False Flag ST

False Flag

False Flag EP

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




India’s False Flag only formed in June 2015 in the aftermath of witnessing grindcore legends Napalm Death live at Bangalore Open Air Festival, due to their uncompromising DIY ethic and intense soundtrack they started to make waves in their local scene with their early recordings and shows receiving a positive response from the South Asian Punk scene. False Flag‘s debut self titled EP features a dark and heavy mix that brings to mind contemporary chaotic hardcore acts from Europe, along with the origins of the UK grindcore scene.

Spectrum Disorder kicks in with kind of dissonant menace that you’d hope for, before the band launch into some aggressive fast hardcore that contains a hefty influence from grindcore scene in the vocal delivery, and in the pulverising breakdowns that pepper their opening salvo. The second track, Sisyphus Lament, despite having a title that would sound more at home on an early Pink Floyd album, continues the relentless hardcore assault, on each track on False Flag‘s debut EP the songs have progressively increased in length and the epic, by hardcore standards, Unbroken brings things to a suitably intense and chaotic finale.

False Flag‘s debut release is an impressive and remorseless attack that encompasses the extreme ends of the punk and hardcore scenes to impressive effect, if you are a fan of the harder edged side of hardcore punk, or of the early grindcore releases then this will be a band you’ll want to experience. False Flag look set to become a band that push the boundaries of punk, they have fused grindcore and hardcore with an existential outlook and a progressive political stance against all forms of bigotry, from casteism to misogyny, and however you look at it that’s a pretty impressive statement of intent.

False Flag‘s debut EP is released today and can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

False Flag‘s Facebook page can be found here