Tours: Millencolin / Success

Millencolin - True BrewLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin will be heading on a North American tour with Success this May and June.  The band continues to support their latest disc, True Brew, available now on Epitaph Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Tours: Millencolin (North America)

Millencolin - True BrewLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin will be heading on a North American tour this August.  The band continues to support their latest disc, True Brew, available now on Epitaph Records.

Check out the tour dates below and be sure to read our review.

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Video: Millencolin – Bring Me Home

Millencolin - True BrewLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Bring Me Home” from their latest disc, True Brew, which was released last week via Epitaph Records.

Watch the video below and be sure to read our review.

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Millencolin Full Album Stream

Millencolin - True BrewLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin has launched a full stream of their first album in seven years.  The disc is titled True Brew and is available on April 28, 2015 via Epitaph Records.

Listen tot he full disc here courtesy AbsolutePunk and be sure to read our review.

Millencolin - True Brew


True Brew

Epitaph Records

Rating: 4.5/5




There’s a scene in High Fidelity where Rob, portrayed by John Cusack, is re-organizing his record collection for the umpteenth time. One of his friends, Dick, comes in and asks how he’s arranging it this time to which Rob replies: autobiographically.

A truly great album has that ability. They’re albums that surpass just mere background music and become a permanent fixture in that scene of your life – so much so that a single album or song will always be eternally connected to that moment.

Millencolin‘s legendary Pennybridge Pioneers is one of those albums. Yes, musically it’s a basically perfect punk album; but for me it’ll always be a reminder of Paris and the Champs D’Elysee. I’ll remember walking down the famed street, popping into the three story (now defunct I believe) HMV and buying the album, rushing back to the hotel to play it in the DVD player. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes and listened to the album for hours and eventually had to jimmy open the DVD player once the disc became stuck.  The album is more than just mere music to me, it is a memory and a story – a part of my life that I’ll carry forever.

True BrewMillencolin‘s latest album and first one in seven years – hasn’t created that ever lasting memory of its own yet, but it has definitely rekindled that forgotten gem. For, unlike their somewhat bland 2008 album Machine 15, True Brew is a return to form for the Swedish four piece. The band has delivered a unrelentingly persistent punk rock album that feels sincere, unrushed, energized and, well, true.

Self-recorded and self-produced, True Brew is not a step in a new direction for the band. Instead – like Pennywise or Bad Religion or Lagwagon – you already know what to expect from a Millencolin album. Anyone who’s been around for 23 years with the same line-up will always have certain similarities within the albums’ sonic structures and anyone searching for a good old fashion punk-rock/skate-punk album needn’t look any further.

The album pulls from a variety of influences – Autopilot Mode blasts through with a thick Bad Religion kick off, Perfection Is Boring borrows the Pennywise‘s “woah” structures until it fades into nothing while Wall Of Doubt begins with a deceptively moving piano introduction that builds up into a technical skate-punk powerhouse. Yet the album is always Millencolin in the way The Bouncing Souls are always Bouncing Souls.  It’s well polished while still being raw. Technically proficient and varied, but constantly fierce and, of course, Nikola Sarcevic’s vocals are unlike any ever put on record. His distinct intonation and accent create a pop-punk singer incomparable to anyone else in the scene.

The weird thing about True Brew is how the band is struggling with themselves. Sonically, the band is confident, absolutely sure of themselves with every chord and harmony but lyrically the band is at a crossroads. They’re always confident yet are trying to find themselves in an ever growing world and seem to be defending their ideals. Sense and Sensibility, the lead single, tackles their confusion with an ever growing racist political party growth in Sweden as they attempt to understand how something so prolifically dumb is gaining momentum again.  Something I Would Die For showcases a man going out on a limb to find what he wants to live and die for, trying to understand how he’s perceived from those that he love.  And don’t even get me started on Mr. Fake Believe.

Despite the many gems, the clear highlight comes from the title track, True Brew – this is the song that will create the soundtrack to countless nights and innovations around the world. It will serve as inspiration to  those creative individuals looking for their passion as the first verse lays it out: Some say that nothing lasts forever, but no-one knows what happens when you die, so if this is all there is it’s now or never, life’s too short to not give it a try.

