Flogging Molly – Welcome To Adamstown

Flogging-MollyLong-running punk/folk rockers from Los Angeles, Calif., Flogging Molly have premiered a new song from their upcoming full length.  The track is titled “Welcome To Adamstown” and the disc is entitled Life Is Good.  The disc is due out on June 2, 2017 via Spinefarm/Vanguard Records.

Stream the track here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Flogging Molly - May 7

Flogging Molly

Live in Vancouver (05/07/17)

Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




Despite their close proximity to the Canadian border, Los Angeles’ Celtic-punk mainstays Flogging Molly rarely traverse the border to play the Great White North. This keeps their shows few and far between. In the fourteen plus years of going to concerts, Flogging Molly have done a grand total of ONE Cross-Canada tour and that was in 2009. Sporadically there was a Warped Tour stretch or the odd Montreal/Toronto pop-over, but to say they overplay Canadian cities would be a falsehood.

So while their stop at the Commodore Ballroom last night was one of those rare one-stop pop-overs and not a full blown tour, the Vancouverites eagerly ate it all up; and the band revelled in all the energy and excitement.

The band stuck to the basics, never going above and beyond but delivering what you’d come to expect from a touring band that has been going for two decades. They handed out Guinness’s to the crowd, they clapped their hands and stomped their feet while Dave King led them through their setlist.

Dressed to the nines, the seven-piece band played through all their hits – What’s Left Of The Flag, Swagger, Selfish Man, Devil’s Dance Floor, Float and The Seven Deadly Sins among many others. Surprised appearances of Laura, If I Ever Leave The World Alive and The Worst Day Since Yesterday slowed it down and added the emotional punch to the show only to reenergize the crowd with Rebels of the Sacred Heart and Requiem for a Dying Song.

In anticipation of their forthcoming album, the band trickled out a few new numbers that the iTunes savvy crowd already knew including Reptiles and The Hand of John L Sullivan.

No matter what they were playing, the band stayed the course. Dave King spoke when he needed to, dedicating songs to NOFX and Commodore Ballroom stage manager Nemo, retelling words of his advice his mother gave him and thanking everyone for coming out.

Other than that, it was pretty much all part of the course from what you’d expect from a long running Celtic punk band. There weren’t a ton of bells and whistles, no standing in awe moment. Instead it was just an hour and a half of Guinness soaked revelry.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Tours: Flogging Molly

Flogging-MollyLong-running punk/folk rockers from Los Angeles, Calif., Flogging Molly will be heading to the UK for a brief tour this June in support of their new album, etitled Life Is Good.  The disc is due out on June 2, 2017 via Spinefarm/Vanguard Records.

Tour dates and a new music video for the song “Reptiles (Are Here)” are available below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Flogging Molly To Release New Album

Flogging-MollyLong-running punk/folk rockers from Los Angeles, Calif., Flogging Molly will release their new album titled Life Is Good on June 2, 2017 via Spinefarm/Vanguard Records.

The upcoming full-length serves as the band’s first studio album in six years, following Speed of Darkness in 2011. Flogging Molly was founded by Dublin-born frontman Dave King and fiddle-player Bridget Regan, and are known for lyrics of exile, rebellion, history and struggle through a blend of punk rock and traditional Irish music.

Flogging Molly plan to announce tour dates in the near future.

Fogging Molly Announce New Tour And Album

Flogging MollyCeltic punk band Flogging Molly have announced that they will be heading on tour late this Spring in support of their recently announced new full length.  The album is titled Life is Good and is due out on June 2, 2017 via Vanguard Records. The album follows their 2011 release, Speed of Darkness

Tour dates are below.

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Lyric Video: Flogging Molly – The Hand of John L. Sullivan

Flogging MollyCeltic punk mainstays Flogging Molly has released a lyric video for a new song from their first new full length since 2011’s Speed Of Darkness.

Watch the video below.

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Flogging Molly – The Hand of John L. Sullivan

Flogging MollyCeltic punk mainstays Flogging Molly are streaming a new song from their first new full length since 2011’s Speed Of Darkness.

Listen to the track here courtesy AltPress.

