Janitors HUM

The Janitors

Horn Ur Marken

Cardinal Fuzz

Rating: 3.5/5




Cardinal Fuzz have unleashed yet another release from the strange and fuzzy place in which this label exists, this time they have brought us Sweden’s The Janitors who are self styled purveyors of ‘Stökpsych’ a scuzzy barbed wall of fuzz that channels the dark recesses from the worlds of garage and psyche. The Janitors latest full length, Horn Ur Marken, follows on the their last release, Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind, that was released two long years ago. Horn Ur Marken is now available from Cardinal Fuzz on black vinyl, that is presented in a full colour fluorescent UV sleeve, and CD.

Horn Ur Marken kicks in as it means to go on with a seriously dark slab of fuzz in the shape of the opening track, Trojan Horse, where treble laced guitar sits atop a wall of dark fuzz and a pounding relentless drum beat, this is followed by the slow grind of the album’s epic title track, the intensity builds up across this ten minute opus until it ends it a squall of feedback that fades into the mind warping dark groove of Neon Times. The relentless dark twisted tones continue with the almost hypnotic beat of Blizzard and the sinister vibes of Into The Woods and Fear Of All before the tripped out finale, Alarmatica, brings Horn Ur Marken to an end.

The Janitors have delivered a dark slice of psyche from the dark heart of Scandinavia, Horn Ur Marken is an album with immense walls of fuzz that are coupled with a consistently sinister undercurrent. If you are a fan of the darker side of psyche and garage then The Janitors are a band that should definitely be on your radar. Their unique blend of influences, that are shaped by the current state of world affairs, is one that is idiosyncratic and whilst it follows in the tradition of fellow Swedish purveyors of fuzz such as The Nomads, The Hellacopters and The Hives, Horn Ur Marken takes things into a darker place and you can’t help but feel that in Cardinal Fuzz they have found their spiritual home.

Horn Ur Marken can be ordered from Cardinal Fuzz here


Pulled Apart By Horses / Tigercub

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

6th April 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 1Welcome to musical menagerie that sees Pulled Apart By Horses and Tigercub visit Manchester’s Sound Control, as is the increasingly common and very annoying policy of many venues, the bands start ridiculously early, especially for those of us who reside in the suburbs, to make way for a club night, so we’ve missed Thee MVPs by the time we finally get into the venue. This is annoying as I always try to catch every band and was looking forward to seeing them, hopefully I’ll catch them on their next visit to the city. On the plus side at least we arrived in time for Tigercub, as with the last gig I attended at Sound Control bass heavy hip hop precedes the arrival of the bands.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 2Tigercub make an unassuming entrance and launch into a haunting introduction, before their bass heavy aural assault laced with reverb drenched guitar hooks kicks in. Tigercub are underpinned by a remorseless rhythm section that is complimented with some twisted guitar riffs, all of which is overlaid with a vocal drawl that is delivered with a laid back style that belies the energy of their material. Tigercub straddle genres, they possess the bass heavy drive of grunge that is mixed with indie, punk and garage, and a dash of pretty much everything else is thrown into the mix, to create a cocktail that’s hard to describe, but if you think of a J. Mascis fronted Nirvana channelling early Muse and you’re about half way there.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 3Tigercub deliver a grinding heavy mix of alternative styles that defies categorisation, even when you think you’ve got a handle on them another card is dealt from the bottom of the pack to keep you off balance. I had no idea what to expect from a band called Tigercub, but it wasn’t the heady pounding mix that is delivered by this Brighton Trio, what I do know is that they have a captivating and original sound that I hope to experience again. What was a sparsely populated Sound Control at the start of the night has filled up nicely during the course of Tigercub‘s support slot, ready for Pulled Apart By Horses headlining set in support of the excellent new album, The Haze, that was released last month via Caroline International

