Career Suicide MR

Career Suicide

Machine Response

Deranged Records

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s been just over a decade since Career Suicide released their landmark debut album, Attempted Suicide, now they are back with their sophomore album, Machine Response, they are bolstered by a new line up that features two of it’s founding core members, vocalist Martin Farkas and guitarist Jonah Falco (Fucked Up), as well as Dallas Good (Sadies, Andre Williams, John Doe, Half Japanese and Elevator to name but a few) on second guitar, along with Jon Sharron on bass and Ian Romano on drums. Career Suicide have delivered something in Machine Response that when played was akin to running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in three decades.

Opening track Cut And Run kicks off Machine Response with a blast of old school hardcore, from this point onwards it’s a no holds barred blast from the past where there is no subtlety or respite from the relentless full tilt assault, Machine Response delivers eleven tracks of brutal in your face hardcore played as it used to be. Career Suicide‘s reappearance coincides with bands such as Boston’s The Proletariat returning to touring, and on the other side of the pond bands like Criminal Mind and The Restarts have been releasing fine hardcore albums and tearing it up live in recent years, and maybe this is an indication that the hardcore scene is refocusing and refining itself as a much needed voice of dissent and protest against current events.

Machine Response veers in and out of pure speed, bursts of melody and chunky tempo shifts that channels the American hardcore scene of the eighties, normally I don’t see the point of recreating something from the past, but this is such a refreshing blast of in your face roots hardcore fury that you can’t help but be impressed by it’s honesty. In an age where many bands that fly the hardcore flag are so far removed from it’s origins that it’s unrecognisable, Career Suicide have taken hardcore full circle back to it’s intense primitive roots, and not before time.

 Machine Response can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl via Deranged Records here

Career Suicide To Release ‘Machine Response’ on 24th February

Career Suicide MRIt’s been a decade since Career Suicide released their landmark debut album, Attempted Suicide, now they are back with their sophomore album, Machine Response, bolstered by a new line up that features two founding members, vocalist Martin Farkas and guitarist Jonah Falco (Fucked Up), as well as Dallas Good (Sadies, Andre Williams, John Doe, Half Japanese and Elevator to name but a few) on second guitar, Jon Sharron on bass, and Ian Romano on drums. Machine Response veers in and out of pure speed, bursts of melody and chunky tempo shifts, indenting the long standing influence of early 80s USHC, late 70s punk, and a peppering of 60s swagger, with their own clearly developed style.
Machine Response can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl via Deranged Records here
The track Tighten The Screws can be streamed here
Live Concert Review

Fucked Up with Tijuana Panthers

Live in Vancouver (Aug. 15th, 2014)

Fortune Sound Club




Despite living on the opposite end of the country and never haven actually seen the video of the performance, Fucked Up‘s legendary appearance on MTV Canada back in 2007 is a story I’ve heard so often I feel I have seen it. Chaos, destruction, blood and manic fans tearing it apart to the raspy growl of Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham .  It’s a tale that has become nearly folklore, akin to Fear‘s legendary Halloween Saturday Night Life appearance in 1981.

Stories of Fucked Up shows have been passed on through excited anecdotes and frenzied memories for years and Friday night’s early evening show at Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club saw Abraham and the rest of the Toronto ambitious hardcore band add yet another tale to the ever growing list.

Opening the evening was California’s Tijuana Panthers – an odd choice for the main support on a Fucked Up tour but one that sufficiently loosened up the crowd as they slowly entered the club. The Panthers were a weird amalgamation of  The Stokes meeting The Beach Boys, dashed with a touch of rockabilly and a added layer of fuzz . Energetic, toe-tapping, indie grunge with all three members alternating vocal duties, the band were somewhat out of place but no one seemed to mind.

At a bright and early 915, the venue was busier, the excitement palpable as a soothing keyboard harmony floated through the speakers, causing the chatter to cease and all eyes turned towards the stage. This was it. The moment the stories foretold. The six piece hit the stage. The bass drum pummelled the senses and Fucked Up exploded into their set.

And here, in the smaller venue where the stage is no higher than the knees of the people in the front row, Fucked Up put on a set worthy to be talked about.

Their musicianship was tight – angular and experimental, pushing the boundaries of what hardcore is. Searing guitar lines that sound harmonious, a delicate keyboard adding layers to the sound, thunderous drumming leading the rhythm section – all fronted by the manic front man known as Pink Eyes.

Balding and bearded, he bellows into the microphone as often as he hands it to the crowd to sing. We’re not here to watch a band, we’re here to help make music together.

