Live Concert Review

Tigers Jaw / Lemuria / Somos

Live In Vancouver (04/16/15)

Studio East - Vancouver, BC




It’s a sad fact that all-ages shows are slowly going the way of the dodo bird. It used to be that every touring show that came through town were all-ages with drinking sections; but now it’s rare sight to see – effectively eliminating the youthful crowd from experiencing the sights and sounds of a packed punk crowd. I built my love for music at concerts when I was fifteen and sixteen, singing along with strangers in sold out clubs and there’s nothing I could imagine that would ever come close to replacing that.

So it saddens me that the new generation so rarely gets to experience that joy simply because they’re too young.

With that in mind, it was exciting to seeing a varied crowd at Studio East as Somos, Lemuria and Tigers Jaw played in Vancouver Thursday night. All-ages show help foster an environment of excitement that is sometimes missing from the jaded 19+ shows as it introduces the kids who can’t go to the bar shows to the joys of live music – embedding within them a love of concerts that will hopefully last a life time.

Kicking off the show was Boston’s Somos touring in support of last year’s Temple of Plenty. Their punchy brand of emo was tight throughout, although they were battling a lack of familiarity from the crowd. People were interested and respectful, but the excitement hadn’t hit the fan yet as this served mostly as an introduction to the band for most people. Nevertheless, the set showed a band with promise and in a few years Somos won’t be fighting for familiarity in the scene.

Lemuria were next and considering they’ve played Vancouver numerous times before and are on a slightly larger label (Bridge Nine Records), many in attendance knew the trio this time.  Bouncy when the time called for it, but reserved and delicate even more so, Lemuria were the first band of the night to really get the crowd involved. With three vocalists alternating duties, the crowd dance and popped around while the excitement (felt by both the drinkers and the youngsters) began to build up.

By the time Tigers Jaw were ready, the crowd were bursting and they erupted as soon as the first chord was strung. Despite a recently revamped lineup (three members quit after their recorded Charmer but Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh decided to battle on with a new supporting band), they still sounded spot on. Some were worried as Adam McIlwee’s vocals led several of the band’s highlights, but those concerns were put to rest and the pits opened up, the stage divers flew and people sang along in happiness.

For someone who hasn’t been to an all-ages show in far too long, this was a nice reminder of why there should be more of them. It’s like Against Me! once sang “Just gimme a scene where the music is free /  And the beer is not the life of the party” – you want the music to be the highlight, so that even if you don’t know every word to sing back at the singers, you’ll still be having a damn good time.

Video: Lemuria – Brilliant Dancer

LemuriaLemuria have premiered their new  Phillip Freedenberg directed video for their single Brilliant Dancer on; it can be seen below.

The track comes from the trio’s newest album, The Distance Is So Big, that was released last year on Bridge Nine Records.

Lemuria are currently out on the road supporting The Menzingers on their US Tour (alongside PUP and Cayetana) and will head to Canada in July for a headlining tour home.  They are also confirmed for performances at Riot Fests Toronto and Chicago in September, with even more shows to be announced soon.  

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Tours: Lemuria / Kind Of Like Spitting

LemuriaPop-punk outfit Lemuria has announced upcoming tour dates.  The band plans to tour with Kind Of Like Spitting after wrapping up their tour The MenzingersPUP and Cayetana in July.  Check out the full tour listings below.

The band continues to support their latest EP, Brilliant Dancer, released back in 2013 via Bridge Nine Records.

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Tours: The Menzingers / Lemuria / Pup / Cayetana

The MenzingersThe Menzingers have unveiled the supporting acts for their upcoming US Headlining Tour. Joining them on the month long trek will be Lemuria, Pup and Cayetana

The Philadelphia four piece will be touring in support of their forthcoming album Rented World, due out April 22 on Epitaph.
Rented World is the band’s follow-up to their 2012 release On The Impossible Past. They recently released their first single I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore which can be heard below.

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Failures’ Union to release “Tethering” on Dead Broke Rekerds

failuresunionDead Broke Rekerds has announced the release of Buffalo, NY indie/pop/rock band Failures Union‘s third full length, Tethering, on vinyl LP.  Vinyl versions are expected to drop sometime in Spring 2014, followed by a European tour with Bedford Falls.

A video for the song, “Between” as taken from the album can be viewed below.
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Video: Lemuria – Scienceless

LemuriaLemuria has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Scienceless”  launched a full album stream of their upcoming full length, The Distance Is So Big, due out June 18, 2013 on Bridge Nine Records.

