Tours: Hotage Calm

Hostage CalmConnecticut’s Hostage Calm has announced their final five tour dates.  the band released their final record, Die On Stage, this past September via Run For Cover Records before announcing the band’s demise shortly thereafter.

Tour dates are below.

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A Thousand Miles Away From Here

Hostage CalmConnecticut’s Hostage Calm has debuted a new music video.  The video features the track “A Thousand Miles Away From Here” which is from their brand new album, Die On Stage, released earlier this week via Run For Cover Records.

Watch the video here.

Hostage Calm – Fallen Angel

Hostage CalmConnecticut’s Hostage Calm has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Fallen Angel” and is set to appear on their brand new album, Die On Stage, due out September 16, 2014 via Run For Cover Records.

Listen to the track here courtesy FuseTV.

Hostage Calm – A Thousand Miles Away From Here

Hostage CalmConnecticut’s Hostage Calm has announced fresh new details about their upcoming new LP.  The song is titled “A Thousand Miles Away From Here,” and is set to appear on their brand new album, Die On Stage, due out September 16, 2014 via Run For Cover Records.

Listen to the track here courtesy Noisey.

Tours: Man Overboard (Europe)

Man OverboardMan Overboard has announced that they will be extending their The Heart Attack Tour to Europe and the UK.  The lineup features support from Hostage Calm, Front Porch Step (UK and Ireland only) and Roam. The tour begins November 1, 2014.  The band continues to support their third full-length album, Heart Attack, released in 2013 via Rise Records & Lost Tape Collective.  Justin from Man Overboard comments:

“The Heart Attack Tour in America was a blast so we will be bringing in to Europe and the UK this fall with a sweet lineup including our old friends Hostage Calm and our new friends in Front Porch Step and Roam. We will be visiting some of our old favorite cities as well as playing a few places for the very first time! Stay in tune with our social networks as we’ll be posting a song voting poll and all kinds of other rad things!”

Tour dates are available below.

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Tours: Citizen / You Blew It! / Hostage Calm

CitizenMichigan punk band Citizen has added more dates to their Fall tour with new support from You Blew It! and Hostage Calm.    The band will be out supporting their 2013 debut full length, Youth which was put out by Run For Cover Records.

Full tour dates are below.

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Video: Hostage Calm – Your Head / Your Heart

Hostage CalmConnecticut’s Hostage Calm shared the video for their new single “Your Head / Your Heart” on AV Club today. 

The Max Moore directed video can be seen below. The track is set to appear on their up-coming full-length Die On Stage, arriving via Run For Cover Records on September 16th, 2014.

 The album was produced by Will Yip (Balance and Composure, Title Fight) and follows 2012’s Please Remain Calm.

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Run For Cover Records announces lineup for 2013 CMJ Showcase

run for coverRun For Cover Records has announced the lineup for their 2013 CMJ Showcase.  Bands from the label include Tigers Jaw, Hostage Calm, Pity Sex, Cloakroom, Young Statues, Modern Baseball, Captain, We’re Sinking, GDP, and Petal.  The show is scheduled for October 19, 2013 at Santos Party House.

Tickets are available here.

The first 200 people in the doors will get a copy of Tigers Jaw’s upcoming 7”.

Live Concert Review

Saves The Day, Into It Over It, Hostage Calm

Live (Sept. 7th, 2013)

Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC




It’s weird to see a Saves The Day news story pop up every once in a while. A band that began making a name for themselves around the turn of the century with their breakthrough 1999 album, Through Being Cool; it seems that the band should have called it a day many years ago. Yet, they’re still going strong and every few years they’ll announce a new album or something similar. Sadly, they’ve never truly been able to hit that right chord and truly break free from their old voices – something that isn’t aided by the fact that frontman Chris Conely doesn’t look a day older than he did back in 1999.

Now, in 2013, with a new album on the horizon being released through their first label Equal Vision Records, the band is taking their brand of pop-punk/emo on the road where they hit Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret on Saturday night.

Opening the evening was Connecticut’s pop-punk upstarts Hostage Calm, focusing mainly on select cuts from their latest album Please Remain Calm they played more in the pop spectrum of the genre. A decent, yet forgettable performance, they at least had the crowd popping along by the time they ended their set with Don’t Die On Me Now and you can’t help but smile when a band says “this is the raging punk version for you raging punks” at a Saves The Day show as they performed a full band version of the previously a cappela track Patriot.

