Louise Distras Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Louise Distras June 17Louise Distras has announced that her second album will be a DIY project and she has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help make it a reality, this should come as no surprise as Louise has always been fiercely independent and committed to making music on her own terms. By pre-ordering her new album and supporting the Kickstarter campaign not only will you be contributing towards the making the album a reality, but you’ll also have access to exclusive items such as signed CDs and vinyl, AAA Gold Laminate Passes and even an acoustic gig in your living room. 

You can pledge to Louise DistrasKickstarter campaign here

The Madding Crowd Release Short Film

madding-crowd-78th-bridgeThe Madding Crowd have released a short film titled The 78th: Near The Dirt Fields Where The Boys Started Fires, after a line from the poem that The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal EP took it’s title from, the film is a companion documentary that explores the themes of the EP. The Madding Crowd have also announced they will be playing a live session on their Facebook page on the 27th June from 8pm until whenever the band feel like finishing. 

The 78th Bridge on the Rochdale Canal can be ordered here (physical) and here (digital) 

The 78th: Near The Dirt Fields Where The Boys Started Fires can be viewed below Read More…

False Advertising Reveal Video For ‘Honest’

False Advertising HonestFalse Advertising have revealed another brilliant DIY video for their new single, Honest, that is out now on all digital platforms. In the new visuals the band poke fun at Hillary Clinton‘s overly presumptuous election campaign, sip ‘Diet Woke’ in a nod to Kendall Jenner‘s flawed Pepsi Ad, showcase realistic looking fast food, hawk free money and showcase a potentially flawed music festival for privileged millennials in a shrewd look at modern advertising techniques.

Honest can be ordered here

You can view the video for Honest, and False Advertising‘s tour dates, below Read More…

False Advertising To Release ‘Honest’ Single On 16th June

False Advertising HonestManchester based trio False Advertising have announced that they will release their new single, Honest, on the 16th of June 2017. In the week running up to the track’s release, the band will launch False Advertising TV across their social media channels, which they will use to debut the track live through four bespoke ‘false adverts’, conceived and shot by the band themselves. False Advertising TV will air on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th June at 8pm, then Thursday 15th June at 1pm ahead of their headline show at Gullivers in Manchester that night.
You can view the trailer for False Advertsing TV, and the band’s tour dates, below

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Louise Distras Fac 251 Apr 17

Louise Distras

FAC 251, Manchester, UK

22nd April 2017

Rating: 4/5




Tonight Louise Distras hits Manchester on her current headline tour, she is playing a venue that is arguably at the epicentre of some of the most influential bands Manchester has produced, tonights venue, Fac 251, occupies the building where Factory Records had their offices in the city centre, the building has now been redeveloped into a live venue and nightclub, so whilst The Hacienda and Factory Records are no more the spirit lives on, and who better to occupy a space that was central to Northern England’s punk and post punk scenes than Louise Distras, a singer who is arguably the current voice of Northern punk protest.

LD Fac HRHey Radio open the evening, they are a duo than are comprised of just two guitars and despite the lack of percussion they initially deliver a set of catchy pop punk that is not without its charms and they enjoy a banter with the sparse early evening crowd that’s arrived for their early opening slot. However, their decision to include a somewhat shambolic Busted cover in their set gives you an idea of where they lie on the scale between pop and punk. The fact their set descends into a sea of covers means that I end up heading out for the smoking area to seek shelter from the deluge of poppy cover versions.

LD Fac SCFThe next band up is So Called Friend who step things up with a fuzzy distorted original set that seems to embrace post hardcore and alt rock influences. Their sound is from the distinctly poppier end of that spectrum but that’s not to say they don’t add a bit of muscle to their songs when required. Despite the sparse crowd they play their set with an impressive level of energy and enthusiasm, So Called Friend play a short but satisfying set that started to bring the evening to life, the combination of a set of original material and their energy levels indicates we may be hearing a lot more this extremely talented and youthful trio.