Watch the music video below.

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Lemuria Full Album Stream

LemuriaLemuria has launched a full album stream of their upcoming full length, The Distance Is So Big, due out June 18, 2013 on Bridge Nine Records.

Listen to the full disc here.

Lemuria – Chihuly

LemuriaLemuria has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Chihuly” and is set to appear on their upcoming album, The Distance Is So Big, due out June 18, 2013 on Bridge Nine Records.

Give the track a listen here.

Lemuria – Brilliant Dancer

LemuriaLemuria has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Brilliant Dancer” and is set to appear on their upcoming album, The Distance Is So Big, due out June 18, 2013 on Bridge Nine Records.

Give the track a listen here.

Lemuria - Pebble



Bridge Nine Records

Rating: 2/5




Lemuria were a band that always floated beneath the surface of my attention. I heard the name here and there but never got around to actually checking them out. Their appearance on the Nervous Energyvideo series changed that. The catchy, soulful acoustic number propelled by Sheena Ozzella’s soothing voice captivated my attention and so with bated breath I eagerly awaited to hear their Bridge Nine Records debut album Pebble.

When I got it, my reaction was simply “This is it?” This is what all the hype is about? This is what people have been fawning over?

Now don’t get me wrong Pebble is far from atrocious but it doesn’t soar to the emotional heights that were promised. Cutesy, sugary nineties indie-pop ditties are traded between the co-ed duo. Male and female vocals intertwine, offering either layered harmonies or conflicting viewpoints depending on the song. Simple yet heartfelt lyrics are repeated ad nauseum making so that a two and a half minute song can function with a total of only four lines in the opening tune of Gravity and Pleaser, a four minute track, delivers just six lines. The lyrics show a sincere sense of vulnerability and reflection but it rarely ever transcends through the speakers and into the heart and mind of the listener.  They can be quirky and witty (Every night on tour, I sleep with different girls and we laugh about you on Different Girls always brings a smile) but the soft vocals rarely are able to deliver the lyrics in such a way that makes them truly memorable.

The echoey vocals flutter overtop of the barebones song structure, creating a unique atmospheric aesthetic but one that rarely encompasses the full power of what they could accomplish. There are, however, songs that stand out. The slightly distorted Wise People really exemplifies the mid-nineties indie pop vibe and the track soars because of it. Ribcage steadily builds up momentum while the aforementionedDifferent Girls has a heavier pop-hook than any other track of the album. Sadly, there are much more missteps and blunders on Pebble than successes. They’re never so bad that you want to stop the album or skip the song but rather you just forget about the song all together.

As a whole, Pebble is just lacking something. It’s too laid back, too controlled; and while some people will love that – it just feels a bit too flat for me.

Lemuria To Start Work On Third Album

LemuriaNew York pop-punk outfit Lemuria has announced that they will be heading to the studio to start wotk on their third full length, set to be released by Bridge 9 Records.  The band is scheduled to start work on Wednesday, December 5th and will follow 2011’s Pebble.  Bassist Max Gregor comments on what to expect from their time with producer J. Robbins:

“We’re excited to be heading into J Robbin’s recently acquired studio in Baltimore, MD, to record a new full length for Bridge Nine. We’ve balanced out or busy lives over the past year with a number of songs that collectively create an atmosphere of distance and contemplation, while still reaching towards some of the band’s catchier, energetic tendencies. We have some plans for a few guest appearances on this record, and also some new sounds and ideas to progress from Pebble. That said, we’re going to be writing up to when we enter the studio, and of course a bit in the studio as well, so nothing is out of the question. Also, Alex will be tracking all of his drum parts while his kit is on fire.”

More details as they become available.

Tours: Lemuria

LemuriaBefore heading to the UK for their tour there, Lemuria will be playing a string of dates along the East Coast before meeting up in DC to work on writing for the next album, which will be coming in 2013 from Bridge Nine Records.  . The band is scheduled to hit DC, Richmond, Frederick, MD, Philly and Brooklyn,  and the full tour routing can be found below.  
Most recently, Lemuria released a 7inch for Record Store Day called Varoom Allure. You can check out both tracks from the 7inch online: “Cannonballs to Hurt” on RCRD LBL and “Varoom Allure” on Facebook

Tours: Lemuria (UK)

LemuriaLemuria has announced that the indie-pop-punk group will be heading to the UK this summer.  The group will hit the United Kingdom on July 31st with their last show wrapping up on August 6th.  Bassist Max Gregor comments:

“Last summer, we set about a full UK/European tour with our friends Cheap Girls which turned out to be an amazing tour. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our London show due to the 2011 England Riots. Additionally, we were unable to perform at the Hevy Fest music festival/in the Kent region due to other circumstances. We are using this tour as an opportunity to make that up to our friends in London and Kent as well as a few select other towns across the UK.”

