Energy UK Tour 2017

Energy / Miss Vincent / Cascade

Satan's Hollow, Manchester, UK

29th July 2017

Rating: 4.5/5



Energy Satans Hollow Venue July 18Satan’s Hollow is an eccentric venue located on the edge of Manchester’s Gay Village that is done out on early Hammer Horror chic complete with Devils, a Frankenstein’s Monster and numerous ghouls and creatures lurking in the venue, it also boasts the stickiest floor I’ve ever encountered in a live venue and over the DJ booth lurks Satan himself overseeing the tunes, and this bodes well for tonight, after all he is famed for having all the best tunes. I’ve not been to Satan’s Hollow for about ten years, but my memories of it being a unique venue are not just hazy nostalgia, aside from it’s decor the bands play in the centre of the venue, granting you unique perspectives for live shows that no other Manchester venue provides.
Energy Satans Hollow Cascade July 18By the time we’ve had a confusing meander through the construction zone that central Manchester has become and we finally locate Satan’s Hollow it’s too late to catch opening band Sonder, but on the plus side we managed to catch the end of up and coming local outfit Cascade‘s set.  The Manchester quartet are already mid way through their set as we arrive but the brief exposure to Cascade reveals a band who deliver an earnest and down to earth blend of post and melodic hardcore that is the perfect start to tonight’s line up, and as their debut single, Sarracenia, is available as a free download you have nothing to lose by checking out this promising outfit.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 1 July 18Miss Vincent are supporting Energy across their debut headline tour of the UK, and you can see why they landed the support slot as they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore tinged punk rock that hits the spot nicely, and it explains the hype that’s building up behind this up and coming UK outfit. The early start for tonight’s show has not done any of the support bands any favours as Miss Vincent have hit the stage before 8pm, a time when many gig goers are still usually enjoying a pre show pint, but this is what venues have to do to survive so I’m not complaining, but I suspect a lot of those with tickets for tonight’s show haven’t checked the stage times prior to attending.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 2 July 18Miss Vincent are a band I expect to hear a lot more of, the blend street punk, melodic hardcore and good old fashioned punk rock to incredible effect, and despite the early start they deliver a full tilt set to those who have arrived early enough, and to the steadily growing slightly confused crowd who arrive mid set. Amidst the full tilt punk rock there are moments that break the set up with moments of more heartfelt rock ‘n roll on steroids that befit the band’s moniker. Miss Vincent are authentic muscular punk rock, and I would have been happy just to see them tonight such is the passion and energy behind their set and I can’t recommend Miss Vincent highly enough, on the basis of tonight’s set they stand out as another rising star born of the UK’s grass roots punk scene.
Energy Satans Hollow 1 July 18Energy kick off with The Witching Hour, the impressive lead single from the freshly released Under The Mask EP, that marks a perfect start to their headline set and for a band with a ten year back catalogue demonstrates the strength of their new material. For me Energy‘s sound and attitude is better matched to the intimate venue of Satan’s Hollow, and the demonic theme of the venue, much better than the characterless venues they were playing on the first UK visit earlier this year as support to Creeper. Energy are for me the natural heirs to The Misfits crown of horror punk, but that’s not to say they are a copy of New Jerseys finest, they bring their own character and well, Energy, to the set.
Energy Satans Hollow 2 July 18Energy carry a different feel from many of Boston’s better known sons as there’s no reference to Irish heritage or bagpipes, instead tonight they have delivered a set that is influenced by the last four decades of punk rock, from The Misfits through to AFI and beyond, and to underpin this towards the end of the set they deliver The Misfits classic Hybrid Moments exactly as it was meant to be delivered. Throughout tonight’s set Energy enjoy an intimate interaction with an enthusiastic crowd and they happily mingle with the audience after the show, until the venue is cleared to make way for the following club night. For me this is a tour that represents a showcase of two bands that are deservedly gaining the recognition they deserve.
Energy Satans Hollow 3 July 18Tonight Energy are playing their Under The Mask EP in full for the first time, on their first headlining set in Manchester, on the first date of their first UK headlining tour, and it’s their first show with new drummer Eric Molloy. On a night of numerous firsts I feel privileged to have been here as Energy now sit comfortably amongst my favourite live acts after tonight and my first exposure to them earlier this year. Energy are making significant inroads into the UK with two tours in the last 6 months, and I’m wondering why it took then so long as their brand of horror infused punk rock is well received by the attendees at Satan’s Hollow, and I hope Energy make a return to our shores in 2018.
Energy Satans Hollow 4 July 18Energy‘s Facebook presence is here and the Under The Mask EP can be ordered here
The Punk Site Review of the Under The Mask EP can be read here
Miss Vincent‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Bandcamp is here
Cascade‘s Facebook is located here and their Bandcamp is here
You can enter Satan’s Hollow online here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
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Energy Release ‘Under The Mask’ EP