Flogging Molly Announce St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Flogging MolltFlogging Molly has announced a St. Partick’s Day contest open to those that share their brand new music video on Facebook.  The video features the song “Devil’s Dance Floor” as recorded from their from their 2015 St. Patrick’s Day show in Los Angeles, CA.
Watch it below. 
Everyone who shares the video from the band’s Facebook page will be entered to win two tickets to Flogging Molly’s 2016 St. Patrick’s Day show on Thursday, March 17th in Irvine, CA at Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre. The St. Patrick’s Day performance will uniquely include a fully-functioning pub on stage.

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Tour: Flogging Molly (Europe & UK)

Flogging Molly Tour PosterLA based Irish punk favourites Flogging Molly have announced a European/UK tour alongside gypsy punks Gogol Bordello  and Mariachi El Bronx. The tour kicks off in July and will see them play 21 shows across 12 countries!

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Flogging Molly Announce Short UK Tour

Flogging MollyLA based Irish punks Flogging Molly have announced a short run of shows in the UK this summer. The shows in August will take them to Manchester, Leeds and Norwich and may yet see them out supporting the follow up to 2011’s Speed of Darkness which had been rumoured to be dropping in ‘early 2015’, but nothing official has been released to date. 

Full details of their summer UK shows can be found below.

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Tour: Flogging Molly (US)

Flogging MollyLA based Irish punk band Flogging Molly are hitting the road again later this month for a series of shows across the US. The tour kicks off in Charleston, NC and will see the band play 17 shows in 22 days, finishing up in Spokane, Wa. The band’s latest album is 2011’s The Speed Of Darkness, but there is an as-yet-untitled full length planned for 2015.

Check out the full list of shows below.

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The Bunny Gang Announce Sophomore Full-Length

The Bunny GangLos Angeles based reggae punk rock outfit The Bunny Gang (who’s frontman Nathen Maxwell also plays bass for Irish punk favourites Flogging Molly) announced that their sophomore LP Thrive will drop on Sept. 23, 2014 via Hardline Entertainment. Ahead of the release you can check out one of the 11 tracks from the album, Sirens Through The City, here.

Thrive follows the band’s Nov. 22, 2010 release White Rabbit via SideOneDummy Records.

The Bunny Gang Announce New Record, ‘Thrive’

Nathen_Maxwell_The_Bunny_GangThe Bunny Gang, the side project of Flogging Molly’s Nathan Maxwell have announced that their sophomore full length Thrive is due for release on September 23rd via Hardline Entertainment. The band’s sound crosses many musical boundaries, encompassing elements of punk, reggae and folk and that diversity reflects Maxwell’s musical upbringing. He has said this about the band:

“The name comes from a punk rock crew I grew up with in the South Bay of Los Angeles called The Original Bunny Gang or OBG PUNX. After playing with several great musicians, including my father Maxwell and my first ever bandmate Mike Peralta, in 2012, I met an amazing hearted and like- minded human being in Nat Lort-Nelson. He was the glue. There’s a deep history, and we share a philosophical outlook. We believe art should say something.”

You can check out the cover art for Thrive below.

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Live Concert Review

Flogging Molly, Inward Eye, Dean Lickyer

Live (Oct. 26th, 2009)

Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, Alberta




As we walked into the renovated Edmonton Event Centre, the first band of the night hit the stage. We hurried across the venue to the stage to catch Dean Lickyer, a band who got their start on Much Music’s DisBAND and probably should’ve stopped there. The musicianship was there with some great guitar riffs and bass lines working off of one another, but the classic rock sound was overdone and forgettable. Once you took into account the uncomfortable flailings of the front man during the excessive solos, Dean Lickyer became a combination of boring and awkwardness that forced more then a few people to turn around and find their way back to the beer gardens.

My reaction was to turn around and wait in line for some Flogging Molly merch – a wait that took almost twenty minutes and caused me to miss the first song of Inward Eye‘s set; which was unfortunate because in a way, Inward Eye stole the show that night.

Playing a selection of tracks from their debut album, Throwing Bricks Instead of KissesInward Eye had a stage presence that merged the UK 77 explosion akin to the Clash alongside some turn of the century Green Day. They were energetic, engaging and spastic. Front man Dave Erickson was fighting a cold which added an extra layer of crust to his vocal delivery while his brothers backed him up during numerous technical difficulties.

