Siberian Meat Grinder Release ‘No Way Back’ Video

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBSMoscow crossover outfit Siberian Meat Grinder have announced the release of their long awaited second album, Metal Bear Stomp, that is set to be released via Destiny Records on the 13th October 2017. Siberian Meat Grinder are Bringing their cross genre game to the next level, the band have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the twelve tracks of Metal Bear Stomp that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout. Ahead of the album’s release Siberian Meat Grinder have released a video for the track No Way Back.

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The Decayed EP

The Decayed

The Decayed EP

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




The five members that make up the Chicago hardcore outfit The Decayed have been performing in punk bands throughout Chicago and Seattle for over two decades in bands such as Failed Resistance, Vile Display of Humanity, and Last False Hope. The Decayed formed earlier this year with the intent of bringing back a vintage hardcore punk sound, while making it their own by combining influences of metal and hardcore that brings an intense style that’s made possible by the The Decayed‘s diverse backgrounds and collective experience.

From the opening track, Beaten And Battered, it’s obvious that The Decayed are delivering a blast of intense crossover hardcore, this is not an EP where there are subtleties just a refreshingly relentless blast of old school hardcore. Amongst the blistering punk assault there a few touches from the extreme end of metal that surface in breakdowns and the guitar work, but this is delivered with the same intensity and it’s blended into the furious delivery. The six tracks that make up The Decayed EP make up a pulverising eighteen minutes where there is no escape from the relentless assault until the final chords of Better Way fade out.

The Decayed EP is a release that will appeal to fans of the intense side of punk, from The Exploited to Pears, and if you are a fan of hardcore punk then this will be an EP that won’t disappoint on any level, The Decayed EP is six tracks that, as the album cover indicates, is designed to rip your face off. Personally I found that The Decayed EP becomes somewhat one dimensional after a few tracks, but this is brutal hardcore and it’s delivered in such an authentic and intense manner that you can’t help but get a buzz from the fury and adrenaline that surges through this EP.

The Decayed EP can be downloaded and streamed here and their Facebook page is here

Surface Report Announce West Coast US Tour

Surface Report Stand BySouthern Californian hardcore outfit Surface Report have just released their debut album, Stand By…, which is now available for streaming and purchase. Surface Report are hitting the road on a West Coast US tour in support of their debut album that can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

The Punk Site review of Stand By… can be read here

You can view Surface Report‘s West Coast tour dates below

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Grove Street Families To Release ‘Vol 1.0’ Via Venn Records

Grove Street Families Vol 1Grove Street Families are back with a new mixtape, Vol. 1.0, that is out now on Venn Records. Tracks like Sundaze, that features Obijuan, prove Grove Street Families aren’t just a Grand Theft Auto themed hardcore band anymore, it’s a hazy, stoned summer jam. Vol. 1.0 bridges the gap between Grove Street Families being a bit of a laugh to now being a hardcore bastion with pure conviction, but obviously still being more fun than ever before.

Vol 1.0 can streamed via Bandcamp here and the cassette release can be pre-ordered here

The video for Stoned To Death, and Grove Street Families tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Surface Report Stand By

Surface Report

Stand By...

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Californian hardcore quartet Surface Report was formed from an impressive collection of past and present members of Californian acts such as Castoff, Fallen Monuments and Strike The Design, and now Surface Report have self released their debut album, Stand By…. This is the latest release that seems to indicate that there is something of a renaissance occurring in the North American hardcore scene, with new band’s on each corner of the continent, including New York’s Scarboro, Texas’s Despero and Canada’s Our Darkest Days to name but a few, all releasing impressive albums in the last twelve months.

One At A Time hits you between the eyes with a furious hit of melodic hardcore, and before you’ve had chance to recover Quid Pro Quo kicks in with a more of a crossover feel. Whilst there’s no respite on Stand By… this is not an album where the short sharp shocks blur into each other as each track brings a different element into the mix. Songs such as the superb Insufficiency are classic melodic hardcore, but these are balanced against the more straight up hardcore elements and slight metal influences, which all combine to deliver an impressive debut album from a band who are a breath of fresh air in the Californian punk scene.

