Stream: Greenhorn – ‘I Hit The Wall’

Greenhorn_frontGreenhorn, the side project from Roger Lima (Less Than Jake) and Jen Vito (NoMore) are about to drop their latest EP I Want More, via Anchorless Records and ahead of the official release they are streaming I Hit The Wall over on Absolute Punk.

The album can be pre-ordered here (UK here) from tomorrow and pressing details can be found below:

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Interview: Less Than Jake

Less Than JakeFor over twenty years now, Gainesville, Florida’s Less Than Jake have been delivering unrelenting ska-punk tracks. Nine albums and a never ending touring schedule, the impact the Gainesville quintet has left on the scene is undeniable. Returning to Fat Wreck Chords for their ninth album, See The Light, also saw them headlining the annual Fat Wreck Tour alongside Masked Intruder, Anti-Flag and Get Dead.

Catching up with bassist Roger Manganelli and drummer Vinnie Fiorello at the Waiting Room in Omaha, NE, Pete Bataillon discussed the band’s longevity, their legendary live show and the new album.

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Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake

Roger Manganelli and Vinnie Fiorello

Fat Wreck Chords
By on November 21st, 2013 at The Waiting Room - Omaha, NE



For over twenty years now, Gainesville, Florida’s Less Than Jake have been delivering unrelenting ska-punk tracks. Nine albums and a never ending touring schedule, the impact the Gainesville quintet has left on the scene is undeniable. Returning to Fat Wreck Chords for their ninth album, See The Light, also saw them headlining the annual Fat Wreck Tour alongside Masked Intruder, Anti-Flag and Get Dead.

Catching up with bassist Roger Manganelli and drummer Vinnie Fiorello at the Waiting Room in Omaha, NE, Pete Bataillon discussed the band’s longevity, their legendary live show and the new album.

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Less Than Jake - See the Light

Less Than Jake

See the Light

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 4.5/5




The very second the horns begin on the new Less Than Jake album, listeners are in for a treat. The upbeat ska punk songs sound happily familiar, a welcome nod to the past. One of  the few bands that survived the rapid rise and crashing fall of the third wave of ska, Less Than Jake have managed to stretch the boundaries of their genre, blending punk and ska to create a sound that is all their own. This is a welcome throwback to their horn heavy classic releases, like their debut Pezcore.

The songs on See the Light are short and snappy. Lead track Good Enough begins with a catchy horn prelude, which moves into a bouncy track that sets the tone for the entire album. While ska music lends itself to upbeat, happy music, Less Than Jake have focused the positivity in their lyrics this time around. These are not goofy throwaway lyrics that weighed down the genre back in the 90s, these are simple, yet effective relatable lyrics. Some of the songs lean more toward one genre than the other. They focus on their punk roots on Bless the Cracks and Sunstroke, then slow things down to an easy stroll on Give Me Something to Believe In, Inc. The vocals are pushed comfortably to the front of the mix, but are supported by the rhythm section and horns. No one hogs the spotlight, which shows the maturity of the band.

Aging punks, well into their 30s, will listen to this release with a heavy dose of nostalgia. That being said, the music isn’t dated; it bounces along with a comfortable blend of maturity and youthful energy. While Less Than Jake has not been idle, this is noticeably their strongest release in this century. They have distilled their sound into a blend of pop punk and third wave ska, with little unnecessary filler to be found. These tracks are fun, which is something that isn’t apparent in a lot of music these days. With the exception of the criminally underrated We Are the Union, nobody has managed to blend these genres as well as Less Than Jake. The guys have celebrated the musical niche that they carved out and fans are lucky enough to reap the worthy rewards. 

This is a much anticipated release and well worth the wait. The band themselves say it best with their lyrics, I believe it’s possible that words and chords can make us strong/ And make you feel alive, the loudest songs.

Less Than Jake – My Money Is On the Long Shot

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has premiered a brand new song.  The track is titled “My Money is On the Long Shot” and is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album See the Light, due out on November 12, 2013 on Fat Wreck Chords.

Listen to the song here.

