Kingdom Of Giants To Release ‘All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare’

Kingdom Of Giants All The HellKingdom Of Giants will be releasing their new record, All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, on May 5 2017 via InVogue Records. The band has also released a video for Damaged Goods, the first single from the album.

All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare is available for pre-order here

Kingdom Of Giants Facebook page can be found here

The video for Damaged Goods can be viewed below Read More…

Ghost Key If I Don't Make It

Ghost Key

If I Don't Make It

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




If I Don’t Make It is the debut album by Illinois hardcore merchants Ghost Key, it was released yesterday, the 17th February 2017, via InVogue Records and is now available to order on vinyl, CD and download formats. It seems to me that the hardcore scene is undergoing something of a renaissance this year, Ghost Key are amongst a number of bands I’ve encountered in 2017 that are taking hardccore into a more focused brutal place, a move that represents a shift away from the secenes original punk roots

Death In The Family sets the tone for If I Don’t Make It, this a brutal pummelling ten tracks of technical hardcore from start to end, the only time the album deviates from the full tilt assault is on the tracks Ache and on the albums title track, these two noble exceptions boast a slower more intense grind, that for me brings a more sinister darker element to If I Don’t Make It. This is an album that boasts an in your face wall of sound production, one that really captures the intensity of the band, the almost relentless hardcore assault does tend to start to blur after a few tracks, but if you like your hardcore on the dark side, this is as intense as anything else I’ve heard this year.

If I Don’t Make It is an album that will divide opinion, the driving double bass and technical elements that they embrace in their emotional hardcore is a shift away from the more traditional approach, but Ghost Key are a band that seem intent on developing their sound and moving forwards, their debut full length is an indication that Ghost Key are a band that are refining the sound they developed on their early EP’s, splits and singles.

Ghost Key‘s Facebook page can be found here

If I Don’t Make It can be ordered on vinyl, CD and download here

Mirror Eyes Change Name To Floods

FloodsNashville, TN’s Mirror Eyes has changed its name to FLOODS after recent line up changes, the band are signed to InVogue Records and FLOODS will release their debut album later this year, frontwoman Jess Coppens had this to say

We’re excited to finally get this new name out there. FLOODS is gonna have a ‘cleaner’ sound compared to what we made as Mirror Eyes and we’re super confident that you’re gonna like what we’re working on for the new record. Change is good, and we’re stoked.


Leav/e/arth Announce Pre-Orders For ‘A Perfect Disarray’ LP

Leave Earth APDLeav/e/arth is a five piece alt rock outfit from Cleveland, Ohio, They are hitting the ground running with their debut full-length album, A Perfect Disarray, which will be available April 7th, 2017 via InVogue Records. Pre-orders are now live on the InVogue Records web store, along with a brand new track off the album. The band has big plans for the remainder of 2017, including opening for Pop Evil on Valentines Day, so keep your eyes open for Leav/e/arth.

A Perfect Disarray can be pre-ordered digitally and on CD here

The video for Memory, the second single taken from the album, can be viewed below Read More…


Courage My Love


InVogue Records

Rating: 2.5/5




InVogue Records recording artists Courage My Love have released their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, Synesthesia, the fourteen track album was released last Friday, the 3rd February 2017 and is now available on all formats. The Ontario based trio have spent the past eight years building a loyal following through steady touring across the USA and Europe, including joining the Vans Warped Tour in 2016, and through a series of critically acclaimed EP’s and their 2015 debut, Becoming, that preceded the release of their latest full length. The album’s title refers to a term where senses overlap and the stimulation of one sense leads to an automatic, involuntary reaction in another, which is a lofty ambition for any album to achieve.

Synthesthesia is an album that is a very slick blend of alternative and indie influences that are delivered with a poppy sensibility, the precise beats are overlaid with sparkling keyboards and steady driving bass lines that are topped off with soaring vocals and anthemic choruses. Almost every track on Synthesthesia follows their precise formula, the album only takes a brief detour from it’s formulaic approach on the brief instrumental intermissions, Sight Sound and Taste Touch, that tie in with the albums title that refers to blurring of the senses, but aside from this Courage My Love have released an album that lies very much in their comfort zone, and at the poppier end of the alternative spectrum.