It’s no surprise that Stand By… is on the short side, it clocks in just over twenty minutes, and it’s over before you know it, but unlike many hardcore albums there’s something about Surface Report that had me queuing it back up for another spin. For me Surface Report have the feel of early Suicidal Tendencies mixed with classic Propaghandi, but that’s not to say this is a recreation of either of those outfits, it jut has the same feel of intensity and controlled aggression that not many manage to pull off, and on the basis of Stand By… you can’t help but feel that Surface Report have a bright future ahead of them.

Stand By… can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here and their Facebook page is here

Perennial TSOAL


The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves

Howling Frequency Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Perennial are a Connecticut trio that has risen from the ashes of the now defunct outfits Lion Cub and Aeroplane, 1929, and now the three piece have released their debut album, The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves, but you need to leave any preconceptions that the album’s title may conjure up at the door. The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves might sound like an album title that the likes of Muse would employ, but this is no self indulgent progressive rock album, Perennial have delivered an eclectic, unpredictable and above all experimental album that is built around a core of distorted discordant punk rock.

The album’s title track opens with a squall of jazz sax before launching into short sharp blast of hardcore infused punk, The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves is not a predictable album, elements of punk, hardcore and indie, and even jazz, blues and psyche, are blended together in a bewildering twelve track release that defies description. For me tracks such as Hippolyta!, that brings a brash frantic garage rock infused thrash to the album, and the brief intense referential number Dissolver are the standout moments, but anyone who listens to this will find there own personal highs… and lows.

This is by no means an easy listen, an album that melds as many influences and styles is going to include moments that aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but that’s the price that you pay for producing something that is original and experimental, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a price that’s worth paying. There are moments, in particular the more avant garde instrumental elements, that had me skipping and editing some of the tracks, but that’s a small sacrifice to make. Pernennial have taken punks chaotic spirit and blended it with pretty much everything else to create an album that is unlike anything else I’ve encountered in 2017.

The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves can be streamed and purchased here

