ASHES Release Video For New Single ‘Newborn Soul’

Ashes Newborn SoulNew Jersey metalcore quintet ASHES, formerly known as Ashes Of My Regrets, have released their debut music video and single under the new guise with a fitting title, Newborn Soul. With ambient and synth delayed backtracks, poppy hooks and catchy harmonies, ASHES seems to be on top of what’s to come next in metalcore.

ASHES website can be found here

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‘Dead Fest’ To Take Place In Upland, CA On 28th October

Dead Fest 18Pinup Productions will be playing host to the highly anticipated Dead Fest, an all day event that is showcasing the very best that hardcore and metalcore have to offer. The Southern California event takes place this Saturday, October 28th at Gideon Hall in Upland, CA from 1 PM. The full line up boasts an eclectic group of hardcore bands, including a headlining set from Boston hardcore act Bury Your Dead, who will be performing tracks from both the Cover Your Tracks and Beauty And The Breakdown records. Support comes from a line up that includes Destruction Of A King, Distinguisher, Goliath, So This Is Suffering, Matriarchs, Raw Dawg, A Friend A Foe, The End Of An Age, Born Guilty, Destitute, End Of Flesh, Icebag Injury, and more.
Tickets for the Dead Fest can be purchased here
Cope Tooth And Nail


Tooth And Nail

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Hardcore punk outfit Cope have dropped their latest EP, Tooth And Nail, that was self released on October 13th, Cope‘s latest release is as fiercely political, positive, inspired and angry as ever, making the London based quartet a band fitting of today’s uncertain political climate. Tooth And Nail follows on from last years Challenge Oppression / Pursue Equality EP, and their latest release sees their sound become even heavier, but importantly they maintain their commitment to political activism, and the EP carries the same defiant and unifying message.

Stray Bullets comes straight out of the traps with a full tilt blast of heavy duty punk rock that is borne of hardcore, but one that is brought bang up to date. Tooth And Nail is a remorseless EP, the title track continues the full on the brutal assault before Neo Nasty well and truly nails their colours to the mast. Many Faces, the lead single from Tooth And Nail, carries the fight as does the closing duo of Populism and the impressive closing track, The Great Divide. The message on the Tooth And Nail EP is one that is loud and clear, as the refrain from the EP’s title track states ‘refuse, resist, don’t give into fear’

Cope deliver an angry politically motivated blast of heavy duty punk rock, but it’s one that strikes the right balance between optimism that things can change for the better, and justifiable and focused anger at the current state of world politics. Tooth And Nail is the perfect soundtrack to defiance in the face of the hate and ignorance that has sadly become of feature of modern politics, and it’s one that is delivered with a heavyweight blend of furious hardcore and punk rock that is tinged with elements of metalcore.

You can stream and purchase Tooth & Nail here

Voids Release Stream Of New Single ‘Invidia’

Voids NCNCMaryland metalcore quartet Voids have released their new single, Invidia, that is taken from their upcoming debut album, No Character: No Crown, that is set to be released on Friday 13th 2017, with pre-orders now available on all good digital music retailers. Their message as a band revolves around the addictions that affect the lives of many in a negative way, Voids want people to turn towards music as a healthy way to cope with the problems they are having with their lives. No Character: No Crown can be pre-ordered via iTunes here

Invidia can be streamed here


Decrypted Release ‘Equinox Of Eternal Embers’ Video

Decrypted EOEEUnleashing a barrage of engrossing technical riffs, heavy breakdowns and melodic, yet aggressive vocal lines, Londoners Decrypted are here to mark their mark. The multi-cultural metalcore outfit have just released their explosive new single, Equinox Of Eternal Embers, that is taken from Decrypted‘s forthcoming EP, Solitude Of Self Awareness. The new single, Equinox Of Eternal Embers, is representative of the band’s blistering sound as explosive riffs and heavy breakdowns are merged with an engaging vocal attack. 

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Hostile Array Release ‘Herd Instinct’ Video

Hostile Array Promo Sept 17Hostile Array, formerly known as My Ransomed Soul, has premiered the video for their new single, Herd Instinct, that is taken from the upcoming album that is set for release in 2018. Outspoken and message driven, the new single deals with the idea of blind patriotism and the growth of radical nationalism in the USA. 

