Ghost Atlas

All Is In Sync And There's Nothing Left To Sing About

Self Release

Rating: 3/5




Ghost Atlas is the solo project of Jesse Cash, best known for his role in the Sumarian Records metal band ERRA, with Ghost Atlas he explores the melodic alt rock side to his writing, Jesse Cash began releasing music under the Ghost Atlas moniker in 2014 with the Gold Soul Coma EP and he followed this up with the 2015’s Immortal Youth EP. Being the sole member of Ghost Atlas the project is a very much a personal reflection of Cash’s emotions, life experience and work, All Is In Sync And There’s Nothing Left To Sing About is Ghost Atlas‘s debut full length and it is set to be released independently on November 17th.

All Is In Sync And There’s Nothing Left To Sing About offers a distinct contrast to the full on metalcore grunt of ERRA, this is an album of alt rock that embraces a much more melodic approach than his primary outfit. Having said that, with the exception of Night Drive, Scout’s Honour, the mellowest moment on this release, and the title track this is an album of slick driven emotional and passionate alt rock that will appeal greatly to fans of the likes of the Deftones and Circa Survive. All Is In Sync And There’s Nothing Left To Sing About is an album that will appeal to his core following, but his latest release should also broaden his appeal beyond the confines of his metalcore roots.

Make no mistake there are still elements of the progressive metal of ERRA present in Ghost Atlas, and it would seem that whilst you can take the man of the metal band but you can’t completely take the metal band out of the man, but it all seems more channelled and focussed than his work with ERRA. With this self funded and self released album Jesse Cash has released a distinctly more restrained album than you would expect to hear if you are aware of his pedigree, and it’s a credit to him that he’s willing to branch out in a different direction and create his own personal vision and style on a album that is a move away from his established style.

All Is In Sync And There’s Nothing Left To Sing About can be pre-ordered here