Prong Rebellion July 17

Prong / Spoil Engine

Rebellion, Manchester, UK

21st July 2017

Rating: 4/5



It’s been a long time since I’ve been to crossover show, back in the heyday of the UK’s hardcore scene when punk and thrash bands traded ideas and influences I was a regular at gigs that appealed equally across genres and encouraged a mixed crowd. Tonight’s show indicates that the movement is still alive and well as their are an equal number of punk and metal fans freely mixing in Rebellion for Prong‘s long awaited return to Manchester. Sadly by the time I’ve negotiated Manchester’s increasingly eccentric one way system I’ve arrived at Rebellion too late to catch local band Nomad, but on the plus side I’m just in time to catch Belgian metal act Spoil Engine.
From the off Spoil Engine deliver a pummelling set with by the quintet led by vocalist Iris Goessens who is backed up by a brutal quartet who look like they’re straight off the set of Sons Of Anarchy. Their set veers between melodic and thrash metal with the three guitar backline indulging in old school synchronised headbanging, something that is rarely a fixture of the shows I usually attend. Spoil Engine are a metal band at heart, but one that’s stripped down of excess, their driving bass lines, hammering drums and vicious twin guitar attack is topped off by a singer who’s vocal range can go from the pits to hell to a delivery than can border on angelic, and their combined impact live is something to behold.
Spoil Engine are a million miles away from the kind of bands I usually go to see, and tonight’s show indicates that maybe I’m missing out, they deliver a set that’s born of the hardcore and grindcore scenes and I’m reminded why I used to enjoy shows like this so much. Spoil Engine are an intense and energetic band that incorporates elements from the extreme end of the metal and hardcore punk worlds, for me they have the same kind of impact as many hardcore bands live and whilst it’s unlikely that you’d find me listening to a record by them I’d certainly catch them live again if they return to Manchester, on a side note it must be noted that it’s rare to encounter a band that can swear so fluently in a second language.
Rebellion is absolutely hammered tonight, the fans reflect the music with t shirts representing old school hardcore and even older school thrash metal in abundance amongst the crowd. Prong enter in a cloud of dry ice amidst some ominous intro music indicating that rock and metal’s penchant for theatricality just can’t help itself sometimes, but as their first number comes straight from their first album, 1989’s Force Fed, It’s clear Prong as not just here to support their latest album, Zero Days, this is a celebration of their intense and noisy back catalogue. Prong have the packed crowd eating put of their hands from the first chords and the intense riffs and thundering bass lines just don’t quit, there’s nothing subtle about what Prong are delivering tonight.
Tracks such as Unconditional hint back to the punkier influences, but let’s make no mistake, this is a rock show at its dark heart, it’s just one that’s thankfully shorn of the drum and guitar solos and other self indulgent excesses that so many rock and metal bands employ. They build to a climax with a few obvious crowd pleasers and you might think that would be it, but they finish the set with Divide and Conquer, an impressive new track from their forthcoming album Zero Days, and judging by the crowd reaction to what is a new and unreleased song this is about as stronger statement as you’re going to get that Prong are still going strong and aren’t trading on their back catalogue.
Of course Prong return for encore with “it’s Friday night you fucks” and launch into Revenge Best Served Cold and For Dear Life that brings Rebellion to the point of meltdown, the hollering from the crowd brings Prong back for a second and final encore and then it’s all over. Prong are clearly doing something right as much of tonight’s crowd have clearly stuck with the band throughout their three decades, but amongst the die hard fans their are an equal number of young fans, and that is the sign that Prong have carried their original attitude but kept it current rather than embedding themselves in the past.
Tonight’s triumphant show by Prong was a perfect example of what happens when the two parallel worlds of metal and punk collide, and tonight was reminder of just how good rock and metal shows can be when they’re delivered with a no frills stripped down approach that is the hallmark of some of the best punk and hardcore shows. As I make my way back to the overpriced car park in Manchester’s summer rain my ears are ringing despite the pro ear plugs I’ve been forced to employ to try and preserve my hearing, and my initial reservations about attending tonight’s show have been well and truly blown away by a commanding performance by Prong in one of Manchester’s best alternative venues.
Prong‘s website can be found here
You can order Prong‘s new album, Zero Days, on all formats here
Spoil Engine‘s Facebook presence is located here
Nomad‘s Facebook page is here
Rebellion‘s website here
Spunk Volcano NWUR

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions

Not Wired Up Right

STP Records

Rating: 4/5




Spunk Volcano, guitarist and prolific songwriter from punk rock legends Dirt Box Disco, branched out with his other project back in 2012 along with his backing band The Eruptions, that includes two of his fellow alumni from Dirt Box Disco, now five years later Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions have released their third album, Not Wired Up Right, that follows on from last year’s full length, Shit Generation, and the Ram Raid EP that was released earlier this year. When you consider that Dirt Box Disco have also released five albums in this time frame, then somehow describing Spunk Volcano as prolific doesn’t come close to describing the consistent output of this foul mouthed outsider.

Not Wired Up‘s title track kicks things off in brutal style and gives you the feeling that Spunk Volcano has taken things into a heavier direction with this album, every track seems to be a more muscular and pumped up than their previous releases. Tracks like Fuck This For A Game Of Soldiers are pure in your face old school punk rock that owes a debt to scum punks like the Anti Nowhere League and Dwarves, whilst You’re The Bastard and the borderline melancholy track Purely Medicinal channel the spirit of the much missed Motorhead frontman Lemmy like no one else I’ve heard since his passing. There are tracks on Not Wired Up Right that hark back to the style of his Dirt Box Disco compositions, but for the most part Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions are very much becoming their own beast.