You can view the video for, and read a statement from the band about, Herd Instinct, below Read More…

Fathoms Announce New Album And Release ‘B.E.L.I.E.V.E’ Video

Fathoms CCSince their inception at the end of 2010, Brighton bruisers Fathoms have comprehensively toured throughout the UK and Europe, as well undertaking successful tours in the USA, China, South Korea and Japan. In 2015 the band released their debut album, Lives Lived, with Artery Recordings to glowing acclaim, now with a revitalised line-up and an exciting new sound, Fathoms return to release their blistering second studio album, Counter Culture, which arrives on Friday 1st December. However, before  then, the band have revealed a new track and video, B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

You can view the video for B.E.L.I.E.V.E below Read More…


Extortionist, Distinguisher And Mothersound Announce US Tour

Fight Riffs Forever Tour 17Three of metalcore’s best up-and-coming acts will be embarking on the Fight Riffs Forever 2 tour this winter. Extortionist, Distinguisher and Mothersound will be hitting the road together for a North American tour that will be kicking off on November 18th in Spokane, WA.
Extortionist‘s Facebook page can be found here, Distinguisher‘s website is here and Mothersound‘s Facebook presence is located here
You can view the entire list of tour dates below.

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Orchards Release ‘The Grey’ Video

Orchards Promo Sept 17Orchards have released the official music video for the track, The Grey, that will appear on the band’s debut EP, Idle, that is due out on December 8th 2017. Idle follows on from Orchards debut single, Vile Me, that was released last year and is available as a pay what you feel download via Bandcamp.

You can download Vile Me via Bandcamp here

The video for The Grey can be viewed below Read More…

Never Found Release ‘Come To Me’ Video

Never Found THCNever Found have revealed the new video for Come To Me, a track that is lifted from their explosive forthcoming EP, The Human Condition, that is due out on 6th October. The post-hardcore crew will also be on tour in the UK this Autumn to coincide with the release of The Human Condition.

You can pre order The Human Condition here

You can view the video for Come To Me, and Never Found‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Skywalker Sugar House


Sugar House

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Skywalker are a band originally based now in the Czech Republic, but who now straddle their home town of Prague and Liverpool in the UK, despite the band members now being separated by a significant distance they haven’t let this diminish their rise as they are set to release their new EP, Sugar House, at the start of September. Their latest EP follows on from 2015’s Ellis EP and precedes a tour across mainland Europe, including a series of headline shows in the UK, in support of the Sugar House EP.

The Sugar House EP is a release that combines urgent riffs, brutal breakdowns and a dual vocal delivery that is split between the clean and barked variants, and these are features that appear across all five tracks on the EP, but Skywalker avoid becoming any sort of one trick pony as each track has it’s own distinct character. Sugar House builds in intensity across the EP, with the final two tracks, Caffeine and Venom, reflecting the best elements of the almost schizophrenic approach to punk that that Skywalker deliver, the tracks veer between an almost metal approach and a frantic pop punk, with the emphasis very much on the punkier side.

Skywalker deliver a blend of skate punk riffs and brutal post hardcore, that sit alongside a few hard edged pop punk elements to deliver an unexpected and welcome hybrid. The barked vocal delivery and heavy delivery acknowledges a significant metalcore influence in their DNA, and if this kind of meeting between the brutal side of post hardcore and metalcore, and the more melodic side of punk rock, is to your tastes then you won’t find many who deliver it better than Skywalker.

Skwalker‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

A Promise To Forget Release ‘Dying To Live’ Album

A Promise To Forget DTLBirmingham’s melodic metalcore quartet, A Promise To Forget, have released their ten track debut album, Dying To Live, today, the new album is now available on CD and also as a digital download from all usual outlets. A Promise To Forget will also play an intimate hometown release show at The Flapper, Birmingham on Saturday 12th August.

You can stream Dying To Live in full here

Dying To Live can be purchased here

Counterfit Culture Deathwish

Counterfeit Culture


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




The members of New Jersey melodic metalcore outfit, Counterfeit Culture, initially met in 2015 while still in high school, they quickly generated a local buzz and over the last few years they have carried on building on this and they are now set to unleash their debut release, the Deathwish EP. The Deathwish EP explores themes around domestic violence and drug abuse, but it’s a release that carries a positive message of hope rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of humanity.

