Live Concert Review

Foo Fighters, Against Me!, HiFi Handgrenades

Live (March 28th, 2008)

Rexall Place - Edmonton, Alberta




So far, 2008 has been a lackluster year for punk shows in Edmonton. It’s sad but true. There have been a few big named bands coming through town that had created quite a buzz, Serj Tankian would’ve been a good show most likely, but overall 2008 has been rather pathetic for punk tours thus far. It made it so that the Foo Fighters show was one of the most anticipated rock show of the year and the fact that Against Me! were opening heightened that anticipation.

First on the bill was Detroit’s HiFi Handgrenades, a band who recorded their debut at the Foo Fighters‘ studio and features ex-members of the The Suicide Machines. Unlike their former band, they left all their ska-punk inclinations behind and went for a straight forward pop-punk sound. They merged some old school pop-punk vibes like The Descendents with some newer Allister sounding songs with two separate vocalists which let them switch from smoother delivery to coarse vocal chords. It was on the faster songs like Facing The Firing Squad that stood out and would fit nicely in a Red Scare sampler disc and for an opening band that relatively no people knew they held themselves quite well. Unfortunately, the shotty lighting effects did damper their performance a bit as for 80 percent of the set giant spotlights shone from the back of the stage blinding anyone who attempted to look at the band playing.

Ten minutes later, the tiger from New Wave dropped from the ceiling to a wave of cheers and after another five minutes the Gainesville quartet walked onto the giant stage with silent determination. Having previously played for 600 people at the Dinwoodie Lounge the last time they were in Edmonton, I was unsure of what to expect from them in their new surroundings and whether or not they’d be able to pull it off. But they did. They really, really did.

Against Me! didn’t let the change of venue effect their performance but instead played to their fans in their neo-socialistic punk rock way. Full of confidence, the band played through song after song only stopping to talk once saying “We’re Against Me! from Gainesville and we’d like to thank the Foos for bringing us out on tour.”Most of their set consisted of New Wave cuts, particularly the opening half of their set which started off with Up The Cuts, New Wave, Thrash Unreal, and White People For Peace. They then dove into their history a bit with a great rendition of Pints of Guinness Make You Strong and From Her Lips To God’s Ear. They still scattered a few more New Wave selections like Stop, Americans Abroad and most surprisingly of all, Borne Of The FM Waves Of The Heart which came out surprisingly well considering Tegan Quinn wasn’t there. They ended their set with The Ocean and Don’t Lose Touch – something which Against Me! definitely didn’t do.

By the time The Foo Fighters were ready to hit the stage, Rexall Place had finally filled up and it’s a good thing too because everyone who was in attendance was treated to a classic rock and roll performance from Dave Grohl and his band. Right from the start, Grohl proved that he knows what it takes to be a front man as he personifies everything that Danko Jones so desperately tries to be without any effort of insincerity. He walked down the catwalk, throwing his long hair back and forth and devouring the cheers of the crowd. He was the idealistic rock and roll front man with massive solos (including a solo competition with Chris Shiflett during Stacked Actors) and pure intensity as he ran across the stage but was still able to create an intimate environment when he sincerity thanked the crowd and riled them up by promising the best Foo Fighters show ever.

And really, it was.

With a massive stage set-up, including four monitors that moved up and down the stage showing either the current performance or clips from various music videos, Grohl and company used the coliseum to their advantage during their two hour plus set which saw them hit nearly every one of their hits from their 13 year career including Let It Die, The Pretender, Learn To Fly, Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup Is Running), and This Is A Call. Halfway through their set, Grohl started to walk down the catwalk once again as another stage was lowered from the ceiling coming to rest at the end of the catwalk where Grohl enthusiastically announced “Hello front people! You used to be back people, but now you’re the front people!”

There they stripped down a handful of songs acoustically while still building them up as they not only had the regular band take the newly formed stage but also a violinist, a percussionist, pianist and a third guitarist. With eight people crammed onto the little stage, the band delivered the songs with intensity despite it’s semi-acoustic format. After a crowd filled interpretation of My Hero, Grohl introduced his band mates and let each have a little solo including the most impressive and only triangle solo I have ever seen. They finished the acoustic stage with Cold Day In The Sun, But Honestly and Everlong during which they headed back to the main stage to end the night with Monkey Wrench and All My Life. After several minutes of chanting “Foo! Foo!” the screens lit up with a picture of the night’s set list as they pulled back from the screen a smiling Grohl was seen egging on the crowd by lifting up fingers indicating the number of songs to be played in the encore. They ended up with three: Big Me, Long Dim Road and Best Of Me before exiting the stage for the final time of the night ending off one the strongest show of the year thus far.

