Joyce Manor – NBTSA

Joyce Manor CodyJoyce Manor have premiered a new song set to appear on Polyvinyl Records‘ single series. The band last released Cody in 2016 via Epitaph Records.

Listen to “NBSTA” below.

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Video: Joyce Manor – Last You Heard Of Me

Joyce Manor CodyJoyce Manor have shared a music video for the track Last You Heard of Me, one of the lead singles of the fourth album Cody that is due for release on October 7th. Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Guided by Voices, Kurt Vile), Cody is Joyce Manor‘s most intimate and unapologetically human album yet.

You can stream Last You Heard Of Me below.

Cody can be pre-ordered here.

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Joyce Manor Share ‘Last You Heard Of Me’ From New LP ‘Cody’

Joyce Manor CodyJoyce Manor have shared the track Last You Heard of Me, the latest single from their upcoming fourth album Cody that is due for release on October 7th. Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Guided by Voices, Kurt Vile), Cody is Joyce Manor‘s most intimate and unapologetically human album yet. On Last You Heard Of Me, the California based band channel their unsparing honesty into a snapshot of a night outside a Portland bar, perfectly capturing the uneasy melancholy of feeling alone in a crowd.

You can stream Last You Heard Of Me here

Cody can be pre-ordered here

Video: Joyce Manor – Fake I.D.

EpitaphCalifornian pop-punk band Joyce Manor has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song
“Fake I.D.” from their upcoming album, Cody, which is set to drop on which arrives in stores this October 7, 2016 via Epitaph Records.  The band last released Never Hungover Again back in 2014.

Watch the video below.

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Joyce Manor Announce New LP

EpitaphCalifornian pop-punk band Joyce Manor has announced details for their next album.  The disc will be titled Cody, and is set to drop on which arrives in stores this October 7, 2016 via Epitaph Records.  The band last released Never Hungover Again back in 2014.

Listen to the new song, “Fake I.D.,” here courtesy Pitchfork.


Tours: The Hotelier / Joyce Manor / Crying

HotelierThe Hotelier has will be hearing on tour this Fall with Joyce Manor and Crying.   The Hotelier continues to support their latest release, Goodness, which dropped back on May 27, 2016 via Tiny Engines Records

Tour dates are below.

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Thin Lips – ‘My Mouth Is Skinned Like An Apple’

Thin LipsPhiladelphia, Pa., indie/punk mix Thin Lips are streaming a new song at The AV Club. Listen to My Mouth Is Skinned Like An Apple here.

This new track is off the band’s forthcoming debut album titled Riff Hard set to release April 29, 2016 via Lame-O Records. Check out the track listing that follows.


Riff Hard track listing:
1. DEB
2. Never Again
3. Total Seperation
4. My Mouth Is Skinned Like An Apple
5. No Obituary
6. What’s Wrong
7. I Wonder
8. Andy Weed
9. Yup
10. Breaking Up And Breaking Down

Thin Lips announced they will be touring starting late spring with Modern Baseball and Joyce Manor. Dates are listed below.

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Live Concert Review

Joyce Manor / Toys That Kill / Weeds / The B-Lines

Live at The Korean Cultural Centre

Vancouver, BC (12/16/14)




Waking down Hasting Street to the Korean Cultural Centre just before 930, you could already hear the music pulsating through the walls. Local Vancouverites The B-Lines were  tearing it up by the time I got in and despite not having seen them in over a year, the four piece band still delivered the searing performance I’ve come to expect from the foursome.

Slightly poppy eighties hardcore, The B-Lines carry with them a spastic presence that many bands lack. The gangly front man flails and wobbles on stage – a mixture of Greg Attonito with Keith Morris – he moves with a wiry stiffness that bends and snaps as the music requires. Casually (and always sarcastically) joking with the crowd, The B-Lines were a throwback to the Smiling Buddha days of the Vancouver scene with a set that cumulated with the self-deprecating chorus of “We are the opening band.

Fellow Vancouverites Weeds were next on the four band bill. Starting with a shaky sound setup, the first few songs left many in the crowd under whelmed.  Snare drums too high, guitars too low and vocals barely audible, the band started off very very weak. A few adjustments in the sound booth and their real sound slowly started to break through. Leaving the eighties hardcore behind, Weeds were a distorted post-rock/grunge combo that was so big in the mid-nineties.  It took a few songs in and angry comments to the sound man, but Weeds successfully riled up the crowd for the two touring bands of the evening.

First was Toys That Kill a band that, despite being around since 1999 and garnering countless praises from friends and critics alike, I’d never previously checked out. As they stepped on stage I instantly recognized three of the members from The Underground Railroad To Candyland and knew we were in for a treat.

