Green Day Release ‘God’s Favorite Band’ Greatest Hits LP

Green Day GFBGreen Day have released God’s Favorite Band, their first greatest hits album since 2001’s International Superhits. God’s Favorite Band spans over three decades and contains twenty of their hit singles, the album also includes two new songs, Ordinary World (featuring Miranda Lambert) and Back In The USA. Green Day have also released a video for Back In The USA that is inspired by the classic John Carpenter movie, They Live.

God’s Favorite Band can be purchased and streamed here

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Culture Abuse Sign To Epitaph Records

Culture Abuse Aug UK TourEpitaph Records have signed Culture Abuse and have now released the band’s new single, So Busted, a rock and roll love song. Culture Abuse released their incredible debut album, Peach, in late 2016 on 6131 Records. Peach is an eclectic album that sees the band lean full tilt into garage punk, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. This refreshingly try-anything approach to songwriting makes for an unpredictable listen that is simultaneously cohesive, a testament to Culture Abuse‘s ability to wrestle disparate styles into something all their own. With their music and fun-first approach Culture Abuse just wants to spread their message of being free, enjoying life, and sharing love. Culture Abuse will tour the UK and EU this summer, including headline dates, festival appearances, four dates with Tigers Jaw and performing at Hyde Park on July 1 with Green Day and Rancid
You can view Culture’s Abuse‘s tour dates, and the lyric video for So Busted, below

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Green Day Feb 17

Green Day / The Interrupters

Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK

6th February 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




I’m not usually a fan of arena concerts, I tend to find they lack they the atmosphere and intimacy of the small to mid sized venues, add to this that these enormous venues aren’t usually designed for live music, they are better suited to Disney on ice or sports events, along with the inflated bar and merchandise prices and the ridiculous queues for absolutely everything, you potentially have a recipe for a disappointing and expensive evening. But I must make it clear that I’m in no way blaming the bands for this state of affairs, there is no way that Green Day could appear at any other venue in Manchester and play to everyone that wanted to see them, and on the basis of tonight’s crowd I’d guess there were still a fair few disappointed fans, so the choice is to simply to put up with the downside of these shows, or stay at home, and as I’ve missed the last few tours by Green Day I’m taking the former option.

Green Day are touring in support of, Revolution Radio, their twelfth studio album, and a release that has marked something of a return to form for the band, this epic tour is covering three continents, countless countries and tonight is the penultimate night of the first European leg of the tour, one that has covered pretty much all of Western Europe, and for me there is a added attraction to this section of the tour as Green Day are accompanied by The Interrupters, a band I’ve wanted to catch live ever since I heard their triumphant sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, that for me was one of the best albums to be released in 2016. As it’s an early start for their set the only sensible option is to brave the rush hour traffic, and the typically damp Mancunian weather, and head down to the Manchester Arena to ensure I catch them.

There is a fine selection of well chosen tunes covering the last forty years of punk belting out in the arena, everything from seventies UK punk acts such as The Clash and Elvis Costello, through to harder edged American acts such as Bad Religion, which marks a promising start to the evening prior to the opening set by The Interrupters. The three Bivona brothers that make up three quarters of the band, who are clad in matching monochrome outfits, and vocalist Aimee Interrupter take to the stage, whilst the arena is nowhere near full, a healthy crowd has had the good sense to turn up early to catch tonight’s support act. From the opening number, A Friend Like Me, it’s clear that The Interrupters are going to make a lot of friends tonight, the sound is perfect for their set and their enthusiasm and energy shines out from the opening chords.

Despite not having played venues of this size before The Interrupters seem at home on the cavernous stage, their set is a riotous high energy snapshot of their career to date, with a few well chosen covers thrown in, Too Much Pressure by The Selecter and Operation Ivy‘s Sound System, that highlight their influences. My personal highlights from the set were By My Side, She Got Arrested and Media Sensation, all of which appeared on last years stunning sophomore album, Say It Out Loud. The Interrupters capture the spirit of the original two tone movement like no other band that I’ve encountered, the hyperactive quartet swiftly garner an enthusiastic reception from the Green Day faithful with their short set of ska infused punk, a set that for me is all too brief, as this is a band that you need to see live if you get the chance.

The Manchester Arena is packed by the time Green Day are due take to the stage, after the welcome of selection of punk tunes the epic Queen single Bohemian Rhapsody emerges from the PA, and it receives a response from the crowd that is straight out of Wayne’s World, this was followed by the Ramones classic Bliztkrieg Bop, which is accompanied, for some reason, by a cheerleading drunken pink bunny, that I strongly suspect was Tre Cool, warming the crowd up, before the ominous strains of Ennio Morricone‘s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly ring out indicating that Green Day‘s arrival is now imminent. I’ve previously seen Green Day at this venue, back on the Warning tour, a tour which was marred by many of the pitfalls I highlighted earlier, any concerns I may have had about history repeating itself were swiftly laid to rest by Green Day.