Energy UK Tour 2017Boston punks Energy have released their brand new EP, Under The Mask, today through Shadowland Productions, the new record features six tracks of signature Energy punk rock that combines the sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics with infectiously poppy hooks to create a record that will demand repeat listens. Energy will be on tour in the UK from the 29th July with support from Miss Vincent.
The Punk Site review of Under The Mask can be read here
Under The Mask can be pre-ordered and streamed here
Energy‘s UK tour dates can be viewed below
Energy - UTM


Under The Mask

Shadowland Productions

Rating: 4.5/5




Boston’s Energy will be releasing the Under The Mask EP on the 21st July ahead of their headlining UK tour that kicks of in Manchester on the 29th July, their latest release follows on from last years Apparition Sound album and their new material proves that even after over a decade together they are still moving forwards. The new record features five tracks of signature Energy punk rock that intertwines the sombre melancholy melodies, introspective lyrics and infectiously poppy hooks, creating a record that will demand, and deserves, repeat listens.

Under The Mask begins in ominous style with the creepy introduction to the lead single from the EP, The Witching Hour, before it launches into the finest slab of horror punk you’ll hear this year, the superb opening track is followed by the comparatively downbeat title track that keeps the eerie mood going, The Shape Retreats forms a brief atmospheric bridge before Under The Mask kicks straight back into life with A Prayer For Rain that brings a more straight up melodic punk element into the mix. I Killed Your Boyfriend veers into Masked Intruder‘s criminal territory, so much so that we now have another suspect for that band’s identity, and finally Leave Me Alone ends what has been a near perfect EP in fine style.

The Under The Mask EP represents a perfect blend of the styles of The Misfits, Masked Intruder and AFI that’s delivered in an accessible and perfect five track package that is amongst the very best releases I’ve encountered in 2017, the mix of pop and horror punk is perfectly pitched, settling in neither camp yet embracing both, and delivered in Energy‘s own unique style. Based on the Under The Mask EP, and their debut UK appearance on the Creeper tour that I encountered earlier this year, I can’t wait to catch Energy live again, happily I don’t have long to wait and a live review of their forthcoming UK tour will follow on The Punk Site shortly.

Energy‘s website is located here and their Bandcamp is here

Energy To Release ‘Under The Mask’ EP

Energy - UTMFollowing a huge UK tour earlier this year supporting goth-punks Creeper alongside Puppy and Milk Teeth, Boston’s Energy are extremely pleased to announce they will return to the UK this summer for a run of headline tour dates, with a brand new record, Under The Mask. The new record is set for release on July 21st and features six tracks of signature Energy punk rock, the sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics combined with infectiously poppy hooks has once again intertwined, creating a record that will demand repeat listens.
You can view the video for A Prayer For Rain, and Energy‘s UK tour dates, below

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Energy Confirm UK Headline Tour

Energy UK Tour 2017Following a huge UK tour earlier this year supporting goth-punks Creeper, Boston’s Energy have announced they will return to the UK this summer for a run of headline tour dates. Tickets are now on sale and the band will be supported by Southampton punks Miss Vincent on all dates, to celebrate the announcement the band have revealed the video for their new single, A Prayer For Rain.

