Matt Pryor

Memento Mori

Equal Vision Records / Rory Records

Rating: 3/5




Matt Pryor, best known for his work in The Get Up Kids, has been quietly amassing a sizeable library of solo work.  Given the focus of his seminal emo band, it’s not surprising that Pryor’s independent output retains strong emotional overtones.  Defined largely as an acoustic affair,  Pryor’s unmistakably fragile vocals communicate a deeply personal and intimate connection with his work.  His latest effort, Memento Mori, showcases Pyror’s pensive, wispy demeanor, making for an album every bit as light at it is somber.  Memento Mori isn’t something to sing along to on a sunny day, but rather a collection of tracks well worth contemplating while gazing through a rain-drizzled window.

Laced with soft strung guitar chords and lightly landing piano notes, opener “Mary” sets Memento Mori up as a very unassuming introduction.  “Mary, I’m sorry, I didn’t have the will to fight, the fire in the house tonight,” apologizes Pryor during his opening lines.  A sense of sadness pervades each word – washing a wave of defeat over listeners.  It’s the type of song that takes a few listens before its full weight bares itself, but certainly grows into something quite intimate once familiar.  Others  like “A Small Explosion” expand on this sense of growth with wispy harmonies elevating choruses without giving into the temptation of writing a mainstream Chris Carrabba radio single.  Further songs like “Sidney,” “I Won’t Be Afraid,” and “When We Go Wrong” showcase Pryor’s knack for maintaining this sense of balance throughout Memento Mori.

The only potential issue that some may find with the album is that the’s rather slow, methodical pacing, gets a little sluggish.  Tracks like “Where Is Juan Carlos” perhaps overdo the slow and somber approach, risking a mid-album lull in energy.  Thankfully the disc never coasts to a complete stop, but there are a few moments that may have benefited from slight nudge on the accelerator.

Matt Pryor offers another solid installment in his emotional series of solo albums.  The album isn’t his most distinct work (that honour remains with May Day), but maintains many of the songwriting hallmarks of which Pryor’s fan base admires him for.  All in all, Memento Mori is a safe and enjoyable addition to Pryor’s discography.

Matt Pryor Streams New Solo Album

11183_JKTMatt Pryor is streaming his upcoming solo album in full.  The disc will be titled Memento Mori, and will drop on February 17, 2017 via Equal Vision Records/Rory Records.

Listen to the full disc here courtesy Billboard.

Matt Pryor – Mary

11183_JKTMatt Pryor has premiered a new song from his upcoming solo album.  The disc will be titled Memento Mori, and will drop on February 17, 2017 via Equal Vision Records/Rory Records.

Listen to track, “Mary,” here courtesy New Noise Magazine.


Tours: Matt Pryor / Dan Andriano

11183_JKTMatt Pryor has announced that he will be heading on tour with Dan Andirano. Pryor will be releasing the album Memento Mori on February 17, 2017 via Equal Vision Records/Rory Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Matt Pryor Details New LP; Streams First Track

11183_JKTMatt Pryor has announced that he will be reelasing a new solo album in the new year.  The disc will be titled Memento Mori, and will drop on February 17, 2017 via Equal Vision Records/Rory Records.  Pryor speaks the album’s inspiration:

“We lost a lot of people close to us in the last couple of years… This album is both a way for us to remember them and to celebrate everyday the lives that we still have.”

Coinciding with the announcement comes the premiere of the new song “A Small Explosion,” which can be heard below.

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Tours: Matt Pryor / Andy Jackson / Chris Conley

matt pryorMatt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) and Chris Conley (Saves the Day) will be touring together on the Where’s The Band Tour 2016.  

Tour dates and tickets can be purchased here.

Matt Pryor Announces Live Album

MattPryor_NineFortyLive-webGet Up Kids front man Matt Pryor has announced plans to release a new live solo album.  The disc will be titled Nine Forty Live and captures a live audio album recorded at a special, intimate performance at the Lawrence Arts Center this past January. The album will be released on December 9, 2014 through Rory Records/Equal Vision Records. Pryor shares his intent:

“I’ve been trying to make this mini-orchestra show happen for about eight years. I love how it turned out but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. It’s a logistical nightmare. Good thing we got it on tape.”

Be sure to catch Pryor on the road.  Current and upcoming dates are below.

