Arc Flash Carbon Copy

Arc Flash

Carbon Copy

High Dive Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Arc Flash have been generating a buzz throughout the scene thanks to endlessly energetic shows and their own unique brand of space punk and mutant pop intensity, now Arc Flash have released Carbon Copy, their full length debut, that was unleashed on the 31st March via High Dive Records, the album is available is on vinyl, on milky white/black split and traditional black variants, and on CD. Arc Flash are a band that mix punk, noise, surf, garage and indie, and to be honest pretty much everything else from the dark underbelly of rock ‘n roll that lurks away from the mainstream.

Carbon Copy is an album that sounds like a combination pf punk rock and the high energy side of the indie scene of the 8o’s that’s played through a time warp to the 1960’s, the production is sparse and spacey, something that matches the tone of the album. The riffs on every track are the hyperactive bastard sons of the original 60’s garage scene, everything is frantic and distorted, and the vocals are echoey and add to the feeling that this is an album born of a potent cocktail of recreational substances, and that’s just fine by me, although this is no throwback to a bygone era, there are obvious influences in the mix but this album is a singular and original creation.

Arc Flash have created an album of twelve monosyllabic titled cuts of fuzzy garage influenced spaced out punk rock, with the exceptions of Ohmmeter and Tuff, that shift into a more experimental psychedelic zone, this is raw fuzzed out garage that captures the spirit of the original first generation of bands that were given the term punk, and later acts such as The Mummies and The Cramps, that’s all performed with a suspicious urgency. If you have a love for any of the fuzzy lo-fi bands that have been spawned since the dawn of rock ‘n roll then I’d recommend you acquaint yourself with Arc Flash.

You can order Carbon Copy on CD and vinyl here

Knitts Retreat

The Knitts


Knitting Factory Records

Rating: 4/5




Originating in an unassuming industrial area of California there lie a dozen neatly stacked repurposed shipping containers, one of these, the doors of which feature on the album cover, is the home of The Knitts, a band that has spent the last five years playing the live circuit and releasing multiple EPs and singles, before finally recording their debut album in North Hollywood and New York in a frantic week. Their debut full length album, Retreat, will be available on digital and streaming formats from tomorrow, March 3rd 2017, via Knitting Factory Records. 

Opening number, She Likes The Idea Of Gold, takes melodic power pop and infuses it with a sixties sensibility, this mix of styles is something that remains in place throughout the album, they are a band that would wear their influences on their sleeves if they were long enough. Hold Steady Pretty Lady and We Got Time takes the album into a more energetic bouncy place where the punkier side of their personality comes to the fore, before we head back to the garage with Personal Pyramid. The album continues to tread an idiosyncratic path across it’s twelve tracks, encompassing all manner of influences from the dawn of rock ‘n roll onwards.

The Knitts sound takes in a broad range of influences, from sixties psyche and garage pioneers such as The Seeds, through the seventies punk rock explosion with the Ramones and onto the later power pop and indie influences such as The Strokes, all of these elements are skilfully blended on The Knitts debut album. Whilst I doubt there are many people that will love every moment on Retreat, I can pretty much guarantee that there is something that everyone will love, The Knitts have made a unique album that refuses to be pigeonholed or attached to a specific scene, Retreat is an original and impressive debut release that deserves to be heard, and it is something that I’d recommend taking some time out to experience.

The Knitts website can be found here and their Facebook page is here

The Knitting Factory Records website can be found here


All Them Witches

Sleeping Through The War

New West Records

Rating: 4/5




Nashville based psych rock quartet All Them Witches have returned with their latest album, Sleeping Through The War, that will be released released via New West Records on February 24th, 2017. All Them Witches have never a band to settle on a style or formula, despite the success of their 2015 album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, their latest album heads off down another path, one that feels like a further progression down their idiosyncratic highway. Sleeping Through The War is a timely album, it’s title reflects the current turbulent situation in the world and how many people are reacting to these events, but whilst it challenges the lethargy, this is also an album that provides a welcome escape.

The epic track Bulls opens Sleeping Through The War, a dreamy slice of mellow psyche that’s edged with vintage fuzz that slowly builds up the pace and then eases you back down again, Don’t Bring Me Coffee is a more strident number, more akin to experimental post psychedelic bands of the early 1970’s, the era before rock monsters stalked the earth. The lead single from the album, Bruce Lee, brings a charged slice of garage fuelled psyche, this kind of number is what I’ve always felt was the missing element from an All Them Witches set, and it’s good to hear the kind of track I always hoped they’d produced introduced into their repertoire, in contrast 3.5.7 and Am I Going Up? are a duo of heady floating psyche influenced number that maintains the suspicious haze that is a trademark of an All Them Witches album. The final three numbers are lysergic tinged epic trips, their multi layered echo and reverb drenched soundscapes resonate with the authentic feel of west coast psychedelia, in particular the nine minute closing number, Guess I’ll Go Live On The Internet, is the prefect soundtrack for a journey to the centre of the mind.

