Mest’s Tony Lovato Releases Acoustic Album ‘Broken Down II’

MEST BD2Tony Lovato, frontman of beloved Illinois pop-punk act MEST, has just released a new acoustic record, the second in his Broken Down series. The fan-funded project features Tony Lovato performing new versions of fan favourites from the MEST back catalogue. MEST will also be playing a series of shows in the US this December, including dates with the likes of Mr. T Experience, MXPX, Goldfinger and Slick Shoes.

You can stream Broken Down II via Spotify here and Apple Music here

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Mest’s Tony Lovato To Release Acoustic LP ‘Broken Down II’

Mest Dec 17 TourTony Lovato, frontman of beloved Illinois pop-punk act Mest, will release a new acoustic record, the second in his Broken Down series, Broken Down II is now available for pre-order and will be released on November 3. The fan-funded project features Lovato performing new versions of fan favourites from the Mest back catalogue. Mest will also play a series of shows in December, including dates with Mr. T Experience, MXPX, Goldfinger, and Slick Shoes.

You can pre-order Broken Down II via iTunes here

You can stream Paradise from Broken Down II here

MxPx – ‘Calm My Craze’ free download

Indie Vision MusicLegendary punk trio from Bremerton, Wash., MxPx’s new song Calm My Craze is available for a limited time free download on Indie Vision Music’s Bandcamp. Download the song, free until June 7, here.

Calm My Craze was recorded as part of the Left Coast Live album and video that was recently released to fans who purchased it in advance.

Live Concert Review

Screeching Weasel / MXPX / The Piniellas

Live In Vancouver (06/13/15)

Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




Screeching Weasel and MXPX, from the line-up alone you know you’re in for an memorable night. The latter being a pop-punk band that served as the soundtrack to your high school years while the former being a legendary band that can now safely be categorized as “Pre” and “Post-SXSW”. Combine the two and it was evident the night would be unique – but nothing could prepare me for the reality of the evening.

Upon entering the Commodore Ballroom ten minutes before openers The Piniellas hit the stage, the atmosphere was already unlike any show in recent memory. The floor was literally empty, with the sparse crowd filling up tables on either side – leaving a massive divide through the center like the start of your junior high dance. With Taking Back Sunday and Paramore blasting through the speakers and one of every three people wearing either a MXPX or Screeching Weasel shirt despite the unwritten rule against it, the setting was almost comical.

The Piniellas hit the stage and people slowly wandered up front as the four piece from Seattle served as an appropriate opener for the evening. Heavily influenced by Screeching Weasel, the Piniellas delivered a solid thirty minute set of four-four time pop-punk. Teenage Bottlerocket, The Queers, The Isotopes. Fans of any of them would enjoy these new up and comers and although very few people knew the band in question (myself included),  their performance got more than a polite clap from the crowd.

After a quick change over, the famed MXPX logo hung from the stage and the Bremerton three piece – now flushed out with a fourth touring member – came on stage to rather unique house music. I was lucky to have seen them back in 2006 but many people had never had the opportunity to see the band before – despite them being so close to the border.  The opening chords of My Life Story started the set and an immediate flood of nostalgia took over the crowd. In fact, had they stopped after that one song I would’ve been content – but they continued playing for an hour and it just got better and better.

It was a set that served as throw-back to simpler times and despite not listening to the songs in several years, we still knew every single lyric. Just like at the Anti-Flag show a few months back, MXPX (and especially Mike Herrera) showed why it is that they’ve still be able to go strong for 23 years. They have a showmanship that many newcomers lack, they control the stage,  they banter and they interact with the crowd just the right amount.  It’s a skill, and when done right – it brings the show to a much higher level.

The band played their iconic pop-punk tunes all night. We were treated to some newer cuts – Secret Weapon and Here’s To The Life – but also a fair few from their back catalogue. I’m talking Party My House Be There, Tomorrow’s Another Day, and Chick Magnet. Tom Wisniewski took lead vocal duties for their cover of The Clash‘s Should I Stay or Should I Go. Their biggest songs really got the crowd going – despite being twenty-seven, there’s still something cathartic about singing Responsibility at the top of your lungs and ending it with Punk Rawk Show just seemed right.

The set was everything you wanted it to be. It was fun, cheery, poppy and nostalgia laced and you just felt happy afterwards.

Then came Screeching Weasel who did a complete three sixty.