Nothing seemed to faze them. As they were about to enter a Clash cover, Dave Erickson’s bass cut out and it wasn’t until he tried three other basses that he was able to get one working again. But was it dead space in that time frame? Far from it; instead, the technical difficulty turned into an extended introduction between guitarist Kyle Erickson and drummer Anders Erickson (yes, they’re all brothers). After over a minute of that, Kyle dropped off and Anders took flight with a drum solo that could only be described as epic. Comparable to, and in some ways even surpassing, Travis Barker’s recent solo during the Blink182reunion tour this summer, Erickson’s solo was easily the highlight of the entire night and turned Inward Eye into a band I won’t soon forget.

Despite that Inward Eye were the most memorable band of the night, Flogging Molly definitely didn’t disappoint in their lengthy two hour set. The celtic-punk band hit on everything and didn’t stick to only their newest album but chose equally from their entire catalogue; going as far back as playing five songs from their debut 2000 album, Swagger, and even played Laura, the bside from their CD/DVD combo Whiskey On A Sunday.

Dave King’s vocals were strong – particularly in the slower songs like Float, The Wrong Company, The Son Never Shines On Closed Doors and If I Ever Leave The World Alive – but it was the combination of all seven members that riled up the crowd. Stopping only to drink some Guinness, tell a quick story or do a little tune up, Flogging Molly kept the pace moving and the crowd singing along all night. There was an undeniable chemistry between the seven members as they looked as if they were genuinely enjoying it and would have been just as happy if they were playing back at Molly Malone; and that sense of indisputable fun easily passed into to the crowd as well.

By the end of the night the crowd was drenched in a combination of sweat and spilt beer; but as everyone made their way out of the world’s biggest mall, it was unlikely that anybody cared in the slightest.

Live Concert Review

Flogging Molly, Street Dogs

Live (March 6th, 2007)

The Opera House- Toronto, Ontario




St. Patrick’s Day came 11 days early this year for me, and a sold out Opera House crowd Tuesday night, as Flogging Molly’s annual Green 17 Tour rolled into a frigidly cold Toronto.

The doors couldn’t open up fast enough, as chilled to the bone punks hovered in line in anticipation to see the stellar line up, which featured solo act Twopointeight, Boston’s Street Dogs, and of course the tour headliners Flogging Molly.

After missing the opening act, because of interview scheduling I got into position to take photos of The Street Dogs. There was definitely a buzz in the air for this Boston street punk rock staple. The band took the stage, and immediately broke into Not Without a Purpose off the quintet’s Fading American Dream 2006 release. Mike McColgan showed the now sweaty crowd why he is one of the most prolific front men in punk rock. He spent more time in the crowd with the fans, than he did on stage. The Dogs played material from all their albums, and showed why they owned the opening spot on tour.

Next it was time for the big show Flogging Molly. The crowd was edgy and excited for the seven piece to take the stage. But they didn’t have to wait long, as Dave King sauntered on stage looking peppy and determined to rock this crowd into frenzy, and that’s what they did. I’m not sure if there is a live band out there that can create the energy and chaos that FM can. They opened with a new song, but it was as if everyone in the room heard it before. FM held their fans in their palms as they blasted through their discography leaving no one disappointed.

It was interesting to watch the inner dynamics of the band as they played. Singer Dave King seemed like the head coach encouraging the band to rock harder, and keep a pace. You couldn’t help but watch the new accordion player try to keep up with the band, reading the sheet music on the fly. I have never witnessed such busy instrument technicians, as they pulled double duty tuning guitars, topping up drinks, lighting cigarettes, and keeping the stage clear. The band kept up the party going for two solid hours, and left a mark on the crowd like a Guinness stain on a white shirt.

Flogging Molly is the real deal. They play hard, they drink hard, and they appreciate their audience just as much if not more, than the audience appreciates them. Even if you can’t see this band on the Green 17 Tour, do yourself a favor, and go put on a Flogging Molly record, crank it loud, grab a Guinness, and the band will be there in spirit, because that’s who they are ‘me son!

Nathen Maxwell - White Rabbit

Nathen Maxwell

White Rabbit

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4/5




When it comes to Nathen Maxwell’s solo debut, White Rabbit, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews opening with the predictable “you probably know Nathen as the bass player from Flogging Molly.”  Now while his status of bass player is completely true, I have my doubts about whether many people actually knew Maxwell by name up until now.  And why should they have?  He’s the bass player in an energetic seven person Celtic punk-band – not exactly the most glamorous position in a band chalk full of novelties.  But with the release of White Rabbit, Maxwell has given the world a reason to take note.