Not Wired Up Right takes the trademark style of Dirt Box Disco and the previous releases by Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions and amplifies them, taking in influences from the likes of The Exploited and Motorhead to create their heaviest, and for me their best, album to date. Rather than just being a side project of Dirt Box Disco this album indicates that Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions have become a monstrous entity in the own right, with their own confrontational style that blends old school punk rock, hardcore and touches from the raw and ragged end of rock to create an album that, as one of the tracks on Not Wired Up Right says, will deliver a heavyweight Smack In The Teeth.

Not Wired Up Right can be pre-ordered from STP Records here

Surface Report Release Debut Album ‘Stand By’

Surface Report Stand BySurface Report are a Southern Californian hardcore punk band from San Diego who have just released their debut album, Stand By. The album is now available for streaming and purchase, and you can grab a copy of Stand By as a name your price download until Friday the 4th August via Bandcamp.

Surface Report‘s Facebook page can be found here

Stand By can be streamed and downloaded here

The Punk Site ‘Rebellion Festival 2017’ Preview, Part Four

Rebellion 2017 April2016 saw the Rebellion Festival celebrate its 20th year alongside the 40th anniversary of punk with a spectacular sold-out event. Over four days at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, iconic bands from every aspect of punk across the world shared stages with new and emerging talent, and the 2017 Rebellion Festival looks set to be no different. Returning to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool from the 3rd to the 6th of August, the line-up is shaping up to be another punk genre defining event. The Punk Site is fortunate enough to be covering the Rebellion Festival again this year, as this is Europe’s largest punk festival and it boasts a bewildering array of bands, acts, art and temptations, we’re going to be looking ahead at what this years Rebellion Festival has to offer

The full line can be viewed here and tickets for the 2017 Rebellion Festival can be purchased here

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Svetlanas Commence UK Tour

Svetlanas TIMNLASvetlanas have released their back catalogue, including their stunning new full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, via their Bandcamp. Their self titled debut, Tales From The Alpha Brigade and Naked Horse Rider are all now available for download and streaming and Svetlanas UK tour commences tomorrow, including an appearance at Rebellion Festival.

The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here

You can purchase and stream all of Svetlanas albums via Bandcamp here

Svetlanas tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Cheap Surgery Sign To Venn Records

Cheap Surgery Demo 17Cheap Surgery formed in April 2017 and recorded their demo instantly, the demo clocks in at just over 5 minutes and packs one hell of a punch. At times it lends itself to the ferocious yet upbeat side of punk, other times it leans closer to the sounds of the hardcore world. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s progressive but most importantly it’s hard as fucking nails. Cheap Surgery‘s 2017 Demo is now available as a pay what you feel download, and will be released as a limited edition pink tape on August 25th via Venn Records.

Cheap Surgery‘s Demo can be streamed and downloaded here

The limited edition pink tape and bundles can be pre-ordered here

Prong Zero Days


Zero Days


Rating: 3.5/5




Ever since their debut EP, Primitive Origins, was released back in 1987 Prong have been constantly incorporating heavier influences and moving forward from their hardcore punk origins. Prong have now been now been around for a shade over thirty years and with Zero Days they have now unleashed their twelfth studio album, and when you consider that their existence includes a six year hiatus they’ve been dropping an album of new material on average almost every two years, although they do seem to be becoming increasingly prolific as the years pass, with each release marking them out a consistent and constantly evolving outfit. 

From the intense opener, However It May End, onwards it’s clear that Prong haven’t lost any of their aggression or energy, the hardcore punk attitude and delivery is still present, but this is combined with the technical flourishes and aggression adopted from thrash metal. There are moments when their hardcore roots come to the fore, tracks like Off the Grid and Operation Of The Moral Law are a reminder of their origins but for the most part this is an album of crossover with respect being paid equally to their punk roots and their thrash influences, tracks like Divide and Conquer, my personal highlight from Zero Days, shows just how crossover should be done.

