The Homeless Gospel Choir Reveal New Video And Tour Dates

FTSS-BMK-USTOUR-SUPPORTS.inddThe Homeless Gospel Choir have announced they will be joining Frank Turner, Lucero, and The Menzingers on the Be More Kind World Tour this Spring, The Homeless Gospel Choir are touring in support of their 2017 release, The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal, that is out now via A-F Records. The band have also just released a brand new hand drawn music video for Don’t Know, which features guest vocals from Frank Turner.

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal can be purchased via A-F Records here

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The Bouncing Souls Release Video For ‘Simplicity’

BouncingsoulssimplicityLast year The Bouncing Souls released their tenth full length, Simplicity, on Rise Records, and the New Jersey punk rock legends show no signs of slowing down. The band have now released a music video for the track, Satellite, that coincides with the announcement of Stoked For The Summer 2, the second year of the band’s curated hometown show extravaganza at the Stone Pony Summer Stage which is sure to be a night to remember with The Bouncing Souls recruiting their friends Lucero, The Menzingers, Mickey Rickshaw and Timeshares.

You can view the video for Simplicity, and The Bouncing Souls tour dates, below Read More…

Tours: Twin Forks / Counting Crows / Jukebox The Ghost / Lucero

Twin ForksNashville-based melodic folk band Twin Forks has announced two new tours in addition to wrapping up their current string of dates with Counting Crows.  Life on the road in 2015 will features tours with Jukebox the Ghost and Lucero with Ryan Bingham.  The band continues to support their 2014 Dine Alone Records self-titled debut.

Tour dates are below.

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Lucero and Poet Charly Fasano To Release 7 Inch Record and Mutlimedia Book

LuceroPoet and artist Charly Fasano and Memphis, TN country act Lucero have announced plans to release an EP and multimedia book.  The combo will be titled Retrospect/ed and is due out on September 29, 2014 via Fast Geek Press.  The EP was produced by Lucero drummer Roy Berry and engineer Chris Scott.

Pre-orders are available here and here.

The disc features Fasano reading the poems “Gasoline Fumes” and “Teddy’s Bowling Alley” accompanied by the music of Lucero. In addition to the recordings, Fasano (a.k.a. “the city mouse”) has created a multimedia experience by creating twenty-two linocut block prints and two short films that illustrate and complement the poems throughout the book.

Retrospect/ed will be released as an illustrated book with a hand-numbered 7 inch record (500 pressed), a hand-pulled block print, and an mp3 download code with bonus tracks of Lucero and Fasano’s first EP. It will also be released as a pocket edition book that includes a mp3 download code (no 7 inch). 

Lucero Announce Release Of First Official Live Album

LuceroMemphis  group Lucero have announced plans for the release of their first official live album. Lucero: Live From Atlanta will contain 32 tracks which span the group’s career and will be available in a 4 LP version. 

The album was recorded over three night at the Terminal West in Georgia last November. Lucero are well known for their high energy live shows, which blend country, punk, southern rock and soul. Official release date for the live recording is August 12. Pre orders are now up at the band’s site and include a variety of bundles. 

Guitarist Brian Venable addressed the purpose of the album:

When you listen to Freebird, you’re not listening to the studio version. You want that 17-minute crazy one. That’s the one you think to go to. So we’re hoping with this record, you’ll finally get a version of Tears Don’t Matter Much that you know.

The first glimpse of the album is a raucous version of Tears Don’t Matter Much, which can be heard below.

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Jeff Tweedy and Lucero do Songs for Slim 7 Inch

LuceroJeff Tweedy and Lucero have contributed the final two tracks for the last 7-inch in the Songs for Slim series, a non-profit project created to benefit former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, who is still recovering from a massive stroke he suffered last year.

The seven inch single will be limited to 250 copies, just like the Replacements EP that started the campaign back in January. The release will be hand packaged, hand numbered, signed by the artists and features original artwork from founding Replacements drummer Chris Mars on the picture sleeve. The auction launches Sunday, September 15 at 10 am PST via and will run until September 22. 

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, his son Spencer Tweedy and a few friends have recorded a cover or Ballad Of The Opening Band,” while Lucero do a take on From The Git Go on the flip side.

Last month’s auction of the Patterson Hood/ The Young Fresh Fellows single was another rousing success. Almost 350 bidders raised $7185 for Slim and his family. 

A CD compilation of all the various Songs For Slim releases (plus exciting bonus tracks) is nearing completion. More details will be announced soon while all Songs For Slim releases, including the special Record Store Day release, are now available digitally via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

The Fest 12 Adds More Bands

Fest 12Adding to their already impressive lineup featuring the likes of Bouncing Souls, The Draft, Dillinger Four, ALL, The Lawrence Arms, Samiam, Night Marchers, Braid, Boy Sets Fire, Obits, Paint It Black, Titus Andronicus, Fake Problems, Sundowner,  Big D and the Kids Table, White Lung, Toys That Kill, Polar Bear Club, Smoke or Fire, The Menzingers, Fake Problems and more; The Fest 12 has added even more bands to festival this year.

