Guttermouth Release New Song For Halloween Compilation

GuttermouthGuttermouth has contributed a new song to the seasonal compilation, Punk Rock Halloween – Loud, Fast & Scary, which features contributions from Reel Big FishAdolescentsThe DwarvesU.K. SubsNaked AggressionBankruptBuck-O-Nine among others.  

Listen to the song below.

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A Better You

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3.5/5




After years of playing small tours and festivals around the world, without an actual album being released, SLED, who were formerly known as Pinhole Down, are finally set to release their first official full length, A Better You, via Bird Attack Records on the 15th September 2017. Aside from the bands core members SLED also feature members of Guttermouth, Whole Wheat Bread and This Is A Standoff to create something of a punk rock supergroup whose sound is firmly embedded in the roots of melodic hardcore and skate punk.

The frantic Numb And Dumb is a fine opening rallying call that is followed by the intense Let Go, and every single track that follows is a full tilt punk rock attack that will appeal to fans of the likes of heavyweight melodic hardcore pioneers such as Bad Religion, Pennywise and Propagandhi. The ten tracks contained on A Better You make up an impressive debut full length by anyone’s standards, and it’s one that lives up to the impressive catalogue of recent releases that Bird Attack Records have unleashed.

SLED have delivered a fine slab of intense melodic hardcore that embraces skate punk with just a touch of crossover thrown into the mix, and makes no mistake this a damn fine album of full throttle punk rock. My only issue with A Better You is the fact that there is no variation across the album, every track comes out of the traps like it’s been spiked with amphetamines, and as the chords fade out another breakneck riff kicks in. This isn’t really a complaint as there isn’t a weak track on SLED‘s debut album, but to me A Better You just ends up feeling slightly one dimensional, but having said that this is a solid debut release from a band with a fine punk pedigree behind them.

A Better You can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats here

Guttermouth Streams Compilation LP In Full

GuttermouthSouthern California punk rockers Guttermouth have premiered a full stream of their upcoming compilation which features three new tracks, The Whole Enchilada, which dropped last week via Rude Records.  

Listen to the complete disc below.

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Guttermouth – A Boy And His Love Gun

GuttermouthSouthern California punk rockers Guttermouth have premiered a new single.  The track is titled “A Boy And His Love Gun” which is set to appear on their upcoming compilation which features three new tracks, The Whole Enchilada, which is set to release on June 23, 2017 through Rude Records.  

Listen to the song below.

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Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Added To ‘It’s Not Dead 2’

It's Not Dead 2017Me First And The Gimme Gimmes have been added to the already stacked lineup for It’s Not Dead 2, one of the America’s largest punk rock festivals. It’s Not Dead is returning to Southern California’s Glen Helen Amphitheater on August 26th after a two-year break. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes join previously announced co-headliners Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, plus A Wilhelm Scream, Buzzcocks, Channel 3, The Casualties, Down By Law, The Exploited, The Flatliners, GBH, Good Riddance, Guttermouth, The Interrupters, Kevin Seconds, Mad Caddies, Off!, Runaway Kids, The Selecter, The Toasters, Wraths, U.S. Bombs, Voodoo Glow Skulls and many more

Tickets for It’s Not Dead 2 can be purchased here

It’s Not Dead Festival Returns To California For 2017

It's Not Dead 2017Old and new-school punk rock fans demanded it, and Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has delivered, It’s Not Dead, one of the country’s largest punk rock festivals, is returning to Southern California this summer, after a two-year break. It’s Not Dead will once again invade the Glen Helen Amphitheater Festival Grounds on Saturday, August 26, with another massive line-up of bands on four stages.