LD Fac TLThe penultimate set prior to Louise Distras‘ headline slot is The Lymes, they bring a rockier element to the evening that is combined with a few knowing power pop influences, the fact that this is accompanied by some well crafted songwriting gives the impression that the evening is slowly building momentum towards Louise Distras headline set. The Lymes play an impressive set that, like fellow Mancunians Mohawk Radio and La Mode, channels the rockier side of the alt rock spectrum, but it’s all done with style and you can’t help but be impressed by their anthemic and accomplished set, and this is yetanother band to add to the ever growing list of up and coming Mancunian bands, and another band I’m hoping to hear a lot more of.

LD Fac 1Quite why Louise Distras isn’t playing the Manchester Punk Festival this weekend is a mystery to me, she’s one of the rising stars of the DIY punk scene and as she’s in the city playing her own headline show this would seem to be a formality, but as with many things in life some things will forever remain a mystery.  I’ve encountered Louise Distras numerous times, and to be honest it’s hard not to catch her live such is her work ethic, she’s already on her third tour of the year and she has extensive dates booked throughout the year including an impressive array of summer festival appearances.

LD Fac 2Technical problems with ticket sales and incredibly busy weekend on the Manchester gig circuit mean that there is a smaller crowd than Louise Distras would normally attract, but impressively this doesn’t affect her performance in the slightest, she’s as passionate and empowering as ever. Tonight is a first for me as she’s playing a solo electric set, the set comprises established favourites from her debut album, Dreams From the Factory Floor, as well as material from her forthcoming sophomore album, including her 2016 single Aileen and her forthcoming single Outside Of You, that is well on its way with it’s fundraising campaign to make her new album a reality, and on the basis of the material on display in her solo shows this indicates that this album will be something to treasure. The technical problems haven’t stopped at the ticket sales, Louise Distras has to borrow a guitar from The Lymes, indicating that there is already a sense of camaraderie between her and the impressive Mancunian outfit, due to issues with her own prized vintage Burns Cobra guitar.

LD Fac 3Despite everything she delivers her set with her customary passion and intensity, and as you would expect from someone as spirited and defiant as Louise Distras she triumphs over adversity and she delivers a passionate stripped down set. Her vocal delivery remains as heartfelt as always and she contains the fury of established punk songwriters such as Joe Strummer and TV Smith, and combines this with her own experiences and dynamics to create something that is truly special and unique in the UK music scene. On her current tour Louise Distras is premiering brand new material that hadn’t previously been played and is destined for her forthcoming sophomore album, her new material sounds as impressive as you’d expect from this prolific songwriter and it sounds like a step forward from her impressive debut album. Louise Distras can deliver songs with an emotional and fragile quality that can abruptly become a defiant roar of protest that only comes from self belief and personal conviction and experience. Some artists would have let tonight’s issues drag them down but instead Louise Distras engages the crowd and turns the evening into a triumphant intimate show that I feel privileged to have been present at.

Louise Distras Outside Of YouLouise Distras has channelled her anger, hopes and fears into hymns of love and fury for yet another let-down generation and will be releasing her new single, Outside Of You, via Street Revolution Records on the 26th May. In addition to this Louise Distras has another twenty songs ready to be recorded as soon as the album fundraiser reaches 100%. If you haven’t got involved yet you can help bring Louise Distras‘ new album to life by pledging today, and on the basis of the new material that was on display at FAC 251 tonight then I can’t think of wiser investment for a few of your hard earned pennies.

You can stream Outside Of You here and pre-order the single here

You can pledge for Louise Distras‘ new album via her website here 

The Lymes Facebook presence can be found here

You can stream The Lymes debut track, Here Again, via Soundcloud here

So Called Friend‘s Facebook page is located here

Hey Radio‘s Facebook page is here

Live photography by Michael Maffia

American Standards Anti Melody

American Standards


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




American Standards have been around since 2011, all the while they’ve been steadily building up a loyal following through their relentless tour schedule and intense live performances, including sharing stages with the likes of Every Time I Die, Norma Jean and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The chaotic hardcore quartet have now announced that their upcoming debut full length, Anti-Melody, that follows on from their 2012 debut release Still Life, is set to be released on April 28th and will be available via all digital music outlets.