And boy was I right.

This band was tight, loud and enthusiastic. Todd Congelliere’s vocals are strong and unique as they are in Underground and from the moment the first chord played through, you knew why Toys That Kill were one of the touring acts. They commanded the stage and the crowd finally began opening up, bouncing, jumping and moshing along with the punk rock act.

It was a sight to see that was only eclipsed by the headliners: Joyce Manor.

After cancelling their afternoon show back in September during their opening stint for Brand New, it seemed about time that Joyce Manor returned to Van City for their own headlining gig. The band, which recently made headlines for their anti-stage diving stance, has a rather rabid fan base that tends to go wild for their particular brand of fast paced pop-punk.  Despite a somewhat small crowd, those who filled the Korean Cultural Centre were no different.

Ripping through tunes like Leather Jacket, Call Out, Beach Community, Derailed, and Constant Headache from their Self-Titled debut along with Falling In Love Again, End Of The Summer, Schley, The Jerk and Heart Tattoo from their Epitaph debut, Never Hungover Again, the band focused primarily on those two albums. A new cut from their Toys That Kill split along with two from Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired rounded out the set along with one or two ultra early songs that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Despite a somewhat short set – what do you expect when none of their album pass twenty minutes – Joyce Manor still delivered a show worthy of the three month wait.

As fewer and fewer venues offer all ages shows, it’s good to see that the odd one still squeaks through; because as we left drenched in sweat, there was no denying that this show – filled with sing alongs with friends and strangers alike – will serve as a blueprint for what punk shows should be for all the youngsters who made it out on the chilly Tuesday night.

Great Cynics Stream New Music

Great CynicsLondon/Devon alt rock trio Great Cynics have just wrapped a stint on the road alongside Joyce Manor and Cheap Girls, but just before they hit the road, they posted a stream of 2 new tracks. Lost & Found and Wet Feet are both available for streaming on their bandcamp page.


Joyce Manor And Toys That Kill Announce New Split 7″

Joyce ManorJoyce Manor has announced that they will release a new split with Toys That Kill.  The split is due out on December 9, 2014 via Recess Records and features two re-recorded Joyce Manor songs and two new tracks from Toys That Kill.

A song from each can be heard here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.  Track listing is below.

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Tours: Joyce Manor (West Coast)

Joyce ManorlTo end their successful year in support of their Epitaph Records debut album, Never Hungover Again, California’s Joyce Manor have announced plans for a short West Coast tour this December.

The six-date tour will see them start in California, head up north to Vancouver before heading back down to California again. Joining them on the trek will be Toys That Kill .

The dates are below.

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Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

Joyce Manor

Never Hangover Again

Epitaph Records

Rating: 5/5




Never Hungover Again (Epitaph Records), the new album from California punks Joyce Manor may have taken only two weeks to record, but considering the band entered the studio with a glut of songs they had rehearsed to death, honing them to the point of perfection before even stepping foot in the studio, the quality of the record should surprise no one.

Tragic tales of loss and love mixed with elements of The Smiths combined with the intelligent punk of Husker Du punctuated with elements of Blink 182’s pop punk come together here in a perfect storm creating one of the records of the year.  Accented by pounding drums and guitar hooks that sound simple, but include complex subtleties that only become apparent after multiple listens. The record kicks off with the brilliant Christmas Card, a wonderful song which breaks your heart and ear worms you in equal measure; ‘I’m gonna stay with you until you disappear into the crowd, I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, you know I think about it still’. The reality is I don’t really know what the song is about, but I still care – and that’s impressive. It also helps that the drums create this hypnotic beat that just carries you along effortlessly while the story unfolds through the lyrics. One of the best introductions to a record I’ve heard in a long time. And I’m secretly just pleased they haven’t kicked off with a fucking instrumental. Victoria and Heart Tattoo veer into more traditional pop punk waters, but certainly not like we’ve heard it done before. The songs are mature, yet still fun and you can’t help but be impressed by the stellar musicianship from Barry Johnson and Chase Knobbe on guitar driven on irresistibly by the rhythm section of Matt Ebert (bass) and Kurt Walcher (drums). With the bar being set so high from the opening track, it’s only natural to think that there will be some drop in quality, and in one sense there is, with Falling in love again, Schley and Catalina Fight Song not reaching the heady heights of their contemporaries, but in isolation they are still very good songs. The Jerk, and In the Army Now all follow a similar punk rock formula, but I mean that in the best possible way. Fast paced, slightly chaotic and a hell of a lot of fun. As the album’s final track, Heated Swimming Pool begins I hear The Smiths straight away, the jangly guitar shouted Johnny Marr and the lyric ‘I wish you died in high school, so you could be somebody’s idol’ sounds like it could have come from the mind of Morrissey. An unexpected, yet impressive end to an album which is full of surprises.

