Inklings Reveal ‘Single Life’ Video And Quiz For Valentines Day

Inklings SLDo you feel trapped by Valentine’s Day? Are you sleeping alone tonight? Are you waiting for your lost love to call? Inklings explore the darker side of dating with a quiz that might have the answers for you and could be what you need this year. The quiz accompanies the band’s melancholic new ode to Valentines Day, Single Life, an anti-love song about the absence of love and the jealousy of those in relationships compared to the loneliness behind free and easy single faces. 

You can take the Single Life quiz here

You can view the video for Single Life below Read More…

Barely Civil Stream New Track From Forthcoming Album

Barely Civil WCLHFBarely Civil have joined the Take This to Heart Records family and will be releasing their debut LP, We Can Live Here Forever on cassette, CD and digital formats on the 2nd March, the album combines the spectral clarity of emo with the homespun storytelling of indie-rock, this first offering from these college undergraduates is a lesson in growth.

You can pre-order We Can Live Here Forever here

You can stream You With A Cape, Me With A Baseball Bat via Substream here

Sloan Return With The ‘The Day Will Be Mine’

Sloan TDWBMCanadian indie rock royalty, Sloan are excited to kick-off their mighty return with their new song, The Day Will Be Mine. The track is released as part of the band’s announcement of their 12th studio album that is appropriately titled 12, which is set to release 6th April on Yep Roc Records. Sloan are one of the rare bands to make it to their 12th album with all four original members who are equally prolific songwriters, all still working at the top of their respective games and sounding utterly ageless in the process.  12 includes three songs written by each member with the band being eager to initiate more creative cross-pollination in their songwriting. 12 can be pre-ordered here

You can view the lyric video for The Day Will Be Mine below Read More…

Barely Civil Sign To Take This To Heart Records

Barely Civil WCLHFBarely Civil have joined the Take This To Heart Records family and will be releasing their debut LP, We Can Live Here Forever, on CD, cassette and digital formats on March 2nd. Barely Civil combine the spectral clarity of emo with the homespun storytelling of indie rock, this is the first offering from these college undergraduates and their debut album is a lesson in growth.

We Can Live Here Forever can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here

You can stream the track Eau Claire? Oh, Claire via Stereogum here

Carpark Records Reissue ‘Wendyfix’ and ‘Remy’ albums

Carpark RecordsCarpark Records have released two special new albums from label founder Todd Hyman’s early 90’s college bands, Wendyfix and Remy. Originally released on cassette and long since out of print, these gems of indie rock are newly re-mixed and re-mastered from the original half-inch tape masters, and are being digitally released for the first time on Todd Hyman‘s Carpark Records.

Wendyfix‘s LP is available from Carpark Records here and via all digital outlets here.

Remy‘s EP is available digitally from Carpark Records here and all digital outlets here

Toy cars PB

Toy Cars

Paint Brain

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5



Following New Jersey’s Toy Cars moving away from being a side project for vocalist and guitarist Matt Debenedetti and the band developing a stable line up, consisting of Mike Linardi on drums, Matt Caponegro on guitar and Chris Beninato on bass, Toy Cars have been constantly moving forward. Last years Sleeping Patterns EP hinted at the promise they had, and now they are set to release their debut full length, Paint Brain, on the 12th January.
Paint Brain contains Toy Cars patented mix of Americana, emo and indie, but when compared to their debut EP, Sleeping Patterns, everything just sounds more confident and up front, the album’s title track that kicks things off carries all the swagger of Gaslight Anthem at their best, this is followed by the lead single, Cold, that carries an anthemic quality with a chorus that positively bursts into life. After just two tracks in you get the feeling that Toy Cars have made exactly the record they wanted to make, and it can’t be coincidence that that on this release they’ve gone down the DIY route and self released and self funded Paint Brain.
Every track on Paint Brain carries the earnestness and honesty of emo, but this is matched with the bravado and confidence of Americana, the creativity of the indie scene and even brief moments of punk fury creep into the mix. Toy Cars never allow the album to slip into any kind of comfortable rut, from the acoustic and laid back style of Leaving A/B, to the straight up brash indie of Iron Me Out and Track 7, through to the more atmospheric moments of Erie and Swim and finally the tortured closing track, Sarah 1908. The end result is that Paint Brain is twelve tracks of mixed textures and styles that have been skilfully woven together to create an impressive debut album.
Paint Brain can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here