The album, written on the road over the course of Maxwell’s ten plus year career boasts eleven tracks of effortlessly mixed reggae, folk, dub, and acoustic strumming – quite a spread for someone typically confined to performing sing along bar tunes.  The album is best described as a mix of Jack Johnson’s sunny beach side melodies and Bedouin Soundclash’s knack for creating lounging Caribbean atmospheres.  On tracks like “Stick To My Guns” Maxwell effortlessly strums his guitar to what sounds like echoic steel drums.  It’s hard to imagine a more relaxed feel.  But while White Rabbit is technically simple, Maxwell’s vision is quite elaborate.  Supported by a talented array of musicians, the album is filled with plenty of atmospheric flourishes.  Tracks like “By Your Side” open with the distinct harmonica hum, while others, like the aforementioned “Stick To My Guns,” feature the guiding sound of casual accordion keys.  None of these novelties are overpowering – these instruments only appear occasionally within and between tracks.  Rather, each instrument finds a unique way to compliment White Rabbit’s relaxed vision.

Maxwell contrasts his laid back tone with semi-political lyrics about freedom and government oppression.  Tracks like “Mijo” detail the imprisonment of Mijo, an out of luck immigrant and independent thinker who takes pride in existing outside of “the system.”  The track ultimately gets at the idea of enthusiastic immigrants trusting a newfound state to deliver them freedom and equality, only to have their hopes smashed when they discover their expected subservient societal role.  Tracks like “Chief of a Nation” contrast American views of leadership and strength – those based on riches and glory – with those of leaders who strive at providing citizens with a safe and welcoming future.  Despite the subdued mood, Maxwell feels optimistic.  While in track like “Working for the Man” Maxwell chants “work work working, for the man, nobody’s getting rich but the man,” he later ensures listeners that he’s “cooking up a plan” and that “everything is gonna work out fine.”  White Rabbit depicts Maxwell as an optimistic realist – a man who acknowledges that only through hard work and deep commitment to his values can he hope to make a difference.

I can’t say I was expecting much from White Rabbit – but that’s only because up until a little pre-listening research I hadn’t the faintest clue who Nathen Maxwell was (I’m sure my street cred will take a hit for that statement).  But even if I had clued into Maxwell’s formal connection with Flogging Molly, nothing would have prepared me for White Rabbit’s direction.  Part summer reggae, part carefree acoustic melody, and at times lyrically very political, White Rabbit’s clever infusion of influences makes it one of the year’s most pleasant surprises.

Flogging Molly - Within A Mile of Home

Flogging Molly

Within A Mile From Home

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4/5




Dropkick Murphys are considered to be one of the only Celtic punk rock bands around. But that is, in reality, far from the truth. Many people go through their daily lives without any idea of who Flogging Molly is. But with constant appearances on Warped Tour and their compilations, and two solid releases on their back, and countless tour dates; the band have transformed many non-believers into huge fans. Now Flogging Molly are gracing the world with their third, and best release to date, Within A Mile Of Home. And with this album, no one will ever be able to say they don’t know who Flogging Molly is, or that the Dropkick Murphys are the only Irish punk band around.

The band kick off the 15-track album with Screaming At The Wailing Wall, fast paced Irish jig that immediately pulls you into the album. The band has a more traditional Irish sound to it then straight punk, but is mixed perfectly to create a catchy song that will please fans of both genres. They then break into their fastest song on the album, The Seven Deadly Sins. With this song they show that they are able to pick up the pace, making a more of a street-punk sing a long song, but still deeply rooted with Irish melodies, just amazing.

From that point on, you have no idea what to expect. They have some soft, mellow and very traditional songs like Factory Girls or Whistles The Wind. Then they have some faster songs like To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh) and Queen Anne’s Revenge. Within A Mile Of Home even features some mostly musical songs like Tobacco Island, and a forty second solo by Dave King in The Wrong Company. These differences make the album very entertaining, never repetitive, and always enjoyable. They are great musicians able to craft delightful traditional Irish melodies along with faster punk rock songs rooted in some traditional Irish tunes.


Flogging Molly - Whiskey On A Sunday

Flogging Molly

Whiskey On A Sunday [CD/DVD]

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Over the past decade Flogging Molly have worked ceaselessly to take over the world with their Celtic Punk rock anthems, with three full lengths and a live album under their belts they are well on their way there. When they announced the release of their CD/DVD combo Whiskey On A Sunday, I was pumped and knew they’d be one step closer to that ever elusive world domination status; and when I finally got my hands on a copy, I was simply blown away.