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 1After a lengthy set up and an eclectic, to say the least, DJ set, Pulled Apart By Horses take to the stage to an absolutely packed Sound Control, from the first number they kick straight into overdrive with their high octane garage infused rock, and its clear from the off that they already have an established, and very vocal fan base, in Manchester. As the second song kicks in an enthusiastic and sweaty mosh pit has already formed and as good as I thought the The Haze album was, what has becomes immediately clear is that Pulled Apart By Horses are a band whose natural home is on stage, as the energy levels have already been raised to critical levels.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 3Pulled Apart By Horses set encompasses their four albums, throughout they maintain their high energy levels for a set of genre spanning rock that really has to be experienced live, their onstage intensity is matched by the crowds reaction, one that is as enthusiastic as I’ve seen at a midweek gig in Manchester. The set played tonight is one that’s as relentless as I’ve heard, there is no slow number to pause for breath or to slip to the bar, every song they deliver is as good as the last, and if you want to see the spirit of rock ‘n roll embodied in a band then go and see Pulled Apart By Horses, as their brand of garage fuelled rock ‘n roll is as good as anyone I’ve seen, thankfully there are no metal or rock clichés or excesses as this is stripped down rock ‘n roll at its finest.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 2My previous exposure to Pulled Apart By Horses was reviewing The Haze and I thought that was a damn fine album, but as good as that album was live they are a totally different prospect, and as energetic as the band were it must be said that just as much credit must go the audience who have given it everything tonight, from circle pits and demented mosh pits to a steady wave of crowdsurfing throughout the set. Pulled Apart By Horses would seem to be an odd choice of name, but after seeing them live it’s one that makes perfect sense, after seeing the commitment of the crowd and the band tonight I can only imagine that’s exactly what they feel like after a show like this.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 4Pulled Apart By Horses include an intense cover of The Beatles classic Helter-Skelter in the set, that is delivered with the spirit of the original, and its a compliment to them to say that this is easily the best cover I’ve heard of this classic number, and believe me I’ve heard a few. It was impressive that the pit was that frantic and frenzied as I’ve seen in a while, as an added bonus it kept people filming the show to an minimum, and I can’t think of a better way of keeping this annoying trend out of live shows. The night ended with the vocalist and guitarist Tom Hudson surfing across the crowd, it seems that the last hour has flown by in a loud, sweaty, energetic blur and if tonight wasn’t rock ‘n roll then I don’t know what is.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 5Pulled Apart By Horses website is here

The Punk Site Review of The Haze can be read here

Tigercub‘s web presence can be found here

Thee MVPs Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The 99 Degree Release Teaser Track For ‘Boot Hill Surf Club’ EP

99 Degree Boot Hill Surf Club 2The 99 Degree‘s new EP, Boot Hill Surf Club, will be released in the near future with a launch show confirmed for the 12th May at Manchester’s Castle Hotel. They will be warming up for the release of their new EP with an appearance at Manchester’s Get Fucked festival on the 29th April. The 99 Degree‘s debut single, Dead Or Alive, is still available as free download here 

Tickets for the launch show on the 12th May can be purchased here

You can listen the teaser for the forthcoming Boot Hill Surf Club EP here

The 99 Degree To Release ‘Boot Hill Surf Club’ EP

99 Degree Boot Hill Surf ClubThe 99 Degree have announced they will be releasing their new EP, Boot Hill Surf Club, in the near future with a launch show confirmed for the 12th May at Manchester’s Castle Hotel. They will be warming up for the release of their new EP with an appearance at Manchester’s Heaven On Earth festival on the 22nd April, The 99 Degree‘s debut single, Dead Or Alive, is still available as free download.
Dead Or Alive is available for free here and the band’s Facebook page is here
Tickets for the Boot Hill Surf Club launch show can be purchased here

Arc Flash Release Full Stream Of ‘Carbon Copy’ LP

Arc Flash Carbon CopyLawrence, Kansas duo Arc Flash are set to release Carbon Copy, their explosive full length debut on March 31st via High Dive Records and ahead of the release date the band have released a full stream of the record. Carbon Copy is an album full of blistering punk energy, infectious hooks, and raw fuzz, that makes the band’s sound explosive and aggressively catchy. 

You can stream Carbon Copy in full via Uproxx here

Carbon Copy can be pre-ordered here

The Two Tens Release ‘Keeping Hope Alive’ Single

TTwo Tens KHAhe Two Tens have released their new single, Keeping Hope Alive, on vinyl and digital formats, the new release also features a Little Richard cover, Bama Lama Bama Loo, on the b side. Keeping Hope Alive is taken from The Two Tens forthcoming sophomore album, that is due for release in July 2017 on Man Della Records. The Two Tens will be performing a series of headline shows before touring with The Dollyrots and Go Betty Go

Keeping Hope Alive can purchased and streamed here

The Video for Keeping Hope Alive, and the band’s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

The Two Tens To Release New Single ‘Keeping Hope Alive’

Two Tens KHAThe Two Tens have racked up a lot of accomplishments since the release of their first EP, Volume 1, including three additional EPs, the full-length LP Volume, and four US tours. Since then, The Two Tens have signed with Man Della Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled second album, due July 14th. They’ve already tracked three songs in Minneapolis with producer John Fields, including Keeping Hope Alive, the lead-off single which will be released in advance of the album on February 10.
Keeping Hope Alive can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats here
The video for Keeping Hope Alive can be viewed below

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The 99 Degree

Dead Or Alive

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




The 99 Degree released their debut single, Dead Or Alive, earlier this year, they play an unhinged combination of surf, psych and garage which sounds like it originates from a sparsely populated ghost town in the mid west of America, rather than the urban sprawl of Greater Manchester in the UK. The 99 Degree have regularly been tearing up stages in the North West of England, but now those further afield can be exposed to their unique brand of garage psychosis

Dead Or Alive opens with the kind of ominous tones that usually precede a mysterious stranger gunning people down in a spaghetti western, this is a dark and deranged preacher killing murder ballad that captures the spirit of the best Sergio Leone westerns and combines this with the ghost of the original spirit of deranged rock ‘n roll. Vocalist Joe Sartini delivers the murderous tale with his transatlantic spanning vocal style while Phil Turner‘s twisted Gretsch guitar tones give the single it’s underlying menace, the whole package is underpinned by Paul Featherstone and Craig Trickett‘s rock solid rhythm section that keeps The 99 Degree‘s excesses securely anchored.