The legendary Chicago band is basically fighting against itself at this point. Ever since their SXSW fiasco that saw frontman Ben Weasel punch two women and the entire band quit on the spot, there becomes a moral dilemma when you talk about Screeching Weasel. Do you boycott the band on principle or look past it to relive the songs that you grew up with and mean so much to you? Does one bad night destroy all the fond memories or taint their entire catalogue? It’s a tough question and one that many people debate whenever they see the band coming through their town.

It was clear Vancouver punk fans had that same concern as the Commodore – despite Weasel’s claims that there were a thousand people there – was less than half full. The top balcony was completely empty and the crowd took up just over three quarters of the floor. As one passerby commented at the end of the night – he may have gotten a big room, but he sure as hell didn’t fill it.

Weasel, with his new band in tow, came on stage at ten PM and barrelled through twenty minutes of music without hesitation. No banter, no speaking – just straight punk rock. For his part, Weasel looked tired and old – but worst than that, he looked bored. There was fire in his eyes when he spat into the microphone, but any musical interlude and he lowered the microphone and simply stared out dead-eye. It was kind of disappointing considering how good his stage presence was last time I saw him.

It turns out though that no banter is the right way to go, because the second he opened his mouth the whole evening churned to a stop. “I want to give you a warning that we will offend you. We are five CIS men up here. We defend the patriarchy and deny rape culture” he spouted off among other things. It was obviously in jest, a jab at all the haters in his new post-SXSW stage – but the misogynistic rant was unnecessary and redundantly antagonistic. The whole concept of punk being rebellious is one thing, but this just came off as an angry old man spouting Men’s Right Activist propaganda. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t pointed, it was simply uncomfortable.

People swore, flipped him off and threw stuff. He encouraged it and lapped it up.

They jumped back into the set – once again a non-stop barrage of music. The only moments he spoke was to introduce new songs from Baby Fat album. Other than those two, they stuck to some classics – including a lot from My Brain Hurts. You had Cindy’s On Methadone,  The First Day Of Summer, 99, Guest List, The Science Of Myth, I Can See Clearly Now, My Brain Hurts, Hey Suburbia. There’s a reason Screeching Weasel are still going – they have written some amazing tunes.

But during Joanie Loves Johnny, it all went down again. Weasel abruptly stopped the set, angered that someone threw an empty plastic cup at him (despite him encouraging things being thrown at him earlier) he yelled at him, kicked him out and went on one of his famous tirades. It was a spoiled brat, bragging that “1000 people” paid to see him and proceeded to attack countless crowd members – calling them fat, tubs of lard, cunts, whiny bitches, morons, fucking idiots, cry babies and more. As more people got kicked out, more and more simply gave up and left. Making an already sparse crowd noticeably smaller.

It was just weird and uncomfortable. I’ve spoken to Ben Weasel before and he was nice, considerate, well spoken and I’ve defended him based on that interaction but last night he just seemed like a cry-baby. Trying desperately to be punk, to show that he doesn’t care what people think and that he’s the one in charge – but it came off weak and unnecessary. This was my second time seeing Screeching Weasel. In 2009 it was memorable because it was an amazing set, in 2015 it’s memorable because it was sad and weird.

Stick to the songs and shut your mouth, and maybe the venue won’t be half empty next time.

But hey, they closed with Cool Kids Club and that was fucking awesome.

VIdeo: MxPx – Stay On Your Feet

MxPxLong running pop-punk act MxPx is reaching three years back and has released a music video for the song “Stay On Your Feet.”  The track originally appeared on their 2012 full length, Plans Within Plans

Watch the video below.

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MXPX Celebrate 22 Year Anniversary with Acoustic Collection

MXPXBremerton, WA’ punk rock favourites MXPX have responded to fan requests by creating and releasing an acoustic collection to celebrate their 22 year anniversary as a band. The record, titled simply MXPX Acoustic Collection is due for release on July 6th via Rock City Recordings. The record was produced by MXPX bassist and vocalist Mike Herrera and mastered by Descendants and All guitarist Stephen Egerton. 

Herrera has said this about the fan interaction:

“This was a request record from our fans. We’ve been asked hundreds of times to release an acoustic album and we finally have complied, just in time for our 22nd anniversary milestone. Most of these I’ve been performing live acoustically for a while now, but I rearranged some of them specifically for this release, giving the songs a whole new perspective and feel. Although these are studio-quality performances, I really tried to keep the overall sound of the production reined in and focused on the crux of the songs. All the tracks are my favorite ones to do acoustically.”