Green Day open with a rousing Know Your Enemy, with Billie Joe Armstrong engaging the crowd from the off, these days Green Day are augmented by three additional musicians, providing additional guitars and vocals, and in the case of Jason Freese pretty much everything else, there are impressive pyrotechnics, that I can feel the heat from from my stage right position, circle pits appear early in the set and there are rabble rousing speeches for freedom, and of course against the baffling election of Donald Trump. The set covers much of Green Day‘s three decades and twelve studio albums, although much of it is drawn from the classic albums Dookie and American Idiot, and of course their latest album, Revolution Radio, but it includes material from the majority of their releases, including a few numbers from their 1991 sophomore album, Kerpunk.

It was pleasing to hear Billie Joe Armstrong make a plea for people to stop filming the concert, not for copyright or ego reasons but encouraging people to live in the moment rather than filming it, a sentiment I wholeheartedly endorse, there was a brief reduction following this appeal, but it was sadly shortlived. Their set veers between the epic numbers, that are designed for arenas, and their upbeat punker material, and even a rather self indulgent extended medley that was comprised of King For A Day and compositions by George Michael, Lulu, Monty Python, The Undertones, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, whilst this might indicate a shift away from Punk, their decision to include a cover of Operation Ivy‘s Knowledge in their set, the second time this influential band has been covered tonight, indicates they are not as far removed as some would have you believe.

For their first encore they return with two tracks from what is regarded by many, myself included, as their best album, American Idiot, the title track from that LP and Jesus Of Suburbia are riotously received, before Billie Joe Armstrong returns on his own for a final downbeat acoustic encore. Green Day played an impressive two and a half hour set, they were so good tonight I almost forgot how much I dislike the Manchester Arena, and there is no higher praise I can think of. This was at it’s heart a rock show, but Green Day have retained enough of their roots to make it a punk rock show. I leave the arena to further vintage punk strains and the inevitably huge queues. By the time I actually exit the venue half the stage has already been dismantled by a small army of roadies, and when I eventually step outside, and finally get to have a cigarette, the roads surrounding the venue are flooded with a sweaty and delirious horde who are slowly making their way home in the chilly Manchester night.

Everything about tonight’s show, apart from the venue, was perfect, from the pre show music and The Interrupters flawless opening set onwards, throughout their set Green Day had the capacity crowd in the palm of the hands, from the opening chords of Know Your Enemy through to the delicate closing chords of the inevitable final encore, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). I got the impression that this is a band that is still loving playing live, and importantly they are a band that still believes that rock n’ roll still has the capacity to change the world for the better. Green Day have kept there political rage, if anything it’s even more prominent now following recent unfortunate developments in US politics, yes they can be a little self indulgent in places, but what’s the point of playing an arena show if you can’t have fun with it?

Green Day will be returning to Europe later this year, as well as further legs that will cover Oceania and North America, and on the basis of tonight’s show this is a tour that you really don’t want to miss.

Tre Cool visited Manchester’s Cat Café whilst he was in the city, you can read about his visit here 

The Punk Site review of The Interrupters 2016 album, Say It Out Loud, can be found here

The Interrupters website can be located here

Green Day‘s official website can be found here

The Interrupters Confirm UK Tour Dates

Interrupters SIOLHot on the heels of the release of their sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, that was produced by Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong and released in July 2016 on Hellcat Records, LA based ska-punk quartet  The Interrupters have announced a run of UK headline shows following their prestigious support to Green Day on their arena tour in February

The Punk Site review of Say It Out Loud can be read here

You can view the video for By My Side, and the UK tour dates, below Read More…

Louise Distras Releases ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ Video

louise-distras-nice-guys-dec-17British firebrand singer songwriter Louise Distras pays homage to punk legends Green Day in a new video covering their 1997 hit, Nice Guys Finish Last. The track was originally recorded and released as part of Kerrang Magazine’s American Superhits CD. Louise Distras has just completed a tour across mainland Europe in support of her latest single, Aileen, don’t miss your chance to see her live in London this Friday 16 December at the Camden Rocks Xmas Party at Nambucca.

