Spook School CIBD

The Spook School

Could It Be Different?

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Alcopop! Records signed Glaswegian indie punk quartet The Spook School last year, and they are now set to release their eagerly anticipated third album, Could It Be Different?, on 26th January 2017. As the next confident step in their career, Could It Be Different? is a storming continuation of the band’s knack for noisy, tuneful and triumphant queer pop songs about identity, sexuality and the self, citing influence from the likes of Buzzcocks, T-Rex and the noisier end of the C86 indie scene.

Still Alive kicks Could It Be Different? off with an adrenalized shot of punk infused indie rock that possesses a barbed chorus of ‘fuck you I’m still alive’, the album continues it’s energetic approach with discordant indie influenced numbers and with the mix of male of female vocals enabling The Spook School to take different approaches that embrace the vintage indie style of the likes of Lush and The Primitives, as well as enduring acts such as The Wedding Present and The Libertines. The pace only drops on the melancholy tracks, Bad Year, that punctuates the midway point of the album, and High School, that brings Could It Be Different? to a thoughtful and reflective close.

Despite the album cover Could It Be Different? is an album that shows that The Spook School are a band to be taken seriously, I’ll admit that I hadn’t encountered them prior to the release of this album, but on the strength of Could It Be Different? I’ll be hunting down their first two albums and hoping that I can catch them when they appear at the Manchester Punk Festival later this year. Could It Be Different? is an album that embraces the spirit of the dawn of the indie scene, and blends it with a touch of vintage punk energy to create something that is vibrant and current, but gives a knowing nod to the bands that came before them.

Could It Be Different? can be ordered in the US here and the UK here

Hurry Release ‘Waiting For You’ Video From Forthcoming LP

Hurry ELTPhiladelphia’s Hurry have just announced their new full length, Every Little Thought, is set to be released on February 23rd on Lame-O Records, the power pop trio have also released a music video for their first single from the album, Waiting For You. Hurry will be playing the Every Little Thought record release show on February 24th at Everybody Hits in Philadelphia, Amanda X and Worriers will be opening the show

Pre-orders for Every Little Thought are now available physically here and digitally here

You can view the video for Waiting For You below Read More…

The Amber Bugs Release New Single ‘David Dimbleby’

Amber Bugs DDThe Amber Bugs are a noisy, London based trio that have just unleashed their latest single, David Dimbleby. Having played together in other bands for close to a decade in 2015 Ben Kelly, Jon Pritchard and Teresa Kelly formed The Amber Bugs in a dirty London railway arch. Their songs aren’t quite sung, they are ripped from a throat that can’t get them out any other way, instruments are hit hard and their stories are told with honesty and passion.

You can stream David Dimbleby via Soundcloud here 

David Dimbleby can also be streamed via Spotify here, Apple Music here and Deezer here

Toy Cars Release ‘Erie’ Video From ‘Paint Brain’ Album

Toy cars PBNew Jersey’s Toy Cars have just released the music video for their new song, Erie, the song, which features vocals from Jenna Murphy of PRIM, is taken from the Toy Cars debut full length Paint Brain, that is set to be released on January 12th. Toy Cars will also begin their co-headlining tour with DRMCTHR on January 19th at House Of Independents in New Jersey.

Paint Brain can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here
You can check out the video for Erie, and Toy Cars US tour dates, below

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Toy Cars To Release Debut Album ‘Paint Brain’ In January 2018

Toy cars PBToy Cars debut album, Paint Brain, is set to be released on January 12th 2018, the album is inspired by the ever present struggle of finding joy in the lulls of life. It’s an introspective, journal-like record that examines patience, personal growth, and finding happiness within your community. Toy Cars have channelled the lyrical depth of Kevin Devine, the musical urgency of The Hotelier and the endearing charm of The Gaslight Anthem to produce a record equally affected by the Americana of their Asbury Park roots and the thoughtfulness of Emo’s best releases.
Paint Brain can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here
You can also check out the That 70s Show inspired music video for the track Cold below

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Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17

Trampolene / Ravellas / We Three Kings

Jimmy's, Manchester, UK

9th November 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Trampolene Jimmys Intro Nov 17Tonight Trampolene are playing Jimmy’s as they head towards the end of their brief UK tour in support of their stunning debut album, From Swansea To Hornsey, before they head out on arena shows next month supporting Liam Gallagher on his UK tour, and The Libertines in the faded grandeur of the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool. The combination of the critical acclaim that From Swansea To Hornsey has received, and the exposure that the forthcoming stadium shows will generate may well mean that this is the last time we’ll see Trampolene playing intimate venues like Jimmy’s, so of course The Punk Site is here to mark the occasion. Tonight Trampolene are playing a This Feeling show, something that always guarantees a good showcase of talent, that tonight includes local acts We Three Kings and Ravellas, and that the party will go on long after the bands have left the stage.

Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 We Three KingsFirst up tonight at Jimmy’s are local act We Three Kings who unleash a distorted and energised set of heavy blues influenced garage rock. From their opening track, Momma Said, they carry the proto punk vibe of the bands that emerged from the sixties leaner and heavier and who paved the way for the punk explosion that was to follow just a few years later. We Three Kings lay down an impressive opening set of fuzzed up heavy garage rock that for me bridges the sonic gap between the MC5 and the Queens Of The Stone Age, and it’s one that steadily and deservedly draws the crowd down into the basement at Jimmy’s.

Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 RevellasNext up is Ravellas, the Wigan based outfit bring a sleazy rock ‘n roll influenced indie vibe to the evening that carries the spirit of The Libertines, something that means they are a well chosen support act for tonight’s show, and they deliver an anthemic and attitude laden set that recalls a provincial Mancunian interpretation of the early days of The Arctic Monkeys, along with the often forgotten Little Man Tate. They’ve bought a solid local following with them that hasn’t just contributed to the tonight’s show being completely sold out, it’s added a heady and hedonistic element to the atmosphere that is building ahead of the headlining set by Trampolene.
Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 1But the reason almost everyone is here is for the return of Trampolene to Manchester, I caught them last year and they certainly made an impression on me and now with their freshly released debut full length under their belts, and with major support slots next month, the world would seem to be at their feet. Their appearance is preceded by the spoken word piece Artwork Of Youth and as it’s playing Trampolene make their way through the packed venue to the stage. Jack Jones, for reasons best known to himself, is clad in a hi vis jacket and they kick off into a frantic and chaotic set that sets the tone for an impressive headlining set from Wales’ brightest hope that leans heavily on their freshly released album.
Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 2Trampolene deliver a perfect set of their shambolic punk rock, for me tracks like Alcohol Kiss were born to be played live where they’re stripped down to the trios punk roots, this track gets an impromptu singalong from the delirious crowd packed into Jimmy’s that lasts way beyond the song, and as a result it’s never sounded better. The first time I encountered Trampolene I got the feeling that this was a band that as well as escaping their past, was heading to greater things and tonight’s show at Jimmy’s only enforces that opinion as they’re a captivating live act for all the right reasons. From their chaotic punk rock to the kitchen sink poetry that punctuates their set, including their ode to Ketamine, Trampolene are a band unlike anyone on the live scene at the moment. Their set is punctuated midway by an impromptu happy birthday to one of their diehard fans, and by calls for prescription and non prescription drugs from the band and the hi vis jacket is finally discarded in the face of furnace like temperatures. 
Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 3A further call for what to play next is met with numerous suggestions to which Jack Jones responds ‘now I’m going to fuck you all off with one of my own songs’ and they launch into The Gangway before closing with Storm In Heaven, their long time live favourite that finally got its studio release on their debut full length, and there’s no way any other track would have been appropriate to close tonight’s show. By the end of the set Jack Jones is hanging from the venues exposed pipework and a stage invasion has taken place, as much as is possible in the confines of Jimmy’s, which ensures a chaotic end to Trampolene’s set, and if you weren’t here you missed out. Trampolene embrace the chaos that accompanied the best punk bands and there’s a self deprecating humour that’s present throughout their set that is strangely endearing, quite why Jack Jones chose to play this tour of intimate and inevitably sweaty clubs wearing an insulated hi vis jacket is anyone’s guess, but this has been a theme for the tour and if something isn’t broken then there’s no reason to fix it. 
Trampolene Jimmys Nov 17 4Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here, and you can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images
Trampolene‘s website can be found here
The Punk Site review of From Swansea To Hornsey can be read here
The Ravellas Facebook page is here
We Three Kings website can be found here
This Feeling‘s website is located here

Rain Share Their New Video For ‘Abstract Vision’

Rain AVRain have announced they will be releasing Abstract Vision on November 24th via Venn Records. Abstract Vision is a five track EP that captures their ability to weave between 90s shoe-gaze, Creation Records and DIY grunge-pop seamlessly. Tracks like Flowers Of Aurora have a wonderfully romantic feel throughout, whilst other tracks like Petrichor have a controlled chaos that ebbs and flows between distorted guitars and drum fills. 

You can pre-order Abstract Vision via Venn Records here

The video for the EP’s title track can be viewed below Read More…

Trampolene STH


Swansea To Hornsey

Mi7 Records / Pledge Music

Rating: 4.5/5




Trampolene are set to release their debut album, Swansea To Hornsey, on October 27th via Mi7 Records and Pledge Music. The album includes many of their recent singles, but rather than just populating the album with their previous releases and singles, there are new mixes and versions of the tracks, something that demonstrates Trampolene‘s commitment to the fans. As with any release by the Welsh trio there are spoken word tracks from Jack Jones, whose critically acclaimed poetry has even gained praise from the punk poet himself, Dr. John Cooper Clarke.

Swansea To Hornsey opens with Portrait Of Youth, a spoken word retrospective of Jack Jones‘ youth that celebrates the escape from small town anonymity. From the first chords of Imagine Something Yesterday you know this is classic Trampolene, featuring Jack Jones biting lyricism and a charged indie punk soundtrack, this track bleeds into the stunning Alcohol Kiss that brings a punky burst of driving energy into the mix. Swansea To Hornsey is a stunning debut full length that constantly twists and turns, from the driving fuzzed out bass of You Do Nothing For Me, through the tender The Boy That Life Forgot and the anthemic Beautiful Pain, to the dark live favourite, Storm Heaven. Every single track on From Swansea To Hornsey carries the energy and uniqueness of Trampolene‘s live shows, from searing punk energy, through heartfelt moments to brief interludes of poignant kitchen sink poetry, which result in a unique and near perfect debut album

Trampolene embrace the early incendiary days of both the Manic Street Preachers and The Libertines without being derivative of either band, but those two bands are comparable as they also carried the mix of biting socially aware poetic lyrics that are coupled with a unique punk inspired soundtrack, and this is exactly what Trampolene have delivered with their stunning debut album. Swansea To Hornsey is released ahead of a series of headline dates that precede prestigious support slots with Cabbage, The Libertines and Liam Gallagher, which confirms my long held suspicions that Trampolene are all set to move forward, and that this may well be your last chance to catch Trampolene at a intimate club show.

