Four Year Strong Announce Unplugged Rarities Album

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has announced that they will be releasing an unplugged rarities album.  The album is titled Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won’t, and is set to drop on September 8, 2017 via Pure Noise Records. The album includes rarities, unheard originals, unplugged classics and reimagined favorites. 

Track listing and upcoming tour dates are below.

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Video: Four Year Strong – Men Are From Mars

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Men Are From Mars,” which is from their album, Rise Or Die Trying, for which the band is celebrating the 10th anniversary of this year.

The video, along with tour dates celebrating the anniversary, can be found below.

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Belmont Announce Spring Tour With Hot Mulligan

belmont hot mulligan tourChicago pop punks Belmont will tour with Michigan’s Hot Mulligan this spring, the tour dates will run from May 19 through to June 4. The band will also be supporting Four Year Strong at a local show at Bottom Lounge on March 18th.

You can stream and download Hot Mulligan‘s Opportunities EP here

Belmont‘s Between You And Me EP can be streamed here

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Belmont Announce US Shows With The Weekend Classic

Belmont March TourChicago pop-punks Belmont have announced a string of March tour dates with Indiana’s The Weekend Classic, as well as a hometown show supporting Four Year Strong at Bottom Lounge on March 18.

The latest EP by Belmont, Between You & Me, can be streamed here

Belmont‘s Facebook page can be found here

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Under Fire Confirm Release Date For The Blackout EP

under-fire-blackoutDerry, NH pop punks Under Fire will release the Blackout EP on January 6th, the EP was produced by Chris Curran (Reclaim Studios) and Alan Day (Four Year Strong).

You can stream the Blackout EP here and you can pre-order the EP here

Under Fire‘s Facebook presence can be found here

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Tours: Four Year Strong / Defeater

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has announced plans for a Fall headlining tour with direct support from Defeater as well as select dates with Expire, Superheaven, Speak Low If You Speak Love, My Iron Lung and Elder Brother.  The band continues to support their self titled full length, reelased back on June 2, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Full tour listings are below.

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Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong

Pure Noise Records

Rating: 4/5




Four Year Strong have a bipolar history. Ignoring their raw demo It’s Our Time, their legitimate debut album was a great example of raw pop punk blended with hardcore that helped define the group as one of the leaders of the Easycore movement. They made the odd choice to follow that up with a terrible covers album. But on Enemy of the World, the guys focused their sound to create a definitive album of modern pop punk with catchy choruses and plenty of riffs. They managed to hold their own on tours with legendary live bands like Every Time I Die and logged a lot of miles on Warped Tour. Then they released their next album, which was panned by critics and fans alike, at which point they went the way of their scene buddies Set Your Goals and disappeared for a while. Looking back at their four full length releases, it would seem that it would be appropriate to judge the music by the cover. Their odd number releases have had wild cover art, which supported the goofy song titles and great music within. Their even releases have mundane covers, which gives warning to the forgettable music within. Based upon this logic, one would assume that their self-titled album suggests a return to the fun Four Year Strong that fans love.

Once the squealing feedback of the opening track fades away, it becomes clear that this is indeed a return to form. The synths are still absent, but this only helps strength to the hardcore riffs that are the backbone of their sound. The breakdowns are tempered by the pop infused catchy choruses. The dual vocals add depth to the songs, a ragged form of harmony bringing layers to the music. There are moments of creative guitar work that push the boundaries of the genre, but they are used sparsely which adds to their effect. At times the guitars have an 80s metal tone, such as the noodling on The Sound of Your Heart. Lyrically, the thematic material is familiar. There is an underlying positivity threaded throughout, with messages of self-empowerment more effective than those of the average straight edge band.  At the same time there is a simmering anger present, which is perhaps backlash against those who wrote the band off after their last full length.

The self-titled album often heralds a rebirth for a band. After the lackluster presentation from their last full length, Four Year Strong have returned with force with an album that revitalizes Easycore, adding in some new elements while staying true to the pop punk and hardcore formula. It is a powerful return to form for a great live band. 

Four Year Strong Full Album Stream

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has premiered a stream of their self titled album, which is due out June 2, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to the full disc here courtesy Fuse.