Live Concert Review

Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, The Flatliners

Live (Sept. 21st, 2008)

Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, Alberta




Yes, it was Sunday night. Yes, I had an eight o’clock class the next morning. Yes, I was battling a cold that had been going around. But no, it wasn’t time to sleep and get a good’s night rest. It was, instead, a time to put on your dancing shoes. To go out with friends, head down to the world’s largest shopping mall and see one hell of a good ska show. After all, it had been far too long since a good ska show came to Edmonton (the last one featured Reel Big Fish almost two years ago) and we weren’t about to let this one pass us by.

Unfortunately, I ended up missing the opening band, The Real Deal as I did an interview with Less Than Jake backstage. But I was able to get back in front of the stage by the time Toronto’s The Flatliners came on. While not really a full fledge ska band – in fact they lean much more towards the dirty punk rock sound with a few ska upstrokes thrown in for good measure – they still pulled the crowd into it with the lightning fast drum kicks and nassally vocals delvivered at breakneck speed. Patrick from The Hostage Life was filling in on guitar for the tour as they ripped through most of their Fat Wreck debut – includingJuly! August! Reno!, Mother Teresa Chokeslams The World,Mastering The World’s Smallest Violin, Meanwhile In Hell and Eulogy. Of course, no Flatliners show would be complete without some cuts from Destroy to Create and there’s no better track from that record than Fred’s Got Slacks.

After a short set change the kings of comical ska, Reel Big Fish hit the stage. They immediately broke into Sell out which got the pit moving and dancing in rhythm. It was quickly followed by Another F.U. Song and everyone knew they were in for one hell of a night. The band’s energy filtered through the crowd, who – if their frantic feet were any indication – had waited way too long for a ska show of this caliber. Each and every song was treated to a raucaus applause and loud sing-alongs. From I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too, to Where Have You Been, Revolution, She Has A Girlfriend Now,and Your Guys (I hate ‘Em), Reel Big Fish continually delivered their comical, angry and lovelorn ska songs mixed with in between banter that was often snuffedout by chants of Beer and Kiss Me Deadly (both of which were later played). On top of doing a cover of Metallica‘s Enter Sandman and their many renditions of Suburban Rhythm, they capped their set off with their cover of a-ha‘s Take On Me. Even though their set ended way too soon, it would’ve been a good night if it had ended there. Alas, we were still treated to Less Than Jake who not only blasted through more than a dozen tracks ranging fromJohnny Quest Thinks We’re Sell Outs to Conviction Notice, but also rememebered that a show can be memorable for more than just the songs.

Yes, they got the circle pit running in Summoning Monsters. Yes, they broke out the reggae for The Science of Selling Yourself Short; and yes, they hit fan favorites like All My Best Friends are Metalheads, Does The Lion City Still Roar, Plastic Cup Politics, Dopeman, The Ghost of Me & You andThe Last One Out Of Libery City among others. But in between all of those, the Gainesville group filled the gaps with jokes, bass solos, Buddy dancing in a George W. mask and an onstage contest to discover who’s armpit smells the worst. For the encore they shot streams of confetti – something which I guess they were charged 200 bucks for by the venue – and kep the crowd not only laughing but engage throughout the whole set. Something which made the entire show, not just the songs, that much more memorable.

Live Concert Review

Less Than Jake, Supervillains, Off With Their Heads, Dopamines

Live (Feb. 3rd, 2011)

Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL




In the midst of the 2011 Chicago snowpocalypse, despite unplowed roads and snowed in vehicles, Less than Jake still made the trek to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL on Thursday, February 3 in support of the re-release of classic Less than Jake, and essential ska albums, 1996’s Losing Streak and 1998’sHello Rockview (set to be released March 1, 2011).

Cincinnati, OH’s The Dopamines, who received a lot of buzz the past year over their June 2010 release of Expect the Worst on Paper+Plastick ,kicked off the evening with some catchy pop-punk. The venue was filled with maybe 100 people when their set started at 6:30, but songs like “Public Domain” had plenty of concertgoers bopping their heads and singing. The three piece is sometimes joined by Mikey Erg on the stage, but this evening they were accompanied by Less Than Jake bassist and vocalist, Roger Manganelli on guitar. They powered through their half hour set full of energy and ended with seeming approval from the crowd. 