The first thing you’ll notice on Whiskey On A Sunday is the ten track album that accompanies it, which is a solid release in itself but not the main reason you’d get the package. They kick it off with the rerecordedLaura from their first 1997 release which really reminds you of how good a writer King and his partners are. The remaining nine tracks are all new variations of old Flogging Molly tracks including four acoustic tracks and five live cuts. Even though none of the songs are “new” per say, they’re still great to listen to. You get to hear the little quirks the band adds into your old favorites live (like the Ole! chant thrown intoBlack Friday Rule), a great treat if you’ve never seen the spectacle in person. Still, the weirdest thing is the simple fact that even while the CD portion of the combo would easily survive on it’s own, on Whiskey On A Sunday it seems to be an afterthought because the main reason you’ll pick up the release is to watch the documentary of the band; and that is where Whiskey On A Sunday is really sold.

The ninety minute documentary is one of better documentaries released recently (by far the best one this year other than the American Hardcore documentary which I have yet to see since it’s not on DVD, ignoring that, this takes the cake). The DVD gives you an inside look into the band, the formation, the stories behind the songs and even how they came upon the memorable moniker. The interviews are done at home, in parks, on tour and in the bus as they talk to all the band members, the owners of SideOneDummy and fans from around the world. It encompasses everything you want in a documentary: it’s informative, entertaining and interesting – you can’t stop watching it even if you try.

Throughout it all, the most interesting figure is of course front man Dave King. Since he is the principal song writer of the band, he’s able to supply the viewer with insights to certain tracks and it’s well worth the listen. As the documentary progresses you see how Flogging Molly came to be and all the incidents that weaved together to set King up to form the band. He tells heartfelt stories of his childhood in Beggar’s Bush, from the fun memories of playing music with family and friends to the sorrowful retelling of his father’s death and the fear of the unknown. You get a sense of how everything cumulated together to the point where you can get a better understanding of the man and his songs.

Of course, the rest of the band offers some very interesting stories as well (particularly when they were accused of being Skinheads and drummer George Schwindt’s story about his father). Frankly, anyFlogging Molly fan will love this documentary. It’s not one that will put you to sleep, but instead a very informative and entertaining one; and one you could watch multiple times. It’s definitely recommended.

Flogging Molly - Speed of Darkness

Flogging Molly

Speed of Darkness

Bortsal Beat Records

Rating: 4/5




Flogging Molly has been coasting by as this generation’s answer to The Pogues for over a decade now, and they’ve seldom strayed far from their roots.  2008’s Float showcased their remarkably consistency even without any significant creative growth, and their fans guzzled it down like a pint of Guinness on St. Patty’s day.

Flogging Molly could have repeated their past success on any number of connect-the-dot follow ups, but with their true successor, Speed Of Darkness, they seem to have taken such comments of comfort to heart, and have finally given fans their next true evolution.  While previous albums traditionally acted as the soundtrack to local pubs crawls, these twelve tracks tackle sobering matters, exposing a band coming to terms with a changing reality.  Along those lines, a lot has changed since Float last hit – most notably the global economy limping on life support, and the trickle down effect of a recession to working class Americans.  The life of the factory worker has always been sacred ground for the quintet, and as the reality of that life change, those changes are reflected in the tales told.

Not surprisingly, Speed Of Darkness exists in the thick of today’s socially fragmented world.  The title track races in with unprecedented urgently, setting the mood for the following scene.  While Flogging Molly last looked to the past for inspiration – such as the Irish potato famine of 1845 – the boys now look to the factories of Detroit (referenced by name in “The Power’s Out”) to uncover widespread hardship.   Together with a quick tempo, harsh chords, and angered tone, “Speed Of Darkness” borrows from the Dropkick Murphys camp of labour protests and working class revolt.  “Revolution” builds an image of a freshly transient labour force.  “You worked 27 years in this factory/now the boss man says that you’re not what we need/The penguins in the suits know nothing but greed” opens frontman Dave King.  The narrative tale of a “working man without a place to work,” follows a man burring his pride and “cupping his hands” on a street corner.  Accompanied by a horn section (inviting an unlikely Less Than Jake reference), and a finale rooted in solidarity-anchored defiance, Flogging Molly offers a glimpse into that inexplicable optimism known as the human condition.

