Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Added To ‘It’s Not Dead 2’

It's Not Dead 2017Me First And The Gimme Gimmes have been added to the already stacked lineup for It’s Not Dead 2, one of the America’s largest punk rock festivals. It’s Not Dead is returning to Southern California’s Glen Helen Amphitheater on August 26th after a two-year break. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes join previously announced co-headliners Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, plus A Wilhelm Scream, Buzzcocks, Channel 3, The Casualties, Down By Law, The Exploited, The Flatliners, GBH, Good Riddance, Guttermouth, The Interrupters, Kevin Seconds, Mad Caddies, Off!, Runaway Kids, The Selecter, The Toasters, Wraths, U.S. Bombs, Voodoo Glow Skulls and many more

Tickets for It’s Not Dead 2 can be purchased here

It’s Not Dead Festival Returns To California For 2017

It's Not Dead 2017Old and new-school punk rock fans demanded it, and Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has delivered, It’s Not Dead, one of the country’s largest punk rock festivals, is returning to Southern California this summer, after a two-year break. It’s Not Dead will once again invade the Glen Helen Amphitheater Festival Grounds on Saturday, August 26, with another massive line-up of bands on four stages.

Tickets for It’s Not Dead will be available from 9am on Monday 20th March here

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Aim Higher

Homemade EP

Rise Records

Rating: 4/5




Kevin Seconds really doesn’t need any introduction, he formed the legendary punk band 7 Seconds at the tail end of the late 1970’s, and although they have always remained a going concern he has always taken on new projects, whether that is solo releases, collaborations or new bands, all of which are always accompanied by a relentless touring schedule. Now he has launched his latest outfit, Aim Higher, this is his home recording DIY hardcore project and they released their debut single, the four song Homemade EP, on Rise Records in mid December.

Stain On Your Generation opens the Homemade EP, this is a straight up blast of melodic hardcore that has a distinctly DIY authenticity, a quality that is maintained across all four tracks, about it, For A Reason keeps the tempo up but with a stronger nod to the melodic element of his songwriting. The title track of the Homemade EP is another short hardcore blast that hits the spot before you get to the EP’s final track, Mouth Of A Stranger. This track is the highlight of the EP, it encompasses everything that we’ve loved about the best releases Kevin Seconds has put out over the last four decades, it is a perfect amalgamation of punk and hardcore and proves that Kevin Seconds has lost none of his fire. This track alone would make this release an essential purchase, but combine it with the three tracks that preceded it and this should make the Homemade EP your first purchase of 2017.

The Homemade EP is a lo-fi take on melodic hardcore, it is a little on the short side as all four tracks are done and dusted in under five minutes, but this is Kevin Seconds doing what he does best, and doing it with the punk DIY ethos that is the hallmark of some of the best records I heard in 2016. This is an authentic EP that combines punk, hardcore and melodic hardcore in the space of less than five minutes and as you’d expect it’s done with integrity and embodies the original punk attitude. The Homemade EP is available for download via iTunes, and there is also as a limited edition monochrome splatter vinyl version, that is limited to only 500 copies.

The download of the Homemade EP can be ordered here

You can stream the Homemade EP, and order the limited edition vinyl, here

Kevin Seconds Returns with ‘Aim Higher’

aim-higher-homemadeAim Higher, the home recording hardcore project of punk legend Kevin Seconds, has released its debut four song EP on Rise Records. The Homemade EP is available for download via iTunes, and also as a limited edition monochrome splatter vinyl version, that is limited to only 500 copies.

The download of the Homemade EP can be ordered here

You can stream the Homemade EP, and order the limited edition vinyl, here

Tours: Kevin Seconds (Europe)

PicFrontman for the legendary 7 Seconds, Kevin Seconds has announced details for European tour this April and May.  He will be supporting his newest album, Off Stockton, released back in February via Rise Records

Tour dates are below.

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Louise Distras Announces More Tour Dates

Louise DistrasEnglish folk punker Louise Distras has announced a spring tour with dates in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and 2 festival dates in the UK. She is out supporting her debut full length Dreams From The Factory Floor, released back in September 2013 via Street Revolution Records. 

A couple of these shows will be with Kevin Seconds, full tour details are available below.

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Kevin Seconds

Kevin Seconds

Off Stockton

Rise Records

Rating: 2/5




Despite first going solo with his 2002 split with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), 7 Seconds front man Kevin Seconds has been hardest at work developing his solo career over the past five years.  In fact, the aging punk rocker has developed an unmistakably faint, wiry solo persona through the use of a number of solo monikers all holding some variation of his name.  In recent years he has favoured a very stripped down approach built mostly around his trusty acoustic guitar with some simple percussion and track-by-track variances.  It’s not quite country, not quite folk, but definitely something earthy and simple.

His latest full length, Off Stockton, showcases some of his strongest musicianship, but is also liable to become his most divisive.  There’s a level of both looseness and finesse separating Off Stockton from its lineage.  It’s tough to pinpoint, but the whole album feels as if Kevin Seconds was playing the disc live and in a single take – and that’s not a reference to the false start that opens “Run Run Run.”  Combined with the very traditional songmanship of tracks like “The Answer’s No,” many of the tracks take longer than they should to really make their mark (and these are predominantly very short songs).  Take for instance one of the early album highlights “Broken And The Bend,” which perpetually sits on the edge of drawing the listener closer but never quite extends the warm hand of welcome. 