Next was Off With Their Heads from Minneapolis, MN. By this time the venue was starting to fill up and about a fourth of the crowd was familiar with their songs. After playing “Drive” off the 2010 release In Desolation, singer Ryan Young explained, “This is fun, let’s get rowdy!” The crowd started to jump around to “Their Own Medicine,” and a small pit broke out. The two vocalists harmonized well, but Young’s singing did not seem as growly as the recorded material. As the set progressed, songs like “Trying to Breath,” “I Am You,” and “Fuck This, I’m Out” had the place looking more alive, and even the kids unfamiliar with the songs were starting to jump into the pit and dance along.

The Supervillains from Orlando, FL made the transition from punk to a reggae/ska sound. The crowd mellowed out for them, but by this time the venue was nearly full. The band was fronted by drummer/vocalist, Dominic Maresco, who also acted as the band smartass. Faster songs, similar to the style ofStreetlight Manifesto, had the once mellow crowd skanking and pushing. 

Before starting “Johnny Too Bad,” Maresco said, “This song is a sing along, and if you can’t sing along, you’re fucking stupid!” As Maresco judged the crowds response, he concluded “Some of you guys did good, but some of you are fucking stupid!” After playing “20 Excuses,” Maresco decided that the people in the back were not doing their part singing and dancing along and said, “You guys are a bunch of pussies! Is that where all your moms and dads are?” Overall, the crowd seemed unfamiliar with the Supervillians and stayed relatively tame. 

People young and old braved the snow to make it out for Less than Jake’s Hello Rockview and Losing Streak re-issue tour, and it was well worth it with the blow away set list. The crowd ranged from youngsters with “I heart ska” t-shirts to adult men dressed in head-to-toe in checkered print, even Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved By the Bell) was there. 
Less than Jake started their set out with beloved songs like “Sugar in Your Gas Tank,” “Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding,” and “Look What Happened.” Even though the band has been around since 1992, they looked great and were more energetic than ever. The whole band was in good spirits, talking to the crowd and cracking jokes in-between songs, while the front half of the venue never stopped moving. Singer/guitarist Chris DeMakes determined that Chicago is full of “fucking resilient motherfuckers,” in reference to the packed room despite the snow. He joked that the people from their native state of Florida are a bunch of pussies when it comes to bad weather. 

The band stopped their set to pull three men from the crowd onto the stage to have a folicly challenged drinking contest. The prize, DeMakes said with a laugh, would be a copy of his solo cd that sold a few copies in Korea. The crowd laughed and DeMakes remarked, “If you call them bald again, I’ll fucking smack you, they’re folicly challenged!”

Less than Jake 
powered through more favorites such as “Great American Sharp Shooter,” “Dopeman,” and “Automatic.” The band pulled another fan onstage to scold her for texting during the show. When they asked who was so important that she needed to text them during the show and she responded a boy named Brian, the band replied, “Brian better have a ten inch cock and a big bank account, there’s no texting in rock and roll!”

After the texting queen dove into the crowd during “All My Best Friends are Metalheads,” more females started springing on stage to sing into the mic. As the girls jumped back off stage, they let themselves fall backwards into the front row of the crowd, opposed to catapulting across the room.  The guys started to get in on the action and show the girls how to get some air. 

A majority of the songs on the set list were from Hello Rockview and Losing Streak, but towards the end of the set, LTJ played some songs off their latest release, TV, which consists of covers of television theme songs. The played the theme to Anamanics and laughed about their relationship with Warner Brother Records Sire. They talked about more of their favorite cartoon shows, and poked fun at vocalist/bassist Roger Manganelli for watching Disney’s iCarly, to which he defended if your pants stay on during the show, its fine. They went onto play covers of Spongebob SquarepantsScooby Doo, and a song about Big Macs they said had McDonalds bought, would of blown “I’m lovin’ it” out of the water. 

Less than Jake ended their set with songs off 2003’s Anthem, hitting the crowd with confetti and wrapping up with “Plastic Cup Politics.” They came back to play an encore of “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” and “The Ghost of You and Me,” coming in at just over 20 songs. The crowd never stopped moving, people young and old were smiling, singing, and dancing along, the set list was unbeatable, and you could tell Less than Jake still have a great time being a band. Look forward to those re-releases March 1 on LTJ’s own Sleep It Off Records with expanded packaging, new artwork, and a live DVD.

