Tigers Jaw Announce UK Tour And Release ‘Escape Plan’

Tigers Jaw Uk Tour Aug 17As the August 18th release date of their new album, Spin, approaches, indie-rock duo Tigers Jaw have announced details of a UK tour with Culture Abuse that same month. The tour includes a London show at The Garage on August 20th and culminates with sets at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Pre-orders for Spin are now open at iTunes and from the band’s store for CD, limited edition blue vinyl and bundles, all pre-orders will receive instant downloads of the tracks Guardian and June.

You can pre-order physical formats of Spin here

You can stream the track Escape Plan here and view their UK tour dates below Read More…

1958 Dark Blue

Nineteen Fifty Eight

Dark Blue

Transcend Music

Rating: 4/5




Nineteen Fifty Eight have been steadily building a loyal following since they formed back in 2013, both through their live shows and their two self released EP’s, 2013’s Rapture and 2015’s When Will I Get To You. Although they remain fiercely loyal to the South Wales music scene that spawned them, the Swansea based alternative rock band will hopefully be looking to move beyond the confines of their local scene, as they have released their impressive new EP, Dark Blue, today, the 19th May 2017, via Transcend Music.

The title track starts with a laid back alt rock feel before it eases into dark bass led power pop, this is a style that is revisted on the penultimate track, God Forbid. The atmospheric and powerful track, Under My Skin, weaves a hypnotic spell whereas Optimistic brings their darker side to the fore, the fuzz and pace are both upped, and when this is married to an addictive guitar riff you have a winning combination. Temporary Feelings almost brings Dark Blue to a dead stop before it builds to an anthemic finale, and the EP ends in memorable fashion with the rocky closer Watch Me Burn.

Dark Blue should appeal to fans of bands such as The Duke Spirit, Brand New and Editors, both the past and present of this kind of melodic alt rock are absorbed to create an impressive EP, one that it must be said has a distinctly radio friendly quality about it, but it’s all done without any apparent sacrifices being made to achieve this. Dark Blue is an EP that embraces influences from the world’s of indie and rock to create an anthemic and impressive six track EP that should see them reaching a wider audience.

The Dark Blue EP can be purchased on CD here and downloaded via iTunes here

Nineteen Fifty Eight‘s website can be found here

anna altman freightliner

Anna Altman


Exploding In Sound Records

Rating: 3/5




Exploding In Sound Records recently announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service that boasts Anna Altman’s full length debut, Freightliner, as the debut release. Freightliner was released on April 28th and is not only available via The EIS Tape Club, for those with a preference for digital formats the album is also available for download. Anna Altman are comprised of the duo Lucia Arias and Christian Billard, both better known for their tenure in Turnip King, but this is not just a recreation of that band’s work, Anna Altman is a distinctly more laid back project.

Freightliner opens with The Interview, a track that possesses a bassline and beat that is more than a touch reminiscent of early New Order, with a breathless vocal delivery that reminds me of Pauline Murray, lead singer of punk band Penetration and latterly Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls. The Catcher then brings the pace down, and it’s here that the album remains, after the initial post punk feel of The Interview the album boasts a series of delicate melodies, gentle beats and tangled minimalist arrangements that will delight fans of Liz Phair, The Breeders, and Bedhead.

From the off Freightliner lays it’s cards on the table with it’s mix of influences from the UK’s post punk scene and US indie bands, but considering these influences the whole album feels restrained and after the opening track, The Interview, the album never seems to recover from it’s initial loss of momentum. Having said that, for those seeking a melodic and haunting soundtrack then Freightliner offers a serene hypnotic quality that is built on repeating structures and patterns overlaid with haunting vocals.

You can subscribe to the EIS Tape Club here and digital downloads of the album are available here

Northbound Flaws


The Flaws In Everything

Animal Style Records

Rating: 4/5




From their humble beginnings as an acoustic solo project back in 2012 Northbound have steadily evolved into a fully fleshed-out band. Jonathon Fraser remains at the creative heart of Northbound, his songwriting sits at the core of the band and his style seems at home here, whether he’s armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his voice, or with the full band fleshing out his songs with some muscle. Northbound have now bought us their latest EP, The Flaws In Everything, that was released on the 21st April 2017 via Animal Style Records, and it is now available on two different vinyl variants, white and blue and black and blue, as well as on CD and digital formats.