The opening duo of tracks, Apothecary and Second Soul, are as bombastic and heavy hitting as any metalcore release I’ve heard this year, all the technical elements, breakdowns and mix of barked and melodic vocals are present making it an effective is unsurprising start to the EP. It isn’t until you get to the final track, X, that Counterfeit Culture start to express themselves and move away from the expected conventions of metalcore, the piledriving drums and heavyweight riffs are still present but the arrangement and feel of the song marks this down as the most progressive element of the EP.

The Deathwish EP carries some heavyweight credentials having being produced by Ricky Armellino, of This Or The Apocalypse, that adds to the feel that Counterfeit Culture are a band with a bright future ahead of them. Whilst the EP carries all the standard trappings of metalcore, the final track on the Deathwish EP, X, hints at a more original and creative element within the band that will hopefully be developed and will keep them separate from the herd of generic metalcore bands..

The Deathwish EP is due for release on August 1st and can be pre-ordered here

Counterfeit Culture To Release ‘Apothecary’ Single

Counterfit Culture DeathwishPost-hardcore act Counterfeit Culture have released their second single, Apothecary, that features Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse. The new lyric video talk about the purpose of the band’s message and the severity of domestic abuse, which is a reoccurring theme in the group’s newly announced debut EP, Deathwish, which is set to be released on August 1st.

The Deathwish EP can be pre-ordered here

The video for Apothecary can be viewed below Read More…

Raised By Raptors Unleash Video For ‘Release’

Raised By Raptors ReleaseRaised By Raptors have arrived, possessing explosive breakdowns and groove-laden riffs, fused with crushingly infectious vocals, they are set to break out this year, kickstarting proceedings with their new video single, Release. The single is packed with brazen chunky riffs and impressive dynamics, and is destined to lay the foundations for a very successful 2017.

Raised By Raptors Facebook presence can be found here

You can view the video for Release below Read More…



Home Is Not Where The Heart Is

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Hollows released their latest full length, Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is, on June 9th, the band, that were formerly known as Hollow Heart, are already well established in metalcore circles, so it’ll come as no surprise that there are the usual brutal elements that you’ve come to expect from any self respecting purveyor of metalcore, but they promise that this new album will throw a few fresh ingredients into the mix to bring something new to the metalcore table.

Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is is populated by a bombardment of aggressive barked vocals that are combined with brutal guitars, intense riffs and powerhouse drums that blend into melodic sections with a clean vocal delivery. From the opening track, Coward King, to the closing track, (null), Hollows bring an intense and noisy in your face approach across all eleven tracks. Whilst this might sound like a recipe for you average metalcore album, there are atmospheric influences, in particular on the track Tonguespeak, that raises Home Is Not Where The Heart Is above many of their peers.

Hollows have delivered an album that’s as brutal as anything I’ve encountered, although I personally found that I got a feeling of deja vu when listening to Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is, this is an album that does tend to become something of a blur of crunching guitar riffs and intense drumming. But having said that, this is one of the more original releases from the metalcore stable, the production on the album is flawless and the aggression is almost relentless, and if metalcore is your thing then Hollows really should be on your radar as this is one of the better metalcore releases I’ve encountered this year.

You can purchase Home Is Not Where The Heart Is via Hollows website here

Perception Release Video For New Single ‘Monolith’

Perception MonolithHot on the heels of last years Collapse EP, Perception headed back into Avenue Studios to craft their new single Monolith. The track is heavier, more atmospheric, expansive, and mature than Collapse, Monolith takes Perception’s sound to the next level. This new track is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP and marks the rise of a band destined for greatness.

You can view the video for Monolith below Read More…

Kingdom Of Giants All The Hell

Kingdom Of Giants

All The Hell You've Got To Spare

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




Californian metalcore outfit Kingdom Of Giants released their latest album, All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, earlier this month via InVogue Records, the album is now available on vinyl, CD and digital formats, including an extremely limited edition red variant. The full length follows on from their 2014 sophomore album, Ground Culture, and All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare has built on the foundation of their first nine years in existence, and it looks set to propel them beyond their first decade.