Even many of Kevin’s safest, mid-tempo, mostly country-influenced tracks also tend to come and go without making their presence that well known.  “All The Killers,” “Truth Be Told” and “Better Stronger Courage” all share the same safe and steady strumming that blends into the backdrop rather than painting a vibrant canvas for Kevin’s heartfelt lessons. 

While it might seem like a cheap shot to harp on production preferences, Off Stockton feels somewhat unfinished.  When placed alongside Kevin’s last few albums, the volume feels hushed with very few of the instrumental additions hold any weight.  Some may argue that this is the subtle finesse referred to earlier, but more often than not the songs come off sounding exhausted and bored.  Take the cello in “Better Stronger Courage” – the soft strings sound so dampened that it calls into question the value they add.  Similarly, listen for the barely audible organ backing “Truth Be Told,” which could easily be removed with little consequence to the opening verse.  “Love Or Hate” seems to be the exception, with Kevin piping up and really strumming like his reputation is on the line.  “Run Run Run” also manages to successfully tap into a catchy sing-along quality.

Kevin Seconds is no band wagoner when it comes to the world of unplugged punk frontmen gone acoustic.  His first split with Matt Skiba continues to serve as reputable reference point, and his past semi-solo outing, Kevin Seconds & His Ghetto Moments was quirky and full of personality.  His solo records since have been simple but commanding.  Off Stockton by comparison comes across dampened and borderline self-indulgent – even if his aspirations do reach well beyond his prior poppier folk tunes.  The passion is there, but the music is not – Off Stockton is the type of album you want to like but are never quite given the opportunity.  When it comes to sheer potential for enjoyment, fans are better served looking to Kevin Seconds’ back catalogue, turning to label mate Dave Hause or folk troubadour Chuck Ragan for an example of how to do the rustic solo thing justice.

Tours: Kevin Seconds

offstocktonalbumFrontman for the legendary 7 Seconds, Kevin Seconds has announced details for a spring headlining tour running through February and March.  He will be supporting his newest album, Off Stockton, set for release February 18, 2014 via Rise Records.  

Tour dates are below.

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Kevin Seconds – New Album ‘Off Stockton’

offstocktonalbumKevin Seconds announces the release of his newest album Off Stockton set for release February 18, 2014 via Rise Records.

Frontman for the legendary 7 SecondsKevin Seconds has stripped down his punk rock to his roots for Off Stockton – his sixth solo album since deciding to launch the side-project.

The album is an emotional visceral and musically untainted work of heart from the mid-tempo strum of “My Recollection” which features the dreamy harmonies of his wife Allyson, the skipping beat of “All the Killers” and the velvety pedal steel of “Truth Be Told.” The  album features 11 tracks stripped bare and raw from the singer/songwriter with his acoustic guitar.


Kevin Seconds To Release Album In Early 2014

kevin secondsKevin Seconds (7 Seconds)has announced plans for a new album in 2014.  The album will be titled Off Stockton, and is due out February 18, 2014 via Rise Records.  His wife Allyson appears on one of the eleven tracks.

The solo artist last released the solo effort Don’t Let Me Lose Ya back in 2012 via Asian Man Records.

Tour: Kevin Seconds & Kepi Ghoulie

Kevin SecondsKevin Seconds, of legendary Nevada punk band 7 Seconds, is hitting the road for a solo tour across the US this summer. His band recently released their first new material in over 8 years (we reported it here) and recently took to facebook to respond to the negative reception some fans have had to it. The full post can be read here.

Full tour dates for Kevin Seconds and Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies):

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Kevin Seconds Live Session And Interview

Kevin Seconds recently sat down with Blank TV for an acoustic set. The set features some tunes from his solo work and 7 Seconds material, as well an a Q & A interview.  He last released the full length solo work Good Luck Buttons back in 2010 on Asian Man Records.

Check out the full session below.

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More Bands Confirmed For The Fest 10

Fest 10Organizers for The Fest 10 have added a ton of new bands to the roster for the sold out Gainsville, Florida event, taking place October 28, 29, and 30, 2011. 

New additions include Monikers, Kyle Kinane, The Emotron, The Forthrights, Scum of the Earth, Worlds, Rivernecks, Alligator, Mouthbreather, John-Micheal Bond, Billy Wallace, Greys (Canada), Pujol, Kite Party, Teenage Softies, Wet Witch, The Fucking Wrath, Arms Aloft, Despite Everything (Greece), the Ex-Boogeymen, Over Stars and Gutters, Unfun (Canada), Liquid Limbs, Nato Cole and the Blue Diamond Band, Sister Kisser, Dig It Up (Canada), Luke Fields, Chicken Little, Charles the Ospery, Nightmares For A Week, Hold Tight, Vena Cava, Timeshares, Rose Cross, Post Teens, Nightlights, Douglas Shields and the X-Factors, Saint Alvia, Die Hoffnung, Chotto Ghetto, Sister Kisser, Evan Rocha, Luther, Party Drag, International Dipshit, Young///Savage, Kevin Seconds, Mauser, Wavelets and  Creepiod.

Previously announced bands include Hot Water Music, Against Me, Less Than Jake, Bouncing Souls, Lifetime, Dillinger Four, Samiam, and Youth Brigade to name a few.

The event is giving away the first volume of Fest 10 compilation freebies over on bandcamp, which can be downloaded here.