The Strays Sign To German Shepherd Records

Strays NTYHThe 26th January will see the release and distribution of two EPs by electronic punk duo The Strays via German Shepherd Records, with a lo-fi DIY beat driven attack the band take no prisoners with their venomous attacks on the establishment, politics and the darker nooks and crannies of the music and entertainment industry. Their  sound is raw, the love child of Suicide and the Ramones, if said child had been brought up in the industrial North West of the UK. German Shepherd Records will release their first two EP’s, Explicit Content and Never Tweet Your Heroes, that will be available via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and many more digital platforms, plus inclusion in the German Shepherd Bandcamp.
The German Shepherd Records website can be found here

Drink And Drive Set To Release Debut Album On December 1st

Drink And Drive TIWHWAFLOYFDrink And Drive are a chaotic yet compelling outfit that combine shouted word vocals and primal musicality, their songs carry a sardonic humour throughout and the music is reckless and naïve, sometimes a short, sharp post-punk shock and sometimes epic, brooding and oppressive. Drink And Drive are set to release their debut album, This Is What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food, via German Shepherd Records on December 1st.
German Shepherd Records website can be found here
The video for the track Adult Pig Suit can be viewed below

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Beverley Kills To Appear On ‘Cambridge Calling’ Volume 2

German ShepherdBeverley Kills will have the track Sticks & Stones included on Volume Two of Cambridge Calling, the album follows on from the March 2017 release of a first volume and German Shepherd Records have announced that the second volume will be released on October 20th. The nominated charity for this release is Cambridgeshire Alliance For Independent Living. This is a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation which is run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, their families and their carers who live in Cambridgeshire. Details of all the artists appearing on this volume can be viewed here, the album boasts the same genre busting mix as Volume 1 with something for pretty much everyone. The German Shepherd Records website can be found here and Beverley Kills Facebook page is here

The Scissors To Release ‘Sjhake!’ EP

Scissors SjhakeFriday the 13th sees the release of the Sjhake! EP by The Scissors, Cambridge’s self styled purveyors of swirling keyboard fuelled psychpop with horror show freak beat guitars and new wave post punk bass lines. The EP is being released via German Shepherd Records and Sjhake will be available digitally via Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

The German Shepherd Records website can be found here and you can stream Sjhake! here

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Sam Smith WAW July 17

Sam Smith / Ben Corry / Andy Adams

Wine And Wallop, Manchester, UK

1st July 2017

Rating: 4/5




Sam Smith July 17 IntroThere’s a trend amongst a fair few artists to strip things down and get back to basics, since writing for The Punk Site I’ve encountered a number of artists better known for their plugged in performances, including TV Smith and Louise Distras, perform acoustic shows, and now it seems this that a number of Manchester artists are following this trend, whether it’s by choice or enforced by circumstances. Sam Smith has made the decision that this is the direction he will take from now on, whilst Ben Corry is performing an acoustic set as The Madding Crowd are on a hiatus from live performances whist they seek out a new drummer and Andy Adams has always followed this path, regardless of the reason this line up has been enough to ensure that tonight’s show at the Wine and Wallop is completely sold out.

Sam Smith Andy Adams July 17Salford City Radio‘s Stephen Doyle, host of the Punk Show and Sonic Diary, is DJ and MC for tonight’s show, he introduces Andy Adams who occupies the opening slot at tonight’s stripped down showcase, his delicate picked style is the polar opposite to recent gigs I’ve covered but he delivers a brief accomplished set that sets a mellow tone and his accomplished guitar style and dark lyrics are a welcome introduction to tonight’s line up. His introspective reworking of Joy Division‘s Disorder captures the spirit and paranoia of the original perfectly, despite lacking the volume, but for the most part he delivers his own material in a confident, unassuming and distinctly dark style that you can’t help but be slightly chilled, charmed and impressed by.
Sam Smith Ben Corry July 17