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Lemuria – Cannonballs To Hurt

LemuriaLemuria‘s new song “Cannonballs To Hurt” is now online for streaming; it can be heard below.

The song is the B-side to their new 7-inch Varoom Allure which was released on Record Store Day.

The A-Side can still be heard here.


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Lemuria – Varoom Allure

LemuriaLemuria has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Varoom Allure” from the band’s upcoming Record Store Day 7″.  The band last released their previous full length, Pebble, in 2011 via Bridge Nine Records.  

Listen to the song here.


Video: Lemuria – Pleaser

LemuriaBuffalo, New York’s Lemuria have premiered their second of two new music videos online.  The video is for the single Pleaser off of their Bridge Nine Records debut album, Pebble.  The video can be seen below.

Pebble was released last January. The band previously released a video for the song Wise People and are expected to release a special 7inch for Record Store Day this April.  

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Video: Lemuria – Wise People

LemuriaBuffalo, New York’s Lemuria have premiered their first of two new music videos online.  The video is for the single Wise People off of their Bridge Nine Records debut album, Pebble.  The video was filmed in Los Angeles at the Nomad Gallery in late 2011 by Paul Cummings; it can be seen below.

Pebble was released last January. They will be releasing a video for Pleaser soon as well along with special 7inch for Record Store Day this April.  

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Lemuria Recording New 7 Inch

LemuriaLemuria is in the studio recording with J. Robbins two new songs for a special 7 inch for Record Store Day.

 Lemuria drummer Alex Kerns commented:

“We are all fans and supporters of our own local record stores, and fully support the mission of ‘Record Store Day’. This year, everything seemed to work out timing-wise for us to contribute our own release, so we jumped eagerly at the opportunity! We entered the studio in Baltimore with J Robbins yesterday to record two songs for a very limited, very special RSD only release. The songs will be the first recorded to feature our new bass player, and the record itself will feature artwork from our friend Sarah Abbot. You can help by requesting your local record store to carry this release, and by buying our 7″ and other limited records on April 21st!”

Record Store Day takes place on April 21st, 2012.

The band released Pebble last year on Bridge Nine Records.

Tours: Lemuria

LemuriaLemuria will be heading out on tour across North America in November and December following their appearance at this year’s The Fest 10.

The band will canvas the United States and make appearances across Canada as well in support of their Bridge Nine Records debut album, Pebble, which came out earlier this year.  Drummer/vocalist Alex Kerns talked about the tour saying:

“We are returning to the west coast of the US, and this will be our first time heading out to the west coast supporting of Pebble.  We will be visiting many cities that we have never played before like Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Eugene, Olympia, Fresno and we are finally visiting Western Canada for a week stretch!  With a couple of days off in Los Angeles we will be shooting a music video for Wise People with Paul Cummings who has made videos for Paul Simon, Charlyne Yi and many more.  Hope to see you soon!”

The dates are below.

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Against Me! New Seven Inch, Cover One Tree Hill, Tour

Against Me!Tom Gabel has announced a ton of news regarding Against Me! First off, they will release Total Clarity on May 24th through Fat Wreck Chords. The album is a collection of demos and unreleased songs that were recorded when preparing to make the album “Searching For A Former Clarity”.

A few weeks after that, they will release a new seven inch record on Sabot Records on June 14th. Titled “Russian Spies/Occult Enemies,” the release features those two brand new songs with the cover art photo by Ryan Russell and graphic design by Steak Mountain. While they were recording those two songs, they also recorded a cover of the theme song for the TV show “One Tree Hill” which will air on May 3rd.

Amidst all the releases, the band will be touring North America with Screaming Females and Lemuria. The three-week tour will begin in Millvale, PA, on May 31 and ends in Minneapolis, MN, on June 21; the dates are below.

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Tour:Against Me! / Screaming Females / Lemuria

Against Me!Against Me! has just announced a summer headlining tour beginning May 31th in Millvale, Pennsylvania and will continue until June 20th in Fargo, North Dakota.

Against Me! will be supported by Screaming Females and Lemuria. The dates are below.