Twin Jackal Release ‘Cruel’ Video

Twin Jackal CruelTwin Jackal are on the move with the release of their hard hitting and core shaking new video, Cruel, a track taken from their forthcoming debut EP, Optimo Animo. The new single is a forceful contemporary track that carries the anger of hardcore, the fuzz of stoner rock and the true emotion of indie rock, that is delivered with math rock rhythms, unpredictable guitars and soulful vocals that are all sewn together into a fierce wall of sound.

Twin Jackal‘s website can be found here

You can view the video for Cruel below Read More…

Shanghai Blues Release New Single ‘Swim’

Shanghai Blues SwimEast London quartet Shanghai Blues have revealed their return and announced that their brand new single, Swim, that is now available via all good digital retailers. On the new single Shanghai Blues inject a heaviness into their more indie-leaning material, resulting into an instantly more impactful and considered approach than their previous releases. The new single shows a mellower and more mature side to this young outfit, one that displays some restrained and intelligent song writing, which only goes to underscore their growing appeal.

You can stream Swim here

Mansions Announce Pre-Orders For New EP ‘Deserter’

Mansions DeserterSeattle via Louisville indie rockers Mansions have developed something of a cult following in the decade they’ve been in a band, but they’ve been pretty quiet since the release of 2013’s Doom Loop. They’re now finally ready to follow it with a new EP, Deserter, which drops on November 3rd via Bad Timing Records.

You can pre-order the Deserter EP on physical formats here and digitally here

You can stream the track Heel Theme here

Sammi Lanzetta FA

Sammi Lanzetta

For Avery

6131 Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Virginia’s Sammi Lanzetta is set to release her debut EP, For Avery, on the 6th October, the EP’s brisk ten minutes wastes no time in introducing her charming collision of raw instrumentation, nervous energy, and confident melodies, marked by the 21-year-old’s ability to communicate a broad range of personality and humanity into concisely catchy tunes. Throughout the EP Sammi Lanzetta‘s dynamic voice darts between soulful, vulnerable and commanding with ease, perfectly complimenting a conversational lyricism that can often go from angry, to humorous, to heartbreaking, all in the space of a single song.

Whilst undoubtedly this is embedded in the world of indie rock the first track Circles carries elements of the energy and spirit of power pop, and Anxiety Olympics carries the same feel, but with the addition of a killer guitar hook and a deadpan vocal delivery. The EP’s title track brings a mellower moment to the EP that is reminiscent of the likes of Mazzy Star and indicates that Sammi Lanzetta has more up her sleeve than upbeat indie rock, further proof of this arrives with the Toothbrush Song that closes the EP with For Avery‘s finest moment, a track that manages to combine overdriven bass and guitars with a deceptively melodic undertone.

With her debut EP Sammi Lanzetta has made more than a promising start to a recording career, For Avery manages to combine the melodic sensibilities of indie with the noisier side of the genre perfectly, and this is achieved without any compromise being given to either side. The For Avery EP is an impressive debut release by anyone’s standards, and it’s one that marks Sammi Lanzetta out as a name that I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from over the coming years,

Sammi Lanzetta‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can pre-order the For Avery EP via Bandcamp here and on cassette via 6131 Records here

Cold Reading To Release ‘Sojourner’ EP On September 22nd

Cold Reading - SojournerAfter releasing their huge single Books & Comfort in late July, Swiss quartet Cold Reading are now set to release their new EP Sojourner on the 22nd September via KROD Records. The record consists of four heartwarming and inspirational tracks situated somewhere between contemporary indie rock and 90’s influenced emo.
The Sojourner EP can be pre-ordered via KROD Records here
You can read more about the making of the Sojourner EP below

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Cherry Release ‘Forever Overhead’ Video

Cherry DumbnessCherry have released their new song, Forever Overhead, that is taken from the band’s debut album Dumbness, that is set to be released on September 29th via Lame-O Records. The Philadelphia indie rock project features members of Kite Party and Three Man Cannon, as well Lame-O Records owner Eric Osman on drums. 