The Flaws In Everything introduces itself with the strong pop punk opening of Fade To Black, the classic pop punk combination of harmonised vocals and strong catchy guitar hooks is well in evidence, on the basis of this you might think you know what you’re in for, but you’d be wrong, Suitor Type still contains the pop punk element, but this time it’s darker with a touch of post hardcore. The opening duo of tracks is then followed by the crunching distorted riff of Well Water, a song that drifts into alt-rock territory, The Flaws In Everything continues to keep you guessing as Lonely Squid boasts a stripped down acoustic quality until finally Tell Me Something Good, with it’s impassioned chorus, brings things to a reflective thoughtful close.

The Flaws In Everything is a varied genre spanning EP that hits the spot nicely, for me Fade To Black and Well Water are the two stand out tracks, both bring a distorted energy to the EP, but that’s not to put down the remainder of this release, but with such a varied blend of styles on display you’re going to gravitate to the ones that appeal to your sensibilities, in my case it’s the noisier contingent of tracks. Whether every track on this EP will be to your taste is debatable, but I can guarantee there’s a good chance that you’ll find something to your taste on The Flaws In Everything.

The Flaws In Everything can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Hollerado Born Yesterday


Born Yesterday

Royal Mountain Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Toronto’s most energetic indie rockers, Hollerado, have released their new full length, Born Yesterday, today, the 21st April 2017,on Royal Mountain Records. The latest release continues a prolific pattern of releases that started with a series of demos and progressed to their debut album Record In A Bag in 2009, and continued with their 2013 sophomore release, White Paint, and the ambitious 111 Songs project in 2015, where Hollerado wrote custom songs for specific fans. It was this exhaustive and continuous songwriting project that built the working framework for the release of Born Yesterday.

Born Yesterday starts with the high energy power pop of the title track, and you couldn’t really ask for a finer start to an album than this fuzzy hook filled opener, the album takes a downturn with the slower yearning number, Don’t Shake, and continues to veer wildly between styles, from the glam rock influenced tracks Brick Wall and I Got You, the sparse pop of Grief Money and Rollerskater, shining upbeat tracks such as Sorry You’re Alright  and If It Is Love, and of course further helpings of power pop in the shape of Eloise and Better Than the Cure. All the while Born Yesterday boasts an infectious guitar hook littered style with perfect vocal harmonies

To me Hollerado resemble a union between the stripped down power pop of The Thermals and the melodies and harmonies of Weezer, whilst Born Yesterday never quite hits the heights it promised on the first few tracks, especially the stunning title track, this is an original and varied album that would be well worth investigating for fans of the aforementioned bands and the likes of Silver Sun and Japandroids. Hollerado have released a catchy and eclectic mix that encompasses just about everything from the indie scene of the last thirty or so years, Born Yesterday is clearly a misleading album title as to produce an album this varied and consistent indicates they certainly weren’t.

Born Yesterday can be ordered digitally via iTunes and on physical formats here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Release New Single And Video ‘Yeah’

Soldiers Of A Wrong War CountdownsItalian alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War has released their new party filled music video titled, Yeah!. Along with the new single, comes the announcement for the band’s second studio album, Countdowns, which follows up on their 2014 three-track EP, Slow. The new album is set to release April 18th and is now available for pre-orders via iTunes

Countdowns can be pre-ordered here

The video for Yeah! can be viewed below Read More…

Blessed Release Stream of Second Single ‘The Body’ From ‘II’ EP

Blessed IIVancouver’s Blessed are getting ready to release II on April 28th via Kingfisher Bluez (Canada) and Cointoss Records (US) and they are sharing the second single from the EP, Body. Blessed‘s artful post-punk and twitchy indie rock sound has earned the band comparisons to everyone from Television and The Fall to Ought and Radiohead.

You can stream Body here and pre-order the II EP here (US) and here (Canada)

Blessed‘s extensive North American tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Little Star Release Stream of Forthcoming Album

Little Star STPortland DIY artists Little Star are now streaming their new self titled album in full ahead of the records release via Good Cheer Records on April 14th, pre-orders for the self titled album are now available. Little Star will also be playing their record release show at Mississippi Studios in Portland on April 14th

Little Star can be pre-ordered here and tickets for the album’s release show can be purchased here

You can stream the album in full via Gold Flake Paint here

Daddy Issues Release Stream Of ‘I’m Not’ From Deep Dream LP

Daddy Issues Deep DreamNashville three piece indie grunge band Daddy Issues are bravely tackling the trauma of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse in their new single, I’m Not. Daddy Issues have released a stream of the new track that is taken from their debut LP, Deep Dream, which will be released on May 19th 2017 via Infinity Cat Records.