They have just confirmed that Lucero will be returning to the Fest having not played since Fest 3 and J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Government Issue, Office of Future Plans) will be playing an intimate best of his career backed by drums and a cello. On top of that, Tim Kasher (Cursive/ Good Life),Drag the River,  Deep Sleep, Weatherbox, White Wives, Modern Baseball, Pile, Whiskey & Co., Flashlights, Listener, Pale Angles, LVL UP, AC Deathstrike, Courtesy Drop, Bad Magic, Julie Karr, The Moms, and Half Hearted Hero have all been confirmed. The full list can be seen here.

The Fest 12 takes place over Halloween weekend in Gainesville and Ybor City, Florida.

New Photos: Lucero, Make Do And Mend, Anberlin, Knucklhead and Riot Fest Toronto


After fixing a little bug in our media gallery, we’re back with a vengeance and have posted a ton of new photos for you to devour.

We’ll start out West in Denver, Colorado as Mike Fajardo captured an intimate Lucero acoustic show at Illegal Pete’s in April. You can check out those pictures here.

Heading up North, Chris Wedman has been busy up in Calgary, Alberta and recently snapped some photos of Anberlin, Make Do and Mend and Knucklehead with The Hockey Fight.

And finally we hit up the East Coast as our resident Toronto photographer got some images of Riot Fest Toronto last year featuring the likes of NOFX, Descendents, Andrew WK, Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music and Less Than Jake here.

Lucero EP Stream

LuceroLucero has tdebuted a full album stream of their brand new EP.   The EP is titled Texas and Tennessee and dropped today.  The album follow’s 2012’s Women & Work.

listen to the full disc here courtesy Spin.

Lucero - Women and Work


Women and Work

ATO Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Rising occasionally to the manly forlornness that species of early rock found in dives and diners punk historians like Jon Savage call the beginning of American punk, Lucero’s Women & Work is nothing if not a feel-good throwback. Overall it is, indeed, nothing but this: fun tunes built on solid foundations with instrumental backing as broad as deep, ultimately lacking substance, each track seventy to eighty seconds too long, with the subject matter blending together into a sort of black and white pastiche of a time in rock ‘n roll that has ended.

The album’s upshot is best embodied in the album’s titular Women & Work, a big, dancey thing that requires both an organ and a piano, brass and snapping entreaties to “let it go! Let it go!” as a narrator entreats his ward to do in regards to (what else?) women, giddin’ drunk and livin’ life. It’s the same kind of fun Chuck Berry once had, and that similarly-whimsical bands like The Gaslight Anthem are just one degree too mean in their east-coast grunginess to replicate with the same precision.

With metaphors involving being “shocked to the bone” by a woman weighing down the occasional punch-through to emotional strength that try to save this album from mere Country, the faintly misogynist extirpation on sex wear a little thin before the album’s through. Those “ghosts down those empty roads/they all know my name” are invisible in the presence of several lines too many about boys being “swept off their feet” by girls “with kisses like lightning.” At the center of the thoroughly under-wrought tales of love and loss is a narrator waxing paternal to a naïve young friend, a friend who should probably be at the helm of each song’s stories. It may be hard for a band of Lucero’s venerable verve to unlearn its perspective, but it would probably help prop up some of Women & Work’s ho-hum subject matter.

Even in fourteen years of music making it would be wrong to say Lucero has lost its edge. It hasn’t. Women & Work has an energy many east-coast bands of an otherwise similar stripe are unwilling to express. That energy – and, with it, the expectation that a band that labels itself as “punk/country” will work as hard at the former as the latter – seems to beg more development of the message and the story. Fans ofThat Much Further West and Dreaming in America probably know where Lucero is going with this one. Many of them will probably be wondering how they aren’t past there yet.

Lucero - Nobody's Darling


Liberty & Lament

Liberty & Lament

Rating: 3.5/5




Despite what people say about Atticus and their Draggin’ The Lake compilations, you can’t deny the fact that they are good at introducing smaller bands to a larger audience. The compilations features a few big named bands to get the masses attention, and then throw in some smaller, unknown bands to really make the album a winner. Quite often, after a band appears on the Atticus comp, they tend to appear in many other places too. One such band is Lucero. First, they added the song Bikeriders to the third installment of the compilation and now they are about to release their fourth full length album, Nobody’s Darlings, which will definitely help spread the name of Lucero around the globe.