You can order Aileen, and Louise Distras’ debut album, Dreams From The Factory Floor, here

You can view the video for Nice Guys Finish Last below Read More…

Louise Distras On Kerrang! 30th Birthday Tribute To Green Day LP

k-green-day-dec-16British firebrand singer songwriter Louise Distras is a part of Kerrang! Magazine’s 30th birthday tribute album to Green Day. American Superhits is out today and available with this weeks issue of Kerrang! Louise Distras had this to say about her appearance on American Superhits

I chose ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ because it’s one of my favourite tracks from ‘Nimrod’. It’s a classic Green Day track that got me through being bullied at high school, so me and my band decided to keep our cover original and fun. Green Day’s music is a big inspiration to me and I’m honoured to be a part of their 30th birthday tribute!

The CD also features Waterparks, Roam, Beach Slang, Andy Black,  As It Is, Hellions, Milk Teeth, Puppy, The Interrupters, The Xcerts, Candy Hearts, With Confidence and Twin Atlantic

Billie Joe Armstrong And Norah Jones Premiere New Music

In advance of the the release of their new album, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have released  new music from their forthcoming project, Foreverly, which will be released on November 25. 

Newly released track Silver Haired Daddy of Mine is currently streaming via Rolling Stone. You can listen to the track here. 

In addition, the duo have released a lyric video for Long Time Gone, which can be viewed below. 

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Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) & Norah Jones Do Covers Album

Billie Joe Armstrong - ForeverlyGreen Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and jazz songwriter Norah Jones have teamed up to record a collection of cover songs. Foreverly was inspired by The Everly Brothers’ 1958 covers album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. 

Billie Joe and Norah, as they are dubbed on the album, have joined forces to create a reinterpretation of the Americana collection, essentially recording a covers album of a covers album. The classic country sound will see the duo leaning more toward Jones style of music than that of Armstrong. Armstrong discussed the project saying:

“I’ve been a big fan of The Everly Brothers since I was a little boy. A couple of years ago, I discovered Songs Our Daddy Taught Us for the first time, and I fell in love with it. I was playing it every day and thought it would be a cool idea to re-do the record, but with a female singer. I thought of Norah because she can sing anything, from rock to jazz to blues, and I knew her harmonies would be amazing. I thought the songs would take on a different meaning working with her, and she has a really good ear for arrangements. I was mainly intrigued by these old traditional, country songs, and hymns. When we were done with the album, Norah looked at me and said, ‘I bet you didn’t think you were going to make a country record, huh?'”

The album will be released by Reprise Records on November 25th. You can preorder the release and stream the first single Long Time Gone here

The Network - Money Money 2020

The Network

Money Money 2020

Reprise Records / Adeline Records

Rating: 3/5




Now here’s a publicity stunt for you. Take a famous band, dress them up in costumes, give them funny names, and make a brand new band. Then sign them to the lead singer’s record label and spread a rumor about the band saying that they are in fact the members of the aforementioned famous band. Then, issue press release after press release denying that the new band is in anyway connected to the big name band. Right there you will get a huge boost in sales.

That’s what Adeline Records did with The Network. Although there is no solid proof that they are in fact the members of Green Day in disguise, it’s pretty common knowledge that they are. But that’s only 3 of the 5 members in the new wave punk band; who are the other two? While there’s no proof for that either, it is rumored that they are various members of Devo.

But enough about he press stunts and the members, what about the music? Well, the vocals are distinguishably Billie Joe’s alternating with another set of vocals which I can’t point out, I believe it’s one of the members of Devo. The music is comprised of random punk riffs, synthesizers and keyboards topped off with punk rock vocals and catchy drum rolls. None of the songs sound the same as the last, but they are able to keep a constant flow to it which makes it easy to listen to.

The only downside of Money Money 2020, is that it doesn’t come with the lyrics, and you can’t find them anywhere on the internet. Luckily, the vocals are clear and catchy enough for you to get the choruses for most of the songs.

From the Misfits cover song of Teenagers From Mars, to the talking Spike, to the more punk rockish Right Hand-A-RamaThe Network is something you probably haven’t heard much before, and it’s definitely a long step away from Green Day. It is a good album, and will hopefully open up the doors for more new-wave bands to break through. If I were you, I’d try to get a copy of the Adeline Records release of this rather then the Reprise because I’ve heard that one comes with a bonus DVD. But even if you can’t get that, get Money Money 2020 anyway.

Green Day Adds Two More Dates To Schedule

Green DayGreen Day has announced two new U.S. live dates to their recently rescheduled tour, including stops in Berkeley, CA on April 16th (on-sale 2/15 at 12:00pm local time) and Los Angeles, CA on April 18th (on-sale 2/22 at 10:00a local time). 