You can download and stream Energy‘s latest album, Apparition Sound, here

You can view the video for A Prayer For Rain, and Energy‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Energy Announce UK Tour

Energy UK Tour 2017Following a huge UK tour earlier this year supporting goth-punks Creeper alongside Puppy and Milk Teeth, Boston’s Energy are extremely pleased to announce they will return to the UK this summer for a run of headline tour dates. Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 19th May 2017 and the band will be supported by Southampton punks Miss Vincent on all dates, to celebrate the announcement the band have revealed the video for their new single, A Prayer For Rain.

You can download and stream Energy‘s latest album, Apparition Sound, here

You can view the video for A Prayer For Rain, and Energy‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Creeper March 2017 Tour

Creeper / Milk Teeth / Energy / Puppy

Academy 2, Manchester, UK

25th March 2017

Rating: 4/5




Creeper March 2017 crowdSpring has finally arrived in Manchester and as the more then welcome, and long overdue, sunshine arrives a patch of darkness descends upon Manchester in the shape of Creeper, tonight is the first date of their European tour that is in support of their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, that was released via Roadrunner Records just prior to the tour. Accompanying Creeper on the UK leg of their tour is an impressive bill of support acts in the shape of Milk Teeth, Energy and Puppy, tonight the Academy 2 is completely sold out, the crowd is noisy and vibrant and the turn out for the support acts, and the variety of t shirts on display, indicates that each band has bought along its own noisy and dedicated following.

Creeper March 2017 Puppy 2Fresh from signing to Spinefarm Records, London based trio Puppy occupy the early slot on the tour, they open proceedings with some doom laden tones that for me channel the spirit of the early recordings by Black Sabbath combined with kind of the pop hooks that the likes of Weezer deliver. Whilst the singers unique vocal style seemed to divide opinion amongst those around me, and their style may seem slightly at odds with the rest of tonight’s bill, their short set of poppy proto metal seems to warm the crowd up nicely and they appear to go down well with the majority of the sizeable crowd who have already made it into town for the early start to tonight’s show.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 2The crowd at tonight’s show is distinctly youthful, something I will always take as a positive sign for the health of the UK’s punk scene, and the venue is almost packed to capacity by the time Boston’s Energy take to the stage for their debut appearance in the UK. They open with a slow burning instrumental that builds in intensity before their set kicks off in earnest, Energy are a band that certainly live up to their name, they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore, that is a distinct contrast to Puppy‘s opening set, that brings a frantic hard edged shot of adrenalin and punk rock to tonight’s show. Energy‘s set carries a distinct horror punk undercurrent, especially with their most recent single, The Witching Hour, that is of course included in their all too short appearance tonight. Their set of hard edged punk hits the spot nicely and saw the first, but not the last, chaotic moshpit of the night and towards the climax of their set there was an enthusiastic outbreak of crowdsurfing. This is Energy‘s first visit to the UK, their powerful and impressive set of punk rock has undoubtedly won them a new set of converts on this side of the Atlantic, myself included amongst that number. 

Creeper March 2017 Milk TeethMilk Teeth continue the full tilt assault with a set of fuzzed up punk rock that adds another dimension to tonight’s bill. Their sound reminds of bands such as Verruca Salt, L7, The Muffs and Babes In Toyland, but for me it’s delivered with a sharper cutting edge, and of course a punkier sensibility. The intensity of their set builds up and delivers some pummelling punk rock that is of course exactly what the crowd wanted. This is Milk Teeth‘s first show of the year, and they’ve certainly hit the ground running as by the third song in their set the mosh pit is back in business and crowd surfers are keeping the security staff busy. Milk Teeth;s sound combines elements of grunge, alternative and of course good old fashioned punk rock to stunning effect, their all too brief set, that is largely culled from their superb 2016 album, Vile Child, produces a series of anthemic numbers that, like Energy‘s impressive set before them, has left me wanting to hear a lot more by both of tonight’s main support acts.