Pre-orders for Dumbness are now available physically here and digitally here 

You can view the video for Forever Overhead, and Cherry‘s US tour dates, below Read More…

Ledges Homecoming



Self Released

Rating: 2.5/5




Ohio indie rock trio Ledges have just released their debut album, Homecoming, the full length builds on the sound the band cultivated on their 2014 debut EP, The Indian Summer, and the album follows a singular character on a journey through doubt, love, loss, and redemption. The Homecoming album was originally intended to be an EP, but as the band began recording demos they realized that an EP wasn’t sufficient to tell the story, and it needed to be told in the form of a full length album.

A gentle introduction, that wouldn’t sound out of place on an eighties movie soundtrack, eases you into Homecoming, the majority of the album offers the kind of laid back indie feel that never really grabs you, rather it has a sound that surrounds and embraces you. There are moments on the album, such as the lead single Teenage Daydream that also carries an eighties sheen of synth, that offer more upbeat moments, but for the most part this is a distinctly languid experience. Homecoming is an album with a tale to tell, if you enjoy this kind of reflective indie experience then you may well find that Ledges have made an album that you will happily lose yourself in.

Homecoming is an album that sounds as if it’s been made to be listened to as a whole, there are no stand out singles or mesmerising moments, but it does work as a complete and coherent work. This is the kind of release that just drifts over you, whilst I personally prefer an album that grabs you and causes a rush of adrenaline there are moments when that isn’t what you need, and for those moments Ledges have produced an album that offers an enveloping and reflective experience. For me Homecoming is an album that won’t appear regularly on my playlist, but I know that when the moment is right I’ll be glad that Homecoming is resting gently in my collection.

Homecoming is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and all other major digital outlets.

Ledges Facebook page can be found here

Julia Louise Releases ‘Brat’ From Forthcoming ‘Love Jail’ LP

Julia Louise LJPeople are unpredictable creatures, which is why they’ve got a habit of letting you down, Julia Louise manages take those terrible feelings of disappointment, twist them up and let them out to haunt the world. While Julia Louise perfectly captures the bittersweet moment of finally being free of fake friends, it’s that pain in having to realize that people you love can totally screw you over that shines on Brat, the lead single from her forthcoming debut release, Love Jail, that will be released via No Sleep Records.

Love Jail can be pre-ordered here and the video for Brat can be viewed below Read More…

Shanghai Blues Release ‘Those Three Words’ Single

Shanghai Blues TLWShanghai Blues have released their brand new single, Those Three Words, the single gives us a glimpse of what Shanghai Blues has to offer, as it carves a path through raw emotion and untouched mindsets. It merges into a tense combination of hypnotic melodies with the layering of guitars that later kicks into prodigious crescendo, as poignant and stripped back lyrics liaise with feelings of lingering hope. Leaving an impactful imprint, it hints to moments from their past single releases while showing the progression of mature growth the band is heading towards.

Those Three Words can be streamed via Soundcloud here and Spotify here

The By Gods To Release New Single ‘Rat In My House’

The By Gods RIMHNashville trio The By Gods have announced that their new album, Move On, is due for release on 20th October 2017, the trio are currently on a lengthy run of US tour dates, with a UK tour to follow. To celebrate the forthcoming release of their new album the band have revealed the video for Rat In My House, the first single to be taken from the new album that will be available via streaming platforms from 31st July 2017.

You can stream Rat In My House here

You can view the video for Rat In My House, and The By Gods tour dates, below Read More…

Trampolene Release The ‘Beautiful Pain’ EP

Trampolene BPTrampolene have revealed two new videos, Beautiful Pain and Saving My Life In A&E, both tracks are taken from the Beautiful Pain EP that was released on the 7th July. Beautiful Pain is about the desperate hope, crushing pain and the heart mangling joy of falling in love, whilst Saving My Life In A&E is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Trampolene Party, a heartfelt poem dedicated to the NHS. The EP also features She Sits With Me and a passionate rendition of The Smith‘s classic Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.