All Them Witches are clearly considering the heavy times in which we all live, but they also encompassing influences and styles from the past. Sleeping Through The War feels very much like the natural successor to their 2015 album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, but at the same time it also surpasses their previous recordings. I was lucky enough to catch All Them Witches on one of last years three European tours, live they stand out alone amongst modern psyche as they capture of the original essence of psychedelia without sounding like an anachronism, and their albums are a reflection of what the manage to convey live. Every album has improved and broadened their sound, Sleeping Through The War is a fine slice of psyche, but their constant forward momentum has already made me start looking forward to their next album.

Sleeping Through The War will be available on all formats and can be pre-ordered here.

Jim And The French Vanilla Release ‘Afraid Of The House’

Jim And The French Vanilla AOTHJim And The French Vanilla is the solo project of Jim Blaha from The Blind Shake. This is his third album under the Jim And The French Vanilla moniker, but the first to be made widely available. The first two albums were acoustic solo releases, but on Afraid Of The House, Jim, along with his brother and bandmate from The Blind Shake, Mike Blaha, expands to a full band sound, to astonishing effect.  The songwriting retains the incredibly distinctive mystical, other-worldly atmosphere of The Blind Shake, but the instrumentation and sound are both stripped down to their essence, dialing back to the loud-psych stamp of the Blind Shake at their heaviest.
Afraid Of The House is available via Dirtnap Records here and can be streamed here

Mark Porkchop Holder

Let It Slide

Alive Naturalsound Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Guitarist, singer, harmonica player and songwriter Mark Porkchop Holder is a founding member of the seminal Tennessee punk rock blues band The Black Diamond Heavies, now he is stepping out on his own and will be releasing his debut solo album, Let It Slide, on the 10th February on all formats via Alive Naturalsound Records. Mark Porchop Holder delivers a heady dose of traditional blues that is refracted though a lens of garage and rock influences, that is delivered with a punk sneer. Let It Slide forms part of the worldwide resurgence of blues music, this movement is one that acknowledges it’s roots, but drags blues kicking and screaming into the modern age.

Let It Slide kicks off with the title track, this brief excerpt of traditional slide guitar fades into Disappearing, an upbeat blues rocker that opens the album in fine style, My Black Name ups the pace and brings a fuzzy mix of swamp rock, slide guitar and garage to Let It Slide. From here on in it’s a road trip through a blues hinterland, Headlights is a tale of late night empty roads under big skies that eases into the more traditional blues of 38, a track that indicates that Mark Porkchop Holder has 61 less problems than Jay Z. The title track reprises with some down and dirty primitive roadhouse blues and Stagger Lee takes the album into a darker more distorted place whilst Stranger leads you out into the desert with a discordant country twang. Let It Slide ends with a rip roaring reworking of Baby Please Don’t Go, a version that differs from the traditional and rock reworkings by boasting a fuzzier heavier vibe than any other version that I’ve heard of this blues standard.

Let It Slide reminds me of The Rolling Stones in places, but back in the mists of time when they were in their blues inspired prime, there are also elements of the pub rock scene that was a precursor to punk, alongside some impressive slabs of blues that veer towards the traditional. This is a blues album at it’s core, but it’s one that incorporates contemporary influences to make this an impressive solo release, if you have any love for the modern grass roots blues acts such as Bones Shake and The Glass Phantoms, or the better known works that have resulted from Jon Spencer and Jack White‘s numerous outings, then Let It Slide is an album that you need in your life.

Let It Slide can be pre-ordered on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital formats here

The Dollyrots Confirm US Tour With The Two Tens

dollyrots WSPunk rock duo The Dollyrots are set to release their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, on March 24, the album will be available on CD, limited edition sea foam blue vinyl and digitally on their very own Arrest Youth Label. Whiplash Splash marks their first studio album since 2014’s Barefoot and Pregnant. The Dollyrots plan to tour in support of the album throughout 2017, the first run of dates kick off on March 16 in Chicago and finishes off with two shows in the band’s Southern California home base, all dates will feature support by friends The Two Tens.

Whiplash Splash can be pre-ordered via Pledge Music here

The Dollyrots tour dates with The Two Tens can be viewed below Read More…

Boss Hog To Release First Album In 17 Years ‘Brood X’

Boss Hog Brood XNew York City’s glorious garage-noise mutants Boss Hog are back, with their first studio album in 17 years, Brood X, due for release this March 24th via Bronze Rat Records. Led by Cristina Martinez, who is ably assisted by Jon Spencer, Brood X feels less like the work of a group who’ve been on ice for so long, more a slithering and sludgy monster of an album, a boiling pot of hot funk keys, growling punk attack, searing blues breaks and the ground-shaking holler of Martinez. Having recently shared new track  17, to critical acclaim, today Boss Hog unleash Formula X.

