Video: Morgan – Porcupine

MorganQuebec country-punk act Morgan has premiered a new music video for the song “Porcupine.”  The track appears on the album Morgan Deli, which was available on September 29, 2017 via Stomp Records.  

Listen to the song below.

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Morgan Streams New LP In Full

Morgan DeliMontreal cow punk hillbillies  Morgan are streaming their brand new album in full.  The album is titled Morgan Deli, and drops today via Stomp Records.

Be sure to give the album a spin here courtesy New Noise Magazine and check out our review.

Morgan Deli


Morgan Deli

Stomp Records

Rating: 4/5




Montreal cowpunks Morgan proudly release their latest full length, Morgan Deli.  Wait… what? Morgan Deli?  What the heck is a Morgan Deli?  Well, let’s have the title track do the talking… “Welcome back to the Morgan Deli, can I take your order?” “Here at the Morgan Deli we’ve got what you need, people come and go, but your soul will never leave.”  Oh, so this review has veered into a dialogue, and it’s that kind of deli.  In that case, what do you serve at this here fine rural establishment?  “Try our new porcupine chilli bean gasoline water,” “here at the Morgan Deli half our staff is blind… a little moonshine liquor helps to ease the mind.”

If you haven’t clued in yet, Morgan Deli’s title track is all about the lifestyle and menu of a backwoods hillbilly deli.  It also makes for an absolutely hilarious and engrossing piece of cover art.  The song itself comes lathered all shades of boot stompin, upright bass thumping cowpunk, the likes of which can only really be compared to that of a mashup of Old Man Markley infused with pop-punk folksters The Penske File, country trottin psychos The Raygun Cowboys, and the tailgate partying attitude of Puttin On The Foil.  And let’s throw in a Bob Wayne comparison while we’re at it.

Morgan features a distinct dual vocal style in which the band commonly pairs an intentional hillbilly accent with a regular chorus of clean pop-punk voices.  The musical backdrop is something truly special in its balance of traditional country twang and gruff but poppy punk.  Songs like “Kiss This Town Goodbye” keep the album’s pacing steady at an 18 wheeler frenzied charge, while those like “Running For My Life” take on a little honky tonk saloon buzz, complete with bar room piano, comical narrative song structure and a laugh out loud plot twist.  On that note, smart but crass humour heavily defines Morgan’s skill set, as per the alternative meat loving “Porcupine” and hobbyist mechanic ditty “Fixing The Chainsaw.”

Cowpunk is a particularly tiny niche in the already limited folk-punk genre, so every new addition is welcomed with open arms – although they’re certainly not all created equal.  That being said, Morgan Deli’s off kilter humour and catchy rural attitude clearly frame Morgan as a frontrunner in the country/folk/cow punk scene.  There’s never been a better time to step through the doors of the Morgan Deli.  Now where’d I put that glass of porcupine chilli bean gasoline water… 

Morgan – I Think We’re Going to Jail

MorganQuebec country-punk act Morgan has premiered a new song in anticipation of the impending release of their new full length.  The track is titled “I Think We’re Going to Jail” and the album is titled Morgan Deli, which will be available on September 29, 2017 via Stomp Records.  

Listen to the song below.

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