The Shell Corporation Announces New Album

Shell CorporationCalifornia’s skate punk act The Shell Corporation has announced that they will be releasing their next album on March 2, 2018 through La Escalera Records (U.S.) and Gunner Records (Europe). You can pre-order the record here.   The album follows their Paper + Plastick Records sophomore album, Mandrake, released back in 2014.

Pre-orders can be made here.

Sciatic Nerve Streams Debut LP

Flight13_LP_coverCalifornia-punks Sciatic Nerve, who feature members of Swingin’ UttersNothingtonWestern Addiction and Cobra Skulls, have premiered a full stream of their debut self-titled album, which drops today via Gunner Records in the UK and Europe. The album is packed full of minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy, and low on bullshit.

Listen to the album here courtesy New Noise Magazine.  Sciatic Nerve‘s self titled album can be pre -ordered via Gunner Records here


Sciatic Nerve Release ‘Bright Lights’ Video

Flight13_LP_coverCalifornia-punks Sciatic Nerve, who feature members of Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, have shared the new video for Bright Lights. The new single taken from their debut self-titled album, that is due out on the 13th October through Gunner Records in the UK and Europe. The album is packed full of minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy, and low on bullshit.

Sciatic Nerve‘s self titled album can be pre -ordered via Gunner Records here

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Static Nerve Announce Debut Album; Stream First Track

Static NerveHardcore band Static Nerve has premiered a music video for a song sharing the band’s namesake.  The band consists of members from Swingin’ UttersNothingtonWestern Addiction and Cobra Skulls.  Their self titled debut album is set to drop on October 13, 2017 via Gunner Records.  Vocalist Chris Matulich comments on the video:

“I think the idea behind a song like this is just to set the pace and throw back to old punk, like when the Ramones would have a song with only a couple of lyrics.  A lot of people won’t get it, but that’s fine.”  

Watch the video below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Brutal Youth’s ‘Sanguine’ LP Gets European Vinyl Release

BrutalYouth-Sanguine_12InJacket.inddBrutal Youth have now been with us for almost seven years, in the time that has elapsed since their formation they have recorded three full length albums and toured the length and breadth of the North American continent, and even made a few excursions into Europe. The Canadian hardcore punks released their third full length, that carries their trademark energetic, raw, honest, heart on sleeve punk rock spirit, last year in the US and Canada, now their third album, Sanguine, is finally available in Europe via Gunnar Records.

The Punk Site Review of Sanguine can be read here

Sanguine can now be ordered in Europe via Gunnar Records here

Worst Days Down To Release Debut Album ‘Elsewhere’

Worst Days Down ElsewhereWorst Days Down is punk rock band based in Canada that started life in 2011 as the solo acoustic project of vocalist and guitarist Ben Sir, now, with the forthcoming release of their debut album Elsewhere, and the backing of Gunner Records, the band stands poised to further their reach and impact, their goal has always remained constant, to get out into the world, and see how it shapes their experiences and music. Elsewhere is due to be released on March 3rd, 2017 and Worst Days Down will be touring extensively in support of the album

Elsewhere can be pre-ordered via Worst Days Down Bandcamp here

Worst Days Down website can be found here

Tours: PEARS / Red City Radio (Europe)

PearsRagged New Orleans punk group PEARS has announce a series of UK tour dates serving as support for Red City Radio.  The band is currently supporting the European release of their debut full length, Go To Prison, set for release on Gunner Records on January 30, 2015.

Dates can be found below.

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John Allen

John Allen


Gunner Records

Rating: 3.5/5




As a rule of thumb, acoustic folk-punk artists either “get it” or don’t.  Chuck Ragan?  Gets it.  Kevin Seconds?  Doesn’t get it.  Dave Hause?  Gets it.  Tim Barry? (in this reviewer’s opinion) Not so much.  And so on – either you love ‘em or hate ‘em, there is seldom a middle ground.  With such a fickle audience, it’s a tough gig to break into, and an even tougher one to thrive under.  

Germany’s John Allen won’t be on many people’s radar just yet, but this tattoo-touting throaty troubadour is in the inaugural stages of making waves in Europe.  After an extended stretch of supporting dates alongside Frank Turner, Allen is giving it his all in a clear attempt to take centre stage with his all new full length, Sophomore.  A thoughtful ten-song disc that sees Allen wear his heart on his sleeve in much the vein of Turner and many of his peers, Sophomore will catch first time listeners off guard with its high level of authenticity.

Sophomore reveals a glowing personality that shines through in John Allen‘s very communicative lyrical style.  Channeling a vocal combination Leonard Cohen, Rick Steff (Lucero), and Robin Grey (bonus points if you know this guy), there’s a sort of past meets present feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on, but that will invariably appeal to the modern acoustic crowd mentioned above.  In his strongest moments, Allen looks inward for inspiration, resulting in a deeply personal but openly relatable set of songs much in the same vein of Frank Turner’s breakout work in Love, Song & Ire.  For instance, “New Years Eve” opens Sophomore with a forward looking retrospect that anyone who has ever set a resolution that they knew they could not keep can relate to.   “One more new beginning, closer to my dissolution… maybe this will be my year,” sings Allen in the type of against-all-odds optimism that would make even the steepest cliffs seem traversable.  