Courage My Love‘s debut album washes over you in waves, whilst everything about this album is impressive, it never quite grabs you and demands your attention, Synthesthesia is an album that marks a logical progression from their earlier material, but, and this an important but, with the rough edges removed, for me it was these elements that gave their earlier material more drive. Their latest release is one that should appeal to their established fans as they’ve maintained elements of their early recordings, but their transition to a poppier approach is one that I can see bringing them mainstream appeal and success, whilst this is not an album that appeals to me, it’s one that I can see taking them to a wider audience.

You can order Synesthesia via InVogue Records here

Courage My Love Release Debut Album ‘Synesthesia’

courage-my-loveCourage My Love‘s full-length debut, Synesthesia, is out now via InVogue Records, the release of their debut album follows hot on the heels of completing a tour with Marianas Trench, the Juno-nominated trio is now gearing up to take the new songs on the road starting March 31, including a string of US shows and a European tour with Halflives.

Synesthesia can be purchased via iTunes and streamed via Alternative Press here

You view the video for the lead single, Stereo, and the bands tour dates below Read More…

LEAV/E/ARTH Release ‘The Other Side’ Video

Leave EarthCleveland, Ohio based LEAV/E/ARTH has signed with InVogue Records, their debut album is due for release April 7, 2017. You can view the music video for the lead single, The Other Side, at the InVogue Records Youtube channel. The band has also launched a merchandise store that can be found here, If you buy a t-shirt you get the new single and a reimagined version of it instantly.

You can view the video for The Other Side below Read More…

Courage My Love Release ‘Stereo’ Video

courage-my-loveCourage My Love have today released the official music video for Stereo, the track is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Synesthesia, scheduled for release on Friday, February 3, 2017. The album is available for pre-order, all pre-orders of Synesthesia will instantly receive downloads of two tracks, the new single, Stereo, and the album track, Animal Heart. Fans can also pre-order the physical CD or vinyl in a variety of bundles including shirts, hats, posters and more from the band’s webstore.

You can view the video for Stereo below and you can pre-order Synesthesia here Read More…

JT Woodruff To Release ‘Lonesome’ LP In January 2017

jt-woodruff-lonesomeJT Woodruff will be releasing his new album, Lonesome, on January 27, 2017 via InVogue Records. JT Woodruff will be on tour throughout January and February 2017 to promote the Lonesome album on the InVogue Records Unplugged Tour, along with label mates In Her Own WordsWoven In Hiatus and Hazing.

You can pre-order Lonesome here

You can stream the track, Sundown, here and view the 2017 tour dates here

Heavy Things Sign To InVogue Records

heavy-things-soldColumbus, Ohio based Heavy Things have signed a deal with InVogue Records, the first single, Sold, off of his 2017 full length album is now available for purchase or stream.

The band is finishing up their debut album with producer Nick Ingram that is due out on March 17, 2017. You can pick up the new single, Sold, on iTunes or stream on Spotify from today, Friday December 16th

You can view the video for Sold below

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Woven In Hiatus

Anatomical Heart

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




After forming in the latter stages 2015 Boston’s Woven In Hiatus have  certainly hit the ground running, in the first year of their existence they’ve released their debut EP, Roam, signed with InVogue Records, and recorded and released their debut full length release. The album includes guest appearances by label mates Dependence and September Stories, and it features ten flawlessly produced and delicately arranged acoustic compositions that span the indie genre.

Anatomical Heart opens with the upbeat acoustic strains of Scarlet, after this the album takes you on acoustic rollercoaster of styles and emotions, from delicate and heartfelt tracks, such as Bedframe and Ordinary People, through songs that have an almost country twang in the guitars, though you should think more Johnny Cash rather than Billy Ray Cyrus, and the stark and downbeat, all the while Woven In Hiatus maintain the dreamlike and ethereal quality that permeates their songwriting. Anatomical Heart isn’t something that would feature regularly on my playlist, but this is an album that will be sought out and played whenever the mood is right.