You can stream 17 here and Formula X here

Brood X can be pre-ordered here



Blunt Force Trauma

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4/5




Earlier this year I reviewed the Trauma EP by Manchester’s dirty blues merchants GUTS, it was the final instalment in their Blunt Force Trauma trilogy of EP’s, now they have finally collated the three EP’s, Blunt, Force and Trauma, to form this album. Blunt Force Trauma is released on the independent Manchester based label, Abattoir Blues Records, this is a label that has the stated intention of the curating the finest contemporary blues based music, and on the strength of this debut full length release from GUTS you get the feeling that they are as good as their word.

Blunt Force Trauma opens with the slow grinding menace of 666, this shifts into the mutant hellbilly of one of the album’s highlights, the macabre Jeffrey Dahmer’s Eyes, a track that possesses a gloriously primitive rock ‘n roll feel, that is followed by the fine swamp grind of Cemi and Be Had. As I noted on the review of the Trauma EP, their reworking of Be My Baby is something to behold, this is not a cover version as the soft and sweet sixties standard has been completely reworked, it now carries a sinister menace that hints at unhealthy obsession and mental illness. This is followed by a quartet of songs, James Brown, Fucked On Your Fuck, Get In The Car and Dirty Mouth, that encompass stripped down dirty rock ‘n roll and raw primitive blues before you get to the fine closing duo. Mean Old Queen is another highpoint that brings a slice of upbeat garage dementia to Blunt Force Trauma, and drags another primal element into the chaotic fray, before Blow brings the album to a dark and stormy close.

Blunt Force Trauma is an impressive collection of eleven tracks that combines the spirit of primitive rock ‘n roll and the slow sinister grind of blues, and injects it with punk attitude and garage psychosis to create a heady turbulent album that has been worth the long wait for it’s arrival. Throughout Blunt Force Trauma vocalist Liam O’Neill delivers an anguished blues howl that sounds like it’s possessed by his personal demons, this is accompanied by a primitive grind that recalls the darker side of rock ‘n roll and hints at mental anguish, obsession, drug use and primal urges, in short everything about rock ‘n roll that your parents warned you about, and in my book that always has to be a good thing.

Blunt Force Trauma can be ordered via Abattoir Blues Records here


Datura 4

Hairy Mountain

Alive Naturalsound Records

Rating: 3/5




Westerm Australia’s Datura4 is the brainchild of Dom Mariani, the former frontman of The Stems and DM3, and Greg Hitchcock, who was previously in You Am I and New Christs, the quartets line up is completed by drummer Warren Hall and bassist Stu Loasby. Datura4 have released their sophomore album, Hairy Mountain, it was released at the end of October via Alive Naturalsound Recordings and it follows on from their acclaimed debut album, Demon Blues.

Hairy Mountain is a mixture of some seriously laid back fuzz drenched psyche, trashy rock ‘n roll, primitive garage rock and dirty blues, this approach is exemplified by the title track but that’s not the end of the story. The album maintains it’s primitive roots throughout, but it also incorporates a sleazy rock ‘n roll charm, alongside an influence from the bourbon drenched rock ‘n roll that hails from the southern side of the United States. After nine tracks of heady substance influenced psyche the album ends with a mellower acoustic feel, Broken Path brings the album to an unexpectedly slow burning close. Hairy Mountain’ is ten solid tracks celebrating an unbridled joy for the kind of primitve rock ‘’n’’ roll that emerged from the 1960’s and 1970’s. This is an album that acknowledges the influences they’ve accumulated from their previous bands, but it’s also a move on from their former outfits. 

Hairy Mountain is an album that incorporates all the suspiciously hazy elements of the bands that emerged from the garages, but it combines it with some seriously accomplished rock and this makes for a fine hybrid of styles. Australia seems to encourage bands the blend garage and psyche with other influences, like the oz outfits before them, such as The Lime Spiders, The Cosmic Psychos and The Vines, Datura4 have taken the garage formula and incorporated other styles to make a unique album of psyche influenced rock.

Hairy Mountain can be ordered on all formats, including the hand mixed starburst vinyl edition, here

The Two Tens Give Away ‘Not Alright’ As A Holiday Gift

two-tens-naThe Two Tens have signed with Man Della Records for the release of their second album. They’ve already tracked three songs, including Keeping Hope Alive, the lead single which will be released on February 10, 2017. In keeping with the festive spirit The Two Tens have released the new track Not Alright for free as a holiday gift.
In the holiday spirit, we want to give away our song, “Not Alright,” for free to all our fans that have supported us from the beginning. We really appreciate the people that have kept us going and we want to say thanks by giving them a glimpse into our upcoming album. It’s one of the first songs we had written for the second album and we’ve been playing it live for a while now. We hope it gets everyone excited for what’s to come! Happy Holidays!
You can download Not Alright for free here

The 99 Degree / Crimsons / La Mode / Sam Craighan

Fallow Café, Manchester, UK

2nd December 2016

Rating: 4.5/5




99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-1The Fallow Café lies to the South of Manchester, nestled inconspicuously amongst terraced housing, it has a bar and restaurant downstairs, but upstairs lies an intimate venue that is the perfect setting for tonight’s triumphant headline show by The 99 Degree. In addition to the four band bill there is a DJ set by Wet Dreams, both in between bands and then on into the early hours, that captures the mood of the evening perfectly, the playlist covers everything from sixties garage pioneers such as The Sonics through alternative and indie as well as a few punk classics thrown in for good measure, marking what is easily the best DJ set I’ve encountered at a concert this year.