Anti-Melody kicks off with the lead single, Writers Block Party, and it’s an instant wake up call of brutal thrash tinged hardcore that’s followed up by the spiky Carpe Diem, Tomorrow. This is not an album that becomes a relentless blur where the tracks merge into each other, each song on Anti-Melody has it’s own distinct character, from the intense Church Burner, that harks back to the crossover thrash of the 1980’s, through the slow burning Bartenders Without Wings and the intense Cancer Eater to the album’s pummelling epic, at least by hardcore standards, finale, Chicago Overcoat.

Anti-Melody is an album that delivers eight tracks that manage to span the differing styles of hardcore that have evolved over the years, all the while maintaining a consistently brutal approach on each track, American Standards maintain the spirit and anger of the first wave of hardcore bands, whilst bringing their own defiant spirit and style to Anti-Melody. Given the state of world politics and the rise of the far right, the defiant protest of the hardcore scene as never been as needed or as relevant as it is right now, and for me American Standards are right there on the front line.

Anti-Melody can be pre-ordered via American Standards Bandcamp here

The American Standards fanlink to all digital services and social media is here

Hand Off Gretel Release Video For ‘Bad Egg’

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgHands Off Gretel have released their latest music video for the track Bad Egg, the song is taken from their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and they will be on tour in the UK throughout 2017, the latest tour dates can be found here

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

The brand new video for Bad Egg can be viewed below Read More…

Rob Lanterman Gingerkicker

Rob Lanterman


Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Gingerkicker is the new solo album by Rob Lanterman, the man responsible for founding and running Hidden Home Records, this is his first solo album and his first acoustic album so he’s breaking his cherry on two counts on this release. Rob Lanterman isn’t the first punk alumni the make an acoustic recording, Greg Gaffin (Bad Religion), Nick 13 (Tiger Army) and Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), to name a but a few, have all made critically acclaimed albums where they are shorn of their band mates, An obvious concern of a solo album being released on artists own label is that there is a distinct temptation for them to be self indulgent, but Rob Lantermen has avoided this pitfall and in the process he’s delivered an honest and impressive thirteen tracks of heartfelt folk punk.

Rob Lanterman wrote this album three long years ago, but the demands of running an indie label that is developing a heavyweight reputation have meant that it’s remained unrecorded and unreleased, until now. This is just one man and his guitar throughout, you rarely hear any overdubs and there’s no studio trickery to artificially enhance the sound, this is a raw acoustic live recording that reminds me of the melancholy yearning melody of the Smoking Popes. If you were going to level a criticism at this album, and other acoustic releases, is that it leaves little variety across the album, but that’s the nature of releasing an album that is stripped to the bone.

This is an impressive debut release from one of punk’s many unsung heroes, those who run the independent labels and support the grass roots movement that enable the punk scene to evolve and thrive. For fans of the solo releases by the likes of Frank Turner, Joey Cape and Tony Sly this would be an essential album, Rob Lanterman has all the qualities of comparable solo releases and he delivers a heartfelt album that would translate perfectly to being played with a full band. His label, Hidden Home Records, is one which has the deserved reputation of supporting the DIY grass roots punk scene, and this release indicates that he’s just at home as a recording artist as he is running a record label.

You can stream and purchase Gingerkicker here

The Hidden Home Records website can be found here

Punk Site Exclusive: Proletariat Release ‘Mr Brown’ Video

Proletariat Mr BrownManchester’s Proletariat have announced that their debut single Mr. Brown will be released via Spotify on Friday April 21st, ahead of the release the band have released a video for the single to give fans a chance to hear the track ahead of it’s release date. The track is taken from the Always The Same EP that will be released on May 5th on Spotify and iTunes, and will feature four tracks.

The Proletariat‘s Facebook presence can be found here

The video For Mr. Brown can be viewed below Read More…

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The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment Release Two New Videos

Johnnie Squizzercrow Food Bank EPThe Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment released their latest EP, The Great Foodbank Robbery, on Aprils Fools Day, the band have now released videos for two tracks from the EP, the title track from the EP and the dub heavy One People.