The Beautiful Pain EP is now available via iTunes here and Spotify here

You can view Trampolene‘s two new videos, and the band’s tour dates, below Read More…

Libertines Announce ‘Tiddley Om Pom Pom’ UK Tour

Libertines June 17The Libertines have announced the …Tiddeley Om Pom Pom Tour of seven British seaside towns, the tour commences at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom on 22nd September and culminates at the Brighton Centre on the 2nd of October, tickets go on sale on Friday 16th June. The Libertines will also be headlining a number of festivals across the summer including the Tramlines and Truck festivals.

Tickets for the …Tiddley Om Pom Pom Tour can be ordered here from Friday 16th June

The Libertines tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Caracara Release Music Video For New Single ‘Glacier’

Caracara GlacierPhiladelphia’s Caracara have just released the music video for their single, Glacier, which is taken from their forthcoming full length record, that will be released later this year. Their debut album promises a shifting of styles and symbols, alternating from shimmering indie to whispers of neo-folk before relishing in the cathartic push of post-rock. This fluidity introduces a band with no point of origin, built from the mysterious clamour of noise as much as they are inspired by it.

Glacier can be streamed and purchased here

you can view the video for Glacier below Read More…

Gang Of Youths May 2017

Gang Of Youths / Demob Happy

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

25th May 2017

Rating: 4/5




Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 1Manchester has been hit by an unexpected heatwave meaning that all the beer gardens are packed and Sound Control, a place that normally has a reputation for sweaty intimate shows, is like a furnace. The venue is sparsely populated prior to Demob Happy taking the stage, it’s hard to tell whether this is the allure of the beer garden or whether people are deterred by the attack on the Manchester Arena, that occurred less than a week ago. Regardless Demob Happy take the stage and hit us with a wall of fuzzed up indie noise that to my ears owes a significant debt to the MC5, their anthemic blend of fuzzed up indie rock, harmonic vocals and garage and psyche overtones is a welcome return to live music after what has been an emotional week.

Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 2The crowd slowly grows throughout their set, indicating that the rare appearance of summer in Manchester is more responsible for the initial sparse attendance rather than any sense of fear or trepidation regarding attending live shows. Demob Happy have given it their all tonight in an overheated venue, and I note that not one single person is in the bar area, everyone is up to the front for their set. Their mix of indie rock, garage fuzz and proto punk roots is one that is impressive, to put it mildly. Their set veers into alt rock occasionally, recalling elements of early Muse, but thankfully without the self indulgence and prog influences that seems to populate their shows these days. Trying to pin down exactly where Demob Happy are coming from is like herding cats as they skip between influences and styles without batting an eyelid.

Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 3At times Demob Happy border on hardcore intensity, others they’re channeling late 60s psyche and fuzzy proto punk, all of this is wrapped in a sheen of indie cool with a raw alt rock veneer, that makes Demob Happy a unique act that I would encourage anyone with a love for the idiosyncratic side of alternative music to go and see live. Their final number is introduced by “we’re Demob Happy, thank you for coming, we think it’s important that you did” and I couldn’t agree more. Tonight Demob Happy played the kind of accomplished genre spanning set that few can deliver, tonight this Brighton based trio of displaced Geordies played an eclectic set that ups the anticipation for their forthcoming EP.

Gang Of Youths May 26 1Gang Of Youths are a very different prospect from Demob Happy, they are darker and richer in sound but with the same tendency to incorporate different styles and influences into their set. Tonight they are showcasing new material from their forthcoming sophomore album, Go Farther In Lightness, to the appreciative crowd, and between songs they release their rhetoric and world view. The first exposure to their new material comes across as Gaslight Anthem viewed through a dark and intense lens that is tinged with the distinctly blue collar feel of heartland rock that is distorted through their unique worldview. Glittering guitar riffs sit alongside the driving rhythms and passionate vocals to create a hypnotic and heartfelt sound that is the kind of uplifting soundtrack that Manchester needs this week.

