Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse

David Kelling

By on 23rd August 2017 at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK



Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17

I meet with Culture Abuse in the downstairs bar area of The Deaf Institute where the band are gathered ahead of their debut appearance in Manchester, as we end up conducting the interview outside the venue at the band’s request so they can enjoy a smoke it’s impossible to tell who’s answering the question when other members of the band chip in due to traffic and background noise, but the majority of the responses were from vocalist David Kelling, so in the inauspicious surroundings of the alley at the back of The Deaf Institute I find myself interviewing Culture Abuse

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site, how’s the tour going so far?

we’ve been gone for almost three months now, it’s been good, it’s been rough, it’s been fun, there have been ups and downs you know, but it’s been good

You’ve been on the road for a while now, where have you been before you hit the UK?

We went to Hawaii and started with a couple of shows there then we flew to New York and did an East Coast tour then it was over the UK to play Hyde Park with Green Day, then we headed over to Italy and stayed there for a couple of weeks and played music before we went to Amsterdam and stayed there for three weeks. Now we’re back here after doing a few festivals such as Lowlands and Pukkelpop, finally it’s this tour with Tigers Jaw and it ends at Reading and Leeds, then we’re going to chill for a few days before heading back home

How do you feel about playing the Reading and Leeds Festivals?

We’re on about 5.30 and … (at this point we’re politely ushered away from the venue by security as Culture Abuse’s smoke cloud was creeping into the venue)

I can take that out if you want

No man, leave it in, fuck it

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Right now we’ve moved away from the venue, where are you all from and how did Culture Abuse come together?

We’re a west coast band, California from Bay Area, we’ve all been in other bands in the Bay Area music scene. We’re all kinda like the underdogs and outcasts so we all just grouped together and started this band

How long has it been since Culture Abuse got together?

it’s been going three or four years, when we first started the drummer that we had didn’t want to tour and I just wanted to play music, so I didn’t care, I mean like of course I want to be touring, this is what I want to be doing, but for the first couple of years we could barely even play outside of the Bay Area as our drummer just didn’t want to, and then we basically just had to get a new drummer and start hitting the road

Peach came out last year, which for me was one of the best album’s of 2016

Yeah, we were told we had to make that record, we didn’t even have a drummer at the time, so we got our friend in to do it, practiced four times and went into the studio to do it

I think that really comes across as Peach has a real live feel, what were the influences on the writing of the album?

Ramones, The Clash big time, Weezer, The Beatles, I mean we wanted to make a record that you could just put on regardless of the mood you were in, if you were like really happy or if you were fucking pissed, or if you were anything, we just wanted to make one of those records that you could you just put on in any situation

And now you’ve signed to Epitaph, which is a big deal

Yeah, Brett face timed me today just to talk about mixes of some songs we’re doing, it’s just crazy that the people we get to collaborate with and the people that are around us now are all so talented and insane in their own way, it’s so cool to think about where the future’s going to go. The person that we have to talk to about mixes, even when it’s oh fuck I’ve got to make a phone call, is Brett from Epitaph and Bad Religion, who also owns the fucking label, and he’s helped write, produce and engineer some of my all time favourite records, so yeah Epitaph, yeah it’s cool

Is there a new album or EP in the future?Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17

We’re going into the studio at the end of September, we get back from this and we’re home for like ten days, then we fly to Riot Fest to play on the Jawbreaker day, we’re home for a little bit and then we go to LA and we start making the new record

Will you be coming back to the UK to play to tour or play any other festivals?

Yeah, We’ll be coming back to play Glastonbury for sure, if it doesn’t happen next year it’ll be happening the year after, maybe Rebellion next year then Glastonbury and then we’d like to come back and do Leeds and Reading again on the mainstage, then maybe Wimbledon and Wembley, yeah we’re playing Winbledon (chorus of laughter from the band)

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Punk Site

Yeah, punk rock forever

Culture AbuseYou can read the live review of Culture Abuse at The Deaf Institute here

The Punk Site‘s review of Peach can be read here

Culture Abuse‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography from The Deaf Institute by Dean Unsworth

Dean’s Instagram account is located here

Architects UK Announce Tour; Release New Music Video

EpitaphBrighton, UK metalcore act Architects UK will be heading on tour in 2018.  The band continues to support their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, available now via Epitaph Records.  