sam-craighan-fallow-cafe-dec-16-1Due to some of the worst traffic I’ve encountered in a long time we arrive late for the show, by the time we get into the Fallow Cafe Sam Craighan is already approaching the end of his set, but the three numbers I do manage to catch hint at a melodic indie sensibility that carries the spirit of the likes of The Libertines. They alternate between keyboard and guitar led numbers, that can carry the spirit and bounce of Britpop, or convey a more melancholy tone. Despite only catching three songs of his set Sam Craighan marked a promising beginning to an evening that showcases some of finest talent that originates from the fuzzy side of this town.

la-mode-fallow-cafe-dec16-1After some more fine tunes from the Wet Dreams DJ La Mode take the stage, I had no previous knowledge of them and their name didn’t suggest what I could expect. They boast a striking vocalist and what appears to be a modern day Viking on bass, rounding out the line up are two more subdued, but no less talented, members that complete the quartet. What is immediately apparent is that vocalist Millie Sproston has a stunning voice that is backed up by a soundtrack that’s informed by the proto punk and rock bands of the late sixties and early seventies, but crucially with a contemporary feel that stops them from being an anachronism in any way shape or form.

la-mode-fallow-cafe-dec16-2I’m finding that the deeper I delve in Manchester’s underground scene the more I realise there are some incredible bands out there, and La Mode can be added to their number. They skilfully straddle the line between rock, alternative and indie, and importantly they do it in style. Their material defies categorisation, there’s even a brief ska element incorporated into the breakdown one of their numbers. My first encounter of La Mode has made a lasting impression on me, whilst they carry a heavy undercurrent of seventies rock influence it is one that is shorn of self indulgence and excess. La Mode delivered a brief hard edged melodic set that for me makes them another band to watch in 2017.

crimsons-fallow-cafe-dec-16-1By the time Crimsons take the stage the Fallow Café is packed to capacity, the temperature is rising and it’s standing room only, and the trio that make up Crimsons bring another dimension to the impressive bill that’s on offer tonight. Crimsons play an echo drenched psyche influenced and lysergic tinged element to the proceedings. They simultaneously channel the best of the psychedelic and garage bands, but they combine this with contemporary influences, in particular elements of Manchester’s post punk era are present in the treble laced guitar style that permeates their set, and this makes for a heady combination that, like La Mode before them, is hard to resist.

crimsons-fallow-cafe-dec-16-2The Crimsons build on the impressive opening by the first two bands, the contrast between each of the bands that has appeared tonight’s show is marked, but rather than this being jarring the differing styles compliment each other. The heady psyche the Crimsons play seems to contain a significant influence from Manchester legends The Chameleons, especially in their guitar sound, but there the comparison ends, the Crimsons have their own distinct sound that meld influences that span the last five generations. They bring a welcome slice of paisley inspired treble laced driving psyche that brings another heady element to the mix prior to tonight’s headliners, The 99 Degree, taking the stage.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-2During each of the three bands that played before them Joe Sartini, the vocalist of The 99 Degree, has been down the front doing his own unique shambling dance moves and yelling encouragement at the bands, it’s this kind of camaraderie amongst the bands that typifies the good natured atmosphere that has been present throughout tonight’s show, now it’s his turn to take to the stage. I’ve caught The 99 Degree twice so far this year, supporting Kid Congo And The Pink Monkeybirds and as a part of a Psychetropic showcase, but tonight they are taking the headlining spot and the support acts, the venue and the crowd have all built up the atmosphere perfectly for The 99 Degree to launch themselves towards 2017.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-3The 99 Degree have bought their deranged mix of rock ‘n roll and garage, that is all delivered with a spaghetti western sneer, to the Fallow Café. They open with their heavy primitive sound that immediately has the crowd moving, and you can’t help but get the feeling that tonight’s performance is what The 99 Degree have been working towards throughout 2016. Tonight they play their own deranged hallucinogenic surf rock, but despite the influences The 99 Degree are in no way buried in the past, they, along with support acts La Mode and Crimsons, are at the forefront of the latest incarnation of bands inspired by the sounds that originated in the sixties and early seventies.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-4Vocalist Joe Sartini announces that “the doors have been locked and the drinks have been spiked” and this is the signal for The 99 Degree to launch into a headlining set of their unique brand of garage dementia. Songs such as Losing My Mind energise the sweaty crowd that has packed out the Fallow Café, the set varies from sinister Link Wray inspired guitar lines, embodied in the track The End Of The Line, to full on garage floor shakers. The singers shambolic stage presence is in sharp contrast to the rest of the band who hammer out the kind of authentic razor sharp rock ‘n roll that is in no way designed to save your soul or be redemptive, they are the real deal.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-6It’s clear The 99 Degree have stepped up a gear, something they have managed to do every time I’ve seen them, which makes them a very exciting prospect for 2017, and tonight they confirmed new material was in the pipeline to follow on from their debut single, Dead Or Alive, which sounded better than ever tonight and brought a taste of the menace of the old west to South Manchester. Tonight they announced that they will be releasing an EP of new material next year and on the basis of the songs they played tonight that will populate the forthcoming The Banshee EP then it can only be a matter of time before The 99 Degree come to wider attention and spread their wings beyond the confines of their hometown.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-5The 99 Degree are possessed by the original untamed spirit of rock ‘ n roll that follows in the tradition of Vince Taylor, The Sonics and The Cramps, every generation has it’s own standard bearers that embody the primitive spirit of excess and hedonism, The 99 Degree haven’t so much picked up the torch, but they’ve stolen it and are using it light a suspicious smoke. The world needs bands like The 99 Degree that carry the spirit of rock ‘n roll and garage, but they also combine it with the fuck you attitude of punk rock and the meance of a Sergio Leone soundtrack to create something that is truly unique and as a result tonight’s show indicates that 2017 could well be their year.

