Glenn Danzig – Last Ride

Danzig 2017Legendary punk and metal frontman Glenn Danzig has posted a video for “Last Ride,” the second track featured from his upcoming LP, Black Laden Crown. The record is due for release on May 26th on his own Evilive Record Label, with distribution via Nuclear Blast Entertainment in North America and AFM Records in Europe.

Check out the track below.

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Misfits Friday 13th

The Misfits

Friday 13th

Misfits Records

Rating: 4/5




Friday 13th brings us many things, superstitious people refusing to leave the house, the inevitability that somewhere a TV channel will be screening a glut of eighties slasher movies and this year it bought us the first track from The Misfits forthcoming Friday 13th EP. I’m aware that opinion is divided over the various incarnations of The Misfits and I won’t expect the debate over  theGlenn Danzig, Michael Graves and the Jerry Only fronted incarnations of the band to dissipate anytime soon but personally I’m glad they’re still around 

The title track has been released as a taster before the Friday 13th EP is released in full on June 17th. It’ll come as no surprise that this is an ode to Jason Voorhees and it’s a safe bet that the other three tracks will be movie themed horror punk. This track reminds me musically of the American Psycho era and I must say I’m impressed, the guitar of Jerry Other is reminiscent of Doyle‘s brutal power chords and this is a lot heavier than anything the Jerry Only era line up has previously produced. This has whetted my appetite for the full release of the Friday 13th EP next month.

The title track is available now for download via iTunes and the full EP can be pre-ordered in a variety of formats including CD and limited edition twelve inch inch coloured vinyl from Misfits Records here.

The Misfits Reunite for Riot Fest Headline Shows

misfits reunionLegendary horror punk outfit The Misfits have announced that they will reunite to headline the Riot Fest shows in Denver and Chicago in September. These shows will mark the first time original vocalist and songwriter Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only have shared a stage in over 30 years and many fans thought this day would never come following several acrimonious legal battles between the pair. Long time guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein will join them for the shows.

Fiends rejoice!


Danzig Announces Covers LP ‘Skeletons’

DanzigLegendary punk and metal frontman Glenn Danzig has announced his long rumoured covers LP will be released on November 27th via his own Evilive Record Label. The cover art features Danzig wearing the full face skull makeup for the first time since his days fronting The Misfits. Recently he spoke to Rolling Stone about the record:

“I had titled it Skeletons before the makeup, to be like ‘skeletons in your closet,’ it’s like pulling out old songs – “These are my skeletons…You may or may not know that I dig these songs. You could say that some of this music is the actual basis and skeleton of what I listened to growing up — ultimately informing the kind of music I like. It’s the foundation. If you took Elvis and SABBATH out of my life, I probably wouldn’t be the Glenn Danzig you know! I’m glad both sides are represented on this record”

Check out the cover art and track list for Skeletons below.

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Glenn Danzig Files Lawsuit Over Misfits Royalties

DanzigFormer Misfits lead vocalist and founding member of the band Glenn Danzig has filed a lawsuit against his former band mate Jerry Only over alleged unpaid royalties. The pair agreed a merchandising deal back in 1993 which resulted in Only gaining the right to record and tour using the Misfits name. Danzig alleges new trademarks were negotiated and deals with retailers like Hot Topic were signed without him being aware or consenting.

This obviously puts a wrench in any possible reunion plans and begins a new chapter in the punk rock soap opera that is The Misfits.