Scylla Records Releases Free 20 Track Pop Punk Compilation

Scylla RecordsScylla Records has released a 20 track pop punk compilation which is available for free. 

Download it here.  Track listing is below.

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Sal Paradise Offer Up JOY As Free Download

Before announcing a summer 2015 tour and plans to record a full-length follow up to 2013’s, JOY, Sal Paradise are offering up their previous release up for free download.

You can stream/download “JOY” here.

Mumblr – Got It

mumblrPhiladelphia fuzz punk act Mumblr has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Got It” and is set to appear on their debut full-length album, Full of Snakes, which comes out September 16, 2014 on Fleeting Youth Records.

Stream or grab a free download of the song here.

Mumblr Debut New Single “Puke” + Ready New Album

mumblrPhiladelphia-based rock foursome Mumblr are becoming known for their ferocious hooks, which is a staple of their highly energetic sound they call “fuzz punk.” On “Puke”, the lead single from their forthcoming album White Jesus Black God, the above statement rings true as frontman Nick Morrison coos pensive one liners about someone that brings him down followed by bursts of furiously emotive chants pleading “I don’t know anything why do you lie to me?!” over agitated guitars and drums.

It’s angry yet catchy; a great example of “fuzz punk” and what Mumblr is all about.  White Jesus Black God will be available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records on November 12th.  Pre-orders can be made here.

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Songs For Snakes – Charcoal Heather

Here’s a good one from Songs For Snakes (sadly no relation to Awesome Snakes), a San Francisco band with a good ear for craggy melodic punk rock/post-punk – you know, the type we love No Idea Records and all their affiliated labels for.  Their official self released debut, Charcoal Heather, is sure to get them noticed, especially at their name what you want asking price.  Gotta love this new digital music paradigm, band’s see vast exposure, and people like us get more music than we’ll ever need.

Songs For Snakes – Charcoal Heather

Download the Album From Bandcamp

Riot Agents – 2 Albums

That Riot Agents live for the energy of punk rock and the speed of thrash metal could be no more apparent than with their latest album Who Cares!.  The album features nine tracks of gruff melodic speed drawing upon everything from The Ramones, Iron Maiden and The Misfits, to Judas Priest, Kiss, Ozzy, and The Adicts.  Plenty of loud times to be had.  They’re quite opinionated and extreme, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Oh, and their first effort, Too Hard To Fall, ain’t too shabby either.

Riot AgentsWho Cares! (2011)

Download The Album From Jamendo

Riot AgentsToo Hard To Fall (2010)

Download The Album From Jamendo

Dead United – Two Albums

Dead United is one of those underground European horror gems that if it wasn’t for music discovery tools like Jamendo, you could go your whole life without ever crossing paths.  Thankfully their two masterfully melodic horror punk offerings, Chainsaw Chronicles and 3D Audio Horror can now haunt you regardless of your final resting place.  As a rather vocal fan of the horror genres I can say with confidence that anyone with a love for quirky melodic punk should embrace this spook-tacular ghoul fest and succumb to the ensuing fever.  For fans of Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space, The Other, and Nim Vind.

Dead UnitedThe Chainsaw Chronicles (2009)

Download the Album From Jamendo

Dead United3D Audio Horror (2006)

Download The Album From Jamendo

Zombie Fight – Broke For Tomorrow Volume 1

As a big Walking Dead fan, I endorse the name Zombie Fight as a band name.  Zombie Dead plays a classic NYC hardcore punk sound heavy on aggression, relentless drumming, featuring a few melodic guitar bridges that help modernize the effort.  Check out their debut EP Broke For Tomorrow for a better idea.

Zombie FightBroke For Tomorrow Volume 1

Download the Album From Bandcamp

The Skye We Scrape / Hawkbit – Sound Pets

Here’s an incredibly solid little six song split by two bands I doubt you’ve heard much from but need to know about.  The Skye We Scrape’s three contributions feature a focused mix of gruff punk and solo heavy guitar with a hooky sense for melody and technical know how (think Small Brown Bike), with Hawkbit coming across a little looser, with songs that should find an audience with fans of Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves.  Certainly worth your ear.