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TWIABP – Marine Tigers

TWIABPWillimantic, CT emo act The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die have premiered a new song and video from their next LP.  The disc will be titled Always Foreign and is set to drop on September 29, 2017 via Epitaph Records.

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Propagandhi Release Video For ‘Failed Imagineer’

Propagandhi VLPropagandhi have released a video for Failed Imagineer, a track taken from forthcoming LP, Victory Lap, that is due out via Epitaph Records on September 29th. The new album addresses a number of personal losses suffered in recent years and this is also a release that finds the band, who have always had an emphatic anti-fascist message to their music, facing a landscape in which fascism is, among a certain crowd, suddenly acceptable. 
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Converge To Release New LP ‘The Dusk in Us’

Converge TDIUConverge have announced the upcoming release of The Dusk In Us, the first album in five years from the Boston based heavy music innovators. Due out on November 3, The Dusk In Us will be released via Epitaph Records and Deathwish. The Dusk In Us follows 2012’s acclaimed All We Love We Leave Behind and today also marks the premiere of Converge‘s new single, Under Duress, a track that merges his tortured howl with pounding rhythms and abrasive guitar riffs. You can pre-order The Dusk In Us here and you can stream Under Duress here

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Propagandhi Hit The UK And Announce New LP ‘Victory Lap’

Propagandhi VLCanadian punk band Propagandhi have shared their new single, Victory Lap, the title track from their upcoming seventh album that is due out on September 29th on Epitaph Records. Victory Lap is Propagandhi‘s first full-length since 2012’s Failed States, Victory Lap delivers Propagandhi‘s signature hybrid of snarling riffs, urgent rhythms, and politically charged lyrics. Like much of Victory Lap, the title track captures the frenetic energy off an unapologetically political band at a time when political speech seems overwhelmingly fractured.

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TWIABP Announces New Album; Premieres New Song

TWIABPWillimantic, CT emo act The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die has announced plans for their next LP.  The disc will be titled Always Foreign and is set to drop on September 29, 2017 via Epitaph Records.

Listen to the song “Dillon And Her Son” here courtesy Fader.

Tours: Propagandhi

PropagandhiCanadian political punk group Propagandhi have announced that they will be heading on tour this Fall. The band is gearing up for the release of their seventh studio full length, Victory Lap, which is due out on September 29, 2017.  The album follows 2012’s Failed States.

Tour dates are below.

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Converge Announce New Single And European Tour

Converge 2017 SingleEpitaph Records and Deathwish Inc. have announced the release of a new single from Converge that features two new tracks, I Can Tell You About Pain and Eve, from the aggressive music pioneers. This two song release is the first new music from the band since their highly regarded 2012 album All We Love We Leave Behind
You can order Converge‘s new single on vinyl and download formats here
You can view the video for I Can Tell You About Pain, and Converge‘s European tour dates, below

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Video: The Descendents – Without Love

Descendents HSThe Descendents have premiered a new music video for the song “Without Love” from the recent LP, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, which dropped back in July 2017 via Epitaph Records.  

Watch the video below along with upcoming tour dates.

The band last released Cool To Be You and ‘Merican back in 2004 on Fat Wreck Chords.  

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Tours: The Menzingers

The MenzingersPhiladelphia indie-punkers The Menzingers will be heading on tour in September and October.  The band continues to support their fifth full length, After The Party, which dropped back on February 3, 2017 via Epitaph Records

Dates can be found below.

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Culture Abuse Release ‘So Busted’ Video And Confirm UK Tour

Culture Abuse Aug UK TourSan Francisco’s Culture Abuse recently signed to Epitaph Records and have now shared a video for their summer anthem, So Busted. Culture Abuse released their debut album in late 2016, Peach is an eclectic album that sees the band lean full tilt into garage punk, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. With their music and fun-first approach, Culture Abuse just wants to spread their message of being free, enjoying life and sharing love.