99-degree-fallow-cafe-dec-7Sam Craighan‘s Facebook presence can be found here

La Mode‘s Facebook page is here and their debut EP is available via iTunes

Crimsons Facebook page can be found here

The 99 Degree‘s Soundcloud Page can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Dead Or Alive is available via The 99 Degree‘s Bandcamp here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images


James Williamson And Maia


Leopard Lady Records

Rating: 4/5




James Williamson should need no introduction, he played guitar on the legendary Raw Power album by Iggy And The Stooges, as well as recording subsequent albums with Iggy Pop and his solo material, including an album with The Careless Hearts and 2014’s Re-Licked. For this third, and final, single of 2016 the guitar legend has teamed up with a talented nineteen year old singer songwriter Maia. James Williamson has previously released two singles this year, these saw him team up with Petra Haden and The Bellrays’ vocalist Lisa Kekuala, this latest release see’s him unleash the third and final installment of new material for 2016, which completes an impressive and varied trio of singles. 

James Williamson and Maia have recorded a lead track, Sickkk, that features a classic James Williamson riff, it carries a undeniably rock ‘n roll quality that just hooks you straight into the single, couple this with Maia‘s soulful vocals and you have a winning combination. The flip side features I Made A Mistake, this carries a slightly more laid back feel than the title track, whilst it doesn’t carry the same immediacy as the a side, it has the same energy that you’d expect from a record produced by the legendary guitarist.

James Williamson has produced a triumvirate of singles, each with a different quality that’s tailored to the vocalist he’s collaborated with, in my opinion he’s saved the best for last with this single that introduces us to the vocal and songwriting talents of Maia. Given that three of the founder members of The Stooges have passed away, and the somewhat lacklustre nature of the last few Iggy Pop albums, this single means that James Williamson has become the standard bearer for the legacy of The Stooges.

You can order the digital single of Sickkk here and the vinyl 45 single can be ordered here

Swamp Delta Release ‘Talking To The Girls (On St. 51)’ Video

Swamp Delta have released a video for the track Talking To The Girls (On St. 51) that is taken from their critically acclaimed debut album, Sick Liver Blues. Swamp Delta are a muntant hybrid formed out of the ashes of Crazyhead, Gaye Bykers On Acid and The Hunters Club, they have now launched an all new website for the band and are seeing out the remainder of 2016 with shows at the Camden Rocks festival in London, a hometown show in Leicester and finally supporting punk legends The Rezillos in Nottingham.

Swamp Delta‘s website is here and their Bandcamp is here

You can view the video for Talking To The Girls (On St. 51), and their tour dates, below Read More…

Gang Reveal ‘Enough Nothing’ Video

gang-deadFollowing the sinister tale told in Gang‘s video for  Dead, the Brighton three piece have revealed part two of their grave tale in a new video for Enough Nothing, the flip-side to their AA side single, out now via Ra-Ra Rok Records. Gang have also confirmed they will be playing at 2017’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in addition to their UK dates in December. You can order the Dead/Enough Nothing AA side single here

The Punk Site review of Dead/Enough Nothing can be found here

You can view the video for Enough Nothing, and their December tour dates, below Read More…

The Two Tens Sign To Man Della Records

the-two-tens-nov-17The Two Tens are made up of Adam Bones, guitar and vocals, and Rikki Styxx, drums and backing vocals, together they have racked up a lot of accomplishments since the release of their first EP, Volume 1, including three additional EPs, the superb full length debut LP Volume and four US tours. The duo’s debut album was an entirely DIY affair that bought them to the attention of Man Della Records, who will be releasing their, as yet untitled, second album. They’ve already tracked three songs, including Keeping Hope Alive, the lead single which will be released next February. The Two Tens will also be releasing an advance track off their new album in December as a free download to their fans.
The Punk Site review of The Two Tens stunning debut album, Volume, can be read here
Volume can be purchased on all formats here and their tour dates can be viewed below

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Gang Share ‘Enough Nothing’ From New AA Side Single

gang-nov-16Brighton trio Gang have revealed Enough Nothing, the flip side to their forthcoming AA side single Dead / Enough Nothing, due November 25th via Ra-Ra Rok Records. Following their praised Animalia single that was released earlier this year via Corner Shop Pop Records, alongside a self organised tour of the UK, A tour supporting LA’s Wand and a BBC 6 Music session, Dead and Enough Nothing arrive in a haze of mystic fuzz and tangled dirge-pop.