If you have any love for primitive garage bands such as The Cramps, or the original purveyors of garage and psyche that populated the legendary Pebbles compilations, then The 99 Degree are a band you need to acquaint yourself with, and as this single has been made available as a name your price download then what are you waiting for?

Dead Or Alive is available as a name your price download via The 99 Degree‘s Bandcamp here


All Them Witches

Live In Brussels

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Ahead of their October tour of the UK, Nashville’s All Them Witches released Live In Brussels, a new live album recorded at Belgium’s Ancienne Belgique whilst on their first European tour in March 2016. Live In Brussels continues All Them Witches tradition of releasing live recordings off their own back, direct to their fans, who are as loyal as they come. On their recent summer tour across North America the band were robbed of $4500’s worth of their venue checks and merchandise sales, and faced little other option than to set up an online donation page to try and recoup lost funds in the middle of the tour, their fans impressively topped the goal in under 24 hours. So what has caused this level of dedication amongst their fan base?

The first observation is that for an album release that All Them Witches are giving away the quality is stunning, every note and instrument is crystal clear. The opening number, The Death Of Coyote Woman, has elements of The Doors at their peak along with some fine blues stylings. Funeral For a Great Dying Bird eases into When God Comes Back and the tempo increases and this incorporates some excellent fuzz drenched guitar work. All Them Witches build up and bring down the pace throughout Live In Brussels building up to the triumphant final track My Last Name Is The Blues. This is an accomplished fourteen track live album of laid back psychedelia, blues and stoner rock, and if you have any love for the bands of the mid to late 1960’s that pioneered this style then you should really be adding this to your collection.

All Them Witches first two studio albums, 2012’s Our Mother Electricity and 2014’s Lightning at the Door, laid the groundwork for where we find ourselves today, their latest LP Dying Surfer Meets His Maker has seem them evolve into a sophisticated psych-rock outfit that remains faithful to the bands that paved the way for them. Live In Brussels follows on from their critically acclaimed new album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker and it is a live album as it oughta be, a complete and uncut live performance without overdubs. As Live In Brussels is available as a ‘name your price’ download you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking this band out

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker can be purchased here

Live In Brussels can be downloaded as a ‘name your price’ download here

The Punk Site‘s live review of All Them Witches from October 2016 can be read here

Trampolene To Release ‘Pocket Album Five’

trampolene-divided-kingdomSwansea city rockers Trampolene, who continue to deliver electrical shockers with their unique combination of garage rock, kitchen sink poetry and acoustic heartbreakers, release a new five track mini album, Pocket Album Five, via Mi7 Records on Friday the 25th November. Pocket Album Number Five was recorded live at Ray Davies’ Konk Studios and it is the follow up to The Gangway. A new single, Divided Kingdom, is available now when you pre-order Pocket Album Five on iTunes.
Tour dates can be viewed below and Pocket Album Number Five can be ordered here

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Leopold And His Fiction Confirm US And European Tour Dates

leopold-and-his-fiction-cowboyIn addition to the release of their new single and video, Cowboy, Leopold And His Fiction have commenced a global tour this week with stops in New Orleans, London, Hamburg and a home town show in Austin, Texas. Leopold And His Fiction combine gritty ingenuity, delicately crafted lyrics and blistering guitar work to produce an impactful live performance. The tour is in anticipation of their new album Darling Destroyer, slated for release in early 2017 and Cowboy can be downloaded via iTunes

The video for Cowboy and the Tour Dates can be viewed Below Read More…

Leopold And His Fiction Unveil ‘Cowboy’ Single And Video

leopold-and-his-fiction-cowboyTexas based group, Leopold And His Fiction, released their new single Cowboy today, along with a music video, to kick-off their global tour. They are described as “an introduction to the album as a whole” by Leopold himself. The track features scorching guitar riffs and a thrillingly raw vocal performance, while the character driven visual accompaniment jumps seamlessly between nostalgia and modernism. Their tour is in anticipation of their new album Darling Destroyer, slated for release in early 2017.
Leopold And His Fiction‘s web presence can be found here
Cowboy can be purchased via iTunes and the video can be viewed below

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Idiot Genes Release ‘iScratch’ from ‘Oof Bonk’ LP

Idiot Genes OBIdiot Genes specialize in a raw and immature style of punk, balancing explosive grunge and heavily damaged garage rock with a reckless lack of sobriety. The Boston quartet are crude and ready for debauchery, and it’s safe to say they don’t take themselves too seriously in the process. Channelling their mayhem into a genuine studio recording for the first time.