If you enjoyed Bikeriders, then you will enjoy the rest of the album. Right off the back, it is a surprising listen. But after after a few spins, it grows on you, and you can’t help but play it again. The songs are slow, and have an old-timmey feel to them; somewhat like the dreaded genre of country, but a million times better. They are simple melodies built on an acoustic background that flows smoothly. Although they don’t really energize you or move you, it does flow peacefully and calmly; making for a soothing ride of mellow alternative rock.

The vocals are what make the band. They are rough, hoarse, and incredibly scratchy; well worn vocals that have been killed by smoking and drinking that brings a nice medium between early Tom Waits andTim Armstrong. They aren’t able to hit and maintain too many pitches and harmonies, but they don’t need to. The tone and slow pace they are at is perfect for the songs.

Sadly, Nobody’s Darling is not that much of a memorable release. It is a solid release that will be able to get the band’s name out and about, but not one that will stick in the listener’s mind. But on the other hand, even if you forget about it, when you find it in your collection and pull it out for a spin – you will still enjoy it. It is a raw, melodic, southern, acoustic album that will easily be able to survive the test of time.

Lucero - 1372 Overton Park


1372 Overton Park

Universal Republic

Rating: 4/5




It is difficult to describe Lucero‘s sound at times. In short, Lucero write simple songs that anyone can relate to and ever so delicately pulls at your heart strings. The songs are strong and moving, majestic without being self-indulgent and completely captivating all at once. On their sixth studio album, 1372 Overton Park, the band has delivered yet another release that does all of that but they take it even one step further.

At its core, 1372 Overton Park is your classic Lucero album. There’s Ben Nichols’ baritone drawl overtop of a Memphis soul sound sliced together with a punk rock edge. The music pulses with a simplicity that soars through the speakers, grabs your attention and never lets go. Your foot taps along as the music enters you and moves you with the Americana roots and punk ideals.

All of that is still here, but on 1372 Overton ParkLucero have added one final touch to the mix: a fantastic horn section. The horns add an intriguing element to the sound, making it ebb and flow with more emotion than before as the horns rise up behind Nichols worn and rough vocal delivery. It brings What Are You Willing To Lose? up to new heights and makes The Devil and Maggie Chascarillo sound almost like a Hold Steady track; Goodbye Again has a stronger folk edge but with the horns sound like Attack in Black. It’s a pleasant and surprising addition that works, making 1372 Overton Park much better than it would be without.

Of course, it is Nichols’ mixture of perfect vocals alongside his poignant and relatable lyrics that make Lucero so memorable. Smoke relives a tale of running away and forging a new life ( Too many nights alone/ Too many days gone by/ With nothing much to show/ She was running out of time/ He was all she’d ever need/ If they could just outrun the past/ She said “run away with me.”/ She tried but couldn’t laugh/ He said “lesser men than me have put up better fights.”/ She said “we’re doing pretty good if we can just get out alive”). The songs tell tales of looking for love and nothing does it better than the bare bones, pedal-steel track Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble? which plainly asks “Darling, would you take a chance on me?” It’s a simple question and a simple line, but mixed within the context and the delivery, it sends a shiver down your spine as it mines a truth and exposes something majestic within a miniscule ideal.

1372 Overton Park is a record that will resonate with everyone, no matter their preference of style or structure. There is something familiar and sincere within Lucero‘s music and that makes it appealing for everyone.

Tours: Lucero

LuceroMemphis, TN’s Lucero has announced that they will be heading on tour in the new year.  The band continues to support their latest full-length, Women and Work.

It can be seen below.

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Video: Lucero – Women & Work

LuceroMemphis, TN’s Lucero have posted their first ever official music video.

The video is for the track Women and Work, which is the title track from their latest album.

It can be seen below.

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Lucero Stream New Full Length

LuceroCountry punks Lucero have launched a stream of their upcoming new full length.  

The album is titled Women And Work and dropped today via ATO Records.

Listen to the album here.

Metallica Announces Orion Music + More Festival With The Gaslight Anthem / Avenged Sevenfold / Lucero / Arctic Monkeys / And More

MetallicaMetallica announced that they would be hosting their own music festival, to be held in Atlantic City, NJ June 23-24.  The Festival, Orion Music + More, features 22+ of Metallica’s favorite artists from across the U.S. and according to the official website, “will feature a “lifestyle element” which will allow fans to interact directly with band members”.

Metallica will headline both nights, and play the Black Album in its entirety on one of the nights for the first time ever on US soil.  Below you can watch the official announcement made today by Metallica.

Tickets go on pre-sale for Met Club members tomorrow, February 8th and to the general public Saturday February 11th .  For more details on ticketing check out the official festival website here.

The full lineup can be viewed below.

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Lucero – Sometimes

LuceroMemphis country staple Lucero has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Sometimes” and is taken from their upcoming full length and debut for ATO Records Women & Work, due out on March 13th.  

