Svetlanas Announce 2018 Spanish Tour Dates

Svetlanas Promo Oct 17Svetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved. Now they have announced Spanish tour dates with further dates in the UK and Germany to follow, including appearances at Manchester Punk Festival and Rebellion Festival.
The Punk Site Review of the stunning This Is Moscow Not LA LP can be read here
The Svetlanas Spanish tour dates can be viewed below

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Castaway And Insvrgence Announce 2018 Co-Headlining Tour

Castaway Insvrgence 18 tourIn January 2018 two of the best up and coming hardcore acts in the scene will be embarking on an epic month-long co-headlining tour across North America. Castaway are currently promoting their latest EP, Duality of Love, while Insvrgence are touring in support of Third World America, a new track that was released back in October. The tour kicks off in Pomona, CA on January 2nd and concludes on January 26th in San Angelo, TX. The Duality Of Love can be streamed and purchased here and the video for Third World America can be viewed here.

You can view Castaway and Insvrgence‘s tour dates below Read More…

Flase Flag To Release Self Titled Debut EP On December 25th

False Flag STIndia’s False Flag formed in June 2015 in the aftermath of witnessing grindcore legends Napalm Death live at Bangalore Open Air Festival, due to their uncompromising DIY ethic and catchy tunes, their early recordings and shows received a positive response from the South Asian Punk scene. Their self-titled EP is set for release on the 25th December via Bandcamp, the EP will feature a dark and heavy mix that brings to mind contemporary chaotic hardcore acts from Europe. False Flag look set to push the boundaries of punk, fusing an existential outlook with progressive political stances against all forms of bigotry from casteism to misogyny. False Flag‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

You can stream the track Sisyphus’ Lament from their forthcoming self titled EP here

Lifetight Release Video For ‘Dreams’ From ‘Self-Tightled’ EP

Lifetight STAlternative hardcore band Lifetight have released their new video for Dreams, a track taken from their acclaimed debut EP, Self-Tightled, that is now available via Crooked Noise Records. Lifetight‘s Self-Tightled is a straight-up, no-holds-barred, two-stepping alternative hardcore EP in the finest traditions of the genre that sees the band draw on personal experiences to create a release bursting with positive energy.

Self-Tightled can be purchased and streamed here

The video for Dreams can be viewed below Read More…

MDC Release Full Stream Of New Album ‘Mein Trumpf’

booklet 4 paginaPunk legends MDC are back with Mein Trumpf, their first full-length in 13 years. Mein Trumpf is an album in classic MDC style, a searing indictment of current US politics, true to the band’s radical left-wing self. A musical call to equality and wake-up call against intolerance and hatred, Mein Trumpf closes with the widely heard and oft-repeated chant “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA”, first coined by the band and now picked up at political rallies across the world. 

Mein Trumpf can be streamed via Soundcloud here

you can order Mein Trumpf here

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booklet 4 pagina


Mein Trumpf

Primordial Records

Rating: 3.5/5




MDC have been with us since 1979, they were amongst the very first US hardcore bands, and over the years they have built an illustrious history in the underground punk scene, have been an influence on countless bands and have always been consistent advocates of gay, trans, animal and equal rights. Now MDC are back with their first full length in thirteen years, Mein Trumpf, their latest release is an album in classic MDC style, a searing indictment of current US politics that is true to the band’s radical left-wing self, and one that represents a musical call to equality and a wake up call against intolerance and hatred.

The title track leaves you in no doubt exactly where MDC‘s loyalties lie, in six minutes they question every element of Donald Trump’s presidency, and ask’s the question ‘what the Trump is going on?’, whilst the first cut resembled a punk take on the classic protest song, Working For Satan returns to the frantic punk rock that MDC are best known for. Along with the political blasts against the Trump regime, there are attacks on toxic masculinity, the treatment of mental health and addiction, mainstream culture and remote warfare. Mein Trumpf closes with the widely heard chant ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA’, that was first coined by the band a lifetime ago, and is now widely heard at concerts and rallies across the USA.

Mein Trumpf has a distinctly lo-fi feel and if you like you punk rock political and raw with no punches pulled then Mein Trumpf will be a timely album, the unfiltered politics of MDC marks the welcome return of one of the original bands in the American hardcore scene, and for fans of the likes of early Dead Kennedy‘s, Crass and Minor Threat this will be the rallying call you’ve been waiting for. Mein Trumpf signals a timely and welcome return by MDC and is evidence that they’ve lost none of their fury at injustice and inequality. 

