Nicotine Pretty DIY

Nicotine Pretty

The DIY Singles

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Nicotine Pretty are a punk laden power pop band from South Wales, their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, was released digitally in April 2017 via Glunk Records to critical acclaim, this was swiftly followed up just a few months later by their equally impressive self titled sophomore single, and now Nicotine Pretty have given their first two digital only singles a limited edition physical release with The DIY Singles EP, with every single copy having an individually handmade and numbered sleeve by vocalist and guitarist Ginge Knievil.

The DIY Singles EP kicks things off with the self titled track, Nicotine Pretty, a sleazy blast of  Johnny Thunders inspired power pop that makes as fine a mission statement for a band as you could wish for, but for me their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, is the highlight of the EP, a hyperactive fist pumping number that embodies punk rock, power pop and the spirit of rock ‘ roll perfectly. The DIY Singles EP marks the first chapter in Nicotine Pretty‘s history, and on the basis of their first two singles I can’t wait to hear what these Welsh rockers have in store for us in the future

Sadly by the time I had even started to write this review the strictly limited edition release of The DIY Singles EP had already sold out, but it’s not all bad news as both of the singles that make up The DIY Singles EP are still available via Nicotine Pretty‘s Bandcamp, and as there is also a three CD EP series in the works, with the first EP planned for later this year and a compilation vinyl release to follow, then the future looks bright for this impressive Welsh rock ‘n roll powerhouse.

Nicotine Pretty‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Nicotine Pretty To Release Self Titled Free Single On 9th July

Nicotine Pretty NPNicotine Pretty are a punk laden power pop band from South Wales, their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, was released digitally in April 2017 via Glunk Records to critical acclaim. Now Nicotine Pretty are set to unleash their second release which, like the first, is recorded DIY by the band and is being released as a FREE download, the new self titled single will be released tomorrow, the 9th July 2017 and a three CD EP series is planned for later this year with a compilation vinyl release to follow. 

Nicotine Pretty‘s tour dates can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

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Nicotine Pretty Announce Summer Tour Dates

Nicotine Pretty Tour April 17Welsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty recently released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download in conjunction with Glunk Records, who are planning a physical release later this year. The band have now announced their first tour dates in support of the single, including an appearance at Some Weird Sin, with more dates to be announced.

Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and you can download a free copy of their debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, and Nicotine Pretty‘s tour dates, below

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Nicotine Pretty Release Debut Single As Free Download

Nicotine Pretty WGSMSWelsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty have released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download today in conjunction with Glunk Records, with a physical release planned for later in the year. 
Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here
The Glunk Records website can be found here
You can grab yourselves a free copy of Nicotine Pretty‘s debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul? below

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The Role Models Announce UK Tour

Role Models Tour Feb 17London power pop quartet the Role Models have announced a UK tour in support of their impressive Forest Lawn album, that was released last year via Glunk Records. The tour will start in Sheffield on the 16th February and the will culminate at the legendary 100 Club in London on the 24th February.

Forest Lawn can be ordered here and streamed via the Role Models Bandcamp here

You can read The Punk Site review of Forest Lawn here

The tour dates can be viewed by clicking on the tour flyer

Hunters Release Debut Album ‘Dead End’

hunters-dead-endSomething exciting is happening outta Helsinki as Hunters have unleashed their debut album, Dead End, they are a band that are following in the footsteps of Hanoi Rocks and The Hurricanes. Hunters have tapped into the rich seam of Rock and Roll and produced an incredible ten track album full to bursting with energy for 2016, Dead End mixes classic Aerosmith with Chuck Berry and a spirit of punk that runs through the record from the New York Dolls to The Damned and into the modern age via The Heartbreakers and Hanoi Rocks.

Dead End is available via Stupido Records here (Europe) and Glunk Records here (UK)

Role Models FL

Role Models

Forest Lawn

Glunk Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Role Models are a London based quartet who arose from the ashes of The Loyalties, they have played their brand of punk rock since the turn of the decade and it would seem that they have been slowly building up to making this album. The Role Models sound is informed by the American bands that were so influential on the fledgling punk scene in the 1970’s, but they have taken this sound and given it a contemporary feel. Forest Lawns is their sophomore album, it follows 2015’s The Go To Guy, that was a fine album in it’s own right but Forest Lawn is a serious progression from their debut full length.