You can stream I’m Not via NPR here and pre-order Deep Dream here

You can view Daddy Issues tour dates below Read More…

Lightcliffe Release Stream Of ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’ Single

Lightcliffe MistakesLightcliffe are a bittersweet emo/indie-rock band hailing from Brighton and London that formed at the tail end of 2015. Mistakes I Seem To Make is a two track cassette release that will be released via DIY bedroom labels Honeypot Records and Backpack Records, the cassette is due out on April 7th and the band will be playing a release show on April 8th at DIY Space For London.

You can stream Mistakes I Seem To Make here and the cassette can be pre-ordered here

Lightcliffe‘s Facebook page can be found here

Minihorse Release ‘Thriller’ Video

Minihorse Big LackFresh off a recent sold-out supporting stint with Grandaddy at San Francisco’s Noise Pop, and a series of buzzed-about appearances at last week’s SXSW, loud & fuzzy indie-rock trio Minihorse is scheduled to play a set of shows during this weekend’s Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID. Ahead of their latest festival appearances the band is debuting a new video for the track Thriller, and their debut LP is due to released via Friendship Fever later this year

Minihorse‘s debut EP, Big Lack, can be purchased here

You can view the video for Thriller, and Minihorse‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Young Fox Release ‘Wine Of Violence’ Lyric Video

Young Fox Sky Beats GoldPittsburgh indie rockers Young Fox have released a lyric video for Wine Of Violence, a track that is taken from their debut album, Sky Beats Gold, that was released on March 10th 2017 via Spartan Records.

Sky Beats Gold can be ordered on ltd edition vinyl and download here

The Punk Site review of Sky Beats Gold can be read here

The lyric video for Wine Of Violence can be viewed below Read More…

Pillow Talk TIAP

Pillow Talk

This Is All Pretend

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3/5




It’s been two years since Pillow Talk‘s last release, their new album is one that has been shaped by singer Joshua Cannon‘s personal experiences, including family bereavement and the toll this took on him over the last few years, but he has channelled these negative events into the creation of This Is All Pretend, a release that follows on from their 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said. Pillow Talk released their debut album via Animal Style Records on the 10th March 2017, and it is available on vinyl, on gold and red and white swirl variants, and digital formats.

Monogamy eases you into This Is All Pretend with ethereal tones, echo drenched guitars and synths that are stretched across a strident drum beat that belies the mellow feel of the opening track, This is All Pretend comes across as the kind of late night mellow soundscape you need in your life from time to time. It’s a release that washes over you with waves of treble and echo, there is no upbeat track to lift the album, it remains in a firmly mellow state across it’s ten tracks and thirty five minute run time, whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing it meant that I found that the tracks tended to blend into each other, not in an unpleasant way, but there is no moment that makes you sit up and take notice.

I can’t help feel that this release owes a hefty debt to the mellower side of the post punk bands of the eighties such as The Cure and The Chameleons, but under their placid exterior there is fire that is fuelled by injustice, they released the track Little Worries ahead of the album’s release to support organisations that are working to combat the current US administrations policies. This Is All Pretend is a natural progression from Pillow Talk‘s previous releases, their name is well chosen as this is an album that’s perfect for the late night’s that merge into early mornings, although on a personal note the use of auto tune, even though it’s used for effect rather than to hide deficiencies, did detract from the album and was a jarring element that I never like to hear used.

Pillow Talk‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

You can purchase This Is All Pretend here

Young Fox Sky Beats Gold

Young Fox

Sky Beats Gold

Spartan Records

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s been two long years since Young Fox released their first EP, Predecessors, now the Pittsburgh-based indie rockers will finally be releasing their debut album, Sky Beats Gold, tomorrow, March 10th 2017, via Spartan Records. Young Fox claim to have adopted a more streamlined approach for their debut full length, if this is the case the it’s one that seems to have paid off, as the production on this album is flawless, without ever edging into being over produced. Sky Beats Gold boasts dark and driving drums and bass that lay the foundation for intricate guitar work, these aggressive instrumental elements combine seamlessly with soaring and confident vocal melodies to create what must be recognised as an accomplished debut full length.  