Tickets for It’s Not Dead will be available from 9am on Monday 20th March here

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New Car Smell

Rude Records

Rating: 4/5




It would seem Guttermouth are well and truly back, although Mark Adkins is the sole survivor from their original line up, the almost constant turmoil that has characterised Guttermouth‘s line up’s over the years means that this should come as no surprise to anyone. A decade had passed until Guttermouth released the Got It Made EP earlier this year, now jut a few short months later the current line up of the legendary Californian punk band seem to have found a new lease of life, as they have now bought us their latest EP, New Car Smell, via Rude Records which is due out on November 25th,

Spud Like Torso kicks off the New Car Smell EP, this is classic Guttermouth, fast, irreverent and packing a hell of a punch, Soundtrack To The End Of The World ups the pace and contains all the hallmarks of the bands classic recordings. By the time you’re halfway through the EP with two more solid tracks, the title track and Perma Walkabout, you get the feeling that Guttermouth have just picked up where they left off when they released Shave The Planet back in 2006. The EP steps up a gear for the final two tracks, Mail Order Bride is the highlight of this release, it carries a legendary guitar hook and the same frenetic approach that is their hallmark, and finally the EP rounds out with the hectic track, The Human Mulligan, that ends the New Car Smell EP in fine style.

Guttermouth are back and the new material indicates that they’ve lost none of their edge, the two EP’s they’ve released in the last few months have delivered an impressive album’s worth of material that is as good as anything they released in their heyday. Guttermouth seem to have found their muse once more, the twelve tracks released across the two EP’s indicates that they’re back with a vengeance. This is no faded reunion or a band cashing in on former glories, Guttermouth are as good as ever and it’s good to have them back .

New Car Smell can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Guttermouth Stream ‘The Human Mulligan’ And Confirm US Tour

guttermouth-legal-ncsRude Records have announced the release of The Human Mulligan, the new single from Guttermouth, the track is taken from their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, that is due out on November 25th, New Car Smell will be released worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Guttermouth have also announced US tour dates that run from November 2016 to March 2017 where they will be touring with the likes of Get Dead, The Cryptics, Agent Orange, The Queers and Atom Age.

New Car Smell can be ordered on physical formats here and downloaded here

You can stream The Human Mulligan here and view Guttermouth‘s US tour dates below Read More…

Guttermouth – Mail Order Bride

guttermouthSouthern California punk rockers Guttermouth have premiered a new single.  The track is titled “Mail Order Bride” and is set to appear on their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, which is due out on November 25, 2016 via Rude Records.

Listen to the song below.

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Guttermouth Release Mail Order Bride

guttermouth-ncsRude Records is proud to announce the release of Mail Order Bride, the new single from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, off their upcoming EP New Car Smell which is due out on November 25th via Rude Records. Vocalist Mark Adkins had this this to say;

This hymn of soon to be biblical proportion is not just some fabrication stemming from my frontal lobe. Life lessons and especially lessons of love, good or bad, come in many forms. For me the only constant is failure. Too many heartaches to count, thus pushing me to try a dating system and it’s as easy as the click of a mouse, swipe of the card and poof!!! The girl or man of your dreams arrives at your home or place of business via UPS (Customs permitting.) Mail Order Bride is not a gender-biased song. Just change the lyrics from girl to boy and you too can have and hold your very own spouse by mail. Ladies and gentlemen give this song a listen and your lonely self a chance. Good luck!

You can stream Mail Order Bride here and pre-order New Car Smell here

Guttermouth Announce Release of ‘New Car Smell’ EP

guttermouth-ncsYou wait ten years and then you get two EP’s from Guttermouth in four months, Rude Records is proud to announce the release of New Car Smell, the new EP from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, due out on November 25th worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty pf controversy over the years. In other words, they are punk rock as it’s meant to be.

The first single from New Car Smell is now available for streaming here

New Car Smell can ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Guttermouth Release ‘Got It Made’ EP

Guttermouth GIMSouthern California punk rock veterans Guttermouth have officially released their Got It Made EP through Rude Records and Bird Attack Records. This is their first new material in ten years, Guttermouth have added a new chapter to their legacy as one of punk rock’s seminal acts. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty controversy over the years.