Swansea To Hornsey can be pre-ordered via Pledge Music here and via iTunes here

Trampolene‘s website can be found here

By Gods Move On

The By Gods

Move On

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5



Nashville’s The By Gods were born from a potent blend of musings on small town religion, depression, terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, global politics and the social media reaction to all those events, Move On is the sound of a band trying to come to terms with their own ever-changing and strange reality, the album was written during the last presedential election which acted as a backdrop for Move On. The disturbing political events of last year that inform the album are paired with an impressive hybrid soundtrack that encompasses grunge, alt rock and the noisier side of the indie spectrum, with a faint touch of The Velvet Underground in the album’s low key finale.
The post grunge influences are evident from the first chords of the album’ title track, the rumbling bass line gives way to a crunching overdriven guitar riff, every track on Move On recalls the sonic assault that characterised the best bands from the grunge and alternative scenes of the late eighties and early nineties. The By Gods are a band whose influences are worn proudly on their sleeves, the haunting elements that characterised some of the Pixies finest recordings are present along with dissonance and energy of Nirvana and the hooks of the Foo Fighters early recordings, but whilst the album’s inspiration is obvious The By Gods have taken this soundtrack and produced something that is very much their own.
It could be argued that Move On is something of a throwback, but when an album is this accomplished I don’t care in the slightest, I haven’t encountered a band that delivers this kind of energising high energy slacker soundtrack in a long long time. With their third album The By Gods have undoubtedly produced their finest release to date, with Move On they seem to have perfected the sound that they have been developing over their first two albums. Dark and tumultuous political times are often said to inspire some of the best music, The By Gods are living proof of this as Move On is an album that sits amongst the best releases I’ve heard this year.
Move On is set for release on the 20th October and can be pre-ordered here

The Creature Comfort Announce New Single & Launch Party

Creature Comfort Oct 17The Creature Comfort have announced they will release their first new material since 2013, their new single, What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies), will be released on Friday 1st December and will be available via all the usual digital platforms. The release is being celebrated at the official launch party on Saturday 2nd December, with The Creature Comfort headlining Manchester’s legendary Night & Day Cafe. You can order tickets for The Creature Comfort‘s Launch Party here

The Creature Comfort’s website can be found here

You can watch a sneak preview of What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies) below Read More…

Jetty Bones OW

Jetty Bones

Old Women

Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Ohio’s Jetty Bones is the result of the musical endeavours of Kelc Galluzzo, who utilizes a core group of friends that help bring the project to life on stage. Whilst Jetty Bones is technically a solo project, it’s one that carries a full band mentality that means this project is anything but the efforts of one person. The Old Women EP is the story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection, something that is often overlooked in today’s society. In a world so focused on outward appearances, Old Women takes you on a journey through one girl’s mental and emotional attempts to attach to something in a more genuine way.

The opening track Clear Honey boasts a driving riff that is highlighted by the clear and strident vocals, that can carry an aggressive growl or be sweet as the song’s title, Innocent Party changes the pace of the EP with an acoustic led number that brings the pace down. No Lover swiftly returns to the EP’s strengths of blending indie and some alternative touches that mean that the Jetty Bones carry more muscle than many of their contemporaries, whilst the final two tracks, Morning Clothes and Strokes, ease you out of the EP with two tracks that contain Jetty Bones signature soaring vocals and delicate musicianship.

The songs on the Old Women EP boast a distinct indie vibe, but they also carry some of the strength of alt rock that backs up some heartfelt lyrics. Whilst Jetty Bones mellower moments aren’t quite to my taste the tracks Clear Honey and No Lover stand out on the Old Women EP, and if you’re a fan of the other bands on their recent US tour, The Wonder Years, The Obsessives and Laura Stevenson, then you need to investigate Jetty Bones, and if you were on that tour I’d imagine you’re already converted to their cause.

The Old Women EP was released on the 6th October and is now available to order via Take This To Heart Records here

Jetty Bones Facebook page can be found here

She Makes War Announce December UK Tour

She Makes War Dec 17 TourShe Makes War have announced three very special shows in December, that will be the only UK headline gigs of 2017. These will be intimate affairs with a solo performance plus a full band set that will be previewing songs from She Makes War‘s forthcoming album that is due out next spring. A signed ltd edition art print of the tour poster, that features artwork by Phie Hackett, is now available for pre-order here

She Makes War‘s website is here and her Bandcamp is here

You can view She Makes War‘s UK tour dates below. Read More…

Regarde Release Video For ‘Patterns’

Regarde PatternsItaly’s Regarde deliver a solid blend a indie, emo and post hardcore on their new full length, Leavers, that is due for release on the 6th October. The album is now available for pre-order on milky vinyl and a bundle that includes a ltd edition hand signed analogic photo. Ahead of the LP’s release Regarde have revealed a video for the track Patterns that is taken from the new album.