The band’s entire touring schedule, including stops in Europe and the UK can be seen below.

They are support their series of albums, Uno, Dos, Tres.

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Green Day - Uno

Green Day


Warner Music

Rating: 3.5/5




Firstly, let me start off by saying that this band is the first “punk” band I ever listened to. My parents bought me American Idiot when it was released in 2004, when I was 10 years old and I have fond memories of listening to it night after night for hours on end when I came home from school. It’s not classed as a “cool” album to like, and I’ll probably lose a lot of hipster internet points for even admitting that I still own it, but whatever, that album shaped my taste in music as it is today. Imagine my excitement when I heard that in 2012, my favourite band between 2004 and 2006 was releasing not one, but three albums. That surely had to make up for 21st Century Breakdown, right? Not exactly.

Littered with generic similes and forced rhyming, “Nuclear Family” is a track that I probably shouldn’t like, but fuck it, I do. It’s the Green Day that my 10 year old self knows and loves and it’s a pretty strong start to a trilogy of albums that admittedly I was probably a little bit too excited about. Whilst it’s not anything revolutionary, the catchy 3:00 minute track, with it’s raw vocals, faint token “whoa ohs” and steady drum beat, only needs one play to firmly implant itself into your brain. If you’re still not convinced, there’s even a little lesson ala Billie Joe Armstrong about counting backwards from 10 to finish off on, lovely eh?

“Let Yourself Go” is the go to track if you’re looking for a punchy punk rock anthem that keeps true to form, whilst it could quite easily be a reject from 2004’s American Idiot, the catchy sing-along chorus and Armstrong’s gravelly vocals cruelly gives me hope that ¡Uno! is going to steadily improve, and whilst I end up being sorely disappointed nearing the end, ¡Uno! closes with my favourite track, and unbelievably, it’s one I absolutely hated it to begin with. Anyone that knows me knows my vendetta against boring, repetitive songs but “Oh Love” got into my head like a parasite when it was released as a single and it still hasn’t left. It has an old American Rock ‘n Roll feel to it, and Armstrong’s guitar work is certainly something to be admired. Lyrically, like the vast majority of the album, nothing really stands out to me but Armstrong’s pained vocals make it believable, and it’s only at this point that I realise just how much better his harmonies have gotten over the years.

Here’s where my criticisms start, and quite frankly, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not that ¡Uno! is a bad album, but it’s just a haphazard combination of American Idiot/21st Century Breakdownclippings and direct rips of other and better tracks that I can’t bring myself to enjoy at all. “Kill The DJ” may as well be The Clash’s “The Magnificent Seven” which would be forgivable (what with The Clash being one of my all time favourite bands and all) if the lyrics weren’t so God awful. I get the feeling that the effort Green Day have put in to producing a trilogy of albums has ultimately backfired. Instead of putting out one high quality album, ¡Uno! is instead merely littered with needless profanity to fill spaces in tracks, and there’s very little creativity from a musical perspective. It feels lazy and anyone that was to listen to the first three bars of almost every song on this album with no prior knowledge of it would instantly be able to recognise it as a Green Day song, and since this is a band I’ve grown up with and a band that I will always have a soft spot for, normally I’d say that I’m okay with that. But I’m not. There are so many great up and coming bands out there, so many that cite Green Day as an influence and I get the feeling that they haven’t tried at all with this album, that they can’t be arsed anymore and that they have no desire to continue to inspire like they used to and quite frankly, I don’t think I’ll bother with the following two.

I think it would be fair to say that ¡Uno! isn’t made up of many, if any, “stand out” tracks. The likes of “Stay The Night” and “Loss of Control” carry themselves with the same melody as those before and after, the same lack of lyrical depth and lack of conviction, which really does lead me to question whether Green Day really are past it now. There’s very little to comment on Green Day’s musicianship, with Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Jason White (yes, that ever elusive but existent unofficial member) dragging their trusty three chords back for another round. Yes, it’s true that there’s room for improvement with another two instalments of this trilogy yet to grace us, but all I can say is don’t get your hopes up.

Green Day - Nobody LIkes You

Green Day

Nobody Likes You (Book) by Marc Spitz

Hypherion Books

Rating: 2.5/5




Nobody Likes You is, in short, an quick look at the ups and downs of Bay Area’s punk trio, Green Day. But in a way it’s more than that too. Spitz takes you from their formation as Sweet Children all the way to the release of their recent best seller, American Idiot through the eyes of the trio and friends who were around with them.