The Punk Site review of The Great Foodbank Robbery can be found here

The Great Foodbank Robbery EP can be streamed and ordered here

You can view the videos for The Great Foodbank Robbery and One People below Read More…

Johnnie Squizzercrow Food Bank EP

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment

The Great Food Bank Robbery

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




I have a deep admiration for bands like The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, they are out there doing things on their own terms, whether anyone likes it is of secondary importance to them, they make the music that they want to make and fly in the face of any commercial notions. As it happens I do rather like The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, ever since I encountered them at a festival in North Manchester in 2016 I’ve had a fondness for their experimental spirit of ’77 attitude and their regular supply of self released EP’s. The Great Food Bank Robbery is their latest EP and it is released today, April 1st 2017, and will be available for streaming, and on CD and download formats, via their Bandcamp.

The Great Food Bank Robbery follows on from last years Bootleg 3 EP, that release was what they salvaged from an aborted album session, this time they’re back with an EP of a new material that’s heavily influenced by the more experimental side of the class of ’77. The Great Food Bank Robbery is delivered in their trademark dub style, from the likes of the more upbeat Kill ‘Em All to the laid back reggae influenced strains of One People, although for me the highlight of the EP is the track that was the lead single from the EP, the wonderful Freaky Flakazoid Counter Culture Kid, that embraces sixties garage, punk and whatever it is that fuels The Johnnie Squizzercrow Eperiment.

As far as I’m concerned the punk scene needs bands like the The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, the perpetual outsiders who make the noise they want to make and patiently wait for everyone else to realise they were right all along. The Great Food Bank Robbery is a step forward from 2016’s Bootleg 3 EP, this latest release seems more focused, probably as it’s intended as a coherent EP rather than the remnants of an ill fated recording session. As it says on their website “like us? don’t like us? whatever!”, what’s important to bands like The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment is that they love what they do, and I can’t help feeling that this EP will make a few more feel that way.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s Bandcamp is located here

Louise Distras Album Fundraiser Update

louise-distras-bowieLouise Distras‘ fan fundraiser for her new album has reached the halfway mark of it’s goal, she has now recorded two brand new tracks for her, as yet untitled, second album and her new songs will be shared with pledgers very soon. In addition to this Louise has another twenty brand new songs written, demo’d and ready to be recorded as soon as the fundraiser reaches 100%. If you haven’t got involved yet you can help bring Louise Distras‘ new album to life by pledging today.

You can pledge for Louise Distras‘ new album here and details of her spring tour can be found here

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment Announce New EP

Johnnie Squizzercrow Food Bank EPThe Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment have a habit of hijacking well recognised days for releases, this years Aprils Fools Day will be the launch date for The Great Foodbank Robbery EP, in advance of the launch they have released a video for a track from the EP, Freaky Flakazoid Counter Culture Kid. The band have also announced they are planning to do a live broadcast on the 2nd April, further announcements regarding the EP’s release and the live webcast will be released over the coming weeks.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

You can view the video for Flaky Freakazoid Counter Culture Kid below Read More…

Louise Distras Announces Spring Tour And Festival Dates

Louise Distras Feb 17Following a sold out UK tour supporting The King Blues, Louise Distras has announced a string of headline shows and festival dates for 2017, she is currently working on the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut, Dreams From The Factory Floor, and has been championed by Kerrang! Magazine as a ‘Star of 2017’. 

Louise Distras‘ official website can be found here

Louise Distras‘ Spring tour and Summer festival dates can be viewed below Read More…

Hands Off Gretel Announce ‘World Against She’ UK Tour

Hands Off Gretel Feb 17 TourHands Off Gretel have announced  the dates for their World Against She tour in support of their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and further tour dates will be confirmed throughout 2017

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

Hands Off Gretel‘s website can be found here

You can view the tour dates by clicking on the tour flier


Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

Cops And Robbers

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are a UK based high energy punk band whose influences include The Stooges, The Ruts, Buzzcocks, The Rezillos and Alkaline Trio. Until January 2015 the band was known simply as Nancy Johnson, they resurfaced from a lengthy hiatus last year with a new vocalist, James Bronson of legendary London rhythm and blues band The Bronsons, and fresh material, the band immediately headed into the studio and they have now issued their debut self released EP, Cops and Robbers, that is available from today, the 20th January 2017.

