Iron Chic Added To 2018 Manchester Punk Festival Line Up

MPF 18 Nov 17The Manchester Punk Festival has announced that Iron Chic have been added to the line-up, this band, that features members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and Get Bent, have made a huge impact on the punk scene since the release of Not Like This in 2010. 2018 also sees Lightyear Waterweed, Dead Neck, Captain Trips, Brassick, Apologies I Have None, Bobby Funk, Wadeye, Crumbs, Eat Defeat, Hot Mass, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Raging Nathans, Enda McCallan, Carl Moorcroft and Tim Loud added to the line up. The Manchester Punk Festival is taking place between 19th and 21st April 2018 across a number of venues in Manchester City Centre.  

Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival 2018 can be purchased here

Wiretap Records Release ATTENTION Album In Aid Of ACLU

Attention Nov 17Wiretap Records have released the latest charity compilation in their ATTENTION series. The compilation is part of the on-going quarterly compilation series with all proceeds going to the American Civil Liberties Union. The 35 track compilation features bands such as Iron Chic, Sincere Engineer, Spanish Love Songs, Odd Robot, Such Gold, Big Nothing, Breaklights, Kamikaze Girls, Avenues, Daydream, Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves, Donaher, Knifey and lots more.

You can pick up the compilation via the Wiretap records Bandcamp here

Iron Chic Streams New LP In Full

Iron ChicLong Island punk act Iron Chic has premiered a full stream of their recently released full length, You Can’t Stay Here, which dropped last Friday via SideOneDummy Records.  

Stream or purchase the disc here.

Iron Chic

Iron Chic

You Can't Stay Here

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4/5




Long Island, New York punk rock act Iron Chic is one of many aspiring bands to carry the gruff punk flag of honor.  Having previously established their brand of no frills melodic gavel-core, the band has become an easy reference point as an up and coming powerhouse in the tradition of Hot Water Music and Off With Their Heads.  Their third outing, You Can’t Stay Here, finds the band furthering their stride on their new home with SideOneDummy Records.  While the label has been branching out stylistically as of late, You Can’t Stay Here will serve as somewhat of a homecoming for long time fans of the traditionally punk oriented label.

Given even a hint of familiarity with the genre, fans will anticipate that You Can’t Stay coming chalk full of anthemic choruses and big, belted sing along harmonies as a given.  Opener “A Headache With Pictures” lands to a surprisingly soft hitting volley of guitar chords before launching into a punchier barrage of rip roaring riffs and gruff lyrical melody.  Once they pick up momentum they carry that punch into lead single “My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist),” which unfolds as a surefire hit for the Iron Chic faithful.  Compared with their earlier output, the tracks feel like a tamer, more domesticated version of their far more feral former selves.  This isn’t to detract from the obvious aggression that Iron Chic continues to command, but more as a statement of the tact that the band has attained over the years.  Rest assured though, there are plenty of easily recognizable, larger than life moments flowing from oodles of gang vocal infused tracks like “Let’s. Get. Dangerous.”, “Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles,” and “Profane Memories.”  Think Nothington with a more experimental nature.

In some ways, the quintet dabbles in elements of post-punk, as well as some unconventional chord progressions, not unlike the type that propped up Count Your Lucky Stars Records in the late 00’s.  For instance, “You Can’t Stay Safe” plays out with a muted buzz after opening to the calming reverb of single plucked strings.  Likewise, the hazy, semi-conscious acoustic atmosphere of “Ruinous Calamity” feels altogether alien to the brash punk rock powerhouse’s classic output.  There’s an astute sense of purpose typically reserved for visionary bands like Brand New or Manchester Orchestra to be found, and it works – albeit in the small doses provided here.  That being said, if Iron Chic made a total about face and underwent a complete stylistic overhaul like Attack In Black did between Marriage and Curve of the Earth, they might just pull it off.

You Can’t Stay Here era Iron Chic is an odd creature – familiar and comforting in style, but curious and foreign in substance.  The result is an eerie disturbance to what is typically considered to a rather predictable genre.  You Can’t Stay Here is anything but the status quo, and Iron Chic is just the right agent to make these unnerving shifts.

Iron Chic – Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles

Iron ChicLong Island punk act Iron Chic has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Planes, Chest Pains, And Automobiles” and will appear on the upcoming full length, You Can’t Stay Here, which is due out on October 13, 2017 via SideOneDummy Records.  