Video: Four Year Strong – We All Float Down Here

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has released a new music video featuring footage from their UK tour.  The song is “We All Float Down Here” and will appear on their self titled album, which is due out June 2, 2015 via Pure Noise Records and the band will be on the road throughout May and June alongside The Story So Far, Terror and Souvenirs. 

Watch the full video below.

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Four Year Strong – I’m A Big, Bright, Shining Star

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong are streaming a new track from their upcoming self titled full length. The song is “I’m A Big, Bright, Shining Star” and will appear on their self titled album, due out June 2nd via Pure Noise Records and the band will be on the road throughout May and June alongside The Story So Far, Terror and Souvenirs. 

Check out the full list of tour dates below.  Give the track, accompanied by a lyric video, a listen below.

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Four Year Strong Premiere ‘We All Float Down Here’

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong are streaming the first track from their upcoming self titled full length. The song is We All Float Down Here and can be streamed directly from the band’s website. The LP is due for release on June 2nd via Pure Noise Records and the band will be on the road throughout May and June alongside The Story So Far, Terror and Souvenirs. 

Check out the full list of tour dates below.

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Four Year Strong Date And Detail Next Full Length

Four Year strongWorcester melodic punk act Four Year Strong has announced plans for their fifth studio full length.  The disc will mark their self-titled album and is due out on June 2, 2015 via Pure Noise Records and was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Every Time I Die, Code Orange Kids, High On Fire) at his Godcity Studio in Salem, MA. 

The album marks their first new full-length since 2011’s In Some Way, Shape or Form and follows their 2014 EP, Goes Down In History.   The band will be heading out on tour with The Story So Far, Terror and Souvenirs in May.  Album art, track listing and tour dates can be found below.

Video: Light You Up – ‘All We’ve Ever Known’

Light You Up1Birmingham pop punks Light You Up have posted a video for their song All We’ve Ever Known. It is the title track from their latest full length, which was released back in January via Reclaim Music Group / Ice Grills. In support of the record, the band are currently out on the road supporting Four Year Strong

Check out the full list of tour dates and the video for All We’ve Ever Known below.

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The Story So Far Announce US Headline Tour

The Story So Far Tour PosterBay area pop punks The Story So Far have announced a US headline tour kicking off in May. The band’s latest release is 2013’s full length for Pure Noise RecordsWhat You Don’t See, while the as-yet-untitled follow up is due to drop this year. Support for all shows will come from Four Year Strong, Terror and Souvenirs.

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Tours: Four Year Strong / Comeback Kid

Four Year StrongFour Year Strong has announced details for an upcoming tour with Comeback Kid.  The band continues to support their latest EP, Goes Down In History, available now via Pure Noise Records.  

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Four Year Strong / Seaway / Such Gold / Transit

Four Year StrongNew England’s melodic-hardcore band Four Year Strong has announced the Go Down In History Tour.  Seaway, Such Gold and Transit will be accompanying the group.  The band continues to support their new EP, Go Down In History, available now on Pure Noise Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong

Go Down In History

Pure Noise Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Four Year Strong hit their commercial peak upon the release of their high flying, over the top take on pop-punk in their major label debut, Decaydance/Motown Records.  Not only did the album cover satirically take aim at intra-genre excess, but the crunching, metal inspired riffs paraded along at the pop-punk equivalent to a Dragonforce album.  Splicing in elements of fierce metalcore alongside undeniably catchy melodies, the widespread appeal wasn’t hard to understand, even if punk purists collectively turned up their noses and branded them a farce.  Regardless of which side if the divide you stood on, it’s hard to deny that the band didn’t have a lasting impact on what would later occupy the various stages of the Vans Warped Tour (for better or worse).  

But since, the band has struggled to maintain the same level of influence and or hold their audience as close.  That being said, Four Year Strong continues to do what they love even since their departure with Motown (and brief into hiatus) ready to embrace their next chapter with the creative freedom afforded from their new home on the comparative step back to the underground with Pure Noise Records.  While one might expect the band to take full advantage of their new home by taking some risks in a less restrictive environment, the resulting EP, Go Down In History, feels more like a band hanging on to safety than embracing an exciting new chapter.  