Leavers can be pre-ordered via Wiretap Records here

You can view the video for Patterns below Read More…

Culture Abuse Aug UK Tour

Tigers Jaw / Culture Abuse / Muskets

Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

23rd August 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Tigers Jaw DI Mic Shot Aug 17It’s back to the Deaf Institute for tonight’s show, a venue that sits in the redeveloped area that surrounds the University area of the city centre, an early arrival is required ahead of the gig as The Punk Site intends to catch a few words with Culture Abuse ahead of their Manchester debut supporting Tigers Jaw. This is a tour that has seen Culture Abuse on the road for the last few months across the USA and Europe, and it follows on from their impressive debut album, Peach, that was released last year and led to their signing to the legendary punk imprint, Epitaph Records. After a brief interview with Culture Abuse, which will appear on The Punk Site shortly, it’s onto tonight’s opening act Muskets, and it’s time the ascend the Deaf Institute stairs. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Muskets Aug 17First up at tonight’s sold out show is Muskets, a band borne of Brighton’s ever growing music scene, they connected with like minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, the Brighton based quartet open with a hammering introduction that builds into an impressive driving blast of grunge influenced punk. I’ve not encountered Muskets live before but this won’t be the last, their intense bass heavy slacker punk marks the perfect opening to tonight’s bill, and their set is an unrelenting barrage that combines of punk, grunge and post hardcore that sets the stall out nicely for Culture Abuse to bring their West Coast punk to Manchester. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17Prior to their set Culture Abuse file out through the crowd to the smoking area, and return shortly afterwards in a suspicious haze and make their way onstage, the start of their set is delayed only by a malfunctioning bass amp before they launch into Chinatown, that precedes Culture Abuse diving headlong into a full tilt set of their own unique laid back intensity to a by now packed Deaf Institute. Live Culture Abuse are stripped of any polish the studio imposed and they are a hypnotic high speed dose of heady punk rock, it’s interrupted by a broken hi hat that results in a rambling and unselfconscious interaction with the crowd with a frank admission that they’re “stoned as fuck” something I picked up might be the case in the earlier interview. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Their summer feel good single So Busted makes an appearance and hints at what may be to come on their Epitaph Records debut, but it’s when Dream On, one of the highlights from their debut album, is played that the crowd explode into life, a call for light illuminates the venue, a rare thing in the Deaf Institute, they announce “we’ve got two more as we smoked a joint before” and they kick back in with a stunning Turn It Off, and I’m wondering how a band this baked can play a set this intense and, equipment failures aside, relentless. They make a further rambling declaration of their love for the venue, touring and what they do, that was enforced by a broken string, before ending an all too brief set, with another of their debut album’s highlights, Jealous. I’m left hoping Culture Abuse return to our city for a longer less problem strewn set, as there is no one else out there even remotely like Culture Abuse. As they leave the stage the bass hits the floor and the mic lead is thrown into the roof, where it stays, and they exit in a squall of feedback. 

Tigers Jaw DI Aug 17Tigers Jaw are pretty much an unknown quantity to me, and they have tough act ahead of them following Muskets, and especially the excellent dose of channelled chaos that was Culture Abuse‘s all too brief set. Unlike the bands that preceded them Tigers Jaw offer a more restrained and melodic alternative to the other band’s on this tour, and tonight is one of the occasions when the support act has well and truly stolen the limelight. As much as Tigers Jaw deliver a coherent set of energetic indie rock I can’t help but miss the hazy chaos that was Culture Abuse, but the reception they receive from am enthusiastic throng at the front indicates they have own solid following who know every word of their songs and who are crammed into the Deaf Instutute, but for me tonight belonged to Culture Abuse.

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17The Tigers Jaw website can be found here

The new album by Tigers Jaw, Spin, can be ordered here

Culture Abuse‘s Bandcamp is here and their website is here

The Punk Site review of Culture Abuse‘s debut album, Peach, can be read here

Muskets Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images


Bad Mechanics Precious

Bad Mechanics

Precious Moments In The USA

Stonewalled Records

Rating: 4/5




Bad Mechanics, who have proclaimed themselves to be ‘America’s baddest band’, will release their debut album Precious Moments in the USA on September 15th 2017 via Stonewalled Records. The album was recorded over the politically tumultuous events of the last year, and sees Bad Mechanics expanding on their humorous style of Devo inspired new wave and punk, while throwing in elements of industrial, indie, pop punk, rock and techno into the mix, resulting in eleven tracks that pretty much defy description, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The lead single, You Drink Lacroix, opens Precious Moments In The USA with a oddball mix of techno, new wave and punk rock that is strangely infectious, Social Obligation brings a heavier punk influence that is followed by an oddball call to arms to Vote Jofrey. Must Be The City continues the distinctly quirky mix of influences and Daddy’s Pastures brings a curious dark synth led element before we get a return to the new wave with USA Food, which would sound perfectly at home on the Team America soundtrack. Pink Foliage sounds like a dark industrial landscape on acid, this is followed DiCaprio Ate A Baby that recalls the strangeness of Dead Milkmen in a dark mood. The pounding industrial beat of Women At The Arcade is followed by the synth pop of Zinester Girl, and finally Morning In America brings things to a close with a damming indictment of the dark side of the American dream.

Precious Moments In The USA is a unique album, there’s a heavy influence of Devo in the sound, but despite the humorous approach there are salient points and political satire that sit happily amidst the eccentric soundtrack. I honestly don’t know what to make of Precious Moments In The USA, other than to say this is easily the most unique album I’ve heard so far this year and that there is no one else doing anything even remotely similar to Bad Mechanics, and I mean that in a good way. Precious Moments In The USA is a uniquely satirical soundtrack that has more hits than misses embedded in it’s eclectic grooves, and whilst I doubt anyone will love everything on here I think that this is something that you need to hear.