The Skye We Scrape / Hawkbit – Sound Pets

Download The Album From Death To False Hope Records

Greg Preston & The Great Machine – Hate To Love The CIty

Greg Preston & The Great Machine feel like the trio could explode at any time.  Their spastic brad of garage punk is a huge rock n’ roll party just waiting for someone to knock in a few walls.  The vocals are very reminiscent of Liam Lynch, and the instrumentation for the four song EP, Hate To Love The City, are full of pure passionate energy.

Greg Preston & The Great MachineHate To Love The CIty

Download The Album From Bandcamp

The Rebel Spell – It’s A Beautiful Future

Defiance rarely feels as good as on The Rebel Spell’s It’s A Beautiful Future.  I love when bands speak to the world’s steady decline without being phased by it.  Like a band hammering away at a house party while the walls burn around them, Vancouver’s the Rebel Spell embrace the inferno of political corruption and wash their hands clean of guilt as they speak to a planet caught in a downward spiral.  As someone who loves The Carry-Ons, these guys are a natural choice.

The Rebel SpellIt’s A Beautiful Future

Download the Album From Bandcamp

Bangers – Small Pleasures

I’m shocked that after their first full length, Dude Trips, Bangers weren’t signed to a label like Red Scare Records.  instead they continue to offer their music free of charge over on their Bandcamp profile.  Their latest full length, Small Pleasures, is every bit as poppy yet and grizzled as its predecessor, but with more polish – in a good way.  Get downloading!


BangersSmall Pleasures

Download The Album From Bandcamp

Various Artists – Punk Rock Heart Attack

Punk Rock Heart Transplant is a collection of overlooked punk rock bands – many of which I have been praising in reviews for the past while.  Bands like Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge, Sic Waiting, Chaser, and DC Fallout, accompanied by a whole slew of new band’s I’m now in the process of looking into – Wrecking Dead, The Bastard Suns, and Battle Born to name a few.  This is a great compilation featuring many worthwhile underground melodic punk acts that you should know about.

Various Artists – Punk Rock Heart Transplant

Download The Album From Bandcamp


Glocca Morra/The Greek Favourites – Songs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

Here’s an interesting split between two bands.  The Glocca Morra hails from Florida, and The Greek Favourites comes from Pennsylvania, but they both feature a ragged sound like that of The Menzingers, The Holy Mess, and Captain, We’re Sinking.  Six songs total, three by each band, and just as many good times.

Glocca Morra/The Greek FavouritesSongs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

Download the Album From ifyoumakeit

That’s Life – Saloon Songs and Bourbon Entrails

This one has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and after giving it a listen, I know this one should have been posted much, much sooner.  That’s Life is “3 dudes from Arizona,” and apparently they already have an album out there by the name of Bourbon Entrails, and it’s great.  Sloppy, poppy, quick and unapologetic, it’s a must have in the land of free downloads.  But the band is also gearing up for the release of Saloon Songs, their sophomore effort, which they’re also generously giving away for free.  It’s available months ahead of its summer street date, and is a top notch followup that builds off of an an already firm foundation.  Sarcastic, depressed, and witty punk well worth checking out.

That’s LifeSaloon Songs (2011)

Download the Album From Bandcamp

That’s Life Bourbon Entrails (2010)

Download the Album From Bandcamp

East End Radicals – Straight Out The Gate

Quebec punk group East End Radicals is a little like Anti-Flag, but with more pep.  Actually, maybe The Casualties are a better benchmark, there’s certainly more a streetwise sense to them, but that wouldn’t account for honkey tonkin country track “Nation’s Secret Shame.”  Ah well, enough nit picking, what matters is that their debut four track EP, Straight Out The Gate, is a solid piece of punk rock, and fantastic starting point for a relatively new group (they’re myspace profile only launched last year).