But that’s not to say there isn’t a fair share of sadness along the way.  Speed Of Darkness bursts with personal loss, defeat, and decay.  While fiddler Bridget Regan doesn’t get as much playtime as on past records, her role remains vital.  Stroking carefully at lonely chords, she achieves a sorrowful sense of profound loss.  The result shines brightly amidst dark challenges, drawing upon traditional sounds as per the tin whistle heavily “So Sail On,” and the bold yet accepting “The Present State Of Grace.”  With such care, Regan refuses letting nary a note come across as anything less than contemplative, thoughtful, and above all real.

In targeting such emotions, the band puts their traditional folk ensemble to good use.  Of special note, Matt Hensley’s accordion only twice takes the lead during “State Of Grace” and “The Cradle Of Human Kind.”  Employing the massive musical range of free reed aerophone instrument, Hensley methodically presses each note on his squeezebox into an honest statement reflecting how harsh times influence everything and nothing in one’s home life.  “I will fight for this right” King sings softly alongside softly stroked piano keys, leading him to the final resolve that “there will always be a dream and a roof above our head.”  It’s a humbling and flawed outlook, but at once necessary.

Speed Of Darkness may encroach in the familiar territory of working class pride, but the personal nature of the story distinguishes Flogging Molly against a host of contemporaries (you could never confuse King and his troupe with the Dropkick MurphysFlatfoot 56, or The Dreadnoughts).  Flogging Molly’s story is above all a tale of survival.  It’s about waking up to new hardship and finding the strength to love family and friends.  Whereas Float might have seemed inconsequential and formulaic, today’s climate empowers Flogging Molly with a pressing reason d’etre.  Without question Flogging Molly’s most purposeful and directed work in years.

Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies

Flogging Molly

Drunken Lullabies

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4/5




Flogging Molly is a name well known around the punk community. Supporting the Side One Dummy Records logo on the back of their album for the second time, Flogging Molly are supplying the community with 12 tracks of unique Irish-type music. From the opening CD-titled track to the final track by the name of The Sun Never Shines (On Closed Doors), Flogging Molly opens your eyes to a new style of music and influences.

Of course, the second track, What’s Left Of The Flag, is the most well known song of the 12 track album after having the honor of gracing the 2002 Warped Tour Compilation; but that’s only one of the great tracks on the CD. If you haven’t heard the song, let me enlighten you by describing their unique sound. The first thing you noticed is the vocals by Dave King. They are melodic and powerful at the same time, and is never drowned out by the many instruments; unique many bands around today. The musical rhythm is another thing which stands out above most music lately. With the use of a fiddle, tin whistle, uilleann pipe, accordion, banjo, spoons, mandolin and even a bazooka, you get a sound that can be done in many different ways. This makes it so that the songs are never repetitive.

Although this release is a slightly older one, it is still one which is very enjoyable. Something that is new and original. Saving us from the trap of pop-punk that is slowly covering the map.

Flogging Molly - Live AT The Greek Theatre

Flogging Molly

Live At The Greek Theatre

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 3.5/5




I’ve always enjoyed Flogging Molly more in spirit than in practice.  I fully acknowledge them as the current masters of the Celtic punk circuit, but they’ve always been more of a distraction for me than a main event, than say The Dropkick Murphys.  It’s a purely stylistic preference; with me personally getting a little more enjoyment out of the working class feel of the Boston scene than Flogging Molly’s more traditional, “homeland” sentiments.  That being said, after listening to Flogging Molly’s live performance as captured on Live At The Greek Theatre, I’ll now be checking my local concert listings for the next time they roll on through.

Live At The Greek Theatre is hands-down the most fun I’ve had with the band to date.  Imagine the entire band’s best, most lively and engaging songs over the last ten years plucked from their discography and lovingly arranged on a greatest hits album.  Now imagine those songs brought to life through the fury of a live show, complete with audience interaction, informative anecdotes, and a little of that roughness that some of their more recent recordings have been lacking.

