No Thank You Jump Ship

No Thank You

Jump Ship

Lame-O Records

Rating: 3.5/5




No Thank You‘s Kaytee Della Monica has been involved in the Philadelphia music scene since she was 16, originally a founding members of Airports, she subsequently went on to pursue a visual arts degree, something that still resonates deeply within her musical endeavours. Last year she teamed up with Nick Holdorf, from In The Pines, and The Superweaks’ Evan Bernard to form a new project, one that became No Thank You, with the aim of making collected her ideas come to life. Jump Ship is their debut full length, that follows on from the 2016 EP, A Nu Start, and was released on the 24th Februray 2017 and is available via Lame-O Records.

Eyeballs opens Jump Ship with some mellow ethereal indie, that to my ears is reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins, that serves as a prelude before Cold kicks in with a slow deliberate fuzzy riff that kicks into a more playful element before exiting on a return to the fuzz. Old News starts with more strings and ethereal vocals that slowly build to a more strident riff before fading away, it isn’t until Serenity Song that Jump Ship gets properly into gear, this track boasts a gloriously overdriven riff that’s overlaid with keyboards and the ever present ethereal vocal style of Kaytee Della Monica. At the midway point the album returns to the mellow indie stylings that opened Jump Ship, before the lead single from the album, Juicy J, kicks in with the albums finest 90 seconds, a gloriously insistent drumbeat overlaid with a frantic guitar hook that makes you want to bounce round the room, Teeter and The Unbearable Purposelessness of Being end the album in fine style, keeping up the energy levels and building Jump Ship to a fine finale.

I can’t decide whether Jump Ship is a throwback to earlier times, or an album that’s ahead of the game, there’s a fair nod to their influences, quirky keyboards playfully sit amongst some fine intense guitar riffs, that in turn sit alongside moments of tenderness and subtlety. This is certainly one of the most idiosyncratic releases I’ve heard this year, you can pick up the influence of numerous bands from the 80’s on this album, but this is no anachronistic tribute to the indie scene from days gone by. Whilst the influences are many and varied No Thank You have carved out a unique debut album, that despite my initial misconceptions has slowly won me over, and as I play it once more I have the feeling I won’t be the only person that this trio have that effect upon.

You can order the ltd edition vinyl, available on black and splatter variants, of Jump Ship here

Jump Ship is available for download and streaming here

Forever Green ITP

In The Pines

Forever Green

Black Numbers Records

Rating: 2/5




Forever Green is the debut release by Philadelphia’s In The Pines, they have delivered an oddball mix of emo, indie and post punk that makes for a challenging listen. The opening track, Fly Over States, is jangly indie pop with the kind of gruff vocal delivery that wouldn’t sound out of place over a melodic hardcore backing. They follow this confused number with Einstellung, the high point of Forever Green, which features trebly echo drenched lead guitar over the top of a hypnotic rhythm. Where You Dwell and You, Two round out the EP in a pleasant manner but neither track made any real impression on me and continued the confusion of influences and styles.

I think the problem is that In The Pines aren’t really sure where they want to be, or even what they want to be. There are so many influences crammed onto the EP that you end up with a hybrid which doesn’t reach the heights you feel they are capable of. As a result Forever Green is neither fish or fowl and I just can’t see this having the cross genre appeal that they hoped for.

Forever Green can be purchased via the In The Pines bandcamp here.

In The Pines Join Black Numbers; Streams New EP

In The PinesPhiladelphia, PA’s In The Pines has joined the Black Numbers Records roster. The label plans to release the band’s new digital EP, Forever Green, officially this week. The EP is available for digital pre-order on Bandcamp now.

In the mean time, stream the full EP here courtesy New Noise Magazine.