Woven In Hiatus is an acoustic quartet that have crafted and impressive debut album in Anatomical Heart, it incorporates indie, shoegaze and the poppier side of the punk world, the subject matter can be dark and emotive but this is nicely juxtaposed against the intricate and beautifully produced acoustic arrangements. Anatomical Heart is an album for those mellow hazy moments late at night, despite the subject matter of much of the album I found this to be a warm and comforting release. This is an album that will suit those nights that have ended up being on the cusp of easing into being an early morning, we all have those nights and Anatomical Heart would be the perfect soundtrack for those occasions.

Anatomical Heart can be ordered via InVogue Records here



The Scenic Route

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




Conspire have unleashed their debut album, The Scenic Route, it was released in mid November via InVogue Records, and it’s a notably dark and stormy journey into melodic post hardcore. The Floridian quintet have marked their first entry into the overcrowded post hardcore genre with an impressive and consistent ten track debut, to add muscle to their initial recording the album also features guest appearances from Silent Planet‘s Garrett Russell and Rocky Armelino from This Or The Apocalypse.

The opening track, 1971, features a disquieting melodic quality before the military drumbeat kicks in which signifies the song building up to the chorus, all the way through this track ebbs and flows between unsettling melodic sections with spoken vocals, and growled sections where everything just kicks in. The Secenic Route features a dark and down tuned vibe that moves away from the typical elements that have featured on many of the post hardcore albums I’ve heard this year. Conspire‘s debut release flows nicely, and whilst it displays a consistent quality across it’s ten tracks, it manages to avoid falling into the trap of becoming repetitive. This is nowhere more in evidence than on By The Sword, and the final track Enola. These two tracks move away from the troubled nature of the abum by introducing a thoughtful and haunting instrumental element to this release. Unlike many albums I’ve encountered that include an instrumental interlude to break things up, these two numbers fit in with the feel of the album and don’t sound like an incongruous afterthought.

The Scenic Route is a dark and claustrophobic album, but this isn’t just another noisy post hardcore release that follows the blueprint of alternating loud and quiet sections, there’s a lot more to The Scenic Route than that. This an album that varies the intensity and style and proves that they aren’t just another angry voice in the crowd, if you’re tastes lie to the darker and more emotive side of the genre then this is an album you’ll want to investigate.

The Scenic Route can be purchased here

Courage My Love Announce Details Of Debut Album

courage-my-love-dec-16InVogue Records recording artists Courage My Love have announced details surrounding the release of their debut album, Synesthesia. The fourteen track album is set for release on Friday, February 3, 2017. The album is available for pre-order, all pre-orders of Synesthesia will instantly receive downloads for the album’s first single, Stereo, and the album track, Animal Heart. Fans can also pre-order the physical CD or vinyl in a variety of bundles including shirts, hats, posters and more

You can pre-order Synesthesia here

InVogue Records Release Pay What You Want Xmas Compilation

invogue-christmas-album-2016InVogue Records has teamed up with Capital House Studio to release a Christmas Compilation that is available from today, November 25. The compilation features InVogue Records artists Chase Huglin, Convictions, Courage My Love, Hotel Books, In Her Own Words, JT Woodruff, Mark Rose, Mirror Eyes, Punchline, September Stories, and Woven in Hiatus. The compilation will be available as a pay what you want download via BandCamp. All money raised through to new years day will be donated to The Jason Christopher Wilhelm Scholarship Fund, in honour of the vocalist of In Her Own Words brother. The compilation will also be available via Spotify and all other digital outlets.

The track listing can be viewed below and there are 100 limited edition CD’s available here Read More…

13868180 - person stood behind frosted glass

In Her Own Words


InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




The Californian high energy pop punk band In Her Own Words released their new album, Unfamiliar, via InVogue Records last month, This is the follow up to the Bad Weather EP that was released at the tail end of 2015. Unfamiliar is their debut full length following their signing to InVogue Records earlier this year, it’s always good to see new blood being inducted into the punk world, so what have In Her Own Words brought to the pop punk party?

