Tours: The Major Minor

Major MinorDetroit pop-punk outfit The Major Minor has announced that they will be heading on tour in supprt of their recent EP, Different Light, which is available now via Imminence Records.  Vocalist Dan Amaro comments:

There’s a special feeling when promoters and venues open their door to your band hundreds of miles from home. We’ve been touring the Midwest a lot the past 12 months waiting until the time is right to stretch our reach. And come this September, that special feeling will return when we play some new markets on our forthcoming tour. If you want to see what a dream come true looks like at small-mid level venues, come to one of our shows on the tour.

Tour dates are available below.

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Get Stoked Stream New Full Length

Get StokedGet Stoked has premiered a full stream of their new full length.  The disc is titled Stepping Off The Porch and is available now on Imminence Records.

Listen to the disc below.

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Get Stoked - Washington Street

Get Stoked

Washington Street

Imminence Records

Rating: 2/5




Before even listening to Get Stoked’s Washington Street EP, I already knew what to expect. The simple name: Get Stoked reminded me of The Wonder YearsGet Stoked On It! And Farewell’s Isn’t This Supposed to be Fun?.

Sadly, both of those albums were dismally boring and bland and Get Stoked follow in their footsteps.

The latest band to follow in the positive pop-punk/hardcore trend that really should only be called pop-punk, Washington Street begins with a minute and a half instrumental introduction that is a minute too long. Too polished, too soft, the introduction fails to grab you and just falls into an overly produced background track with a guitar riff lifted straight from the pop-punk annals of the early 2000s.

Get Stoked’s final four songs fail to propel the EP forward much more. The music instantly brings visions of other bands of their ilk: Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and an even poppier A Day To Remember. The musicianship is tight, but muddled – over polished and produced so nothing truly sticks out. The drums flourish now and then, ensuring an uptempo fist pump and possible circle pit but there’s very little to get stoked on here.

The vocals – a near perfect replica of Jordan Brown – are generic and too low in the mix. The occasional gang vocals bolster it up to an almost Living With Lions sing along, but they’re too few and far between. The bridge in Hand In Your Demise finally showcases something exciting that leads into a call and repeat chorus before bringing into a full out hardcore breakdown and for a moment you get what they’re trying to do.

They keep the momentum flowing with Forward Progress, a song pulled directly from Warped Tour 2005. It’s immediately recognizable despite being a new song, whether that’s bad or not is up to the listener; it does, however, make it somewhat forgettable.

In fact, “forgettable” is the best way to describe the EP. Moments of fun stick through and Get Stoked would be energetic enough live to get a crowd moving; but Washington Street is far too polished, too generic and too bland to leave any lasting impact. Once done, it’s already out of your memory banks; yet further proof that this overly positive pop-punk/hardcore movement is on its way out.