Mein Trumpf will be released via Primoridal Records on December 1st

Mein Trumpf can be pre-ordered on black and gold vinyl here and on CD here

Of Legions Reveal ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ From Forthcoming LP

Of Legions FVUK hardcore posse Of Legions are a formidable, raw, crushing and passionate unit, the Stoke four piece take their cues from many quarters including punk, metal, rock and hardcore, and cite everyone from Black Flag, Slipknot and Parkway Drive as influences. Of Legions are set to unleash their debut album, Face Value, on Friday 16th February 2018 and ahead of the release they’ve revealed a track from the album, Suicidal Thoughts.

Of Legions Facebook page can be found here

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Rise Against EU Tour 17

Rise Against / Sleeping With Sirens / PEARS

Apollo, Manchester, UK

2nd November 2016

Rating: 4/5




Rise Against Venue Nov 17Chicago’s Rise Against hit Manchester tonight on the second date of their current UK tour in support of their new album, Wolves, alongside the melodic hardcore legends is a diverse duo of support acts in the shape of Sleeping With Sirens and hardcore upstarts PEARS. The queue for Rise Against’s return to Manchester snakes round both sides of Manchester’s historic Apollo venue and I start to get worried that we’re not going to catch the opening set by PEARS, and as that’s one of the main reasons I’m here tonight this is a worrying state of affairs. 

Pears1(Best)We thankfully make it into the Apollo in the nick of time for PEARS, they immediately kick into a furious set of hardcore and you can see why they have developed a well deserved reputation for an impressive live show. PEARS deliver an intense  barrage that befits their growing status, and as far as I’m concerned they are one of the best live hardcore acts out there at the moment. When I last caught PEARS, at this years Rebellion Festival, they were impressive, but tonight they sound sharper and more focused and there’s a reason they captured the attention of so many since their formation. PEARS have opened tonight’s show with a short sharp set that’s sets the bar so high that I almost feel sorry for the band that has to follow them, almost.
Pears2PEARS‘ frontman, Zach Quinn, is inevitably bare chested by the end of the set and he cuts a perpetually manic and uninhibited figure during a set that spans their short but prolific career, including material from their freshly released split album with Direct Hit. It’s an intense and all too short twenty five minute set from the New Orleans quartet, aside from the brief easy listening intermissions that punctuate their set this has been an opening salvo that was delivered at full tilt throughout. Despite the early start to their set they play to steadily filling and appreciative crowd at the Manchester Apollo, and you get the impression that PEARS have made more than a few friends tonight.
Sleeping with Sirens (1)Next up is Sleeping With Sirens who are touring in support of their new album, Gossip, and were something of an unknown quantity to me prior to tonight. They play a set of slick post hardcore influenced alt rock that is delivered in an accomplished and crowd pleasing style, but for me their inclusion on this tour seems to be at odds with the two other bands on the bill and for me they came across as a slightly disappointing filling in an otherwise amazing sandwich, however the enthusiastic reaction from a sizable section of the crowd, and the borderline hysteria I encountered whilst queuing to get into the venue, suggests that I am in the minority on this one.
RA1(Colour)There’s a lengthy changeover before Rise Against take the stage, which gives the opportunity for a varied selection of punk tunes old and new, including everything from The Clash to Me First And The Gimme Gimme’s, to warm the crowd up for tonight’s headliners. The house lights eventually drop and the four minute warning sounds revealing two huge video screens displaying cartoon apocalyptic imagery that sets the tone for tonight’s show. The atmosphere builds until the screen then focuses in on it’s last remaining target, Manchester UK, and we’re off into a set that spans Rise Against‘s almost two decade long career.
RA3(HiCont)Rise Against have come a long way since their days with Fat Wreck Chords, major record deals have taken them into bigger concert halls and bought elaborate stage sets and immense lighting rigs, but the core of the band and their ideals remain the same, and before the first number is out they have the crowd in the palm of the hands. New material from their latest full length, Wolves, is dropped into the set and blends in perfectly. Dancing For Rain is appropriately dedicated to Manchester and the set is theatrically punctuated by short dark animated films that depict a dystopian future, the second of these is followed by a triumphant Collapse (Post-Amerika) that’s accompanied by images of resistance and police brutality.
RA4It’s been too long since Rise Against hit the UK and the crowds affection for them hasn’t dimmed in the years have that passed. An acoustic Swing Life Away gets a note perfect chorus from the Manchester crowd, a further heartfelt acoustic number, People Live Here, is dedicated to those who have the courage to fight for peace in the face of aggression. Hero Of War see’s the reappearance of the full band for the finale of the song, and for the remainder of the set Rise Against return to full flow. Tonight’s set has covered the majority of Rise Against’s back catalogue and they close with Satellite from their 2011 album, Endgame.
RA5Prior to their return we get the final instalment of the dystopian animations, that true to the bands self depicts the downtrodden rising up as wolves against those who have created a living hell, and they retake the stage to deliver a suitably defiant encore to close what has been an impressive return to our shores. Tonight’s show was marked by stunning sets that bookended either end of the evening, Pears and Rise Against were both flawless tonight, with the latter’s also having a dramatic visual appeal. But whilst both bands have very different styles they were both equally impressive and share the same vision, and that’s pretty much punk rock in a nutshell, it isn’t our differences that matter, it’s the common bonds that bind us together.
Rise Against Pears Nov 17Rise Against‘s website is here and Wolves can be ordered here
Sleeping With Sirens website can be found here
PEARS website is here
Human Movement can be ordered via Fat Wreck Chords here
Live photography by Steven Alexis
You can click on any of Steven’s photos to view a slide show of the images
Rebel Spies Rise