Listen or download the song here.

Lucero Debut Album On ATO Records And Tour

LuceroLucero will release Women & Work, their debut for ATO Records on March 13th.  They will embark on a 40+ date tour this winter and spring.

See dates and track listing below. 



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Tours: Lucero

LuceroLucero has announced the 40+ date ‘Women & Work’ headlining tour as the group puts the finishing touches on their debut for ATO Records, due out in March. Support acts on the tour include William Elliott Whitmore, J. Roddy Walston & The Business and others. The dates are below.

Lucero frontman Ben Nichols commented on the upcoming album saying:

“This record is Lucero doing what we do best.  It’s one part barrelhouse Rock & Roll and one part lonesome nights.  The thing is, we are having more fun than ever playing both on stage and off and I think that shows on this album.”

More details on the new album and additional 2012 tour dates will be revealed soon.

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New Photos Galore: Blink 182, Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers, Against Me, Lucero, Less Than Jake, Krum Bums and More

Blink 182 - Mark HoppusIt’s been a long time coming, but we’ve just done a massive update to our live photo gallery with eleven new photo galleries from two great photographers: Dwayne Larson in Winnipeg and a Mike Fajardo in Denver!

Instead of giving a little blurb about each set, we’re just going to let the photos speak for themselves. They’re all great pictures and you should check them all out:

Dwayne Larson’s Pictures: 

– Blink 182
– Rancid
– Against Me! 

Mike Fajardo’s Pictures:

– Stiff Little Fingers
– Less Than Jake
– Lucero
– Krum Bums
– Reno Divorce
– Potato Pirates
– Flaming Lips
– A Perfect Circle

Also, we have another half dozen photo galleries ready to go live soon from our newest photographer based in Vancouver. Keep your eyes open for those to come online later this week.

Video: Lucero – Nervous Energies Session

LuceroMemphis Tennessee county punks Lucero recently performed acoustically for the Nervous Engine Session video series.  The set includes “The Only One,” “Hello Sadness,” and “It May Be Too Late.”  Lucero continues supporting their latest album, 1372 Overton Park, released last year on Universal Records.

Watch the band perform below.

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Lucero Performs Two New Songs At Krazy Fest

LuceroWhile at this year’s Krazy Fest, country punks Lucero debuted two brand new songs.  While their titles remain unknown, the songs can be found at the 10 and 37 minute marks of their set recording.  Lucero last released 1372 Overton Park in 2010 on Universal Records.

Check out the new tracks below.

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Tours: Chuck Ragan To Support Social Distortion And Lucero; To Start Writing New Album

Hot Water Music frontman and folk soloist Chuck Ragan has announced that he will be supporting Social Distortion and Lucero as they hit the road together in the new year for a tour spanning January and February.  Ragan released his latest solo record, Gold Country, last year on SideOneDummy Records.

Ragan recently wrapped up a tour with The Gaslight Anthem, and is currently finished up a tour of New Zealand and Australia with via Hot Water Music, alongside Bouncing Souls and Dave Hause.  Ragan intends to write his next solo outing this Winter.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Social Distortion / Lucero / Chuck Ragan

Social DistortionThe legendary and iconic Social Distortion have announced a January/February west coast tour in support of their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. Touring in support will be Lucero and Chuck Ragan, with The Aggrolites playing select dates.  Tickets will go on sale on Friday, October 29 and can be purchased here

The dates are below.

Social Distortion’s west coast run marks the first time since 2004/2005 the band has done a full tour of the region.  Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes is their first album in over six years and is scheduled for release on January 18 through Epitaph Records. Read More…

Lucero And Drag The River Announce Brief West Coast Tour

LuceroCountry punks Lucero and Drag The River will be supporting each other in a brief west coast tour starting in November and concluding in December.  Lucero last released their major label debut 1372, Overton Park, in 2009, with Drag The River having released Bad at Breaking Up in the same year.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Video: The Gaslight Anthem and Tim Barry – The War (Lucero)

LuceroA video of The Gaslight Anthem and Tim Barry performing a live cover Lucero‘s “The War” has surface online. The clip was shot last Saturday at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO as part of the band’s on-going tour. The video can be seen below.

“The War” originally appeared on Lucero’s 2005 effort, Nobody’s Darlings.

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Social Distortion Head On Tour With Lucero And Frank Turner

Social DistortionPunk legends Social Distortion have announced that they will be heading in October with Lucero and Frank Turner.  The tour will last for a little over a month, and will includes dates across the US and into Eastern Canada.  Social Distortion is set to release their Epitaph Records debut this fall which will serve as the band’s first full album of new material since 2004’s Sex, Love, And Rock ‘n Roll.

Concert listings can be found below.

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