The band opens their set with the now classic “The Likes Of You Again,” which features just enough introductory down time for a quick nod to their Los Angeles venue, and a brief bit of the playful banter that punctuates every few tracks.  Their seminal track “Swagger” follows suit, effortlessly finding the audience singing along in chorus and verse – and no doubt dancing a hearty jig in the process.  In fact, it’s hard to not want to get up and move when the band brings any of these songs to life.  “Man With No Country” in particular stands out as a more recent live track (found on 2008’s Float) destined to rank in as a top live request.  As the first disc runs its course there’s plenty of room for speak of Irish hardships and celebration.  The second disc opens with the historically grounded “Tobacco Island,” for which the band wastes no time slamming puritan leader Oliver Cromwell’s near genocidal treatment of the Irish during his brief reign in the 17th century.  The album keeps up this pace throughout, and finally comes to and end after a three song encore that tactfully winds things down with the solo lament “The Wrong Company” and quiet gem “The Story So Far,” before closing out with an energetic farewell and sincere thank you in “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

Live At The Greek Theatre is a great listen and true testament to Flogging Molly’s growing popularity over the past decade.  The worst that can be said is that the band sticks very close to their source material, not really taking any chances or experimenting with mediums.  I recall seeing a Bad Religion concert a couple years back in which front man Greg Graffin turned in his electric guitar and went solo and unplugged for a few tracks.  It was unexpected and something unique to the live setting.  There’s nothing quite like that here, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s just fine.  With Live At The Greek TheatreFlogging Molly holds their own and thrives on the strength of their existing musicianship.  And for me, the recording even turned the band from a supporting thought, to a main event.  Without question Live At The Greek Theatre is a great and lively summation of Flogging Molly’s career to date, serving as an easy recommendation for newcomers and long time fans alike.

Flogging Molly - Float

Flogging Molly


SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 4/5




I first discovered Flogging Molly over six years ago when they released Drunken Lullabies. It was one of my first introductions to Celtic infused punk and it soon became a staple in my CD collection. Over the years I became more aware of the genre and started seeing more and more of it popping up. While yes, some of the bands had been around before, there were new acts spurting out everywhere or become more well known. Flatfoot 56, The Tossers, Bloody Irish Boys; and yes, The Dropkick Murphys all grabbed my attention; but it was only Flogging Molly who really captured the whole ideal for me as they were this generations’ Pogues – although slightly less intoxicated.

On Float, Dave King and Flogging Molly amp up that reference with an album that was not only recorded in King’s native country of Ireland but also features a much more traditional flare than anything the band has done before. While yes, all their prior releases were also seeped in traditional flare – Float shows an even heavier side of that.

This creates a much more authentic feel than anything else being spat out these days. The Dropkick Murphys, while unbelievably entertaining, are fading away from their traditional roots and going for more blue collared punk rock anthems. Flogging Molly are going in the opposite direction creating a record that feels real. It’s a record you could imagine hearing blaring in the back of an old Irish punk has a down a pint of Guinness with your friends. The band has expanded their sound by adding a wider variety of instruments including two different banjos, a bodhran, and concertina. There is still that punk rock intensity in songs like Requiem For A Dying SongNo More Paddy’s Lament and From The Back Of A Broken Dream but Float‘s real motivation is the more traditional Celtic sound just sped up a bit and it is when they fully absorb that influence, as they do on the title track, that the band shows us why they’re the top name on the Celtic Punk list.

The only thing that really hurts the record is how it, at times, feels all too complacent. Flogging Molly have discovered a sound that works wonders for them and have stuck with it throughout their career all the while rarely truly expanding on it. Without striving for change in their sound, Flogging Molly can be somewhat predictable in their delivery sometimes. It also limits the scope of what the band can do in the album. It means that even though Float is, collectively, an immensely strong album (quite a lot stronger than Within A Mile from home and some could even argue it is their strongest release to date), no where on the album is there a song that fully captures the listener’s attention and imagination. On Drunken Lullabies they had What’s Left Of The Flag and If I Ever Leave This World Alive, on Swagger it was The Devil’s Dance FloorWithin A Mile Of Home had Seven Deadly Sins; even Whiskey On A Sunday had LauraFloat doesn’t really have a song that encapsulate the record but is instead a complete unit that needs all eleven songs to function.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing but at times you just want something a little more and Flogging Molly don’t always give it to you. But hey, if Pennywise can give out the same CD time after time, why can’t these?

Tours: Flogging Molly (Green 17 Tour)

Flogging MollyIrish-punk outfit Flogging Molly have announced the dates for their Green 17 tour for next year. The tour comes as the 9th-annual Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day. 

Accompanying acts for the tour include Skinny Lister (1/24-2/17), Mariachi El Bronx (3/9-3/16), Dave Hause (1/24-2/17), and Donots (3/7-3/15). 