Live Concert Review

Hedley, MXPX, Faber

Live (March 6th, 2006)

Red's - Edmonton, Alberta




Let me get this out of the way right away: even though Hedley was headlining, it was MXPX who stole the show, and it was them who I went to see. But before either of those bands stepped on stage, it was Vancouver’s Faber who had to warm up the crowd.

Now, I had never heard anything by the band, or anything from the band, so they stepped onto the stage with a clear slate. They put on a pretty decent performance, and surprisingly, there were quite a few people there who knew the words and were instantly singing along. The first song or so, they were moderately stagnant but soon started to move and put more energy in the songs – particularly the bass player who put in the most energy out of them all. The guitarist threw in a few guitar solos which were impressive, although by the time he did his fourth or fifth one in a thirty minute set they started to seem more like a gimmick than anything else. They ended the set with Sex And Love and really, just kicked off the evening nicely. They weren’t anything spectacular or ultra energizing, but were decent enough for the first band of the night.

After an extremely long thirty minute wait, the band I was there to see finally stepped on stage. After being a fan for so many years, I was incredibly excited to see MXPX grace the stage, they did not disappoint (hell, they put on such a good show they convinced me to dish out thirty bucks for a T-shirt at the end of the night). From the moment they stepped on stage they let it all out with their biggest single Responsibility, and after that they jumped into the newerHeard The Sound. That was the basic structure of their entire forty-five minute set, a new one then an older one, and then back again. And they played a great selection too, Well Adjusted, Wrecking Hotel Rooms, Young and Depressed, The Next Big Thing and My Life Story all made appearances.

Throughout their entire set they had complete control of the crowd, it was clear to see how they’ve been a band for so long because they were able to do stunts that normally only headliners can get away with. They split the crowd in two to sing different parts of a song, got circle pits moving and got every singing along during the cover of The Proclaimer‘s I Would Walk 500 Miles. Not only that, but they kept an eye out for the fans too. As they were just going into the final chorus of My Life Story, the entire band came to a complete halt to stop a fight between the security guards and a crowd member (to be fair, in this case, the guy deserved it after just punching the smallest bouncer over the barrier for no reason). They had just the right amount of chatter in between the songs to get the crowd really into the set, and ended it perfectly with the fan favorite Punk Rawk Show. They walked off the stage, having reached and surpassed all my expectations.

Next up was the headliner, Hedley, and to be fair, I’m very biased when it comes to this band because quite frankly, I can’t stand them. Musically, they aren’t horrible, just your generic radio friendly rock with no real umph. The reason they annoy me so is simply due to the singer, Jacob Hoggard. For those of you who don’t know, Hedley became big after Hoggard was one of the finalists on Canadian Idol before telling everyone to vote against him so he can do the music business “on his own”. So he fired his old band mates and got a brand new band that instantly got signed. But that’s not even what annoys me, no, it’s Hoggard’s entire persona that irritates the bloody daylights out of me.

First off, he stepped on the stage wearing a red wife beater that was way to small which proudly proclaimed “I Only Party With The Best” and then matching underwear on top of his pants (see the picture for proof). And then, most of his in-between song chatter was just awkward and really inappropriate for the crowd. It was just sex joke after sex joke, holding the microphone to his crotch like an erect penis, ramming the mic up the guitarist’s ass, and so on. Then, on top of that, how he moves when he sings seems to irk me too. It’s as if he tries to blend the metro sexuality of Gerard Way with the sporadicness of Ben Kowalewicz mixed with a bit of Mick Jagger and fails miserably at it. But I guess if you were a fan of the band, then you enjoyed it, because they did sound good, played all the right songs like On My Own, Trip, Rage and 3-2-1 along with an acoustic version of Villains – I just couldn’t get passed my biased of how much I dislike the singer.

Overall, the night was still a success, because quite frankly, after seeing a performance like MXPX‘s, nothing can ruin the night.

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MxPx Full EP Stream

MxPxPunkNews has launched a full album stream of the brand new MxPx EP, Left Coast Punk.  The EP was mastered by Stephen Egerton and is set to drop on June 11, 2013 via Sexy Baby Records.

Listen to the disc here.

