Casual Friday Release New Single And Video ‘Weekend Forever’

Casual Friday WFCalifornia based pop punks Casual Friday have released a brand new video for the song, Weekend Forever, that is taken from their forthcoming album of the same name, that will be coming out through Hidden Home Records, Open Door Records, and Celebrity Punkhouse later this year. Casual Friday have also announced they will playing The Fest 16 this October.

Weekend Forever can be downloaded and streamed via Bandcamp here

You can view the video for Weekend Forever below and get details The Fest 16 here Read More…

Rob Lanterman Gingerkicker

Rob Lanterman


Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Gingerkicker is the new solo album by Rob Lanterman, the man responsible for founding and running Hidden Home Records, this is his first solo album and his first acoustic album so he’s breaking his cherry on two counts on this release. Rob Lanterman isn’t the first punk alumni the make an acoustic recording, Greg Gaffin (Bad Religion), Nick 13 (Tiger Army) and Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), to name a but a few, have all made critically acclaimed albums where they are shorn of their band mates, An obvious concern of a solo album being released on artists own label is that there is a distinct temptation for them to be self indulgent, but Rob Lantermen has avoided this pitfall and in the process he’s delivered an honest and impressive thirteen tracks of heartfelt folk punk.

Rob Lanterman wrote this album three long years ago, but the demands of running an indie label that is developing a heavyweight reputation have meant that it’s remained unrecorded and unreleased, until now. This is just one man and his guitar throughout, you rarely hear any overdubs and there’s no studio trickery to artificially enhance the sound, this is a raw acoustic live recording that reminds me of the melancholy yearning melody of the Smoking Popes. If you were going to level a criticism at this album, and other acoustic releases, is that it leaves little variety across the album, but that’s the nature of releasing an album that is stripped to the bone.

This is an impressive debut release from one of punk’s many unsung heroes, those who run the independent labels and support the grass roots movement that enable the punk scene to evolve and thrive. For fans of the solo releases by the likes of Frank Turner, Joey Cape and Tony Sly this would be an essential album, Rob Lanterman has all the qualities of comparable solo releases and he delivers a heartfelt album that would translate perfectly to being played with a full band. His label, Hidden Home Records, is one which has the deserved reputation of supporting the DIY grass roots punk scene, and this release indicates that he’s just at home as a recording artist as he is running a record label.

You can stream and purchase Gingerkicker here

The Hidden Home Records website can be found here

Hidden Home Records Release ‘Do You Remember Punk Comps?’

Do You Remeber Punk Rock CompsThe generous people at Hidden Home Records have released Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 1, an eighteen track compilation that is free to download.

Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 1 features two tracks by each of the following bands Wicked Bears, sKITTISH iTZ, Union Stockyards, Young Planetary, Urban Outfielders, LATE, CROWN, Sheep Amongst Wolves and Destroy Nate Allen.

Do You Remember Punk Rock Comps? Vol. 1 can be downloaded for free here

Urban Outfielders TGS

Urban Outfielders

The Grandest Slams

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3/5




The Grandest Slams is the debut album by the self proclaimed “world’s greatest baseball punk rock & roll band” and that description tells you almost everything you need to know, there is a hefty debt to the Ramones that’s infused with a rock ‘n roll sensibility, and the whole package is delivered with an authentic lo-fi punk quality that is reminiscent of the earliest recordings by da brudders. The Grandest Slams is influenced by an equal love of punk rock and baseball and is due for release tomorrow, the 27th January 2017, and will be available on CD from Hidden Home Records and on cassette via Ronald Records.

Like The Hanson Brothers before them, this is a spin on the classic Ramones sound with a sporting theme, but this time baseball is the inspiration. The album opens in fine style with 3 Strikes, a hammering drum beat and rousing chant leads into some fine anthemic punk rock, you’ve probably gathered that baseball themed punk rock is the mainstay of The Grandest Slams, but tracks like Underneath The Stadium Lights, my personal favourite off the album, channels 1950’s doo wop and blends it with punk rock abrasiveness. There are of course numerous nods to the Ramones back catalogue, in particular on the ukulele tinged track, I Wanna Be Traded, and I’m sure you can work out which song that’s based on without my assistance.

Whilst for me this isn’t a grand slam or a home run Urban Outfielders have by no means struck out with their debut album, there are melodic elements that remind me of the likes of Osaka Popstar and Masked Intruder, as well as obvious comparisons to The Methadones, The Huntingtons and a certain New York quartet. The album has a lo-fi basement recording quality to it that will either endear you to, or detract from, the album depending on your preferences, for me with a few touches on production, especially on the rock ‘n roll influenced numbers, this could easily have been a home run, but even so it gets safely to third base.