You can preorder tickets for all tour dates here

In response to the announcement, singer/guitarist Dave King also left a video message for his fans which can be seen below.

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Pictures: Descendents, Flogging Molly, Andrew WK, Gogol Bordello, Drive By Truckers

Flogging Molly

Today we are pleased to bring a brand new batch of updates to our ever growing Live Picture Gallery.

Our first set comes from party rocker Andrew WK as he takes over The Venue in Vancouver, BC. Those pictures can be seen here.

Afterwards we drop down south to Colorado and see what our resident Denver photographer is up to with new photos from Descendents (here), Flogging Molly (Here), Gogol Bordello (here) and Drive By Truckers (here).

Flogging Molly Announce Spring Tour

Flogging MollyFlogging Molly will be kicking off their spring tour in mid-May.  The run also includes the band’s first appearances at Hangout Fest and Bonnaroo. 

A list of dates can be found below and for more info head to

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Record Store Day Releases: Flogging Molly, The Horrible Crowes, Dave Hause

SideOneDummy RecordsFor the 5th annual Record Store Day, SideOneDummy Records will be releasing 7″ records from Flogging Molly, The Horrible Crowes, and Dave Hause

The Flogging Molly 7″ will feature an original version their song “Drunken Lullabies” and a live acoustic recording of the track A Prayer for Me In Silence from their latest record, Speed of Darkness

The Horrible Crowes release will contain 2 live tracks from an in store performance the band did in Long Beach, CA back in September. 

Dave Hause‘s record is from a series The Loved Ones frontman will be releasing in congruence with various record labels in which Dave will be covering songs by bands from each label. 

The SideOneDummy 7″ will feature covers from Flogging Molly and Audra Mae as well as 2 Dave Hause originals.  

Record Store Day takes place on April 21st.

Tours: Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly has announced dates and accompanying artists for their annual Green 17 tour.  The tour includes a St Patrick’s Day concert and features support by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and The Devils Makes Three.  Additional bands are expected in future announcements.   The band continues to support their latest release, Speed of Darkness, released earlier this year. 

Tour dates can be found below.

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New Photos: Rise Against and Flogging Molly

Rise Against

On this beautiful Sunday night – the last of October – we’re pleased to bring you two brand new photo sets to our ever growing live photo gallery.

Today’s duo comes from Dwayne Larson in Winnipeg as he snapped some photos of Rise Against and Flogging Molly when they played the MTS Centre on October 5th during their Canadian tour together.

Check out the photos here and here respectively.

Don’t forget to check out our other 371 photo albums here as well!

Win Tickets to See Flogging Molly in Canada (With Rise Against)

Flogging MollyLong runnng celtic punks Flogging Molly are heading up north to do a Canadian tour this fall. The tour kicks off on September 24th in St. John’s Newfoundland and runs until October 12th where they play at the other side of the country in Vancouver. A few days into the tour, on September 30th, the band will be joining up with Chicago punks Rise Against and the newly formed Hermosa Beach quartet, Black Pacific. The three band bill will then play together for the remainder of the dates.

We’ve teamed up with Flogging Molly to give a pair of tickets away to one of the Canadian shows this fall. The winner can pick out what city they want to go to, and we will make it happn. Enter Below.

Flogging Molly will be touring in support of their newly released Limited Editiona Deluxe Box Set. The box set contains the album Speed Of Darkness on CD, a 5 inch vinyl record and a 50 page photo book; it is available on September 13th.

Enter to win Here.

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Tours: The Black Pacific (Canada)

Black PacificThe Black Pacific has unveiled a collection of upcoming tour dates in Canada.  The shows will find the band playing shows from coast to coast while sharing the stage with and supporting Rise Against and Flogging Molly.  The latest project from Jim Lindberg project (ex-Pennywise) released their formal debut last year on SideOneDummy Records. Since then, they have also added former Dropkick Murphys guitarist Marc Orell to the lineup.

Full tour listings can be found below.

Keep your eyes open in the next few days to enter to win tickets to the tour.

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Tours: Flogging Molly (Europe)

Flogging MollyFlogging Molly has announced a handful of fall European tour dates later this year.  The tour will start November 3, 2011 and run to the end of the month.  The band continues supporting their latest release, Speed Of Darkness, self released on the band’s very own Borstal Beat Records.

To see the complete list of dates, check below.

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