The stage dives break out. He holds purses for anyone who doesn’t want to risk losing it when crowd surfing. He pats his shirtless, hairy, and slightly overweight belly – reminding everyone in the audience knows that everyone is beautiful and fuck anyone who says otherwise before breaking into I Hate Summer.

He praises the city’s easy access to weed and gladly takes a few hits when a pipe is handed to him from the crowd. He crowd surfs himself, walks through the crowd and climbs a top a small wall to sit and talk and thank the people who are out actually doing good things in the world instead of just standing in a room singing into a microphone. He wanders through the audience, dragging the microphone cord between everyone and performs an entire song in the back on top of the bar – the audience diligently holding the cord up and out of danger.

By the time they got to the second last song of the night – The Other Shoe – he states “If you wanna sing along, it’s really easy – all you need to say is We’re Dying on the Inside” and every voice in the crowd sung with him. Police, Queen of Hearts, Paper the House, for a little over an hour Fucked Up tore the place apart – giving all those in attendance new ammunition for excited anecdotes for years to come.

Fucked Up Debut Sun Glass

Fucked Up 2014Fucked Up have released a new song from their upcoming album, Glass Boys, which will be released on June 3. 

The video for the track, Sun Glass, was directed by Andy Capper.

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Fucked Up Premieres New Song: Led By Hand

Fucked Up 2014Canadian punk group Fucked Up have released a new track, Led By Hand. This is the 2nd track released from the upcoming Glass Boys LP (Matador Records). The song features J  Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) on vocals. It can be heard below.

A deluxe vinyl edition of Glass Boys is available for pre-order at the Matador store.  This edition includes a bonus version of the album with the drum tracks at half speed. On the regular version, Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco is playing four simultaneous drum tracks; two at normal speed and two at half speed.

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Fucked Up Stream New Track, Release Album Details

Fucked Up 2014Toronto hardcore punks Fucked Up have released details of their upcoming full length, Glass Boys. The record, the bands fourth and third for current label Matador Records  will be released on June 3rd and ahead of it dropping, the boys (and girl) have released a stream of  their song Paper the House.

Glass Boys was recorded with Leon Taheny and Bill Skibbe (who has previously worked with the likes of The Dead Weather and The Kills). Pre orders for a deluxe album bundle are available here.

Check out the stream of Paper the House, upcoming tour dates and the track list for Glass Boys below:

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Live Concert Review

Fucked Up

Live (Oct. 9th, 2008)

MTV Live's Bathroom -Toronto, Ontario




A punk show in a basement bathroom of the MTV building, well that’s just Fucked Up I thought to myself when I received an email invite to the show. MTV wanted to give Toronto’s Fucked Up another chance to play on MTV Live after a rebel rousing 2007 performance, which left a pool of blood and a couple thousand dollars in damages to the studio. A decision MTV Canada are probably regretting today as they assess the damage done as Fucked Up pitched up another one of their famous orgies of destruction.

It all sounded so innocent. Put them in the bathroom. How much damage could they do right? Well let me set the stage to one of the wildest most chaotic performances I have ever seen, and I have been to a house destruction party before.

Ironically before the show began the MTV Live production team was giving us photographers a set of rules before the band played. I thought to myself these rules aren’t going to mean a thing once the band starts playing, and that make-shift barrier comes crashing down. I was right.

The bathroom was full with the band and their instruments occupying the majority of the space. And for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to bring in a friend’s 70’s vintage Honda motorcycle as a prop.

It immediately got hot and sweaty and there was something very powerful in the air, which had nothing to do with the smell of the bathroom. A very stressed out Assistant Director ran into the bathroom, and yelled, “You are on in ten seconds”. Fucked Up’s 300 -pound front man Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham looked around at his band as well as Sebastian Grainger on backup vocals and said, “It’s all about to get real.”

And real it got. Within seconds of the band striking its first chord, the 60 plus fans outside the door stormed the washroom. I was wedged between the wall and the motorbike. As I was trying to snap some pictures out of the corner of my eye I see the motorbike, and the two girls sitting on it shoot forwards as if someone started the ignition. The girls go flying to the ground, and the motorcycle ends up on its side dumping motor oil and gasoline all over the floor.

I was then forced up against the wall like a pressed ham. The lights kept flickering on and off and I couldn’t see a thing. All I could feel were waves of people piling into the tiny washroom.

After a minute and a half security went ape and started aggressively removing people from the washroom. Shoes were flying and septum rings were being ripped out of noses. Fucked Up guitarist 10000 marbles just walked away half way through the song with a glazed look on his face that told me he was thinking, “worst gig ever”.