It’s the story of a high school drop out finding peace at 924 Gilman Street. It’s about him finding friends, smoking pot and forming a band to play at 924 Gilman. It’s about them recording some CDs, signing to a major, getting kicked out of 924 Gilman and moving into arenas only to fall back into the smaller venues later in their career. It’s an in depth look at the ups of the band, and sadly, just a small glimpse at the lower points of their career as Spitz recounts the events through a collection of interviews with the likes of family members, Jello Biafra, Rob Cavallo, Jason Livermore, Fat Mike, Jesse Michaels, Tim Armstrong and my favorite appearance: Aubin Paul.

But at the same time that Spitz shines with his studies, he also hits a few blunders as well. Considering the fact that the book is about Green Day, the band themselves have a relatively small amount of quotes attributed to them. Hell, I don’t remember him quoting Tre Cool or Mike Dirnt once all book, instead just quotes from front man Billie Joe Armstrong from the interview he did in 2005 with Spin and a few random older interviews too.

This seems to be a trend in most of the book, as Armstrong is the main focus for most of the history lesson. Spitz, at times, is in awe of the songwriter, over glorifying him and comparing him to some greats. Like Armstrong being the focus of the book, this over glorying also becomes somewhat persistent in the 200+ pages. While I love Green Day, at times the book just seems way too arrogant – especially considering the fact they just skip over the parts where the band wasn’t selling as many records. For me, it’s just a bit much at times, i mean, he just throws in a seemingly random paragraph claiming American Idiot woke up a nine year old in a coma. It was both rather obnoxious and had no real place in the section.

Nevertheless, Nobody Likes You is an interesting read, but it’s just that. It’s far from a “must read” – even for the most hardcore Green Day fan. The best part of it was looking at the Bay Area punk scene and Gilman Street, and how that effected Armstrong and the future of Green Day, but it’s still not a must read. I would still recommend So This Is Reading? by Tripp Underwood instead if you wanted a real in depth look at the life of a band, written by the band itself. Nobody Likes You may have some well researched interviews, but very few with the band itself – and really, when telling a biography they are the ones who would have the best insight.

Green Day - Bullet In A Bible

Green Day

Bullet In A Bible

Warner Music

Rating: 4.5/5




Since September 21st 2004,Green Day has been a non stop rock onslaught, riding the waves of the multi-platinum American Idiot and all it’s popular singles. They’ve toured the world, blowing everyone away and reminding them of why Green Day are on the top of the charts at the moment. But out of the hundreds of shows they’ve played this past year, their two biggest shows came on June 11th and 12th of 2005 at London’s Milton Keynes National Bowl where they played for a combined total of 130,000 people (65,000 each night). And what better way to document the band’s largest live show in their career than with a live DVD?

And essentially, that’s what Bullet In A Bible is. A selection of songs from the two sold out nights in London placed together in both CD and DVD format, but in reality, Bullet In A Bible is so much more than just that.

First and foremost, out of all the live DVDs that have been spat out these past few years, Bullet In A Bible is easily the best one – both sonically and visually. Director Samuel Bayer really captured the monumental performance and brought it together into one giant visual explosion. Not only is the image crystal clear, but Bayer has added tons of effects and used countless angles to give the DVD the best possible feel. They have tons of various angles, close up of the bands, crowd views, stage views and even helicopter views. They cut in and out effortlessly, even switching from black and white to bright shimmering color without being obtrusive or disconnecting. Every little effect Bayer added made the DVD more complete and the incredibly magnitude of the band’s performance added to it even more. The fact that it’s an outside venue gave them even more freedom, adding more pyro then I’ve ever seen and even ended the set off with a fantastic fireworks display. Sonically, it’s clear that Green Day had a major label funding the recording because it too is so crisp and clear. You can hear everything, even the crowd’s comments and chants, perfectly. This helps the CD portion of this become more real than most live CDs.

On top of all of that, spliced in between all the songs are exclusive interviews with the band members and their fans. This gives the loyal fan more of an insight into the band and their opinions; and while it would’ve been nice to hear Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt talk a bit more, the interviews are interesting and actually add to the enjoyment of the film.

But still, the reason Bullet In A Bible gets a perfect score is because this not only documents these two shows, but the last year’s worth of shows. I know that I, personally, will never ever forget seeing Billie Joe Armstrong walk down the pedway at Rexall Place doused in four glowing spotlights and strumming the opening chords to Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), and this just reinforces it. So if you were lucky enough to be one of the 130,000 people at Milton Keynes back in June or if you, like me, where blown away by the band anytime in the past year, then this DVD is for you. Even if you don’t buy it, borrow it from a friend and watch it, just make sure to see it, because it deserves to be seen.


