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Mustard PlugMustard Plug are ska legends.

Forming on the outskirts of Detroit in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1991, the horn heavy band has released some of the best ska-tunes around.

For their eighth album, the band decided to go it themselves and left their long time home at Hopeless Records. Raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, the band self-produced and recorded the album Can’t Contain It. We chat with bassist Rick Johnson about the process and the album right here.

Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug

Rick Johnson

No Idea Records
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Mustard Plug are ska legends.

Forming on the outskirts of Detroit in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1991, the horn heavy band has released some of the best ska-tunes around.

For their eighth album, the band decided to go it themselves and left their long time home at Hopeless Records. Raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, the band self-produced and recorded the album Can’t Contain It. We chat with bassist Rick Johnson about the process and the album below. Read More…


Pouzza Fest IV Announces Final Wave of Bands

Pouzza Fest IVMontreal’s premier punk party Pouzza Fest IV  has announced the final wave of bands joining the bill for the May festival. Adding to the already eclectic mix will be 7 Seconds, Morning Glory, CJ Ramone, The Brains, Mustard Plug, Creepoid as well as some old school emo with Christie Front Drive.

Check out for full lineup and ticket information.

Mustard Plug Announces New Album, Streams New Songs

Mustard PlugLegendary ska-act Mustard Plug have announced that they will be releasing their seventh studio album, Can’t Control It, on January 14th through No Idea Records.

The album is available for pre-order in a variety of formats here.

In anticipation for the album, the band has unveiled two new songs. The first, The All-Nighter, can be heard here while White Noise can be heard below.

Mustard Plug are in the middle of  playing some record release and holiday shows, the dates are below. Read More…

Mustard Plug – White Noise

Mustard PlugMustard Plug has announced plans for a brand new album.  The album will mark their seventh full length and will hold the title Can’t Contain It.  No Idea Records will handle the release on January 14, 2014.

The band has debuted a brand new song, “White Noise,” which can be heard here.

Mustard Plug: Masterpieces: 1992-2002

Mustard Plug

Masterpieces: 1991-2002

Hopeless Records

Rating: 4/5




There aren’t too many ska bands around these days, and for that, I’m glad. Not because I hate the genre, because in reality, I love it. But, if there were millions of ska bands around, the genre would be flooded and ruined, which would really be quite a sad thing. Yeah, in the mid nineties it blew up and everyone was playing ska, but it soon melted away. Nonetheless, there are a few bands which have stayed from the beginning and have remained faithful to the spectacular genre, one of those bands is Mustard Plug. The band, which formed in 1991, has released five albums and is currently in the middle of writing a new album and setting up a DVD. During this slight downtime, their long time label, Hopeless Records decided to sift through their five releases and select the best songs and release them as a greatest hits CD: Masterpieces: 1991-2002.

The nineteen track album features all of the band’s most famous songs and really shows why they’ve lasted so long. Whether the songs are from Big Daddy Multitude or Yellow #5, each and everyone is full of toe-tapping ska melodies that never fail to entertain. The songs, which aren’t in chronological order, still are able to paint a vivid picture of the band’s career and growth. That’s not saying their older songs are pulling the album down, because in fact, some of the older ones are the highlights. They are ska-punk songs are the best there can be. Catchy, fist pumping, toe tapping, skank inducing songs that get you shouting the chorus along with the band.

With songs like Beer (Song), Mr. Smilie, Lolita, Go, You, Brain On Ska, Everything Girl, Skank By Numbers, Box and We’re Gunna Take On The World, you know the CD will be great. The only song that would make the album more complete would be their cover of Verve Pipe‘s The Freshman. Although long time fans of the band will love the CD and the little background information about the songs in the booklet, it really doesn’t show anything they’ve haven’t heard before. There isn’t a single unreleased track on here, so chances are they already own most of them. But for casual fans like myself,Masterpieces: 1991-2002 is a gold mine of epic proportions. Any ska fan should pick it up.

Oh, and enhanced CD portion features two music videos for you to watch.


Mustard Plug - In Black and White

Mustard Plug

In Black And White

Hopeless Records

Rating: 4/5




With sixteen years under their belt, Mustard Plug knows what they’re doing. While they were never one of those few bands who really struck it big with the ska explosion a few years ago, the band has been releasing consistently strong releases nevertheless; and unlike many of the bands who did strike it big,Mustard Plug has neither broken up or released a shockingly horrid CD. Instead, Mustard Plug have stayed consistent, steadily maturing and growing stronger while always remaining in that loveable genre known as ska.