Once the room cleared out and the lights came back on I poked my head around the corner to what looked liked pure anarchy. There was no roof where there was a roof before. The ceiling tiles were ripped out and flying across the room. Guys in the toilet stalls were using aerosol cans as flamethrowers, and guitarist Ben Cook was doing graffiti and smoking cigarettes all the while more motor oil and gas were pouring out of the bike.

The entire event lasted a total of four minutes and twenty-three seconds. Fucked Up was supposed to play another two songs, but obviously many health and fire codes were being grossly violated.

Now I know there are many stories about MTV’s building (The Masonic Temple) being haunted by ghosts, and now I believe too, because I saw an evil spirit rise up in that washroom. Even the producer of MTV Live looked like he just saw a ghost as he put his walkie-talkie to his mouth and ordered the power to be shut off in the entire southeast wing of the building.

Maybe it was the smell of burnt solvents, broken ceiling tiles, or the gasoline on the floor, but I felt like I was standing in a cabin of a small jet airplane that just slammed into the side of a mountain.

I quickly got the hell out of there, not even knowing what song they played. I had to ask Fucked Up’s vocalist Pink Eyes which song they performed later that night at a secret show with Dillinger Four at Sneaky Dees. He told me it was “Twice Born” off their newly released Chemistry of Common Life. We both agreed on how fucking crazy it was, and he assured me that this performance was far more insane than their 2007 show upstairs.

The funniest part of this to me was the last time I saw Fucked Up play was at the Legendary Massey Hall. A very different stage than a stinky old bathroom, but it doesn’t really matter where this band plays because they always deliver a trouncing live performance. As long as Fucked Up is around punk rock will remain alive and well.

Live Concert Review

Fucked Up

Live (December 15th, 2007)

Sonic Boom /Adrif Skate Shop - Toronto, Ontario




Just in case you haven’t had enough of Christmas, and refuse to get back into the swing of things in 2008, I bring you a review of Toronto hardcore annihilators Fucked Up’s in store performance at Sonic Boom which was followed by a surprise show at Adrift Skate Shop/park in the Kensington Market later that night.

Fucked Up’s throat Mr. Damian aka Pink Eyes dawned a Santa Claus suit and posed for photos for all who purchased the David Christmas 7 inch. Nearly all proceeds from the sale of the record were being donated to the George Herman House, which is a transitional housing and life skills program that supports women who are living with mental health issues. The B side to the seven inch has a remix to the title track, which has the band collaborating with artists such as James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Cole (Black Lips), Davey Havok (AFI), Kevin Peterson (What’s Your Rupture?), Faris Rotter (The Horrors), Mike Fellows (Rites Of Spring), Matt Sweeney (Chavez/ Zwan), Dave One (Chromeo), Jacob Thiele (The Faint), Morag and Ursula, Jay Reatard, Dan Romano (Attack In Black), Trevor Keith (Face To Face), Jason Green (PanthersOrchid), Jerry A. (Poison Idea), Shenae Grimes (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Scott Vogel (Terror) and Nelly Furtado.

When Fucked Up took the stage with Pink Eyes still in his Santa outfit, and the band in elf costumes the holiday spirit filled Sonic Boom’s basement. The band instantly broke into Fear, and the crowd got crazy.

There were even guest appearances at the show by none other than Sloan’s Chris Murphy who showed the Fucked Up crowd that he could throw down with some punk rock. He screamed three songs with the band. The first I could not recognize over the mayhem, followed by Bad Religion’s Latch Keys Kids, and Black Flag’s Depression. Truly a unique moment at the show, for sure.

Pink Eyes returned to the stage and Fucked Up ripped out two more songs, and announced the secret show at Adrift Skate Shop/Park later that evening. In the end sweat poured, fake snow was thrown, Chris Murphy got hardcore, and money was raised for a good cause. Is that not what the holidays are all about?

Adrift Skate Shop was the scene of the next Fucked Up appearance of the day. The show took place in the back where the skate park is located. The beer was selling in the back and there was a positive energy among the crowd. This was my first show at the park, and felt like it was going to be a good one.

I walked in as Quest For Fire was playing. I was told they were made up of members from the Deadly Snakes (R.I.P). They had a real guitar driven sound, which reminded me of Sound Garden with more relaxed vocals.

The next band which played was from Detroit and was called TYVEK. They played a raw kind of Elvis Costello inspired punk rock. I was standing at the front and couldn’t really hear them well, so I will stop right there.