Oof Bonk is due out on September 23rd via Midnight Werewolf Records

You can listen to iScratch here and pre-order Oof Bonk here

You can view Idiot Genes tour dates below Read More…

Conquerers WT

The Conquerors

Wyld Time

High Dive Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Conquerors are psych pop sextet from Kansas City, Wyld Times is the band’s full length debut and it is due out on August 26th on High Dive Records. This is an unashamedly retro album, and this is quite possibly the most authentically sixties band I’ve heard since The Fuzztones. Whilst those legends of the garage revival scene mainline pure unadulterated garage rock, The Conquerors blend elements of sixties soul, pop and garage together for an authentic trip back in time. Alongside the obvious sixties influences you can detect hints of the likes of The Strokes and The Libertines in their sound.

Wyld Time is so embedded in the past in it’s style and delivery that at times it’s hard to believe this is a contemporary album. This is an authentic album of sixties pop and garage, everything from the bands appearance to the art work and the album title scream sixties and the harmonies and chord changes come straight from The Beatles songbook. That’s not to say that The Conquerors are in any way a cover band or unoriginal, it’s just that they are wearing their influences firmly, and proudly, on their paisley patterned sleeves. There isn’t a weak track on here but I can’t help feeling that the only thing it’s lacking is a stand out track, something that really picks you up and shakes you, as many of the original garage bands singles did to me when I was first exposed to the likes of Nobody’s Children, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators and The Seeds.

If you have any love at all for the kind of sixties garage that populated the legendary Pebbles and Nuggets compilations then The Conquerors are a band you need to investigate, as you won’t find a more authentic slice of a bygone era without revisiting the original records. Wyld Time is a slick retro psych soundtrack that has one winklepicker clad foot stuck firmly in the past.

Wyld Time can be pre-ordered here

Idiot Genes New Booze Fueled LP Due Out September 23rd

Idiot Genes OBIdiot Genes specialize in a raw and immature style of punk, balancing explosive grunge and heavily damaged garage rock with a reckless lack of sobriety. The Boston quartet are crude and ready for debauchery, and it’s safe to say they don’t take themselves too seriously in the process. Channelling their mayhem into a genuine studio recording for the first time, Oof Bonk is the band’s latest album and it is due out September 23rd via Midnight Werewolf Records.

You can stream the track Winedust here

You can pre-order Oof Bonk here

Lee Harveys BFTP

The Lee Harveys

Bullet For The President

FOAD Musick

Rating: 4/5




The Lee Harveys are a punk quartet from Dublin, Ireland that in the three short years since their debut album was released have toured relentlessly, including a recent headlining slot on the Pavillion Stage at this years Rebellion Festival. This is The Lee Harveys third full length album, it follows on from their acclaimed albums, Gun City and Still Angry. Lead singer, Bitzy, was in a punk band back in the dawn of punk in the late seventies, after a lengthy break of several decades he decided to return to the fray, this would go someway to explaining the original punk feel that The Lee Harveys possess.

Be What You Want To Be opens the album in impressive style, it’s an impassioned and energetic calling to follow your own path, every track on this album is delivered with a wonderful raw feel, the production is minimal and lets the quality of the bands songwriting and delivery shine. Every bass line is solid and the guitar hooks are all sparkling and addictive, there is an influence from the first wave of European punk bands, but alongside that there are other influences present, including elements of rock ‘n roll and sixties garage, that make The Lee Harveys an original and contemporary band that you need to hear.

This is not by any means a predictable punk album, whilst it has an authentic sound and live feel, that suits the material perfectly, there is so much more to The Lee Harveys than just being another punk band. All twelve tracks are well crafted melodic numbers that make me wish I could turn back time and ensure that I’d caught them at this years Rebellion Festival. On the strength of this release I will be getting hold of their first two albums, as this is a solid and original album that marks them out from pack.

The Lee Harveys first two albums, Gun City and Still Angry, are both available for pay what you want here

Bullet For The President can be ordered from FOAD Musick here

Yeesh CB


Confirmation Bias

Tiny Engines Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Chicago trio Yeesh have brought us Confirmation Bias, their first release for Tiny Engines Records, the album was recorded and mixed by Dave Vettraino at Public House Sound Recordings in Autumn 2015. This is their sophomore album, and it has the unenviable task of following the success of last years debut release, No Problem.

Confirmation Bias opens with a slow build up of feedback that gives you the idea that you’re going to be in for an aural assault, and it doesn’t disappoint, they lurch straight into Xan Wagon, this is a slice of frantic disjointed punk rock, had the album continued in the vein then I’d have been happy enough, but it doesn’t, it never settles into it’s comfort zone once. Yeesh incorporate elements of indie, garage, punk, post punk and even a touch of hardcore into their idiosyncratic blend of styles and influences, trying to describe a band like this is a difficult task, we can try a less together Fugazi, or maybe a more together Dead Milkmen, but neither of these quite hits the spot, especially as the sound and style varies from song to song, and even during songs.