As is often popular practice with metalcore releases Kingdom Of Giants have got their friends round, the album features guest appearances from JT Cavey from Texas In July and ERRA, Daniel Gaily of Phinehas and Caitlyn Mae of Fighting The Villain, the latter of the guest appearances brings another welcome dimension to Kingdom Of Giants sound. From the off this is a full tilt wall of sound that carries all the hallmarks of metalcore, the technical elements of metal and the fury of hardcore are perfectly balanced on the blistering eleven track album, along with a few other influences that make their mark.

All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare manages to avoid falling into the trap of descending into a soundalike blur of cacophonous rage, the variation across the album is impressive to say the least as atmospheric elements sit alongside the metalcore fury. There is full blooded technical metalcore aplenty, but this sits alongside the mellower moments such as the moody instrumental Shades and the atmospheric closing track Gray Area, that for me is the highlight of the album as it has a more restrained rage that is complimented by the addition of Caitlyn Mae‘s stunning vocals. Kingdom Of Giants have made an album that will offer something different to established fans of metalcore, but it’s one that I feel is unlikely to crossover to fans outside of the genre.

All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare can be ordered here and the limited edition vinyl can be purchased here

Kingdom Of Giants  Facebook page can be found here

The Weight Of Atlas Reveal Video For ‘The Art Of Letting Go’

The Weight Of Atlas - Online Promo shotThe Weight Of Atlas are a talented post-hardcore quartet who deliver monstrous riffs, contagious refrains, and ambient interludes that are framed with orchestral nuances. The inventive riff slingers have released a video for the track The Art Of Letting Go which is taken from their forthcoming debut album that is due out later this year. The Weight Of Atlas offer a unique and diverse take on the metalcore label and possess an astute ability to adeptly fuse and combine genres.

You can view the video for The Art Of Letting Go below Read More…

Hollow Release First Single From Forthcoming Debut Album

Hollow HINWTHIMetalcore quartet, Hollow have released their debut single, Anomaly. The single is taken from their upcoming debut album, Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is, which is set for release on June 9th. The band, who were formerly known as Hollow Heart, mix genres of rock, metal and post hardcore on their debut album that gives them a unique approach to metalcore genre.

You can pre-order Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is here

You can stream Anomaly here

This Gun For Hire To Release Debut Album On March 31st

SLV-1Metalcore Vancouverites This Gun For Hire have announced they will release their upcoming debut album, Something A Little More Sinister, on March 31st, 2017. The debut full length displays a keen awareness of pace and dynamics, moving deftly from the seething chaos of the opening number, Infection, to the grandiose and melodic epic of To The Fallen And The Faithful, and back again for the staccato grunt of album closer Barn Burner, there’s little doubt as to This Gun For Hire‘s capabilities.

This Gun For Hire‘s website can be found here

You can view the video for the opening track, Infection, below Read More…


Ashes Of My Regrets


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Ashes Of My Regrets are a metalcore quintet originating from New Jersey, they are a band consisting of five long standing friends who looked to make an impact on today’s music scene. The band came to be after multiple failed musical attempts by some of the band members, they finally all came together, crucially with each member approaching things from a different musical background, but with all of them retaining a love for current metalcore bands, and the dedication to create something different in the genre they loved, and for me they’ve succeeded in that goal.

The brief haunting instrumental, that sounds like the sinister introduction to a horror movie, eases you into Cariactures before all hell breaks loose. Cariactures has all the familiar features of metalcore, including brutal riffs and thunderous drumming, but this has something else, something is very different, it’s not just the moments of subtlety, the dual vocals or the lack of overproduction, it’s that I really like this EP. I normally find metalcore releases bombastic and repetitive, this is far from that, the demonic vocals still aren’t exactly to my taste, but musically this is a significant step up. Established fans of this genre need not fear, the breakdowns and soaring choruses are still firmly in place, but with a unique approach that for me makes Cariactures not so much stand out from the metalcore pack, but take control and lead it.

As far as I’m concerned this is a game changer for metalcore, the guitar riffs are still brutal and the attack and aggression are still in place, but they are skilfully blended and the songs are made with a unique approach. Fans of bands like Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire and Bring Me The Horizon will undoubtedly find something familiar, but more importantly they will also experience something new, what more could you ask for.