Green Day - American Idiot

Green Day

American Idiot

Warner Music

Rating: 4/5




By now everyone in the punk community has heard of Green Day‘s new album, American Idiot, and most of those have already bought the album. The self-proclaimed “punk-rock opera” is definitely not like any Green Day album before hand; but it’s still a damn good CD. With most Green Day CDs in the past, you could take it out, pop-it in your CD player, press random and let it fly. Each song was strong enough to be a single and keep you entertained. There was no order it had to be in, you could just listen to each song and they stood out. Now enters American Idiot. And, excluding a few tracks on the CD, its not full of songs you can just give a spin. It is a complete album. Telling a story of a character during all his trials and tribulations of life leading up to his suicide. And as I said before, it’s a damn good CD.

The album opens up with the CD-titled track, American Idiot, which has been tearing up the charts. A quick, catchy, politically-angst power punk song that kicks the album into high gear right away. Next up is the five part Jesus Of Suburbia, which introduces the character of the punk rock opera. The nine minute, eight second track’s five separate sections each has their specific sound, making them feel like separate songs but keeping it flow easily. But that’s only one of the many differences in this album compared to the band’s previous catalogues. They have slower songs like Wake Me Up When September Ends, Give Me Novocain, and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. But then contrasting them are rip-roaring fast ones like American Idiot, St. Jimmy, and She’s A Rebel. They even have a very sing along song with Are We The Waiting; where you can’t help but chant along with Billie Joe has he sings “Are We, We Are The Waiting” over and over again.

This “punk rock album” is a great album. But you can’t chop it up and listen to it track by track like you used to be able to do with Green Day‘s CD. It is an “album”. A solid 57 minutes of punk rock portraying the stories of “Jesus Of Suburbia” and “St. Jimmy”. This will be in the top ten lists of many reviewers at the end of this year.

Green Day - 1039, Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Green Day

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

Lookout Records

Rating: 4/5




In 1994, punk rock broke through into the airwaves. It was that year that punk became the cool thing to listen to rather then the rejects’ savior. One album that stood out that year was Dookie by Green Day, that phenomenal album has been sited as an influential album by countless punk bands around the globe. But before that the band released Dookie, they released two full lengths and a couple 7″s. Now, in 2004,Lookout Records has just re-released their debut 1990 album, 39/Smooth, with all the tracks from their 1989 7 inch EP, 1,000 Hours and their 1990 EP, Slappy; topping it all off, they also put one track, I Want To Be Alone, from a 1991 compilation album, The Big One and fittingly called it 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

The re-mastered CD shows us why Green Day are one of the biggest punk bands around today. In their 15 year career, they have never changed their sound once. The songs on 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours displays that perfectly. They still play catchy, fast paced, three chord punk rock, Billie Joe’s vocals are still the same as ever; the only difference is the drummer. Sure, some of the songs sound vaguely familiar to one another, but in this case, there’s nothing wrong about that. Any Green Day fans who don’t own 39/Smooth, Slappy, or 1,000 Hours should go out and pick up this album immediately to finish off their collection.

Even if you already own all the old versions of the albums, there are still some new stuff on here for you! Like most CDs nowadays, this is an enhanced CD, with over 20 minutes of live performances from 1990-91, vintage photos, handwritten lyrics by Billie Joe, flyer art, live radio performance and interview from 1991 and much more!

There was no doubt in my mind that Green Day were one of the top punk rock acts around, and this re-mastered CD has only strengthened that belief.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

Green Day

21st Century Breakdown

Warner Music

Rating: 2/5




Let me say this quite bluntly: ambition does not always equal good. Sometimes, being ambitious can be a fault and end up ruining what you’re trying to do. It worked for Green Day’s American Idiot, a lengthy punk-rock opera that spawned six hit singles and sold over twelve million copies. It wasn’t necessarily what you expected to hear from the Bay-area trio but most people did like it. The question everybody asked next what how would they follow that up? It took them a five year break, three of which were spent in the studio working on the CD, but we now have an answer. They’ll follow it up with yet another ambitious and grandiose effort with 21st Century Breakdown; but this time the ambitions failed and instead of creating another record that will go down in rock history, 21st Century Breakdown is long, boring, bland and quite hard to listen to.

This is no longer the Green Day we know and love. There may be elements left of it scattered throughout the album, but those moments are few and far between, surrounded by self-aggrandizing melodies that see Green Day trying to bring back the classic-rock of Queen but failing horribly.

There are very few moments on 21st Century Breakdown that are worthy of multiple listens. Armstrong has left behind the three-chord pop-punk song structure in search of something more grandiose and epic. The problem is that they do the same grandiose and epic trick on each track, making the songs not so epic, not so grandiose and not so much fun.