The Punk Site review of Peach can be read here

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Trouble Maker

Epitaph Records

Rating: 3.5/5




What can be said about punk rock legends Rancid that hasn’t already been said before? The band’s distinctive elements, like Tim Armstrong’s (or “Tim Timebomb” as he seems to go by these days) “mouthful of marbles” vocals, and Lars Frederiksen and Matt Freeman’s angry belting have been a staple in the scene for over twenty five years. At this point in their career, Rancid will forever live in the shadow of their breakout mainstream success, And Out Come The Wolves, but they seem to at peace with that. And while the band hasn’t changed much in substance since those days, their latest effort, Trouble Maker, maintains all the fire you’ve come to expect from the Rancid gang.

By and large, this latest batch of tracks falls into one of two camps – those rattling full speed on a pair of run-away rails, and those totally chill, sunny day swaggerers. Those like opener “Track Fast,” “Street Punk Troublemaker” and “All American Neighborhood” take their old-school punked-up ways to heart. The latter uses a panicked pace to describe the upheaval and social disarray defining some of America’s most challenged neighbourhoods, drawing upon lyrical contrasts and simple irony to make their point.  These tracks aren’t so overly abundant as to single handedly define the album, but they are quick reminders of Rancid’s past, and how it still very much applies to the present.

Even with all of the ruckus, the bulk of Trouble Maker is actually pretty catchy.  Only moments after first hearing “Ghost of a Chance” and “Telegraph Avenue” do the songs emit a infectious pull to start singing along with the chorus.  Accompanied by full bodied “nah nah nah” type gang vocals and distant but lively acoustic strums, the track is an easy top pick sure to compliment classic Rancid playlists.  Other chorus-heavy highlights include the World War II referencing “Farewell Lola Blue” and “I Kept A Promise,” which both define themselves as mid-tempo rockers with plenty of single line repetition.  While nothing terribly profound on their own, as with most Rancid, tunes they come loaded with plenty of one line earworms that will surely nestle their way into any listener’s thoughts.

Trouble Maker offers up yet another familiar step on Rancid‘s ongoing punk rock trek through the decades.  As with most of Rancid’s releases, there isn’t much new or anything that you wouldn’t already expect based on past performance – but at this point, would anybody really want that?  Those of us that continue to tune in to Rancid after all these years know what we want, and we’re certainly not going to fault them for offering up exactly what we’re looking for.

Tours: Every Time I Die (Europe)

every time i dieHardcore act Every Time I Die will be heading on a European tour this Winter.  The band released their latest album, Low Teens, in 2016 via Epitaph Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Culture Abuse Sign To Epitaph Records

Culture Abuse Aug UK TourEpitaph Records have signed Culture Abuse and have now released the band’s new single, So Busted, a rock and roll love song. Culture Abuse released their incredible debut album, Peach, in late 2016 on 6131 Records. Peach is an eclectic album that sees the band lean full tilt into garage punk, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. This refreshingly try-anything approach to songwriting makes for an unpredictable listen that is simultaneously cohesive, a testament to Culture Abuse‘s ability to wrestle disparate styles into something all their own. With their music and fun-first approach Culture Abuse just wants to spread their message of being free, enjoying life, and sharing love. Culture Abuse will tour the UK and EU this summer, including headline dates, festival appearances, four dates with Tigers Jaw and performing at Hyde Park on July 1 with Green Day and Rancid
You can view Culture’s Abuse‘s tour dates, and the lyric video for So Busted, below

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Tours: Pennywise (Europe)

PennywisePennywise, has announced that they will be heading on a tour or Europe this summer. The band last released the album Yesterdays back in 2014 released last year on Epitaph Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Every Time I Die / Knocked Loose / Hollow Earth

every time i dieHardcore act Every Time I Die will be heading on a Canadian tour this Fall with Knocked Loose and Hollow Earth.  The band released their latest album, Low Teens, in 2016 via Epitaph Records.  The disc follows their 2014 effort, From Parts Unknown.

Tour dates are below.

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This Wild Life – Break Me

EpitaphAcoustic duo This Wild Life has premiered the new song, “Break Me,” from their upcoming new LP.  The band last released Low Tide in September 2016 via Epitaph Records.

Listen to the song below.  

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Rancid – Where I’m Going

RancidLong running punk act Rancid has premiered a new track from their next full length.  The song is titled “Where I’m Going” and will be on the album Trouble Maker, which is set to drop on June 9, 2017 via Hellcat Records / Epitaph Records.  

Listen to the song below.