Gang Of Youths May 26 2Gang Of Youths displayed a level of openness, honesty and personal disclosure that you rarely encounter, and it was one that you can’t help but be moved by. Towards the end of their all too brief set Gang Of Youths encourage the crowd into an anthemic refrain of “I’m not afraid” during the track Poison Drum, this is a song that has the perfect feel for tonight’s show, a defiant and danceable number that makes me think that this really is a song that should be owned by Manchester, and it’s one that will always remind me of tonight whenever it rotates itself back into my playlist. On this hot mancunian night I can’t think of a better show to have attended since the events of Monday, simultaneously defiant and heartfelt, and in places heartbreaking,

Gang Of Youths May 26 3During their final number vocalist David Le’aupepe leaves the stage and enters the crowd and they finish the set as though they’re closing a show to the usual packed crowds they play to in their native Australia, to see a band of this stature in a small grass roots venue is a privilege that you don’t get very often. Tonight was a wonderful mix of styles from the alternative music of the past, present and possibly the future, both Gang Of Youths and Demob Happy delivered near perfect sets tonight and for that I can only thank them, this was my first concert after the events of 22nd May and it reaffirms exactly why music matters and underlines Manchester’s defiance.

Gang Of Youths May 26 4On the way to Sound Control we passed the Arena, the site of attack on the 22nd May, the floral tributes and ongoing Police presence are a sobering reminder of the price 22 people paid who just went out to watch live music. The Punk Site‘s response to the Manchester attack can be read here

Gang Of Youths website can be found here

Demob Happy‘s website is located here

Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Watch For Horses Debut New Song ‘Memory Bells’

Watch For Horses June 17 TourEmerging Californian indie rockers Watch For Horses have premiered a new song, Memory Bells, that has a sound that brings to mind a hybrid of The Strokes, Two Door Cinema Club, Funeral Party and Young The Giant. Watch For Horses have been steadily gigging around the LA area, and the buzz is now reverberating well beyond Southern California. Watch For Horses have now announced a handful of US tour dates that can be viewed by clicking on the flyer.

Memory Bells is available via Spotify here and iTunes here

You can also stream Memory Bells here

Trampolene Release Title Track From ‘Beautiful Pain’ EP

Trampolene BPSwansea city rockers TRAMPOLENE are set to continue to deliver their unique combination of garage rock, kitchen-sink poetry and acoustic heartbreakers with their release a new four track EP, Beautiful Pain, on Friday the 7th July.  The title song is now available now when you pre-order the Beautiful Pain EP from iTunes, the track is about the desperate hope, crushing pain and the heart mangling joy of falling in love, Mills & Boon it ain’t.
You can pre-order the Beautiful Pain EP via iTunes here and stream the title track here
You can view Trampolene‘s tour dates below

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Tigers Jaw Announce UK Tour And Release ‘Escape Plan’

Tigers Jaw Uk Tour Aug 17As the August 18th release date of their new album, Spin, approaches, indie-rock duo Tigers Jaw have announced details of a UK tour with Culture Abuse that same month. The tour includes a London show at The Garage on August 20th and culminates with sets at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Pre-orders for Spin are now open at iTunes and from the band’s store for CD, limited edition blue vinyl and bundles, all pre-orders will receive instant downloads of the tracks Guardian and June.

You can pre-order physical formats of Spin here

You can stream the track Escape Plan here and view their UK tour dates below Read More…

1958 Dark Blue

Nineteen Fifty Eight

Dark Blue

Transcend Music

Rating: 4/5




Nineteen Fifty Eight have been steadily building a loyal following since they formed back in 2013, both through their live shows and their two self released EP’s, 2013’s Rapture and 2015’s When Will I Get To You. Although they remain fiercely loyal to the South Wales music scene that spawned them, the Swansea based alternative rock band will hopefully be looking to move beyond the confines of their local scene, as they have released their impressive new EP, Dark Blue, today, the 19th May 2017, via Transcend Music.