Confirmation Bias is ten deranged slices of whatever the hell this is, it has a definite punk influence but it has incorporated so many other styles they’ve become a unique beast, that has it’s own unique sound. Another point in it’s favour is that the album has a wonderful live quality to it, you get the impression the touches in the studio have been very light and Yeesh have made exactly the album they wanted to. I think the best advice is that you give the two tracks that are available for streaming, via the link below, a go and make your own mind up.

Confirmation Bias was released on July 22nd and can be ordered here

Meet Your Death

Meet Your Death

Meet Your Death

12XU Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Meet Your Death are a group that have introduced their own brand of bluesy garage rock with their self titled debut album, this is a band who have a hefty pedigree that brings an authenticity to every last second of Meet Your Death. Walter Daniels, who has played heartfelt blues harmonica with numerous artists, reprises the role of frontman that he last took on in Texan legends Jack O’ Fire. He has teamed up with John Schooly who has previously played in The Revelators, accompanying the two battle scarred veterans are two new recruits who are half the age of their seasoned frontman. The two younger members have already established themselves on their own terms, the appropriately named drummer, Matt Hammer, has been a member of The Strange Boys and OBN IIIs, whilst bassist Harper Assi has previously provided the bass rumble for bands such as Wiccans, Bad Faith and Video.

From the voodoo rhythms of the opening track, Obeah Man, that kicks off this eight track release with a primal drum beat. This sets the tone for Meet Your Death‘s debut album firmly with a primal bluesy garage, it features raw rasping vocals with a distinctive bluesy growl that combines with fuzzy primitive rhythms, squalls of fierce demonic harmonica punctuate the growling vocals and distorted riffs. Meet Your Death is a relentless dirty interpretation of the blues that is informed by the energy and listless snarl of the best garage bands. You can hear the echoes of the likes of fellow Texans The Thirteenth Floor Elevators in the DNA of this album alongside the dominant blues influence.

Meet Your Death forms part of the worldwide resurgence in bands performing a garage and fuzz infused version of the blues which has become known as punk blues, or in some cases bastard blues. This the soundtrack to shots of bourbon and suspicious cigarettes, it contains an authentic blues feels which seamlessly incorporates garage rock influences to make a contemporary and original interpretation of the blues.

Meet Your Death will be released on August 12th and it can be ordered from 12XU Records here

The Conquerers To Release ‘Wyld Time” Album

Conquerers WTThe Conquerors, a vibrant psych pop sextet from the heart of Kansas City, have released a stream of their new single Turned Me To Stone. Their retro psych soundtrack is one which bounces between howling garage fury and sweet jittery psyche pop, all the while keeping one foot firmly in the past. The band’s full length debut, Wyld Time, is due out August 26th on High Dive Records

You can listen to the track Turned To Stone here

Wyld Time can be pre-ordered here

Dead Ships CC

The Dead Ships


Nevado Music

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s been three years years since Los Angeles garage rock trio The Dead Ships formed and Citycide is their debut full length. The release of Citycide follows a relentless touring schedule and the release of numerous EP’s, in this time the howling garage rock trio claim to have toured the shadiest parts of the continent, and slept on the grimiest of couches. The result of their endeavours is a growing reputation as a live act and numerous accolades for their incendiary live performances.

From the opening chords of Citycide I can tell we’re in for a healthy dose of contemporary garage, their style originates from the bands that populated the legendary Pebbles compilations, but this is no throwback to the sixties as The Dead Ships sound is augmented with later influences, notably indie, punk rock and the garage rock revival of the early 2000’s, that bands like The Hives pioneered. The Dead Ships switch the tone and pace of the album constantly throughout Citycide, from the laid back bluesy style of the opening number, Company Line, through to the frantic punk energy of Los Feliz, to the haunting, and appropriately titled, Séance, The Dead Ships never once settle into a comfortable rut. There are big reverb heavy guitar riffs that are littered all over this album and The Dead Ships possess that confident swagger that all great garage bands have about them. Stylistically they have echoes of Swedish garage rock legends Mando Diao, they are no carbon copy of that fine band but there are distinct parallels in their approach, attitude and vocal delivery.

This is a damn fine album which contains twelve solid tracks of contemporary garage influenced rock ‘n roll, if I had to fault it I’d say that there isn’t an obvious single or stand out track on Citycide but that’s a minor quibble given their isn’t weak track on Citycide. The Dead Ships have produced a solid debut album in Citycide, this is an album that denizens of the garage rock scene will adore and it should only cement the reputation The Dead Ships have built over the last three years.

Citycide can be ordered here

Shondikes PMOM

The Shondikes

Psychotic Make Out Music

Glunk Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Shondikes are a musical collective that seems to be based around songwriter, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Mick Modell. The Shondikes claim that each and every track on this album was mixed differently, even during sections of individual songs, apparently they turned up all the parts of the songs they liked best. They describe this technique as producing psychotic maximum mono soul power for lovers, so a unique approach and genre would appear to be on display here.