Melancholic, honest and fucking beautiful. With Never Hungover Again, Joyce Manor have given the world a truly classic record and as the last notes finish, shoehorning it into a genre seems less important than just playing it again.


Tours: Cheap Girls / Joyce Manor / The Hold Steady

Cheap GirlsCheap Girls has announced additional North American tour dates with Joyce Manor and The Hold Steady.  The band continues to support their recent fourth album, Famous Graves, released this past May on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Joyce Manor (UK & Europe)

Joyce ManorCalifornia punk band Joyce Manor have announced a series of autumn shows across the UK. The band are out supporting their latest full length, Never Hungover Again, released earlier this week via Epitaph Records. Support on all dates will come from Michgan’s Cheap Girls and Exeter UK’s indie punk favourites, Great Cynics.

Full dates below.

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Video: Joyce Manor – The Jerk

Joyce ManorCalifornia’s pop-punk upstarts Jouce Manor unveiled a new music video for their single The Jerk.

The Jerk appears on their new album, Never Hungover Again, which was released today through Epitaph Records.

In support of the album, Joyce Manor will play FYF Fest on Saturday, August 23 in addition to a short run with Brand New. Afterwards, the band will embark on their first ever North American headlining tour.

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Album Stream: Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

Joyce ManorTorrance, California’s pop-punk quartet Joyce Manor have teamed up with NPR to offer fans a full album stream of their highly anticipated new album, Never Hungover Again

The ten track album will be available on July 22nd through Epitaph Records. It follows their 2012 Asian Man Records album, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired.

Listen to the album here.

Joyce Manor – Schley

Joyce ManorJoyce Manor has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Schley” and is set to appear on the album, Never Hungover Again, due out on July 22, 2014 via Epitaph Records.

Listen to the track here.

Tours: Joyce Manor

Joyce ManorJoyce Manor has announced plans to head out on tour this summer.  The band recently made the jump from Asian Man Records to Epitaph Records for their next release, Never Hungover Again, due out on July 22, 2014 via Epitaph Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Joyce Manor Signs To Epitaph Records; Debut New Track

Epitaph RecordsJoyce Manor has made the jump from Asian Man Records to Epitaph Records for their next release.  The band plans to release the album Never Hungover Again on July 22, 2014 via Epitaph Records.

To mark the occasion the band is streaming the new single “Catalina Fight Song” which can be streamed below.

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Joyce Manor - ST

Joyce Manor

Self Titled

6131 Records

Rating: 4/5




I was not expecting this. Not at all.

Released by 6131 Records, recommended to me by some hardcore fanatics, and sporting the weirdest album cover photo in recent memory – Joyce Manor came out and reminded me that not everything always sounds as you’d expect.

Deviating from their regular hardcore signings, 6131 Records have found a gem in Joyce Manor – a band that is nearly impossible to classify under one simple genre moniker.  In a way they’re a pop-punk band, but only in the same way that an act like Captain, We’re Sinking could be described as “pop-punk.”  This is raw, searing stuff – with a heavy emphasis on the raspy sing/screamed vocal delivery. There’s also a heavy Jawbreaker influence that seeps through every note and harmony (Leather Jacket for example) as the vocalist sings with the sense of complete desolation just like Blake Schwarzenbach. Lyrically they take a cue from the famed frontman, but add in a bit of sardonic wit like Rivers Cuomo and Weezer as they sing lines such as “I could hear you coming so I hid by the couch. You were talking so loudly, I don’t know what about. You were drunken than high school, self-conscious and sweet. I never ever felt so cool disguised in your sheets” or “Famous friend, why are you coming around again? All of your stories start our boring but I’m laughing until I’m crying in the end.”  Plus, is any line better than “It made me think maybe human is not such a bad thing to be”? I think not.

These lines are not simply sung, but rasped through the speakers as if the singer’s on the breaking point; creating a sincere sense of passion that is so rarely attained on the album (yet another similarity toCaptain, We’re Sinking). The entire album pushes the boundaries for what you’d expect a pop-punk album to sound like (if, for argument’s sake, we decide to label the band as pop-punk) – and the vocals are just the starting point.  There’s not so much a sense of melody or harmony as there is a sense of chaos and cacophony through staccato riffs and raw production quality. They walk the line so well that once step to the left could turn Joyce Manor into a grating noise experiment, but they’re able to balance it all to ensure that it stays unique without compromising listenability (and yes, I know that’s not a word).