You can stream the opening track, 3 Strikes, via The Alternative here

The Grandest Slams can be ordered on CD and tape here

Wicked Bears Announce January US Tour Dates

wicked-bears-tour-jan-17Salt Lake City pop punkers Wicked Bears have announced January 2017 dates for their Danger Zone Tour, the band are on the road in support of their self titled EP, the Wicked Bears EP was released via Hidden Home Records earlier this year

The Wicked Bears self titled EP can be streamed and purchased here

Wicked Bears Facebook page can be found here

The dates for the January 2017 Danger Zone Tour can be viewed below

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Union Stockyards 2 things at once

Union Stockyards

Two Things At Once

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Union Stockyards are a melodic hardcore band that are as catchy, fast and hard edged as any other band of this genre I’ve encountered, Hidden Home Records have announced there will be a limited edition cassette re-release of the bands two EPs, Self Titled and Tracks, that were originally released between May 2014 and November 2015. The resemblance on the cover art to the Descendents Two Things At Once is no coincidence, as they are a major influence on Union Stockyards.

Let’s start with the six songs that originally made up 2014’s Tracks EP. From the opening 99 seconds of Garbage Hill you get a feel of what you’re in for, this is loud, fast and gruff melodic hardcore that doesn’t relent until the breakdown at the end of the final track, Mother of Exiles, eases you away from the brutal pounding that the other half dozen tracks deliver. The second half of this album is comprised of the five tracks that comprised their second eponymous EP. If you were expecting the passage of time that occurred between these two EP’s to have maybe mellowed Union Stockyards, then you’ll be sadly disappointed. The self titled second EP is maybe a little more street punk orientated than their debut, but none of the attack has been lost and it’s just as intense and pummelling.

If you’re a fan of hardcore that has a melodic edge to it’s assault, think of this a heavyweight boxing match instead of a bare knuckle brawl, then this is a band you need to acquaint yourself with. Union Stockyards avoid being a one dimensional barrage of noise by incorporating street punk stylings, and the occasional breakdown into mid paced punk ferocity, into their sound. This is an impressive compilation of two EP’s that embody the DIY spirit of the hardcore scene, what more could you possibly want? Apart from maybe a vinyl release instead of a cassette, Two Things At Once will be released on the 30th September on Hidden Home Records.

You can pre-order the limited edition cassette of Two Things At Once here

Both EP’s are available for free download from Union Stockyard‘s bandcamp here

Union Stockyards Release Two Things At Once

Union Stockyards 2 things at onceUnion Stockyards are a melodic hardcore band that are as catchy as Lifetime and as fast and hard as Paint it Black. Hidden Home Records have announced there will be a limited edition cassette re-release of the bands two EPs, Self Titled and Tracks, that were originally released between May 2014 and November 2015. The resemblance to the Descendents Two Things At Once is no coincidence as they are a major influence on Union Stockyards. Two Things At Once will be released on the 30th September.

You can pre-order the limited edition cassette of Two Things At Once here

You can check out the Hidden Home Records announcement of Two Things At Once below Read More…

Skittish Itz - BTR

Skittish Itz

Back To Reality

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Idaho’s Skittish Itz have been with us since the winter of 2006, meaning that they have been relentlessly touring and plying their own brand of frantic ska tinged punk rock for almost ten years. This quintet feature the usual guitars, drums and bass but also features a member, Haffstack, who is billed as ‘pure awesomeness’ alongside his role of fill in guitar, I don’t think any other band I’ve encountered has made that claim of one of their members! Back To Reality is the follow up to last years Start The Game mini album and their latest offering picks up exactly where their last release left off.

From the opening number CDL Class B, it’s clear that Skittish Itz don’t take themselves too seriously, they play an infectious brand of pop punk which has a strong ska influence, this skanking beat blends in seamlessly with the cartoonish punk style and adds to the upbeat tone of the album. Numbers such as Midlife Crisis Man and Hungry Hungry Hipsters, which is one of my favourite song titles of 2016, are light hearted and entertaining without veering too far into the comedy end of punk to mark them out as a novelty act. Underneath the light hearted approach and comedic lyrical content there is some grit and substance to their music.

This album will appeal immensely to fans of the likes of Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish and their sound is pitched somewhere between the two bands output, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Back To Reality is eleven tracks of light hearted punk rock that is done with style, it combines punk rock attitude, frantic skanking guitar riffs and anthemic choruses that together make a highly enjoyable album. Back To Reality might not be an original take on punk rock, but it is one that’s fun and bouncy enough to keep you happy throughout the twenty four minutes that the eleven tracks are done and dusted in

You can order Back To Reality here

The Hidden Home Records web presence can be found here