Rebel Spies


Underground Communique Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Rebel Spies released their debut album, Rise!, earlier this year and it is now available via Underground Communique Records. Rebel Spies are a Detroit area hardcore punk band that boasts an impressive pedigree, amongst their number they include past and present members from the likes of Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Hellmouth, Hi-Fi Handgrenades and fordirelifesake. Given Rebel Spies members collective background you’d be forgiven for assuming what to expect on the debut album, and the odds are that your expectations won’t be confounded.

From the frantic opener, That Mask, it’s clear that Rebel Spies are influenced by old school hardcore, this shouldn’t come as any surprise given the band members previous membership and neither should the fact that Rebel Spies eleven track debut full length is an impressive blast of punk rock that seems to steadily build in intensity. Rise! is a relentless album that embraces the early history of the American punk scene, my personal highlight from the album is The Misfits influenced track See You In Hell, and it’s likely that everyone’s personal choice will vary depending on your musical preferences, but with their debut Rebel Spies have released an album that hit’s the mark on every track.

There’s a distinctly old school feel to Rise! with obvious influences from the likes of 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty and The Misfits, and if you have any love for the roots of the US punk scene then Rebel Spies are band that you need to investigate. Rise! is a welcome eleven track blast that recalls the energy and attitude of punk’s past, from that description you can probably guess that there’s nothing groundbreaking or new on Rebel Spies debut, but as their press release states, this is a love letter to the bands that influenced them and for me it’s one that captures the essence of early punk and hardcore perfectly.

Rise! can be purchased and streamed via Underground Communique Records here

Blank Side Release New Single And Video ‘Ringworm’

Blank Side RWSan Antonio’s Blank Side have been playing live since 2011 and have released a steady stream of albums and EP’s since 2012, the self styled purveyors of thrashpop have now released their latest single, Ringworm, that will appear on the band’s upcoming EP that is due for release in the coming months.

Ringworm can be downloaded and streamed via Bandcamp here

The video for Ringworm can be viewed below Read More…

Rebel Spies Release Debut Album ‘Rise!’

Rebel Spies RiseRebel Spies have released their debut album, Rise!, that is now available via Underground Communique Records. The Detroit area hardcore punk band features an impressive pedigree as they include past and present members from the likes of Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Hellmouth, Hi-Fi Handgrenades and fordirelifesake. Rebel Spies is their love letter to hardcore and punk, and it’s a loud love letter at that! 

Rebel Spies Bandcamp can be found here

Rise! can be streamed and purchased via Underground Communique Records here

Turnstile Release Video For New Track ‘Real Thing’

Turnstile RTTurnstile have returned with new track, Real Thing, which represents the first new music from the band since 2016’s Move Thru Me EP, the track is accompanied by an official video directed by Mortis Studio. Tomorrow, Turnstile will begin a month long U.S. tour with The Story So Far and Drug Church.