Next up was Fucked Up to perform for the second time that day. They did what they do best, and the entire floor turned into an ever-evolving circle pit. Fucked Up played through their set and left it up to the crowd to decide the final song. Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown was the winner and Pink Eyes handed over the mic to anyone who felt like being Keith Morris. What a show, and there is nothing like getting Fucked Up all day!

Live Concert Review

Dillinger Four, Frankie Stubbs, Fucked Up

Live (Oct. 9th, 2008)

Sneaky Dee’s - Toronto, ON




One of the perks to doing interviews the night of the show can sometimes be what you overhear. Especially when you overhear Dillinger Four’s Tour Manager talking about a secret show at Sneaky Dee’s (best nachos in the world) with Toronto’s Fucked Up.

I hopped in a cab after NOFX/Dillinger Four completed their second show in as many nights at the Kool Haus and headed straight for Sneaky Dee’s. Local Hardcore group Career Suicide were warming up the stage, so I decided to head back to the bar to enjoy a couple of beers before Fucked Up hit the stage.

As I leaned on the bar watching Career Suicide, I couldn’t help but overhear a guy behind me telling a friend that Frankie Stubbs (vocalist of Leatherface) was in the house. My mouth dropped and I butted into the conversation demanding to know if he was being serious. He assured me that he was not lying and I became really excited because Leatherface are one of my all time favorite bands.

I searched the room looking for the Leatherface front man realizing that I wasn’t even sure if I would recognize him. Most pictures of Stubbs are grainy black and whites but I knew I could figure it out. And that became very easy to do when the members of D4 piled in and were completely surprised that their friend from Sunderland, England was in attendance for a very special show.

It was now time for Fucked Up to take the stage. I wasn’t sure how much energy they would have in the tank after their trail of destruction they left at the MTV building a mere six hours before. But as the chords to “Crusades” started to play the floor boards at Sneaky Dee’s shook as the crowd went aggro to one of the most fascinating bands in punk rock today.

Fucked Up played a mix of tracks from “Hidden World” and their brand new release “The Chemistry for Common Life”, and warmed out the crowd nicely with their aggressive on stage persona. Before they played their final song they assured the crowd that we were all in for a special performance.

I was pretty sure I knew what he was talking about but I just couldn’t imagine just what Mr. Stubbs had in store for us. As he took the stage everyone who knew what was going on gathered around and formed a circle. Everyone shouted out their favorite Leatherface song in hopes that they would hear their request. Frankie introduced himself and said that this was the first show in the past 15 years that he had to pay to get in and was demanding that D4’s Paddy would reimburse him for the price of admittance.

As the crowd settled Stubbs began to play the soft intro to “Not Superstitious” and dedicated it to a couple (Wally and Jennifer, I think if I remember correctly) who were recently married which was the reason Stubbs was in Toronto in the first place.

Some decided to wave lighters in the air, others smiled softly while singing along, and D4’s Paddy grabbed a beard and hair trimmer and decided to start shaving his beard as Stubbs strummed and sang on with his distinctive blistering voice.

After the last of the secret performances it was now time for Minnesota’s number one sons the Dillinger Four to take the stage. With half a beard and half a head of air Paddy began thumping his bass as they broke into “Noble Standings”.

Now not to say that I didn’t enjoy my first two previous D4 sets at the Kool Haus, but I walked away with the feeling that something was missing. It’s not that they didn’t play well but I had always read about how crazy D4 shows can be, but the NOFX opening shows just didn’t translate as well for me.

Well this feeling was tossed out quickly because D4 seemed more at home in the small confines of Sneaky Dees as they went on to perform a fantastic beer and whiskey soaked performance that lived up to all my expectations of what a D4 show should be.

D4 vocalist and bass player Paddy Costello proved he is one of the most entertaining performers in punk rock as he slowly shaved his beard and head throughout the entire performance. He even shaved a couple of fans, which were willing to part with their moustaches and beards. He also went on to shit talk some English Skin Heads, which resulted in one getting up on stage and confronting Paddy. He quickly diffused the situation with humor and punk rocked on into the night.

I almost didn’t make this show because there was a party down the street offering free drinks, but due to the fact D4 never tours and I rarely miss a Fucked Up show I chose to go to Sneaky Dees and pay for my drinks. And I am very glad I did because that was one of the best punk shows I have seen in a while. Plus add the fact I was able to share some hops and barley with legendary Frankie Stubbs, well let’s just say that my fourth show in two nights was legendary.