The title track starts with a laid back alt rock feel before it eases into dark bass led power pop, this is a style that is revisted on the penultimate track, God Forbid. The atmospheric and powerful track, Under My Skin, weaves a hypnotic spell whereas Optimistic brings their darker side to the fore, the fuzz and pace are both upped, and when this is married to an addictive guitar riff you have a winning combination. Temporary Feelings almost brings Dark Blue to a dead stop before it builds to an anthemic finale, and the EP ends in memorable fashion with the rocky closer Watch Me Burn.

Dark Blue should appeal to fans of bands such as The Duke Spirit, Brand New and Editors, both the past and present of this kind of melodic alt rock are absorbed to create an impressive EP, one that it must be said has a distinctly radio friendly quality about it, but it’s all done without any apparent sacrifices being made to achieve this. Dark Blue is an EP that embraces influences from the world’s of indie and rock to create an anthemic and impressive six track EP that should see them reaching a wider audience.

The Dark Blue EP can be purchased on CD here and downloaded via iTunes here

Nineteen Fifty Eight‘s website can be found here

anna altman freightliner

Anna Altman


Exploding In Sound Records

Rating: 3/5




Exploding In Sound Records recently announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service that boasts Anna Altman’s full length debut, Freightliner, as the debut release. Freightliner was released on April 28th and is not only available via The EIS Tape Club, for those with a preference for digital formats the album is also available for download. Anna Altman are comprised of the duo Lucia Arias and Christian Billard, both better known for their tenure in Turnip King, but this is not just a recreation of that band’s work, Anna Altman is a distinctly more laid back project.

Freightliner opens with The Interview, a track that possesses a bassline and beat that is more than a touch reminiscent of early New Order, with a breathless vocal delivery that reminds me of Pauline Murray, lead singer of punk band Penetration and latterly Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls. The Catcher then brings the pace down, and it’s here that the album remains, after the initial post punk feel of The Interview the album boasts a series of delicate melodies, gentle beats and tangled minimalist arrangements that will delight fans of Liz Phair, The Breeders, and Bedhead.

From the off Freightliner lays it’s cards on the table with it’s mix of influences from the UK’s post punk scene and US indie bands, but considering these influences the whole album feels restrained and after the opening track, The Interview, the album never seems to recover from it’s initial loss of momentum. Having said that, for those seeking a melodic and haunting soundtrack then Freightliner offers a serene hypnotic quality that is built on repeating structures and patterns overlaid with haunting vocals.

You can subscribe to the EIS Tape Club here and digital downloads of the album are available here

Northbound Flaws


The Flaws In Everything

Animal Style Records

Rating: 4/5




From their humble beginnings as an acoustic solo project back in 2012 Northbound have steadily evolved into a fully fleshed-out band. Jonathon Fraser remains at the creative heart of Northbound, his songwriting sits at the core of the band and his style seems at home here, whether he’s armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his voice, or with the full band fleshing out his songs with some muscle. Northbound have now bought us their latest EP, The Flaws In Everything, that was released on the 21st April 2017 via Animal Style Records, and it is now available on two different vinyl variants, white and blue and black and blue, as well as on CD and digital formats.

The Flaws In Everything introduces itself with the strong pop punk opening of Fade To Black, the classic pop punk combination of harmonised vocals and strong catchy guitar hooks is well in evidence, on the basis of this you might think you know what you’re in for, but you’d be wrong, Suitor Type still contains the pop punk element, but this time it’s darker with a touch of post hardcore. The opening duo of tracks is then followed by the crunching distorted riff of Well Water, a song that drifts into alt-rock territory, The Flaws In Everything continues to keep you guessing as Lonely Squid boasts a stripped down acoustic quality until finally Tell Me Something Good, with it’s impassioned chorus, brings things to a reflective thoughtful close.