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Tours: Lemuria, White Wives, Joyce Manor

LemuriaFresh off a SXSW showcase, Buffalo, NY’s Lemuria have announced plans to head back out on the road in April alongside White Wives and Joyce Manor.

The dates are below.


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Download:Ghettoblaster Mix Tape Issue 27

Get Up KidsWith every issue of Ghettoblaster Magazine a free mix tape is offered.  The magazine now is now up to Issue 27.  The current tape boasts such acts as The Get Up Kids, Lemuria, and the White Wires.  The mix tape can be downloaded here.

The entire track list is below.

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No Idea Records Releases Lemuria/Cheap Girls Split

No Idea RecordsNo Idea Records has made good on their previous announcement to release a new split featuring Lemuria and Cheap Girls.  The split includes two tracks from Lemuria (“Single Mother” and “Lemons”), and a lone submission from Cheap Girls (“Pure Hate”).  Lemuria just released their sophomore album, Pebble, this month on Bridge Nine Records, whith Cheap Girls’ last full length, Find Me A Drink Home,  being released back in 2009 on Paper + Plastick Records.

Additional details canbe found here.

Lemuria – Nervous Energies session

LemuriaLemuria recently recorded a Nervous Energies session where they recorded four acoustic songs including a previously unreleased song called Lemons which will be on a feature seven inch split with Cheap Girls.

The videos of the performances can be seen below.

The Buffalo, New York trio will release Pebble on January 11th through Bridge 9 Records.

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Lemuria – Wise People

LemuriaLemuria is streaming a brand new track courtesy Altpress.  The new track is titled “Wise People,” and comes from the band’s upcoming album, Pebble, due out January 11, 2011 on Bridge Nine Records.  The band released their last full length, Get Better, in 2008 via Asian Man Records.

Give the track a listen here.

Lemuria To Tour In Support Of Upcoming EP

LemuriaSoft spoken indie darlings Lemuria will be heading on tour in support of their upcoming EP, Chautauqua County, set to drop next week, November 23, 2010.  The Bridge Nine Records debut includes the first track from their upcoming full length, as well as an exclusive B-Side.  The recording was brought to life in the Magpie Cage with producer J. Robbins (Hey Mercedes, The Promise Ring, Jawbreaker).

The band will be touring in December, with dates leading up to and stretching beyond the January 11, 2010 release date.

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Lemuria Posts New Song: Chautauqua County

Lemuria Buffalo, NY’s Lemuria posted the new song, Chautauqua County, on their MySpace. This track is available on the synonymous forthcoming 7inch EP, which will officially be available November 23rd from Bridge Nine Records. The Chautauqua County EP also features the unreleased b-side “They Are Who I Say They Are” and can be pre-ordered now at the B9 Store.
The seven inch features the first single off of Pebble, their new album which slated to hit stores on January 11, 2011; also thrugh Bridge Nine Records.
Lemuria are heading out on the road with three east coast EP release shows in November and an east coast, midwest and southeast tour in December and January; the dates are below.

Tours: Lemuria (Ontario)

LemuriaBuffalo, NY’s Lemuria are set to play three shows in Canada next week alongside Anti-Flag.  Hitting London, ON, KOI Music Festival in Kitchener, ON, and Toronto, ON, Lemuria will be premiering new songs from their upcoming Brigde Nine Records debut.  Titled Pebble, their upcoming full-length album will hit stores in January of 2011.  Drummer Alex Kerns described the album saying:

“The new songs don’t stray far from ‘Get Better’ but at the same time, our new material is a little more high-energy.  We are very proud of this record and can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Pebble was recorded throughout July 2010 with J Robbins. The dates are below. Read More…


Tours: Anti-Flag (North East US/Canada)

Anti-FlagAnti-Flag have confirmed several shows in the Northeast and Canada this coming September. Opening for them will be a rotating list of acts including The Artist Life, Lemuria, The Menzingers and Vulgaires Machins. The dates are below.

Anti-Flag are currently on the Vans Warped Tour in support of their 2009 album, The People or The Gun.

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Lemuria Details Forthcoming Album

LemuriaLemuria has unveiled details on their upcoming Bridge Nine Records debut.  Their sophomore album will be titled Pebbles, and according to the band, they “couldn’t be happier” with the results.  The band is currently eying a November 9, 2010 release date.  The band comments on the album in relation to their previous work:

“The new songs don’t stray far from ‘Get Better’ but at the same time, our new material is a little more high-energy. We are very proud of this record and can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Stay tuned for pre-order details.