Following that up was Into It. Over It. touring for the first time with a full band. Full of energy, Evan Weiss had the best comment of the day when he asked the lighting  technician to light up the front of the stage so he see his guitar and actually play the song right because it was more complicated than it looked. Still, like Hostage Calm, there was very little of note to Weiss’ set. Better than expected (Into It. Over It. has always been a band I’ve avoided) but still a bad Dashboard Confessional knock off.

After a short wait, Saves The Day came on and for the next hour and fifteen minutes played with a detached passion. Yes, there was sweat and energy and Conely’s voice hasn’t wavered much over the years but there could’ve been more –  you know?

The fans who knew the words eagerly sang every lyric back at him while the others simply popped around for the fun of it. Despite coming up on their eight album, Saves The Day made the smart move and focused more on their first three albums. It’s a band that survives based on nostalgia elements – songs like Shoulder To The Wheel and Firefly.

At 1044 their roadie came on stage to say they have 16 minutes left to play because – as the Biltmore stupidly does every Saturday night – they double booked the venue for a shitty night club afterwards. A quick band meeting, Conely stepped up to the mic and announced “we only 16 minutes left, so we’re cutting our set a bit but are still gonna play like 15 songs really fast.”

Those fifteen songs ended up being only five, yet it is during those five songs that Saves the Day finally shined. Playing all their classics, the crowd went insane. When they pulled out At Your Funeral, it became a pop-punk show you wanted to be at; like it would`ve been in  their heyday. Circle pits, pogo dancing and crowd surfers abound – Conely dropped the guitar and sang straight to the crowd.Handsome Boy and Jodie ended the night and for the briefest of moments you saw why Saves The Day were still doing it. It`s just sad that it takes a fifteen year old song to get that to come through.

Hostage Calm Announces Pay-What-You-Want Compilation

HostageCalmHostage Calm has announced that they are giving away a pay-what-you-want digital download compilation titled, Tonight They Won’t Take Me Alive, of material spanning their career-to-date including non-album tracks.  Guitarist Tom Chiari explains how the band plans to use any proceeds from generous fans:

“Whether this release serves as an introduction to the band or a chance to explore new and different material, we hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we have enjoyed creating and living it.”

Download the compilation here.  The band’s heavy touring schedule can be found below.

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Less Than Jake Release Free Tour Sampler (Ft. Hostage Calm, Pentimento)

Less Than JakeFlorida ska-punk legends Less Than Jake released a free three song tour sampler today featuring their upcoming tour mates, Hostage Calm and Pentimento.  The sampler features one song from each band to prepare fans for their week and a half East Coast tour starting on June 11th in Patchogue, NY. The free sampler can be downloaded here in Less Than Jake’s web store.

Additionally, the band is currently recording at The Moathouse in Gainesville, Fl., recording an LP of brand-new material that will be released via Fat Wreck Chords this fall.  Tour Dates can be found below.

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Hostage Calm - Self Titled

Hostage Calm

Self Titled

Run For Cover Records

Rating: 3/5




I’m usually pretty decisive when describing albums I’ve been listening to for a good while.  I can throw out a few good artist comparisons, place the style in or between genres, and generally feel confident about my conclusions.  However, with Hostage Calm’s self titled full length, I’ve found myself questioning my usual mainstays.  Instead, the Connecticut five-piece sound refreshingly hard to place, defined by nuances entirely their own.

Not being familiar with the once hardcore group’s past discography, I can’t really comment on the band’s touted musical shift.  Apparently the album marks a directional 180 from the realm of hardcore and enters the smooth world of melodic punk rock.  The career comparison I’ve run across most include that of Crime In Stereo’s late career move to experimental.  While the analogy stands in terms a band’s gamble paying off, comparing the end result to Crime In Stereo seems a bit of a stretch.  Rather, Hostage Calm feels like a melodic punk group dabbling in indie rock (or is that an indie rock group dabbling in melodic punk?).  Whatever the case, the result is catchy without convention, and incredibly well paced.

The most addicting aspect stems from the layers upon layers of vocal harmonies.  Vocalist Chris Martin shares more with maturely spoken pace of the likes of Bad Religion than youthful poppers likeYellowcard. But it’s the delicately spoken harmonies that really give them that warm, cushioned feel.  It all fits so well together that landing on definite examples proves a challenge.  Memorable moments define themselves as stylistic departures rather than as distinct tracks.  For example, Album opener “A Mistrust Earned” almost serves as part one of two when coupled with “Rebel Fatigues.”  When Martin repeats a simple passage he does so with enough accompanying backups to make the same line sound big and fresh time and again – say one word independently, one with a chorus of voices, and another with a backing cushion of  “woahs,” and every syllable sounds warm and inviting (think The Smiths).  Place it along the myriad of genre fusions – like the Latin flare on the rhythmically invigorating “Marine Transgressions” and “Whither On The Vine” that have earned them plenty of Clash comparisons – and there’s no reason to stop spinning this twelve track grower.