Creeper March 2017 1Following the superb set from Milk Teeth there is a lengthy gap Before Creeper make their eagerly awaited appearance, largely because the stage has undergone a transformation into what can only be described as Vegas Halloween chic, complete with illuminated neon tombstones. I last encountered Creeper supporting The Misfits in the academy basement in 2015, they’ve come a long way since I last saw them as their following seems to have grown considerably over the last few years, as their appearance draws nearer the venue sees a distinctly more gothic contingent added to the crowd in the already packed Academy 2. The lights drop and an raucous chant rings out, then the tombstones illuminate and then their set kicks in with their emotive horror tinged punk rock. This is a different band to the one I saw supporting New Jerseys finest, everything has changed and you get the distinct feeling that Creeper are destined for bigger things. Creeper channel rock, horror punk and emo influences to crowd pleasing effect, they have developed a loyal and energetic following and they play a set of the kind of material My Chemcial Romance used to deliver so well in their heyday.

Creeper March 2017 2Creeper play their set to the energetic and sweaty crowd that seem to know every word and chord throughout the first night of this hefty European tour, even if it is on a stage that looks as though it came straight off the set of a higher budget musical remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space. The spring weather finally arriving, tonight’s good natured crowd, the Academy 2‘s unobtrusive security and it’s efficient bar staff have combined to ensure that atmosphere at tonight’s show was perfect, add the four bands that made up tonight’s line up into the mix and you can see why tonight’s show was completely sold out. For me Milk Teeth and Energy stole the show tonight with their raw edged punk rock, but I suspect that I’ll be in the minority on this one judging by the crowds delirious reaction to a triumphant set by Creeper that saw my photographer for the night, Mike Maffia, almost buried under a hail of crowd-surfers and stage-divers at the start of Creeper‘s set.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 3Creeper‘s official website can be found here

Milk Teeth‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp page is here

Energy‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook presence is here

Puppy can be found on Facebook here

Live photography by Mike Maffia

You can click on any of Mike’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Energy Release New Single ‘The Witching Hour’

Energy The Witching HourEnergy formed in February of 2006 in Massachusetts, over the last decade, Energy‘s signature style of sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics, combined with infectiously poppy hooks, has truly cemented them as one of Boston’s most unique bands. Following on from the UK release of Energy‘s critically acclaimed album, Apparition Sound, the brand new single, The Witching Hour, is a continuation of frontman Tank‘s full creative vision for the future of the band.

The Witching Hour is out now and available through all usual digital platforms.

You can view the lyric video for The Witching Hour, and Energy‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Video: Energy – They

EnergyBoston based Punk/Alternative Rock band Energy have just released their latest music video for the song “They”. The track is from their 2016 compilation album Apparition Sound, which features Energy’s entire studio output from 2012-2015.

check out the video below.  It was directed by Anthony Grassetti.

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Video: Energy – ‘Pet Sematary’

EnergyIn honour of Halloween, Boston punks Energy have posted a video featuring their cover of The Ramones classic Pet Sematary. This follows last years Halloween offering; A Tribute to The Misfits EP which also dropped around this time of year.

Check out the video for Pet Sematary below.

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Energy Streaming Misfits Tribute Album

EnergyEnergy is streaming and offering their latest EP, A Tribute To The Misfits, digitally for $1.00.  Vocalist Jason Tankerley explains the band’s motivation:

“I’ve always wanted to do a Misfits tribute record… Glenn Danzig has been my absolute number one influence since I was in middle school. There are just so many songs of theirs that I want to cover. Maybe we’ll do our own Collection 2 some day!”

Check out the disc here.


Energy Stream New EP

EnergyMassachusetts hardcore act Energy has launched a full stream of their brand new EP.  The Ep is titled New Worlds Of Fear and is set for a September 10, 2013 release via Down For Anything Records.

Listen to the full disc here.

Video: Energy – Another Yesterday

EnergyFormer Bridge-Nine Records act Energy have posted a new video for their digital single Another Yesterday. The video is below while the song can be purchased from Bandcamp now.



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Energy – Dead In Dreamland

EnergyMelodic post-hardcore punks Energy has released a brand new track on their Bandcamp page.  The song is titled “Dead In Dreamland,” and at the moment was release as a stand alone, free digital single. The song features a distinct doo-wop style unique from the band’s typical output.  The band last released their EP, Walk Into The Fire,  via Bridge Nine Records in 2010.

Give the track a listen here.