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants Stream New Song

SideOneDummy RecordsAhead of the release of All Hat and No Cattle, a 10 track EP of Honky Tonk covers Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) & the Dead Peasants have released Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young for streaming online.

The EP features a playful approach to some classics of the genre and will be released by SideOneDummy Records on July 30th.

The new song is below.

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Frank Turner – BBC Live Lounge

Frank TurnerFrank Turner took time out of his North American tour schedule to return to the UK in order to play a Live Lounge session with the BBC’s Sara Cox. Frank, along with the Sleeping Souls played The Way I Tend To Be, from 2013’s Tape Deck Heart along with a cover of the Foo Fighters’ All My Life. 

The videos can be seen below while the tour dates can be seen here.

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Alkaline Trio Recording New Material with Chris Shiflett

My Shame is True, the latest album from Alkaline Trio was only released on April 2nd of this year, but it appears they are already back in the studio laying down at least one track. According to a post on singer/guitarist Matt Skiba’s Instagram:

“Face melters with Chris Shiflett from NUFAN and some band called Foo Fighters @ 606 guest ripping on a new@Alkaline_Trio track”

Chris Shiflett is of course the lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters and No Use For A Name and we are sure he will add a different (and awesome) element to any new Alkaline Trio material.




Foo Fighters - One by One

Foo Fighters

One By One

RCA Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Foo Fighters new CD, One By One, combines multiple different styles of music. Fast pace, hard hitting, powerhouse trips like All My Life to slow and steady songs like Halo, both of which bring something new and incredible to the table.

Opening the album is the first single, and very popular song, All My Life. The song has a very steady guitar beat for most of it, which goes in perfect coordination to the vocals. If you have heard this song, you will know what I mean when I say they transfer their speed, volume and aspect of the sound multiple times from faster to slower, softer to harder, all with spectacular ease and effectiveness. It is an excellent choice for the first single, since it makes you want to hear so much more by them. It is my second favorite on the CD.

The Foo’s second single is the fourth track and is called Times Like These. It is a much softer and mellower song then the previous one. It starts off with a weird bass sound for a couple seconds then the guitar and drums join in to make a good introduction. The vocals are catchy and smooth. The chorus carries an important message along with the rest of the song.

Tired Of You is track 6, and it starts off with a steady guitar riff, with soft, sad vocals overtop of them. It stays like that for over a minute, and then the bass joins in as the vocals still stay soft and sad. The lyrics are catchy and are sung fluently. The song is slightly monotone, but still expertly done, and is my 3rd favorite track on the album. The next song, Halo is my number 1 song on this CD. It starts off with an energetic bass/guitar riff, which soon introduces the drums and a little while after, the vocals. The song is slightly faster then the previous with an immensely powerful chorus, although the chorus itself has very few lyrics. The words are pronounced long and hard “Halo, God Only Knows”. The first time I listened to the album, it was those 4 little words, which jumped up at me and knocked me down.

Lonely As You comes next; it starts off slow and steady with sad, soft vocals once again for the first 30 seconds. Then it picks up the pace and gets slightly louder, as the song progresses so does the magnitude of the volume. Every once in a while they pull back and go slightly slower for the chorus.

The final song, Come Back is the longest song, clocking in at over 7 and a half minutes. The song itself is a good one, steady tunes with good vocals. The chorus is great, easy lyrics (I will come back repeated over and over again). The best part of the song is after the first 3 minutes it all slows down and comes almost to a complete stop. Then there is an extraordinary guitar solo, which slows the album down and ends the CD perfectly. After around 2 minutes of that, it all picks up in intensity. With a minute 40 seconds to go, it all stops, 3 or 4 seconds later it comes back again with drum, bass and guitar, the whole works. The vocals come in with the chorus once again. The way this is done ends the song and the album in perfect style and harmony, a wonderful ending to One By One!

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with the songs on the album. I was hoping to hear faster paced songs like their single, All My Life. Not the steady slow songs that did appear. Although, do remember that all the songs are done well, but none will ever be great hits.

New Photos: Foo Fighters, Chuck Ragan, Social Distortion, Frank Turner, Streetlight Manifesto and More!