You can stream Enough Nothing here and pre-order the single here

You can view the video for Dead, and their December tour dates, below Read More…

Leopold And His Fiction Premier ‘Im Caving In’

leoepld-iciAustin garage rockers Leopold And His Fiction are premiering their new single, I’m Caving In, they combine gritty ingenuity, delicately crafted lyrics and blistering guitar work to produce an impactful live performance. Their new album Darling Destroyer, slated for release on January 20, 2017.

You can pre-order Darling Destroyer, and download I’m Caving In, via iTunes

The video For I’m Caving In can be viewed below Read More…



Nudity Is God's Creation

Cardinal Fuzz

Rating: 3.5/5




Cardinal Fuzz have built a reputation as a label that is dedicated to bringing out some of the strangest and most unique recordings ever committed to wax, this time they have released Nudity Is God’s Creation. This is a retrospective release of recordings by Nudity dating from 2005 to 2010 of what is described as “orgasmic interstellar mayhem”. Formed in 2004 in Washington DC, Nudity only ever released a couple of self distributed CD’s and a solitary slab of vinyl, released via Discourage, but no actual album was ever released. But now those determined seekers of strangeness at Cardinal Fuzz have unearthed their back catalogue, along with a few bonus tracks, and put the whole shebang onto on one handy double album.

Nudity Is God’s Creation opens in fine style with Now I’m Resting, a savage fuzzy garage punk number that any lover of primitive proto punk will adore, This Man continues the fuzzy assault but with an added lysergic element thrown into the mix, and by the third track, Moon Druids, the acid appears to have well and truly kicked in. It wouldn’t be a Cardinal Fuzz release without a few extended psychedelic soundscapes, and the first of these, Birdsong, slows the pace down and ups the dose. Midway through the album the psychedelic connection is well and truly confirmed, with a faithful cover of the early Hawkwind classic, Hurry On Sundown, and after this you get a return to the proto punk vibe with Elevate In Rotation. Nudity Is God’s Creation ends in true Cardinal Fuzz fashion with four extended slabs of psychedelic strangeness, Rubicon, The Nightfeeders and Make Up, saving the strangest trip for last with Le Premier Voyage Du Capitaine.

Nudity featured Dave Harvey, John Quittner, Josh Hayes, of Feral Ohms, and Eryn Ross, of Growling, the fact that this band are a favourite of psyche aficionado Julian Cope should tell you everything you need to know about Nudity, this is a raw mix of garage punk and psychedelia, that if I didn’t know better I would swear was a product of the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. For me the album is at it’s best when it’s dishing out raw slabs of acid drenched garage rock, but the extended slices of psychedelia are not to be ignored. For those who are fans of the music that informed the first wave of punk, or for those who are sat in a suspicious haze, Nudity Is God’s Creation is an album that is worth exploring.

Nudity Is God’s Creation is a strictly limited release and can be ordered here

Crazyhead Release Back Catalogue Via Bandcamp

crazyhead-doFollowing the success of Swamp Delta, whose line up contains three former members of Crazyhead, there has been a resurgence of interest in the back catalogue of the much missed band. They received many message saying how it was hard to obtain Crazyhead releases, therefore they decided to create a Bandcamp site that will stream Crazyhead‘s lost and unavailable back catalogue in a good quality format for streaming, and full quality for the download. Initially they have made their classic debut album, Desert Orchid, and Live At Reading Rock Festival 1989 available. More reissues and lost releases from the brief turbulent history of Crazyhead will follow.

Crazyhead‘s Bandcamp can be found here

The 99 Degree Release Debut Single ‘Dead Or Alive’

the-99-degree-doaThe 99 Degree have announced that their debut single, Dead Or Alive, a dark and deranged spaghetti western, preacher killing, murder ballad, is now available as a pay what you want download via their Bandcamp. The 99 Degree have been tearing up stages in the North West of the UK, now those further afield can be exposed to their unique brand of garage psychosis.

