Run ForeverPittsburgh indie rock band Run Forever have debuted their new single Big Vacation, out now on 7″ and digitally via No Sleep Records featuring 2 additional b-sides. The track is currently streaming thanks to the good folks at Brooklyn Vegan and  vocalist Anthony Heubel had this to say about the track:

“I tried for a really long time to be the guy that loves everyone, the 24/7 good mood, always happy to see you type…I have finally accepted that I will never be that person. I have always loved songs that poke fun at the human experience, mundane life styles, American culture, whatever you want to call it. I really like to put those things under a microscope and frame songs in that way. “Big Vacation” is a song about looking around you and feeling like everyone is trying to sell you something to make your life better, or more personalized or more convenient.”

Big Vacation will feature on the band’s upcoming full length, due out later this year and you can check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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