Turnstile‘s tour dates can be found on the band’s website here

You can view the video for Real Thing below Read More…

Clayface DHYB


Don't Hold Your Breath

Horn And Hoof Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Manchester’s Clayface, not to be confused with the DC dark wave band of the same name, are set to release their latest EP, Don’t Hold Your Breath, on November 10th via the South Manchester based independent punk label, Horn And Hoof Records. Following the self-release of their angsty teenage debut EP, Squeel, back in 2013 the band took a few quiet years out, now they’re back with their upcoming aptly titled EP, and the band are now set to return with their own blend of scrappy, melodic punk to the eardrums of the world. 

The introduction to Don’t Hold Your Breath, builds from delicate, through to pop punk to full blooded punk rock, setting the tone nicely for what’s to come. Just A Word carries a heavyweight skacore element that sits alongside the raw punk rock that populates much of the remaining five tracks. There’s a distinct influence from Snuff‘s early recordings in Clayface‘s sophomore release, especially in the EP’s finest moment, Something Sweet And Sickly, which closes Don’t Hold Your Breath in fine style. A lot has changed in the four years since Clayface released their debut EP, whilst their energy and commitment have remained a constant Don’t Hold Your Breath feels more rounded and mature than their debut release.

Don’t Hold Your Breath contains elements of ska punk, hardcore and good old fashioned punk rock, all of which is delivered with a distinctly DIY touch. The seven tracks that make up the Don’t Hold Your Breath EP are done and dusted in around a quarter of an hour confirming that Clayface‘s return to recording has resulted in a frantic and raw blast of grass roots punk rock, one that stands up as another example of the energy and commitment of the bands at the heart of Manchester’s DIY punk scene, I just hope we don’t have to wait until 2021 for their next release.

The Don’t Hold Your Breath EP can be pre-ordered via Horn And Hoof Records here

The Proletariat To Play The Bowery Electric in NYC

Proletariat US BoweryThe Proletariat tapped into the high energy hardcore punk swirling around them and infused it with art-punk excitement, by the time that their classic debut, Soma Holiday, was released in 1983 their intelligent anger had become a lifeline to many suburban American rejects, young people who knew that life under Reagan wasn’t right and right now The Proletariat are more relevant than ever. The Proletariat reunited for a series of shows in the Fall of 2016 and Spring 2017 playing to full houses and getting rave reviews for their incendiary live show, and on Saturday November 4th The Proletariat will play a headline show at The Bowery Electric in New York City .
You can purchase tickets for The Proletariat at The Bowery Electric here

LIFETIGHT Release Full Stream Of Debut EP ‘Self Tightled’

Lifetight STForming in July 2017, you don’t get much fresher than alternative hardcore band LIFETIGHT, who are streaming their debut EP Self-Tightled ahead of its release on 3rd November via Crooked Noise Records. Rising from the ashes of Lock & Key, LIFETIGHT‘s Self-Tightled EP is a straight-up, no-holds-barred, two-stepping alternative hardcore EP in the finest traditions of the genre. Recommended for fans of Hatebreed and Beartooth, the band draw on their personal experiences in writing the EP to create positive energy.

Self Tightled can be streamed in full here and pre-ordered here

Big Heet OAW

Big Heet

On A Wire

Exploding In Sound Records

Rating: 3/5




Big Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by the former ex Breathers guitarist and vocalist David Settle, released their full-length debut, On A Wire, on October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club. On A Wire is an album that shifts between agitated post punk and tangled post-hardcore whilst maintaining a social conscience, throughout the album Big Heet rally against anxiety, environmental concerns, politics, anti-semitism, dead end jobs, assault, abuse and false activism, and do their part in creating some much needed change. 

The opening title track on Big Heet‘s full length gives the impression that On A Wire will resemble the aftermath of a collision between The Foo Fighters and The Beatles, the melody and energy are all there but it’s all delivered a breakneck pace with a ragged lo-fi approach. But it’s as you get deeper and deeper into the album it becomes increasingly discordant and frantic, and it just keeps heading off into a primal hardcore swamp of noise, one that simultaneously recalls the more experimental sides of punk, post punk, hardcore and noise rock

On A Wire is a unique noisy chaotic hybrid of an album, and it’s one that reflects the chaotic and dark times we live in, but the energy and enthusiasm that is carried across the entire album is evidence of hope in the face of the insanity that is the modern world. On A Wire is an album that won’t be for everyone, but for those of you who like your punk rock ragged, experimental and raw then Big Heet have produced an album that is well worth investigating, and it’s one that has found it’s natural home on the eclectic, and well named, Exploding In Sound Records.