You can read The Punk Site review of The 99 Degree live at The Soup Kitchen here

You can get Dead Or Alive as a name your price download here

Datura4 To Release Their Latest Studio Album ‘Hairy Mountain’ 

datura4-hmRock ‘n’ roll fans, please welcome Hairy Mountain, the second album from West Australia’’s Datura4. Building upon the “‘guitars-to-infinity’” approach of Datura4’‘s acclaimed debut LP ‘Demon Blues’, ‘Hairy Mountain’ is ten solid tracks celebrating an unbridled joy for rock ‘’n’’ roll, with a nod to the spiritual presence of their hairy Oz Rock forefathers. Hairy Mountain is the culmination of a lifetime of musical archaeology and the ongoing search for the never ending riff. Datura4‘s Hairy Mountain will be available on limited hand mixed starburst vinyl, CD and digital formats on October 28th via Alive Naturalsound Records.
The limited edition starburst vinyl of Hairy Mountain can be ordered here

All Them Witches / The Great Machine

Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

3rd October 2016

Rating: 4/5




Tonight is a return to the Deaf Institute, it seems that this venue, that is nestled on a side street in the heart of Manchester’s student district, is having a renaissance with the live acts that are visiting the city, and it’s easy the see why. The venue is a friendly intimate space on the third floor above the venues bar and club spaces, whilst it probably isn’t that popular with the roadies due to having to carry equipment up three flights of stairs, it is a unique venue that incorporates a seated area, balcony and decent sized dancefloor, and crucially for me a smoking area that doesn’t require the long walk downstairs. The sound is always spot on at this venue and it seems to foster a enthusiastic atmosphere amongst the crowd.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-1Tonight Nashville’s All Them Witches are making their second foray into the UK, but first up is Israel’s The Great Machine, they announce themselves in a distinctive Israeli accent “Good evening ladies and gentlemen… we are The Great Machine” and they burst into some seriously heavy and distorted garage, their sound can best be described if you try to imagine if Lemmy hadn’t forsaken acid prior to the formation of Motorhead. They deliver an intense and unique blend of garage, psychedelia and rock ‘n roll, there are few breaks in their set, heavy improvised jams link the songs and meld the set into an epic mind expanding dose of heavy psyche.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-2The Great Machine play everything at full tilt for maximum effect, it’s difficult to review a band like this with mentioning Hawkwind, there are definite parallels between The Great Machine‘s bass led compositions with their effects drenched guitar riffs and pounding drums and the Space Ritual album, the bass lines are hypnotic rumbles and you get the impression that there is an element of improvisation to their performance, I doubt that two of their performances are alike. The Great Machine are a relentless hard edged psychedelic jam and as such they make the perfect support for tonight’s concert, this is their first tour of the UK and judging by the crowd’s response I doubt it it’ll be their last.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-3The Great Machine are one of the friendliest and most down to earth bands I’ve met, they smoke and drink with the audience and it seems they would be willing to talk for hours about music, their experiences of the music scene in their native Israel and their brushes with the law. Their singer is insistent that he wants the t-shirt I’m wearing tonight and I end up swapping shirts with him, something that I’ve never done before at a concert. During All Them Witches set they are down the front with the crowd, they have boundless levels of energy and a genuine love of music that shone through in their set, their conversation and their love of the headlining act who requested The Great Machine as their support act.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-1Tonight the Deaf Institute is as packed as I’ve seen it and there is a distinct buzz amongst the crowd prior to the arrival of All Them Witches, they have developed a reputation as a live act and expectations amongst the crowd are running high. All Them Witches take the stage in understated fashion, sadly the start of the set is plagued by technical issues, the initial smokey bourbon drenched number is subject to a number of false starts, but happily the problems are eventually resolved and their set can begin in earnest, albeit with a stripped down guitar sound that has been thrust onto them for the evening. Where The Great Machine were an assault on your senses All Them Witches are in contrast a much subtler beast with a laid back southern character, but one which has no less of an impact.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-2This is not the first time All Them Witches have played Manchester, judging by the crowds reaction to them they have well and truly established themselves in the North West of the UK, they may be a long way from Tennessee but they appear relaxed and at home. Their blues influenced psyche is played with an intensity that belies the laid back nature of their music, requests are yelled from the crowd, including a request to have sex on the stage, which are all met with an easy going southern charm, this is a band that seems to encourage a strange level of devotion amongst their more committed fans. Their material ebbs and flows throughout the set, building in intensity and then easing back into mellower bluesy strains.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-3All Them Witches set is one that defies categorisation, they play a career spanning set, that is just shy of two hours long, that veers between psyche, blues and southern rock, this is far from the usual kind of band I see but they are certainly impressive live. All Them Witches roots may lie back in the past, but what they bring to the stage is a contemporary mix of psyche and blues that is played with a relaxed and easy going charm that just pulls you into their sound. If you have any love for garage, blues and pyschedelia then tonight’s two bands would be a near perfect package for you.

Photography is by Dean Unsworth and his Instagram account is located here, you can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The Great Machine‘s Bandcamp is here and there Facebook account is here

All Them Witches website is here, their Bandcamp is here and their Facebook page is here

Jeff The Brotherhood Zero

JEFF The Brotherhood


Dine Alone Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Since their formation fifteen years ago, whilst still in high school in Nashville, Tennessee, JEFF The Brotherhood have been consistently dishing out their own brand of psychedelic fuzzed up power pop ever since. This is JEFF The Brotherhood‘s eleventh studio album, Zone follows hot on the heels of their two 2015 album releases, Wasted On The Dream, and Global Chakra Rhythms.