Check it out below.

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Iron Chic – A Headache With Pictures

Iron ChicLong Island punk act Iron Chic has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “A Headache With Pictures” and will appear on the upcoming full length, You Can’t Stay Here, which is due out on October 13, 2017 via SideOneDummy Records.  

Check it out below.

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Dead Broke Rekerds Release Free Compilation

Dead Broke RekerdsDead Broke Rekerds released a compilation in the final days of 2015.  The compilation is titled Year Of The Goat and includes contributions from The SoviettesBasement BendersTenementIron Chic, and Spraynard to name a few.

Download the compilation for free here.

Iron Chic Announces New 7″; Streams New Song

Iron ChicLong Island punk act Iron Chic has annouced plans for a brand new 7″ late this summer.  The EP will feature the tracks “Ys” and “Dog Bite” (Dead Kennedys cover) and is expected to drop on September 11, 2015 via Poison City Records.

“Ys” can be streamed below.

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Tours: Good Riddance / Off With Their Heads / Iron Chic / Western Addiction / Fire Next Time

Good RiddanceGood Riddance has announce plans to tour North America with Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, Western Addiction and Fire Next TimeGood Riddance continues to support ttheir latest full length, Peace In Our Time, available now on Fat Wreck Chords.

Full tour listings are below.

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Iron Chic & Spraynard announce North American Dates

Iron ChicIron Chic have announced some tour dates on their way up to One Last Party in Minneapolis this May. The dates will be with Spraynard who is releasing a new album on Jade Tree Records, as well as a reissue of their debut, “Cut & Paste” on Dead Broke/Square of Opposition (out this month).

Check out the dates below.

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Dead Broke Rekerds Premieres Remastered Get Bent Track

Dead Broke RekerdsQueens, NY defunct outfit Get Bent has premiered a remastered track from their upcoming Discography compilation, due out on Dead Broke Rekerds.  The band featured members of Iron Chic, Potboiler, Jonesin’, State Lottery & more.  The 

Listen to the song here.

Iron Chic and Low Culture Stream Two New Songs From Split

Iron ChicIron Chic and Low Culture are now streaming a song each on Noisey.  Preorders for the new split 7″ are up now from Dead Broke and Dirt Cult.

Listen to each song here.

Tours: Iron Chic (US/Europe)

Iron ChicEveryone’s favourite Long Island gruff punk band Iron Chic kick off a lengthy US  headlining tour  tonight in Brooklyn, New York.  They’re currently supporting  their sophomore full length album, The Constant One, which was released through Bridge Nine Records last year. 

At the end of their extensive US tour, the band will head overseas in April for a month long European trek as well. Their entire itinerary is below.

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Iron Chic Announce US Headline Tour

Iron ChicLong Island NY punks Iron Chic have announced a US headlining tour kicking off in February. The band are hitting the road in support of their long awaited and critically acclaimed sophomore full length The Constant One (check out our review here) which was released last year via Bridge 9 Records. 

The full list of dates are below.

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Iron Chic - The Constant One

Iron Chic

The Constant One

Bridge Nine Records

Rating: 3/5




Iron Chic is not your average Bridge Nine band. While I haven’t pored through every lyric on every release from the label known for its’ connection to hardcore, it’s safe to say that this is likely the only album to feature an obvious nod to 90s alternative pop group, Gin Blossoms (on True Miserable Experience). Their second full length comes on a wave of hype, as if they are the saviors of the pop punk genre. But their nod to the melodic pop 90s foreshadows that The Constant One is far from a pop punk album.

The band aim for a pop rock sound with a heavy dose of emo and melodic hardcore added in. Keeping in line with current trends, their vocals lean more toward the gravel throated style rather than the sweet melodies of early Jimmy Eat World or Saves the Day. One could easily assume that there is a prevalence of beards and flannel in the band. Back when they were listening to the Gin Blossoms and picking up their pop melodies, they likely also listened to their fair share of Samiam, which shines through in a few bright spots. There is a painfully unnecessary 8 bit intro to Spooky Action at a Distance that completely ruins an otherwise good song. The End (the actual album intro… so witty) is a skip over track that adds nothing to the album. It seems like a love or hate type of album. It takes many listens to begin to pick apart the different songs. The songs lean toward the long side, hovering around the 4 minute mark, plodding along at slow tempos for the most part.

