Video: Frank Turner – There She Is

Frank TurnerEnglish singer/songwriter Frank Turner has released a video for the song “There She Is.” The track is set to appear on Turner’s upcoming greatest hits album, Songbook.  The disc is set to drop onNovember 24, 2017 on Xtra Mile Records.

Watch the video below.

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The Homeless Gospel Choir Release Full Stream Of New LP

Homeless Gospel Choir Normal LPThe Homeless Gospel Choir are now streaming their new record, The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal, in full on Bandcamp. The album, which features guest vocals from Frank Turner and Frank Iero, is set to be released tomorrow, August 18th, on A-F Records. The Homeless Gospel Choir will be touring the US and Europe in the coming months with AJJ, Frank Iero & The Patience and Beach Slang and tickets for all tour dates are available here

You can stream The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal via Bandcamp here

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal can be pre-ordered via A-F Records here

Tours: Frank Turner

Frank TurnerUK singer-songwriter Frank Turner will be heading on a tour of North America in the new year.  Turner continues to support his recent EP, Mittens, released earlier this year.

Tour dates are below.

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ducking punches

Ducking Punches

Fizzy Brains

Xtra Mile Recordings

Rating: 3/5




Ducking Punches are a quintet that hail from Norwich, England, this is their third album and the first for Xtra Mile Recordings. In boxing terms Ducking Punches is a technique used not only to create a solid defence, but also to engage and draw a reaction, and I must say that on the basis of this album it would seem the band have chosen an appropriate moniker.

Ducking Punches have a long association with Frank Turner, vocalist and guitarist Dan Allen played guitar for him when he was unable to play live due to an injury that threatened to curtail a tour, and Frank has returned the favour by making a cameo appearance on the opening track, Greedy Bones, and it’s noticeable that he is a significant influence on their overall sound. Whilst this is ostensibly a folk punk album they have avoided many of the clichés that appear on innumerable releases of this genre, there isn’t a drinking song or anything even remotely resembling a jig to be found on Fizzy Brain. They have avoided the predictable and there are strains of post punk introspection to be found on this release in addition to more obvious styles and influences you would expect to find. Throughout Fizzy Brain changes of tempo and style pepper the album and the shared vocal duties, between Dan Allen and Sophie Porter, on a number of the songs provides an engaging contrast.

This is a rousing and passionate album but for me there’s an almost imperceptible quality missing from the overall mix, maybe it’s because I find that this album is neither fish nor fowl. It’s possibly due to the diverse nature of influences of display on this album that it doesn’t appear to have an established identity, but having said that this is a satisfying and engaging album and that does lure you back in after your initial exposure. Whilst Ducking Punches don’t manage to land a knockout blow this album does deliver over the 11 tracks contained on Fizzy Brain, and for fans of folk punk that want something more satisfying and original than tales of boisterous carousing this is an authentic grass roots release that is well worth investigating.


Live Concert Review

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

Live in Vancouver (03/03/16)

Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




Frank Turner, like many bands, has evolved over the years. He’s no longer the solo acoustic troubadour playing parking lots and hotel rooms and he’s progressed from being the first opening act for Gaslight Anthem to the main event. In the eight years since I first saw Turner hit the stage, he’s swapped labels, released four full length albums, broke his back and continued to tour, got healthy again and brought his full backing band with him from across the pond.

These changes can be good – it’s great to see a favourite grow in popularity; but that growth occasionally comes with drawbacks, the biggest of which comes from the massive variation of fans in the crowds.

For this reason, partway through the set; my friends and I all thought to ourselves “so, this is a Frank Turner  show now?” It wasn’t Turner – he was good. He was alive, energetic,  and sweaty as he jumped and hopped around the stage singing Recovery, The Road, Mittens, Polaroid Pictures, The Next Storm, Try This At Home and more but the crowd seemed to be a mixture of personas. There were double dates where both parties tried to flirt all show, the boyfriend cages that fiercely elbowed anyone that came near their energetically singing girl, the people living behind their cell phones, those few clusters of pogo sticking jumpers. No one quite knew what to do and even Turner himself tried riling the crowd up by dividing them into competitive sections.

It was relatively quiet, oddly calm for a Turner show – so much so that even my all time favourite The Ballad Of Me and My Friends failed to give me the chills that it normally does.