The EP kicks off with the title track, a wail of sirens precedes a solid guitar riff kicking the EP into life, this and the subsequent track, Terminal Love, are played at a relatively sedate pace, at least when compared to many of the releases I’ve heard this year, with more of a feel of the bands that preceded punk rock, however, the EP kicks into life like it’s been spiked with amphetamines on the infectious track Buzz (In Your Head), it ups the ante and features a hypnotic chorus that will be impossible to dislodge from your memory for weeks, for me this track was the highlight of the EP, this is no slander on the initial pair of tracks, or closing number Stay Out Late, but the frantic pace and insistent chorus raised it above the other tracks.

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are another band that has emerged from the UK’s thriving grass roots punk scene, this is punk rock played with a melodic old school flourish, but crucially this is not a band that is stuck in the past, they are a band that embraces punks origins as well as influences from the last four decades. This is a solid debut that makes Who Killed Nancy Johnson? another band that I will hoping to catch live at some point this year, there are few bands that play punk rock with the original style and attitude of punks first wave fully intact, but don’t interpret this as meaning that they are in anyway an anachronism, you can also hear the influence of later bands in their sound, it is this combination of elements that contributes to Cops And Robbers being such an impressive debut.

The Cops And Robbers EP is available on CD at gigs, or as a download via a link on the bands website here

 Who killed Nancy Johnson‘s Soundcloud page is here and their Facebook page is here

Hands Off Gretel Release Music Video For ‘World Against She’

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgHands Off Gretel have released their latest music video for the track World Against She, the song is taken from their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and they have announced that they will be back on tour in the UK from February onwards, the latest tour dates can be found here

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

The brand new video for World Against She can be viewed below Read More…

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? To Release Debut EP

who-killed-nancy-johnson-carWho Killed Nancy Johnson? are a UK based high-energy punk band whose influences include The Stooges, The Ruts, Buzzcocks, The Rezillos and Alkaline Trio. Until January 2015 the band was known simply as Nancy Johnson, they resurfaced from a lengthy hiatus last year with a new vocalist and fresh material, the band have now finished recording their debut EP, Cops and Robbers, that will be released on the 20th January. The EP will be available on CD at gigs, starting with the EP launch gig on the 20th January at The Anchor in Maidenhead, or via high-quality download from the band’s yet-to-be-unveiled Bandcamp page, from the 20th January the EP will be available via a link on the bands website here
Who killed Nancy Johnson‘s Soundcloud page is here and their Facebook page is here

David R. Black Release Video For ‘Brutus’

david-r-blackManchester, UK alt rock trio David R. Black have released a video for Brutus, the track will appear on the their, as yet untitled, fourth album that will follow on from 2011’s Secret City. David R. Black are currently putting the finishing touches to the rest of their new album and will be on tour in the new year.

David R. Black‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for Brutus below Read More…


The Crash Landings

All Guts No Glory

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




The Crash Landings are a street punk band from the South Coast of the UK, their debut album, All Guts No Glory, contains ten tracks that clock in at a meagre, but highly enjoyable, twenty five minutes. The band have been playing this material on the live circuit for a few years, all the while building up a good head of steam in preparation for the release of All Guts No Glory, which was recorded at the tail end of last year. As you’d expect the album has been recorded completely on their own terms, and it’s clear that The Crash Landings are proudly and defiantly a product of the UK’s thriving DIY grass roots punk scene.

The Crash Landings take their lead from the UK Oi and punk scenes, and the US street punk movement, to produce an album that is exactly the kind of bare knuckle punk rock we all need in our lives. Opening track Prozac Empire sets the tone nicely for All Guts No Glory, from the outset it is clear that this is an album of short sharp blasts of stripped down DIY punk rock, and each of the ten tracks on the album hits the spot nicely. Alongside the street punk and Oi there are tinges of ska, most prominently on my personal favourite off the album, Hatemail, there are songs that make a serious point which sit happily alongside the likes of Billy’s Got Tourettes, proving that you can make valid points and still retain a sense of humour.

I can hear a prominent influence from the likes Cock Sparrer, UK Subs and Snuff from this side of the Atlantic, these sit happily alongside the street punk influences from the USA. In less than half an hour The Crash Landings deliver a joyous burst of authentic punk rock that ticks all the boxes, if they ever head to the northern end of the UK you can be assured that I’ll be down the front. All Guts No Glory is further evidence that UK’s grass roots punk scene is alive and kicking, although in the case of The Crash Landings it’s probably stood at the bar ordering another round.