Picking out the vague pop culture references is fun, from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe to slackers Bill and Ted to old school Superman. But despite all of the potential for singing along (which I imagine these guys see plenty of coming from sweaty happy crowds), the lyrics fall a little flat, obscure jokes diminishing the existential discussions they are trying to have with their listeners.

Iron Chic has created a decent album for their second full length. It does not stand up well against the majority of Bridge Nine’s roster, but I assume that the label are looking for a band with “indie credibility” to help finance their hardcore releases that have a much smaller audience. No doubt there are piles of listeners who love this album. The musicianship is top notch, although it doesn’t leave room for a lot of variety. The songs tend to blend together in a Foo Fighters sort of way, where you can never exactly remember a specific song 5 minutes after listening to it. But again, they have a huge following in the pop rock crowd too. Iron Chic has created a pop rock album with emo influences that will likely have huge appeal to Iron Chic fans. For the rest of us, it unfortunately may quickly fade to unnoticed background music. 

Iron Chic Full Album Stream

Iron ChicLong Island, NY’s Iron Chic are streaming their brand new full length.  The album marks the band’s long-awaited sophomore full-length, The Constant One, scheduled for a November 5, 2013 release through Bridge Nine Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Listen to the album here.

Iron Chic – (Castle) Numbskull

Iron ChicLong Island, NY’s Iron Chic have posted a brand new song entitled (Castle) Numbskull on Alternative Press’ website.

The song comes from the band’s long-awaited sophomore full-length, The Constant One – the band’s first album since 2010’s Not Like This.

The song can be heard here.

The Constant One is scheduled for a November 5th release through Bridge Nine Records and can be pre-ordered here. Read More…

Iron Chic Stream New Song

Iron ChicLong Island punk band Iron Chic have made Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder, a track from their upcoming full length, The Constant One, available for streaming via The record will be the bands sophomore album and is due out via Bridge9 Records on November 5th.

You can listed to Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder, here.

The full track list for The Constant One is listed below, as are the bands upcoming tour dates:

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Iron Chic Enters Studio to Record Full-Length

Bridge Nine RecordsLong Island, N.Y. melodic punk band Iron Chic announced they will be entering the studio this week to record their upcoming full-length and Bridge Nine Records debut. The album will include 10 plus tracks and is set to release later this year.

This new record will follow the band’s 2012 EP Spooky Action, which was originally available via Bandcamp and now a Bridge Nine vinyl.

Iron Chic Streams ‘Bonzo Goes to Bitburg’

Iron ChicLong Island, NY’s Iron Chic is streaming a song from their new EP titled Spooky Action over at Alternative Press. The song is the RamonesBonzo Goes to Bitburg.

Iron Chic wrote and recorded their Spooky Action EP last year and initially offered it via Bandcamp. The band is now a part of Bridge Nine Records and the label will be presenting the EP digitally and on vinyl. These releases will serve as a precursor to the band’s upcoming label debut due out later this year.

Bridge Nine Records’ version is available digitally today and physically on June 25, 2013. Order the Spooky Action EP at the B9Store now.

Iron Chic Cancels Pouzza Fest Apperance

Iron ChicAfter their van broke down in Virginia on their way to Stay Sweet Fest, Iron Chic have been forced to drop off from this year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal, QC due to financial concerns. The band explained:

We really regret to inform you that, after much discussion amongst the band, at this point in time we are going to have to withdraw from playing Pouzza Fest. A few weeks ago on the way to Stay Sweet Fest in Virginia the van broke down, it was beyond repair, and, essentially, a lot more expenses than initially anticipated were incurred in order to get down there, and then get the band, and all the gear, back home as a result of that. So, that situation, coupled with the upcoming European shows, really just makes it not financially feasible for the band to make it up there for this festival, as there are a lot of variables at play here, and there is almost no time between arriving back home and the beginning of Pouzza Fest to sort everything out financially. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you, or anybody else involved with running the event, as well as those people who were anticipating seeing us play. Hopefully in the future a chance to make this up to you will present itself, but at this point in time we sincerely regret that this is something that we just can not do. We wish you the best of luck with Pouzza, and, again, while repeating it doesn’t necessarily enhance it’s impact, we really just want to let you know that we are so very sorry that we have to withdraw at this time.

The festival takes place May 17th to 19th in downtown Montreal and features bands such as MXPX, American Steel, Big D and the Kids Table, Divided Heaven, A Wilhelm Scream, Chris Cresswell, Saves the Day, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Planet Smashers and many more.