From the opening number, Greasy Sex Disco, it becomes clear that we are dealing with a unique hybrid of all that is trashy in rock ‘n roll, incorporating the attitude and swagger of garage bands, the energy of rock n roll, the DIY approach of punk, the powerful delivery of soul and even occasional sleazy lounge stylings. The song titles are as gloriously demented as the rest of the album, titles such as Cocaine Sex Slave Party and White Vampire Speed add to the overall intoxicated, sleazy and chaotic impression that this album delivers on every level, on every track.

It’s not often you can describe a band as unique, but The Shondikes leave you with little option, at their core they are a garage band, but the random approach and hybrid of styles is so chaotic and varied that you can’t really pin it down. On the downside the way it has been mixed is both a hindrance and a help on this album, at times you lose elements of the songs and in others it brings the finest elements to the fore, whilst I will always applaud and support bands doing things on their terms, I can’t help but feel that some coherent production could have made this a great album. As it is Psychotic Make Out Music is a glorious trashy mess of an album and I doubt there’s anything else out there quite like it.

Psychotic Make Out Music can be ordered from Glunk Records here

Idiot Genes Announce Release Date For Debut Album ‘Oof Bonk’

Idiot Genes OBIdiot Genes specialize in a raw and immature style of punk, balancing explosive grunge and heavily damaged garage rock with a reckless lack of sobriety. The Boston quartet are crude and ready for debauchery, and it’s safe to say they don’t take themselves too seriously in the process. Channeling their mayhem into a genuine studio recording for the first time, Oof Bonk. Due out September 23rd via Midnight Werewolf Records, the record is focused on shattering the mundane and accepting the joys in a shitty existence.

You can the stream the track Junkin’ here  and Oof Bonk can be pre ordered here

JEFF The Brotherhood To Release ‘Zone’ On September 30th

Jeff The Brotherhood ZeroSince their formation fifteen years ago, whilst still in high school in Nashville, Tennessee, JEFF The Brotherhood have been consistently dishing out their own brand of psychedelic fuzzed up power pop. Today they have announced the release of their eleventh studio album, Zone, which is due for release on September 30th via Dine Alone Records. Zone follows hot on the heels of  their two 2015 album releases; Wasted On The Dream, and Global Chakra Rhythms. Zone can be stratospheric one moment, and offer downbeat, heartfelt, hedonistic and hazy nuggets the next. 

You can pre order Zone via iTunes and Google Play

You can stream the track Punishment here

Steve Adamyk band GL

Steve Adamyk Band


Dirtnap Records

Rating: 3.5/5




This is the fifth album from Canadian power pop quartet, the Steve Adamyk Band, the band backing the prolific Steve Adamyk seems to be in a constant state of flux, on this release his band includes members of Sonic Avenues, it also features guest vocals from Colleen Green and Mike Krol. Graceland follows on from 2014’s Dial Tone and continues single mindedly down the same path as it’s predecessors, this is a fast and furious slab of power pop punk that doesn’t relent for almost it’s entirety.

This bare bones production conveys the bands music well, the guitars are frantically strummed and the whole album has the feeling of a band who are racing against time to get the album finished. The first eleven tracks are all cut from the same cloth, the frenzied power pop songs tend to blur into each other a bit at times but regardless of this, Graceland remains a highly enjoyable stimulant induced soundtrack. The album ends in a more experimental frame of mind, the penultimate track High Mile is a fine piece of fuzzy garage rock, as is the hidden bonus track Heyday.

From a personal viewpoint I’d like to have heard a bit more experimentation to break up the barrage of power pop, as it is the tracks that offer something different are all bunched up at the end of Graceland, but having said that this is fine frenetic album of power pop and garage rock. If you could harness the energy on display on Graceland then I reckon the Steve Adamyk Band could solve the worlds fuel crisis singlehandedly, to underline this point apparently a sixth album is already in the pipeline, I’ll have some of whatever Steve Adamyk is having.

The Steve Adamyk Band bandcamp can be found here

Graceland will be released on July 29th 2016 and can be ordered from that date, as Dirtnap Records don’t do pre-orders, here

The Fuzztones Rudi Protrudi To Release Autobiography

Fuzztones BookThe Fuzztones are a legendary garage band who were right at the epicentre of the garage revival and the resurrected psychedelic movement of the eighties. Rudi Protrudi, the lead singer and mastermind of the legendary garage band, has finally written down his memoirs. The result is an extensive opus, that they could only fit into two large volumes. The first part, Raisin’ A Ruckus, includes 200 pages, with many pictures, and describes Rudi’s childhood, his youth and his life as a musician from his early bands of the sixties, the art punks Tina Peel and up to the first incarnation of The Fuzztones line up. The second volume, A Life At Psychedelic Velocity, covers from the dissolution of the first line up to the present day, and will be available at the end of September.