From the first notes of lead single and opening track, Sometimes The Monsters Win, which given current world events is an extremely topical song title, the whole of Sky Beats Gold boasts precise drum beats, serious bass hooks and huge, yet understated, guitar riffs, this is a heavyweight release that leans to the darker side of indie, but one that also possesses a rock sensibility in it’s DNA. These elements are balanced perfectly to create the kind of sound that I can’t help but feel will almost inevitably lead to mainstream recognition. Whilst Sky Beats Gold tends to dwell on the darker side of human nature, it manages to come across as an uplifiting and positive album, one that has big soaring choruses that compliment the whole epic feel of the album perfectly.

Sky Beats Gold is a heavyweight in indie terms, an album that should appeal to fans of the likes of Elbow, Muse, White Lies and Interpol, it’s an introspective, serious and flawlessly produced album, one that I can see catapulting them to filling larger venues, that’s not to say that Sky Beats Gold is entirely to my tastes, but to give credit where it’s due, Young Fox have released a seriously accomplished debut that is anthemic from start to end. Sky Beats Gold will appeal to the casual listener, but it retains enough of an edge to avoid being dismissed as a purely commercial endeavour, whether you like it or not I suspect that Young Fox will be a band that you will be hearing a lot more of over the coming years.

 Sky Beats Gold is available for download and on ltd edition vinyl, on Monster, Wolves and Desert variants, here

Daddy Issues To Release Debut Album ‘Deep Dream’

Daddy Issues Spring Tour 17Nashville indie grunge band Daddy Issues have announced the release of their debut album, Deep Dream, and they’ve shared a new track, In Your Head. Deep Dream will be released on May 19th via Infinity Cat. Daddy Issues are currently on tour with Tacocat and will swing through SXSW after a stop at Savannah Stopover, followed by a tour with Diet Cig. 

You can stream the track In Your Head via The Fader here and pre-order Deep Dream here

You can view Daddy Issues tour dates by clicking on the tour flyer

The Glass Phantoms Release Video For ‘Call My Name’

Glass Phantomes FSCMNThe Glass Phantoms have released a  video for Call My Name, the track is taken from their new single that was released via Abattoir Blues Records, the single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Punk Site review of Call My Name / Funeral Song can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The video for Call My Name can be viewed below Read More…

Tim Kasher Releases Full Steam Of New Album ‘No Resolution’

Tim Kasher No ResolutionTim Kasher, best known as singer and guitarist for pioneering US indie rock bands Cursive and The Good Life, will release his third solo album No Resolution on 3rd March 2017 via 15 Passenger Records, the newly launched label owned and run by Cursive.

No Resolution can be streamed in full via The AV Club here

The new album can be ordered on CD, blue and white splatter vinyl and digital formats here

Tim Kasher has also announced a UK tour and the tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Hollerado Release Lyric Video For ‘Grief Money’

Hollerado Born YesterdayToronto’s most energetic indie rockers, Hollerado, have announced their new full length, Born Yesterday, due out April 14th on Royal Mountain Records. To celebrate the announcement the band has released a lyric video for their politically biting new track, Grief Money, the song is driven by a deep bass groove that lays the groundwork for big guitars and even bigger hooks.

Born Yesterday can be pre-ordered digitally via iTunes and on physical formats here

You can view the video for Grief Money, and the band’s tour dates, below Read More…

Minihorse Announce New Tour Dates, Including SXSW Shows

Minihorse Big LackMichigan’s loud & fuzzy indie-rock trio, Minihorse has announced a string of new tour dates, including their first trip to SXSW, with a trio of shows next month, and a sold-out show supporting Grandaddy this weekend in San Francisco at Noise Pop. Minihorse‘s debut EP, Big Lack, is out now on Friendship Fever and is also available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.

The Big Lack EP can be ordered on CD and download formats here

Minihorse‘s tour dates can be viewed here

Harker To Release Expanded Reissue Of ‘A Lifetime Apart’ EP

Harker Lifetime ApartIndie punks Harker will release an extended version of their A Lifetime Apart EP, originally released in 2015, this reissue will feature four additional tracks and will be released on the 24th March via Fixing A Hole Records. The expanded EP features the original four tracks from the EP, together with selected material from earlier releases including The Great Thieves Escape, Gasping for Air and their debut EP, HoursHarker have also released a music video for Somewhere Better, one of the bands first ever songs, re-recorded specially for the EP. 