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Tours: Matt Pryor

matt pryorMatt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) has announced plans for a Spring tour with Blue of Colors, Bob Nanna (May 11-17 only), Mark Rose and Josh Berwanger (May 2-10 only).  The US tour will be presented by Downwrite, a platform created by Nanna and Rose that allows fans to connect with their favorite songwriters on a personal and creative level, by having custom songs written specifically for them.  Tour dates can be found below.

Matt Pryor continues to support his latest full length, Wrist Slitter, out now via Rory Records/Equal Vision Records.

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Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor Debuts Video, On Tour

Matt PryorMatt Pryor (Get Up Kids) has debuted a video for his track Kinda Go To Pieces, which is taken from his 2013 solo album Wrist Slitter, released by Equal Vision/Rory Records. The video features a guitar intro from Bob Nanna (Braid) as well as an appearance from world air guitar champion Eric “Mean” Melin who follows Matt around providing (mostly unwanted) solos.

Matt Pryor is about to start a short tour of the UK/Europe, all dates, as well as the video for Kinda Go To Pieces, can be found below:

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Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) Signs With Alcopop Records (UK)

matt pryorUK label Alcopop Records have announced that Matt Pryor, vocalist/guitarist for The Get Up Kids and The New Amsterdams (amongst others) has joined their roster. To celebrate the occasion, they are offering a limited edition of his 2013 record, Wrist Slitter on marbled vinyl (released this Tuesday). Check out the Alcopop store for more details.

Matt also has a series of dates across the US planned for December, details below:

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Matt Pryor Album Stream

Matt PryorMatt Pryor (Get Up Kids) has premiered a full album stream of his brand new album.  The album marks his third solo album, Wrist Slitter, which dropped today on Equal Vision Records.  The album follows 2012’s Confidence Man.

Stream the full disc here, courtesy Noisey.

Matt Pryor – Words Get In The Way

PryorMatt Pryor (Get Up Kids) has premiered a brand new song.  The track is titled “Words Get In The Way” and is set to appear on his upcoming third solo album, Wrist Slitter, due out November 12 ,2013 on Equal Vision Records.  The album follows 2012’s Confidence Man.

Listen to track here courtesy the A.V. Club.

Matt Pryor - May Day

Matt Pryor

May Day

Nightshoes Syndicate

Rating: 4/5




When it comes to Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor, I’ve gone about introductions quite backwards.  Rather than swooning over their older post-punk material back in the late 90’s and early 00’s, I waited until their breakup and for Pryor released his first solo work, Confidence Man, to take notice.  Instantly, I fell for his placid combination of vocals and well spun acoustic, folk-inspired tales of woe and personal triumph.  So it comes with great satisfaction to report that his sophomore full-length, May Day, lives up to – and in many ways surpasses – his initial debut.

Pryor’s greatest accomplishment is his personal connection, which shouldn’t surprise me given Get Up Kids’ deep-rooted emotional focus.  When it comes to messages from the heart, there are few rivals.  And oddly, sometimes it takes a step backwards to truly move forwards.  Pryor seems to have opted to strip himself of most production elements to the point in which some songs sound as if played in a small room on a wooden crate in front of a microphone.  Specifically “As Lies Go… This One Is Beautiful” and opener “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down” flow with organic execution, placing the emphasis purely on message and delivery.  “Don’t let the bastards get you down, they can go to hell” etches Pryor in the stonework of his listeners’ mind, his most powerful confession following in the line “sometimes a lack of options is the drive that keeps me here.”  Raised from his well of experience, Pryor muddies the line between grievance and moving-on with an innate know-how.

Pryor maintains a steady level of personal growth throughout, eventually reintegrating May Day with more complex compositions.  “Polish The Broken Glass” for instance gradually reintegrates a wide spectrum of instruments, including mandolin, piano, and various percussive elements.  “I will choose, which of the battles I fight, which of the causes I die, the people I love, save me” Pryor repeats in a powerful track concluding statement to the power of friendship.  That Pryor is invested in each guitar string, piano key, and lyric, couldn’t be more evident.  Selecting standouts is no simple task, but “Your New Favourite Weapon,” “The Lies Are Keeping Me Here” and “You Won’t Get Any Blood From Me” are great starting points.

When the curtain finally falls on this twelve song introspective, it’s hard not to feel that a little something has changed.  The honesty and love pushing each line and lyric is real, making May Day a true successor toConfidence Man, and exciting turning point in Matt Pryor’s development as a unique solo success.