No Guts No Glory can be downloaded here

Excuses Excuses Offer Free Download Of ‘The Outsider’

PrintOntario punk rockers Excuses Excuses will be releasing their debut EP ‘Frame of Mind’ on November 25th and before it drops they are offering fans a free download of their third and latest single The Outsider. The track is one of five on the band’s debut EP that focuses largely on events and experiences from their teenage years, touching on topics of drug use, personal matters, loss, and the uncertain future.

Excuses Excuses Facebook page can be found here

You can download The Outsider here

Hands Off Gretel Confirm Remaining Tour Dates

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgFollowing the release of their debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen, Hands Off Gretel are now half way through their first ever album tour and they’ve released the following statement regarding the reception the album and the tour had received  

The support we have received has been amazing, seeing all your faces up close, sweaty and personal each night has been a middle finger to everyone that’s doubted us, everyone that under-estimated that we’d crowd fund the release of an entire album without a record label or a management team around us to help, never mind packaging over 800 pre-orders of our first album. It’s amazing that we’ve been able to achieve what we have all through the power of people, we thank you so much for that!  We have a few more November/December dates left on our tour and we ask you to join us, to support the live side of music and have the most fun in person! This is the most special part, to have been fans of us from our very first tour to wherever life takes us in the future… we love all of you so much!

You can order Burn The Beauty Queen directly from Hand Off Gretel here

You can view the remaining tour dates here and watch the Burn The Beauty Queen tour video below Read More…


Hands Off Gretel

Burn The Beauty Queen

Self Released

Rating: 5/5




Hands Off Gretel were formed by Lauren Tate and Sean McAvinue prior to Hands Off Gretel bursting onto the UK alternative scene early last year when they released their debut EP, Be Mine. Their line up has been augmented with additions of Sam Hobbins, drums, and Joe Scotcher, bass, prior to Hands Off Gretel launching themselves into 2016 with unrestrained zeal. They have retained the DIY ethic and everything about Burn The Beauty Queen, from the artwork to the release of the album, has been done completely and uncompromisingly on their own terms.

Opening track Queen Of The Universe sends a serious message of intent and it builds you up ready for the punkier vibe of the single One Eyed Girl, the album continues to veer between slow burning dark menace and adrenalized numbers. For me Always Right is the stand out track from Burn The Beauty Queen, and is a serious contender for one of my favourite songs of the year, but that’s not to do the rest of the album a disservice, as there isn’t a single weak moment on Burn The Beauty Queen. This is a searing debut album and further proof that Hands Off Gretel are headed upwards and if this doesn’t happen then something is very wrong with the universe.

You can hear the incendiary tones of the likes of The Distillers and Hole in their DNA, along with the influence of the attitude from the riot grrrl movement and bands like L7 and Cay, a band that sadly lie largely forgotten in punks history. I was fortunate to catch Hands Off Gretel at this years Rebellion Festival and I was blown away by just how good they were live, Burn The Beauty Queen only serves to confirm my initial impression that Hands Off Gretel are one of the best new bands to have come from the UK in the last few years.

I can’t think of another debut album from 2016 that’s impressed me this much, Burn The Beauty Queen is an album that you need in your collection. It combines the attitude of punk and the riot grrrl movement but they have channelled that anger and energy to create a fuzz drenched classic that is quite simply one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

Hands Off Gretel are on tour in the UK for the remainder of 2016 and their tour dates can be found here

You can purchase Burn The Beauty Queen directly from Hands Off Gretel here


Louise Distras

Louise Distras

DIY - Self Released
By on 11th September 2016 at via e-mail


It is little surprise that Louise Distras is already garnering comparisons to charged songstresses Brody Dalle and Courtney Love, but this British indie songstress is already a woman in a league of her own. Taking inspiration from Nirvana, Queen and The Beatles, Louise Distras channelled her anger, hopes and fears into anthems of love and fury for yet another let down generation with the release of her critically acclaimed debut Dreams from the Factory Floor. Louise agreed to talk to The Punk Site ahead of the release of her new single, Aileen, which is due for release on the 30 September 2016

Read More…

Hands Off Gretel Announce UK Tour Dates

Hands Off Gretel BTBQHands Off Gretel have announced a full UK Tour in support of their forthcoming album, Burn The Beauty Queen, which can still be pre-ordered until September 2nd. The album has been recorded with a DIY ethic and pre orders can still be made, including limited edition formats of the album and exclusive merchandise. If you pre order the album it will be sent to you two weeks before the official release date.