Iron Chic Stream New 7″

IronChicGruff pop-punk outfit Iron Chic is streaming their brand new EP.  The 7″ is titled Spooky Action and is due out and is due out April 25, 2013 on Yo-Yo Records / Drunken Sailor Records.

The band last released Not Like This in 2010 which remains available for name your price download here.


Pouzza Fest Finalizes Line-up With Me First & The Gimme Gimmes and More

Pouzza Fest 2013Montreal’s third annual Pouzza Fest has finalized it’s line-up for the 2013 edition, adding bands such as Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Planet Smashers, The Slackers, Dead To Me, Iron Chic, Crime In Stereo and The Creepshow to their previously announced line-up.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes will be headlining the 2nd Metropolis show on Saturday, May 18th.

The full schedule and full list of bands can be seen at their website.

The festival takes play on May 17th to 19th in downtown Montreal.

Inaugural Road To Ruin Fest Lineup Announced

The first ever Road To Ruin Fest will be taking place this year April 20-22 in Philadelphia, PA, featuring performances by The Menzingers, Iron Chic, Luther, Tigers Jaw, The Holy Mess, and many more.  Additionally the festival will be hosting pro wrestling events sponsored by CHIKARA.

More information on the event can be found on the official blog here, or on the event’s facebook page.

The full lineup may be viewed below.

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New Benefit CD With Less Than Jake, Menzingers, Iron Chic & More

Get BetterNew Hampshire-based Get Better! Records has released a benefit comp for Anthony Poynter who was recently diagnosed with a late stage of cancer and does not have health insurance.

Poynter is a highly regarded member of the D.I.Y. punk scene who put together the annual Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, Kentucky. The compilation has new and never-heard-before tracks from artists including Less Than Jake, The Menzingers, Spraynard, Iron Chic, The Wild, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Candy Hearts and more.

It’s available digitally, or physically, through Get Better! RecordsBandcamp page.

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New Benefit CD With Less Than Jake, Menzingers, Iron Chic & More

Get BetterNew Hampshire-based Get Better! Records has released a benefit comp for Anthony Poynter who was recently diagnosed with a late stage of cancer and does not have health insurance.

Poynter is a highly regarded member of the D.I.Y. punk scene who put together the annual Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, Kentucky. The compilation has new and never-heard-before tracks from artists including Less Than Jake, The Menzingers, Spraynard, Iron Chic, The Wild, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Candy Hearts and more.

It’s available digitally, or physically, through Get Better! RecordsBandcamp page.

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Iron Chic Posts Four Song EP For Download

Iron Chic has posted four songs as a donation based download on their bandcamp page.

“Those Heads are our Heads” and “Climate is What we Expect, Weather is What we Get” are included on the band’s split 7″ with UK based Pacer.  To pre-order the vinyl “, click here. The other two tracks, “Langoliers” and “Jet Ski (Bikini Hill)” are from Iron Chic’s tour only 7″ titled Cosmic Future.

To listen or download the songs, click on the bandcamp link above.


Iron Chic Posts Full Live Set

Long Island’s Iron Chic have posted a video of their complete set in Philadelphia on March 6th at the First Unitarian Church. The entire performance can be seen below.

The band released their latest album “Not Like This” last year as a free download.

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Iron Chic – Not Like This

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one (the party really kicked off a couple days ago), but this one’s worth pointing out regardless of how many others have already pointed fingers.  So, what is there to say that hasn’t been said before?  Well, not much, other than that this is one of the strongest straight up punk rock debuts you’ll hear in a while (if you like No Idea Records stuff then you’ll love this).  I’ll stop writing now so that you can go and get downloading…

Iron Chic Not Like This

Download the Album From Iron Chic’s Bandcamp

Mp3: Iron Chic – Cutesy Monster Man

Iron Chic has released yet another track from their upcoming full length, Not Like This, due out on Dead Broke Records.  The new track is called “Cutesy Monster Man” and can be streamed here.

Iron Chic Album Details

According to Dead Broke Records, Iron Chic is putting the finishing touches on their long awaited full length and are aiming for a summer release date.  A CD version is also being released by 86’D Records.  The album contains 8 brand new songs and 2 demo songs (“Timecop” / “In One Ear”) re-done and re-recorded. This album features the new line-up of Iron Chic with members of: Capital & Jonesin‘.

Check out the track listing below.

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