Joyce Manor have delivered a consistently solid album front to back. Some tunes stand out more than others (Call Out, Beach Community, Famous Friends, Leather Jacket and Constant Headache are the highlights) but not a single song becomes filler. In fact, as you look back at the track list you’ll realize “hey, I loved Derailed and 21st Dead Rats too; and Ashtray Petting Zoo was pretty wicked now that I think about it…” and the highlights just keep piling on.

Raw, crunchy pop-punk with raspy vocals, cacophony melodies and depressingly witty lyrics crammed into a mere eighteen minutes – that is Joyce Manor and they reminded me that some of the best albums are the ones that come out from left field. Bravo boys, bravo.

Video: Joyce Manor – Housewarming Party (Nervous Energies Sessions)

Joyce ManorThe latest band to take part in the Nervous Energies Sessions is none other than Joyce Manor, who performed a special Halloween themed take on Housewarming Party.

The video is below.

Joyce Manor last released the critically acclaimed “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired” in April through Asian Man.

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Videos: Joyce Manor – “Drainage” and “If I Need You There”

Joyce ManorPop punk outfit Joyce Manor has debuted a brand new double music video which can be viewed here.  The extrended music video features the songs “Drainage” and “If I Need You There” from their sophomore album, titled Of All Tings I Will Soon Grow Tired, which was recorded with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios in Palo Alto, CA and was released this past Spring through Asian Man Records.  

The band also announced a string of new tour dates which can be found below.

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Joyce Manor Interviewed By Mostly Harmless Podcast

Joyce ManorJoyce Manor of Asian Man Records notoriety recently sat down for an interview on the Mostly Harmless podcast.  Topics of discussion ranged from “The dangers of drinking Fireball whiskey and wrestling women,” to “their politics on the future of their band.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

Tours: Joyce Manor / Andrew Jackson Jihad / Against Me! / Algernon Cadwallader

Joyce ManorJoyce Manor has updated their tour schedule with some brand new West Coast dates supporting Against Me! and sharing the stage with the likes of Andrew Jackson Jihad to name a few.  The summer tour will see the band hit all the major summer festivals, inluding Chaos in Tejas, FYF, Fest 11 and Music Fest NW.  

Tour dates can be found below.

The Los Angeles pop punk quartet continues to support their sophomore album, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, released earlier this year  via Asian Man Records.  

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Tours: Against Me! / Joyce Manor / Andrew Jackson Jihad

Against Me!Against Me! has announced that they will be going on tour in September with support from Andrew Jackson Jihad and Joyce Manor. Against Me! is currently orking on their next full length and foloow up to 2010’s White Crosses, titled Gender Dysphoria Blues.

Dates can be found below.

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Silver Snakes Signs To Animal Style Records/Digital EP

Silver Snakes will see their debut, Pictures of a Floating World, released on vinyl by Animal Style Records on July 24th, 2012. The album was produced by Steve Choi of Rx Bandits and engineered and mixed by Roger Camero of No Motiv, was released digitally and on CD in late 2011 via Siren Records. The album will be released on forest green, white and clear with black smoke vinyl and will include a code for a digital download including the exclusive digital single “Old Light” featuring two brand new tracks produced by Silver Snakes’ vocalist/guitarist, Alex Estrada, whose previous recording credits include Touche’ Amore, Joyce Manor, and Nails.

The band will stop at Origami Vinyl, in Echo Park, for an in-store performance, on July 19th, 2011 at 7 p.m. where the vinyl will be available for the first time. That weekend also marks their appearance at Sound & Fury Festival in Santa Barbara, along with Touche’ Amore, Comeback Kid, and Ceremony. Silver Snakes will play The Fest in Gainesville, FL this year.

Joyce Manor Unveil Song Premiere, Tour Dates

Joyce ManorIndie rockers Joyce Manor have released a single from their upcoming album Of All Things I’ll Soon Grow Tired which will be out April 17th via Asian Man Records.  The track, as well as an interview with guitarist/vocalist Barry Johnson, can be found over at

Tour dates with Andrew Jackson Jihad can be seen below:

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Joyce Manor Detail Sophomore Album

Joyce ManorStill building off the buzz from their critically acclaimed self-titled debut last year, Joyce Manor has unveiled details regarding their eagerly anticipated follow-up. 

The sophomore album, titled Of All Tings I Will Soon Grow Tired, was recorded with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios in Palo Alto, CA and will be available on April 17th through Asian Man Records.

The artwork and track listing is below as are a string of upcoming tour dates for the band.

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Tours: Lemuria, White Wives, Joyce Manor

LemuriaFresh off a SXSW showcase, Buffalo, NY’s Lemuria have announced plans to head back out on the road in April alongside White Wives and Joyce Manor.

The dates are below.


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