That’s not to say that the band doesn’t love what they’re doing, in fact, one of he opening lines states, “it’s time to set the record straight, then hopefully you won’t just fade out, doing what we need to survive.”  The track trumpets perseverance and personality above capitulation, but doesn’t do more than employ many of the same chugging riffs and quick chords that the band is known for.  It’s no worse than any of their previous work, but certainly less memorable than previous highs and singles.  With no shortage of gang vocals or guitar heavy choruses, “Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth” plays to the band’s most anthemic notes, but here in lies the EP’s (and band’s) biggest flaw.  The band is seemingly on a mission of personal one-upmanship, but has reached a ceiling and lacks direction with how to proceed.  Every song always seems to come back to the chugging riffs of opener “What’s In The Box,” which stunts any sense of album growth, even when the band flaunts their technical edge in “tread Lightly.”  It’s a challenge reminiscent of Pennywise struggling to break free of their formulaic 90’s SoCal punk sound after reaching their creative peak with Land Of The Free?, but in a significantly different context.

Overall, Four Year Strong emerges from its hiatus as a tight unit remaining content to plug away at the status quo.  While the four-piece doesn’t necessarily need to radically alter their formula, the EP does little to excite all but the most hardcore fans of their return.  Accordingly, this new chapter lacks an essential spark or truly standout moments despite sound technical knowhow and execution.  At best Go Down In History will evoke a respectful nod from fans, but will inevitably become overshadowed by their superior back catalogue.

Stream: Four Year Strong – Go Down In History

Four Year strongNew England’s melodic-hardcore band Four Year Strong released their new EP, Go Down In History, yesterday through Pure Noise Records.

To coincide with the release, the band have also posted a full album stream of the Ep on and released a video for the title track which can be viewed below.

The five song EP is the band’s first new record since 2011’s In Some Way Shape or Form. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Machine (Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die) at The Machine Shop.

Four Year Strong are currently performing on the main stage of this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.  

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Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying

Four Year Strong

Rise or Die Trying

I Surrender Records

Rating: 3/5




I’m at a lost for words as to how I feel about Rise or Die Trying. Every time I listen to it, I come out with another response and opinion regarding the album. Sometimes I like it, I enjoy it and could see it being enjoyable live, sometimes I hate it and want to stop it right away. One thing, however, is constant and that’s that I’m never incredibly impressed with Four Year Strong.

Rise or Die Trying seems to be suffering from an identity crisis; they don’t quite know where they want to go. The music is heavy and angry building up in anticipation for an intense release but then the vocals come in and you’re not sure what to do as it all seems to fall flat. A mix between Fall out Boy and Karate High School, the vocals don’t seem to be the right style for the sound of the band. It’s as if they’re trying to emulate Set Your Goals or Daggermouth – hardcore bands with relatively pop-punk vocal deliveries – but there just isn’t that connection on this album that is so prevalent on the aforementioned bands’ records. Instead, the band comes off as full and disjointed.

There are some positive aspects to the release though. Throughout the entire record, the one thing that really shines through is Jackson Massucco’s drumming. His bass drum is fast and vigorous; it is drumming that would make hardcore acts on Bridge9 proud (see Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die and Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Hell for some examples of great drumming). But while the drumming is by far the best thing on the record, you can’t help but feel that Massucco is forced to hold back to make room for the vocals, making it so that the impressive opening sequences seem slightly out of place as they rarely carry on through the entire track.

On top of that, the synthesizer moments do little to the songs other than to further raise the comparison to Karate High School. While you can decipher the melodies, they rarely have any impact on the track and feel somewhat like an after thought the way they are placed in the mix.

So frankly, I don’t know what to say about this record. Nothing on it is abnormally bad, and it is starting to grow on me a little bit; but it still seems to be in need of a much more defined identity instead of attempting to merge everything together as one. Would I see these guys live? Yeah, I think they could be fun, especially if they were playing a show I was already planning on attending. Would I skip over them if they came up on my iPod in random? Probably not – at least not until we pass the half way part of the song anyway. But would I go out of my way to play this record again? I highly doubt it; and I think that little lethargic sentence sums up my feelings for the record quite well.