Matt Pryor - Confidence Man

Matt Pryor

Confidence Man

Vagrant Records

Rating: 3/5




Matt Pryor has had a prolific music career in the underground community. First came his breakout act: The Get Up Kids; a band that personified the emo/indie uprising of the turn of the century. I’m not talking about the jet black,swooping hair, polished emo of today, but the real stuff akin to The Impossibles, Saves The Day and Jawbreaker. He then went on to his first “solo” group, The New Amsterdams, which was essentially him with a backing band. After that he went under another alter-ego, The Terrible Twos and released a kids record originally written for his child. Now Pryor is stepping out of the shadows of a moniker and going for a full fledge solo career and Confidence Man is the starting point of that career.

On the record Pryor seems to have once again found his stride. With The New Amsterdams there was always something missing. Yes, there were some sparkling gems in there, Hover Near Fame and From California still receive countless plays on my ipod; but for the most part the records felt somewhat forced and lacked a flow which made them difficult to play all the way through. Confidence Man sees Pryorpicking up where Hover Near Fame left off and building on it. The songs are still soothing, powerful, emotional and catchy but also have a stronger sense of unity threaded throughout them as Confidence Manis built on songs that work by themselves but sound better combined.

He has taken the route that more and more old punks are taking these days: the route of folk; and at it’s heart, Confidence Man is a folk album. It’s fifteen songs of carefully plucked melodies on an acoustic guitar with Pryor carefully crooning overtop. He has a poppier delivery than the likes of Chuck Ragan and Tom Barry but isn’t as polished or whiny as City & Colour or Bright Eyes either. Throughout the record Pryor continually spices things up with the inclusion of additional instruments to round off the sound. A Totally New Year has a energetic vibe in it, pushed forward by constant clapping and a full band pop-instrumentation. Loralai, the lead single, has the most intricate guitar melody of the record and stands out with layered vocals and feels like a mixture between Clapton‘s Layla and Green Day‘s Good Riddance. On Still, There’s A Light, he brings in a banjo to pluck a few chords while he breaks out an harmonica on the title track.

Each song is bringing with, pardon the pun, confidence. The lyrics are heartfelt love songs that are sincere in their honesty and never hit you over the head with it. Even when he does on the three minute ballad, I Wouldn’t Change A Thing, it’s done with such conviction that you just fall in love with the song anyway. Some lyrics are tinged with sense of quirkiness like “I don’t want you to know/that I don’t want you to go/because you’ve got my only set of keys” and others are a call to arms (“We all have a dark side that is ours and ours alone / crawl out of that dark hole and scream damn / damn it all”) and together they combine for a record that is diverse and relatable.

After more than a decade of fronting different bands, Pryor has moved onto the solo route; and while some will always yearn for the Get Up Kids days of old, they’ll be hard pressed to write off Confidence Man as a good start to what will surely be a good career.

Matt Pryor – Acoustic Videos

Matt Pryor recently sat down for a trio of acoustic songs recorded on video.  The tracks include “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down,” “Better Half” (Get Up Kids Cover), and “The Spoils Of The Spoiled” (New Amsterdams Cover).  Pryor continues to support his recent full length, May Day.

Check them all out below.

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Contest: Win Matt Pryor’s New Solo CD

Last year, Matt Pryor (of The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams fame), began a Kickstater program to help fund the release of his new solo album. After raising twice his original goal, he was able to put that money into the recording and release of May Day – which was released last week on his own label, Nightshoes Syndicate.

You can hear the first single right here.

We’ve teamed up with Pryor to give away a copy of his new album (and first since 2008’s Confidence Man). Just fill out the form below to enter to win.

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Matt Pryor Streams New Album; Sits Down For If You Make It Session

Matt Pryor has launched a stream of his sophomore solo album May Day.  Pryor also recently stopped by If You Make It for an acoustic Pink Couch Session in Brooklyn of his song “Where Do We Go From Here.”

Stream the album here and watch the session below.

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Matt Pryor Launches Full Album Stream For May Day

Matt Pryor (former Get Up Kids front man) has launched a full stream of his sophomore album May Day. The album, which is streaming a full week early is due out January 24, 2012 and will be available through Pryor’s own label, Nightshoes Syndicate

Stream the album via RDIO here.