The informal style of tonight’s show blurs the line between artist and audience and there’s an interactive feel to the sets. Ben Corry is playing a solo set purely with acoustic guitar, his opener You Got It is a stripped down punk anthem and this is followed by Death Is Not An Option, that brings a dark melancholy feel that is reminiscent of some of Michale Graves finest solo work. Dom Corry, guitarist for The Madding Crowd, joins him mid way through the set to make this almost a full band show, with only the bass player, Claud Corry, missing from the current line up. Ben Corry is almost exclusively debuting new material tonight that will undoubtedly end up in a noisier incarnation with The Madding Crowd, and on the strength of tonight’s set the future looks bright for one of Manchester’s most idiosyncratic bands. 
Sam Smith July 17 1Sam Smith is delivering two sets tonight, he’s starts with a keyboard compositions and continues with the melancholy feel that has dominated tonight’s show before the acoustic guitar is brought out and we’re in for a run through of this unheralded Manchester songwriter’s career that encompasses his solo material, Sam Smith And Company and The Parish Church Fire. Amongst his self penned material there are covers thrown into the mix including a rousing rendition of The Clash‘s Safe European Home that has the entire venue acting as backing vocalists, add to this James, Motorhead, Radiohead. Bruce Springsteen and even Lionel Richie and you have a bewildering and varied array of influences.
Sam Smith July 17 2Sam Smith seems to have gained a new level of confidence since he made his decision to fly solo, tonight his vocals have never sounded finer, varying between a raw punk style and a blues howl and the mix of heartland rock and punk roots remains something to be treasured, and he is someone that deserves to be heard beyond the confines of Manchester. Acoustic music has received a bad press lately, mainly due to the lacklustre and unoriginal chart acts, but nights like tonight redress the balance. The emotive set by Sam Smith, the stunning set by Ben Corry, including one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year, and the impressive opening by Andy Adams have combined to produce a night that’s been as enjoyable as many of the more raucous nights I’ve attended.
Sam Smith July 17 CreditsSam Smith‘s Facebook page is here
You can order the Bad Water single from German Shepherd Records here
The Madding Crowd‘s Facebook page can be found here
The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal EP can be purchased here
Andy Adams Facebook page is located here
Stephen Doyle‘s Sonic Diary and Punk Show’s can be heard via Mixcloud here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images
Staggs 2.4



German Shepherd Records

Rating: 2.5/5



2.4 is Staggs seventh release for German Shepherd Records, this time the eclectic duo that make up Staggs, Michael Scott and Paul Ridley, are joined by Kirsty Chaos, vocals, and Gary Linsley, Saxophone, on a release that marks a distinct shift away their last release, the Adult Loonies single that saw a return to their punk roots, as 2.4 sees a return to the more familiar electronica of their previous releases.
2.4 sees Staggs focusing their ire on two game shows that were a staple of UK television schedules in the 1970’s and 1980’s, The Generation Game and The Golden Shot, so whilst the music may have moved away their punk roots they have at least remained focused on part of the decade that spawned punk. The Degeneration Game is a slice of electronic anarcho funk that is enhanced by squalls of saxophone and samples from the now thankfully defunct game show, whilst the b-side, Bernie The Bolt, a reference that will be lost on anyone under the age of 50, resembles Chumbawumba making a bid for the Eurovision Song Contest.
This release sees the duo returning to the more familiar anarchic electronica of the majority of their releases, whilst personally I preferred the style employed on their last EP you can’t fault Staggs for keeping us guessing with where they’re going to head next. Staggs remain an unpredictable duo whose origins lie in punk, the due were both in the anarcho punk band Reality Control, and although it is a shift away from their origins 2.4 is a welcome addition to their steadily growing back catalogue of idiosyncratic singles.
2.4 can be downloaded from German Shepherd Records Bandcamp here

German Shepherd Records To Release Cambridge Calling Vol. 1

Cambridge Calling Vol 1German Shepherd Records, along with Cambridge 105FM, will release a compilation featuring some of the finest new music from that city. Cambridge Calling Vol. 1 features Trick Bird, All We Earthlings, Broadway Danny Rose, I Strip For Couples, Black Buttercups, The Seven Twenty, Garuda, The Motor Tapes, Keltrix, 3 Screaming Popes, Bouquet Of Dead Crows, Eil Marchini, Datum Plane, Pete Newman Clarinet Project, Lizard Brain, The Scissors, Model Village, Umbrella Assassins and Gavin Chappell Bates. All proceeds from the album will go to support the Arthur Rank Hospice In Cambridge, the compilation will be released digitally on 17th March via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other well known digital outlets.