You can pre-order the expanded A Lifetime Apart EP here 

You can view the Somewhere Better video, and Harker‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Solsara To Release Debut EP ‘The Shop Of Dubious Legality’

Solsara Day Of The DeadSolsara are about to release their debut EP, The Shop Of Dubious Legality, and embark on their second UK tour, having released their first demo just 10 months ago. Solsara are a band with a raw, catchy, indie rock sound that started as an experiment when an opportunity arose to support US band Mothxr as part of their UK tour. After an incredible response, they headed to the studio and recorded their first demos, including the critically acclaimed Lean into It. Solsara plan to follow up the EP release with a plethora of multi-media content and extensive touring throughout the year in venues and the festival circuit across the UK. 
The video for the lead single, Day Of The Dead, and Solsara‘s tour dates, can be viewed below

Read More…

mohawk radio deaf institute feb 17

Mohawk Radio 'Shoot From The Hip' EP Launch

The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

February 10th 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Tonight The Deaf Institute is hosting is the launch for Mohawk Radio‘s latest EP, Shoot From The Hip, the band have toured relentlessly and built up an impressive following, this has resulted in tonight’s show being completely sold out, an even more impressive feat when you consider that Mohawk Radio have done everything on their own terms. The crowd for tonight’s sold out show is certainly an eclectic one, boasting an intriguing mix of everything from indie kids to old rockers, this diversity is reflected in the quartet of bands that are on display tonight, a line up that makes tonight as much a showcase for the thriving musical environment in the North West of the UK as it is an event to celebrate the release of Mohawk Radio‘s latest EP.

Mohawk Radio DI Katie MacTonight’s journey to catch Mohawk Radio at the Deaf Institute didn’t start well, gridlock near the venue means that I’m running late, when we finally reach the venue the combination of new Converse and a wet pavement leads to further drama, but ripped jeans are in fashion and a few more scars aren’t going to make much difference at my age. I dust myself down and finally limp into the venue to catch the tail end of the opening set by Katie Mac. From the brief snatch I manage to catch it’s clear she possess a soulful voice, one that is backed up by a quartet that channels the more introspective side of indie. As their final number builds to an impressive crescendo I find myself wishing we’d managed to get here earlier .

Mohawk Radio DI Ideal ForgeryIdeal Forgery are next on the bill, they have an eclectic line up that includes violin and cello alongside the usual suspects of guitar and drums, after a mournful start they kick into some spirited indie rock that embraces the more melodic side of the folk punk scene, along with a hint of emo. For me the violin and cello brought an orchestral dimension to their sound, and it’s this that really separates them from the pack, Ideal Forgery are yet another local discovery that I can’t help but feel will be headed for bigger things, as there is no one else that sounds quite like them. The other factor that struck me about them is that their vocalist, Zak Heaney, peppers the gaps between songs with the word fuck as much as anyone I’ve ever seen. 

Mohawk Radio DI Jess KempJess Kemp is tonight’s final support, she delivers accomplished indie fuelled power pop that is mixed with a dash of rock, as their cover of Fleetwood Mac is testimony to, but don’t let that put you off, she twists the old rock classic to her own purposes to give it a fresh lease of life. There is something about Jess Kemp that for some reason reminds me of the energy of bands such as The Muffs and Against Me!, albeit on one of their quieter days. Maybe this is beacuse Jess Kemp possesses a vocal delivery that contains the kind of emotive melodic growl that few possess and for me her set is further evidence of the North Wests healthy and burgeoning DIY scene.

Mohawk Radio DI 1The Deaf Institute is packed to capacity for tonight’s Mohawk Radio show, this is even more impressive when you consider this is a totally DIY affair, artists with a label backing frequently play this venue to smaller crowds, and its to their credit that they’ve achieved this on their own terms. Three quarters of Mohawk Radio take to the stage and kick things off before vocalist Mia Page joins them onstage and their set starts in earnest. Mohawk Radio deliver the kind of hard edged alt rock that, as good as they are on record, really is at it best when experienced live. Mohawk Radio channel the best of rock, and they are a rock band at their heart, but they channel this with a harder edged sensibility more akin to alt rock and grunge that gives them the kind of cross genre appeal that most bands would kill for.