FAT Tour 2013: Less Than Jake / Get Dead / Anti-Flag / Masked Intruder

fat_wreck_chordsFat Wreck Chords has announced the roster for FAT Tour 2013.  The tour will feature Less Than Jake, Get DeadAnti-Flag, and Masked Intruder.  

Full tour dates are available below.

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Less Than Jake Releases Five Full Concert Videos Of Full Albums

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has partnered with VHX for the release of six full live concert videos. Each concert features a separate set of the band playing one album in its entirety –Pezcore, Losing Streak, Hello Rockview, Borders and Boundaries, Anthem and In With the Out Crowd.
Individual concert videos be purchased for $5 each, with the entire six-video available for $25. Fans that purchase all five sets will receive bonus content.  Check them out here.

Less Than Jake Release Free Tour Sampler (Ft. Hostage Calm, Pentimento)

Less Than JakeFlorida ska-punk legends Less Than Jake released a free three song tour sampler today featuring their upcoming tour mates, Hostage Calm and Pentimento.  The sampler features one song from each band to prepare fans for their week and a half East Coast tour starting on June 11th in Patchogue, NY. The free sampler can be downloaded here in Less Than Jake’s web store.

Additionally, the band is currently recording at The Moathouse in Gainesville, Fl., recording an LP of brand-new material that will be released via Fat Wreck Chords this fall.  Tour Dates can be found below.

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Less Than Jake Studio Update

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has released a video update from inside the studio.  The band is currently recording their tenth full length at the Moathouse recording studio and has posted a short video which can be viewed below.

The band is currently aiming for a fall release date on Fat Wreck Chords.  The band last released the compilation double EP Greetings & Salutations with the label last year, with a reissue of Borders & Boundaries.

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Less Than Jake (Re)Join Fat Wreck Chords

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake have announced that they have reunited with Fat Wreck Chords for the release of their next album.  The band is currently aiming for a fall release date.  Drummer Vinnie Fiorello expressed his excitement:

“When we first talked to Mike about repackaging our limited EP’s into Greetings & Salutations, it was a casual conversation about our new songs and direction. Then we started to write songs for a new record. Working with Fat feels right and with that said we are happy to be headed into the studio in May knowing that Fat will be handling the next record…”

The band last released the compilation double EP Greetings & Salutations with the label last year, with a reissue of Borders & Boundaries.

Less Than Jake - TV EP

Less Than Jake


Sleep It Off Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Less Than Jake’s idea for this EP is genius. Take sixteen famous TV theme songs or commercials, re-record them with a unique ska-punk flare and crank the sixteen tracks out in less than twelve minutes. It’s a comical, distinctive and fascinating concept that leaves any other concept album in the dust.

Now, that’s not saying that TV/EP is a must-have, nor is it close to the band’s best material. But just like their Greased EP (which saw them cover songs from the John Travolta musical Grease), TV/EP is a worthy, entertaining and fun listen.

It starts off oddly though with the theme song from the new tween oriented show i-Carly. Not only is this the second longest track on the record (at a whopping 1:11), but it doesn’t have the same cultural impact that others too. I had never heard the song before and really you need to be familiar with the original tunes to truly appreciate what Less Than Jake is doing here; and since I’m not at all familiar with i-Carly,TV/EP starts off on the wrong foot. In a way, Laverne & Shirley fails for that same reason – it’s the longest song (1:14) and covers a theme song that I don’t know at all.

Luckily the EP picks up after the rocky start, with a Hungry Hungry Hippos commercial before it launches into an insanely energetic Animaniacs theme song that uses Less Than Jake’s horn section to great success.  Other successful tunes include their take on They Might Be Giants’ Malcolm In The Middle theme song (yes, I loved that show so much I actually knew who sung the theme song) and Roger-ledThat’s 70s Show theme. The kids cartoon-combo of Scooby Doo and Spongebob Squarepants –  which, oddly enough, doesn’t sound like Less Than Jake at all but still sounds awesome – works as a nice one-two punch only separated by an eleven second Kit-Kat commercial.