East End Radicals Straight Out The Gate

Download the EP From the Band’s Bandcamp

Slobbery Dognose – You’ve Got To Pay

Here’s something from overseas.  This German four-piece has posted a couple of their older offerings over on Jamendo for the low price of free.  The band fits in the very crusty, garage style of punk rock, and has a very DIY feel to their sound.  Listeners might be weary from an initial sampling of just how loose their 2003 full length, You’ve Got To Pay, feels, but after sticking around for a few tracks, it starts to make sense, and really comes out a good rock n’ roll romp.  With its head banging guitars, “Six Feet” is definitely a great starting point, but quick and dirty tracks like “Away” become quick growers, giving the album an endearing quality.

Slobbery Dognose You’ve Got To Pay

Download the Album From Jamendo

Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge/In Bad Taste – The Power To Consume Ourselves Split (Limited Time)

Here’s one I really enjoy.  The boys from Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge are graciously offering up their Wyld Stallyns Split EP for the season’s Free Music Month.  Two songs are from SCR, with the other two coming from In Bad Taste.  The EP runs a quick sixteen minutes, but offers up a great argument for tuning in to both of the punk/metal hybrids.  For those already familiar with SCR, the EP serves as a pleasant little surprise for those looking for something to tide them over until the eventual full length.

Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge The Power To Consume Ourselves

Download The Album From The Band

Darko – Self Titled EP

Darko is an fresh new punk metal band out of the UK some some serious technical know how.  They’re a little shoutier than A Wilhelm Scream, but certainly no less able.  As far as I can tell, the band came out of nowhere earlier this year, and with the year winding down, has probably earned the title of most promising new melodic technical punk group.  For my full impressions, check out my full review.

DarkoSelf Titled EP

Download the Album From The Band’s Bandcamp

No Regime – Self Titled

No Regime is a four piece punk-reggae hybrid out of Los Angeles.  They’re been a round for a few short years, but have really only hit the radar of most (myself included) because of their latest self titled EP.  The band’s mission seems to be blending Sublime-esque vocals and reggae fueled moments with instances of crashing – just shy of thrashing – punk craziness.  Personally, I’m not completely sold yet, and I think the band needs a little work finding their sweet spot with regards to the balance between their influences, but a lot of good has been said about the band, and there’s certainly a lot of promise within (My review is forthcoming).  But don’t take my word, check it out for yourself, the band has uploaded the entire EP as a free download over on

No Regime Self Titled

Download the Album From The Band’s

Campaign – It Likes To Party and H1N1

Campaign has posted a couple of their previous EPs as free downloads over on their blog.  If you’re into anything along the lines of the Hot Water Music school of gruff pop punk, then you’re in luck.  It’s an easy recommendation, but rather than write it all out, I’ll simply direct readers over to a review I wrote a few months back.  In either case, get downloading!

Campaign It Likes To Party

Download the Album From The Band

Campaign H1N1

Download the Album From The Band

Man The Change – Weather The Storm

Man The Change has released a killer debut full length that should get fans of anything in the gruff No Idea Records pop-punk library quite excited.  The album was released circa a fully DIY budget, and as anyone can tell from even the opening chords, is a real winner worth checking out.

Man The ChangeWeather The Storm

Download the Album From The Band

Various Artists – Free Health Care + MP3s II: Canadian Fest Comp

The Fest 9 is still half a week away, but that hasn’t stopped Juicebox Recordings from celebrating early.  In fact, the Canadian donation based label is offering a free mixtape of the those Canadian bands that are heading down south for the Gainsville punk rock extravaganza.  Notable bands include Junior Battles, The Flatliners, Saint Alvia, and The Sainte Catherines to name a few.  Let’s here it for Canada!

Various Artists – Free Health Care + MP3s II: Canadian Fest Comp

Download the Compilation From

The Fair Weathered – Pendlwood Session

Here’s a nice little two track EP from Columbus, OH pop-punk band The Fair Weathered.  Soothing and clean melodies with a hint of emo and loads of passion.