Energy – Be My Victimtine

EnergyMelodic hardcore punks Energy have posted a brand new song in time for this month’s upcoming love-related holiday.  The Valentine’s Day track is titled “Be My Victimtine,” and can be streamed or downloaded free of charge.  Energy released their last EP, Walk Into The Fire, late last year on Bridge Nine Records.

The song can be downloaded here.


Energy – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause

EnergyIn the spirit of the season, hardcore group Energy has toned it down for their single track EP, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause.  The track features sleigh bells, melodic harmonies, and good times worth pouring a glass of egg nog for.  The single follows the band’s October release of their sophomore EP, Walk Into The Fire, released on Bridge Nine Records.

Download or give the track a listen here.


Energy – Let's Get Away

EnergyMelodic post-hardcore punks Energy is sampling a new track on their tumblr account.  The song is titled “Let’s Get Away,” and is from their forthcoming EP, Walk Into The Fire, which dropped today via Bridge Nine Records.  The track is relatively subdued when compared with past offerings.

Give the track a listen here.

Last Day To Win Signed 7inch from Energy

Today’s the last day for you to enter to win one of two signed copies of the new Energy 7inch, Walk Into The Fire, courtesy of our friends at Bridge Nine Records.

The seven inch is available in stores today and you can hear the title track on the band’s MySpace page. But make sure to enter to win it here.


Contest: Win A Signed Copy of Energy's New Seven Inch

EnergyIncredibly melodic with haunting keyboards, catchy choruses, soaring vocals and intricate guitar work, Energy’s forthcoming Walk Into The Fire EP is sure to make people’s heads turn. Lucky for you, two people (selected at random) will win a signed copy of the 7inch courtesy of our friends at Bridge Nine Records! The two contest winners will receive a copy of Walk Into The Fire autographed by the band simply by submitting your name and email address here.

Fans were recently formally introduced to Energy’s new musical direction on the Bridge Nine 2010 Sampler, where the EP title track was first featured, that was handed out all along the Vans Warped Tour this past summer. If you haven’t had a chance to check out and download the sampler, you can still do so at Bridge Nine’s website. You can also check out “Walk Into The Fire” streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

Enter to win the signed seven inch here.

Energy Details Walk Into The Fire EP

EnergyMelodic hardcore act Energy has released details regarding their upcoming EP, Walk Into The Fire.  The EP will feature the three tracks “Walk Into The Fire,” “Let’s Get Away,” and “Angels At My Grave,” and is set for an October 26, 2010 digital and vinyl release.  Vocalist Jason Tankerley walks us through the album’s progression:

“We are more confident in the three songs on this EP than we’ve ever been with any Energy release in the past. The song ‘Walk Into The Fire’ is a continuation of where we’ve been heading all along really, while ‘Let’s Get Away’ is possibly our most upbeat song to date. The final track ‘Angels At My Grave’ clocks in at 5 and a half minutes and is without a doubt our most interesting song – a great way to close out the EP.”

Energy last released Invasions Of The Mind in 2008.  “Into The Fire” is currently streaming on the band’s myspace.  Cover art, again the product of Bill Hauser, can be found below.

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Energy Recording New EP

EnergyMassachusetts-based Energy started recording a new 3 song EP, titled Walk Into The Fire, on Friday, set to be released this Fall from Bridge Nine Records

Te band recently unveiled a demo of the eponymous first track to great praise on their MySpace page..  Vocalist Jason Tankerley said:

“These songs are a step in a whole new direction, one that Mike and I have been messing around with for quite some time now. He and I have a side project called ‘Children Of The Night’ that has been really creating a pretty unique sound. We started doing that about 6 years ago, before Energy was a band.  Mike recently joined Energy and we’ve been creating a lot of music with the COTN feel to it ever since.”

Energy is self-recording this EP with engineering help from Robert Cheeseman and Greg Thompson (formerly of Debaser) to speed up the process.  Tankerly explained the decision saying:

“We haven’t had much luck working with other people in the past as far as getting the sounds we want on our records, so we decided to do this ourselves. After all, no one knows how Energy needs to sound more than Energy does.”