Full details of Cambridge Calling Vol. 1 can be found here



Basically Johnny Moped

German Shepherd Records

Rating: 3.5/5




This is the first release of 2017 from Manchester based independent label German Shepherd Records, Basically Johnny Moped is the new single from the Hamsters with the bands live favourite occupying the A-Side, coupled with the anarchic punk sea shanty, Freudian Ships. This is the long lost Hamsters single that was recorded and ready for release back in January 2015, it was scheduled for release as a double A-Sided vinyl single before label funding issues meant that the recording never saw the light of day, thankfully German Shepherd Records launched a rescue mission so at last it may be heard, and as a result it has finally surfaced today, the 6th January 2017

Basically Johnny Moped occupies the A-Side and it’s a track that celebrates the legendary outsider punk band, appropriately enough this is a single that is delivered in the experimental style of the some of the more eccentric outfits that the UK punk scene spawned four decades ago. The single weaves a condensed tale of the rise and fall of one punks largely forgotten bands, and it name checks a lot of their contemporaries and people who were involved in the band. It’s an entertaining and eccentric salute to a band that trod their own path, and it’s one that’s delivered in a style that’s a cross between the pub rock and early punk bands of the 1970’s. Freudian Ships occupies the AA-Side, this is a departure from the A-Side, it’s a deranged sea shanty concerning a hapless bunch of mutineers who end up adrift in both a physical and moral sense, it’s delivered in the same shambolic style as Basically Johnny Moped but as I’ve indicated it has more than a whiff of piracy and the high seas about it.

German Shepherd Records have a varied and unpredictable roster of bands and the Hamsters could not have found a better home for the release of this almost lost single. The Hamsters channel elements of the original punk attitude with a post punk style, as befits a band who were originally around in the late 1970’s, that is all delivered with a gruff eccentric approach that is not without it’s charms. If you have a love for the more experimental side of the UK punk and post punk scenes then Basically Johnny Moped would be a single that will make a fine addition to your collection. Basically Johnny Moped is now available for download via German Shepherd Records.

The German Shepherd Records Bandcamp can be found here

The Hamsters Facebook page can be located here



Adult Loonies

German Shepherd Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Staggs is Michael Scott and Paul Ridley, the duo used to be core members in the Newcastle, UK anarcho punk band Reality Control back in the 1980s. Their recent releases have been characterised by a more electronic sound, but they appear to have gone back to their roots for the Adult Loonies EP. The title of the EP relates to their debut release, Weird Kids EP, so this may indicate that the band have matured, at least physically, whilst simultaneously imitating and revisiting their past.

The lead track, Gone For A Burton, features a cross between new wave, anarcho and punk styles, and it’s certainly as catchy as anything, vocally it’s reminiscent of a demented delivery by Howard Devoto, the original Buzzcocks vocalist and front man of Magazine. Musically it’s pure late 70’s punk and early 80’s early new wave, but that’s not the end of the story, the track features vocal samples and knowing references to moments of pop culture, and I found that every time I played this track it grew on me, the infectious and subtle charms of this track are not to be underestimated. It’s A Larf picks up where the first track left off, but in a slightly more strident manner, it alternates between a weirdly snarled verse and an upbeat post punk chorus that carries more menace and strangeness that its predecessor.

The Adult Loonies EP features two brand new tracks that are performed, with their tongues firmly in the cheeks, in the punk style of their youth, if you are a fan of old school punk rock and new wave then this really should be on your Xmas list. Gone For A Burton is easily the stronger of the two tracks, It’s A Larf comes across as the B Side of this release, but both tracks feature a combination of punk rock attitude, new wave rhythm and post punk stylings that I find oddly appealing. On the basis of the two tracks on the Adult Loonies EP I hope that Staggs make further efforts to recreate their past glories.

The Adult Loonies EP can be streamed and purchased here

German Shepherd Records Release Charity Album For Malawi

malawi-german-shepherdMalawi is a 17 track album released by German Shepherd Records to send vital funds to the people of Malawi. Malawi is in a state of emergency and facing its worst food crisis in many years. Parents are unable to feed their children and millions are going hungry. A horrible combination of floods and drought throughout Southern Africa has devastated crops, leaving many families on the brink of starvation. It’s only set to get worse over the coming months. During this time of crisis a daily meal is a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in desperate need of nourishment. £12.20 is all it costs for the charity Mary’s Meals to feed a child for a whole school year. German Shepherd Records are asking you to donate a minimum of £3 for this album, which will include music they have previously released as well as brand new tracks, all profits will be sent via Mary’s Meals to Malawi.

You can stream and download the album here