Mohawk Radio DI 2Mia Page has a striking vocal delivery, when you couple this with a razor sharp band you inevitably have a winning formula. On Your Knees, the lead track from their latest EP, sounds even better live, Mia Page works the stage like she’s playing to an arena crowd, whilst the band provide a rock solid backing. Their set varies between their upbeat heavier numbers and the softer side of their material, whilst the studio versions of these tracks didn’t appeal to me as much, live they are transformed into crowd pleasing foot stompers. The whole set is delivered with a joyful zeal, and there’s something about this band that makes you feel they are destined for bigger venues and crowds.

Mohawk Radio DI 3Mohawk Radio were incredible tonight, the level of showmanship on display is normally reserved for bigger venues and established acts, as a result their impressive set passed by in a blur. I’ll be honest, as much as I liked the Shoot From The Hip EP I wasn’t expecting to enjoy tonight as much as I did, the unrestrained hedonism of their rock influences, combined with their alternative roots, makes for an irresistible combination, and I feel privileged to have caught Mohawk Radio at this sold out intimate show. It’s not often you see a band with this kind of stage presence in a venue of this size, and on the basis of tonight’s show I’d recommend that you to tune into Mohawk Radio as soon as you get the chance.

Mohawk Radio DI 4Katie Mac‘s Facebook page is here

Ideal Forgery‘s Facebook page can be found here and their website is located here 

Jess Kemp‘s Facebook page is located here

The Punk Site review of Mohawk Radio‘s Shoot From The Hip EP is here

Mohawk Radio‘s website, where you can order the Shoot From The Hip EP, is located here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Glass Phantomes FSCMN

The Glass Phantoms

Funeral Song / Call My Name

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Glass Phantoms have released a new double a side single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and live favourite Call My Name, the single has been released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single, artwork that it must be said captures the spirit of the single perfectly.

Funeral Song boasts a dark twisted hypnotic hammering rhythm, overlaid with vocalist Jimi Wade‘s rasping blues howl and some impressively twisted guitar work, Call My Name takes a step further into the shadows, this song has been an established feature of their live sets, and it’s transferred perfectly to the studio. Unlike most songs with a title like that, this is no love song, it contains the lyric “I’ll Put Your Screams Upon My Mantlepiece” that inspired the dark artwork by God’s Teeth. On this track they up the ante from the opener, Funeral Song, to deliver a deliciously dark and twisted number that personifies everything that I love about this band.

This is a move forward from last years impressive debut single, I Am The Dark, that demonstrates The Glass Phantoms are spreading their wings, with two perfect singles under their belt, and a reputation for heartfelt blistering live performances, The Glass Phantoms are building a reputation for being a band that are delivering their own blend of blues, stoner rock and alt rock which is delivered with their own dark twist, and as a result it’s hard not to fall under their spell. Now that they have Abattoir Blues Records behind them the future is somewhat perversely looking very bright for The Glass Phantoms.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

The Glass Phantoms Release New Single

Glass Phantoms Feb 17The Glass Phantoms have released a new single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and Call My Name, the single will be released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

Young Fox Stream ‘Slow Burn’ From Forthcoming Debut Album

Young Fox Sky Beats GoldPittsburgh indie rockers Young Fox are streaming a new song entitled Slow Burn off their upcoming debut LP, Sky Beats Gold, that is due out on March 10th via Spartan Records.

You can stream Slow Burn, which features a guest appearance by Stephen Christian of Anberlin, via Alternative Press here

Sky Beats Gold can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats here, all pre-orders include instant downloads of the tracks Sometimes the Monsters Win and Slow Burn.

The Bigger Empty To Release ‘Lakes And Oceans’ EP’s

Bigger Empty Vol 1Chicago based indie rock band The Bigger Empty, that is fronted by Mike Femulee formerly of the Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio, will be releasing a collection of four EPs titled Lakes & Oceans via La Escalera Records.

The Bigger Empty will be kicking off the series with Lakes & Oceans Vol 1: Michigan which is set for a February 24th release. A new volume will be released quarterly throughout 2017.