Tours: Terror Announce Fall Tour Dates

TerrorLA Hardcore Purists, Terror, have announced an extended line-up of Fall tour dates in support of their new album, Live By The Code.   Terror will be supported by  Fucked UpPower Trip, and Code Orange Kids on dates beginning October 4th and will be promoting a soon-to-be-announced second leg of the tour.

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Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Fucked Up

David Comes To Life

Matador Records

Rating: 4/5




Fucked Up are a hardcore band designed specifically to be provocative. Look at their band name and you can see it as clear as day. Yet, despite their intention to shock the listener, the Toronto band aren’t using mere gimmickry to sell themselves. No, these guys know what they’re doing. They won the Polaris prize for the best Canadian full length album based on artistic merit in 2009. They recorded a guest-heavy Christmas single for Do They Know Its Christmas. They supposedly (I have yet to see them live) put on a hectic and memorable live show. They sued Rolling Stone and Camel Cigarettes for the misuse of their name. They utterly destroyed the MTV Bathroom when they asked them to perform live. In short, they are the punkest of punk bands. They do what they want and yet don’t try to just ride that wave of notoriety with them. Instead, as their Polaris prize winning status indicates, Fucked Up writes songs worthy of merit all the while staying rooted in the hardcore scene.

David Comes To Life is the accumulation of that. A nearly eighty-minute, eighteen song concept album that pushes every boundary imaginable.

First there’s the concept itself – a convoluted love story between David and Veronica that is nearly impossible to follow. It’s a story of love, adventure, destruction and despair. Characters come in and out, there’s some sort of end of the world catastrophe that kills Veronica sending David into a pit of despair and in the end even the band admits they have no idea what truly happens. So while it is a concept album at its core, the way it is done enables each song to stand on its own. You can pick apart each individual track and will always be impressed by the narrative output.

But even though the lyrical storyline is noteworthy, it is only one in a long line of attractions for this album. The main allure of the album comes from the band’s inventive take on the hardcore genre as they’ve delivered what could quite possibly end up being this decade’s The Shape of Punk To Come. Just like RefusedFucked Up have pushed the boundaries of hardcore here by delivering a tight, cohesive hardcore album that tethers on the edge of post-hardcore. There are layers upon layers of intricate guitar work, creating a noisy wall of melody. It’s tense and blistering, with shoegazing extravagance and grandiose ambitions that they’re, somehow, able to fulfill. Damian Abrahams, or Pink Eyes, sings overtop yet low in the mix with a few guitar lines placed above his harsh yell. His vocals are unlike any other in the scene and don’t quite fit with the delicate musicianship that surrounds him. Yet his passionate yells round off the sound, pushing forward the sense of urgency and when they contrast his fiery scream with the melodic female vocals from Madeline Follin of Cults or Jennifer Castle, they’re able to stop the listener in their place (see the awe-inspiring single Queen of Hearts to understand).

David Comes To Life is the closet thing to The Shape of Punk To Come we’ve had in years. It’s a hardcore album that breaks all the rules and succeeds because of it. At seventy-eight minutes, it can be long; but there are times when that just adds to the overall persona of the album.

Metallica Announces Orion Music + More Festival With The Gaslight Anthem / Avenged Sevenfold / Lucero / Arctic Monkeys / And More

MetallicaMetallica announced that they would be hosting their own music festival, to be held in Atlantic City, NJ June 23-24.  The Festival, Orion Music + More, features 22+ of Metallica’s favorite artists from across the U.S. and according to the official website, “will feature a “lifestyle element” which will allow fans to interact directly with band members”.

Metallica will headline both nights, and play the Black Album in its entirety on one of the nights for the first time ever on US soil.  Below you can watch the official announcement made today by Metallica.

Tickets go on pre-sale for Met Club members tomorrow, February 8th and to the general public Saturday February 11th .  For more details on ticketing check out the official festival website here.

The full lineup can be viewed below.

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Middle of the Map Festival Taking Shape

Middle of the Map Fest is gearing up for its second year and has expanded from 2 days to 3 this time around.  The festival will take place at 8 venues across Kansas City April 5, 6, and 7 and boasts reunions from Molly McGuire, Season to Risk, The Esoteric, Reflector, and Minus Story.  Other acts include Neon Indian, Fucked Up, Coalesce, Owen and The Casket Lottery

A cursory list of participating bands is listed below:

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Video: Fucked Up Performs “David Comes To Life” In Its Entierty

Fucked UpPitchfork is hosting a full concert stream from Toronto’s Fucked Up.