MXPX - Secret Weapon


Secret Weapon

Tooth & Nail Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Secret Weapon was supposed to be MXPX’s triumphant return to the forefront of pop-punk. With over a dozen releases and more than a decade as a band together, MXPX has seen its fair share of ups and downs. After building a steady fan base on Tooth & Nail, the band’s little foray into the majors left some fans with a sour taste in their mouth – particularly after the overly glossy Before Everything & After. The band quickly remedied that as they dropped back down to the minors to release Panic on SideOneDummy Records. An announcement soon followed saying that they rekindled their relationship with Tooth & Nail Records. Instinctively, people got excited: one of the most prominent pop-punk acts of the modern era was returning to their original stomping grounds and it will be glorious.

That was, at least, what people thought. The reality is, Secret Weapon is oddly disappointing. While light years better than Before Everything & After, it still feels slightly forced. The album starts off incredibly strong with the title track which is a shimmer into the glory days of the band and they follow that up with the heavy drum driven track, Shut Down full to the rims of “woahs” and gang vocals; but it soon starts to slow down and drag on as the record progresses. The songs merge into one another and excluding a few circumstances, never really jump at the listener.

With sixteen songs and clocking in at over fifty minutes Secret Weapon is just too long. It’s not that the songs are overtly bad, in fact, it’s better pop-punk than most being released with Mike’s vocals hitting the right pitch and not becoming whiny and some of the fastest drumming Yuri has done in a while; but the songs are all too similar to one another. The production is too smooth and the songs run into one another all too soon. A few songs, such as Chop Shop and Punk Rawk Celebrity thanks to their gang vocals and sheer catchiness/diversity respectively, are able to step above the others and really stand out; but those moments come too few and far between leaving an immense gap in the middle where songs are too polished, too similar and consequently, too forgettable.

The record was supposed to be MXPX’s comeback, but it falls short. It’s still good as it is heavier, faster and more diverse than their last few releases but at the same time, it drowns in its own content as the songs themselves are too similar and carry no real punch to them other than on a select few tracks. Plus, at over fifty minutes, Secret Weapons is too long for a pop-punk record.

However, it’s still better than the emo stuff being spat out left, right and centre these days.

MXPX - Plans Within Plans


Plans Within Plans

Rock City Recording Company

Rating: 4/5




MxPx released their catchy debut Pokinatcha way back in 1994. The guys have become an unofficial studio band these days, with drummer Yuri Ruley and guitarist Tom Wisniewski taking a break from touring, but despite their apparent lack of love for the rigors of the road the band have not lost their youthful energy. In fact, Plans Within Plans is MxPx’s most spirited album since 1998’s Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo.

The album begins strong with the optimistic “Aces Up,” and continues for a dozen more tracks of classic MxPx. Unlike their brief misstep as they chased the mainstream in the early 2000s, the trio sticks to the formula that long time fans expect, short and simple punk songs with catchy choruses. Throughout the album the lyrics reflect a positive outlook while stepping away from the blatantly Christian lyrics occasionally weighed down some of their past material. The guests that appear this time around are telling of what listeners can expect. Hoping to overcome their ultra poppy Before Everything and After (with a telling cameo from Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden) the guys enlist The Swellers and Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL), both of whom have punk credibility and subtly add their talents here.

Fans of 90s skate punk who have outgrown Ben Weasel’s arrogance, Fat Mike’s immature potty humor and incessant drug abuse and are terrified of the metalcore and emo kids that populate Warped Tour these days can rejoice, MxPx have released an album that combines style with actual substance. Again.

MXPX - Panic



SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Panic was an album that I was excited for, but one I didn’t have high hopes for. After hearing the lackluster The Darkest Places on the 2005 Warped Tour Compilation, my hopes of MXPX releasing a mind blowing album dropped down a few notches. Nevertheless, I was still slightly excited to see it show up in my mailbox and after playing it through a few times, its easy to see my thoughts of disappointment were badly misplaced.

The label switch seem to have helped out the trio as their fourteen track comeback to the punk scene hits the mark in almost all the right places. It is pop-punk at its finest by a band that knows what they are doing and not trying to be anything they aren’t. Luckily, the album hits a little harder then most pop-punk albums too, really leaving a mark on the listener rather then getting them to just press skip.