Pre-orders for the first volume, The Fuzztone: Raisin’ A Ruckus, can be made here

Mudhoney Euro Tour

Mudhoney / Los Pepes

Gorilla, Manchester, UK

14th July 2016

Rating: 4.5/5




Mudhoney BQ4A9475 Gorilla lies on the edge of Manchester’s city centre, from the front it appears to be a bar that serves a fine array of alcohol and food, but behind this façade lies a mid sized venue that resembles nothing less than an outsized air raid shelter, albeit a well appointed one that has an extensive range of alcohol for sale. Gorilla lies directly across the road from The Ritz, where Mudhoney played when they last visited Manchester, it seems to me that the more intimate setting for tonights concert is one that should suit both of the bands that are playing tonight perfectly.

Mudhoney BQ4A9367Due to the inevitably awful early evening Manchester traffic the opening act, Los Pepes, have already taken the stage by the time I arrive. The bass from their bone crunching punk ‘n roll immediately starts to rattle my ribcage and it is clear that the volume at Gorilla is reassuringly loud. Los Pepes play a pummelling brand of punk rock, they have been together for a few years and have toured extensively in Europe, but this is their proper first foray into the UK. The prestigious support slot for Mudhoney means they are playing to an appreciative and receptive audience, and they are a band I am left wanting to hear more from.

Mudhoney BQ4A9203I personally last saw Mudhoney live in the late eighties at an appearance at Reading Festival, for some reason my memory of the event is a bit hazy so I’m embracing the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with Mudhoney‘s brand of punk infused garage rock. As it approaches the time for them to take the stage the bar is five deep and the sold out Gorilla is packed to capacity. The temperature is steadily rising in the intimate venue and it keeps rising from the opening instrumental, Fuzzgun. Their trademark fuzz heavy riffs energise the mosh pit from the opening chords until the closing notes that mark the end of the relentless barrage of distortion.

Mudhoney BQ4A9582This is the kind of show that turns the clock back to when Mudhoney were at their critical and commercial peak, there is clearly a sizeable chuck of the audience who remember the era when Mudhoney was an essential part of the alternative scene, and was part of the soundtrack for an entire generation. The clubs and venues from that era are now largely a distant memory but Mudhoney seem to remain as vibrant and energising as ever, whilst they have a tried and trusted style and signature, it is one that has evolved over the years, but importantly it is one which has remained distincty and uniquely their own

Mudhoney BQ4A9529Inevitably the audience explodes into a frenzied mosh pit during Touch Me I’m Sick, pint glasses are launched skyward  from the sweaty and delirious crowd as their debut single from 1988 receives a frenetic outing. Mark Arm then ditches his guitar for the final stages of the set and he prowls the stage like a hybrid of Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop, stopping only to take hefty swigs from a bottle of wine. The enthusiastic crowd howls, stamps and claps for them to retake the stage and, after a brief hiatus, Mudhoney return for a fine encore that inevitably culminates in a stunning and frantic rendition of the classic In And Out Of Grace.

AMudhoney BQ4A9551 bra was thrown onstage during the set, much to the bemusement of Mark Arm, and one member of the audience will clearly be leaving the venue somewhat unsupported, this is not something that Mudhoney will ever have to worry about based on the reception from the enthusiastic Mancunians who were present for tonights concert. There are few bands that have managed to retain the energy levels that were on display during Mudhoney‘s set tonight, after nearly three decades and nine albums that is a testament to their unyielding commitment to remaining truly independent.

Mudhoney BQ4A9672Tonight has been a triumphant return to Manchester for Mudhoney, they played a career spanning set and it speaks volumes about the quality of their later material that it blends seamlessly alongside the established and well known crowd pleasers, this has been one of the loudest gigs I’ve encountered this year and despite it taking three days for my ears to stop ringing I have no complaints. The sweat and beer drenched crowd is herded out in the warm Manchester night and I am not alone in hoping that it’s not too long before Mudhoney return to my neck of the woods.


IMG_1352Photography is by Paul Husband, he is an award winning, published photographer based in Manchester, England, you can visit his website here

Set list photo courtesy of Marcelle Jones

You can visit Los Pepes bandcamp here and their facebook page is here 

You can visit Mudhoney‘s website here and the Sub Pop Records website here



The Two Tens Release Their Debut LP ‘Volume’ On Clear Vinyl

two tens volumeL.A. punk duo The Two Tens start their summer tour tomorrow, July 15th, the #VOLUMETOUR is in support of acclaimed debut album Volume. The album will now be released on limited edition clear vinyl from July 15th on Man Della Records and is currently available for download and on CD from Ugly Sugar Records

You can read review of The Two Tens debut album here

The Two Tens have also released a video about the making of Volume, the video can be viewed below

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two tens volume

The Two Tens


Ugly Sugar Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Two Tens are a duo from Loas Angeles, California, they are comprised of vocalist and guitarist Adam Bones and drummer Rikki Styxx. They take their cue from sixties garage rock and seventies punk rock and they have combined these two genre’s perfectly to create their debut album, Volume. I have previously encountered Rikki Styxx when she was drumming for The Dollyrots, she puts every ounce of her being into drumming, when she’s behind a drum kit you just know that there is nothing else she would rather be doing. Her counterpart Adam Bones somehow manages to make the kind of noise it usually takes two guitarists and bass player to convey, together they bring an enthusiasm and vibrancy that is sadly absent from many bands recordings.