The Flaws In Everything is a varied genre spanning EP that hits the spot nicely, for me Fade To Black and Well Water are the two stand out tracks, both bring a distorted energy to the EP, but that’s not to put down the remainder of this release, but with such a varied blend of styles on display you’re going to gravitate to the ones that appeal to your sensibilities, in my case it’s the noisier contingent of tracks. Whether every track on this EP will be to your taste is debatable, but I can guarantee there’s a good chance that you’ll find something to your taste on The Flaws In Everything.

The Flaws In Everything can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Hollerado Born Yesterday


Born Yesterday

Royal Mountain Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Toronto’s most energetic indie rockers, Hollerado, have released their new full length, Born Yesterday, today, the 21st April 2017,on Royal Mountain Records. The latest release continues a prolific pattern of releases that started with a series of demos and progressed to their debut album Record In A Bag in 2009, and continued with their 2013 sophomore release, White Paint, and the ambitious 111 Songs project in 2015, where Hollerado wrote custom songs for specific fans. It was this exhaustive and continuous songwriting project that built the working framework for the release of Born Yesterday.

Born Yesterday starts with the high energy power pop of the title track, and you couldn’t really ask for a finer start to an album than this fuzzy hook filled opener, the album takes a downturn with the slower yearning number, Don’t Shake, and continues to veer wildly between styles, from the glam rock influenced tracks Brick Wall and I Got You, the sparse pop of Grief Money and Rollerskater, shining upbeat tracks such as Sorry You’re Alright  and If It Is Love, and of course further helpings of power pop in the shape of Eloise and Better Than the Cure. All the while Born Yesterday boasts an infectious guitar hook littered style with perfect vocal harmonies

To me Hollerado resemble a union between the stripped down power pop of The Thermals and the melodies and harmonies of Weezer, whilst Born Yesterday never quite hits the heights it promised on the first few tracks, especially the stunning title track, this is an original and varied album that would be well worth investigating for fans of the aforementioned bands and the likes of Silver Sun and Japandroids. Hollerado have released a catchy and eclectic mix that encompasses just about everything from the indie scene of the last thirty or so years, Born Yesterday is clearly a misleading album title as to produce an album this varied and consistent indicates they certainly weren’t.

Born Yesterday can be ordered digitally via iTunes and on physical formats here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Release New Single And Video ‘Yeah’

Soldiers Of A Wrong War CountdownsItalian alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War has released their new party filled music video titled, Yeah!. Along with the new single, comes the announcement for the band’s second studio album, Countdowns, which follows up on their 2014 three-track EP, Slow. The new album is set to release April 18th and is now available for pre-orders via iTunes

Countdowns can be pre-ordered here

The video for Yeah! can be viewed below Read More…

Blessed Release Stream of Second Single ‘The Body’ From ‘II’ EP

Blessed IIVancouver’s Blessed are getting ready to release II on April 28th via Kingfisher Bluez (Canada) and Cointoss Records (US) and they are sharing the second single from the EP, Body. Blessed‘s artful post-punk and twitchy indie rock sound has earned the band comparisons to everyone from Television and The Fall to Ought and Radiohead.

You can stream Body here and pre-order the II EP here (US) and here (Canada)

Blessed‘s extensive North American tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Little Star Release Stream of Forthcoming Album

Little Star STPortland DIY artists Little Star are now streaming their new self titled album in full ahead of the records release via Good Cheer Records on April 14th, pre-orders for the self titled album are now available. Little Star will also be playing their record release show at Mississippi Studios in Portland on April 14th

Little Star can be pre-ordered here and tickets for the album’s release show can be purchased here

You can stream the album in full via Gold Flake Paint here

Daddy Issues Release Stream Of ‘I’m Not’ From Deep Dream LP

Daddy Issues Deep DreamNashville three piece indie grunge band Daddy Issues are bravely tackling the trauma of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse in their new single, I’m Not. Daddy Issues have released a stream of the new track that is taken from their debut LP, Deep Dream, which will be released on May 19th 2017 via Infinity Cat Records.

You can stream I’m Not via NPR here and pre-order Deep Dream here

You can view Daddy Issues tour dates below Read More…