Surprisingly, the band re-did Grey Skies Turn Blue for this album which was originally released as an acoustic song on the AC EP and although the song doesn’t sound too bad electrified, it would’ve been better with a brand new song in its spot instead. But that does little to hinder the enjoyment from the album. Everything from the energetic and upbeat first single, Heard That Song, (which was co-written by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones‘s very own Joe Gittleman) to the sing along gang vocals of Late Again and Cold Streets works together to make a energetic pop-punk album. Even the slower songs like Wrecking Hotel Rooms (which was co-written by Blink182‘s Mark Hoppus) add a nice quality to the album to make it that much deeper and diverse, especially with its insanely catchy chorus that has you singing along immediately.

Although these songs probably aren’t nearly strong enough to last outside all by themselves, they work great together in one compact disc. It may start off a little slow, but each song gives the album more energy and propels the album to new heights. Pop-punk fans will easily enjoy this one.


MXPX - Lets Rock


Let`s Rock

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 3/5




In the late nineties, MXPX were one of the bands in the forefront of the pop-punk world. Everywhere you looked they were playing Responsibility and Punk Rawk Show. In essence, they were leading the pack into the new millennium. But then things started to go downhill, and after their dismal 2003 release,Before Everything & After, people simply wrote the band off. Luckily they picked it up a notch when they left the strangles of the major labels and joined SideOneDummy to release Panic, an album that wasn’t as good as their previous efforts but was a much stronger release than it’s predecessor. Now the band is back, but with a compilation of b-sides which, if you know the history of MXPX, gets you wondering why they’d do another compilation? With one b-side album and a best-of compilation already released and the b-side album being prepared for re-release with a bonus DVD, you wonder how many more b-sides and spare tracks does this band have? And after a while, shouldn’t it be clear as to why they were cut from the album in the first place? Sadly, that is where Let’s Rock really falls short.

The b-sides on here are all post-2000 outputs, which means you normally get more softer and more polished tracks and makes the album fall victim to the generic traits of the pop-punk sound. The opening track, You Walk, I Run is a slightly lackluster effort with some overly-nasally vocal performance that hinders the track. It makes the album start off with a stumble that they don’t really rectify until the third track, 1 and 3 which sees the band return to a slightly harder and faster sound while still maintaining the pop-punk moniker. This type of unevenness tends to be present throughout most of the album. You’ll get some great pop-punk anthem like Make Up Your Mind which shows how Mike can still sing without going soft and ultra nasally, quickly followed up by a slightly forgettable track that is okay, but nothing worth multiple repeats.

They end the album with three acoustic efforts, which have their own sets of ups and downs. Sweet Sweet Thing is a nice love ballad with a very compelling story line about meeting the disapproving parents of your girlfriend. Personally, I love the lyrics but I can easily see why some people would scoff at them (My eyes were brown and my hair was blue/ of course they had a problem with my tattoos / I can’t please everyone all the time/ right now all I want to do is make you mine).The problem I tend to have is the transition between this and the following track, This Train, they sound too similar and you are thrown off by the sudden change in lyrical content. All they would need to do to fix it would be to delay the gap an extra second or two, but as it is now they just merge together and it feels disjointed.

When it comes down to it, I still love MXPX. This album is far from great, and you can tell why most of the songs are stuck in the “b-side” category, but there’s still enough solid tracks to keep you listening. MXPX fans and pop-punk fans will like it, but it is far from great and you hope that their next release will build off of Panic rather than Let’s Rock.

Break-Ups: Arthur (1997-2013)

ARTHUR-CoverAfter more than a decade together, Arthur, the side project of numerous MXPX members, have decided to put the band to rest. Arthur began with the original line-up of Michael “Arthur” Herrera, Yuri “Zane” Ruley and MxPx stage tech Neil “Alexander” Hundt in 1997. Shortly after, Thomas “Edmund” Wisniewski joined and completed the band. 

The four-piece released their debut EP, Loneliness Is Bliss in 1999, the first through their newly formed independent record label, Rock City Recording Company. It wasn’t until 2010 that they finally released their debut full length album, What The Years Crawl By.

Michael “Arthur” Herrera commented: 

“Arthur was never a full time touring band, but we were a band none the less, which is why we’re formally BREAKING UP. It just doesn’t make sense to keep doing nothing, so we’ve collectively decided to pursue separate creative endeavors.”


Tour: Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Zebrahead (Australia)

Reel Big FishReel Big Fish has announced details for their upcoming Australian tour with friends Goldfinger and Zebrahead.  The tour kicks off November 29th, and should be a good one.  MxPx bassist/vocalist Mike Herrera will be joining Goldfinger on the tour.

Tour dates can be found below.