Unfamiliar opens with in an ironically familiar fashion, the first track, Nothing Left, starts with a crash of power chords which then leads into a chugging riff, from here on in it seems to be pop punk 101. Unfamiliar consists of eleven tracks of perfectly pleasant, but somewhat unsurprising pop punk, that seems to fall just short of the mark. There are downbeat numbers that ease things down slightly, such as Silver Light, and there are tracks that inject a but more energy, but they only differ slightly from the overall mid-tempo pace of the album, and there’s nothing to set your pulse racing or to induce thoughtful reflection, Unfamiliar just washes over you in all too familiar way.

Unfamiliar is an album that ticks all the boxes but somehow it just didn’t manage to grab me and I’m left feeling somewhat underwhelmed, that’s not to say that this is in anyway a bad album, it’s just that I got the feeling that I’ve heard it all before. In an age where their are pop punk bands on every continent, in every country and pretty much playing in every local venue, there has to be something to make them identifiable from the pack. For me In Her Own Words are running firmly amongst the pack, and they’re probably having a ball being there, but they’ll need to grow some fangs if they’re going to move up and take the lead.

Unfamiliar can be ordered via iTunes or from InVogue Records, in a variety of formats and bundles, here

InVogue Records Releasing Xmas Compilation on November 25

invogue-christmas-album-2016InVogue Records has teamed up with Capital House Studio to release a Christmas Compilation on November 25, 2016. The compilation will feature InVogue Records artists Chase Huglin, Convictions, Courage My Love, Hotel Books, In Her Own Words, JT Woodruff, Mark Rose, Mirror Eyes, Punchline, September Stories, and Woven in Hiatus. The compilation will be available as a pay what you want via BandCamp. All money raised through to new years day will be donated to The Jason Christopher Wilhelm Scholarship Fund, in honour of the vocalist of In Her Own Words brother. The compilation will also be available via Spotify and all other digital outlets.

There will also be 100 limited edition CD’s available for pre-order here Read More…


Everyone Dies In Utah

Everyone Dies In Utah

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5



Texas noise merchants Everyone Dies In Utah released their debut full length for InVogue Records last month, just to clarify it’s not their actual debut, since their inception in 2008 they have released three full length albums for Tragic Hero Records, but now they seem to have found a new home, their latest self titled album follows on from their debut single for InVogue Records, Chronophobia. Everyone Dies In Utah have been steadily building up a solid fanbase with a steady flow of releases, and an impressive commitment to touring with anyone, and pretty much everyone, Including Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Affiance, Sirens and Sailors, Alesana, and Suicide Silence.
This is a relentless pummelling release, albeit one which is perfectly produced, it straddles the often blurred line between metal and the assorted cores that have been spawned ever since hardcore had it’s first schism back in the eighties. Doing a track by track review of the album would be somewhat pointless, this is an album that never takes it’s foot off the gas, but I can confirm Everyone Dies In Utah have continued to refine their sound, and that this is their most accomplished album to date. If metalcore, or whatever core you want to file this under, is your thing then you are probably already aware of Everyone Dies In Utah, and may well have already ordered this album and i can guarantee you’ll be vey happy with it.
Personally I found this to be a blur of crushingly brutal guitar riffs, accompanied by a salvo of double kick drums, what makes this more palatable than many of their peers is the fact that this isn’t an exercise in trying to match melodic vocals and anguished screams, this is a band that knows what sound they are looking for and no quarter given in trying to find it. Rather than trying to diversify Everyone Dies In Utah simply alternates between brutal and vicious, that might not sound like much of a difference but give the album a listen and you’ll see what I mean. This is not something that I could listen to on a regular basis but if you’re a fan of this style of ferocious aural assault then this is as good an example of it that you’re likely to hear.
Everyone Dies In Utah can be ordered via iTunes and on physical formats here

Conspire Release ‘1971’ Video

conspire-tsrFlorida’s Conspire have released a video for 1971, the track is taken from their upcoming InVogue Records album, The Scenic Route, that is set for release on November 11th, vocalist Parker Armstrong had this to say about the track