Zero Days is a brutal and relentless album that I’d recommend equally to fans of hardcore punk and thrash metal, given Prong‘s lost history I’m probably preaching to the converted but it’s worth stating again as they are one of the most persistent purveyors of crossover out there. Prong have delivered another fine album that continues their tradition of brutal crossover, and with their latest release they have delivered another album that builds on their legacy, and is the perfect follow up to their 2016 album, X – No Absolutes.

Zero Days is due out tomorrow, the 28th July, via Steamhammer/SPV Records and can be pre-ordered here

Svetlanas ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ LP Released in Europe

The Svetlanas TIMNLASvetlanas stunning new full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, was released via Rad Girlfriend Records in the USA, and the album is now available on CD and vinyl in Europe via Subkultura, as well as being available for download and streaming. The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

The CD & vinyl are available via Subkultura here (EU) and Rad Girlfriend Records here (US)

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Trapped Under Ice Release Full Stream Of ‘Heatwave’ LP

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveMaryland’s favourite hardcore renegades, Trapped Under Ice, have released a stream of their highly anticipated new full length, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. Trapped Under Ice have also lined up a lengthy run of North American tour dates in support of Heatwave, including a just announced appearance at the Not Dead Yet Festival in Toronto.

You can stream Heatwave via Noisy here and pre-order the album here

Trapped Under Ice‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas TIMNLA


This Is Moscow Not LA

Rad Girlfriend Records / Subkultura Records

Rating: 5/5




Svetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved, now as they limber up for a fresh aural assault on the festival circuit Svetlanas have released their latest full length, This Is Moscow Not LA. There is also an added ingredient thrown into the mix as Svetlanas line up has now been bolstered by the inclusion of Nick Oliveri, a man who has his own hellraising reputation, and this should result in a match made in heaven… or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

This Is Moscow Not LA kicks off with an introduction to Putin On Da Hitz that is The Munsters by way of the of The Misfits, after this things kick spectacularly into life and from this point onwards you’d best buckle up. There are no brakes on This Is Moscow Not LA and for me this is an album that is the definition of defiant, hedonistic and destructive hardcore infused punk rock that proves that there is no one else out there quite like Svetlanas. Tell Me Why channels and amplifies the Dwarves, this is followed by Let’s Get Drunk and Vodka ‘N Roll that are a pair of full tilt tributes to the joy of getting trashed, throughout the album there are perfect moments of hyperactive punk rock in the form of Lose Control, Negative Approach and Put Your Middle Fingers Up. There is a tribute to the godfather of rock ‘n roll excess in the form of Speed Freak, a frantic rendition of Motorhead‘s ode to amphetamines that sounds as if it’s played on an overdose and Where Is My Borscht and People Suck are an intense closing duo that prove that all is not quiet on the Eastern front.

Sometimes you hear an album that just makes you want to attack your booze supply with self destructive abandon, and this is one of those albums, few bands manage to deliver this kind of full tilt fuck you, and fewer still can deliver it live with any sense of authenticity. Svetlanas have always had a reputation as a band that should be experienced live, but now they’ve delivered an album the bottles the essence of what makes them such a compelling live act. For me this sounds like the album Svetlanas were born to make, and come this years Rebellion Festival I will be down the front for Svetlanas set on Friday 4th August.
This Is Moscow Not LA should be ordered here and you need to stream it via Spotify here
Svetlanas website can be found here

Tunic Release Stream Of ‘Boss’ EP

Tunic BossTunic, one of Canada’s noisiest new punk bands, will self-release their latest EP, Boss, on July 21st, a corrosive and volatile record that takes the best moments of Metz and The Jesus Lizard and works them into their own artistic brilliance. Loud, aggressive and often punishing, the Winnipeg trio thrive on chaos, feedback, and manic bursts of slurred shouting, Boss is deliberately primal, a sludgy blend of abrasive bellows, caterwauling guitars, and massive rhythms that pummel with a hypnotic fury