Tours: Blink 182 / All American Rejects / Four Year Strong / Twin Atlantic

Blink 182A group of pop punk powerhouses have announced that they will be heading out for a UK tour together on the approach to summer.  Blink 182 will headline with All American Rejects, Four Year Strong and Twin Atlantic supporting throughout.  Blink 182 last released their reunion album, Neighborhoods, in 2011. 

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Four Year Strong Streaming New Full Length

four year strongFour Year Strong has is Streaming their entire upcoming album In Some Way, Shape or Form, over on their Facebook profile.  The album is set for a November 8, 2011 street date.

The give the album a listen here.


Video: Four Year Strong – Just Drive

four year strongFour Year Strong have debuted their new video for Just Drive. The song comes from their upcoming album, In Some Way, Shape or Form, which will be released on November 8th.

The video is below.

The band will be headline the AP Tour this fall along with Gallows, The Swellers, Title Fight, and Sharks. The dates are here.

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Video: Four Year Strong – Stuck In The Middle

Four Year StrongBearded pop punkers Four Year Strong have released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Stuck in the Middle” which is set to appear on the band’s upcoming full length, In Some Way, Shape or Form, and is currently set for a November 8, 2011 release on Decaydance/Universal Motown.

The video can be viewed here.



Acts Confirmed For Soundwave 2012

Soundwave 2012 is go, despite controversy over the cancellation of spin off festival Soundwave Revolution earlier in the year. Although more bands are still to be announced, promoters of the festival have so far confirmed the apperances of:

System Of A Down, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, A Day To Remember, Machine Head, Dashboard Confessional, Trivium, Alter Bridge, Lostprophets, Angels and Airwaves, Unwritten Law, Thursday, Dillinger Escape Plan, You Me At Six, Saves The Day, Versa Emerge, Zebrahead, Four Year Strong, Hatebreed, CKY, Street Dogs, Circa Survive, I Am The Avalanche and Forever The Sickest Kids.

Tickets go on sale here on October 20, 2011.

Four Year Strong – Just Drive

FourYearStrong Video StillFour Year Strong is streaming a brand new song from their new album, In Some Way, Shape or Form.  The song is titled “Just Drive” and can be heard over on Revolver Magazine.  

The album was recently delayed from an original release date of October 11th to November 8th through Decaydance Records.

The song can be heard below.

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Four Year Strong Post New Song, Delay Album

Four Year StrongDue to some production problems, Four Year Strong have been forced to delay their new album, In Some Way, Shape or Form, from a release date of October 11th to November 8th. The album will still be released through Decaydance Records.

However, with the news of a delay, the band has also unveiled a new song called Falling On You which can be heard below.

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Four Year Strong Premiere New Song and Announce Album

four year strongA new Four Year Strong song titled “Stuck in the Middle” can be heard below.

Four Year Strong has just announced their next album titled In Some Way, Shape or Form and is set to be released on the 11th October, 2011 via Decaydance/Motown.  The album will follow 2010’s Enemy Of The World.

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Tours: AP Fall Tour (Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, Swellers, Sharks)

four year strongAlternative Press have announced that Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers and Sharks will be touring in October and November for the AP Fall Tour.

Dates can be found below.



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Video: Four Year Strong – For Our Fathers

Four Year Strong AcousticFor Year Strong has debuted a brand new song for Fathers Day.  The song is titled “For Our Fathers” and is played acoustically.

The band last released Enemy Of The World in 2011.

Watch the video below.13

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Four Year Strong Keyboard Player Quits

Four Year StrongFour Year Strong have announced that they have parted ways with keyboardist Josh Lyford, but they plan to continue on as a four-piece.  The band have stated officially:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce, that our keyboard player, Josh Lyford and Four Year Strong are parting ways.  It was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever had to deal with, but we believe it will be best for everyone.

The full statement can be read on the band’s website here.

Four Year Strong To Join Blink 182 In UK

Four Year StrongFour Year Strong has announced that the hard pop punkers will be joining pop punk legends Blink 182 for a handful of tour dates during their UK tour.  Four Year Strong continue supporting their major label debut, Enemy Of The World, released in 2010 by Universal Motown.

Tour listings can be found below.

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