The entire record feels forced and way too clean. It`s hard to describe, but everything seems to be put together too perfectly. It`s full of pitch-perfect radio rock songs that are more often than not lacking a defining character or trait. Close to half of the eighteen tracks start off slowly, focusing on Billie Joe Armstrong`s falsetto climbing over soft guitars or piano melodies for two minutes before they explode with the full band. The structure works once or twice, but when they do it in four of the first five songs you start to role your eyes.

21st Century Breakdown isn’t a complete write off; there are a few songs that have a tinge of what Green Day used to be. There`s the single, Know Your Enemy, a rather weak and repetitive song in and of itself, but one of the betters of the album. The last half of Before the Lobotomy always jumps out and gets you singing along, but the first minute and a half of the track almost puts you to sleep. The heavily distorted Christian`s Inferno has a nice chorus that will be fun to hear live as does The Static Age and the three part American Eulogy is quite enjoyable – particularly the final part of Modern World which is the highlight of the record. Sadly, once again it takes a long time to get to, and you had to sit through the previous sixty minutes to even get to the song in question in the first place.

With eighteen songs clocking in at just less than seventy minutes, 21st Century Breakdown is too long to be enjoyed. If it wasn’t Green Day, chances are no one would even give it a second look.

Green Day has had a wonderful career, and I’m sure they’ll continue on in the future. Unfortunately, 21st Century Breakdown is the black sheep of their releases and one that proves that sometimes too much ambition can be a bad thing.

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop drop and roll

Foxboro Hot Tubs

Stop Drop And Roll!!!

Jingle Town

Rating: 3/5




Green Day, most probably burnt as hell on the prospect of trying to one-up their wildly successful American Idiot, decided instead to take the pressure off by coming up with a new name, not-very-successful attempts at hiding their identities, and an album’s worth of 1950s and 60s pop-inspired songs about chicks and alligators.

It’s a fun romp, generally – with Billie Joe Armstrong even occasionally affecting a pretty decent howl that I’ve never heard on any of his Green Day outings – and the consistent 50s/60s vibe running throughout is charming, if more than a little derivative and thin in the depth department. They went – and I’m sure it’s wholly intentional – from an incredibly successful commercial pop record to what is essentially Green Day trying their hand at being a garage band. With the minimal packaging included – cardboard sleeve, no lyrics or information at all, though plenty of 50s graphic spoofs and “hi-fi” imagery – it’s almost metronomically catchy, but I also can’t help but think that if this band’s pedigree was unknown, would anyone care about this record? I mean, like I said, the stuff’s fun, but that’s about it.

And yet maybe that’s the entire point of Stop Drop And Roll!!!: dudes with more than a nodding familiarity to their 40s who decided to take a break from the fury for a while and get back to what rock’n’roll’s very foundation was built on: fun, man. Chicks and alligators, dig?

Green Day Reveals New Tour Dates

Green DayGreen Day have announced their re-scheduled dates for their upcoming 2013 tour.

The tour was originally cancelled after frontman Billie Joe Armstrong broke down on stage in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. A few days later he entered into rehab and the tour was cancelled. Armstrong commented:

“Dear friends… I just want to thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown for the past few months. Believe me, it hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’m eternally grateful to have such an amazing set of friends and family. I’m getting better everyday. So now, without further ado, the show must go on. We can’t wait to get on the road and live out load! Our passion has only grown stronger.”

Tickets for shows that had been postponed will be honored at these new dates. Should you have any questions regarding your tickets please contact your point of purchase.  For those who purchased tickets for dates that are now canceled, refunds will be given at original point of purchase. Additional west coast dates will be announced in early 2013.

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Video: Green Day – X-Kid

Green DayGreen Day has premiered a rand new music video.  The video features the song “X-Kid” from the third and final chapter of their recent trio of releases, Tre.  

Watch the video below.

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Stream: Green Day! – ¡Tré!

Green DayGreen Day‘s ¡Tre!, the third album in their new trilogy of albums, is currently streaming online, a full week before it hits stores. You can listen to the album on Rdio.

The album hits stores next Tuesday, December 11th. The trilogy of albums follows their Grammy Award-winning 21st Century Breakdown, and were produced by the band’s long-time producer Rob Cavallo.


Stream: Green Day – ¡Dos!

Green DayAfter months of single-song releases, Green Day’s second installment in their trilogy of albums, ¡Dos!, is available for streaming on Rolling Stone. The streaming comes one week before the album’s release on November 13th.

