At The Wayside Announce Pre-Orders For Forthcoming LP

At The Wayside TBATFIndie Vision Music have announced pre-orders for the latest full length from At The Wayside. Pre-orders are now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Bandcamp for The Breakdown And The Fall. Pre-orders via iTunes and Bandcamp will include an instant download of the tracks My Way To You and How We Live.

You can stream How We Live here and My Way To You here

You can pre-order The Breakdown And The Fall via Bandcamp here

Light The Way DL

Light The Way

Dude, Lame

Indie Vision Music

Rating: 3.5/5




The Sacramento based punk rock band Light The Way released their brand new six track EP, Dude, Lame, via Indie Vision Music at the end last month, Dude, Lame is a fast paced melodic EP of punk rock that follows on from their 2016 EP, Grace. Whilst their 2016 release was pure pop punk it seems that Light The Way have moved on, but not away, from the formulaic pop punk route with this EP as Dude, Lame indicates that this is a band that are well and truly finding their feet.

A short but sweet intro acts a prelude to the main tracks, chugging guitar lines segue neatly into So Stoked, a track that manages to blend equal parts of melodic hardcore and pop punk to impressive effect. Stag line continues to tread the line between hard edged punk rock and it’s poppier cousin, whilst Voices suddenly brings the EP to a dead halt with it’s dark spoken lyrics that are overlaid on a bed of a sparse and sinister piano. Dead Head returns to the upbeat pop punk that was the hallmark of their previous release and the EP ends with what has become a staple of pop punk releases, the tender acoustic track, in this case the final track, Note To Self, feels like a cross between Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio, which weirdly is exactly what Blink 182 have become.

When compared to last years Grace EP Dude, Lame seems to be a more focused and aggressive release than it’s predecessor, yes this is still a pop punk EP, but it’s one that possesses a bit more muscle than their 2016 release, and for me it’s all the better for it. The harder edge has added something to their sound without sacrificing their own identity, when this is coupled with the two tracks of pure unadulterated pop punk, and the unusual inclusion of the track Voices, you have a varied EP that walks the line between punk and pop punk perfectly.

Dude, Lame is available through all digital networks and via Indie Vision Music here

You can stream Dude, Lame via Soundcloud here

Light The Way Release ‘Dude, Lame’ EP

Light The Way DLThe Sacramento, CA based punk rock band Light The Way have released their brand new six track EP, Dude, Lame, exclusively through Indie Vision Music today, April 28th 2017. Dude, Lame is a fast paced, super melodic and teeth shattering EP that packs a short but potent punch.

Dude, Lame is available through all digital networks and via Indie Vision Music here

You can stream Dude, Lame via Soundcloud here

At The Wayside To Release ‘The Breakdown And The Fall’ Album

At The Wayside TBATFAt The Wayside have signed to Indie Vision Music and they will release a new full length from Wisconsin’s own pop-punk warriors, the album will be released on May 26th through all digital networks. The album is titled The Breakdown And The Fall and is something the band has been working on feverishly for the past few years, ahead of the albums release the band have released a stream of the track Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends, Lose Yourself. If you enjoy the sounds of Blink-182, Something Corporate, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard and The Ataris, then make sure you check out the music of At The Wayside.

You can stream Lose One Friend, Lose All Friends, Lose Yourself here

Light The Way Grace

Light The Way


Indie Vision Music

Rating: 3/5




Grace was originally released at the tail end of last year, now Californian pop punkers Light The Way have signed to Indie Vision Music, and with that their EP has now gained digital distribution across all the major networks. Light The Way are an unashamedly pop punk band, there is nothing on here that you haven’t heard before, but the important factor is that whilst the material on the Grace EP isn’t anything new, it is done well, and that is the next best thing.

Note To Self kicks things off with an anthemic dose of nostalgic pop punk, everything about this harks bark to pop punk’s golden era when bands such as Blink 182 could do no wrong, every track on this EP bears the hallmarks of a genre that divides opinion amongst the punk community, personally I do like a bit of pop punk, providing that it doesn’t veer too far into the pop realm. The Grace EP treads a very safe and unadventurous path through the pop punk world, appearing to stop along the way only to cherry pick their favourite elements for inclusion on the Grace EP.

Grace is five tracks of retro pop punk, it has all the harmonies, hooks, catchy choruses and bouncy anthemic hallmarks that you would expect from a band that play pop punk, Light The Way are clearly influenced by the bands they grew up listening to, think of bands such as Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, The Swellers, The Wonder Years, Yellowcard, Over It and Blink 182 and you know exactly what to expect on the Grace EP.

Grace is now available on all digital networks via Indie Vision Music

The Grace EP is also available as a name your price download via Light The Way‘s Bandcamp here

Light The Way‘s Facebook page can be found here

Light The Way Release Debut EP

Light The WayNorthern California pop-punk act, Light The Way, has released their debut EP.  The EP is titled Grace and is available now via Indie Vision Music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music vendors.

Check out the lyric video for the song “Black Wave” below.

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MxPx – ‘Calm My Craze’ free download

Indie Vision MusicLegendary punk trio from Bremerton, Wash., MxPx’s new song Calm My Craze is available for a limited time free download on Indie Vision Music’s Bandcamp. Download the song, free until June 7, here.

Calm My Craze was recorded as part of the Left Coast Live album and video that was recently released to fans who purchased it in advance.