You can pre-order Lakes & Oceans Vol 1: Michigan on CD here and digitally via iTunes

Empty Lungs To Release ‘Don’t Get It’ EP

Empty Lungs Dont Get ItManaging to capture the angst and protest spirit of punk rock and blend it with hooks and melody more akin to the indie rock and power pop of the 90’s, Empty Lungs have an energy and determination second to none. Then again, when you grow up in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the tail end of a bitter and divisive 35-year conflict, grit and determination to create something positive and unique are instilled in you. This determination has seen Empty Lungs become the first European artist to sign with Canadian label Hidden Pony Records, their Don’t Get It EP is planned for release on March 10th on vinyl and digital download through all usual retailers.

The Hidden Pony Records website is here and Empty Lungs spring tour dates are below Read More…

Hollerado Release Video For ‘Born Yesterday’

Hollerado Born YesterdayCanada’s energetic indie rockers, Hollerado, have released a new music video for Born Yesterday, the lead single from their upcoming full length due out spring of 2017 from Royal Mountain Records. Hollerado, have previously toured with Weezer, Jack White, Flaming Lips, and Julien Casablancas’ Voidz, they have now announced a lengthy run of tour dates to kick off 2017, initially in North America before heading to the Europe for an extensive run of shows with Sum 41.

Hollerado‘s official website can be found here

The video For Born Yesterday, and Hollerado‘s tour dates, can viewed below Read More…

Young Fox Reveal Lyric Video For ‘Sometimes The Monsters Win’

Young Fox Sky Beats GoldTwo years after the release of their impressive debut EP, Predecessors, Young Fox have returned, the Pittsburgh indie rockers have now released a lyric video for Sometimes The Monsters Win, the lead track from their upcoming debut LP, Sky Beats Gold, that is due for release on March 10th 2017 via Spartan Records.

Sky Beats Gold can be pre-ordered on ltd edition vinyl and download here

The lyric video for Sometimes The Monsters Win can be viewed below Read More…

Young Fox To Release Debut Album ‘Sky Beats Gold’

Young Fox Sky Beats GoldTwo years after the release of their impressive debut EP, Predecessors, Young Fox returns with Sky Beats Gold, a beautifully layered and moody discourse aimed directly at perpetual questions, the material vs. the immaterial, the closing gap between what we’ve become and what we’ve feared, empty hands and empty hearts and the darker spectrum of the human experience. Sky Beats Gold, will be released on March 10 via Spartan Records.

Young Fox‘s first single, Sometimes the Monsters Win, can be streamed  here

Sky Beats Gold can be pre-ordered on download and limited edition vinyl here


Steady Hands

Rude Boys Of Bar Rock

Lame-O Records

Rating: 3.5/5




What is now the folk punk septet, Steady Hands, began life as the side project for Sean Huber, the drummer of Modern Baseball. The album takes Inspiration from Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen and Frank Turner alongside other classic punk influenced singer songwriters. The genesis of Steady Hands began in the bars and basement venues in Philadelphia as Sean Huber began to establish his own musical identity away from Modern Baseball, the band was fleshed out by friends and acquaintances, including members of WC and, his colleague from Modern Baseball, Jacob Ewald. Rude Boys Of Bar Rock was released last week and it encompasses the entire recorded output of Steady Hands on one handy double LP, including re-recordings and even a brand new track.

This is an album that shifts away the approach of Modern Baseball and heads into punkier territory, albeit on the folkier side of the fence. The album opens with the new contribution to the album, Under The Rug, this is an anthemic slab of indie tinged folk punk, and it marks a damn fine start to the album. From this point on it’s a reckless trip back through Steady Hands entire back catalogue. The album veers between upbeat folk punk, introspective acoustic numbers and defiant Celtic influences, The fact that the strongest track on this impressive anthology is the sole new recording by Steady Hands indicates that this is a band that is still on the upswing, and further releases from Steady Hands in 2017 will be something that I’m looking forward to hearing.
For me Steady Hands eclipses the work of Modern Baseball, it’s a more accessible album, and it’s one that encompasses a wide range of influences including punk, folk punk and heartland rock, this will appeal to fans of Modern Baseball, but it has a broader appeal and covers a broader range. I’ll admit that the Nebraska style re-workings of the songs from Not Many Of Us Left felt like something of an afterthought, apart from that minor criticism this is a heartfelt and original twenty track collection that spans their entire recorded output. Hopefully the fact that this is a retrospective collection of their EP’s will allow them to reach a greater audience than their individual releases allowed, and that this will mean that we’ll hear more from Steady Hands over the coming years.
Rude Boys Of Bar Rock is available from Lame-O Records here