The third and final installment ¡Tré! will be released December 11th, all on Reprise Records

Video: Green Day – The Forgotten

Green DayGreen Day, who recently cancelled all their upcoming tour dates due to Billie Joe Armstrong’s drug/alcohol rehabilitation, have released a video for the song The Forgotten. The song is set to appear on the band’s third album released this year, ¡Tre!, which was pushed up more than a month to a December 11th release date.

The song is also featured on the soundtrack for the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which is due out November 13, 2012, the same day as their album ¡Dos!.

The video is below.

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Green Day Cancels Festival Apperance

Green DayAfter Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong’s meltdown at the iHeartRadio Festival last month and subsequent trip to rehab, the band has announced that they mustcancel their scheduled performance at this year’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience on October 27, 2012.

 Drummer Tré Cool explained:

“Canceling shows is something we rarely do. We never want to let our fans down, and we are grateful for all of you being understanding during this time.” 

No word on whether or not the rest of the band’s upcoming world tour in support of Uno! will go on as planned or not.


Video: Green Day – Stay The Night

Green DayGreen Day has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Stay The Night” from the first album in their upcoming trilogy, ¡Uno!, released yesterday via Reprise Records.

Watch the full video below.

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Stream: Green Day – ¡Uno!

Green DayGreen Day are streaming their upcoming album, ¡Uno!, at

It can be heard here.

¡Uno! is the first of a three part trilogy of albums and is due out September 25, 2012. 




Video: Green Day – Nuclear Family

Green DayGreen Day have released a second video from their upcoming album ¡Uno!. 

Their newest video, a straight-forward performance clip, is for the single Nuclear Family and can be seen below.

The song is part of the band’s ambitious trilogy album. The three-album cycle of ¡Uno!¡Dos! and ¡Tré! is set for release on September 25, November 13 and January 15, respectively, from Reprise Records.

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Tours: Green Day

Green DayGreen Day have announced the first leg of their ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! TOUR.

The full-scale North American tour will kick off in intimate venues this November and December, starting on November 26th in Seattle, WA at the Paramount Theatre and wrapping up on December 10th in Tempe, AZ at the Marquee Theater. In January, the band will bring the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! TOUR to arenas around the country, starting on January 7th at the Resch Arena in Green Bay, WI and wrapping up on February 8th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV. 

The tour is in support of their upcoming trilogy of albums. ¡Uno! isdue out on September 25th, 2012, ¡Dos! due on November 13th, 2012, and¡Tré! on January 15tth, 2013. The trilogy is the first new material since 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown . 

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Video: Green Day – Kill The DJ

Green DayGreen Day, who cancelled a show in Bologna, Italy this weekend due to lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, being rushed to the hospital, has posted an official video for their new single Kill The DJ.

The video is below.

As for Armstrong’s health status, according to a report from NBC today, hehas been released from the hospital where he was hospitalized due to “gastric problems.” 

Kill the DJ is the first single from their upcoming album ¡Uno! which is due out on September 25th. The album is the first in the band’s upcoming trilogy.

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Video: Green Day – Stay The Night (Live)

Green DayEast Bay’s Green Day recently premiered a new song from their highly anticipated new album,¡Uno!.

The song, Stay The Night, was performed live at the Reading Festival this weekend and a live video of it can be seen below.

¡Uno! is the band’s first of three albums in their upcoming trilogy. The record is due out on September 25, 2012. 

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Green Day Announces Career Spanning Box Set

Green DayPop-punk veterans Green Day have announced that they will be releasing a career spanning retrospective in the form of an eight-CD boxed entitled The Studio Albums 1990-2009 on September 4, 2012. The full set includes 1,039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1990), Kerplunk (1992), Dookie (1994), Insomniac (1995) Nimrod (1997), Warning (2000), and American Idiot (2004), and 21st Century Breakdown (2009).

The collection will be available exclusively from Best Buy and includes each a paper-sleeve CD case with original artwork for each album, all protected in a clamshell box.  The band is currently gearing up for the release of their forthcoming trilogy, ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, and Green Day ¡Tré!, due out September 25, 2012; November 13, 2012, and January 15, 2013, respectively.


Green Day Releases New Single: Oh Love

Green DayGreen Day have revealed the lyric video for “Oh Love” – the debut single from their upcoming album trilogy ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRÉ!

The trilogy was produced by Rob Cavallo (who previously worked on eight albums with Green Day including American Idiot, Warning and Dookie). The records are being released on three different dates though Reprise Records.

¡UNO! will street September 25th, ¡DOS! November 23rd, and ¡TRÉ! January 15, 2013. “Oh Love” is available at all digital retailers now. 

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