From the opening track, Radio, it becomes clear that the Role Models have delivered an album of anthemic punk power pop, but what separates this album from the herd is that every single track on Forest Lawn hits the spot. As you would expect it’s mostly an uptempo affair, but when the pace does slow it’s done with style, Bullshit Corner is the perfect example of this as it’s the best song that Johnny Thunders never wrote. The choruses are all infectious, the guitar breaks will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and the production and mix on Forest Lawn suits the material perfectly, as a result every track on Forest Lawn is a slice of perfect punk rock that carries a slightly sleazy rock n roll quality.

If you wanted to criticise this album you could argue that it’s living in the past, but firstly, given this album is so damn good I don’t care whether it’s three decades in the past or transported from the future, and secondly, this is a contemporary take that is informed by the bands that came before them, if you took the best parts from bands such as The Dead Boys, The New York Dolls and The Only Ones and used those elements to make a perfect album this would be the result. I honestly can’t fault Forest Lawn on any level. This is one of the best albums you’ll hear this year and I’m blown away by this quartet’s sophomore release, on the strength of Forest Lawn they should be destined for great things.

Forest Lawn can be ordered, and I think you should order it, here

The Role Models bandcamp can be found here


Shondikes PMOM

The Shondikes

Psychotic Make Out Music

Glunk Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Shondikes are a musical collective that seems to be based around songwriter, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Mick Modell. The Shondikes claim that each and every track on this album was mixed differently, even during sections of individual songs, apparently they turned up all the parts of the songs they liked best. They describe this technique as producing psychotic maximum mono soul power for lovers, so a unique approach and genre would appear to be on display here.

From the opening number, Greasy Sex Disco, it becomes clear that we are dealing with a unique hybrid of all that is trashy in rock ‘n roll, incorporating the attitude and swagger of garage bands, the energy of rock n roll, the DIY approach of punk, the powerful delivery of soul and even occasional sleazy lounge stylings. The song titles are as gloriously demented as the rest of the album, titles such as Cocaine Sex Slave Party and White Vampire Speed add to the overall intoxicated, sleazy and chaotic impression that this album delivers on every level, on every track.

It’s not often you can describe a band as unique, but The Shondikes leave you with little option, at their core they are a garage band, but the random approach and hybrid of styles is so chaotic and varied that you can’t really pin it down. On the downside the way it has been mixed is both a hindrance and a help on this album, at times you lose elements of the songs and in others it brings the finest elements to the fore, whilst I will always applaud and support bands doing things on their terms, I can’t help but feel that some coherent production could have made this a great album. As it is Psychotic Make Out Music is a glorious trashy mess of an album and I doubt there’s anything else out there quite like it.

Psychotic Make Out Music can be ordered from Glunk Records here

Dysnea Boys FHTR

Dysnea Boys

Forgot How To Read

Take It Back Records / Glunk Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Dysnea Boys are a Berlin based punk quartet, vocalist Jason Honea originally hails from San Francisco and some of you will probably recognise the name, and his vocal style, from his work with Social Unrest, the line up is completed by former members of Spitfires, Black Halos and Radio Berlin. This is old school punk rock, it’s the kind of music that came from the days when hardcore was just a gleam in punk’s eye, that possesses the kind of authentic attitude that was perpetrated by the likes of like Black Flag, DOA and Circle Jerks. Whether you like this album will depend greatly on whether you are a fan of those bands.

This is an album that has been recorded as it oughta be with rumbling bass, distorted guitar and relentless drums. The overall sound is like they’ve recorded it in a suburban garage and are trying to finish the album before someone complains and the plug is pulled. Forgot How To Read is a Lo-Fi recording that keeps true to it’s origins as it sounds live and urgent, yes the production is primitive and raw but an album like this wouldn’t work with polished production. The whole album is unsurprisingly comprised of all the elements that made the early American punk scene such an exciting and creative period. I can’t decide whether this is something to be treasured or if I’ve heard it all before, but as I haven’t stop listening to it I guess you’d have your answer.

This is authentic punk rock from the dawn of time, finding a record like this surfacing in 2016 is the equivalent of finding a dinosaur grazing in your back garden, certainly unexpected but once you’ve got over the shock you want to tell your friends.

You can purchase Forgot How To Read here