1971 is about learning lessons from humanity’s low points. Different forms of oppression seem to stay alive cross-generationally. When and where one is born never justifies carrying on hate for the sake of tradition. We all have potential to make a positive impact in the history books of tomorrow. This song isn’t so much a cry for political correctness, but more a pursuit of personal convictions in sorting out the genuine from ghosts of our past

You can watch the video below and The Scenic Route can be pre-ordered here Read More…



InVogue Records
By on August 5th, 2016 at Nuneaton, UK



Since making the change from metalcore to alternative-rock in 2015, Swedish four-piece Normandie have been enjoying a wealth of new experiences. Back in March this year the band released Inguz, their first full-length album with their new sound and recently, in support of the album, the band landed in the UK to play their first ever headlining tour on the island. We had a chat with the band at their show in Nuneaton to find out more about their change in style, the reaction to the new record and the band’s future plans.

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Chase Huglin

You Deserve An Island

InVogue Records

Rating: 2/5




Chase Huglin is a singer songwriter based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, You Deserve An Island is his debut album, which was released at the end of last month, whilst this is his first full length it his second release for InVogue Records, and it follows on from the Glow EP that was released last year. Fort Wayne is by all accounts a sleepy sprawling clone town, but importantly it is one that has spawned it’s own unique DIY scene amongst the coffee shops and chain stores, Chase Huglin is a product of this scene and his sound is a million miles away from the DIY scene I’m used to here in the UK, which is a somewhat noisier affair.

Opening track Wind Chimes is almost whispered, as I was at a concert last night I had to check my speakers are switched on, this sets the tone for what is a seriously laid back acoustic album. Every track is a soundtrack to quiet moments and dubious smokes enjoyed over coffee and late nights, You Deserve An Island is an album that doesn’t even put the key in the ignition, let alone get out of first gear. This is the kind of album that I would have to be in the right mood for, when I needed something that suited winding down in the transitional stage of the night that lies between late at night and early in the morning.

There is no doubting Chase Huglin‘s songwriting ability, however, You Deserve An Island is all delivered in a quiet acoustic style, and this is such a consistently mellow album that I found that it just drifted over me, and I had to start it again as I found I hadn’t noticed it’s passing, and exactly the same thing happened again. Personally I felt it needed something to wake things up, even for just one track, just so the album reminded you it was there, but if you are in the mood for some well crafted easy going acoustic tracks then You Deserve An Island could well be the album you need.

You can download You Deserve An Island here or purchase the album on physical formats here

Conspire Release ‘1971’ Video From Forthcoming Album

conspire-tsrFlorida’s Conspire have released a video for their track 1971 off their upcoming InVogue Records album The Scenic Route set for release on November 11, 2016. You can catch Conspire on tour with label mates Everyone Dies In Utah, Convictions and Glass Houses from the 6th through to the 22nd October. Vocalist Parker Armstrong had this to say about the songs

1971 is about learning lessons from humanity’s low points. Different forms of oppression seem to stay alive cross-generationally. When and where one is born never justifies carrying on hate for the sake of tradition. We all have potential to make a positive impact in the history books of tomorrow. This song isn’t so much a cry for political correctness, but more a pursuit of personal convictions in sorting out the genuine from ghosts of our past.

The video for 1971 can be seen below and pre-orders for The Scenic Route are available here Read More…

Glass Houses Wellspring

Glass Houses


InVogue Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Glass Houses are a North Dakota metalcore quintet whose debut album Wellspring was released at the end of last month via InVogue Records. As with many metalcore style releases Wellspring is an album that veers between intense pummelling metal with barked vocals, and lighter moments that feature melodies that veer into the heavier end of pop punk territory. The first track is the single release, Apparitions, and I was pleasantly surprised as this appeared to be a step up from many of the other metalcore releases I’ve heard this year, however as the album progressed I found there is so little variety contained on Wellspring that I actually stopped noticing when one track had finished and the next one had commenced.

