Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace Releases Mountain Goats Cover

I Only Listen To Mountain GoatsOn April 6, 2018, Merge Records will release I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas, a double-LP compiling the covers of each track from All Hail West Texas that will be unveiled during the first season of I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, a unique new podcast from Night Vale Presents. Each cover will be released as a digital single when the corresponding podcast episode is broadcast, starting with Laura Jane Grace’s cover of The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton

You can stream The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton here

David Dondero releases new EP via Total Treble

David Dondero - "With Love"Minnesota-born indie rock singer/songwriter David Dondero recently released his new EP titled With Love on Nov. 4, 2016 via Total Treble, in partnership with INgrooves.

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! recorded the album in 2012, and an idea to release it via her label came earlier this year.

In regards to how the release came about, Dondero said:

“It was a happy accident. I just came in, checked out the studio and she was like, ‘You wanna play a couple songs?’ So I played these songs then had to go onto Orlando, and that was that. We ended up recording all six songs in just about an hour. I think we did them all in one take and then they were shelved when the studio closed after being crushed by a falling tree.”

“I’m really thankful she’s putting this out. I like the songs better with no revision to the lyrics and I was surprised how good the recording sounded. It’s more truthful to the original idea. I like what we did to them on This Guitar, too, but the original versions I think are a little more to the heart.”

The album is available here.

Laura Jane Grace Announces New Webseries

Laura Jane GraceAgainst Me! founder Laura Jane Grace has announced that her new webseries, True Trans: With Laura Jane Grace will be premiering this Friday on AOL.  Grace explains the series intent:

“The opportunity I had while shooting this show was nothing short of tremendous… Getting the chance to listen to other people tell their stories of how life shaped their identities and views on gender couldn’t help but further inform my own understanding of just how complicated and also how simple all of it really is.”

Check out the trailer for the web series here.

Joan Jett Streams New Record

Joan JettRock legend Joan Jett has just released her first album in 7 years. Unvarnished dropped on September 30th via her own Blackheart Records and now thanks to the good folks over at USA Today, the album is being streamed in its entirety. Unlike previous records where she has written all the material, Jett expanded her creative process for this album, working with the likes of Dave Grohl and Laura Jane Grace.

You can listen to Unvarnished in full, here.