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Guttermouth GIM


Got It Made

Rude Records / Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4/5




Southern Californian punk rock stalwarts Guttermouth have finally got round to releasing some new material, Got It Made is their first release in a decade and it is due out on July 15th, the release of this long awaited EP is a collaboration between Rude Records and Bird Attack Records so the EP should be available in whatever country you’re reading this in. After so many years away have Guttermouth changed? have they mellowed? If you’re familiar with this band then you’ll already know the answer to that question and I can confirm they have remained true to themselves.

Opening track The Point is vintage Guttermouth, and to be blunt so is the rest of the EP, the questionable humour, profanity and full tilt punk rock have all remained firmly in place. The wonderfully infectious Freckles The Pony is a fine and frantic number, and is my personal favourite from Got It Made. The title track along with A Punk Rock Tale of Woe, Shitty Situation and Old Man are all solid tunes that carry Guttermouth‘s trademark style, and that is probably all Guttermouth‘s fans wanted to hear

Sometimes a legendary band returning from the wilderness can trigger the alarm bells, but you can switch off the alarms, Got It Made is as good as anything Guttermouth have previously released. If you have any fondness for any of Guttermouth‘s nine, yes nine, previous albums then you should order this EP as you won’t be disappointed, It’s like they’ve never been away.

Got It Made can be ordered from the usual sources, but it can also be ordered on cassette, CD and download here

Guttermouth – A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe

GuttermouthCalifornia punk act Guttermouth has premiered a song from their long awaited new EP.  The song is titled “A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe from their EP, Got it Made, which is due out on July 15, 2016 worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack records.

Listen to the song below.

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Guttermouth Announce Release of Got It Made EP

Guttermouth GIMRude Records have announced the release of Got it Made, the long-awaited new EP from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, due out on July 15th worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. This is their first new material in ten years and Guttermouth are poised to add a new chapter to their legacy. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty controversy over the years.

Want to have a taste of the new EP? The first single “I’ve Got It Made” is now available for streaming here. 

Guttermouth Announces New EP

GuttermouthCalifornia punk act Guttermouth has announced details for their long awaited new EP.  The EP will be titled Got it Made,and is due out on July 15, 2016 worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack records.

The new single, and title track, can be heard here.

Tours: Guttermouth / Blacklist Royals

GuttermouthLong running punk act Guttermouth has announced that they will be heading on tour with support from Blacklist Royals.

Full tour dates are below.

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Live Concert Review

Guttermouth / Six Percent / American Dischord

Live in Kansas City (04/03/14)

Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club




Guttermouth’s Kansas City show at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club on April 3rd was a Punk triumph.  All local opening acts, a tiny bar that had no idea what it was in for, and a $10 ticket price to see Punk legends – three factors that combined to make for an epic show. 

Kansas City staple, American Dischord a.k.a. AMDX, took the stage first and did a damn fine job of warming up the twenty or so people who had already made it inside for the 7pm start of that night’s early show.  A solid three-piece that shows clear influences of Anti-Flag and Rancid, American Dischord has a fun and somewhat goofy vibe during their live show that belies the Anti-Establishment message of their music.  They played fast and sweaty and made a spectacle of being a little chubby and playing shirtless just because, well, that’s fucking Punk.  And on top of that, they threw in a couple of covers – including a seriously stout rendition of, Maxwell Murder – complete with extra-long bass solo. 

I was happy.  This is a good band and they’re from KC.  The music is tight and the talent is there for these guys to go on to bigger things.  I may be biased as a Kansas Citian myself, but based on the show I saw that night, I think AMDX has the potential to take on a decent-sized tour as an opener very soon.  I’m proud of ‘em.

Now, Davey’s is a true dive bar and their live music area, though separate from the main bar area, is really no bigger than a modest living room/dining room combo found in any suburban household found all over the country.  In live music venue terms – tiny.  In Punk terms – perfect. Six Percent was second and is also a KC band, but their brand of ultra-sparkly, poppier than Reel Big Fish/The Hippos, Ska-Punk was an unfortunate mis-match for the show.  On top of that, though all are legitimately talented musicians, the seven members of Six Percent barely fit on Davey’s coffee table stage and couldn’t help but look like each member was rocking out in an imaginary phone booth during the whole show.  Also, they had a trombone player that looked just like Will Ferrell – which was awesome.


