Old Coyote Club – City Foxes

Old Coyote ClubUK Folk/Punk act Old Coyote Club is streaming a brand new song from their upcoming new EP.  The track is titled “City Foxes” and is set to appear on their upcoming EP, The Serotonin Hustle.

Listen to the song below.

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Why I Hope/Why I Hate – Feathered Hair And Pegged Chords

Why I Hope/Why I Hate has released a follow up to their previous single.  This time the stripped down acoustic Why I Hope track comes first, with the full band version following next.  I won’t bother retyping all the details about about the band again, but if you’re interested in this unique project, check out my first post about them.  It also looks like Keith has been at it again with some more hugely stylized album art.

Why I Hope/Why I Hate Feathered Hair And Pegged Chords

Download the Album From Death To False Hope Records

Andrew Dost – Bonus Tracks

Andrew Dost recently posted a few bonus tracks for his Paper + Plastick Records album Columbus.  It’s a pleasantly strange concept album that deserves listening to even just for curiosity’s sake.  The bonus tracks are no stranger, and were only withheld due to the physical constraints of the vinyl medium.

Andrew Dost Columbus Bonus Tracks

Download the Album From Paper + Plastick Records

Dandelion Snow – It’s Just A Bad Dream

I recently reviewed and loved Dandelion Snow’s latest album, The Grand Scheme of Things.  It’s a real gem and listeners would be advised to check it out.  But he has another release out there as well.  It’s called It’s Just A Bad Dream, and it came out in late 2009.  It too is gold.  Granted, Roger Harvey doesn’t have as much experience behind his older offering, but it’s just as passionate and well written.  The label has it up over on their website and released it as a free download at the time of release.  It’s still up, so get grabbing!

Dandelion Snow It’s Just A Bad Dream

Download The Album From The Label’s Website

Robin Grey – Strangers With Shoes

When it comes to articulately narrated folk, Robin Grey is without a doubt one of the finest front runner in the Creative Commons revolution. His pseudo-spoken word style approach feels entirely unique, authentic, and his own. With his latest album, Strangers With Shoes, adds draws on an array of other musicians as well, including talented accordionist/violinist Barabra Bartz. This is Robin’s finest hour yet, and that is an hour that certainly should not be missed.

Robin Grey Strangers With Shoes

Robin Grey - Strangers With Shoes

Download the Album From Jamendo

or Buy the Album From Bandcamp