Precious Moments In The USA can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl and digital formats here

Delinquents ALN


About Last Night

Violated Records

Rating: 4/5




Dundee’s Delinquents are a band that are making waves and building a reputation for themselves far beyond their local scene, they have been industriously playing intimate shows on their home turf to raise donations for local foodbanks, as well as touring across their native Scotland and making a triumphant debut appearance at this years Rebellion Festival, making Delinquents a band that are making friends both on and off stage wherever they go. The band name may conjure up the spirit of 1977, but if you were expecting an album of retro punk rock then you’re going to be surprised, as there’s so much more to Delinquents than being just another punk band.

Punk is of course part of the Delinquents DNA, the tracks Acne, Waste Of Time and Valentines Day are slices of punk perfection, and Next Generation is a classic fuck you punk anthem, and from those four tracks you might think that you know what the Delinquents are all about, but those four tracks are spread across a release that is one of the most diverse and original albums I’ve heard this year. Ctrl.Alt.Defeat simultaneously manages to invoke punk rock, post punk and the more abrasive side of indie, whilst Not Your Problem and Something To Prove are intense blasts of old school hardcore. Keep On Choking brings another dimension to the album, as this track recalls the likes of The Chameleons and The Smiths, and you might think The Fuck You Song would be a straight up slice of punk rock, well it isn’t, it’s is a folk punk number that reminds me of a less subtle reimagining of Green Day’s Good Riddance, and the chugging riff of Never Gonna Fit In is a raw discordant slice of pop punk.

Delinquents have delivered an album that doesn’t fit the punk rock template, or any template for that matter, they embrace influences from beyond the usual punk arena, and the result is a truly original album that offers something unique. Trying to define an album such as About Last Night is impossible, every single track veers off on it’s own tangent, embracing punk, hardcore, folk punk, indie, pop punk and post punk along the way, making About Last Night just about the only album I’ve ever reviewed that manages to embrace pretty much everything that has been spawned by punk. Whilst the disparate set of influences on display might sound like a recipe for disaster it isn’t, Delinquents have managed to condense the sprawling array of styles into a cohesive, original and impressive album. If you can’t wait for the 29th September then you can whet your appetite by downloading the tracks Ctrl.Alt.Defeat and Never Gonna Fit In as name your price downloads via the Delinquents Bandcamp here.

About Last Night will be released via Violated Records and Bandcamp on the 29th September

She Makes War Announce European Tour

She Makes War Euro Tour Aug 17She Makes War is the solo project of multi instrumentalist and visual artist Laura Kidd, after a lengthy break from touring She Makes War are returning to live shows, initially with an appearance at Moose Fest in London, UK which is followed by twelve European shows across Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, with UK dates set to follow. 

The She Makes War website can be found here

She Makes War‘s European tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Dead Leaves Vultures

Dead Leaves


Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 4/5




The trio that makes up Dead Leaves openly acknowledge their debt to the Cleveland punk scene that both spawned and supported two of the members, Elliot Blair and Alex Tucker, previous outfit, Call It Fiction. As Dead Leaves were formed after they met their third member, Gene Bernardo, when they played a show at his house, then it’s clear that their roots are well and truly embedded in their local punk scene. Vultures follows on from Dead Leaves self titled debut EP and is released today on all formats via Take This To Heart Records.

Death And Taxes starts Vultures out in a mellow manner that kicks up a gear at the midway point, although the album maintains a restrained punk vibe that falls somewhere between folk punk and punk rock. The enchanting Sunrise carries the feel of fifties rock ‘n roll ballad whilst Hopeless Dweller brings the tempo down with an impassioned number, and at the halfway point Vultures kicks into life with a Bloodshot. The flip side of Vultures repeats the pattern of the first handful of tracks, including the stunning track Die Young, that build up the tempo and incorporate elements of punk rock, rock ‘n roll, indie and folk punk to impressive effect.

Vultures is an album that focuses on the exploitation of powerlessness and vulnerability, making the album’s title a poignant one, and the style of this debut full length suits the nature of the material perfectly. Vultures contains all the elements that were present on their impressive debut EP, but everything has more depth making Vultures an impressive step forward for the band, albeit one that has had a long incubation period since the bands debut EP was released back in 2014. In Vultures the Dead Leaves have delivered an album that shows that the long wait, and the painstaking writing process that was involved in the creation of their debut full length, was worth the wait.

Vultures can be ordered on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records here

Perennial TSOAL


The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves

Howling Frequency Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Perennial are a Connecticut trio that has risen from the ashes of the now defunct outfits Lion Cub and Aeroplane, 1929, and now the three piece have released their debut album, The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves, but you need to leave any preconceptions that the album’s title may conjure up at the door. The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves might sound like an album title that the likes of Muse would employ, but this is no self indulgent progressive rock album, Perennial have delivered an eclectic, unpredictable and above all experimental album that is built around a core of distorted discordant punk rock.

The album’s title track opens with a squall of jazz sax before launching into short sharp blast of hardcore infused punk, The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves is not a predictable album, elements of punk, hardcore and indie, and even jazz, blues and psyche, are blended together in a bewildering twelve track release that defies description. For me tracks such as Hippolyta!, that brings a brash frantic garage rock infused thrash to the album, and the brief intense referential number Dissolver are the standout moments, but anyone who listens to this will find there own personal highs… and lows.