So, when Guttermouth took the stage, it was like everyone was in the front row (I was actually in the front row with my good friends Jason and Todd) while they marched through classic after classic.  The setlist was like a Guttermouth greatest hits compilation.  Bruce Lee vs. The Kiss Army, I’m Destroying the World, Chug-a-Lug Night, Mr. Barbecue, Chicken Box, Just a Fuck, Marco-Polo, and many, many, many others.  I wish I was able to grab a copy of it, but I didn’t see any…I think they had it memorized.    

They played for over two hours in total, and the whole time, its Mark chugging what looked like Jaeger shots out of a beer pitcher while he cracks all manner of jokes to and on the crowd – including one especially charismatic black man – and everyone around me is madly shouting lyrics they’ve known by heart since they were sixteen and the rest of the band is just eating up the good-natured insanity. 

It was fantastic and you should have been there.  When it was over and we were hi-fiving and taking pictures with the guys, we looked like we had been rained on from all the beer and whiskey being slung around and the sweat from the wild, but good-natured pit, but it was perfect.  Fans couldn’t have asked for a better show.

Guttermouth - Gusto



Epitaph Records

Rating: 3/5




Guttermouth, who consists of 4 members all from Orange County, California, have made a “zesty” album here. With songs which you will ever love or hate. They have master the art of making quick two or three minutes punk songs, all the time keeping a great senses of humor.  They open the album with Camp Fire Girl #62. This is a fairly good song. The song starts off a bit slower then most of the songs on the album, but then speeds up in the chorus. It has pretty good lyrics (And even though she’s an idiot, I get excited when I see her) and a excitant beat, overall this is a good song to open up the album, and makes way for my second favorite song, Scholarship In Punk. This was the very first song by Guttermouth I had ever heard, and it got me hooked right away. It is a fast paced song about hating high school, and the only good thing is “falling in love with a beautiful girl like you”.  It has catchy lyrics like: “You know I never liked high School” and “Some say I’m not too bright” which just crap your attention right away. It just a great punk rock song, fast paced, fast vocals, good riffs, overall an excellent song.

Gusto is the third song. This is yet another fairly quick song. With some aspects which remind me of a hill-billy song. Its a good song, with catchy lyrics, but it is nothing compared to Vacation. Vacation is one of my favorite songs on the album, it is a catchy song about just needing a vacation. It has a great guitar riff in the background for most of the song.

Contagious, the fifth song, I really do not like. The vocals are annoying, the beat repetitive (and not in a good way). It is just not a good song. But Pee In The Shower makes up for it.  This song is definitely my favorite on the album. Although the beat is slightly repetitive, I absolutely LOVE the lyrics. They are just so incredibly hilarious. I wont wreck the song by telling you them, but simply by the title you can get some of it. Walk Of Shame is one of Guttermouth’s better songs.  It is one of their fastest songs, with catchy lyrics, and you feel the need to listen to it once more after its done.

My Town, is another song which I dislike. It is like a hip-hop song, and I just cant find a way to enjoy it. Contribution is a decent song, but with nothing special. Foot Long is another one of my favorite songs. It once again has incredibly hilarious lyrics, as it is a song to honor their “foot long”. Looking Out For #1 is a good song, in some way it reminds me of a pirate song, don’t ask me why I say that, I just find that it does. The song is done well, and definitely worth a listen to. I’ll skip one song, and go to My Girlfriend, the 13th song. This is the best song of the final three, it has catchy lyrics and a absolutely amazing chorus.Twins is the previous song, and Lemon Water is the final song. I hate both of these. I feel that Guttermouth should’ve ended the album in a way better. Lemon Water starts off ok, but then like 95% of the song is just talking about what people eat at a restaurant.  Guttermouth backed out of this song, and ended the album awfully. Luckily, since its the last one, I can just skip it.