Other avenues of comfort rest in the silken piano flourishes of “Where The Water Calls Home,” and the dead simple, No Use For A Name inspired drumming of “Jerry Rumspringer.”  In many respects the guitar-vocal interaction feels like that of Descendents frontman Milo Aukerman harmoniously meeting with Stephen Egerton’s unconventional chords.  While there’s more harmony here than with those pop punk pioneers, Tom Chiari and Nick Balzano’s guitars still tickle those ear drums despite such a melodic focus.

There’s very little fault in the album.  Hostage Calm has become a band with its own unique vision, and answers to no one but themselves.  My only major gripe is that the melodies are so comforting that they take away from the thematically mature themes (that explore concepts from regret to celebration).  But really, weather you focus on music or lyrics, there is no loser.  Boasting a simple but multifaceted sound,Hostage Calm redefines their career with uniquely satisfying results.

Tours: Hostage Calm / Turnover / The World Is

HostageCalmHostage Calm has announced that hey will be heading on tour with support from Turnover and The World Is… the band continues to support their latest full length, Please Remain Calm, and was released in October 2012 via Run For Cover Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Run For Cover Seven Inch Series

RunForCoverRun For Cover Records are starting a new split seven inch subscription series. 

The series is limited to just 250 members and will see the label release a total of seven split vinyl records this year. All subscribers will get the new seven inch shipped to them as they’re released along with a few additional items. The Anti-Flag and Hostage Calm split record is already ready to be shipped. 

Bands included in the series are Anti-Flag, Shook Ones, Self Defense Family, Joie de Vivre and Hostage Calm among others – the full list of splits are below. 

 Subscription information, descriptions of each split, and links to hear each band involved can be found here.

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Hostage Calm and Anti-Flag Do Split 7 Inch

Anti-FlagHostage Calm and Anti-Flag have announced plans to release a split seven inch together on Run For Cover Records and the recently relaunched A-F Records.

The two song split featues a track from each band and will be available on three combinations of red, white and blue splatter with an etched b-side.  Proceeds from record sales will go to benefit two charities based in each band’s hometown.

The first charity is Assemble which is an open physical space in an urban neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Their goal is “to unite artists, technologists, and makers with our neighbors of all demographics as well as provide a platform for experiential learning, opening creative processes and building confidence through making.”

Hostage Calm will be supporting Music Haven, a New Haven-based string quartet focused on building “a vibrant urban community through performance and music education that empowers young people, their families, and professional musicians.”

The record is due out February 26 and is available for pre-order here.

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Tours: The Wonder Years / Fireworks / hostage Calm / Misser

Wonder YearsPop punk heroes The Wonder Years have announced that they will be embarking on a headlining tour in the new year.  The tour is set to kick off in March and will feature support FireworksHostage Calm and Misser.  The band’s last full length release was 2011’s Suburbia: I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing.

All songs can be found below.

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Hostage Calm Album Stream

Connecticut pop-punks Hostage Calm have debuted a full album song of their brand new full length.  The disc is titled, Please Remain Calm, and was released earlier this week via October 9, 2012 via Run For Cover Records.

Order or give the full disc a listen here.

Tours: The World Is A Beautiful Place / I Am No Longer Afraid To Die / Slingshot Dakota

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die have announced their fall tour with Topshelf Records label mates Slingshot Dakota. The tour kicks off October 17th in Boston, Maryland and works it’s way through the east. 

TWIABP are in the process of recording a new LP after a series EP releases. Slingshot Dakota‘s new album  Dark Hearts will be released November 6 through Topshelf Records.

Prior to the tour with Slingshot DakotaTWIABP will be playing two shows, one in New York and one In New Jersey.

A Complete list of dates can be seen below.

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Hostage Calm – May Love Prevail

Connecticut pop-punks Hostage Calm has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “May Love Prevail” and is from their upcoming full length, Please Remain Calm, due out October 9, 2012 via Run For Cover Records.

Listen to the song here.

Hostage Calm Album Details; Tour Dates

Connecticuit’s Hostage Calm has announced release details for their next full length.  The album will be titled Please Remain Calm and is due out on October 9, 2012 via Run For Cover Records.  The album was produced by J. Robbins.  The band plans to support the album while opening for Streetlight Manifesto on the Always Almost Home Tour, which will be running from November 13th to December 7th.

Full tour listing and track listing can be found below.