The crowd seemed to be waiting for permission to explode, almost there but holding back and it wasn’t until Turner pulled up a fan holding the “Frank Turner Tour Flag” on stage that they felt they got it. The flag has been travelling to every show on the tour, being passed from enthusiastic fan to enthusiastic fan. This particular fan, named Matt, was pulled to the stage and crowd surfed from one end of the room, around two opposing pillars and back to the stage.

From that point on, it seemed that those who wanted to dance had defacto permission to go wild and thus, they did.

Photosynthesis, Plain Sailing Weather, Reasons Not To Be An Idiot, Glory Hallelujah, St. Christopher Is Coming Home and Long Live The Queen. The set list, to put it simply, was solid and when the crowd could finally dance, they did.  Whether he was full band – like on the raucous I Still Believe – or solo – like on Tattoo which he dedicated to his newly inked New Brunswick tattoo –  the crowd finally felt alive.

They danced along to Four Simple Words at the end of the night, just as the song instructed them to and finally it felt the way a Frank Turner show should feel. It just took half the show to get to that point.


Video: Frank Turner – Mittens

Frank TurnerUK singer-songwriter Frank Turner has released a new music video.  The video features the song “Mittens” from last year’s Positive Songs For Negative People, but will also serve as the lead single for the new EP, Mittens, which will also feature four new tracks.

Watch the video below.

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Will Varley Announces New LP, Posts Video

Will VarleySouth London based singer songwriter Will Varley has posted a video for his latest track Talking Cat Blues, which predictably includes a montage of cats doing “hilarious” things. The song is the latest to be taken from his upcoming new album Postcards from Ursa Minor due to drop on October 30th via Xtra Mile Recordings.

In addition to supporting label mate (and thepunksite favourite) Frank Turner on his November UK tour, Will Varley is also hitting the road on his own in February/March 2016.

Check out the video for Talking Cat Blues and the full list of upcoming tour dates below.

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Video: Frank Turner – Josephine

Frank TurnerAcoustic punk troubadour Frank Turner has posted a music video for Josephine, a track taken from his latest full length, Positive Songs For Negative People, available now vis Xtra Mile Recordings and Polydor Records. 

Watch the video below.

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Frank Turner

Positive Songs for Negative People

Xtra Mile Recordings

Rating: 4/5




Frank Turner has come a long way from the hungover punk quietly strumming his guitar on a side stage at a folk festival. With his last two albums, he clearly announced his intentions to cater to the arena crowds, adding plenty of accompaniment to supplement his sing-along anthems. Somewhere during this transition his songs began to play on mainstream radio and his shows became an awkward blend of young drunken frat bros and old punk rockers. Having released six albums, three compilations, a live recording, splits and numerous EPs in only the past nine years, Turner is undeniably a prolific recording artist. But this tendency to release every snippet of song has resulted in some dead weight in the past, including the bulk of his previous full-length, Tape Deck Heart

Thankfully, Positive Songs is a refreshing song collection from North America’s favourite troubadour with a funny accent. This isn’t a complete departure, rather it seems like a logical progression in his continued album cycle. There are many England-specific references that most people won’t get (although you don’t need to know Winnipeg to appreciate The Weakerthans), lots of references to roads and plenty of charming songs about love, sadness and travelling. Where the last release seemed like an awkward glimpse into his personal diary of heartbreak filtered through Foo Fighters styled arena rock, this time around we see glimmers of hope. This isn’t exactly hardcore PMA though, Turner’s knack for self-deprecation and sad bastard barroom sing-alongs are still present. The juxtaposition suggested in the title is aptly played out in the song list, as a choir sings rejoice, rebuild, the storm has gone (The Next Storm) seconds before Turner makes the proclamation that I am so much worse than I have ever been (The Opening Act of Spring). But the dominant emotion on the album is channeled on Get Better, which is a triumphant call to healing, as he sings repeatedly We can get better because we’re not dead yet as the song ends. 