You can order On A Wire here and subscribe to the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club here

On A Wire is also available digitally via Bandcamp here

PEARS Announce November UK Tour With Rise Against

Direct HitIn their short history PEARS have released two full-lengths, both on Fat Wreck Chords, and have played far and wide, including Australia and Chicago Riot Fest, now PEARS have announced they are opening for Rise Against on their UK tour this November. The band will also be releasing a split album, Human Movement, on November 3rd with Direct Hit via Fat Wreck Chords.

You can pre-order Human Movement via Fat Wreck Chords here

You can view PEARS UK tour dates with Rise Against, and the video for Green Star, below Read More…

‘Dead Fest’ To Take Place In Upland, CA On 28th October

Dead Fest 18Pinup Productions will be playing host to the highly anticipated Dead Fest, an all day event that is showcasing the very best that hardcore and metalcore have to offer. The Southern California event takes place this Saturday, October 28th at Gideon Hall in Upland, CA from 1 PM. The full line up boasts an eclectic group of hardcore bands, including a headlining set from Boston hardcore act Bury Your Dead, who will be performing tracks from both the Cover Your Tracks and Beauty And The Breakdown records. Support comes from a line up that includes Destruction Of A King, Distinguisher, Goliath, So This Is Suffering, Matriarchs, Raw Dawg, A Friend A Foe, The End Of An Age, Born Guilty, Destitute, End Of Flesh, Icebag Injury, and more.
Tickets for the Dead Fest can be purchased here
Cope Tooth And Nail


Tooth And Nail

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Hardcore punk outfit Cope have dropped their latest EP, Tooth And Nail, that was self released on October 13th, Cope‘s latest release is as fiercely political, positive, inspired and angry as ever, making the London based quartet a band fitting of today’s uncertain political climate. Tooth And Nail follows on from last years Challenge Oppression / Pursue Equality EP, and their latest release sees their sound become even heavier, but importantly they maintain their commitment to political activism, and the EP carries the same defiant and unifying message.

Stray Bullets comes straight out of the traps with a full tilt blast of heavy duty punk rock that is borne of hardcore, but one that is brought bang up to date. Tooth And Nail is a remorseless EP, the title track continues the full on the brutal assault before Neo Nasty well and truly nails their colours to the mast. Many Faces, the lead single from Tooth And Nail, carries the fight as does the closing duo of Populism and the impressive closing track, The Great Divide. The message on the Tooth And Nail EP is one that is loud and clear, as the refrain from the EP’s title track states ‘refuse, resist, don’t give into fear’

Cope deliver an angry politically motivated blast of heavy duty punk rock, but it’s one that strikes the right balance between optimism that things can change for the better, and justifiable and focused anger at the current state of world politics. Tooth And Nail is the perfect soundtrack to defiance in the face of the hate and ignorance that has sadly become of feature of modern politics, and it’s one that is delivered with a heavyweight blend of furious hardcore and punk rock that is tinged with elements of metalcore.

You can stream and purchase Tooth & Nail here

Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the first volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 features Mobina Galore, Drones, Natterers, Antillectual, Forever Unclean, Captain Hotknives, Incisions, Egos At The Door, Fresh, All Aboard, Darko, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Foxes Faux, The Lab Rats, Aerial Salad, Regret and Svetlanas, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 as a name your price download here

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBS

Siberian Meat Grinder

Metal Bear Stomp

Destiny Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Russia’s Siberian Meat Grinder released their new album, Metal Bear Stomp, a few days ago, their latest release is a brutal crossover album that blends elements of thrash metal and hardcore, that are mixed with machine gun raps and touches of black metal, unsurprisingly the result is a truly individual and aggressive soundtrack. Metal Bear Stomp is the band’s first full length release, but it’s one that follows in the wake of their two mini albums, Hail To The Tsar and Vs The World, that were originally released on their own label before being repressed by their current imprint, Destiny Records.
The majority of the tracks on Siberian Meat Grinder are intense fist pumping crossover blasts that have echoes of Slayer and Sacred Reich in their grooves, but there are moments that stand out amidst the almost relentless assault on the senses, an assault that is characterised by heavy breakdowns, heavyweight riffs and breakneck guitar solos. I can guarantee that the aggressive chant of the album’s title track will be lodged in your brain for days, and alongside the expected crossover ingredients there are elements of brutal rap that are seamlessly thrown into the mix, most notably on No Way Back. The combination of these elements makes for a perfectly named album, as I can’t come up with a better description for this release than Metal Bear Stomp.
Siberian Meat Grinder are a band that will appeal to fans of old school thrash, the more brutal side of crossover and for fans of the likes of Bodycount, Fire From The Gods and Suicidal Tendencies, this an intense metal influenced delivery, but, and this is a big but, the unintelligible growls of many modern metal influenced acts are replaced with a rhythmic aggressive style that brings something new to the party. The metal influences are very much to the fore on Metal Bear Stomp and they are delivered in an aggressive hardcore style, yet somehow every single track on Siberian Meat Grinder‘s debut full length has a dancefloor bounce to it, something that makes this an another unique import from Russia that, along with the likes of Svetlanas and Messer Chups, proves once more that all is not so quiet on the Eastern front.
Metal Bear Stomp is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Destiny Records here