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MXPX - B-Movie [DVD]


B-Movie [DVD]

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 3/5




When I got B-Movie, I had no idea what to expect. I had received all the press releases for it, but of course, I was way too lazy to read them. Having heard that they filmed two live shows at the Graceland in Seattle, WA, I figured it would be a live DVD. After a short introduction, the movie jumped into MXPX playing Well Adjusted to an energetic crowd. The picture was clear and crisp and the sound was smooth and clear. I was impressed and thought to myself that this would be a great live DVD, but I was only partly right. After the song ended, it was obvious that this was a documentary DVD with some live clips thrown in there. So my initial reaction was almost correct, it is a great DVD, just not live.

The documentary takes a look at the inner workings of the popular band that broke onto the scene twelve years ago. There are interviews with the three members, Yuri, Mike, and Tom, in various situations.Yuri is walking and playing with his dog, Mike’s lounging around at home and Tom is driving around. The guys of MXPX let you in on what goes on while they are touring, all the tricks and games and adventures on bikes in Europe. They talk about Japan and the double opening refrigerator door and have mini confessions with the cameras. Mike answers some hate mail and talks about criticism while Yuri introduces us to his “hit empty beer bottles with a baseball bat” game. And like I said, the entire DVD is splattered with random live songs throughout from the two nights at the Graceland; which, just like Well Adjusted, looks spectacular. B-Movie is good for any curious MXPX fan who wants to learn more about the band.

In addition to the documentary, they also have some bonus features. Behind the scenes of the Everything Sucks music video, photo shoots for Alternative Press and the album cover, and the recording of the acoustic EP, The A/C Ep (which comes along with the DVD). There’s a photo gallery and a section of them getting all pretty for a photo shoot. The bonus features aren’t great, but do add a little extra to the DVD which makes it a bit more interesting.

As for the acoustic EP that comes with the DVD, well, it’s amazing. The EP alone is worth the money of the package. With some new and some old songs, the EP will show every non-believer that MXPX can make great acoustic songs.

Video: MxPx – Aces Up

MxPxPop-punk group MxPx has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Aces Up” from their latest full length, Plans Within Plans, released earlier this year via Rock City.  

Watch the full video below.

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MxPx Video Teaser

MxPxPop-punk group MxPx has released a trailer for an upcoming new music video.  The video will feature the song “Aces Up” from their latest full length, Plans Within Plans, released earlier this year via Rock City.  

Check out the trailer below and watch out for the full version this Friday October 5, 2o12.

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MxPx Alphabetical Sale

MxPx In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary together, MxPx are doing an “Alphabetical Sale” where each week they will be offering each of their album releases, in alphabetical order, for an inexpensive $5.

The first release in the sale is At The Show and can be purchased here.

As previously reported, the band, in their new incarnation as MxPx All-Stars, will be touring with Unwritten Law and Pennywise  starting in October.

Tours: Versus The World / MXPX All Star / Unwritten Law

versus The WorldSouthern California’s Versus The World announced that they will soon begin a fall U.S. tour with MXPX All Stars and Unwritten Law. This tour is in celebration of their latest album titled Drink. Sing. Live. Love., which was released by Viking Funeral Records this past summer on July 31. Check out the tour dates below.

Also, watch Versus The World’s new video for their single A Fond Farewell here.


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Mike Herrera – Doing Time (Acoustic, Live)

Mike Herrera (Tumbledown, MxPx) recently sat down with Guitar Centre Hollywood to perform a quick acoustic session.  Herrera chose the ever popular “Doing Time” from his early career with his band.

Watch the full acoustic video below.

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Tours: Versus The World / Unwritten Law / MXPX

versus The WorldSouthern California rock band Versus The World has announced that they will be touring alongside MXPX and Unwritten Law for their fall tour of the US.  The band continues to support their brand new full length, Drink. Sing. Live. Love., which was released on July 31, 2012, via Viking Funeral Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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MxPx – Far Away

MxPx have posted a free MP3 download of their single “Far Away” on The track comes off their new album, Plans Within Plans which was released last month on their own Rock City Recordings.

Download the song here.


Video: Stripped Down Session – MxPX

PunksInVegas have released their latest Stripped Down Session, this time featuring MxPX playing the song “Aces Up.”  The song is from the groups upcoming album, Plans Within Plans, due out April 3, 2012 via the band’s own Rock City Recording Company.

Watch the session below.

