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Exploding In Sound Records recently announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service that boasts Anna Altman’s full length debut, Freightliner, as the debut release. Freightliner was released on April 28th and is not only available via The EIS Tape Club, for those with a preference for digital formats the album is also available for download. Anna Altman are comprised of the duo Lucia Arias and Christian Billard, both better known for their tenure in Turnip King, but this is not just a recreation of that band’s work, Anna Altman is a distinctly more laid back project.

Freightliner opens with The Interview, a track that possesses a bassline and beat that is more than a touch reminiscent of early New Order, with a breathless vocal delivery that reminds me of Pauline Murray, lead singer of punk band Penetration and latterly Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls. The Catcher then brings the pace down, and it’s here that the album remains, after the initial post punk feel of The Interview the album boasts a series of delicate melodies, gentle beats and tangled minimalist arrangements that will delight fans of Liz Phair, The Breeders, and Bedhead.

From the off Freightliner lays it’s cards on the table with it’s mix of influences from the UK’s post punk scene and US indie bands, but considering these influences the whole album feels restrained and after the opening track, The Interview, the album never seems to recover from it’s initial loss of momentum. Having said that, for those seeking a melodic and haunting soundtrack then Freightliner offers a serene hypnotic quality that is built on repeating structures and patterns overlaid with haunting vocals.

You can subscribe to the EIS Tape Club here and digital downloads of the album are available here

Anna Altman Stream New Single From ‘Freightliner’ Album

anna altman freightlinerExploding In Sound Records recently announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service with it’s initial release, Anna Altman’s full length debut, Freightliner, that is due out on April 28th. Anna Altman create gorgeous melodies and tangled minimalist arrangements; simple songs that are filled with atmosphere and Arias’ stunning vocals. M.C. Ph.D is the record’s second single and the album’s stunning conclusion, a song that packs a punch while darting between mesmerizing hooks.

You can stream M.C. Ph.D here and subscribe to the EIS Tape Club here

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Exploding In Sound Records Launch The ‘EIS Tape Club’

EIS_tape_clubExploding In Sound Records have announced the launch of the EIS Tape Club, a year long cassette subscription service that will release a new tape every other month, the label was inspired by the incredible amount of amazing new music they wish they could release. The EIS Tape Club is a celebration of independent music, new artists, and the pursuit of finding your next favourite band.

You can join the EIS Tape Club here

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