The Mons Release Full Stream Of ‘Trust No One’ Album

The Mons Trust No OneHardcore punk band The Mons have released a full stream of their new album, Trust No One, that is due for release this Friday via Triple Eye Industries. Trust No One is available for pre-order on black, and a very limited edition orange with black spatter, vinyl as well as digitally. Trust No One can be streamed in full via Scene Point Blank here

The Punk Site review of Trust No One can be read here

You can pre-order Trust No One via Bandcamp here

The Mons Trust No One

The Mons

Trust No One

Triple Eye Industries

Rating: 3/5



Chicago has always been a city that has been at the forefront of the American punk rock scene, and the five members of The Mons have been there for the better part of it. The Mons are comprised of ex-members of bands such as Apocalypse Hoboken, The Arrivals, The Mashers and Lynyrd’s Innards, and they are now set to release their sophomore album, Trust No One, that follows on from their 2015 debut album In The Original It’s Red, on the 20th October via Triple Eye Industries.
Trust No One melds Dead Kennedys intensity with Black Flag‘s attack and Adolescents drive to create a hybrid that has a distinctly old school feel, almost every track flashes past in an instant before the next one kicks in at full throttle. The lead single Alarm Clock captures the spirit of early 80’s hardcore perfectly and my other personal highlights from Trust No One include the tracks Silent Majority and Party Down, these are sandwiched between the constant barrage of short hardcore blasts and intense old school punk riffs that populate the fifteen track album.
The Mons have released an album that manages the recreate the intensity of the early American hardcore scene, the album also embraces a few metallic and later punk rock influences along the way, and as you’d expect from that decription this album is a little on the short side as all fifteen tracks are done and dusted in just over twenty minutes. Trust No One is something of a throwback, had this album been released in the early eighties it would be hailed as a classic, but it’s 2017 and enjoyable as Trust No One is this is an album that brings nothing new to the party, but whilst it’s not an original release this is a fast, furious and intense album that briefly resurrects the ghost of punk’s past.
Trust No One can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Triple Eye Industries here

Siberian Meat Grinder Release ‘Metal Bear Stomp’ LP

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBSThe long-awaited second album, Metal Bear Stomp, from the Moscow based hardcore crossover outfit Siberian Meat Grinder is out now and available through all usual retailers and online platforms. Bringing their cross-genre game to the next level, Siberian Meat Grinder have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the twelve tracks of Metal Bear Stomp that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout. 

Metal Bear Stomp can be streamed via Spotify here and purchased on CD and vinyl here

The video for the single No Way Back can be viewed below Read More…

Cope Release Full Stream Of New EP ‘Tooth & Nail’

Cope MFHeavy hardcore punk outfit Cope are streaming their hard-hitting new EP, Tooth & Nail, one day early before its release on October 13. Fiercely political and positive, the Londoners are a band fitting of today’s climate and are at their most inspired and angry with Tooth & Nail. Cope are also playing a release show tonight at Thousand Island in London, UK.
Tooth & Nail can be streamed in full here
You can pre-order Tooth & Nail here
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The Mons Release Stream Of Title Track From ‘Trust No One’ LP

The Mons Trust No OneHardcore punk band The Mons are streaming, Trust No One, the title track from their upcoming album which will be released via Triple Eye Industries on October 20th 2017. The track is a short blast of old-school punk that is highly recommended for fans of The Circle Jerks, Black Flag and early COC

You can stream the title track from Trust No One via Svbbterranean here

Trust No One can be pre-ordered here

Cope Release ‘Many Faces’ Single

Cope MFHardcore punk outfit Cope have dropped their new single, Many Faces, ahead of their new EP Tooth & Nail, that is set for release on October 13th. The track is but a glimpse into the soundworld on Cope‘s upcoming release, as fiercely political and positive as ever, the Londoners are a band fitting of today’s political climate. For fans of early Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Every Time I Die, Cope are a band who are at their most inspired and angry with Tooth & Nail.