The Fair WeatheredPendlwood Sessions

Download The EP From The Band

Fist Of The North Star – Divided We Stand

Last week I posted about a new EP being offered by Fist Of The North Star in the site’s news section.  But it’s a good one for those who love their punk with a side of gritty political anger, so I’m reposting it on the blog.  Here’s the info from the original post:

“Stik Man Records has released a new EP for Nashville punks Fist Of The North Star, titled Divided We Stand.  The band last released Here’s To An Early Grave in 2007, after which vocalist/drummer Edwin split with guitarist and label owner KD to pursue other projects.  The new EP features Edwin’s final tracks.  According to the band’s myspace, the band is still searching for a full time vocalist.”

Definitely worth checking out.

Fist Of The North Star Divided We Stand

Download the Album From Stik Man Records

Bad Lieutenants – Born A Bad Seed

The good folks at Teenage Heart Records have graciously offered up a release from their back catalogue for our readers’ listening pleasure.  The album in question is 2008’s six song EP from Connecticut punk outfit Bad Lieutenants titled Born A Bad Seed.  It’s fast, simple, abrasive, and should satisfy those who love sloppy, rock heavy riffs with tough as nails vocals.

Bad LieutenantsBorn A Bad Seed

Download the Album From Teenage Heart Records

Sidekick Lupchen & The Bad Generation – The Royal Flush of Death

Here’s a little German punk rock with a lot of rock ‘n roll spirit.  For their thirteen-track debut, Sidekick Lupchen & The Bad Generation plays their punk loud and unabashed.  Jamendo’s punk had been lacking in terms of great new additions lately, but The Royal Flush Of Death this is the perfect cure all remedy.

Sidekick Lupchen & The Bad GenerationThe Royal Flush of Death

Download the album from Jamendo

Why I Hope/Why I Hate – Feathered Hair And Pegged Chords

Why I Hope/Why I Hate has released a follow up to their previous single.  This time the stripped down acoustic Why I Hope track comes first, with the full band version following next.  I won’t bother retyping all the details about about the band again, but if you’re interested in this unique project, check out my first post about them.  It also looks like Keith has been at it again with some more hugely stylized album art.

Why I Hope/Why I Hate Feathered Hair And Pegged Chords

Download the Album From Death To False Hope Records

Why I Hate/Why I Hope – The Symbol I’m Known To be

Here’s something new, two bands that seem to be one and the same: Why I Hate and Why I Hope.  In any case, heed little attention to my curiosity, because when it comes to their recently released two song single released on Kiss Of Death Records, these songs basically speak for themselves.  The first being a good old punk rock tune, and the second being the same track, taking the guise of an acoustic number.  If you don’t listen for the lyrics you’d think they were completely different tunes!

Their upcoming four track will be of a similar nature and has me pretty excited for this, listen to the description: “The upcoming CD for Why I Hate has 4 bonus Why I Hope versions of the songs on it, and the limited LP version will be a double vinyl, with 10 Why I Hate versions of the songs, and 8 Why I Hope versions. The album just has a WIH on the cover”

But this isn’t supposed to be a news post, so do download! (and the cover looks like Keith’s style, which is always a treat!)

Why I Hate/Why I HopeThe Symbol I’m Known To be

Download the Album From Death To False Hope Records

Edge Of Panic – Self Titled

Here’s something refreshingly raw, and feels as if ripped right from the eighties.  Edge Of Panic‘s self titled debut is an aggressive exercise in Subhumans (Canada)-like street-based hardcore.  With absolutely no shortage of energy in sight, this is an easy recommendation for those who like their crust punk a little cleaner than the likes of No Friends, but no less furious.

Edge Of PanicSelf Titled

Download the Album From the Band’s Bandcamp

Majority Lost – Side A

Majority Lost is offering up what they have recorded (so far) from their upcoming LP in the form of roughly half the tracks.  As an EP, it’s rock solid, and when it comes to politically charged, highly opinionated melodic punk rock, it’s the same story.  Check out Side A to build anticipation for the eventual full length.

Majority LostSide A

Download the Album From The Band