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Video: MXPX Premiere New Single

Long time pop-punkers MXPX have released their new single “Far Away” as well as a video for the track.  The song comes from the forthcoming album Plans Within Plans out April 3rd via MRI and Rock City Recording Company

Check out the video below

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MxPx Details Next Full Length

MXPXMxPx has released the track listing and album art for their upcoming full length, Plans Within Plans.  The thirteen track album is currently scheduled for an April 3, 2012 release via Tooth & Nail, and will follow 2007’s Secret Weapon.

Full details can be found below.

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New MXPX Record And Tour Dates

MXPXMXPX will release their ninth album, Plans Within Plans, this upcoming April. It’ll be available through a variety of labels depending on the location.

MRI/Rock City Recording Company will handle the North American release and it will will also be available in Japan (Bullion Records), Europe/UK (Flix Records) and Australia/New Zealand (El Shaddai Records).The album will feature 13-tracks and contains the first single Far Away.

The band last released Secret Weapon. Since then, the band has released a covers album On The Covers II in 2009 along with two EPs,Left Coast Punk EP and a holiday album Punk Rock Christmas EP, through their own label Rock City Recording Company in 2009 as well.

They will be heading to Europe in April as well, the dates are below.

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MxPx Title Next Full Length

MXPXLong running pop punk act MxPx has titled their 9th album. The disc will be called Plans Within Plans. Frontman Mike Herrera details how the album got its name:

“I struggled with this album title for a long time. I had been recording this album between tours and booking tours, studio sessions, and trying to live somewhat of a normal life. Life got in the way of that. Plans Within Plans was the only way i could describe all the mayhem that was going on behind the scenes of putting this collection of brand new songs together. I was and still am literally flying off the rails trying to juggle all the jobs that need doing to keep this ship afloat. I’m the captain going down with the ship, but just maybe we’ll make to land before we all drown.”

The album follows 2009’s Left Coast Punk EP, released back in 2009 via Rock City Recording.


MxPx Preview Upcoming Music Documentary

MXPXBremerton, WA punk trio, MxPx has released a teaser video for their upcoming music documentary, Both Ends Burning.  The video features footage that starts following the band during their 2008 world tour and concludes on their sold-out Seattle show in March 2011. The band has also launched preorder packages over on their site.

Watch the trailer below.

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MxPx To Release Documentary

MXPXLong running Bremerton, WA pop-punk trio, MxPx has announced that they will be releasing their very first official music documentary entitled Both Ends Burning.  The account of the band’s history will feature footage ranging from the band’s 2008 world tour to this year’s Seattle show this past March 2011. The press release describes the documentary as a…

“…brutally honest depiction of the band… MxPx finds themselves at a crossroads in their career, struggling to find the balance between full time jobs, and the life of a touring musician.”

Bryan Buchelt of Snaproll Studios served as director.  The DVD is currently set for a December 1, 2011 release and will include over 20 minutes of deleted scenes exclusive to the physical release.  The release features appearances by special guests Ethan Luck (Relient K), Stephen Egerton (Descendants), Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), Chris Demakes (Less Than Jake).


Tours: MXPX All Stars (South America / Europe)

MXPXMXPX All Stars will embark on a three-week tour through South America and Europe starting on October 12 in Mexico City, Mexico and ending on October 29 in Stadthalle Buelach, Switzerland.

MXPX All Stars originated as an outlet for MXPX frontman and bassist Mike Herrera to still tour while guitarist Tom Wisniewski and drummer Yuri Ruley took time off.  The band features Herrera with a revolving cast of other members. This tour’s line-up featuresHerrera along with Jose Garzon of FLF on guitar and Harley Trotland of Tumbledown, on drums.

Herrera’s alt-country band Tumbledown will be the main support on the tour. The dates are below.

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MXPX In The Studio

MXPXLong-running pop-punk act MXPX are currently in the studio laying down tracks for their forthcoming ninth full-length album. The yet to be named album from the Washington trio is the formal follow-up to 2007’s Secret Weapon that was released on Tooth & Nail Records.

The record is being self-produced by front man Mike Herrera at his Monkey Trenc Studios in Bremerton, WA. They have so far written over twenty-songs for the record and are cutting it down to 12-14 tracks. Since the release of Secret WeaponMXPX released a covers album, On The Covers II, in 2009 along with the Left Coast Punk EP in 2009 and a holiday album entitled Punk Rock Christmas both through their label, Rock City Recording Company. 

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