This is by no means an easy listen, an album that melds as many influences and styles is going to include moments that aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but that’s the price that you pay for producing something that is original and experimental, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a price that’s worth paying. There are moments, in particular the more avant garde instrumental elements, that had me skipping and editing some of the tracks, but that’s a small sacrifice to make. Pernennial have taken punks chaotic spirit and blended it with pretty much everything else to create an album that is unlike anything else I’ve encountered in 2017.

The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves can be streamed and purchased here

Kevin Nichols IDWDBIWD

Kevin Nichols

I Don't Wanna Die But I Wanna Die

Open Door Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Orange County’s Kevin Nichols began his self produced songwriting career at the tender age of thirteen, now eight years later he has honed his sound and he released his latest full length, I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die, via Open Door Records just shy of a month ago. I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die consolidates Kevin Nichols growing reputation as a prolific purveyor of left field hooks that are submerged in a world of fuzz ridden guitars, with the whole package underpinned by a driving rhythm section and a dark disturbing undertone.

Killing Insects, the lead single from the album, starts things off with a sinister fuzzy feel, and this mood that permeates the entirety of the album. I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die is not an album that has stand out moments or bright upbeat singles that you’d pick for a playlist, this is an album that comes across as a carefully constructed full length, and one that is meant to be heard as an album rather than on shuffle. The dark twisted indie undercurrent and the blasts of distorted post grunge guitar blend together perfectly with Kevin Nichols own unique style to create and a disquieting and unsettling soundtrack.

Kevin Nichols latest release possess elements from the likes of The Jesus And Mary Chain and Grandaddy, but accompanying the dark indie feel is the intense guitar attack of Mudhoney and the whole package has a dark undercurrent running through it making this a unique package. At times I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die is a difficult listen, but it’s one that worthy of your time, and after an hour in the company of this album you can’t help but find yourself falling for it’s dark charms.

You can purchase I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die via Bandcamp here

The ltd edition cassette of I Don’t Wanna Die But I Wanna Die can be ordered via Open Door Records here

Peaness To Release ‘Ugly Veg’ Single On August 4th

Peaness UVFresh from slots at 2000 Trees, Truck and Indie Tracks festivals, Chester based three piece indie band Peaness are pleased to reveal a wonderfully fun DIY claymation video for their new single, Ugly Veg. which is released on the 4th August 2017 with a special single release party at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on the same night.

Unique Ugly Veg Bundles can be pre-ordered here

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Young Planetary IATNAYTS

Young Planetary

I Am The Night And You're The Sunrise

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Hidden Home Records is an Idaho based grass roots label with a growing reputation for signing idiosyncratic bands, and it’s an imprint that seems to be on a mission to develop a roster that covers everything from folk punk to hardcore, now Young Planetary have been added to the label’s eclectic roster. The lengthy and ominously titled I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise is the latest release from the Idaho based post hardcore quintet, and their latest EP follows on from their 2016 debut full length, Wilt.

Undone opens I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise in brutal style, encapsulating an approach to post hardcore that goes full circle back to hardcore via punk and grunge influences, Spiderwebs brings the pace down and brings their crushing turn it up to eleven approach to something that in another life could have been an indie or shoegaze number. Daybreak returns to the pulverising approach of the opening track, but it keeps a subtle undertone running along with the distorted riffing and screaming backing vocals but Young Planetary have kept the best for last, Teeth Fall Out boats a hook laden riff before it breaks down into almost haunting vocals and complex beats before the track kicks back in to close the EP in stormy and triumphant style.

Young Planetary are another string to the incredibly diverse bow that Hidden Home Records has armed themselves with, as the title suggests this is a dark and intense affair where everything is louder than everything else, which at times means that some of the complexities of the songs are almost lost in the heavily distorted delivery, almost.  I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise picks things up exactly where Wilt left off, making this a logical if not somewhat unsurprising release, but if you have a taste for Young Planetary‘s previous releases, or you have a fondness for the more twisted side of post hardcore then I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise is an EP that should already be on your playlist.

You can pre-order I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise via Hidden Home Records here

Cold Reading Release New Single ‘Books & Comfort’

Cold Reading BACThe Swiss emo powerhouse Cold Reading have released their anthemic new single, Books & Comfort, that is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, Sojourner, that will be released on September 22nd on KROD Records. The quartet presents a shape shifting sound through their dynamic arrangements as delicate vocals intertwine with powerful guitars and driving drums that showcases a band with a passion for profound lyrics and an earnest yet unpredictable blend of timbres.
Books & Comfort can be streamed via Spotify here and Soundcloud here
The video for Books & Comfort can be viewed below

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Slaughter Beach, Dog Motorcycle.jpg

Slaughter Beach, Dog


Lame-O Records

Rating: 3/5




Slaughter Beach, Dog was created by Jake Ewald, one half of the songwriters in Modern Baseball, as a writing tool. He scripted the stories of make believe characters living in the titular town of Slaughter Beach to break through writers block and experiment outside of the personal storytelling style he’d developed with Modern Baseball. Since his debut under this moniker, Welcome, was released in the fall of 2016 Modern Baseball have announced a hiatus and Slaughter Beach, Dog has now become the main outlet for Jake Ewald‘s songwriting.