You can pre-order Burn The Beauty Queen here

You can watch the preview video for the UK tour below and the tour dates can be found here Read More…

Hands Off Gretel Announce ‘Burn The Beauty Queen’ Tour

Hands Off Gretel John Hayhurst PhotographyHands Off Gretel have announced extensive UK tour dates in support of the forthcoming debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. Pre orders can still be made, including limited edition formats of the album and exclusive merchandise. You can pre order Burn The Beauty Queen, prior to the 2nd September, here 

Details of Hands Off Gretel‘s UK tour dates can be found here

You can view the video for My Size below Read More…

Final Call For Pre-Orders of Hands Off Gretel’s Debut Album

Hands Off Gretel BTBQIn February Hands Off Gretel went off into Wales to record their debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen, and it is now finished. The album has been recorded with a DIY ethic and pre orders can still be made, including limited edition formats of the album and exclusive merchandise. If you pre order the album it will be sent to you two weeks before the official release date.

You can pre order Burn The Beauty Queen, prior to the 2nd September, here 

The video for the track One Eyed Girl can be viewed below Read More…

atomic Lights BO

Atomic Lights

Burn Out

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Atomic Lights are a punk trio from Minnesota who have been in existence for about four years, in that time they have released two EP’s and an album, in addition to this they have toured relentlessly, including playing alongside such acts as Teenage Bottlerocket, Guttermouth, Mustard Plug, The Copyrights and The Single Mothers. Burn Out, which features some striking sleeve artwork from Matt Sullivan, was recorded at Immortal Audio by Andy Mathison, from Class Of 86.

Burn Out is an excellent bout of snotty punk rock, it opens with two tracks that have an urgent and frantic approach, there’s a brief change of pace at the half way mark, the wonderfully titled Chased Through The Woods By Clowns starts like a Butthole Surfers acid trip, but this reassuringly gives way to more furious punk rock tones before too long. The rest of Burn Out is made up of chunks of frantic punky goodness and I find myself very impressed with this consistent and impressive six track EP. For me the finest moment on the EP is the excellent No Vacancy, it contains an absolutely killer riff and is a perfect slice of infectious DIY punk rock that just fizzes with energy.

It must be said that Burn Out is a massive leap forward from their lo-fi debut album, Noise Complaint, that was released last year. Burn Out is six tracks of snarling punk rock that contains elements of hardcore, yet they retain just the merest hint of a bouncy pop punk sheen, just a hint mind you. If you’re fan of the likes of  Guttermouth, The Swingin’ Utters, Off With Their Heads and Teenage Bottlerocket then you should download Burn Out. The bottom line is you can get this impressive EP for free but maybe you should chuck them a some of your hard earned pennies, this is an outstanding release from a band doing things on their own terms, and for those reasons I think Atomic Lights deserve your support.

Burn Out can be ordered, for pay what you want, from their bandcamp here

Book : Underground – The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows

Underground – The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows, written by Daniel Makagon, is all about the history and future of DIY punk touring in the USA and The Social History of Basement Shows. 

In Underground, Makagon, shows that no matter who you are, organizing, playing, and/or attending a DIY punk show is an opportunity to become a real part of a meaningful movement and to create long-lasting alternatives to the top-down economic and artistic practices of the mainstream music industry. Punk kids playing an illegal show too loudly in someone’s basement might not save the world, but they might just be showing us the way to building something better. Makagon explores the culture of DIY spaces like house shows and community-based music spaces, their impact on underground communities and economies, and why these networks matter.


Release Date: September 15, 2015 

Pre-order here via Microcosm Publishing