Zone opens with the title track, which contains a sinister fuzzed up funeral beat accompanied by dark swirling keyboards, this switches to the opening pounding riff of Energy, that swiftly eases back into a lonesome guitar riff before mutating into a sonic blast of psychedelia. Punishment is a short garage influenced number, which begins as a simple riff before a mass of effects are stamped into action, giving the number a much fuzzier heavier tone. My personal favourite on Zone is Juice, apart from it’s wonderful bouncy riff it contains the lyric ‘I’m getting busted in a space shuttle’ which is probably the best metaphor for Zone that I can think of, it feels like the Ramones under the influence of mind expansion. The tracks that follow are equally upbeat, Roachin’ sounds like Hole should have sounded and Idiot is a slice of pure exhuberant fuzzy power pop. After this trio of infectious fuzzy songs the album abruptly switches to the downbeat Ox, this is an album that constantly changes style and tempo but all the while maintaining a unique character and dark fuzziness. The final two tracks, You and Portugal, are heavy epic numbers that bring the album to a gloriously noisy end.

Zone can be stratospheric one moment and downbeat, heartfelt, hedonistic and suspiciously hazy the next. Shades of substance use and the character of the darker end of pyschedelia and garage are prevalent alongside a raw punk influence, this collision of influences has made this is a truly individual band and, more importantly, one that has made a truly great album. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t encountered Jeff The Brotherhood prior to this album, but that is something I’m going to rectify. Whilst there are another fourteen albums to investigate I think that Zone would be the perfect starting point to acquaint yourself with this band. JEFF The Brotherhood have produced a superb and strange amalgamation of garage fuzz, psychedelic strangeness, indie cool and punk attitude, in short it is an excellent and utterly unique album that I think you need to own.

Zone is due for release on September 30th via Dine Alone Records and you can pre order the album here

Culture Abuse Release ‘Dream On’ Video And Announce US Tour

Culture AbuseSan Francisco’s rowdiest punks, Culture Abuse, have teamed with CLRVYNT to premiere their music video for Dream On one of the infectious blasts of fun from their debut full length, Peach, out now via 6131 Records. Culture Abuse is that rare band that can throw anything at the wall and make it stick, and Dream On is a perfect example of this ability. The song takes punk, hardcore, grunge, and garage, and blends them into the kind of a surprisingly cohesive mix that permeates Peach.

Peach is available now, and Culture Abuse have announced another lengthy run of tour dates to support the album. The band’s North American tour will see them playing shows with Touché Amoré, Tiny Moving Parts, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Creepoid, Drug Church, and many more. 

Peach can be purchased here and you can read The Punk Site review of the album here

The video for Dream On and the US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons Announce UK Tour

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons 2016 TourPussycat And The Dirty Johnsons have announce extensive UK tour dates throughout the remainder of 2016, they have also confirmed that they already have a number of gigs and festival dates confirmed for 2017, including a trip to Germany. In addition to this they have announced that they will be back in the studio in 2017 to finally record their long awaited, and as yet untitled, third album
Their tour dates can be viewed by clicking on the image on the left
You can visit the Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons website here
Broncho DV


Double Vanity

Dine Alone Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Oklahoma’s Broncho have bought us their third album, Double Vanity, via Dine Alone Records. This is the follow up to their 2014 release Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, the easy path would have been to continue in the style of their critically acclaimed sophomore album, thankfully they have chosen a more challenging and rewarding path. This a shift away from their first two releases and takes us into darker stranger territory.

The band have stated that the goal on this release was to slow things down, but to somehow retain the energy of their earlier releases, as much as this sounds like an impossible contradiction I think they have achieved this reality defying goal. From the slow burning opener, All Time, with its heavy distorted riff, the pace and intensity of Double Vanity very slowly rises, peaking at the tracks New Karma and Speed Demon, before it slowly eases you back down again. This is a genre spanning release, there are touches of psychedelia and garage in addition to hints of beach boys harmony, a smattering of dirty blues and the occasional dark fifties melody, but all done with an impressive individual twist. This album floats in a suspicious haze of atmospheric garage rock textures and dark reverb that is strangely comforting.

Broncho remind me of a pummelling version of The Raveonettes when they were in their prime. This is no predictable straight up indie rock release, Double Vanity is a strange dark beast of an album, but it is one that will lurk happily in your collection, until late one night the mood will take you to play Double Vanity and you will happily slip into it’s uncompromising embrace.

Double Vanity will be released on the 17th June and can be pre-ordered from the usual sources, or directly from Dine Alone Records here:

The Bronsons release free Birthday Bash Live EP

Bronsons BBEP

The Bronsons have released The Birthday Bash EP, it features five tracks recorded live at their appearance in April at The Dublin Castle, London. This will only be available for a limited time as The Bronsons apparently have bigger and better things for us in the pipeline. 

If you like authentic charged garage and pub rock then you should download the EP for free from The Bronsons bandcamp here