Your Cat gently eases you into the EP with guitar lines that have the feel of a George Harrison solo track, but there the comparisons end as the idiosyncratic approach of Slaughter Beach, Dog dominates to bring a fine introduction to their sophomore release. From here on in we’re into the more mellow side of Jake Ewald with the almost comatose Glowing, before the narrative style of 104 Degrees brings the pace up slightly with a track that reminds me of a laid back Jonathan Richman. The final track, Building The Ark, brings things back down again to compete a laid back quartet of tracks that have a more cohesive feel than Jake Ewald‘s initial release as Slaughter Beach, Dog.

Motorcycle.jpg makes a fine companion to Slaughter Beach, Dog‘s debut, Welcome, and will be a release that will welcomed by the fans of that first EP and those who need their Modern Baseball fix whilst that outfit is on hiatus. Motorcycle.jpg represents a positive move forward from their initial EP, in particular Your Cat and 104 Degrees have more appeal than the tracks on Welcome, and to me it seems that Jake Ewald is gaining confidence with his solo venture. The Motorcycle.jpg EP indicates that the citizens of Slaughter Beach, that only exist in Jake Ewald‘s subconscious, can look forward to some interesting times ahead.

Motorcycle.jpg can be pre-ordered via Lame-O Records here

Best Ex ICS

Best Ex

Ice Cream Anti Social

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 2.5/5



Best Ex, formerly known as Candy Hearts, have signed to Alcopop! Records and their first release for the label is the wonderfully titled Ice Cream Anti Social EP, that is due for release on the on 14th July 2017. This six track EP is the first to be released under the band’s new moniker and sees the band heading into a new indie fuelled poppier direction, Ice Cream Anti Social is a glistening artistic re-imagination for the band, one that sees the band take the heartfelt lyricism and hooks from their previous punkier releases as Candy Hearts and bring them into their new looser and poppier direction.
Girlfriend opens things with a distinctly electro pop influenced opener, despite the change in style I can hear how this song would have sounded if it had been recorded in their previous incarnation, the whole EP has a poppy indie sheen that’s underpinned by an electro pop feel and the guitars are now very much playing second fiddle to the indie sheen and ethereal vocals. Whilst I preferred the more punky style of Candy Hearts the songwriting that characterised their previous releases is still very much alive, it’s just realised in a much more summery and poppy manner.
This is a summery blast of electronic indie pop, for me I personally preferred the sweet pop punk delivery of the previous albums, but if you were a fan of Candy Hearts then the melodies and shining vocals that were their trademark are still present and just as likely to melt your heart. It’s a brave move for a band to make such a dramatic shift in style, and after hearing the new direction the band has taken you can understand why they changed their name rather than continue as Candy Hearts. This new direction won’t be for everyone, but for those who enjoy a slice of summery indie pop then Ice Cream Anti Social may be just what you’re looking for.
Ice Cream Anti Social can be pre-ordered via Alcopop! Records here and via Bandcamp here
Bellevue Days Rosehill

Bellevue Days


Kobalt Music

Rating: 3.5/5




Croydon based alt rock quartet, Bellevue Days, have today released their new EP, Rosehill, via Kobalt Music, the EP is the follow up to their critically acclaimed Sad Boy EP that was released just over twelve months ago. In the Rosehill EP Bellevue Days have released a record built from the defining moments in their young lives, their latest release is simultaneously a nostalgic backwards glance, and a wry sideways look at the departure of youth and the ever increasing complexities of modern adult life.

Black Sheep Baby opens with the melancholy tones of a dark lullaby before the drum beat kicks in on the atmospheric opener, Jack And I lulls you into a false sense of security that it’s a continuation of the attitude of the initial track, that is until you get hit with an almighty guitar riff that spikes the track with a hit a adrenaline. Secret Love marks the half way point with the feel of the more introspective moments from The Libertines, before Bellevue Days deliver the stunning Faith, for me this is easily the highpoint of the EP where the quartet strike a perfect balance between the delicate and the brutal, and then finally Dead Summer eases you out of Rosehill.

There are distinct elements from the post punk and post hardcore genre’s on Rosehill, along with a hefty influence from the darker and moodier sides of indie and alt rock that informs a troubled and sometimes intense EP. Despite their tender years the Rosehill EP displays a level of maturity in their songwriting that marks this out as their finest release to date. Bellevue Days seem set to build on their fanbase, as along with this impressive EP they have a number of high profile festival appearances over the summer, followed by tours with Patrons and Young Hearts, and if you get the chance I’d catch them live, or at least investigate this EP.

The Rosehill EP is now available via iTunes here

Crazyhead Announce Reunion Tour Dates

Crazyhead Leeds 2017Late 80s Urban Bastard Blues legends Crazyhead have agreed that 25 years is far too long to leave their legacy of late 80s rock monsterism to gather dust. With the new Ed Sheeran generation blissfully unaware of the power of Crazyhead’s blistering live experience, the time is ripe for a rock and growl rebirth. The reunion tour starts out with a hometown appearance in Leicester before taking in Nottingham, Derby and a long awaited return to the North with an apperance in Leeds, and with the tour punctuated by an appearance at the Indie Daze 4 festival in London they are primed, ripped and ready to rock once more.

Crazyhead‘s tour dates can be viewed below and their Bandcamp is here Read More…

hundredth rare



Hopeless Records

Rating: 4/5




Hundredth released their third album, Rare, earlier this month, it follows on from their sophomore album, Free, but on this release Hundredth have shifted away from their hardcore roots and into radically different territory. After the release of their last album Hundredth felt like they’d taken hardcore as far as it could go and they were left with a stark choice, either reinvent themselves and take the risk of heading out into uncharted territory, or call it quits and end the band, thankfully they picked the former option. They haven’t abandoned the heavy side of their nature, but they have incorporated shoegaze, post punk and even dream pop into their sound to create something unexpected and new.