On their sixth album, Mustard Plug shows that ska is still alive and kicking even if it’s not the flavor of the month. Blasting off with the energetic and slightly rough Who Benefits?, the listener is pulled into the album instantly and while the slightly more serious subject matter and heavier guitar riff may not be theMustard Plug you know and love; it’s still a great, catchy song that kicks off the album perfectly. Hit Me! Hit Me! is more of a return to form as it’s more straight forward ska with a phenomenal upstroke and a brass section that is one of the strongest on the record. Copasetic is energetic and upbeat while You Can’t Go Back slows it down a bit more and Real Rat Bastard is the perfect sing along song that really captures the essence that is Mustard Plug. Really, that song is worth repeating over and over again and you can’t help but sing along after the first time.

In Black and White sees the band once again maintaining true to their sound and style. The songs are more complex and written in a much more memorable fashion than they were sixteen years ago, but it’s still third wave ska straight to the bone. Plus, Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore did an amazing job producing and mixing the release. Everything is perfectly level in the mix and the volume is crisp and clear. Unlike some albums (Less Than Jake‘s In With The Out Crowd comes to mine) the brass on In Black and White comes shining through while still letting the rest of the instruments – and Kirchgessner’s vocals – play a leading role in many of the songs when needed too. However, the effect of the famed Blasting Room producers are still evident as the album is easily the darkest album the band has ever released. The vocals are harsher, near the end of Time To Wake Up, vocalist Dave Kirchgessner sounds similar to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones‘ Dicky Barret as they become slightly heavier and darker, and it is much edgier and much more agitated than some fans will be used to; but the album still works and even with the edge to them, the songs are still a rocking good time.

So not only is it one of the strongest ska releases of the year, but it’s one of the strongest releases of the year – period.

Dying Scene Records Releases Free Ska Compilation

SkafaceDying Scene Records has recently released a free digital compilation album featuring ska music.  The disc is titled Skaface: Evolution, and includes previously unreleased songs from Big D and The Kids Table, Mad Caddies, Mustard Plug and more.

Download the disc here.

Tours: Mustard Plug (20th Anniversary)

Mustard PlugMustard Plug  are set to embarkon their 20th Anniversary Tour with Flatfoot 56. Dubbed the”20 Years Of Beers Tour,” they will be hitting up the Northeast U.S. along with Toronto.

The dates are below.


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Tours: Mustard Plug/Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56Mustard Plug and Flatfoot 56 have announced a that they will be heading out on tour in the coming months for a string of East Coast tour dates.  The tour includes ten shows in twenty days in the middle of November with Flatfoot 56 continuing to support 2010’s Black Thorn.

The full tour listings ca be found below.

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Mustard Plug Re-Release Big Daddy Multitide

Mustard PlugMustard Plug have re-released their debut album, Big Daddy Multitude digitally with four new tracks.  Originally released on lead singer Dave Kirchgessner’s Dashiki Clout Records, it was soon picked up by Ska powerhouse Moon Ska Records and is currently avaiable in CD format on Hopeless Records and vinyl through Asbestos Records.

The new digital release features four tracks from the 1995 “Beer Song” 7″ sessions.  These tracks were the last tracks the band recorded before signing to Hopeless Records.  They feature the “Big Daddy” line up, including the stellar horn section of Mark Petz on sax, Bob Engelsman on trombone and Craig DeYoung on alto sax.  Several songs from this session, including the “Beer Song,” were re-recorded for the band’s breakthrough record “Evildoers Beware,” but these original self-produced versions have been unavailable for several years. 

The album is avalable at all digital media outlets.


Free MP3 From Mustard Plug:Aye, Aye, Aye

Mustard PlugMustard Plug is now offering a free MP3 download of “Aye, Aye, Aye.

The song is being made available for free to coincide with their April UK/Europe tour, and Groezrock music festival and will be taken down at the end of the tour.

Download the MP3 here.


New Mustard Plug Song: Aye, Aye, Aye

Mustard PlugMustard Plug have announced the world premiere of their new song “Aye, Aye, Aye.” The song is being broadcast for the first time ever on BBC1’s “The Punk Show” with DJ Mike Davis, this week. You can listen to it here.

Aye, Aye, Aye” is the first new original song recorded by Mustard Plug since 2007’s “In Black and White” album. The band recorded it themselves at bass player Rick Johnson’s Cold War Studio and had it mixed at Bill Stevenson’s Blasting Room Studio (the same place Mustard Plug recorded 3 of their last 4 records).

Mustard Plug will soon offer a free MP3 download of “Aye, Aye, Aye” to coincide with their April UK/Europe tour, and Groezrock music festival.