My initial reaction that they had managed to avoid the pitfall of overproducing their album, one that so many of the other metalcore and rock releases I’ve encountered this year haven’t just fallen, but happily dived head first, into, is somewhat tempered by the fact that Wellspring becomes formulaic and repetitive after a few tracks. I began to get deja vu by the fourth song, and by the tenth and final track I found that everything had just merged into a protracted session of bone crunching guitar riffs and intense drumming. I will say that for this genre this is one of the better albums I’ve heard this year, but in case you hadn’t guessed it’s not a style that I find easy to warm to.

If Metalcore is your thing then I’d recommend checking out this album, as this is an energetic and brutal mix of pop punk and intense metal that is skilfully delivered. I would also think that Glass Houses could well be a band that come into their own in a live environment, and if you want to check them out on tour Glass Houses will be playing a series of dates with label mates Everyone Dies In Utah, Convictions and Conspire this autumn, and they are also scheduled to play at the So What?! Music Festival on October 21st and 22nd.

Wellspring can be ordered via InVogue Records here

In Her Own Words Release New Single Off ‘Unfamiliar’ Album

in-her-own-words-promo-16Californian quartet In Her Own Words have launched a new single titled I Would Sit Alone In Silence, the track is taken from the band’s new album, Unfamiliar, which is due for release via InVogue Records on October 14th. In Her Own Words will also be on tour in the USA this October accompanied by Hawthorn Heights.

You can stream I Would Sit Alone In Silence here

Unfamiliar can purchased from InVogue Records here

In Her Own Words tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Everyone Dies In Utah Announce Self Titled Album And Tour

Everyone Died In UItah TourEveryone Dies In Utah are hitting the road with Convictions , Glass Houses and Conspire this October. They recently unveiled the first single, SYNRS, off their upcoming self titled album,  which is due out on October 7th via InVogue Records.

You can view the tour dates by clicking on the image on the left

You can pre-order Everyone Dies In Utah‘s new album here

Reckless Serenade

Reckless Serenade

Strange Soul EP

InVogue Records

Rating: 2/5




Reckless Serenade – a band name that fairly accurately encompasses the juxtaposition of the Mahopac, New York quartet’s competing styles.  On the one hand, the band unleashes some fairly visceral guitar work (think any number of Victory Records bands), while on the other, the vocals strive for the catchy, sing-song style pop-punk that put Bayside on the map.  From a technical standpoint, the band achieves an adequate fusion, with just enough of both categories to appeal broadly to both potential audiences.  But from a less mechanical perspective, their latest EP, Strange Soul, feels like an altogether “middling” output.

The core issue is a classic case of overproduction in the form of slick riffs and pitch perfect vocals.  A song like “Poltergeist” or “Fools Gold” adheres to a strict verse-chorus-verse structure with the spotlight aimed squarely at vocalist Cory Brent.  Reaching almost exclusively for the high notes, he enters the realm of surefire irritation for anyone that doesn’t exclusively listen to Coheed & Cambria on repeat.  Don’t get me wrong, Brent can pull off a mean falsetto, but his application is far too self-indulgent for benefit.  Imagine if Fall Out Boy never toned-down their energy level or offered any vocal variation aside from full speed ahead.  The likeliness of developing a headache would be substantial.

The band attempts to counter their big bouts of excess with – even more excess.  Perhaps the band collectively envisioned that if they swung the stylistic pendulum excessively in one direction, they’d best do the same in the opposite direction.  Unfortunately, such logic doesn’t equate with equilibrium, so while tracks like “With Friends” offer up some undeniably rip-roaring, fast-fingered guitar solos (think Four Year Strong), they do so with little overall advancement of the song or record.  These fleeting moments could easily be removed with minimal consequence to the overall intensity or direction of both the tracks and record at large.  A track like “What Is Good,” with its more casual, loose Anthony Raneri style, feels infinitely more interesting and sincere than its surrounding brethren.

When all’s said and done, Strange Soul simply lacks a compelling draw.  While not innately offensive, the reliance on generic production and high flying choruses suggests that Reckless Serenade was all but chemically formulated for marketing the commercially targeted Hot Topic products that accompany today’s Vans Warped Tour.  Ironically, what the album offers in catchy, high flying tunage, it lacks in heart, and well, soul.  