Matt Pryor – Your New Favourite

Matt Pryor (former Get Up Kids front man) has released a new song entitled “Your New Favourite” from his much anticipated sophomore album May Day

May Day is due out January 24th through Pryor’s own label, Nightshoes Syndicate. His first solo album, Confidence Man, was released in 2008. Th album can now be pre-ordered here.

The song can be heard below.

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Tours: The Front Bottoms / Kevin Devine / Mansions

New Jersey indiepop duo The Front Bottoms have announced that they will be participating in three regional tours supporting Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids, Kevin Devine, as well as co-headlining their own tour with Mansions.

The band has also announced a live studio performance with WXPN (88.5 FM) at World Café Live on their Free At Noon show on Friday. The performance will air on January 6, 2012.

The Front Bottoms released their self-titled debut last September on Bar/None Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Matt Pryor Adds More Tour Dates

Matt Pryor has added a selection of tour dates to his already busy tour schedule and will be hitting the road this winter on a headlining tour in support of his new album May Day.

The tour will run from February 29th through March 10th and is set to span the northeast and midwest, starting in Allston, Massachusetts, and coming to a close in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Joining Pryor on select dates are New Jersey’s The Front Bottoms.

These dates will follow the annual Where’s The Band Tour, which will feature Pryor alongside Chris Conley (Saves The Day), Anthony Raneri (Bayside), Ace Enders (The Early November), and Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.).  The full dates are below.

May Day is due out January 24th through his own label, Nightshoes Syndicate.

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Matt Pryor – Polish The Broken Glass

Matt Pryor (former Get Up Kids front man) has released a new song entitled “Polish The Broken Glass” from his much anticipated sophomore album May Day

May Day is due out January 24th through Pryor’s own label, Nightshoes Syndicate. His first solo album, Confidence Man, was released in 2008. He will be supporting the album with a tour starting this January.

The song can be heard below.

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Matt Pryor – Where Do We Go From Here

Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has premiered the first song from his upcoming solo record May Day, set for a release on January 24, 2011. The song is titled “Where Do We Go From Here,” and will serve as one of the twelve all-new songs recorded at Pryor’s home studio.  Pryor explains the thought process behind the song:

“At one point I woke up and realized that I was lying to myself. I thought the world was falling to pieces around me and I needed to change it. The problem was … I didn’t know what to do. I think I’ve figured it out now, for the time being.”

Listen to the song here.


Tours: Matt Pryor

Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has announced a collection of brand new tour dates in 2012.  The tour will start in January and carry into February.  Pryor will be supporing his upcoming solo records May Day, due out on January 24, 2011 on Nightshoes Syndicate.  

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Matt Pryor

Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has announced an intimate house show tour in December in anticipation of his upcoming solo record, May Day, due out on January 24, 2011 on Nightshoes Syndicate.  The album will contain twelve all-new songs recorded at Pryor’s home studio.  Pryor explains his motivation behind the brief three date tour:

“I want to get out and try out some of the songs from “May Day” (as well as shake the dust of some of the old songs) in a small and intimate setting. I think it’s one of the best ways to play and listen to these kind of acoustic songs.”

Details can be found below.

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Matt Pryor Announces Next Solo Record

Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has announced that he will be releasing his brand new solo record, May Day, on January 24, 2011.  The album will contain twelve all-new songs recorded at Pryor’s home studio.  The album was funded through kickstarter, which has also allowed fans to vote on the final album art.

Album art ad track listing can be found below.

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Video: Matt Pryor – Pictures, Record, and Ring

Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids has teamed up with Blurt to release a new  acoustic video, “Pictures, Record, and Ring.” The video is a track from his unreleased album There’s Still a Light.  He will release a new video each week until June 1st.  The unreleased album  is part of a Kickstarter campaign (and only available through this incentive program) to raise funds  for his upcoming album May Day (named such because he plans to to all of the work on the album for the month of May).

To watch the latest video, click here.

Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids) to Release New Album Through Kickstarter

For the month of May, Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams, Terrible Twos) is recording a new solo album titled May Day which will be funded strictly through donations from his Kickstarter account.  Fans who donate money will receive goodies such as vinyl test pressings, exclusive t-shirts and screen-printed posters, the guitars played on the record and an unreleased solo record dubbed Still There’s A Light. Pryor has also posted a video of him performing “Where Do We Go From Here” off of the unreleased album.

The goal is to reach $10,000 by the end of the month. To make a donation or watch the video click here.