You can pre-order Boss here and stream the EP here

Tunic‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

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Svetlanas Release ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ Album

Svetlanas TIMNLAThe Svetlanas have been called “the most dangerous band in the world” thanks to their super intense live performances at such international festivals as Vans Warped Tour, South By Southwest and Rebellion Festival, and they are one of the acts featured in The Punk Site‘s recommendations for the 2017 Rebellion Festival. The Italian based Russian thrashcore outfit’s latest release, This Is Moscow Not LA, has just been released via Rad Girlfriend Records and Subkultura Records.

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Fights And Fires LLLAT

Fights And Fires

Live Life Like A Tourist

Lockjaw Records

Rating: 3/5




Worcester, UK based punk rock quartet Fights And Fires are heading in to the Summer of 2017 with their latest album, Live Life Like A Tourist, that is due for release on July 14th through Lockjaw RecordsLive Life Like A Tourist features eight tracks of melodic hardcore infused gruff punk rock that is inspired by the members of Fights And Fires finding happiness in their personal lives, rekindling a love for life and a passion for their music. As such this is optimistic release that carries an underlying message of positivity that runs throughout all eight tracks on the record, a message that is underpinned by one simple message, that you’re not on your own.

The bass rumble that opens Live Life Like A Tourist leads into the full blooded melodic hardcore of Reggae,  this intense slab of brutal punk rock lays down the template for much of the album, this is eight tracks of pummelling guitar riffs with gruff punk vocals with a dense and claustrophobic feel, but they re no one trick pony and there are notable moments that stop Live Life Like A Tourist being a one trick pony. Tracks like Awkward head into straight forward hardcore territory with a more brutal approach than much of the album, whereas Camping, and especially Ouija Board, bring comparatively mellow moments, although mellow for Fights And Fires is still very much an intense and noisy affair.

Fights And Fires are very much born of the harder edged end of the melodic hardcore scene, with the exception of Ouija Board this is a raw heavy and intense album that is influenced by the original spirit of hardcore. The raw vocal delivery and intense delivery ensure that Live Life Like A Tourist picks up exactly where their 2013 sophomore album, We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow, left off and indicates that Fights and Fires still live up to their moniker after all almost ten years together.

Live Life Like A Tourist can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Lockjaw Records here

Trapped Under Ice Release Stream Of ‘Oblivion’

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveHardcore heavyweights Trapped Under Ice have released a stream of Oblivion, the track is another pummeling cut from their long-awaited new LP, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. While Oblivion is the closest thing to Trapped Under Ice‘s signature sound found on Heatwave, the track is still a perfect representation of the band’s modern direction, one that’s unrestrained by genre confines and emphasizes groove and hooks more than ever.

You can stream Oblivion here and pre-order Heatwave here

Trapped Under Ice‘s US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Eat Dirt I

Eat Dirt

Eat Dirt I

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Eat Dirt formed less than twelve months ago in the wake of the constantly spiralling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions in the UK, and as a result Eat Dirt are understandably angry. The members of Eat Dirt are have all reportedly served time in well established UK acts in the past, although they are remaining tight lipped as to who those were with even the members names being kept under wraps, seemingly preferring instead to have the focus on Eat Dirt rather than their past endeavours, and who could fault them for that.

Eat Dirt have channelled their frustrations with real life into the bands debut EP, Eat Dirt – I, this is a raging and visceral blast of aggressive punk rock that is fuelled by political and social injustice, and for me this is exactly how things should be with a band of this nature. The brief opening track, that shares the band’s moniker, is a razor sharp blast of intense hardcore that’s followed by the raw and pissed off Pigs, there’s a return old school rousing hardcore with 48 before the EP’s finest moment, Dead, brings things to a satisfying close. This is an EP of intense hardcore punk rock that should be in your collection, when you consider that their debut EP is free to download you have no reason not to introduce yourself to Eat Dirt.