The commercials can be hit or miss. The Big Mac commercial, while comical, seems way out of place sonically but ends the EP perfectly. Plus, who hasn’t sung the Osacr Meyer song once or twice? Now we have a punk rock version to sing along to and I, for one, am stoked about that.

A must-have? Far from it. But a fun filled twelve minutes? You bet your ass.

Less Than Jake - Seasons Greetings

Less Than Jake

Seasons Greetings…

Sleep It Off Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Cast your mind back to one day last summer, when Less Than Jake released Greetings From… – the first of new material since 2008’s GNV FLA. Skip forward to February 2012 and we’ve been treated to yet another surprise release from the band. This time in the form of Greetings From…’s counterpart Seasons Greetings…

Opening track The New Auld Lang Syne surprises me a little, in that it kicks off with a fade in of Chris DeMakes’ throaty ‘whoa ohs’ rather than the straight-up-in-your-face approach that Less Than Jakeusually take. Once the track gets going, though, it proves itself to be a contender for the ultimate summer jam – combining fast paced punk rock and a powerful horn section that doesn’t take its foot off the break throughout.

Done And Dusted, on the other hand, completely contrasts the majority of Seasons Greetings… and upon the first few listens, the slower vibes of the track make it almost forgettable. It’s the likes of Finer Points Of Forgiveness that really stand out and make up for it though, a track that mixes fast paced punk rock with powerful horn parts to produce a manic two and a half minute sound clash that is ultimately smoothed over by Roger Manganelli’s melodic vocals to prove that twenty years down the line, Less Than Jake still have it, whatever ‘it’ is.

The EPmay not be Less Than Jake’s greatest effort, but it still packs a punch that you can’t ignore. Although I’m yet to listen to it as relentlessly as I have it’s counterpart, there’s something that will always keep me coming back to this band no matter how much my taste in music changes. If you’re looking for upbeat ska punk melodies twisted with down but not out lyricism as it should be, then look no further.

Less Than Jake - In With The Out Crowd

Less Than Jake

In With The Out Crowd

Sire Records

Rating: 3/5




I’m a geek.

I love sitting on the computer reading online comics, I even have a wide list in my favorites specifically for when I feel the need to go and read my online comics. Some are the accepted punk comics, like the famed Nothing Nice To Say, others are more game oriented like Penny Arcade. One of my favorites is a little less known ska comic, called 21 Dead Monkeys. There is a comic on there about Less Than Jake‘s new album In With The Out Crowd which describes the album to a t. You can read that comic right here.

As you can see, Hoss, the loveable character is quite agitated with the new album, like many fans were. It just doesn’t have that same punch Less Than Jake normally delivers. But then you think about it a bit more, and you start to see the good songs amongst the passable. You listen to it a bit more and those good songs become more and more and the passable less and less. You start to pick out the little parts which made you fall in love with Less Than Jake in the first place. The classic ska upstroke is still there, particularly on Let Her Go, which gets you skanking in your seat. Chris’ more punk rock, rawer vocals are still there and ever present, slowly climbing into your skull and getting you to sing along. The more you listen, the more you realize that it’s still Less Than Jake.

The biggest change in the album is carefully pinpointed in the third frame of the 21 Dead Monkeys cartoons, and that is the odd lack of horns on In With The Out Crowd. Upon first listen, the horns are few and far between except for a few standout tracks like PS. Shock The World and Mostly Memories where the songs kick in with a burst of sax and trombones. But as you listen to it a bit more, you see the horn selection layered carefully in the background of most of the songs. This is a great pity, because they were mixed better than the songs would be that much more entertaining. But the way it is, the songs miss that punch unless you pay a lot of attention to search for them. But as Hoss pointed out, these songs would sound amazing live.

There’s no denying that In With The Out Crowd has a fair few great songs, like The Rest Of My Life (which is surprisingly slow), Landmines And Landslides, Soundtrack Of My Life or Hopeless Caseto name a few; but it is still far from being the band’s shining accomplishment. Although, if giving the chance, most Less Than Jake fans will still truly enjoy it, once they look past the slight overproduction.