It’s a love song for doing what you want, avoiding the nine-to-five struggles and investing in a new life motto (a lifestyle focused on creativity called True Brew like the way Minor Threat created a new life style with Straight Edge). The chorus is rousing, impassioned and sincere where they Sarcevic sings “I don’t wanna live my life doing stuff I don’t like to do, I just want to spend my time on creating something true.”

It’s a simple philosophy, but one that’s harder to live by sometimes. Millencolin are doing it though and while I hope it won’t take them seven years to record a new album – if it takes them that long to write an album this good, then it’s well worth the wait.

Tours: Millencolin (Europe)

MillencolinLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin has announced plans for a European tour in support of their first album in seven years.  The disc will be titled True Brew and is due out on April 28, 2015 via Epitaph Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Millencolin Announce First New Record In 7 Years; Releases Music Video

MillencolinLong running Swedish punk act Millencolin announced plans to release their first album in seven years.  The disc will be titled True Brew and is due out on April 28, 2015 via Epitaph Records.

To mark the occasion the band has released a new music video for the track “Sense & Sensibility.”  Watch the video below.

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Epitaph Records Vinyl Re-Issues

Epitaph montageLegendary punk label Epitaph Records have announced the are re-issuing a number of classic records from their vaults on coloured vinyl. All of the releases are limited editions, so once they are gone, they’re gone – check below for the features bands and the associated pressing details:

Bouncing SoulsSelf Titled – 500 Yellow
MillencolinLife On A Plate – 500 Yellow
MillencolinPennybridge Pioneers – 500 Orange
MillencolinFor Monkeys – 500 Brown
OskerIdle Will Kill – 300 Black/700 Pink
PennywiseSelf Titled – 500 Clear
PennywiseUnknown Road – 500 Blue
PennywiseAbout Time – 500 Smoke
RancidSelf Titled (1993) – 500 Blue
Punk O Rama – Volume 1 – 1000 Green

All are available now through the US and EU Epitaph Stores.

Millencolin - Machine 15


Machine 15

Burning Heart Records

Rating: 4/5




In one memorable scene from High Fidelity, John Cusack sat on the floor of his living room sorting his vinyl into a personal timeline. Each record went in order of when he purchased it and each record had a story to go along with it. It was a collection of which only he could navigate and a collection with deeply personal meaning to him. Now, not all of my cds have such a personal meaning to me which makes it hard to order my collection in that way; however, there are certain CDs that not only play the music that is on it but also tell a personal story to my ears. Millencolin‘s famed Pennybridge Pioneers is one of those CDs. It was a record that I bought well after it was released during one holiday in France. I bought it at the massive Virgin Megastore on the Champs d’Elysee. We picked up it and went back to our mini apartment and threw it in the DVD player to hear. The CD then got stuck and it was the only album we played during the week in Paris before we finally were able to eject it. It was a CD that tells a deeply personal story and rooted Millencolin as one of my favorite skate punk bands around.

Now it’s almost four years later and the Swedish punk rockers are back with their newest album, Machine 15. It follows up their sadly forgettable, albeit moderately entertaining, Kingwood, and while it doesn’t come close to the same power of Pennybridge Pioneers it does effectively remind me of why the band means so much to me.

On Machine 15, the band has left most of their skate punk days behind. It makes sense, after being around for fifteen years (hence the name of Machine 15) the band has evolved and changed their style a bit – but at their core they’re still Millencolin. Nikola Sarcevic’s vocals are still spot on. No longer delivered with such speed and intensity as some of the band’s older work, Sarcevic has gone for a slightly broader range here and Machine 15 rises with it. The band’s overall sound seems to have a “bigger” sense to it too, with a slightly more rock oriented sound to it in as well. They’ve beefed up some tracks with delicately placed strings sections and even the occasional keyboard part; but instead of letting the new instruments take the lead like so many bands do, Millencolin uses them in the background to add an extra layer to the songs.