Their anger is unrelenting throughout the EP it’s clear that this is a band that has a lot to say, musically Eat Dirt draw their influences from the likes of The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Gallows and Comeback Kid, but with their own character added that results in a fast and unrelenting punk rock soundtrack of their own. Eat Dirt have stated that they have no interest in “making it” in the music industry, they don’t care for industry politics and refuse to pander to or compromise for anyone, they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release that pent up aggression that the state of politics in the UK is generating.

Eat Dirt – I can be downloaded for free here

Eat Dirt Release Their Debut EP ‘Eat Dirt – I’ For Free

Eat Dirt IForming in late 2016, following the spiralling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions in the UK, Eat Dirt are angry. The members of Eat Dirt, previously of well established UK acts, put their frustrations with real life together and have created the bands debut EP, Eat Dirt – I, a raging and visceral blast of aggressive punk rock. Their anger is unrelenting and they have lots to say, musically Eat Dirt draw influence from The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Gallows and Comeback Kid, building a fast, unrelenting punk rock sound of their own. They have no interest in “making it”, they don’t care for industry politics and won’t pander to anyone, they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release that pent up aggression.

Eat Dirt – I can be downloaded for FREE here and the video can viewed below Read More…

Trapped Under Ice Release Stream Of ‘ No Relief’

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveBaltimore’s fearless hardcore heavyweights, Trapped Under Ice, have released a stream of No Relief, the track is another explosive cut from their long awaited new album, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. The track continues to highlight the band’s “no rules”, groove-centric approach to hardcore, looking to inspire just as many to shake hips as bang heads.

You can stream No Relief here 

Heatwave can be pre-ordered via Pop Wig Records here

Trapped Under Ice Announce Release Of ‘Heatwave’ LP

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveBaltimore’s boundary pushing hardcore heavyweights, Trapper Under Ice, have finally returned, the band have announced their long awaited new LP, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. To celebrate the news of their first new album in six years, Trapped Under Ice have shared the first taste of new music from Heatwave, the aggressively groovy track, Do It.

Heatwave can be pre-ordered via Pop Wig Records here

Do It can be streamed via Spotify here and you can view their US tour dates below Read More…

Blood Youth

Blood Youth

Beyond Repair

Rude Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Since their inception in 2014 Blood Youth have been channelling their fears, frustrations and fury into their music through a relentless touring schedule and the release of two critically acclaimed EP’s, 2015’s Inside My Head and 2016’s Closure, and Blood Youth have now released their debut full-length, Beyond Repair, that sees the Yorkshire based hardcore trio expanding their arsenal across a full album. Beyond Repair was released last month via Rude Records and  is now available on CD and a ‘clear with black smoke’ vinyl, as well as being available for download and streaming from the usual suspects.

From the opening chords of Making Waves you think you know what you’re in for, the brutal riff and barked vocals indicate that this is prime hardcore punk, but on the chorus a more melodic approach is seamlessly integrated, and this brings another element into proceedings and stops Beyond Repair from being just another short sharp shock from the hardcore stable. Blood Youth have delivered an album that contains all the aggression that you’d expect from hardcore, but it incorporates other styles that stop Beyond Repair being another remorseless album and it’s this that raises Blood Youth above many of their contemporaries.

Beyond Repair blends pure hardcore fury with melodic hardcore, and in places the breakdown’s bring a touch of the heavier end of alt rock into play, but all the while maintaining the aggressive delivery you’d expect. Blood Youth‘s debut full length is an impressive and furious ten tracks that maintains the approach of the first wave of crossover bands by channelling other influences into their sound to deliver an album that has a truly cross genre appeal. Since Blood Youth were formed from the ashes of Climates they’ve been steadily building an impressive reputation and Beyond Repair can only build on this, the future of the hardcore scene in the peoples republic of Yorkshire would seem to be in good hands.