Less Than Jake - GNV FLA



Sleep It Off Records

Rating: 4/5




Less Than Jake left Sire and they wanted to make sure you knew about it. Promising to return to the sound that they built their career on, the ska punk act proudly self-released their new album, GNV FLA,claiming that having complete control over the album will enable them to make the record they wanted to make. Fans ate up the promotion, the first single sparked interest and GNV FLA became one of the more highly anticipated releases of the summer.

For the most part, Less Than Jake fulfilled their fans expectations as GNV FLA sees the band amping up the speed a lot and adding in some more pronounced ska elements. They’ve piled up the skate punk aspect of their sound on tracks like This One Is Going To Leave A Bruise (a perfect mosh pit anthem), Summon Monsters and Abandon Ship by adding in intense bass kick amongst the thundering drums and crunchy guitar riffs that coincide with a mid nineties skate punk band. Right there you see the Losing Streak sound coming up, harder, faster, more intense than anything the band has done recently; but they haven’t forgotten their ska roots either.

Then the band delivered countless upstrokes and two tone melodies on GNV FLA to get the listener bouncing on their feet again. GNV FLA also sees a triumphant return of horns, somwthing which both In With The Out Crowd and Anthem were severely lacking. They’ve filled up every waking moment with trombones, trumpets and sax parts. It adds an element of excitement that was missing in their major label releases and makes songs such as The Space They Can’t Touch, Conviction Notice, and Does The Lion City Still Roar? much more enjoyable because of it.

But even though GNV FLA is the band’s strongest release in years, the anticipation that was built up became so strong it has forced some people to overlook some of the more negative aspects of the releases. Not that there are many downsides on the release, there are some which shouldn’t be overlooked. First is the production; while light years better than In With The Out CrowdGNV FLA still has some moments of mass overproduction. In fact, the album kicks off with the most pronounced mistake in that aspect. Roger’s vocals on City of Gainesville sound almost shinny and the only way you’re able to look past it is to dive into the upstroke in the background; and the fact that they blast out The State Of Florida afterwards helps a bit too. Sadly moments that feel a little too slick are scattered around the record, most are miniscule and passable but it’s still there and it’s still prominent. It lacks a grainy element that made their earlier work so monumental; and the fade out on The Devil In The DNA is slightly annoying too.

Still, GNV FLA is impressive. Any fans of the band, or fans of ska in general, should check it out as they won’t be disappointed; just don’t expect a life changing release either.

Less Than Jake - B is for Bsides

Less Than Jake

B is for B-Sides

Sire Records

Rating: 4/5




When bands go into the studio to record a new album, they almost always record more songs then they have on the actual release. Most of the time you, as a fan, will never get a chance to hear those mysterious extra songs that were recorded but never released. Less Than Jake decided to help you with this, thus B Is For B-sides was created and release.

It features twelve tracks that were recorded during the Anthem recording sessions, and were, for some reason or another, not added to the final copy of Anthem. Although I, personally, was really impressed with Anthem, there were a lot of people saying it was too smooth, too polished, just not raw enough. Those people who thought that will be happily surprised with B Is For Besides who’s songs are a lot more raw and unpolished. It’s obvious that they didn’t spend quite as much time polishing the songs up, and they sound good this way.

Musically, you get what you’d expect from Less Than Jake. Energetic, fun, ska/punk songs. They don’t tread new ground as far as lyrics, still singing about growing up, wanting to leave, and just life in general. The vocals are nice and nasally, but still easy to understand. Although, you will need a lyrics sheet if you want to sing along right away. Surprisingly, the horns seem to be a bit soft and really in the background. I think it would’ve been better if they brought them up a bit and made them just a bit more evident.

Not many bands would be able to make an album out of leftover songs and have that album still be a good one. Less Than Jake are able to do that here. It is rumored that Less Than Jake recorded 29 tracks during their Anthem recording sessions, but if you put both discs together you only get 26 tracks; where are the final three? I have no idea. Maybe they will show up on a compilation, or will be re-recorded for a new release, or maybe we’ll never be able to hear them. But no matter what, we can be very happy with the 26 songs that we have had the opportunity to hear from their recording sessions.

