Namazu Announce US Tour In Support Of ‘Works Cited’ LP

Namazu US Tour Dec 17Memphis hardcore hybrid outfit Namazu have announced that they will tour the United States beginning on December 27th 2017 in Springfield MO, the tour will consist of a total of fourteen shows across ten states. All shows will be in support of the band’s critically acclaimed album Works Cited.

You can order and stream Works Cited via Bandcamp here

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Namazu WC


Works Cited

Typhoon Killer Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Namazu have only been in existence for a short period of time but already they are planning to release their debut album, Works Cited, in just a few short days on September 29th 2017 via Typhoon Killer Records. Namazu are a noisy hybrid formed by Memphis scene veterans from the ashes of Hosoi Bros and Tanks, but this is not in any way your typical deep south duo, Namazu are a band that are striving to reach that happy medium that balances good time riffs and pummeling hardcore intensity, and if I’m honest it seems like they’ve hit their target on the first attempt.
Bactine kicks in with a dark and dirty riff that quickly develops an intensity that melds rock and hardcore perfectly, and Works Cited just keeps on hitting you with riff after relentless riff, tracks such as Gunwhale and Waterwalkers extend the riffs out, but for me this is a band that are at their best when they deliver their songs as short sharp punches. At times Namazu flirt with metal and rock, especially on Dragged Fighting From His Tomb, but this tendency is kept down and dirty rather than the sterile and clinical approach favoured by many metal acts, whilst the album never quite lives up to the opening track is must be said that Works Cited does boast a stunning opening track.
Namazu employ all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and with this approach they bring a refreshing change to post hardcore and do to the genre what The Stooges did to music back in the 60s, they strip everything back and turn it up, and for me this is an approach that isn’t employed enough. You could argue that Works Cited is something of a one dimensional album, but if you want subtlety then this isn’t the band for you. Namazu have unleashed a relentless pummelling that just doesn’t quit until the last chords of the final track fade out, there are times when albums like this are exactly what you need and Works Cited also serves as an important reminder that sometimes less is more.
Works Cited can be pre-ordered via Typhoon Killer Records here and via Bandcamp here