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Tours: Hostage Calm / Dangers

Hostage Calm has announced that the band will be will heading out for a west coast tour alongside California’s Dangers.  The band will be hyping up the release of their upcoming full length, Please Remain Calm, which comes out this September via Run For Cover Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Hostage Calm Details Upcoming Full Length

Hostage Calm has announced details for their upcoming full length.  The album will be titled Please Remain Calm, and is due out fall 2012 via Run For Cover Records. The album was recorded under the guidance of producer J. Robbins.  The band comments:

“We wanted to bring out the emotion, the longing, the desperation in this record. We wanted to reach for something.  J. Robbins recorded some of our favorite compelling and evocative contemporary records.  He came out to a show in DC, and we spoke for a bit.  We immediately felt a great connection, and were drawn to his ethic and approach.  We’ve been underway with J. for a week now and are so happy with the decision.”

A length discussion of the album content can be found below as written by vocalist Cmar.

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Hostage Calm Finish Writing New Full Length

Hostage Calm has announced that the band is currently working towards a brand new album.  The band writes:

“Hey! You may have noticed that we fully dropped out of society/internet for the past week. That’s because we were locked in a secluded log cabin on Lake George where we finished writing our new material. We are so stoked on these songs! We will have an official album announcement THIS WEEK. We’re prepared, are you?”

The album will follow their 2010 self-titled full length (Run For Cover Records).


Tours: Red City Radio Add More Dates

Red City Radio have added a few more dates to their upcoming tour with I Am the Avalanche and Hostage Calm.

The tour is in support of their record The Dangers of Standing Still, which was released last year.

A full listing of dates can be viewed below:

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Tours: H20 / Bad Brains (U.S.)

H2O announce their support slot on two of the forthcoming Bad Brains East Coast shows in April 2012.  Last year, H2O released a tribute album Don’t Forget Your Roots, covering songs from their favorite bands.  On that list was the Bad Brains song “Attitude” which H2O covered.  H2O were thrilled to pay homage to those influential artists by covering songs on the album Don’t Forget Your Roots.

Ticketing pre-sales for the Bad Brains shows will begin on February 18th, 2012.

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Tours: I Am The Avalanche/Hostage Calm

I Am The AvalancheConnecticut punks Hostage Calm have been announced as direct support on I Am The Avalanche’s spring tour. Banquets, Red City Radio and Timeshares will also play select dates.

The band will then head overseas with Anti- Flag for a European tour that kicks off April 15 in Luxembourg, before playing at Berlin ’s Monster Bash on April 27 and at Belgium ’s Groezrock Festival on April 28.

Dates for all of Hostage Calm’s upcoming shows can be found below and their self titled album is out now on Run For Cover Records, you can get it here.

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Tours: Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm

Anti-FlagAnti-Flag, who just unveiled details about their new album, will be touring Europe this April alongside Hostage Calm – the dates are below.

Hostage Calm’s self-titled album is out now on Run For Cover Records and can be purchased on iTunes.


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Video: Hostage Calm – Nervous Energies Session

Hostage Calm recently performed acoustically for the Nervous Engine Session video series. The set includes the tracks “The M Word” (featuring feat Jon from Balance and Composure), and “Where The Waters Call Home.”  The band continues supporting their 2010 self-titled full length (Run For Cover Records).

Watch the band perform below.

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Tours: Hostage Calm / I Am The Avalanche

Hostage Calm has announced that they will be heading to Europe with I Am The Avalanche.  band will be supporting Rival Schools for a fall tour.  The journey will kick off on December 11, 2011 in UK and conclude by the end of the month in Holland.  Hostage Calm continues supporting their self-titled album, released last year onRun For Cover Records.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Run For Cover Records – Mixed Signals

Run For Cover Records are now streaming their compilation Mixed Signals on Bandcamp.

The twelve song compilation includes tracks by Polar Bear Club, Balance & Composure, Tigers Jaw, Hostage Calm, The Menzingers, and Daytrader to name a few.

Hostage Calm Announce Self-Titled Anniversary Show

Hostage Calm has announced that the group will be celebrating the one year anniversary of their Run For Cover Records debut and self titled effort with a live show.  The show is scheduled for September 24, 2011, and will feature the band playing the record live in its entirety.  The group is promising all the extras from the studio to be present, including pianos, acoustic guitars, percussionists.

To help those who missed out on the album last year, the band is selling the album for $4.99 digitally on iTunes for the weeks approaching the show.  150 limited edition clear vinyl copies will be available at the performance.

The show will take place at The Space, 295 Treadwell Street, Hamden, CT at 6pm.  Support will be offered by The World Is A Beautiful Place…Heavy Breath, and Suns.