Less Than Jake Playing SXSW, Announce Europe Dates

Less Than JakeSka Punk biggies Less Than Jake, celebrating their 21st year together, will be playing their first SXSW performance in fifteen years, as well as a few other USA dates before heading overseas.  The tour kicks off with a double-date in Florida, and includes two in Louisiana, two in Texas, followed by a ten day twirl in Europe. 

Dates are listed below

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Tours: Less Than Jake

Less Than JakeGainesville, Florida’s Less Than Jake has announced that they will be will be heading on the road for a string of America tour dates before launching into a 10-day European tour that includes a host of festival dates.  The tour will take the band to and from SXSW in March, along with an appearance for Fat Wreck Chord’s label showcase, with the band hopping the pond in April.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Less Than Jake - The People's History of Less Than Jake [DVD]

Less Than Jake

The People's History of Less Than Jake [DVD]

Fueled By Ramen Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Less Than Jake is one of the world’s most renown ska punk band. They’ve just released their second major label album, B Is For B-Sides, and have even made appearances in major movies like Daddy Day-care. But they haven’t just suddenly jumped onto the scene to take over the music industry, no. They have been touring, releasing albums, and creating fans for over eleven years; and like most bands, Less Than Jake took a camera with them and recorded many of their pivotal points in their career, along with countless live shows. Here, on The People’s History Of Less Than Jake, is that footage.

The DVD is set up into five sections: The Here And NowThe HistoryAvante TardePhotos, and Extras. The first of them all features three live performances. The first one is live in London and is split up by little interviews between each song. The interviews kinda slow down the performance a bit, but are interesting to see nonetheless. The second live one is “Not A One Hit Wonder, A Ten Year Failure… Live From Rhode Island” (or something around those lines). Here we get a full set that is done perfectly. The audio is fantastic and clear, the video angels are diverse and smooth, its recorded perfectly. But then again, considering it was recorded live for TV, it makes sense that a TV station does it well. This subsection is definitely the best part of the entire DVD and makes it worthwild. The last subsection keeps up the pace with a mixture of a ton of live performances melded together perfectly.

The second section is The History, here they have over an hour of live footage from different points in their career. It starts off with them playing Big to a crowd of one, sitting on the floor, to them playing in front of thousands at the Leeds Festival. It is interesting to see their live performance transform over the year and the crowds grow bigger and bigger. The filming quality differs from set to set, they have some which were recorded using only one camera and others which used more, so you get a wide range of filming styles here too. Some bad, and some good.

Next we get Avante Tarde, and personally, I couldn’t even watch it all. It is the band in costumes messing around and pretending to be different characters. Quite honestly, it isn’t fun to watch at all. This section really diminishes the overall entertainment value of the DVD. After Avante Tarde, we get to the Photos section, which is just a bunch of photos. They keep it moderate, and don’t force you to sit there for 10 minutes watching photos flash by, but still have and enough to keep your interested. The final section is Extras, which has some extra interviews with Vinnie about Monkey Vs. Robot, and Fueled By Ramen Records, along with some music from other FBR artists.

The People’s History Of Less Than Jake isn’t a great band DVD, I have seen a ton which are a lot better. There are a few live performances here which would make it worthwild for the extreme fan of the band; but its not a must have for casual fans of the band.

Tours: Man Overboard

Man OverboardMan Overboard have announced a late fall tour with guests Never Shout Never. The tour kicks off at November 20 in Des Moines, LA and warps up in New Jersey. They will be joined by MOD SUN and Me Like Bees

Of course, this isn’t the only tour they have planned as they are currently in the middle of an east coast with Major League. Following that, they will hit the west coast with Taking Back Sunday and Bayside as well as the UK with New Found GloryLess Than Jake, and The Story So Far.

A complete list of tour dates can be seen below.

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Tours: Less Than Jake / Reel Big Fish / Mad Caddies / Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56Less Than Jake has announced that they will be touring with alternating support from Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish, as well as Flatfoot 56 on all dates.  The  tour will take the band throughout western Canada and the US and continue the band’s celebration of their 20th anniversary.  Tour dates can be found below.