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Tours: The Menzingers

The MenzingersPhiladelphia indie-punkers The Menzingers will be heading on tour in late July.  The band continues to support their fifth full length, After The Party, which dropped back on February 3, 2017 via Epitaph Records

Dates can be found below.

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Video: Rancid – Telegraph Avenue

RancidLong running punk act Rancid has premiered a new music video their next full length.  The video features the song “Telegraph Avenue” and will be on the album Trouble Maker, which is set to drop on June 9, 2017 via Hellcat Records / Epitaph Records.  

Listen to the song below.

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Tours: Bad Religion (Europe)

Bad ReligionLA punk rock legends Bad Religion  have announced a series of shows across Europe and the UK. They are still out in support of their most recent full length, True North, released back in 2013 via Epitaph Records.  Front man Greg Graffin released his latest solo effort, Millport, earlier this year.

Tour dates are below.

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Rancid Announce New LP; Stream First Song

RancidLong running punk act Rancid has announced details for their next full length.  The disc will be titled Trouble Maker and is set to drop on June 9, 2017 via Hellcat Records / Epitaph Records.  

Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “Ghost Of A Chance,” which can be heard below along with the track listing.

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Greg Graffin



Rating: 3.5/5




Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin has done it all.  From penning academic works exploring the interaction between evolution and religion, delivering lectures at the University of Cornell and University of California, to fronting one of the most celebrated punk rock bands of the past thirty years, little has remained beyond Graffin’s scope of engagement.  

For a man with so much on the go, Graffin has always budgeted a little time for himself.  This typically takes the form of a solo album about every ten or so years.  Each contribution has defined itself uniquely.  1997’s piano driven American Lesion was inspired by the breakup of his marriage, and 2008’s Cold As The Clay paid respects to the Americana that continues to influence Graffin’s songwriting.

His third outing, Millport, serves as a pure passion piece, of which Graffin has likened the organic nature of the songwriting process to that which led to the iconic Bad Religion classic, Suffer.  Performed in a straight up country-rock format, produced and co-written by Bad Religion songwriter Brett Gurewitz, the album features backing instrumentation courtesy members of Social Distortion.  In many ways, Millport is to Graffin what Nick 13’s solo work is to Tiger Army – a significant and passionately executed detour.

Millport is an album defining itself through a healthy dose of country-driven twang, with Graffin’s vocals following suit.  “Backroads of My Mind” sets the tone by kicking up a little dust and drawing gearing up the honky tonk.  It’s far from anything remotely resembling punk-rock, and once you get over the initial shock and embrace the underlying authenticity, thrives because of it.  That being said, Graffin continues to draw upon stylistic staples like sweeping vocal harmonies and steady melodies in songs like “Too Many Virtues,” alongside traditional elements ranging from shifting pedal steel to string plucking banjos.  The title track feels particularly powerful, serving as a significant album standout that weaves in each instrument and influence.  Like a classic Bad Religion song, Graffin latches onto a melody and squeezes every ounce of momentum from chorus straight through to the late song bridge.  Other highlights like “Making Time,” “Echo On The Hill,” and “Sawmill” capture a distinctly rural spirit, filled with subtle “woah ohs” and tuneful backing fiddle and mandolin.  “Time of Need” is a particularly noteworthy aside due largely to the infusion of gospel elements reflecting Graffin’s belief that at the very least, religion has afforded the world with a fine soundtrack.

Overall, Millport shouldn’t be shocking to those of us that have grown up alongside Bad Religion, but it’s understandable for those less versed to find the country-rock content surprising to say the least.  Greg Graffin has had a remarkable career, and Millport affords yet another notable point of reference.  While country rock may not be for everyone, Millport stands to impress those willing to take Graffin’s latest solo for a spin.

Video: John K. Samson – Alpha Adept

john-k-samsonWeakerthans‘ frontman John K. Samson has premiered a new music video for the song “Alpha Adept,” which appears on his recent solo effort, Winter Wheat, which dropped late last year via Epitaph Records.

Watch the video below.

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Tours: Obey The Brave / Deez Nuts (Canada)

ObeyTheBraveCanadian metalcore band Obey the Brave have announced a summer tour across Canada with Deez Nuts, in support of their upcoming full length, Mad Season, which is set for release on June 2, 2017 via Epitaph Records. 

Tour dates are below.