The set was recorded live in New York City’s West Village neighborhood at Le Poisson Rouge and sees the band playing every song from their 2011 concept album David Comes To Life in a circular venue complete with a string section to complete the sound from their monumental Matadors Records album.

Watch the performance here.

Fucked Up will be playing the album in its entirety next week for two nights in Toronto at the Great Hall on December 20th and 21st,


Video: Fucked Up Performs "David Comes To Life" In Its Entierty

Fucked UpPitchfork is hosting a full concert stream from Toronto’s Fucked Up.

The set was recorded live in New York City’s West Village neighborhood at Le Poisson Rouge and sees the band playing every song from their 2011 concept album David Comes To Life in a circular venue complete with a string section to complete the sound from their monumental Matadors Records album.

Watch the performance here.

Fucked Up will be playing the album in its entirety next week for two nights in Toronto at the Great Hall on December 20th and 21st,


Video: Fucked Up – Turn The Season

Fucked UpToronto’s Fucked Up, who recently announced that they will be taking a break from touring, have released a third video from their new album David Comes To Life.

The video, for the song Turn The Season, can be seen below.


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Video: Animal Man (Fucked Up) – Do You Feed? (The Curry Song)

Fucked UpAnimal Man, the alter ego of Fucked Up, have released a music video for their song Do You Feed? (The Curry Song). The track was released on their 12 inch record David’s Town which is the companion album to Fucked Up‘s most recent full length, David Comes To Life.

It can be seen below.

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Video: Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts

Fucked UpToronto’s Polaris-prize winning band, Fucked Up have released a new music video for their track Queen of Hearts.

The song is their first single from their newly released 80-minute rock opera, David Comes To Life.

The video is below.

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Documentary: Generation- Hardcore Punk In Toronto

Fucked UpA new documentary by Julian Maxymiw entitled Generation: Hardcore Punk In Toronto, has surfaced online. The documentary takes an inside look at the Toronto hardcore scene with interviews with bands such as Fucked Up, Urban Blight, Career Suicide and more. Maxymiw describes the documentary saying:

a short documentary I made in late 2009 giving an insight into the Toronto hardcore scene through the eyes of its participants.

Maxymiw has split the documentary into three sections – the first two are below and the third will be released in the next couple of days.

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Fucked Up: Ship of Fools

Toronto’s Fucked Up have posted their third track from their new album, David Comes to Life, online for streaming. the track, Ship of Fools, joins the previous tracks The Other Shoe and A little Death, on their website.

David Comes To Life,  the band’s third album, is said to be a hardcore/rock opera and and due out June 7, 2011.


Stream: Fucked Up – The Other Shoe

Toronto’s Fucked Up has released a new song, “The Other Shoe,” off their upcoming album David Comes To Life. The album, which will be released on June 7 on Matador Records, is reportedly a full-on rock opera set in a fictional British town during the Thatcher administration.

You can stream or download the mp3 and read more about the release here.


Fucked Up Interviews Brokencyde

BrokencydeBack in June, Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham from Fucked Up sat down with Brokencyde to conduct an interview with them for Aux TV’s Garageland with Sam Sutherland.

An edited version of the interview was posted then but now the kind folks at Exclaim have unveiled the entire twenty minute interview in all its glory. The interview shows Abraham being truly fascinated with the motivation, momentum and reaction of Brokencyde and is, as Sutherland describes it, “a strange and enlightening twenty minute conversation.

The full interview can be seen below.

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Fucked Up Working On New Release

Fucked Up have revealed that they are working on their follow up to their 2008 Matador Records debut, The Chemisry of Common Life.  The band describes the new material as their poppiest work yet, which contrasts greatly with the band’s past hardcore personae.  The album will be titled David Comes To Life

While still without a formal release date, the band is aiming for a 2010 release date.

New Pictures: Leatherface, Fucked Up, New Found Glory, Saves The Day

Leatherface On the off chance you haven’t been keeping up with our awesome media gallery, I’d just like to point out a few new photos that we’ve recently added to the gallery.

First off is some new photos of Sunderland’s legendary Leatherface live in Saint Catharines, Ontario at the L3 Night Club; those photos can be seen here. Opening up for them that night was Toronto’s favourite spastic punk band Fucked Up and Lanny snapped some photos of them here too.

Then, jumping south a bit, Paris snapped some pictures of New Found Glory on their tenth anniversary tour of their self-titled album along with Saves The Day and HelloGoodbye. Those pictures can be seen here.