Dependence Details New LP; Streams First Track

DependenceFresno, California’s Dependence has announced plans to release their sophomore LP.  The album will be titled Remembering Everything and is due out on July 1, 2016 via InVogue Records.  The album was produced by Craig Owens (Chiodos).

Coinciding with the news, the band has premiered the song “All I Need,” which can be heard below.  Pre-orders are now available

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Courage My Love Announce UK/Euro Tour

courage_my_loveKitchener, Ontario alt-rock trio Courage My Love have announced their first ever UK/Euro tour. The 17 show run kicks off in May and features support on all dates from Over. The trio’s latest release is the special edition of their Becoming LP, which dropped last March via InVogue Records and features 6 new tracks.

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Normandie Sign With InVogue Records

NormandieSwedish indie rock outfit Normandie have signed on with InVogue Records. The band’s first release for their new label will be their debut LP titled Inguz, due for release on March 11th.

Ahead of the street date, the band are streaming two videos for the tracks Collide and Believe. Check them out below.

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Glass Houses sign with InVogue Records; release Eyes & Heart single and video.

Glass Houses Metalcore band Glass Houses based in North Dakota have signed with InVogue Records. Their first order of business for the new label is to release a single titled Eyes & Heart. They also have plans for an as-yet-untitled upcoming album set to be released this fall. 

Watch the video for Eyes & Heart below.

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September Stories Sign With InVogue Records

september_stories_photoOhio based spoken word/alternative band September Stories have signed on with InVogue Records. The band’s debut EP Unopened Letter is due to drop today and to celebrate the release, the band are streaming the title track. Vocalist Andrew Baughman has recently said this about song:

“The track “Unopened Letter” deals with the pain and emotional distress of giving your all to someone who didn’t give the same back to you. The album as a whole represents a lot of my lowest moments. Writing this served as a sort of therapy and I can only hope the same for others who listen.”

Check out the stream of Unopened Letter below.

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InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




Known for their steady 90’s pop-punk output, Pennsylvania four-piece Punchline has been a staple on the genre for quite some time now.  When they’re not touring and writing, the band is supporting their predominantly pop-punk record label, Modern Short Stories.  If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a bit of a trend developing here.  Punchline and pop-punk are traditionally synonymous.  That’s why the band’s latest full length, Thrilled, is such a surprise.  

As recent as 2010’s Delightfully Pleased, Punchline has been relatively in line with their legacy sound.  But a departure to a far more “pop” than “punk” personae has taken place at least as early as 2013’s Politefully Dead, culminating in the near electropop personality of the present.  This isn’t meant as a criticism, just a cautionary warning to those who may be returning after having taken a break from the Punchline camp for a few years.  

Thrilled has much more in common with contemporary radio indie-pop than vintage New Found Glory.  Look no further than the opener and title track for the smooth, rhythmic balance defining Punchline’s present direction.  Bubbly chords, jubilant synth, electronic handclaps and flourishes straight from the soundboard make “Thrilled” a definite statement of intent.  For better or worse, the band holds their ground, producing a slick sound that extends well beyond their traditional home niche.  Others like “Now I See” and “Tell Me How You Sleep” follow suit, first and foremost opting for beautiful harmonies and catchy choruses.  

Tracks that deviate primarily do so with slight tweaks to their tempo.  For instance, “Telephone Pole” and “Simulation” scale back the splendor in favour of indie-esque chimes with a wispy, almost Paulson vibe.  As a rule, Thrilled feels like it’s always straddling the line between mainstream shortcut and teasing something deeper beneath the surface.  Take the calm and casual call of “Oh Sierra,” in which the band explores minimalist execution, or “Answer Me,” which tosses around some genuinely emotive piano notes.

Overall, Thrilled is the type of departure that slowly grows on you – but only once you get over the initial shell shock.  While the album starts off with plenty of radio ready singles, the true treasures occupy the disc’s latter half.  Punchline has lived through many trends over the years, but their longevity tends to pull them through. Thrilled’s departure throws into question what future changes lie on the horizon, but in the meantime, open minded fans should survive the transition while the band’s evolving direction attracts new blood.  At the end of the day, Punchline is an old band trying new tricks, and it works, mostly.