The band has also unveiled that they will be releasing their brand new full length, Greetings and Salutations, in October 2012. The disc will combine the band’s most recent two EPs, Greetings From Less Than Jake and Season’s Greetings From Less Than Jake.  Two brand new songs will accompany the release.

Less Than Jake To Reissue Borders & Boundaries

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has announced that they will be reissuing their classic Fat Wreck Chords album, Borders & Boundaries.  The reissue will include unreleased unreleased demo songs as well as a bonus DVD featuring the band playing the full album live in 2007 in front of a home state crowd in Orlando, Florida.

Album artwork can be found below.

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Tours: Man Overboard

Man OverboardMan Overboard has announced that they will be serving support for two notable pop-punk acts this fall.  The band will first join Taking Back Sunday and BaySide in October, and then meet up with New Found Glory and Less Than Jake in November. The band continues to support their 2011 Rise Records self titled debut.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Tours: Less Than Jake / A Wilhelm Scream / Junior Battles

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has announced a collection of tour dates between Riot Fest Toronto and Riot Fest Dallas, with Riot Fest Chicago included in the middle. The tour includes support from A Wilhelm Scream and Junior Battles, and is part of the band’s 20th Anniversary Tour.

Tour dates can be found below.


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Perfect Teeth (Descendents, Less Than Jake, Drag The River) – Perfect Match

Perfect TeethLess Than Jake drummer and lyricist (along with Paper + Plastick Records owner) Vinnie Fiorello recently released a new online comic book that he wrote entitled Perfect Teeth. In it, Perfect Teeth are a vampire band that makes it big after getting signed to a major record label and the band’s big single is called “Perfect Match.”

The comic book can bedownloaded for free here.

After writing the graphic novel, Fiorello decided to write a real-life version of the single and enlisted Stephen Egerton of The Descendents to write and record guitars, bass and drums, and Jon Snodgrass of Drag The River to provide vocals and some additional guitars. The result is an actual audio representation of the song from the comic book.

You can now give the song a listen here courtesy AbsolutePunk.

Less Than Jake Release New EP

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake have announced and released more new music today.  Seasons Greetings From…, which is available in digital download form, is available from the band’s webstore  and is the counterpart to 2011’s Greetings From… The band had this to say:

 “Seasons Greetings From Less Than Jake! No, this is no Christmas record THIS IS 5 BRAND NEW SONGS, Written and recorded in the winter of late 2011 and very early 2012, This is a companion to our summer EP Greetings From Less Than Jake! Consider both groups of songs- the salt to the pepper, the peanut butter to the jelly, you get it right? Happy 20th Anniversary to US and a special Thank You to everyone.”

Less Than Jake‘s tour with Samiam, Plow United and Flatfoot 56 begins tonight. Dates can be found below.

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Less Than Jake Free Tour Sampler

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has announced that they will be releasing a free digital compilation through their webstore for their upcoming tour.  The sampler features songs from bands on the tour roster including Samiam, Flatfoot 56 and Plow United. 

Download the full sampler here.  Tour dates can be found below.

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Video: Less Than Jake – 20th Anniversary Celebration

Less Than JakeGainsville, FL ska staples Less Than Jake have launched a video celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band.  The video features archived footage spanning the band’s career, and is composed from various songs.  The band last released Greetings From… last year on Sleep It Off Records.

Watch the video on the band’s man website here.

Tours: Less Than Jake Announce 2012 Dates

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake have announced their first set of dates for 2012 in celebration of the band’s 20th Anniversary. The band are set to tour  will be joined on the dates by Samiam, Plow United and Flatfoot 56.

To celebrate the announcement, the band are offering a free download of the first half of their digital EP – entitled The First Ten Years – with anything bought from their webstore until February 16th. Similarly, the band are offering a free download of the second half of the EP – entitled The Last Ten Years – with every pre-sale ticket purchased at A pre-sale bundle is also available, and includes a signed poster (limited to 200) alongside the ticket and free download.

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Video: Less Than Jake – Conviction Notice

Less Than JakeLess Than Jake has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Conviction Notice” from their 2008 Sleep it Off Records album GNV LTG.  The band released their latest EP Greetings From Less Than Jake this past summer.

Watch the video below.

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