While musically the album is not a large departure from what we have seen before, there is enough variation to keep it from feeling stagnant. On Glorious You a funky bass line drives the song as the lyrics celebrate what makes a friend great. The backing vocals from talented Canadians Billy the Kid and Lindi Ortega  add some interesting harmonies. The ghost of Frank Turner’s punk rock past briefly shows up on Out of Breath, which effectively blends post-hardcore, arena rock and a dose of Celtic punk. While it sounds like a recipe for disaster, the lively track provides a welcome change of pace in the album and adds to its diversity, which is where Tape Deck Heart failed so miserably. On Josephine, the music is reminiscent of The Killers, as he sings a love song with plenty of whoas in the background. The music at the start of Love Forty Down sounds like he is attempting a folk punk cover of a pop punk song. It’s both ridiculous and wonderful at the same time in a way that only he could pull off. On the final track, he completes the cycle that started with the restrained folk of the opener. Song for Josh is a live acoustic track that laments the suicide of a friend. It is a strong finish to the album. 

On the first listen through it is clear that this is a great album. It is a long way from the scrappy folk of Campfire Punk Rock, but it is one of the strongest of his many song collections. Perhaps it is just the gradual realization that he is an artist who is going to play what he wants.Many people felt a similar level of acceptance when Against Me! released Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which came from a completely different musical world than Reinventing Axl Rose, but was just as great. I accept the fact that I might be standing next to a kid half my age at a Frank Turner show. Good music is simply good music.

PJ Bond Supporting Frank Turner’s In-Store Shows in August

PJ BondAcoustic singer-songwriter PJ Bond has announced that he will be supporting Frank Turner on his run of in-store shows around the release of his latest LP, Positive Songs For Negative People. PJ Bond’s latest record is Where Were You?, which itself dropped back in May via Xtra Mile Recordings and ahead of these shows, he is streaming Everglades, one of the tracks from the LP.

Check out the stream of Everglades and the full list of in-store shows with Frank Turner below.

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Frank Turner Posts Lyric Video for ‘Mittens’

Frank TurnerAcoustic punk troubadour Frank Turner has posted a lyric video for Mittens, a track taken from his upcoming full length, Positive Songs For Negative People. The LP is set for release on August 7th via his long time label Xtra Mile Recordings and Polydor Records. 

Check out the lyric video for Mittens below.

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Frank Turner Performs Three New Tracks

Frank TurnerAcoustic punk troubadour Frank Turner recently played three new songs for Punks In Vegas.  The songs will appear on his upcoming full length, Positive Songs For Negative People, is set for release on August 7, 2015.  The LP will be released via his longtime label Xtra Mile Recordings and Polydor Records. 

Watch the full performance here.

Frank Turner Details New LP

Frank TurnerAcoustic punk troubadour Frank Turner has announced that his upcoming full length will be called Positive Songs For Negative People. The record will be released via his longtime label Xtra Mile Recordings, with the official release date yet to be set. In an update sent to fans yesterday, the man himself has said this about the album:

“It’s a record about survival, defiance, about picking yourself up when you’re down, and the title reflects that. It came from a late night drunk conversation with an old friend, I was trying to explain what I do for a living, and, well, it just came out like that.”

As more information is available, we will be sure to bring it to you.


Frank Turner Streams New Song ‘Get Better’

Frank Turner 2014Acoustic punk troubadour Frank Turner has posted a lyric video for Get Better, a track which will feature on his as-yet-untitled 6th full length, due out later this year (we assume through Xtra Mile Recordings). Through a post on his facebook page, Frank confirms work on his album is close to being finished with more details to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The lyric video for Get Better can be checked out below.

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Frank Turner Launches Book Pre-Orders

Frank TurnerUK acoustic punk favourite Frank Turner has launched pre-orders for his upcoming book, The Road Beneath My Feet which is due for release on 26th March through Headline Publishing Group. The book is a recount of Frank’s life on the road, starting with Million Dead back in 2001, and throughout his solo career.

The publisher’s description claims it also serves as an intimate account of what it’s like to spend your life constantly on the road, sleeping on floors, invariably jetlagged, all for the love of playing live music.

Pre-orders are available here.

Frank Turner Announces Fan Edition Of Upcoming Book

Frank TurnerFolk punk troubadour Frank Turner is offering a fan edition of his upcoming book, The Road Beneath My Feet, via Pledge Music (requires an account to pledge)This special edition will have your name printed inside the book and be personally signed by Frank himself. 