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Video: The Menzingers – ‘After the Party’

The MenzingersPhiladelphia indie-punkers The Menzingers have posted a video for After The Party.  The song is the title track from their recently released full length, the band’s third, which dropped back on February 3, 2017 via Epitaph Records

Check out the video below.

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Video: Architects UK – Gravity

EpitaphBrighton, UK metalcore act Architects is streaming a new music video.  The video features the song “Gravity,” which is lifted from their latest full length, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, available now via Epitaph Records.  

Watch the video below.

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Tours: The Descendents

Descendents HSThe Descendents have announced that they will be heading on tour this Spring in support of their 2016 LP, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, available now via Epitaph Records.  


Tour dates are below.

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Descendents Announce Exclusive UK Headline Show

Descendents London June 17Descendents have announced their return to the UK with a new show scheduled for Sunday 4th June at the 02 Brixton Academy in London. The band played a series of shows in Latin America last December playing classics and new tracks from their latest album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, that was released last summer via Epitaph Records.

Hypercaffium Spazzinate can be purchased and streamed here

Tickets will be available from this Friday at 9am GMT here

The Menzingers

The Menzingers

After The Party

Epitaph Records

Rating: 4/5




Philadelphia rough-punks The Menzingers arguably stumbled in their follow-up to their genre defining punk rock pinnacle, On The Impossible Past.  Perhaps it was nerves, or just wanting to try something new, but Rented World lacked the same double header of spontaneity and sophistication, instead coming across somewhat muted.  A valiant effort, but one that came up short.  Now on their fifth studio full length, After The Party, the band attempts to clarify the direction they set out to achieve on Rented World.  Time seems to have been on the quartet’s side, as on this renewed attempt the band seems more in tune with their intent, and grown into their age.

First things first though, After The Party is not an explosive showcase circa On The Impossible Past.  Rather, it’s evidence of a punk troupe settling into a more sustainable mid-career sound.  Comparisons have been made to bands settling into themselves – like Title Fight and Gaslight Anthem.  It’s hard to disagree.  While a punk band grappling with entering their collective thirties is no revelation, the band approaches the topic with tongue-in-cheek tact.  Opening with “20’s (Telling Lies),” The Menzingers formally close out their twenties and turn to making meaning out of the next decade.  “Everyone keeps asking me, what are you going to do now that your twenties are over,” Greg Barnett questions after rattling off lyrics about loose lips and late night dives.  The track closes out on a quiet note, with the band taking a somber look at their future amidst a dampening backdrop.  What follows is a collection of opportunities and ideas, like fleeing from “midwestern states” in a track of the same title, getting caught in the crosshairs of a love-interest’s ex (“Charlie’s Army”), or hiding one’s transgressions behind a family name and religious affiliation (“Bad Catholics”).  The Menzingers may frame After The Party with a single question, but they respond with a myriad of possibilities.

While The Menzingers may be leaving some of the zestful, youthful energy in the past, they remain every bit as capable of turning out chorus after chorus of catchy, ear-grabbing melody.  Sure, the average track is safer than past works, and Barnett doesn’t belt in angst as he did a decade ago (nor does Tom May blast his vocal chords as often as in the past), but the band’s passion and lyrics still land naturally.  “A little Irish in your blood, a little Polish in your name, a little Boston in your attitude, just the way you were raised,” sings Barnett on “Wings (Your Wild Years)” with a seasoned combination of entangled clean and throaty vocal calls.  His veteran cries run deep, with his clean vocals continuing to deeply impress for a guy with such a ragged set of pipes.  By and large, Barnett aligns his style with each track’s instrumental focus.  From mid-tempo toe-tappers (“House On Fire”), to embery slow burners (“Bars”), and quick pumping pulsers (“Cemetary’s Garden”), The Menzingers thoughtfully connect to each track.

There will be some people that continue to mourn what The Menzingers have since left behind.  But they are the same people that refuse to give up their twenties and would be well advised to listen closely to After The Party.  The worst that can be said of After The Party is perhaps that some of the songs feel comparatively “safe.”  But unlike complaints about Rented World’s toothless warbling, After The Party frames this comparative difference with lyrical and emotional warmth.  As The Menzingers make clear, growing old doesn’t necessarily mean growing up, even if you endure some inevitable maturation.  Or in reference to the title, life goes on – even after the party.