Don’t fret though, Millencolin haven’t deterred from their path all that much. Detox, the album’s lead single, would fit nicely into Pennybridge‘s playbook as it is a classic pop-punk song with an insanely catchy chorus. Who’s Laughing Now starts off with a darker guitar riff compared to anything else on the album and has an angrier side to it which reveals their punk rock side. Brand New Game is one the album’s highlight as the lyrics gives numerous nods to prior Millencolin tunes (Do you remember Fazil’s friend? / He used to live in the House of blend/ He told a story of his life, about a fork and knife) and also features one of the most striking choruses on the album. Machine 15 really hits its stride on Vicious Circle though. Slighty slower and with a depressing storyline, it reminds me of The Ballad and is delivered with such conviction that you can’t help but be in awe.

The only really disappointing thing about Machine 15 is the few filler tracks thrown in. Centerpiece, an eleven second track used as a segway into Who’s Laughing Now, is an obvious filler that only seems to be there to give the album 15 tracks and End Piece – the fifteenth track – doesn’t do much better despite being a minute and a half long.

Machine 15 is a record for Millencolin fans. Not their strongest effort nor their weakest, Machine 15 sees a band staying true to their fans while still expanding their sound a bit and even with a few moments of inconsistency scattered throughout, they’ve given their fans a solid release.

Millencolin - Kingwood



Burning Heart Records

Rating: 4/5




Its been a long time since we last heard from these Swedish punk kings. Too long in fact. The last release we saw from Millencolin was their 2002 release, Home From Home (not counting bassist/vocalist Nikola Sarcevic’s solo album Lock-Sport-Krock). So when they finally announced that Kingwood was being release, people were immediately pumped; and they have good reason to be pumped.

Straight from the opening kick of Farewell My Hell you know Millencolin hasn’t lost a thing and that this album will be mind blowing. The songs are quick, harsh and powerful while keeping a melodic punk rock feel to it making the listener want to grab the lyrics sheet and sing along with Sarcevic’s strong, but slightly worn, vocals. The beats are energizing, with chorus that make you want to tap your foot and throw your fist in the air singing along (like I say it’s fear, it’s fear, for all what’s queer. If it’s strange we panic, yeah we won’t go near! – Cash Or Clash). But they don’t keep the tempo up at full blast the entire time and slow it downs with songs like Shut You Out and Novo. But the tempo changes don’t hurt the album, make it more diverse and they are always able to kick it right back up with tracks like Biftek Supernova, Ray and Simple Twist Of Hate.

Lyrically, Sarvevic is quite impressive on Kingwood as he sings about cash, believing in yourself, not being afraid to change, and not being controlled by random corporations. But he also goes in a complete circle and sings about suicide, breaking down, abandoning your friends when they need you most and more. Each separate topic adds a little extra depth to the already powerful album.

After hearing Kingwood, there’s no wondering as to why Millencolin have sold nearly two millions albums to date, and you can only expect to see that number go higher. It encompasses everything a punk release should be. Solid, truthful, catchy, energizing, and just all around amazing.

Millencolin Announce New DVD

MillencolinLong running Swedish punk rockers Millencolin have announced that they will be releasing brand new DVD.  The DVD will be titled a A Pennybridge Production and features a behind the scenes look at the making of Pennybridge Pioneers including archival footage, interviews, and a bevvy of live performances.  Guitarist Erik Ohlsson:

“We had a lot of footage archived from the Pennybridge Pioneers recording that we shot ourselves… No one has ever seen any of that footage and since we have new live footage from the 10th anniversary tour of the album, now would be a perfect opportunity to make something out of it.”

The band recently released The Melancholy Connection this week via Epitaph Records.  A video preview can be viewed below.

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Millencolin Release Mysterious Teaser Trailer

MillencolinMillencolin has released a mysterious teaser trailer that promises some form of announcement on April 17th.  The band last released their 7th full length, Machine 15, in 2008 via Epitaph Records.

Watch the trailer before.

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Tours: Millencolin (Ten Year Anniversary of Pennybridge Pioneers)

MillencolinSweden’s Millencolin have announced worldwide dates in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their classic ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’ album. The tour kicks off in November and runs sporadically until the end of  April. No dates have been announced for a North American tour yet but this will see the band make their way through South America, Australia and Europe.

The dates are below. Pennybridge Pioneers is in stores now. The band last released Machine 15 in 2008.
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