Chuck Ragan

On this lazy Sunday afternoon, we’re pleased to present your eyes with a gift of looking at a bunch of new live photos that we have added to our ever growing media gallery.

Today’s update is a doozy of an update with photos from two different cities covering a wide variety of bands and styles.

First up, we have six new photos albums courtesy of Mike Fajardo out of Denver, Colorado. You can check out his photos of the likes of: The Foo Fighters, Chuck Ragan, Social Distortion, Kyuss Lives!, Psychedelic Furs and Frank Turner right now!

Our second set of photos comes from a recent ska show that took place at the Vogue theatre in Vancouver and was captured by Nick Bukowski.  You can check out pictures of Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto here and here respectively.

Foo Fighters Tonight On Conan O'Brien

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters are scheduled to appear on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, airing on TBS at 10pm CST, 11pm EST/PST.

The band continues to support their latest release, Wasting Light, which droped earlier this year on RCA.



Foo Fighters Tonight On Conan O’Brien

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters are scheduled to appear on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, airing on TBS at 10pm CST, 11pm EST/PST.

The band continues to support their latest release, Wasting Light, which droped earlier this year on RCA.



Tours: Foo Fighters Add Another Leg of North American Tour

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters have added additional dates to their already confirmed North American tour.  To see the dates look below.  The group is touring in support of their seventh studio album, Wasting Light.

 Tour dates can be found below. Read More…


Video: Foo Fighters – Walk

Foo FightersRock act Foo Fighters have launched a brand new video.  The video features the band’s song “Walk,” the second single off the band’s recently released album, Wasting Light.

Watch the video.

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Tours: Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Mariachi el Bronx

Foo FightersFoo Fighters have confirmed the next run of shows in their ongoing American arena headline run in support of their new album, Wasting Light. This leg, which features Rise Against and Mariachi el Bronx as opening acts, kicks off September 14 in St. Paul MN and runs through September 26 in East Rutherford NJ.

The dates are below.

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Foo Fighters Announce New Documentary

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters have announced details of a new documentary to be released which will chronicle the band’s 16 year history.

‘Foo Fighters Back and Forth’ will be screened for one night only on April 5th in the US, with international dates to be announced. The film coincides with the bands up coming new album Wasting Light which hits shops April 12th.

Back and Forth, which recounts the bands history from the very first songs created as cassette demos Dave Grohl recorded during his tenure as Nirvana’s drummer, through its ascent to their Grammy-winning, multi-platinum status, will be immediately followed by a special live 3D performance from the band, playing the new album.

You can view the video for their new single White Limo, featuring Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister here.

Video: Foo Fighters – Rope

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters have released the video for Rope from their new album Wasting Light.

The video, which was directed by Dave Grohl, can be seen below.



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Foo Fighters: Rope

Foo FightersThe Foo Fighters have released the first single from their highly anticipated new album,  Wasting Light, which is set to hit shelves and digital retailers on April 12.

The track, Rope, can be heard below.

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Video: Foo Fighters – White Limo

Foo FightersFoo Fighters have released a video for a brand new song called White Limo. The video can be seen below.

The song will most likely appear on their as-yet-untitled new album. The album was produced by Butch Vig and their first since they took a brief hiatus in 2008.

The record is scheduled to be released on April 12.

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28 Second Clip of New Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have released a clip of a new song from their highly anticipated new album. The clip, however, is short as it clocks in at 28 seconds – building up before frontman Dave Grohl screams “There are my famous last words!”. Then, the music stops and that’s all they’ve given you.

The clip comes from their still unnamed new album which is expected to be out this spring. You can hear the clip here.


Hurricane Festival 2011 Announced

The first batch of bands for next year’s Hurricane Festival in German has been announced.  Current bands in attendance include Blink-182, Comeback Kid, Converge, Darwin Deez, Egotronic, Foo Fighters, Friendly Fires, Frittenbude, Kvelertak, Parkway Drive, Sick Of It All, The Chemical Brothers, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, and William Fitzsimmons.  The bands the venue takes place in Scheeßel near Bremen, Germany, typically every June.

Further details can be found on the festival’s website (be forewarned, it’s in German!)

Tours: Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders

Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail RidersHaving confirmed the April 20 release of sophomore album, Red Light Fever, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders (featuring Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters) have now announced both U.S. tour dates and an April 22 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The first set of dates to support Red Light Fever will be April 19 at the Casbah in San Diego and will include a day of release show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, as well as dates in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. The dates are below, further dates will be announced as they are confirmed. Read More…