Vertigo and Neurotic kick things off with an energetic and atmospheric wall of sound that makes you think you’ve got a handle on their new direction, when along comes White Squall, a track that channels Mancunian post punk and indie influences such as The Chameleons and The Stone Roses. The breakdowns and channelled rage are now a thing of the past, instead they have adopted the lush soundscapes of indie and shoegaze, but for all the changes they have made a punk attitude still underpins the album and there are still moments for their old school fans. Disarray in particular brings a heavier punk element back into the mix and shows that they haven’t forgotten their roots, but for the most part this is an adrenalized interpretation of the aforementioned influences and bands.

Many punk bands over the years have adapted, mutated or just downright changed their sound to embrace new influences and ideas, personally I always like to hear a band experimenting with new ideas, their are noble exceptions to this rule who have a sound of their own, but let’s face it, they are few and far between. There will be those who will feel that Hundredth have turned their back on their roots, but I can imagine that a greater number will be coming into the fold as a result of this album. Hundredth have proved that change isn’t always a bad thing and have produced an impressive and brave album that makes me hope that they keep changing

Rare can be ordered here via Hopeless Records here 

Turtlenecked vulture Cover



Good Cheer Records

Rating: 3/5




Turtlenecked is the work of 20 year old Elliot Harrison, the latest album, Vulture, was recorded in Smith’s living room, having graduated from making his previous recordings in his bedroom, and it was released yesterday, the 16th June 2017, via Good Cheer Records. Vulture is an idiosyncratic album that represents an ambitious and compassionate work of post punk baroque and roll that will build on Turtlenecked‘s reputation for being a singular recording artist.

Opening track Boys Club kicks things off with an off key pop intro that sits between disco and classical before the track kicks in with an impassioned attack on toxic masculinity. From here on in Vulture is an unpredictable beast of an album that veers between moments of falsetto pop and muscular punk rage that combines with a manic indie energy and angular post punk rhythm, along with a distinctly pop sensibility, to create a wildly original slab of art punk that confounds any expectations you may have had. Any album that is the work of one person can veer into the self indulgent, the near seven minute long track Tummy proves this with it’s epic groove oriented serial killer perspective, but overall Turtlenecked avoids slipping into the trap of being self indulgent.

If ever there you were looking for something to illustrate the importance of not judging by appearances, Turtlenecked‘s latest release would be a good candidate, beneath the somewhat underwhelming album cover lies a varied and original album that channels influences that vary from The Sparks through to The Dresden Dolls, The Smiths and Wire. I can confidently state I won’t hear anything else even remotely like Vulture this year, and to be honest that probably goes for every other year as well as this is an idiosyncratic and original blend of indie cool and angular post punk

Vulture is now available on extremely limited edition vinyl and download formats via Good Cheer Records.

You can order and stream Vulture via Turtlenecked‘s Bandcamp here

Pine Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk

No Sleep Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Canada’s Pine are the newest signing to No Sleep Records, and it seems the band have wasted no time in brining out their first release for the label, the Pillow Talk EP. The EP is now available on vinyl, on a limited edition pink with green swirl variant, as well as being available digitally. Pine offer a unique mix of post punk intensity that is blended with influences ranging from emo to shoegaze that brings a unique combination that’s as refreshing and cathartic as it is nostalgic.

Dolya opens with a mellow emotive slice of post punk influenced shoegaze, ethereal vocals combine with a gorgeous dream like melody to create a blissed out introduction to Pine that just washes over you. Viable ups the ante, but despite the more strident beat it maintains the dream like quality of the opening number with it’s delicate multi layered vocals, whereas (Un)rest delivers the kind of song you get the feeling the Pillow Talk EP has been building up to, a perfect dreamscape that has a subtle intensity that blends perfectly into the penultimate track, Jilt. Blue Jacket closes the EP with a truly epic and mellow finale that brings the Pillow Talk EP to a subtle crescendo.

If your tastes are towards snarling punk rock then the Pillow Talk EP won’t be for you, but for me this is an EP for those mellow moments after a late night that has unexpectedly become a very early morning, it’s subtle intensity is strangely beguiling and the vocal delivery from Darlene Deschamps is one that is hypnotic and entrancing, and it is backed up by a lush soundscape. There are post punk influences aplenty on the intriguing EP, but it avoids recreating the past and instead they mark out their own territory with an original and blissed out EP, and this is a release that come the right moment will be one that you’ll be glad that you own.

The Pillow Talk EP can be ordered on vinyl from No Sleep Records here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Randy’s Got A Playdough Face Release Name Your Price LP

Randy's Got A Playdough Face MFUTBSSRandy’s Got A Playdough Face have released a new name your price LP, My Father Used To Build Sand Sculptures, which is available via Bandcamp and on ltd edition cassette via Family Vacation Records. The projects 2015 debut EP, Fairy, received acclaim among niche indie and alt rock crowds upon its release, and earned them a cult following that has been waiting on new music for over two years. My Father Used to Build Sand Sculptures is reminiscent of early 2000s indie rock with influences drawing from Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco, and R.E.M. 

My Father Used To Build Sand Sculptures is available via Bandcamp here