Check out a teaser video for the project here.


FT The Third Three Years Album Art

Frank Turner

The Third Three Years

Xtra Mile Recordings

Rating: 4/5




Frank Turner’s latest record, The Third Three Years is an 18 track collection of previously unreleased material, including covers, live versions and demos which should help keep fans happy while he and the sleeping souls work on the follow up to 2013’s Tape Deck Heart, currently being recorded in Nashville with Butch Walker. It is also the follow up to the First and Second Three Year Collections, released back in 2008 and 2011 respectively

The first bunch of songs are really good fun, kicking off with a studio version of the Queen classic Somebody to Love. It’s hard not to love this as the original is a great song and Frank really does it justice. Hits & Mrs (from the Losing Days EP) is a classic B-side, interesting in some ways, but mostly forgettable, save for the cool little mandolin intro while both Sweet Albion Blues and Riot Song, the former a Dylan-esque romp through the regions and towns of the UK, while the latter is a well crafted story about the London riots and lyrics like ‘Anger mixed with greed without a plan’ tell you exactly where he stood on the debate.

A couple of cool duets follow, with Emily Barker for her song Fields of June, where Frank’s simple, yet haunting guitar really complement the vocal. Happy New Year, a super fun holiday ditty sung with Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River).

Something of Freedom, a track from the Tape Deck Heart sessions is a little pedestrian, as is the cover of the Tom Petty track American Girl but then There are Bad Times Just Around the Corner, a quick little folk tune takes us on another journey around the UK, namechecking towns from Berwick to Tunbridge wells. The juxtaposition of the upbeat music works well against a darker story being told through lyrics like ‘ If England is a garden, then we ought to have more manure’.

The covers keep coming, with both The Weakerthans and Townes Van Zandt being given a respectable outing on Bigfoot and Pancho & Lefty before full acoustic versions of Live And Let Die and Springsteen’s Born To Run, really blow everything that came before it out of the water.

The record heads into the home stretch with 3 acoustic versions of tracks from Tape Deck Heart, Plain Sailing Weather, Tell Tale Signs and The Way I Tend To Be, performed with aplomb alongside Matt Nasir of the Sleeping Souls, all of which have enough live energy to differentiate them from the studio versions.

Finally the record ends on a brilliant high, with an excellent live edition of The Ballad of me and my Friends and a punked up version of Dan’s Song.

With The Third Three Years, Frank Turner has really succeeded in providing a good cross section of fan favourites and genuinely rare and unreleased material which serves as a nice stop gap until the follow up to Tape Deck Heart appears.  



Frank Turner Recording New Album

Frank Turner 2014UK folk punk troubadour Frank Turner has announced he is finally hitting the studio next month to work on the follow up to 2013’s Tape Deck Heart. He has not released where recording is taking place or any news on special guests, but as details become available we will be sure to share them with you!

The Third Three Years, a compilation of rarities, unreleased and live tracks is due for release in 2 weeks time via Xtra Mile Recordings. Pre order bundles are available here.

Frank Turner Performs ‘Cowboy Chords’ on Rock n’ Live

FT 2014 HiResWinchester, UK folk punk favourite Frank Turner performed Cowboy Chords, a track from his 2013 full length, Tape Deck Heart (Xtra Mile Recordings) on Luxembourg based music rock show Rock n’Live and the video is up on youtube. The session was recorded back in June ahead of his appearance at the Fete de la Musique, Dudelange, Luxembourg.

Check out the video below.

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Frank Turner Announces Rarities Album

FT 2014 HiResEnglish acoustic punk rock favourite Frank Turner has announced a new rarities record. The Second Three Years celebrates 10 years since Frank’s first solo live shows and features 21 previously unreleased tracks, including live versions, demos and covers of songs by Tom Petty, Queen and Paul McCartney & Wings. The album is due for release on November 24th via Xtra Mile Recordings and ahead of the release a stream of an alternate version of The Way I Tend To Be can be heard here.

Pre orders are available here and the track list and cover art for The Second Three Years can be seen below.