Allen is at his best when sripped down with his six-string and looking inward.  His magical combination seems to be a cocktail of a steadily strummed acoustic guitar, intermittent violin strokes and a modest but playful tempo (along with an occasional piano).  The ramblers’ anthem, “Home,” quickly takes Sophomore’s crown, melding the aforementioned formula with a soaring late-song bridge and a purposeful guest spot from Frank Turner (do you see the theme developing here?).  Like minded tunes “Freedom,” “Lessons I Have Learned,” and “It’s Raining Every Day” communicate a similarly raw interpretation of humanity with a hopeful instrumental bop that takes avvantage of the disc’s instrumental breadth.  Later, Allen tries his hand at an eloquent piano ballad in “Blood Brothers” and “Famous Last Words” with encouragingly emotive results.

Sophomore isn’t without a few forgivable hiccups though.  The least successful tracks lean to the rock n’ roll side of things in the vein of The Gaslight Anthem.  “Rock N’ Roll Romeos” attempts to emulate a rough and tough bar-band vibe, but the broken-heart dreamer doesn’t quite jive with the accompanying face-value narration.  Likewise, “Springtime’s” repetitious and cyclical lyrics struggle to gain traction due to a few shallow, lackluster lines like “can someone help me, I am falling… can’t someone tell me what to do.”  Sophomore’s minor blips may not have been as noticeable if the rest of the disc wasn’t substantially deeper.

But by and large, Sophomore shines a deserving spotlight on John Allen’s commendable talents.  He’s not the type of artist foreigners would typically associated with the German music scene.  Rather Allen has more in common with those singer/songwriters that make the annual pilgrimage to Gainesville, Florida for that crazy weekend of mostly American punk-rock known as THE FEST.  Such a scenario bodes well for Allen expanding his reach well beyond his country’s borders and into the hearts and minds of a global audience.

Pears Announce European Tour + Euro Release Of ‘Go To Prison’

PearsNew Orleans hardcore band Pears have announced that their debut full length, Go To Prison, will get an official European release on January 30th via Gunner Records. The band will also be joining Oklahama’s Red City Radio for a UK and Euro tour next year.

Check out the list of announced tour dates, and Pears’ video for Breakfast, below.

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Oels By Nature

Owls By Nature

The Forgotten And The Brave

Gunner Records

Rating: 3/5




Edmonton, Alberta’s Owls By Nature have done what few Canadian folk-rock artists manage in the infancy of their careers: getting noticed and signed by labels far beyond their borders.  In this case, UK independent label Gunner Records picked up on the burgeoning quintet and is pushing harder than any domestic force at getting these prairie boys noticed, and with good reason.  The band’s sophomore full length, The Forgotten And The Brave, shines as an eloquent mixture of accessible grassroots melodies sure to find a quick audience in fans of The Gaslight Anthem and Bruce Springsteen.

The band’s key selling feature is their knack for smooth, calming yet emotive tunage.  Ian McIntosh’s earthy vocals pair the expressive nature of Franz Nicolay with that of Brian Fallon’s worldly rasp.  The result is a clean mixture that gets caught up in the moment like an audience at an intimate live show.  Between the hum of the organ, trotting county-rock tempo and studio recorded handclaps, tracks like “Little Birds” offer up a natural rhythmic groove that’s very easy fall into.  Much of The Forgotten And The Brave is how The Arkells may have sounded like if they had grown up on the prairies rather than back east.  In this way the choruses of tracks like “Darkness” aim big without coming across overbearing.

Also of note, Owls By Nature aren’t afraid to name-drop the Canadian countryside like a Massachusetts band beaming about Boston.  Whether it’s talking about Torontonian night life (“Dancing Girl”) or life on the great plains (“Oh Alberta”), the band isn’t afraid to connect with their countrymen without feeling forced (which has always been a personal barrier with “Canadian” bands like The Tragically Hip).

The Forgotten And The Brave is a uniquely listenable affair.  On the one hand, Owls By Nature aren’t pushing any boundaries on the ground they tread, but on the other, the disc’s unspoken charm should connect and convince listeners to revisit the songs on repeat occasions.  There’s still work to be done – for instance, the album lacks a true lead single with the same breakout high of their influences – but it’s a great overall effort.  Owls By Nature are likely just scratching the surface of their talents, but those fortunate enough to be joining the game at this stage will inevitably look forward to following the band’s future endeavors.

Auxes Date And Detail New Record

AuxesHamburg, Germany indie punk outfit Auxes has released details for their upcoming fourth full length.  The album will be titled, Boys In My Head, and will be released on November 24, 2014 in the UK via Gunner Records.  Auxes is Dave Laney (Milemarke, Challenger),Florian Brandel (Kommando Sonne-nmilch, Airpeople) and Manuel Wirtz (Honigbomber, Die Charts).

Pre-orders can be made here.

Owls By Nature Detail New Album

music-owls-by-natureEdmonton, AB alt-folk rock outfit Owls By Nature have released details of their new full length, The Forgotton And The Brave. The record is due for release on Nov 14th via Gunner Records (UK) digitally and on CD and limited edition vinyl. The Forgotten and the Brave represents the band’s first new material since 2012’s Everything is Hunted. 

Check out the track list and cover art below.

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Perdition Joins Gunner Records

Ft. Worth, TX  four piece punk act, Perdition has joined Europe’s Gunner Records as it’s oversea counterpart to US-based Dang!Records.  The band is currently aiming to release their recent debut, Hispaniola in Europe this fall, the same year as it’s stateside release.

Perdition recently announced that they will be joining The Fest 11.