You can stream Many Faces via Souncloud here and Spotify here

Many Faces can be purchased via iTunes here

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Svetlanas Release New Track Via Posh Boy Records

Svetlanas Promo Oct 17Svetlanas have revealed that they have a new track included on Music From or Inspired by Pump!, a compilation released by Posh Boy Records. Svetlanas have contributed their own unique personal musical arrangement and interpretation of Steppenwolf‘s Born To Be Wild to the album.

Music From Or Inspired By Pump! can be downloaded via iTunes here

Svetlanas website is here and their Bandcamp is here

Spill Your Guts HC

Spill Your Guts

Hungry Crows

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Over the years Shanghai’s Spill Your Guts have had to deal with stringent government regulations and a fluid line up due to members moving in and out of the country, with the current line up, that is formed from a disparate collection of expatriates from three far flung continents, only having been in place since 2016. The band has been in existence since 2012 and ever since their inception they’ve been building up to the release of their debut album with a steady series of EP releases, now Spill Your Guts have finally released their first full length album, Hungry Crows. 

Riotica opens Hungry Crows with a full blooded hardcore roar, the opening salvo is followed by Praise The Fire, that somehow manages to up the intensity and introduces an element of crossover into the mix. Hungry Crows is an album that constantly switches between the styles over the ten tracks, but for me it’s when they head back into the tracks that carry a heavier influence from straight up hardcore that Spill Your Guts are at their best, with the stunning Altitude being my personal highlight from Hungry Crows.

Hungry Crows is a contemporary take on hardcore, it captures the same relentless spirit and blends it with elements taken from the extreme end of the metal world. This is the first time I’ve received an album from China, and Spill Your Guts are a band that indicate that the punk and hardcore scenes are alive and well on every continent. Hungry Crows is an album that carries the original spirit of hardcore, but blends it with contemporary metal influences to create an album that is as brutal and intense as anything I’ve heard this year.

Spill Your Guts Facebook page can be found here

Hungry Crows is available as a name your price download via Bandcamp here

Agony Kings

Agony Kings

Agony Kings

Self Titled

Rating: 2.5/5




New York crossover thrash punk quartet Agony Kings, who were formerly known as WDKM (What Doesn’t Kill Me) and features False Gods vocalist Mike Stack amongt their number, will unleash their self released and self titled debut album on October 6th 2017. Agony Kings state that they have spent over ten years building up to the release of their first full length, and given the time lapse in making Agony Kings long awaited album it seems appropriate that this album’s thirteen tracks are deeply rooted in old school hardcore and crossover.

Agony Kings debut album starts with a sample from the dystopian movie Strange Days that bemoans the fact that everything has been done and used up, from this point they launch into a blistering cross between old school hardcore and crossover. Everything might have been done, but it certainly isn’t used up, as Agony Kings have sampled heavily from the past to produce a relentless and brutal album that embodies the spirit of the hardcore movement from around three decades ago, a time when metal and punk collided head on to spectacular effect.

Personally I find trying to pick a favourite moment from Agony Kings debut full length to be an impossible task, this is an album that is an aggressive blur and as a result of this I’d predict that anyone listening to this album will either love or hate it. Personally I think bands like Agony Kings are best suited to a live environment where the intensity of this kind of aural barrage really comes across, but if you’re a fan of early recordings by the likes of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies, or bands such as The Exploited, Agnostic Front and D.R.I. then Agony Kings will be a more than welcome blast from the past.

Agony Kings Facebook page can be found here

Prowler Release ‘The Curse’ Album

Prowler TCProwler and Rucktion Records are proud to announce that the new album, The Curse, will be released physically and digitally today, September 29th 2017. Since 2002 Prowler have been at the absolute forefront of London hardcore, with 15 years under their belts they’ve proven why they’re well known in UKHC for their ultra heavy blend of metallic hardcore. Prowler will play Rucktion Records bi-monthly night at The Unicorn in Camden on September 30th to celebrate the release of The Curse

The Curse can be streamed via Spotify here and can be ordered here