You can order physical formats of Beyond Repair via Rude Records here

Incendiary Release Full Stream Of ‘Thousand Mile Stare’ Album

Incendiary 1000 Mile StareNew York’s metallic hardcore torchbearers, Incendiary, have released a full stream of their explosive upcoming full length, Thousand Mile Stare, that is due out on May 5th from Closed Casket Activities. Incendiary will be performing at this year’s Groezrock Festival in Belgium, Sound And Fury Festival in Los Angeles, and Bloodaxe Festival in Japan, as well as the band’s Brooklyn record release show.

Thousand Mile Stare is available for pre-order here (CD and vinyl) and here (download)

You can stream Thousand Mile Stare here and view Incendiary’s tour dates below. Read More…

Darko Release New Video And Announce European Tour

Darko Bonsai MammothGuildford skate punks Darko have released a new video for the track Just A Short Line, the latest track to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut album Bonsai Mammoth which is out now on Bird Attack Records (US) and Lockjaw Records (UK). The band have also just revealed a huge run of summer 2017 dates with Swedish punks Rebuke, taking in shows across mainland Europe.

Bonsai Mammoth can be streamed and ordered here (UK) and here (US) 

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Stay Wild Announce West Coast Tour

Stay Wild LLLCalifornia’s Stay Wild have announced a run of west coast tour dates which kick off May 18th in Las Vegas and runs through to May 27th. A self-described “intersectional feminist, LGBTQ-positive, socio-political hardcore punk band from Southern California”, Stay Wild‘s last EP, livelearnlove, is out now on Panic State Records and is available digitally on Spotify and Bandcamp, with physical formats available from Panic State Records.

Livelearnlove is available here (digital) and here (physical)

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Setbacks Release ‘Oceans Apart’ Album

Setbacks Oceans ApartSetbacks started up in 2015 having recorded and pressed a limited edition EP, The New Frontier, this was the prototype to test the waters and see the feasibility of having a band which consisted of five musicians from four different continents. The EP proved a success and the bands first full length album, Oceans Apart, slowly and steadily came together. With Aaron Gouldings unique vocal tone, something Pridebowl fans have too long been without, Setbacks have managed to bring together their decades of melodic hardcore punk experience from their previous ventures and combine it to create something oozing that 80’s and 90’s sound they all grew up on and love.

Oceans Apart can be streamed and purchased via Morning Wood Records here

American Standards Anti Melody

American Standards


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




American Standards have been around since 2011, all the while they’ve been steadily building up a loyal following through their relentless tour schedule and intense live performances, including sharing stages with the likes of Every Time I Die, Norma Jean and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The chaotic hardcore quartet have now announced that their upcoming debut full length, Anti-Melody, that follows on from their 2012 debut release Still Life, is set to be released on April 28th and will be available via all digital music outlets.

Anti-Melody kicks off with the lead single, Writers Block Party, and it’s an instant wake up call of brutal thrash tinged hardcore that’s followed up by the spiky Carpe Diem, Tomorrow. This is not an album that becomes a relentless blur where the tracks merge into each other, each song on Anti-Melody has it’s own distinct character, from the intense Church Burner, that harks back to the crossover thrash of the 1980’s, through the slow burning Bartenders Without Wings and the intense Cancer Eater to the album’s pummelling epic, at least by hardcore standards, finale, Chicago Overcoat.

Anti-Melody is an album that delivers eight tracks that manage to span the differing styles of hardcore that have evolved over the years, all the while maintaining a consistently brutal approach on each track, American Standards maintain the spirit and anger of the first wave of hardcore bands, whilst bringing their own defiant spirit and style to Anti-Melody. Given the state of world politics and the rise of the far right, the defiant protest of the hardcore scene as never been as needed or as relevant as it is right now, and for me American Standards are right there on the front line.

Anti-Melody can be pre-ordered via American Standards Bandcamp here

The American Standards fanlink to all digital services and social media is here