Guttermouth - Eat Your Face

Eat Your Face


Rating: 4/5




After two slightly lack luster albums, Guttermouth have returned to their old punk rock roots with their newest album Eat Your Face. With their last album, Gusto, the band experimented a lot. Trying new things like acoustic and electro things, just take a listen to the horrible track of Lemon Water and you’ll understand. Here, Guttermouth just play straight our punk rock.

Don’t get me wrong, the band is just as funny as ever. On Eat Your Face, they have songs about losing your hairpiece (Ocotopus Hairpiece), they insult each other (Wasted Lives), killing your neighbor’s baby (My Neighbor’s Baby), fighting for your rights to party and bare arms (NRAA), hot-dog-as-a-penis metaphor (Hot Dog To The Head), and of course the obvious I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno. The songs are all still humorous and quirky, but fly at you at a much quicker speed. The songs are harsher, quicker, shorter, and faster then before. Musically, they don’t do much to expand your knowledge, but they tried that with Gusto and failed, so it’s good that they just stick to their old roots.

Guttermouth‘s Eat your Face gives a much needed kick to the saturated punk scene. The songs are fast, good old fashion punk rock, which is nice to hear. It doesn’t get boring, I’ve listened to it maybe 20 times over the past 2 days and am still enjoying it. You find yourself singing along with certain parts of the songs, although a lot of the time you need the booklet to help lead the way. Guttermouth have made an album here that is sure to piss people off, but that is their intention. Just take a look at the chorus from The Next Faux Mohican, “Some people come here to take a crap, I come here to leave one!

Tours: Guttermouth / Reverend Horton Heat

GuttermouthGuttermouth will be joining Reverend Horton Heat for a short tour in February and March.

The dates are below.

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Guttermouth - Live At The House Of Blues (The Show Must Go Off) [DVD]


Live At The House Of Blues (The Show Must Go Off) [DVD]

Kung Fu Records

Rating: 3/5




Kung Fu Records is back with their sixth installment in their “Show Must Go Off” series and are desperately needing a comeback from their less then semi-good release, “Neil Hamburger: Live At The Phoenix Greyhound Park”. Guttermouth helps them get that needed push back into the swing of things with this DVD/CD (or CD/DVD combo depending on what packaging you prefer) combo.

This is the first time in the series that the good people at Kung Fu have supplied the fans with a CD format copy of the show. The CD itself has one extra track then the DVD does because the song (“A Perfect World”) had to be removed from the DVD because of a outrageous fan on the stage. The fact that is comes with a CD is really helpful for it makes it so you have one more option to hear the performance. This way you can listen to it a lot more often if you really enjoy it.

The show itself is quite good. The band puts on a very good energizing show which was well received by their home-town fans. Additionally, it was Clint (the guitarist)’s last show in the band, so this is a nice little memory for him and the fans. The vocalist (of which I currently forget his name), is constantly full of energy and is bouncing around the stage, singing and crowd surfing.

One thing which I found slightly annoying was the places where the cameras where placed. Most of them were up high and showed a view of the performance from a height pointing down. This does give you a better feel of the overall performance and a good view of the whole stage, but there is a less intimidate feel to it as there are less close-ups and is just from more of a distance then the series normally has.

Overall, the DVD is pretty good. A nice live performance backed up with some good bonus features like band commentary, 20some pictures and some fine dining with the band. Plus, the live CD is a nice added bonus.

Guttermouth – Pity (Bad Religion Cover)

Guttermouth has posted a new track as part of their contribution to Myspace and SPIN’s upcoming Bad Religion tribute album.  The track is “Pity,” and is the first known inclusion from 1982’s How Could Hell Be Any Worse.  The soon to be released cover album, Germs Of Perfection, set to be available as a free download on October 19, 2010.  The cover also marks the first new recording from Guttermouth since 2006’s Shave The Planet.

Listen tot he track here.