The album makes a frantic start with Scene and this sets the template for much of the album, they play high energy garage influenced rock played with reckless abandon, but for me they are at their best on the tracks Sweet As Pie and I Can’t Win, these are slices of sweet innocent sixties pop that sound like they’ve been spiked with amphetamines. However, Volume‘s finest moment is Can’t Pull Through, this is as good a song as you’ll hear this year, a wonderful bouncy frantic buzzsaw guitar number that captures the essence of everything that made The Ramones so wonderful. Breathe closes the album, it starts as downbeat acoustic number and you start to wonder if The Two Tens have finally run out of energy, of course they haven’t, at the half way mark a bone crunching drum beat and brutal guitar riff ensure that Volume finishes in fine noisy style

The Two Tens bring a relentless and frantic energy to this album, as a result Volume is a close to perfect blend of the swagger of sixties garage rock and the energy of early punk rock. It will be one of life’s mysteries how two people can make such a fully rounded and frenetic sound. However they do it I just hope they continue to do so, as few bands will make as finer debut album as Volume. They are currently on an extensive US tour and after hearing this album I’d recommend catching them live, the tour dates can be found here

Volume is available from the usual sources or can be ordered as download, CD or Vinyl directly from the band here

Trampoline To Release ‘Pocket Album Four’

Trampoline PromoSwansea dreamers Trampolene, who have been tearing up the nation with their unique combination of garage rock, street poetry and acoustic heartbreakers, will release a new five track mini album, Pocket Album Four, through Mi7 Records on Friday 12th August.  A single,The Gangway, mixed by Cenzo Townshend, is available now when you pre-order Pocket Album Four on iTunes. Pocket Album Four was recorded live at Konk Studios and produced by Jack Jones & Josh Green.  
The EP will also include a raucous live rendition of The Cure‘s classic, Friday I’m In Love which was recorded for a Radio X Session. TRAMPOLENE have toured continuously throughout 2015 and 2016 with stand out support slots with The Libertines, Buzzcocks, Peter Doherty, Reverend & The Makers, The Enemy and Carl Barat & The Jackals.  
You can visit Trampoline‘s website, which has details of the upcoming tour dates, here

Radio Moscow To Release Live! In California on July 8th

Radio Moscow LICRadio Moscow‘s new double LP Live! In California was recorded absolutely live with no overdubs over two nights at The Satellite Club in Los Angeles in December 2015. The album features 76 minutes of the trio’s unique brand of high-energy psychedelic rock ‘n roll. The material is pulled from all their studio albums, it also includes the previously unreleased song Chance Of Fate, a cover of the ’70s band Sainte Anthony’s Fyre.

Radio Moscow will be on tour in Europe throughout July and August, tour dates can be found here

Radio Moscow‘s Live! In California will be available on July 8th on limited edition coloured vinyl, CD and digital formats via Alive Records and can be pre-ordered here
Bones Shake CL

Bones Shake

Cracked Lips

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4/5




Bones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy blues trio from Manchester, England, however, this is not your traditional blues. Bones Shake, and their Abattoir Blues Records labelmates, have dragged this genre kicking and screaming into the modern age, they play a distorted pounding reverb drenched variety that is an assault on the senses. Cracked Lips is their latest release and it follows hot on the heels of their debut album, Junk, that was launched earlier this year

The title track, Cracked Lips, opens the EP, and it opens proceedings in fine style, it sounds like a stripped down version of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster that’s crashed headlong into a bootleg by The Cramps, it has a raw primitive beat and an astonishingly dirty guitar riff that ends with a garage born howl and a squall of feedback. The Cracked Lips EP is worth your pennies for this track alone, but given what follows you should certainly investigate this trio further. I Got Worry brings the pace down slightly, but only slightly, it boasts a demonic fuzzed out blues riff that combines with some deliciously sleazy slide guitar, all the while a hypnotic beat pounds away with their trademark dark incantations completing a dark swirling gumbo. The dark tone of the EP continues on Long After I’m Gone, this brings the tempo down another notch, it features a more laid back guitar style, closer to their blues origins, but this is overlaid with an anguished menacing vocal howl that promises revenge after death, after numerous listens to the Cracked Lips EP I think this dark song is probably my favourite moment on this EP. King Dick brings things to a close with some triumphant filthy reverb drenched blues, it carries the ghost of Louisiana swamps and a dark dark voodoo tone that is the perfect finale to this EP

This is an accomplished EP from this prolific Manchester trio, the tracks contained are a perfectly sequenced snapshot of what Bones Shake have to offer, they carry the spirit of the blues but take it and shake it up with punk rock and garage, the spawn of this union is an EP of bastard blues that defies and exceeds your expectations.

 You can investigate Bones Shake further via Soundcloud here

The Cracked Lips EP, and the rest of their extensive back catalogue, can be ordered from Abattoir Blues Records here