Cariacatures was released on the 4th November and can be ordered here


Everyone Dies In Utah

Everyone Dies In Utah

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5



Texas noise merchants Everyone Dies In Utah released their debut full length for InVogue Records last month, just to clarify it’s not their actual debut, since their inception in 2008 they have released three full length albums for Tragic Hero Records, but now they seem to have found a new home, their latest self titled album follows on from their debut single for InVogue Records, Chronophobia. Everyone Dies In Utah have been steadily building up a solid fanbase with a steady flow of releases, and an impressive commitment to touring with anyone, and pretty much everyone, Including Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Affiance, Sirens and Sailors, Alesana, and Suicide Silence.
This is a relentless pummelling release, albeit one which is perfectly produced, it straddles the often blurred line between metal and the assorted cores that have been spawned ever since hardcore had it’s first schism back in the eighties. Doing a track by track review of the album would be somewhat pointless, this is an album that never takes it’s foot off the gas, but I can confirm Everyone Dies In Utah have continued to refine their sound, and that this is their most accomplished album to date. If metalcore, or whatever core you want to file this under, is your thing then you are probably already aware of Everyone Dies In Utah, and may well have already ordered this album and i can guarantee you’ll be vey happy with it.
Personally I found this to be a blur of crushingly brutal guitar riffs, accompanied by a salvo of double kick drums, what makes this more palatable than many of their peers is the fact that this isn’t an exercise in trying to match melodic vocals and anguished screams, this is a band that knows what sound they are looking for and no quarter given in trying to find it. Rather than trying to diversify Everyone Dies In Utah simply alternates between brutal and vicious, that might not sound like much of a difference but give the album a listen and you’ll see what I mean. This is not something that I could listen to on a regular basis but if you’re a fan of this style of ferocious aural assault then this is as good an example of it that you’re likely to hear.
Everyone Dies In Utah can be ordered via iTunes and on physical formats here
Glass Houses Wellspring

Glass Houses


InVogue Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Glass Houses are a North Dakota metalcore quintet whose debut album Wellspring was released at the end of last month via InVogue Records. As with many metalcore style releases Wellspring is an album that veers between intense pummelling metal with barked vocals, and lighter moments that feature melodies that veer into the heavier end of pop punk territory. The first track is the single release, Apparitions, and I was pleasantly surprised as this appeared to be a step up from many of the other metalcore releases I’ve heard this year, however as the album progressed I found there is so little variety contained on Wellspring that I actually stopped noticing when one track had finished and the next one had commenced.

My initial reaction that they had managed to avoid the pitfall of overproducing their album, one that so many of the other metalcore and rock releases I’ve encountered this year haven’t just fallen, but happily dived head first, into, is somewhat tempered by the fact that Wellspring becomes formulaic and repetitive after a few tracks. I began to get deja vu by the fourth song, and by the tenth and final track I found that everything had just merged into a protracted session of bone crunching guitar riffs and intense drumming. I will say that for this genre this is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year, but in case you hadn’t guessed it’s not a style that I find easy to warm to.

If Metalcore is your thing then I’d recommend checking out this album, as this is an energetic and brutal mix of pop punk and intense metal that is skilfully delivered. I would also think that Glass Houses could well be a band that come into their own in a live environment, and if you want to check them out on tour Glass Houses will be playing a series of dates with label mates Everyone Dies In Utah, Convictions and Conspire this autumn, and they are also scheduled to play at the So What?! Music Festival on October 21st and 22nd.

Wellspring can be ordered via InVogue Records here

Fire From The Gods Release ‘End Transmission’ Music Video

Fire From The Gods NWith Excuse Me, the lead single off Fire From The Gods debut full-length Narrative currently racking up spins as one of the most played songs on Sirius XM’s Octane channel, the hard-charging Texas based five piece is now premiering the music video for another track off the album.

You can read the Punk Site review of Narrative here

Narrative can be ordered from Rise Records here

You can view the video for End Transmission below

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Everyone Dies In Utah Announce Self Titled Album And Tour

Everyone Died In UItah TourEveryone Dies In Utah are hitting the road with Convictions , Glass Houses and Conspire this October. They recently unveiled the first single, SYNRS, off their upcoming self titled album,  which is due out on October 7th via InVogue Records.

You can view the tour dates by clicking on the image on the left

You can pre-order Everyone Dies In Utah‘s new album here