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Interview – Frank Turner

Frank TurnerAhead of his show in Salisbury, UK acoustic punk troubadour (and all round very nice chap) Frank Turner was kind enough to sit down with us, during his pre show meal no less, to talk about his latest tour, writing new material, his upcoming book of tour diaries and a shared love of two W’s – Winnipeg and UK rock band The Wildhearts. Plus word games!

Check out the interview here. 

Frank Turner  interview

Frank Turner

Xtra Mile Recordings
By on September 13th, 2014 at Salisbury, UK



Ahead of his show in Salisbury, UK acoustic punk favourite (and all round very nice chap) Frank Turner was kind enough to sit down with us, during his pre show meal no less, to talk about his latest tour, writing new material, his upcoming book of tour diaries and a shared love of two W’s – Winnipeg and UK rock band The Wildhearts. Plus word games!

Check out the interview below. 

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Video: The Levellers Feat. Frank Turner – ‘Julie’

The levellersFolk punk troubadour (and thepunksite favourite) Frank Turner has joined forces with Brighton rockers The Levellers to record a version of their track Julie which will appear on their upcoming greatest hits double album due to drop on September 29th via Fiddle Recordings. 

Check out the video for Julie below.

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Frank Turner Announces Support for Autumn UK Tour

Frank TurnerFolk punk favourite Frank Turner has announced the support act for his 17 date UK tour in September. He will be joined on all dates (except festivals) by Minneapolis comedic dance pop duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo who he has described as one his “all time favourite live acts”.

Many shows are already sold out, and you can check out the full list of dates below.

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Frank Turner Announces UK Tour

Frank TurnerAcoustic punk rock favourite Frank Turner has announced a series of dates across the UK in September. It is the first tour since his arena shows back in February and will see him play 15 shows in 19 days. Tickets are on general sale from 9am Friday July 18th, and the full list of dates can be viewed below.

Frank Turner’s latest album Tape Deck Heart is out now via Xtra Mile Recordings.

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Frank Turner Announces Book of Tour Diaries

FTWinchester, England’s favourite son Frank Turner has announced that he will be writing a book of tour diaries. In a post on his facebook page he has said that a deal has been struck with Headline Publishing. Frank did contribute a short chapter to The Road Most Travelled, a book of tour stories from a number of musicians put together in 2012 by Chuck Ragan. The post also states that he is hoping to release it in spring 2015, we are looking forward to it!



Frank Turner’s Top 10 Hardcore Records

FTFollowing the release of Frank Turner’s hardcore side project Mongel Horde’s debut full length on Xtra Mile Recordings (check out our post on it), the folk punk favourite has detailed his top 10 hardcore albums via The list contains a few obvious inclusions, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Refused but there are a few left field choices as well – check out the full list here and Frank’s commentary on each, here.

Mongol Horde – Blistering Blue Barnacles

Mongol HordeMongol Horde, the hardcore group featuring Frank Turner, have announced the release of their self-titled debut album via Xtra Mile Recordings.

The group has previously released the video for the blistering hardcore track, Make Way. They have now made a second song from the upcoming album available, Blistering Blue Barnacles, which can be viewed below. The 13 track album will be released on May 26. Pre-orders for the album are up now at the label’s site here. 

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Billy The Kid Announces New Single, Back To You

Billy the KidCanadian songwriter, Billy the Kid is set to release her first single from her upcoming album Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, which comes out on September 8. Back To You is the first single from her fourth album, which will be released through Xtra Mile Recordings.

Horsehoes & Hand Grenades was produced by Frank Turner, who also appears on the album alongside his band mate, The Sleeping Souls’ drummer Nigel Powell. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Billy the Kid is currently on tour in Europe with Chuck Ragan and Northcote, with some appearances including Dave Hause. Full tour dates can be found below. 

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Frank Turner Cardinal Session (Live)

Frank TurnerWinchester, UK’s favourite punk rock son Frank Turner recently took time out from his European tour to play Good and Gone a song from his latest album Tape Deck Heart for the Cardinal Sessions in Cologne, Germany. Check out the video below:

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Frank Turner Tour Diary

FTWinchester, UK’s favourite punk rock son Frank Turner has released a tour diary from his recent set at Coachella. Expect live footage, a bit of photobombing and a dose of good old English humour. Check out the video:

Frank Turner’s summer tour dates can be found below:

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